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                                                                                  OCTOBER 2010
                                                                                  Volume 86 No.2
                                                                                  TISHRI/CHESHVAN 5771
              Temple Beth-El                                                      The Temple Beth-El Shofar is dedicated
              Congregation Sons of Israel & David                                 by the Chase Family Foundation.

  OCTOBER                                           DATES TO REMEMBER
                      Shabbat Honoring Rabbi Gutterman
                            FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8th at 7:00 PM
                            We will celebrate with a Shabbat Service honoring Rabbi Leslie Yale Gutterman
                            for forty years of dedicated service as Rabbi of Temple Beth-El. Special guests
                            and music highlight the evening. A festive Oneg Shabbat follows the service.
                            This special Shabbat is funded by the Benefactors Fund.

                      Sculpture Dedication
                            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10th at 10:00 AM
                            We will gather on Orchard Avenue to dedicate an outdoor sculpture created by
                            internationally recognized artist Jonathan Bonner. The sculpture is commissioned by
                            Dr. Joseph Chazan and family in honor of Rabbi Leslie Y. Gutterman and in loving
   Jonathan Bonner          memory of Helene Chazan.

                       Here Come The Brides
                            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24th at 2:00 PM
                            Sisterhood’s annual Donor Event features a bridal fashion show, including the viewing
                            of a private collection of wedding attire and photo display of congregants’ wedding
                            photos. Following the “wedding ceremony,” enjoy a reception of champagne,
                            hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

                      Danny Maseng Gala Concert Honoring Cantor Seplowin
                            SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30th at 7:00 PM
                            In honor of Judith Seplowin’s 10 years as Cantor of Temple Beth-El, internationally
                            renowned Danny Maseng will perform in concert. Danny is one of the most popular
                            and respected composers of contemporary Liturgical and Synagogue music. This
                            gala concert is funded by the Freda and Louis Kaufman Memorial Fund.

70 Orchard Avenue, Providence, RI 02906-5402 • Office: (401) 331-6070 Fax: (401) 331-8069 •
WORSHIP SERVICES   ,hatrc ,ca                                         trhu ,ca
                   SHABBAT BERESHIT                                   SHABBAT VAYERA
                   Genesis 1:1- 6:8                                   Genesis 18:1-22:24
                   Haftarah – 1Samuel 20:18 - 42                      Haftarah – II Kings 4:1-37
                   Friday, October 1                                  Friday, October 22
                    7:00 PM Shabbat Service                            7:00 PM Shabbat Service
                               Children with September and
                                                                      Saturday, October 23
                               October birthdays will be honored.
                                                                       9:00 AM Shabbat Service
                   Saturday, October 2                                 9:30 AM NEW! K’Tantan B’Yachad
                    9:00 AM Shabbat Service
                   10:15 AM Torah Study                                (Young Family Shabbat Together). A 45 minute
                                                                       lay led service designed especially for families
                                                                       with very young children. Songs, games and

                   jb ,ca                                              crafts help young children and their families
                                                                       learn all about Shabbat. At 10:15 participants
                   SHABBAT NOACH                                       join the congregation for Kiddush.

                   Genesis 6:9 - 11:32; Numbers 28:9 -15              10 :15 AM Torah Study
                   Haftarah – Isaiah 66:1- 66:23                      11:00 AM Bat Mitzvah – Hana Flaxman
                   Friday, October 8                                            Daughter of Alicia & David Flaxman
                    7:00 PM Shabbat Service
                               Honoring Rabbi Leslie Y. Gutterman
                               for forty years of dedicated service
                               as Rabbi of Temple Beth-El.
                   Saturday, October 9
                    9:00 AM Shabbat Service                           vra-hhj ,ca
                   10:15 AM Torah Study                               SHABBAT CHAYE SARAH
                                                                      Genesis 23:1-25:18
                                                                      Haftarah – I Kings 1:1-31
                   lk-lk ,ca                                          Friday, October 29
                                                                       7:00 PM Shabbat Service
                   SHABBAT LECH LECHA
                                                                      Saturday, October 30
                   Genesis 12:1-17:27
                                                                       9:00 AM Shabbat Service
                   Haftarah – Isaiah 40:27- 41:16
                                                                      10:15 AM Torah Study
                   Friday, October 15                                 11:00 AM Bar Mitzvah – Ethan Binder
                    5:30 PM K’Tantan Shabbat                                    Son of Anne Noel & William Binder
                    7:00 PM Shabbat Hallelu                            7:00 PM Celebratory Concert in honor of
                                                                                Judith Seplowin’s 10 years as
                     Join us each month for Shabbat Hallelu at
                                                                                Cantor of Temple Beth - El. The
                     7:00 PM An uplifting musical Shabbat
                                                                                concert features Danny Maseng,
                     featuring Temple Beth - El musicians. Light
                                                                                recording artist and composer.
                     refreshments will be served at 6:30 PM
                     prior to the service. Come meet new and
                     old friends.
                   Saturday, October 16
                    9:00 AM Shabbat Service
                   10:15 AM Torah Study
                   11:00 AM Bat Mitzvah – Emma Caslowitz
    2                       Daughter of Jill & Andrew Caslowitz
,usku, ,ca                                         THE BIMAH FLOWERS

                                                                                    WORSHIP SERVICES
SHABBAT TOLDOT                                     for Rosh Hashanah
Genesis 25:19 -28:9                                w e r e p r o v i d e d
Haftarah – I Samuel 20:18- 42
                                                   i n   m e m o r y   o f
Friday, November 5
 7:00 PM Family Shabbat                            P a u l a G o l d e n .
Saturday, November 6                               T h e f l o w e r s f o r Yo m
 9:00 AM Shabbat Service                           Kippur were placed
10:15 AM Torah Study
11:00 AM Bat Mitzvah – Lindsay Dressler            on    the     bimah        in
          Daughter of Amy & Michael Dressler
                                                   honor of Jean Moverman
                                                   Jaffa, with special
                                                   memories as a mother
                                                   a n d g r a n d m o t h e r.
                                                   Given by Leslie Nan,
                                                   Robert, Allisyn and
                                                   Harley Haberman

                                Are you celebrating a milestone
                                  birthday or anniversary?
                                  We would be happy to offer
                          a special blessing during Shabbat Services
                              in the midst of family and friends,
                                  who may also wish to sponsor
                               an Oneg Shabbat in honor of your
                                        special occasion!
                                     For more information,
                                contact Rona in the temple office
                                          at 331-6070.

