2011 Miss NPRA by wulinqing


									                                 2012 Miss NPRA

Miss NPRA represents the Northwest Professional Rodeo Association
throughout the Northwest, appearing in rodeos, parades, civic events, and other
promotional activities. Please see Miss NPRA Pageant Rules and Regulations
for complete information.

If you are interested in being a contestant for 2012 Miss NPRA, please send the
following, in both hard copy and digital format, to: Jean McPherson, 5577 SW
McVey, Redmond, OR 97325.

• application
• resume (school activities, employment, prior experience, special honors, etc.)
• statement of why you want to be 2012 Miss NPRA (50 words or less)
• bio (175 words or less)
• 5x7 photo of contestant (vertical color head shot, no crown)
• 4x6 photo of contestant and horse (vertical shot, no crown)
• pageant / ad fee ($450 non-refundable pageant / ad fee)
• list of sponsors (list of people & businesses that sponsored pageant/ad fee)

Application and pageant fee are due by August 31, 2011. Speech requirements,
horsemanship pattern, and pageant schedule will be mailed upon receipt of
application. Complete pageant rules and contract are available at www.
nwprorodeo.com. Signed contract must be returned prior to or at the pageant.
The pageant will be held in conjunction with the NPRA Finals in Prineville,
Oregon. Pageant will run September 22-25. The new titleholder’s reign will
officially begin January 1, 201s. The pageant will include personal interview,
horsemanship interview, written rodeo knowledge test, modeling, speech, mock
TV interview, horsemanship, and rodeo arena run.

For more information, please call Jean McPherson at 503-481-3384 or email
                                  2012 Miss NPRA
Name of Applicant: _____________________________________________________

Age: _____ Date of Birth: __________ Email: ________________________________

Home Phone: ______________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Name of Parent(s): _____________________________________________________

Home Phone: _______________________ Cell Phone: ________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Parents’ Email: _________________________________________________________

Facebook and/or Myspace URL: ___________________________________________

Horse’s Name and Breed: ________________________________________________

Current and Past Titles or Related Experience (use separate sheets if necessary):


Hometown Newspaper: __________________________________________________

Please attach resume, bio, and statement.

Hold Harmless: By my signature, I hereby release the NPRA and/or their agents from
any responsibility for loss, injury, accident, theft, or damage to persons, horse, or
property. I enter this pageant at my own risk and am subject to the pageant’s rules, both
written and verbal.

___________________________                            _______
Signature of Applicant                                 Date

___________________________                            _______
Signature of Parent                                    Date
(if applicant under age 18)
                 Miss NPRA Pageant Photographer Release Form

Permission to Use Copyright Print (s):

Person (s) in Photograph__________________________


Business Address of Photographer_______________________________


As the photographer and copyright owner of the print (s), I grant permission for my
print(s) to be used in the NPRA Finals Program and for pageant publicity purposes.
The print(s) will not be used for any purpose beyond those stated by Miss NPRA

___________________________                           ________________
Signature of Photographer                             Date
                         Miss NPRA Pageant, Inc. Waiver Form

By my signature on this application, I hereby certify that I have read and completely
understand the accompanying Official Rules and Regulations of the Miss NPRA
Pageant and I have also read and understand the accompanying Miss NPRA Contract
that I acknowledge the rules and regulations, as well as, the Miss NPRA Contract to
apply to myself at all times during my competition in the Miss NPRA Pageant, it’s
programs, activities and functions; that said rules and regulations pertain to all persons
related to my appearance in the Pageant; and that the Miss NPRA Committee will rely
upon my execution hereof and all terms and conditions set forth herein, in permitting my
appearance and participation in the Miss NPRA Pageant.

By the execution hereof, I hereby RELEASE and HOLD the Miss NPRA Pageant
Committee, the Miss NPRA Director, and the NPRA Board of Directors, accredited
sponsors both commercial and private, employees, agents, members and/or
representatives of each, HARMLESS from any and all rights, claims and actions, direct
or indirect, fixed or contingent, of whatsoever kind or character, as shall now exist and
hereafter arise from, and be the result of, my actions, or persons related to, my
appearance or participation in the Miss NPRA Pageant, its programs, activities or
functions. The undersigned does acknowledge that they are familiar with equestrian and
rodeo sports and activities and that the same are inherently dangerous to herself and
those related to her participation therein. The undersigned further acknowledges that
the Miss NPRA Pageant cannot and does not guarantee the safety or well being of any
participant does not guarantee against harm to the participant, does not guarantee the
conduct of any participant other than the undersigned. The undersigned acknowledges
that they are responsible for their own insurance, that this release and indemnification is
executed without specific knowledge of existing or future rights, claims, or actions, but
executes the same notwithstanding such lack of knowledge, the risk thereof being
known by, and assumed by, the undersigned and found to be reasonable for her

By the execution hereof, the undersigned does:

1. Grant permission to the Miss NPRA Pageant to verify any and all information
   contained herein by and through information held by persons other than the
   undersigned and shall execute and deliver to the above named entities such
   documents as are required to obtain any and all information reasonably necessary to
   verify any and all such information,

2. Certify the participant to be the appropriate age as evidenced by the Certificate of
   Birth or other certifiable proof of age attached.

The undersigned does agree that (a) the foregoing certifications and agreements are
continuing in nature, (b) upon failure of any certification or authorization set forth above,
and (c) if the undersigned shall fail to provide notice of the change in any of the above
certifications and authorizations during her participation in the Miss NPRA Pageant, she
will automatically and without notice be disqualified from further participation in the Miss
NPRA Pageant, and does hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Miss NPRA Pageant
Committee, the Miss NPRA Director, and the NPRA Board of Directors, together with
the officers, directors, accredited sponsors both commercial and private, employees,
agents, members or representatives of each, harmless as against all rights, claims and
actions arising by reason thereof.

Applicant agrees and stipulates that disqualification from participation in the Miss NPRA
Pageant either before or after the competition will result in damages to the NPRA. In
this regard, applicant agrees to pay the Miss NPRA Pageant a sum equal to all monies
and consideration received as the result of applicant’s participation in the Miss NPRA
Pageant, the same being declared liquidated damages as between the parties.

In the event the undersigned shall receive the title of Miss NPRA, she agrees to
complete the tenure of title in accordance with the Miss NPRA rules and regulations;
shall at all times act in the best interest of and to promote the NPRA; make such public
appearances as shall be designated by the Miss NPRA Director, without compensation
for time and/or service; and shall relinquish and deliver to the Miss NPRA Director, all
claims and accouterments (crown, banner, etc.) as shall relate to the title of Miss NPRA,
all upon the naming of a successor to such title.

This agreement shall be binding upon all heirs, assigns, successors, trustees, receivers,
legally appointed guardians, administrators, executors and personal representatives of
the Miss NPRA Pageant and the undersigned. This is a legal instrument for which an
attorney and accountant should be consulted. The undersigned do affix their signatures
hereto without reserve.

________________________________                ________________________________
(Contestant’s Signature)                        (Parent or legal guardian)

________________________________                ________________________________
(Address)                                       (Address)

________________________________                ________________________________
(City, State & Zip Code)                        (City, State & Zip Code)

State of _________________________              County of _______________________

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the day of ___________ , 20__ , by:

________________________________                ________________________________
(Contestant)                                    (Legal Guardian)

My Commission Expires: _________                Notary: _________________________

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