Lung Cancer Survival Rate - Stage 2 Lung Cancer by anamaulida


									When one seeks a medical professional about stage 2 cancer of the lung,
one of the first questions that will come to their minds is this: what is
my lung cancer survival rate? This is greatly influenced due to the
medical records showing that cancer of the lung has one of the lowest
survival chances among cancers in the entire globe. One must realize that
these statistics are just numbers and a huge variety of factors can
affect one's chances of being cured.Ones lung cancer survival rate is
affected by various variables. One of these variables is age. Younger
people tend to have a higher survival chances than people above 50. This
is due to the strong natural defences of younger people than those at the
later age. Medical records also show that women with stage 2 lung cancer
have a higher capacity to be cured than their male counter parts.The
spread of the malignant tumor is a huge factor when determining one's
lung cancer survival rate. Tumors may spread from the lung tissues up to
the lymph nodes. When the lymph nodes are affected by the cancer cells,
one's survival rate goes down a bit more. Continues smoking even after
being diagnosed of stage 2 cancer of the lung will greatly decrease one's
ratio of being cured for smoking greatly increases the toxins being
infused in the lungs.Complications such as blood clots in the lungs will
be a huge hurdle in one's quest to be cured of cancer of the lung.
Overall, the general health of the person is the biggest determinant if
one will have a higher lung cancer survival rate or not.The advancements
in modern technology today in not just detecting and determining the
grade of the cancer, but also in facilitating proper cure and methods of
treatments are one of the biggest reasons why stage 2 lung cancer rates
of survival are starting to go up. As of now, the 5 year survival rate of
someone with stage 2 cancer of the lung is at 40 to 50 percent chance of
cure and this could go up even more if the patient has a good physical
well - being and natural defences.One shouldn't be afraid when diagnosed
of a terminal disease like cancer. He or she must remember that the key
to surviving one of life's biggest challenges is facing it immediately
for the earliest the detection the higher the chances of survival and

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