                        by Rabbi David Wolpe
                        After enduring both a brain tumor and chemotherapy for lymphoma,
                        I learned something about how to be sick, and how to visit those
                        who are sick. As a Rabbi I have also seen these lessons enacted –
                        and too often violated. So here are ten simple rules and suggestions:

                        1 ~ Do not greet the sick person           4 ~ If help is refused, or offers and
                        morosely. If he is feeling well, he        good wishes met with silence, do          That does not make the sickness
                        must now accommodate your level            not be hurt. Sometimes coordinating       welcome, but it can give it a new
                        of sadness. One who is sick does           help, checking on it, thanking, is        and powerful dimension. Don’t
                        not spend all day thinking, “I am          more trouble and fatigue inducing         assume the person cannot find
                        sick.” She may be thinking about           than refusal. Responding to even          light in this darkness. But it is their
                        lunch. Greet normally, and allow the       the most gracious message requires        light to find; yours at most, gently
                        patient to guide the emotional tone.       energy the person may need                to suggest.
                        2 ~ If you visit someone going             elsewhere.
                                                                                                             8 ~ Even a dying person can still
                        through chemotherapy, remember:            5 ~ The Jewish tradition esteems          teach. Indeed these may be his
                        losing hair is visible and dramatic,       the art of medicine. If you have the      or her most powerful moments. I
                        but not catastrophic. After all, the       blessing of good doctors and nurses       study each week with a 93 year-
                        Talmud tells us that Rabbi Akiba was       you understand why. Anyone who            old man who still remembers his
                        bald. Yul Brenner was bald. This is        has ever spent an uncomfortable           mother, some seventy years ago,
                        usually more trying for women than         night in a hospital is not likely to      saying to him as she died, “Do not
                        for men, but it is a stage to seeking      undervalue nurses. A good nurse is        be afraid. It happens to everyone.”
                        wellness. Don’t make it more impor-        God’s most gracious emissary in this      The thought gives him comfort to
                        tant than it is; it is not a symptom       world. A bad one…well, less so.           this day. So let the person know
                        nor a symbol; just a side-effect.          So don’t hesitate to ask the person       that you wish to learn from them,
                        3 ~ Offers to help should be specif-       if he or she trusts/likes their doctor,   not only comfort them.
                        ic. “Let me know if there is anything      and if you have a suggestion for
                                                                   another, offer it without insisting.
                                                                                                             9 ~ No matter your theology, there
                        I can do” though well meant, places                                                  is a great power and beauty in
                        the burden on the sick person. “Can        Second opinions can be lifesavers.
                                                                                                             prayer. The heart overflows – with
                        I bring you dinner tomorrow night?”        6 ~ Strength and weakness both            fear, with hope, with thanks. Don’t
                        is far better. The best gifts I received   are good, and each has its place.         be afraid to let it pour out. Prayer
                        were an IPOD loaded with music to          If the patient is acting strong, they     is poetry. Check your caveats at the
                        listen to during chemo (mostly clas-       may need to; if they are self-pitying,    door and don’t deprive yourself of
                        sical and gentle melodies) and a           they may need that too. Particularly      this comfort and strength. An offer
                        credit at a local restaurant to charge     when we are ill, our moods shift          to pray for or with someone can be
                        dinners for delivery. If you make a        with pain, medicine, diagnoses            refused, but also can gratefully be
                        dinner, there is always the chance         and whim. Do not flaunt your own          accepted.
                        the person will not like it; they are      strength or health. Don’t stand
                        obligated to return the dishes, and        above the bed. Sit at eye level.
                                                                                                             10 ~ To the one who is sick:
                        they have to communicate their                                                       Death is inevitable. Love is a
                                                                   Sick and well are not superior and
                        thanks and praise. Every extra                                                       choice. Kindness is a decision.
                                                                   inferior, just sick and well.
                        obligation is wearing on the sick                                                    Don’t let what must happen rob
                                                                   7 ~ In every sickness one can             you of what can happen. Live the
                        person. Ordering is easy.
      4                                                            find mission and meaning.                 time you have.
                  Four Words of Wisdom
W       hen I was in the 8th
grade, Mr. Ben Yudin, my
                                  that it’s precisely the couples
                                  who understand that the ex-
                                                                    ally understand the value of
                                                                    these words for the joyous
comparative religion teacher      hilaration of their wedding       occasions, especially those
extraordinaire, asked the         day will pass, who go on to       easily missed moments – my
class a question. “What are       have good marriages.              son waking from sleep and
the four words you can say        Since then, those four words      curling his warm body into
on any occasion?” The             have become a sort of             my lap; my daughter’s face
answer was, “This too             mantra in my life. “This too      when I come home from
shall pass.”                      shall pass” has gotten me         work. “This too shall pass,”
I remember telling my father      through periods of stress,        whispers that voice in my
that night that I would never     sadness, even excruciating        ear. Turn off the cell phone,
walk up to a bride and say,       physical pain. But lately, as     put down the paper, and
“Congratulations, this too        the harried working mother        just be.
shall pass.” My father replied    of two, I have begun to re-                ~ Rachel Levin

             Religious Values & Political Decisions
                 A Forum co-sponsored by Temple Beth-El
                     Central Congregational Church
                          St. Martin’s Church
                                  October 12, 2010
                                      7:00 PM
                                   Temple Beth-El
    The Panel will include M. Charles Bakst, retired Political Columnist for the Providence
 Journal, Scott McKay, Political Analyst for National Public Radio, Professor Coleen Murphy
   of Roger Williams Law School, a specialist on how religious language affects Presidential
      elections and the Reverend Bernard A. Healey, Chief Lobbyist to the Rhode Island
                          General Assembly for the Catholic Diocese

