; Lung Cancer Survival Rates - Be Informed
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Lung Cancer Survival Rates - Be Informed


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									One of the leading causes of death among men and women all throughout the
entire globe is cancer of the lung. In the previous year, Lung cancer
deaths have moved past the statistics of breast cancer deaths among women
alone. For the year 2009, around 159,390 people are projected to have
died in the United States alone due to the cancer of the lungs, which is
more than the number of deaths from colon, breast or prostate cancer
combined. For those whose cancer tumor in the lungs has already spread
towards the other parts of the body, only 2% are alive after a five -
year diagnosis. Lung cancer survival rates for the initial stage are
higher with a 49% chance of survival for a five - year period.When human
cells divide and multiply without constrain, they become cancer cells.
The malignant cells then from a mass or tumor that are different from the
tissues from where it came from, reduces the ability of the normal cells
or tissues to function. This tumor not only seeks to invade and infect
other healthy tissues near them but could infect other tissues in the
different systems of the body as well. At the initial stage when the
cancer tumor in lung is still small (not reaching 2 centimetres) the lung
cancer survival rates goes as high as 50% chance of survival in a 5 year
period. When the tumor reaches 2 centimetres but does not exceed 5
centimetres, the cancer has advanced to its next phase or stage 2.When
the malignant tumor infect the lymph nodes or other organs through the
use of the blood vessels this process is called metastasis. The cancer
tumor is then called a primary tumor, while the other systems of the body
that are infected with the cancer cells, are called secondary or
metastatic tumor. When this process happens, the lung cancer stage has
reached its final phase. Lung cancer survival rates during this period
drop down to below 10% chance of survival in a 5 year period.There are a
variety of factors that affect one's lung cancer survival rates. The
grade of the cancer tumor makes a huge impact to one's cure. A tumor at
the worst case has an exponential growth that could spread to the other
systems of the body in a matter of months. One must go to a specialist if
they see any signs of this malignant disease.

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