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        Lupus is an ailment that upsets the nervous system.In this
disease the immunity of the patients itself causes harm to the live cells
and tissues of its own system as it is an autoimmune disease.It is the
process of the antibodies that act against the cells in ones body causing
it to destroy the tissues and leading to distension. The antibodies are
mainly antinuclear antibodies. <br><br>There is no causal factors that
have been identified for the lupus disease.Some findings point towards
family history. That means it has some hereditary causes. Even it has
been noticed that women are more vulnerable to get lupus than men.So this
indicates that hormones can be a cause for it.It has been observed that
even the racial aspect is important as seen in African Americans that are
a lot susceptible to get it than others.Lupus disease has been widespread
in the people belonging to ages 15-44 very often. <br><br>The lupus is of
multiple kinds casing harm to different parts of the body.The most common
type is Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.This harms the joints, skin, blood
vessels etc.The symptoms in this include swollen joints with severe pain,
fatigue, high fever, rash in which there is typical butterfly type of
rash around the nose known as malar rash.<br><br>Another type of lupus is
Drug induced lupus which is caused due to over dose of some drugs like
procainamide, quinidine and hydralazine.These drugs are recommended for
use in hypertension, heart disease, thyroid problems etc.Once these drugs
are discontinued, the symptoms vanish.One more kind is the Discoid
Lupus.In this rashes are observed on the parts like ears, face, scalp
etc.These scars leave a blemish.Another type of this disease is Neonatal
Lupus that is found in just born babies.The infant has this disease only
for a few months of birth.This happens when the antibodies are
transmitted from the mother to the fetal. <br><br>Due to the variation in
the indications the identification of lupus gets difficult.There have
been some of the tests that have been found by the Rheumatology College
in United States for getting to know the impact of the disease.It can be
recognized with the help of some of the scientific and proven tests as
well.These are shape of the rash, presence of mouth sores, antinuclear
test, blood count etc are some tests which are conducted to diagnosis
lupus. <br><br>Lupus treatment varies from person to person.It is
according to the symptoms produced in every new case.Those who are having
joint or chest pain with fever, are given drugs called as
NSAIDS.Antimalarial drugs are also given in cases where there are
symptoms like skin rashes, lung inflammation, joint pain, fatigue
etc.According to the patient there is prescription of even
immunosuppressive drugs.For some people even DMARDS like methotrexate is
advised. <br><br>In order to keep the lupus at the least one is advised
to take sufficient rest and bring down stress levels.The patient should
also practice certain relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation
etc.This strengthen the immune system of the body and thus, helps in
speedy recovery.        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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