                                                              It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane,

                                                              It’s MEREDITH SINEL
                                                              They say everything is big-      Island and now our rebbitzin!
                                                              ger in Texas. When ~ not if      Meredith was hired as the
                                                              ~ you meet Meredith Sinel,       Director for the Women’s Alli-
                                                              you’ll see that the Dallas-      ance. Not only did she get a
                                                              reared import is a good          job but a shitach was made
                                                              example of big things coming     when a woman she met while
                                                              in small packages. As duel       interviewing offered to fix
                                                              Chairperson of the increas-      Meredith up with her friend
                                                              ingly important Membership       and tenant, now Meredith’s
                                                              and Outreach Committee           husband, Adam Sinel. The
                                                              and the K’Tantan Subcommit-      rest, as they say, is history.
                                                              tee, as well as a member of      Adam and Meredith have a
                                                              the Temple and Sisterhood        two-year-old, Ella, and are ex-
                                                              Boards, Meredith is taking       pecting a child next February.
                                                              Temple Beth - El by storm, and   EMBRACING
                                                              a Texas-sized one at that.       THE TEMPLE BETH- ElEL FAMILY
                                                                                               THE TEMPLE BETH- FAMILY
                                                              The story of her arrival on      While Meredith has her
                                                              our scene is an interesting      hands full as a young mother,
                                                              one. After graduating the        she’s embracing Temple Beth-
                  Meredith Sinel is spearheading events
                                                              University of North Texas        El as her home away from
                 like the second annual Mother-Daughter       with a degree in Social          home. Her zeal and let’s-get-
                 Tea Party in Januar y, designed to attract
                    the “next” generation to Sisterhood.
                                                              Work, Meredith left the Lone     it-done attitude are contagious
                                                              Star State for the Great Lake    and sure to have a fantastic
                                                              State’s University of Michi-     impact.
                                                              gan where she received her       As head of the Membership
                                                              Master of Social Work and        and Outreach Committee,
                                                              Certificate of Jewish Com-       Meredith is spearheading
                                                              munal Leadership and Judaic      many efforts to “put a face”
                                                              Studies. After graduation, she   on our temple community
                                                              interviewed with Jewish Fed-     with personal contact as key
                                                              erations around the country      to welcoming new members
                                                              and met with Janet Engelhart,    to services and events. A new
                                                              then Executive Director of the   initiative, 8-to-the-Table, will
                                                              Jewish Federation of Rhode       invite members to each other’s

                                                                    MEREDITH SINEL
homes for Shabbat dinner          Mack, followed by Shabbat
four times a year. In addition    Dinner, usually sponsored
to the Summer New Member          by a temple member. In ad-
BBQ, plans are being made         dition, B’Yachad (Shabbat
for a spring BBQ for all          Together) Family Shabbat
members.                          Services are held one Sat-
                                  urday a month from 9:30 to
Bringing Youthful Joy
                                  10:15 AM and led by the
to Judaism
                                  families themselves in a class-
As a young mother, Meredith       room upstairs at the temple.
is perfectly suited to head
the K’Tantan Subcommittee,
which offers worship service
experiences for families with
children under age five and
invites participation from Tem-
ple Beth-El families and non-
temple families. The upcoming
September 22 Sukkot Holiday
Celebration is just one ex-
ample of fun times ahead for      W hile Meredith is just one
those who take advantage of       example of a tremendous vol-
K’Tantan programs. Following      unteer who makes our temple
services, kids will be invited    tick, we have high hopes for
to decorate their new minia-      her efforts and accomplish-
ture ark, while enjoying pizza    ments to grow our congrega-
in the hut! On another Shab-      tion and provide a warm wel-
bat, kids will be invited to      come to our next generation.
walk around the congregation      Since she hails from Texas,
with their own “plush” Torahs.    we’re betting on BIG things
                                  from Meredith.
K ’Tantan Shabbats are sched-
uled monthly from October
through May and include
a 5:30 service with Rabbi


                    Ethan            Anne Noel & William Binder
                    Binder           8th
                  October 30, 2010   Gordon School
                                     Baseball, surfing, white water kayaking
                                     and boating

                                     To Ethan becoming a Bar Mitzvah means,
                                     “A child learns about his or her responsibilities in
                                     the community.” For his Mitzvah Mania Project,
                                     Ethan helped his elderly neighbor with yard work.
                                     During his lifetime, Ethan would like to “Enjoy a
                                     fulfilling career and have a wonderful family.”

                   Lindsay           Amy & Michael Dressler
                   Dressler          7th
                  November 6, 2010   Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School
                                     Basketball, guitar and theatre

                                     To Lindsay becoming a Bat Mitzvah means,
                                     “Taking on more responsibility and becoming
                                     more involved in the Jewish Community.” For her
                                     Mitzvah Mania Project, Lindsay volunteered
                                     weekly at Doorways, the Seekonk food pantry
                                     for those in need. During her lifetime, Lindsay
                                     wants, “To go to RISD College to become a
                                     fashion designer.”
                                                                            B’NEI MITZVAH

 Emma              AnneAndrew& William Binder
                   Jill & Noel Caslowitz
Caslowitz          8th
October 16, 2010   Gordon School
                   Community Prep
                   Baseball, surfing, white listening to music
                   Hanging out with friends, water kayaking
                   and boating
                   and swimming
                       Ethan becoming a Bar Mitzvah means,
                   To Emma, becoming a Bat Mitzvah means “More
                   “A child learns about his or her responsibilities
                   responsibility and involvement in the community. It
                   also means attending more services.” For her Mitzvah
                   in the community.” For his Mitzvah Mania Proj-
                   Mania Project, Emma volunteered at a food pantry as
                   ect, Ethan helped his elderly neighbor with yard
                   work. visited his lifetime, Ethan would
                   well asDuring residents at Epoch. During her lifetime,
                   like to “Enjoy a to, “Attend a good college
                   Emma would like fulfilling career and have and
                   come out of college with a good job. I would also
                   a wonderful family.”
                   love to travel the world.”


  Hana             Alicia& Michael Dressler
                   Amy & David Flaxman
Flaxman            7th
October 23, 2010   Moses BrownHurley Middle School
                   Dr. Kevin M. School
                   Softball, drawing,and theatre saxophone
                   Basketball, guitar reading and

                       Lindsay becoming a Mitzvah means, “It makes
                   To Hana becoming a Bat Bat Mitzvah means,
                   “Taking closer to my Jewish heritage. Itbecoming
                   me feel on more responsibility and also makes
                   me feel older and that I am ready to do moreFor her
                   more involved in the Jewish Community.” things.”
                   For her Mitzvah Project, Lindsay volunteered
                   Mitzvah ManiaMania Project, Hana helped main-
                   tain the at Doorways, the Seekonk food Fox Point
                   weekly Temple Beth-El community garden inpantry
                   and planted an assortment her lifetime, and brought
                   for those in need. During of vegetables Lindsay
                   wants, “To to to RISD College to become her
                   the produce go Camp Street Ministries. During a life-
                   fashion designer.” “To become a science teacher
                   time, Hana would like
                   at the college level and have a great family. I hope
                   to be able to write a book one day and become an
                   accomplished cook like my mom.”

