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HSUPA (high speed uplink packet access) through the use of multi-code transmission, HARQ, fast scheduling Node B based on key technologies such as making the largest single-cell uplink data throughput up 5.76Mbit / s, greatly enhanced WCDMA uplink data services carrying capacity and spectrum utilization.

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Milan, 31st July 2008

90 €cent/hour AND “TRE.DATI PLUS”, 1 GB A DAY AT 33€ A

Italians are a nation of poets, saints and navigators (of the Internet), at least for what
concerns 3 Italia’s customers, who consume 1,2 Gigabyte of network traffic per
month. Thanks to the development of the UMTS network through HSDPA and
HSUPA technologies that give access to mobile broadband at up to 7.2 Mpbs in
download and up to 1.4 Mpbs in upload, the data traffic travelling on the network of 3
Italia, more and more a “high-speed company”, has constantly increased in the latest
year, passing from 2,5 Terabyte/day in June 2007 to 5 Terabyte/day in January 2008
up to 7 Terabyte/day, achieved last June.

3 Italia, the Mobile Media Company owned by Hutchison Whampoa Group, leader in
the Italian UMTS market with more than 8,2 million customers, has therefore decided
to further widen its fast Internet offer, in order to cover any requirement with rates
based on volume (Tre.Dati), on time (Tre.Dati Time), on large consumption
(Tre.Dati Plus) and two pre-paid time rates that knock down connection costs
(Super Web Time and Super Web).

In the new summer offer, the Super Web Time pre-paid rate plan is destined to
revolutionize the market of Internet providers with a price of 90 cent.€/hour only,
cutting the average Italian prices by half.

Super Web is a pre-paid rate plan that has no fixed costs, offering a connection price
of 10 cent.€/MB.
For both pre-paid plans, the applied rate is valid under 3’s national network coverage
and only for Internet traffic made through a “Fast Internet” key.

Dedicated to great web users, the subscription rate plan called Tre.Dati Plus offers,
against an advance monthly payment of 33 € (VAT included), a daily threshold of 1
GB Internet traffic within 3’s network coverage. When exceeding the threshold, a
price of 20 cent.€/MB is applied.

Tre.Dati plan offers 5 GB traffic per month within 3’s network coverage, against a
monthly payment of 19€. Exceeding traffic is priced in pre-paid units of 1 GB at 6€
each. Units are multi-session and can be used up within a month.

If you prefer time rating, Tre.Dati Time subscription plan allows high-speed Internet
connection for 100 hours a month, within 3’s network coverage, with no connection
fee, against a monthly payment of 19€. Rating is made on actual connection time,
in seconds. Exceeding traffic is priced in pre-paid units of one hour, at 1.20€ each.
The pre-paid 60 minutes can be used in more than one session, up to exhaustion
and with no connection fee.

In order to provide constant information to customers, 3 Italia sends a warning text
message to the Tre.Dati and Tre.Dati Time customers, when they exceed the 5GB
threshold or 100 hours of traffic.

A point that must be highlighted is that abroad, for all subscription plans, data
traffic made in the countries with 3 as operator (Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria,
Denmark, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong) has the same cost as in Italy. With 3 as
operator, Super Web pre-paid plan abroad costs as much as in Italy, while Super
Web Time pre-paid plan costs 10 cent.€/MB.

Traffic made with another operator is charged according to the amount of traffic, at
10 cent.€/MB plus an extra rate depending on the geographical area for pre-paid
plans, while subscription plans are charged, once the threshold has been exceeded,
20 cent.€/MB plus the extra rate.

3’s Internet offer maintains its cheapness also when surfing the Internet with a
videophone connected to a PC. Naviga 3 option offers two rates for different
requirements: a weekly cost of 3€ for 100 MB a day, or a monthly cost of 9€ for 50
MB a day. In both options, exceeding traffic is priced 60 cent.€/MB.

3 Italia - The Hutchison Whampoa Group’s Mobile Media Company, won a UMTS license in Italy in 2000,
commenced offering its services in 2003 and is now the leader of the UMTS market in Italy - with over 8.2
million customers - thanks to a wide offer of multimedia, video communication and internet services, in addition
entertainment, music, information, cinema, sport and Mobile TV. After acquiring the national license as digital
TVoperator in 2005, the following June 3 Italia launched the first Digital Mobile TV based on DVB-H
technology the world, broadcasting on a mobile exclusive basis in Italy all the matches from the FIFA World
Cup 2006. On their TVphones 3 Italia’s Digital Mobile TV customers can watch the best of Mediaset, Rai, Sky,
La3 (the "inhouse" produced channel), the main sporting events, information and entertainment. 3 Italia has
also established itself on the cutting-edge of third generation mobile technology (3G) development by launching
the first HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) commercial offer in Italy and implementing HSUPA
(High Speed Uplink Packet Access) to access broadband in mobility with data transmission speeds of up to 7.2
Mbps in download and 1.4 Mbps in upload. In June 2007, 3 Italia launched X-Series, the first all-inclusive offer
that extends several of the core applications and features of the broadband Internet to third generation mobile
handsets: Instant Messaging, e-mail, browsing, Web searching, shopping, VoIP and photosharing directly on the
videophone, thanks to deals with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, eBay and Skype. In October 2007, 3 Italia and
Skype launched Skyephone, the first mobile phone offered to the mass market and specifically studied for free
Internet calls, that lets people using Skype through an embedded software.

Contacts 3 Italia:
Gian Marco Litrico
External & Media Relations Director
Tel. +39.02.4458.1

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