Small Cell Lung Cancer

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					Between ten and twenty percent of all lung cancers are small cell lung
cancers. They derive their name from the typical appearance of small, -
˜oat'-like cancer cells under the microscope. This type of cancer is
found almost exclusively in smokers or former smokers.

Small cell lung cancers typically arise in the airways near the center of
the chest, and grow and spread rapidly. This rapid spread means small
cell cancers are usually detected at an advanced stage. In addition to
symptoms of lung cancer such as breathlessness, wheezing and chest pain,
small cell cancers may produce hormones or hormone-like substances that
result in conditions called paraneoplastic syndromes. These syndromes
may result in dangerously low blood salt levels, blood clotting
disturbances, and balance disturbances.While people with untreated small
cell cancers have a median survival time of only two to four months, once
diagnosed these cancers are responsive to chemotherapy and radiation
therapy. For patients with limited stage disease, where the cancer is
limited to the side of the chest it originated in and some local lymph
nodes, five-year survival rates are between ten to fifteen percent.
Between 30 and 40 percent of all patients with small cell lung cancer
fall into this group. For patients with extensive disease, treatment can
extend survival from six months up to one year and five-year survival
rates are between one and two percent. Factors linked to improved
survival are being female and having good overall health status. Adverse
prognostic factors are involvement of the liver or brain.A number of
clinical trials are underway to test various combinations of anti-cancer
drugs to treat small cell lung cancer and radiotherapy to prevent spread
of cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute website provides links to
clinical trials by stage of disease, type of trial and geographic
location.Asbestos Lung Cancer provides detailed information on Asbestos
Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Stages, Lung Cancer Survival Rate
and more. Asbestos Lung Cancer is affiliated with Asbestos Exposure.

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