BROTHERHOOD    NEWS                FROM THE HOOD              (Brother”hood”)
               By now the 2010 - 2011 Brotherhood Calendar should
               be gracing your kitchen or office. The Brotherhood
               worked extremely hard this year to get it to you on time.
               The calendar is just one of the things that we do for the
               Temple and its members throughout the year. We are
               proud to tell you about some of the other things we have

              S tarting from the first day of
               planned for you in the upcoming months.

                                                                                   tions director and is currently
              Religious School, your brothers                                      serving as the spokesperson
              with the chef’s aprons will be                                       for Rhode Island’s Emergency
              preparing the Bagel café and                                         Management Agency.
              Barbeque café each week to                                           Watch your mail for all
              be sure that your children are                                       the details.
              fed and happy each week.

                                                                                                             OD OF TEM
                                                                                                        HO            PL



                                                                                            A FO



                                                                                                     GN              TH
                                                                                                          ATIONAL BRO

              Speaking of breakfasts, we
                                                                                         The Brotherhood
              will also be sponsoring the        NOVEMBER 7th brings our               is proud to give our
              Religious School Open House        first Brotherhood Breakfast of
                                                                                     time and resources to
              breakfast on DECEMBER 5th.         the year. Our guest speaker
              If you have a child in the reli-   will be Steve Kass.                       the Temple &
              gious school come join us for      Mr Kass
                                                                                        Religious School.
              breakfast before visiting your     has been
                                                 one of                              If you appreciate what
              child’s classroom.
                                                 Rhode                                 we do, show us by
              OCTOBER 24th, the students         Island’s
              of the 9th and 10th grade will                                          becoming a member.
              head to New York City for a        talk show                            We need and value
              fantastic field trip. Once again   hosts since the early 1980’s,
              this year the Brotherhood is
                                                                                           your support !
                                                 and this past year was inducted
              proud to help subsidize some       into the Rhode Island Radio
              the transportation costs for our   Hall of Fame. He has served as
              students.                          Governor Carcieri’s Communic-

SISTERHOOD   SISTERHOOD NEWS                                                      SAVE THE DATES
             President’s Message from                                             DONOR BRIDAL
             Barbara Brown & Nancy Riffle                                         FASHION SHOW
             For those of you who attended the Holiday Receptions,                SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2010
             we hope you have begun 5771 in a sweet way.                          at 2 PM.
                                                                                  Matt Goodman and Alan
                                                                                  Rosenberg, “the hams” who
             We would like you to meet Ellen Silverman,                           have created hilarious antics
             our VP of Education and Religion.                                    for past Purim Spiels, will be
                                                                                  the M.C’s for Sisterhood’s
             Ellen and her family joined      the artistic director of the the-   “Here Come the Brides”
             Temple Beth - El five years ago. atre company Playback Rhode         Fashion Show to be held on
             Since that time,                                  Island which       Sunday, October 24 at 2 p.m.
             Ellen has sung in                                 presents work-     This is a donor event you will
             Kol Echad, our                                    shops and          not want to miss. You will be
             adult choir, per-                                 performances       dazzled by
             formed in three                                   for schools,       the bridal
             Purim Spiels and                                  assisted living    gowns
             in the Kristall-                                  facilities and     of the
             nacht Concert                                     social service     women
             at the Vets Audi-                                 agencies.          of our
             torium in 2008.                                   Please contact     Temple
             Currently, she is                                 Ellen if you       and fascinated by the stories
                                       ELLEN SILVERMAN                            associated with their weddings.
             the co chair of                                   would like to
             Sisterhood’s Film                                 volunteer in       Following the fashion show
                                                                                  will be a reception with cham-
             Festival. Last year, she was       Sisterhood’s department of
                                                                                  pagne, hors d’oeuvres, and
             the speaker/facilitator for        Education and Religion which
                                                                                  dessert. There will be a
             the film “Making Trouble”.         includes a Rosh Chodesh event
                                                                                  raffle too.
             Ellen’s professional experience on Tuesday, January 18, the
             includes work in education,        Reading Circles on Monday         Consider making a donation
                                                                                  whether you are able to attend
             social work and theatre. For       evenings throughout the year,
                                                                                  or not attend. Become a Crys-
             the past five years, she has       and a Women’s Seder on
                                                                                  tal donor for $45, a Pearl for
             served as a dramaturg /direc-      Tuesday, April 5th.
                                                                                  $75, a Gold for $100, and a
             tor for The Manton Avenue
                                                                                  diamond for $125. Proceeds
             Theatre Project and directed
                                                                                  will be used to help Sisterhood
             “Looks Don’t Matter” for this                                        provide programs and fund
             year’s Seder of Hope at Tem-                                         Temple projects.Attendance is
             ple Beth - El. Presently, Ellen is                                   by reservation only. Be sure to
                                                                                  make reservations for yourself,
                                                                                  your friends or your spouse by
 12                                                                               Tuesday, October 12, 2010.
                                    ADDITIONAL NEW                  PAINLESS GIVING

                                    YEARS GREETINGS                 Don’t forget about our painless
                                    The following Temple Members    giving program. Save your
                                    wish a Happy and Healthy        Eastside Market shopping
                                                                    receipts and turn them in at
READING CIRLCE                      New Year to all their friends
                                    and family. Sisterhood thanks   the Temple Office Sisterhood
On NOVEMBER 29th at                                                 Mail box through Rona. The
                                    them and all who donated
7:30 PM                                                             market will give us
                                    to the Sisterhood New Years
( location to be                                                    a donation for
                                    Greeting Program: Mary and
announced ),                                                        your receipts.
                                    David Kitzes and Family,
the Sisterhood
                                    Susan and Charles Hahn,
will review the
                                    Harriet Samors and Mel and
book “The Last
                                    Janet Zurier.
Time I Saw You,” by Elizabeth
Berg. Join us for a social
evening and a lively discussion.
                                    PASSOVER SEDER
BAKE SALE                           On TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 2010
                                    at 6 PM., we will have a
Sisterhood will have another        Women’s Passover
bake sale on SUNDAY,
                                    Seder. Preparations
NOVEMBER 21st, 2010
                                    for this event will
starting at 9 AM until 1 PM in
                                    be starting in
the Temple lobby.
                                    November 2010.
If you would like to help with      If you would like
the baking making individual        to be part of the
items like cookies, cupcakes,       planning for this
brownies, etc., we would be         event, please contact
most grateful.                      Carol Desforges by phone
A Hanukkah or Thanksgiving          (401- 942-9877 or email
decoration would be a nice
touch, too. Sisterhood will be
making calls to its members to
help bring in tasty treats or you
can contact Debbie Barshay at

