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									Preparing to Move from Blogger to WordPress- Keep Search Engine Traffic

The decision to move from Blogger to WordPress is a bit like moving from an apartment to a house. You
don’t just decide today and move in tomorrow. This article series looks at the short and long-term
planning it takes for a successful move.”

In this last article (part 4) we look at the final steps for a successful migration. The example continues
with the migration of my BPWebNews blog. There are two videos walking you through the plugins I
used to keep subscribers and redirect traffic.

Parts in This Series:

Part 1, Get a Custom Domain Name. It's never too late to do this while still on blogspot.

Part 2, Test Drive WP. Use free WP to experience your future blog neighborhood.

Part 3, Bring Your Readers. Have Blogger forward old url hits to WP blog.

Part 4, It's all about avoiding 'page not found' errors!

Update to Part 4: Addendum - see newer post for the step that avoids the annoying message by Blogger
asking if your readers want to be redirected to the new url.

Step One - Update and Redirect FeedBurner Account

Updated Feedburner details to point to new WP feed - Login your FB account. Go to "Edit Feed Details"
tab. You'll see the " Original Feed ... (Feed published on your site)" contains the old blogger feed address
--- make a note of the url - you'll use it in step two. Then replace that feed with your new WP feed. In
my case I replaced : with . Then press and save details.
Added WP plugin to direct all feeds to my account including the wp/feed. Without the plugin anyone
using the native WP feed is not given a chance to go via Feedburner. The native feed look like the first
image. The redirection is shown in second image.(clicks image to enlarge)

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