          The Sisterhood of Temple Beth-El
           requests the honor of your presence
            at our Donor Fashion Show
             Here Come the Brides
             the viewing of a private collection
                      of wedding attire

             Sunday,October 24, 2010
                       at 2:00 PM
            Please join us after the ceremony for
           Champagne, hors d’œuvres, and dessert
     Crystal $45 Pearl $75   Gold $100 Diamond $125

               R.S.V.P. to Rona (401-331-6070)
                  by Tuesday,October 12, 2010

                                     Don’t do it alone!
                        Join us for The Mothers Circle!
                              Program begins in October 2010
                          at the Jewish Community Center of Rhode Island

The Mothers Circle is a free educational and welcoming program empowering non-Jewish
mothers to create Jewish homes. Mothers in all family constellations are welcome and
participants do not have to be affiliated with a Jewish institution or have any prior knowledge.
The interactive curriculum for the sessions explores Jewish holidays, practices, rituals, and
ethics while providing resources and tools for enriching Jewish family life at home.

FREE childcare is also available upon request.

For more information please contact Kit Haspel, Mothers Circle Coordinator at 401.331.0956 x184

Coordinated by the Bureau of Jewish Education of Rhode Island in partnership with the Jewish Community
Center of Rhode Island. Generously funded by the Helene and Bertram
Bernhardt Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island.

                                             Bureau of Jewish Education of Rhode Island and the Jewish Community Center
                                            of Rhode Island are partners agencies of the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island.

                                                                                                                                                 TEACHER FEATURES
                                               TEACHER FEATURES
                         Beyond Temple Beth-El ’s spiritual leaders lies a bevy of
                     over 30 devoted, inspiring and dedicated Religious and Hebrew
                     School teachers who provide an impressive 200 students with the
                     cultural and educational foundation upon which our youth can
                     build their Jewish lives.
                         As a salute to them, this monthly series will highlight these
                     highly valued individuals with a brief profile that is an opportunity
                     for deserved recognition and a way for us to get to know those
                     who are helping to develop tomorrow’s generation of Jews.


                            Shannon Boucher
                                 Teacher: Shannon Boucher
                                 Class: Arts and Crafts Kindergarten through 3rd Grade l
                                 Years on staff: 2
                                 Education: Graduated University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education.
                                 Profession: A resident of Seekonk and lifelong member of Temple Beth-El, Shannon was born with a natural
                                 artistic flair and a mother who was an art teacher for East Providence elementary schools. At the age of 13,
she taught her first art class to the neighborhood kids. She attended Temple Beth-El Sunday School from kindergarten through her senior
year in high school, serving as an art teacher assistant her junior and senior years. After receiving her degree, Shannon launched her
career at the Providence Jewish Community Center in 1997 as a swimming instructor. In 1999, she became a JCC camp counselor and
after school staffer, teaching art classes. For the past three years, Shannon was a full-time art specialist at the JCC and founder of the JCC
preschool arts program. She was promoted to Director of Children’s Programs last April. Mazel tov!
Off Hours: Shannon enjoys swimming, art, animals and camping in her free time.
Interesting Tidbit: Shannon drives a pickup truck!

                            Laura Lobosco
                            Teacher: Laura Kahn Lobosco
                            Class: 3rd Grade Religious School & 9th Grade Comparative Religions
                            years on Staff: 3
                            Education: Laura received her BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi. She visited a friend there
                             and thought the campus was the most beautiful she had ever seen so she gave in to her wanderlust until the
                             ocean beckoned her home after graduation.
                             Profession: Laura works as a Clinical Coordinator for Rhode Island Mentor Shared Living, a Shared Living
Arrangement provider funded by the state for adults with Developmental Disabilities
Interesting Tidbit: Laura calls Temple Beth-El her “temple home” since birth. Since she attended Catholic High School, she feels especially
qualified to teach the Comparative Religion class this year!

          SAVE THE DATE
             WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, at 7:00 PM

  Joan Leegant, author of                                           Tel Aviv, frequently lectur-
  Wherever You Go, a                                                ing at Bar-Ilan Univeristy.
  politically charged story                                         Copies of Wherever You
  of three Americans all                                            Go, will be available at
  walking the streets of Je-                                        the temple in October for
  rusalem one September.                                            $14.50 per copy, a 45%
  For her story collection,                                         discount off the list price
  Ms. Leegant won several                                           of $23.95. For informa-
  book awards including                                             tion or to purchase a copy
  the Wallant Award for                                             of Joan Leegant’s award
  Jewish Fiction. Since                                             winning book, please call
  2007, Ms. Leegant has                                             Librarian Reini Silverman
  lived half the year in                                            at 331- 6070.


  Then mark your calendars for our third Temple Beth-El Florida Reunion,
             at the Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach
                               DECEMBER 12, 2010
                                  12:00 NOON
          Watch the mail for your invitation or call Rona or Rob at Temple 401-331-6070
          A Taste of Shabbat
                           Enjoy each Shabbat with a fresh Challah

                              and Support the Religious School, too!

Here is a wonderful way to share
Shabbat with your family! Our
Temple Beth-El Religious School is
offering you the opportunity to
purchase a challah for Shabbat,
either weekly or monthly while
school is in session.

Proceeds from our challah sale will
support Religious School field

Challahs will be ordered each week and will be available for pick up on Thursdays at 4 p.m.
(when Hebrew School is in session) or Fridays before 2 p.m. Unclaimed challahs will be frozen
and used when the Social Action Committee prepares sandwiches for Crossroads RI.

Simply fill out the form below and send with your check, payable to Temple Beth-El by
September 26, 2010

Name: _________________________________________ __
                                                                                   70 Orchard Avenue
Email address:_____________________________________                                    Providence, RI
Day Phone:_________________________                                                    (401) 331-6070

I wish to purchase Shabbat challah for 25 weeks $100______

I wish to Donate my challah to Social Action   $100________

I wish to purchase Shabbat challah monthly
Of each month for 9 months (Oct-May)         $36_______

To use a credit card, or if you have questions, please call Anita Steiman 331-6070 x.107

                    (Sorry, we cannot provide refunds for unclaimed challahs)

                          A Blessing On Your Head                                         MEMORIAL

                           Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov                                           Engraving a Memorial Tablet means that the
                                                                                          name of your dear departed becomes a
                                                                                          permanent remembrance in our Temple. The
                   Ruth & Abraham Saltzman on the birth of their great - granddaughter,   tablet will hang on the marble wall inside the
                   Abigail Lili Aaronson, daughter of Heidi and Ben Aaronson.             entrance to the Fain Sanctuary during the
                                                                                          anniversary month of one’s passing.
                                                                                          The following tablet has been lovingly inscribed:
                   YIZKOR ELOHIM                                                          Pearl H. Shein, inscribed by Richard Shein
                   The sympathy of the congregation is extended to the family of:

                   BELLA HALPERT BRAUNSTEIN                EDYTHE HAMIN
                   9 Elul 5770                             28 Elul 5770                   IN MEMORIAM
                   19 August 2010                          6 September 2010               The congregation notes with sorrow the
                   ABRAHAM IRVING EISMAN                   WILLIAM SHERMAN                passing of:
                   5 Elul 5770                             9 Elul 5770
                   14 August 2010                          19 August 2010                 Joseph Cerep, mother of Stephen Cerep
                   RUTH GREENBERG                          RUTH WOLF                      Olga Bolen, mother of Judy Deutsch
                   18 Elul 5770                            18 Elul 5770
                   28 August 2010                          28 August 28

                                                                                          HONOR THY
                                                                                          NAME PLAQUES
                                                                                          Honor thy Name Plaques continue to provide
                                                                                          members with an opportunity to remember
                                                                                          a loved one or to honor someone dear.
                                                                                          Inscribed plaques are affixed to a seat of
                   KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR . . . . . “                                        your choice in either the Rosalie and Norman
                                                                                          Fain Sanctuary or the Herman L. Bennett
                   We welcome the following new members to Temple Beth-El. May your       Chapel. Donations to establish a plaque
                   membership in our Congregation bring you spiritual peace and joy.      enhance the Temple’s Endowment.
                                                                                          The Temple is grateful to:
                   Nikki & Kenneth Hamburger of Central Falls & their son, Nathanial
                                                                                          Joyce Schreiber Tesler, Pam Tesler Howitt
                   Rebecca Eiss of Warwick                                                & Steven Howitt, Deborah & Peter Tesler
                   Kimberly & Jonathan Wolf of Greenville and their children,             and family, who have inscribed a plaque
                   Morgan and Dylan                                                       in memory of Marvin G. Tesler.
                                                                                          Family & Friends who have inscribed a
                   Beth & Kirk Beane of Cumberland and their children,
                                                                                          plaque in honor of Adrienne & Martin
                   Alec and Samuel                                                        Uffer’s 50th Anniversary.
                   Joan & Sumner Fishbein of Providence
                   Nina & Todd Insler of Providence and their children, Gabriel & Ethan
                   Jennifer & Jeffrey Sparr of Pawtucket and their children, Harrison,    IN OUR FAMILY
                   Charlee and Grayson
                                                                                          Kate Bramson,was part of the team of
                   Lisa & Larry Davis of Barrington and their children, Liam, Elijah
                                                                                          Providence Journal reporters who won
                   and Talya
                                                                                          this year’s New England Associated
                   Linda Cleinman of Revere, Massachusetts                                Press Award for Public Service.
                   Grover & Patti Lackey of Providence
                                                                                          The Exchange Street Bridge in
                   Sandra & James Shuster of Providence & their children Evan & Hana
                                                                                          Pawtucket was renamed in honor
                   Jonathan Stanzler of Cranston                                          of Morris Nathanson.
  24               Michael & Rayna Botvin of Cumberland and their son Aidan
 AUGUST 1, 2010
                                                             “...who donates much to charity

                                                                becomes the richer for it...”
 AUGUST 31, 2010                                                        Zohar, iii, 110b

                      In Appreciation                                 For programming to promote Jewish continuity and/or youth groups
Linda Dykeman                                                                                            In Honor of
                                                                      Carl & Jocelyn Feldman             JUDI BLAU on her birthday
BERNICE & SANFORD WHITE FUND                                          Carl & Jocelyn Feldman             birth of DYLAN ALBERT
Funds adult and family education                                                                         In Memory of
                                    In Memory of                      Carl & Jocelyn Feldman             PEARL SHEIN, BEVERLY ROSEN &
Gloria & Martin Feibish             BELLE ZIAS                                                             RUTH GROSSMAN
Marion Goldsmith                    DR. CARL JAGOLINZER
                                                                      FINE ARTS FUND
BROTHERHOOD FUND                                                      For the purchase of fine arts
                                    In Memory of                                                         In Appreciation
Arline Slack                        ADELE ZUCKERMAN                   Stacey Kaplan                      STANLEY FREEDMAN
                                                                                                         In Memory of
CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                           Phyllis & Norman Goldberg          BETTE BROWN & STEVE TAYLOR
                      In Appreciation                                 Susan and Charles Hahn             PEARL SHEIN
Russ & Isabel Kushner                                                 Betty R. Jaffe                     PEARL SHEIN
                      In Memory of                                    Reva & Milton Lewis &              WILLIAM SHERMAN
Selma Savage          JULIAN SAVAGE                                     Family
Lynn & Laurence Pohl  BELLA FINKELSTEIN                               Seena Percelay                     PEARL SHEIN
Peter & Jane Shuman   MOLLIE BARRISH ROBBINS                          Richard & Linda Silverman          PEARL SHEIN
                                                                      Gail & Jim Galkin                  ARLINE ABRAMS
CEMETERY BEAUTIFICATION FUND                                          Gail & Jim Galkin                  ANITA WEITZNER
For landscape enhancement at the Temple’s cemetery                    Helene Sondler & Family            IRVING & PHYLLIS SIGAL & RALPH &
                                    In Memory of                                                           ALICE SLOBODIEN
David Cohen                         KATE COHEN                        Helene Sondler & Family            ROSE & IRVING SIGAL, SR
Howard Rosenberg                    ISRAEL ROSENBERG
                                                                      FRANCES & DAVID FRIEDMAN FUND
CHARLOTTE SIMON KENNER MEMORIAL FUND                                  Enhances program opportunities for very young families
To enhance the temple’s endowment                                                                        In Honor of
                                    In Memory of                      Diane & Bob Ducoff                 birth of DYLAN HARRIS ALBERT
Lynn Flanzbaum                      father, DAVID I. FLANZBAUM                                           In Memory of
                                                                      Diane & Bob Ducoff                 BETTE BROWN, BEVERLY ROSEN &
                                                                                                           PEARL SHEIN
Helps to establish financial security for the Temple
                            In Honor of                               GRAUBART-IRVING MUSIC FUND
Patty & Mel Alperin         BERNIE WASSERMAN                          Sponsors musical concerts
                            on his special birthday                                                      In Memory of
                            In Memory of                              Arlene Berrol                      MILTON HERMAN
Anne Krause                 PEARL SHEIN
Anne Krause                 BEVERLY ROSEN                             HINEINU
Herman Waldman              FLORENCE BLUMENSON RICH                                                      In Appreciation
Patty & Mel Alperin         PEARL SHEIN                               Selma Stanzler
Molly Granoff               SAMUEL KADSSIVITZ-KAY
The Forman Family           PEARL SHEIN                               LARRY H. FRIEDMAN FAMILY FUND
Judy & Arthur Bergel        PEARL SHEIN                               Supports arts enrichment in the Religious School
Ruth Kaplan & Stacey Kaplan beloved husband & father, JOEL KAPLAN                                        In Memory of
Stuart Einhorn & Carol      RONNIE EINHORN                            Marilyn & Glenn Shealey            BETTE BROWN
  Golden Einhorn
Russ & Isabel Kushner       IRVING EISMAN                             LEONARD C. MANDELL MUSIC FUND
Judy & Arthur Bergel        WILLIAM SHERMAN                           Enhances worship services through music
Sylvia & Dick Strauss       WILLIAM SHERMAN                                                              In Memory of
Sara & Bob Leach            WILLIAM SHERMAN                           Audrey Bieder                      NORMAN BIENENFELD
Joslin & Roberta Davis      WILLIAM SHERMAN
                                                                      LOUIS & PHYLLIS DRESS SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                                      Supports need-based assistance for youth and travel to Israel
                                    In Memory of                                                         In Memory of
Burton & Elaine Goldstein           DOUGLAS ROSS, MERL RODYN &        Robert Reider                      IRENE GOLDGABER
                                      PEARL SHEIN                     Ardean & David Botvin              IRVING EISMAN
                                                                      Ardean & David Botvin              WILLIAM SHERMAN
                                                                                                         Speedy Recovery to
                                                                      Ardean & David Botvin              DANIEL SCHREIBER

            MELVIN & ELEANORE FRANK FUND                                                         REMEMBRANCE FUND
DONATIONS   Supports Religious School field trips                                                                                    In Memory of
                                                In Memory of                                     Randy & Benji Rubinstein            WILLIAM SHERMAN
            Eleanore Frank                      JENNIE LEWENBERG
                                                                                                 RICHARD & EVELYN SEIGLE RELIGIOUS SCHOLARSHIP FUND
            MICHAEL S. ROBERTS MEMORIAL FUND                                                     For Religious School scholarships
            Funds educational opportunities for youth in Religious School and /or youth groups
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of
                                                In Memory of                                     Joslin Ross                         SARAH ROSS
            Richard Kaplan                      JAMES KAPLAN                                     Sarah & David Goldberg              WILLIAM GOLDBERG
                                                                                                 Richard & Evelyn Seigle             NORMA WEISMAN
            MINYAN FUND
                                                In Memory of                                     RUTH L. COHEN NEW MEMBER FUND
            Helen Ginsberg                      MARSHA BARMAK                                    Sponsors the Annual New Members Brunch
            Bessie Lindenbaum                   brother, IRVING ROSENBERG                                                            In Memory of
            Dorothy & Milton J. Rosen           her brother, MYER MILLER                         Harold L. Cohen                     RUTH L. COHEN
            Lynn Stepak                         SAMUEL STEPAK                                    Harold L. Cohen                     IDA TABER COHEN
            Joan Gelch                          father, JOSEPH KAMENY
            Rhoda Swartz                        SADIE LEVY                                       SISTERHOOD FUND
            Evelyn Stepak                       SAUL E. FABER                                                                        In Appreciation
            Linda & Michael Rubinstein          BEN ROSEN                                        Judi Blau
            Bessie Lindenbaum                   BELLA BRAUNSTEIN                                                                     In Memory of
                                                                                                 Harry & Beatrice Shore              SOPHIE NEMTZOW
                                                                                                 Harry Shore                         ESTHER SHORE
            Supports the outdoor Spiritual Garden
                                                In Memory of                                     SOCIAL ACTION FUND
            Jill & Michael Thaler               ARCHIE FINKLE, JOSEPH THALER,                    For social concerns
                                                  BARCI THALER & BESS GERBER                                                         In Honor of
            Robert Simon                        WILLIAM SHERMAN                                  Audrey & Steve Hirsch               SAM JARCHO on his special birthday
                                                                                                 Carol-Ann & Richard Magid           SAM JARCHO on his special birthday
            NEWTON B. COHN FUND
                                                                                                 Donna & Harold Jarcho               SAM JARCHO on his special birthday
                                                In Memory of
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of
            Rosalea Cohn                        MADALINE STONE
                                                                                                 Alvin & Rosalind Kurzer             PEARL SHEIN
            Rosalea Cohn                        ALBERT A.COHN
                                                                                                 Marilyn Schlossberg                 BETTE BROWN & PEARL SHEIN
            NORMAN FAIN MEMORIAL FUND                                                            Linda & Fred Franklin               RUTH A. FRANKLIN
            For Religious School scholarships                                                    Marilyn Schlossberg                 WILLIAM SHERMAN & RUTH WOLF
                                                                                                 Joanne Forman & Family              WILLIAM SHERMAN
                                                In Memory of
            Rosalie Fain                        PEARL SHEIN                                      SUMNER MARSHALL SAKLAD BOOK FUND
                                                                                                 Purchases children’s books for the William F. Braude Library
                                                                                                                                 In Honor of
                                In Memory of
                                                                                                 Harry & Terrie Mancoll          JOCELYN FELDMAN
            David Golden &      AUDREY YASHAR
                                                                                                  & Family                       on her special birthday
             Barbara Fine
                                                                                                                                 In Memory of
            PROVTY FUND                                                                          Harry & Terrie Mancoll          PEARL SHEIN
                                                Speedy Recovery to                                & Family
            Sandra Cerel & Peter Pollock        AILEEN WEISS                                     Harry & Terrie Mancoll          ARNOLD FELDMAN, MARVIN FELDMAN,
                                                                                                  & Family                         THOMAS B. FELDMAN & MYRTLE
            RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                                                                             FELDMAN
                                     In Honor of                                                 Harry & Terrie Mancoll          IRVING FELDMAN, LILLIAN SIMONE,
            Murray & Barbara Miller  AL KATZMAN on his 85th birthday                              & Family                         TOBY FAIN & SCOTT LONDON
            Barbara & Leon Goldstein MILTON LEWIS on his birthday
                                                                                                 WALTER & BERNICE AXELROD FUND
                                     In Memory of
                                                                                                                         In Memory of
            Paul & Roberta Segal     PEARL SHEIN
                                                                                                 Harold & Eileen Horwitz DR. MANUEL HORWITZ
            Fannie Shore             beloved niece, CAROLINE MELLER
            Sophie Waitsman          ADELE ZUCKERMAN                                             WILLIAM G. BRAUDE LIBRARY FUND
            Dr. Philip Torgan        SOFIA TORGAN                                                For purchase of new library books
            Kenneth Rickler          HENRIETTA LEONARD                                                                               In Honor of
            Sandra & Alan Samdperil  PEARL SHEIN                                                 Carolyn & Harold Salk               birth of SYDNEY WEIN
            Beverly Kwasha           MINNA E. STRAUSS                                            Family & Friends                    ADRIENNE & MARTIN UFFER
            Elizabeth Berger         ABE ABEL                                                                                        on their 50th anniversary
            Barbara & Leon Goldstein PEARL SHEIN & WILLIAM SHERMAN
                                                                                                                                     In Memory of
            Bella Braunstein         MURRY M. HALPERT
                                                                                                 Molly & Alfred Pasternak            PEARL SHEIN
            Lorraine & Bob Kingsbury PEARL SHEIN
                                                                                                 Sophie Waitsman                     MARION ROSENBERG & CELIA LEVIN
            Ellen & Barry Shepard    SYLVIA MARKS
                                                                                                 Leila & Sheldon Sock                GITA BASHEVA LAKE
            Linda & Nat Baker        WILLIAM SHERMAN
                                                                                                 Carolyn & Harold Salk               ARLINE ABRAMS
            Nancy S. Harris          HAROLD HARRIS
                                                                                                 Samuel & Gertrude                   FANNIE COOPERMAN
            Stephen & Sharon Linder  NATHAN LINDER
            Marjorie Jaffe           LEONARD S. JAFFE
                                                                                                 Judith Alpert                       ROSE LUCIANO
            Jay Goodman              MINNIE GOODMAN
                                                                                                 Sharon & Perry Garber &             ARLINE ABRAMS
            John & Lila Sapinsley    DORIS LOEWENSTEIN
                                                                                                   Katie Licker
            Beverly & Banice Bazar   SAMUEL WISHNEVSKY
                                                                                                 Dr. Simon Horenstein                BETTY RUTH HORENSTEIN PICKETT

Joan Isserlis                     PEARL SHEIN
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Luber           ADA BERNSTEIN

Arthur & Barbara Sheer            WILLIAM SHERMAN
Nancy Troy Lovett                 PEARL SHEIN

Supports the Temple’s archives & museum
                                  In Memory of
Ben Zurier & Linda Movish,        mother & grandmother, JANET
 Jack & Will Zurier               ZURIER on her 80th birthday

                       Temple Beth-El                        70 Orchard Avenue
                                                             Providence, RI, 02906-5402
                       Congregation Sons of Israel & David   Office: (401) 331-6070
                                                             Fax: (401) 331-8068

          Rabbi’s Study: (401) 521-0343               School Administrator                Development Assistant/Assistant to the
          website:             Anita F. Steiman x.107              Executive Director
                                                    Kim Campbell x 109
          Senior Rabbi                                                          
          Leslie Y. Gutterman x.112                   Librarian
           Reini Silverman x.111               Assistant to Religious School/Associate Rabbi/
          Associate Rabbi                                                                 Rob Massi x.102
          Sarah E. Mack x.106                         Controller                
                Chris W. McLain x.104
                                                      Office Manager/Receptionist
          Cantor                                                                          Rona Nachbar x.100
          Judith A. Seplowin x.118                    Bookkeeper                
                Sylvia Benedetti x.103
                                                                                          Maintenance Staff
          President                                   Senior Rabbi’s Assistant            George Hetu x.119
          Fred J. Franklin                            Lisa Cassani x.113        

          Executive Director
          Ruby Shalansky x.105                        The Shofar is published by the Harold A.Winstead
               Charitable Trust in his memory.

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           Temple Beth-El                                                                                        Providence, RI

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                   Because oF REGULATIONS PROTECTING PATIENT PRIVACY, hospitals no longer provide patient lists.
                       If you want a visit from the Cantor or Rabbis, please inform the Temple Office, 331- 6070.

                                     Raise your voice in song for
                                 Shabbat Hallelu, a Service in Song.
                                           Join us each month for Shabbat Hallelu beginning
                                           Friday, October 22nd at 7:00 PM for an uplifting
                                          musical Shabbat, featuring Temple Beth - El musicians.

                                             Light refreshments at 6:30 PM prior to the service
                                       Shabbat Hallelu is funded by the Leonard C. Mandell Music Fund.
                                        Funding for light refreshments provided by the Benefactors Fund.

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