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					There are two basic types of irritable bowel syndrome. Symptoms of
irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea include abdominal pain or
discomfort, bloating and frequent, loose or watery stools.      You can
design your own special diet for irritable bowel syndrome control by
keeping a food and symptoms diary. There are some common diets for
irritable bowel syndrome control that include recommendations about what
foods may or may not cause problems.

  Research has shown that people with irritable bowel syndrome do not
have a normal gastrocolic reflex response. It's similar to plumbing in
your home -- when the system is faulty, things can get ugly.      One of
the most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome is frequent stomach
pain in combination with explosive diarrhoea or loose bowel movements.
Your symptoms may be mild or severe and usually alternate between the two
from day to day.      Anti-depressants are sometimes prescribed for IBS.
Depression is not commonly one of the irritable bowel syndrome signs and
symptoms, but studies have shown anti-depressants may block pain
receptors in the brain.      The first way to cope with irritable bowel
syndrome during the Christmas holidays is watch the foods and beverages
that you consume. Chances are, you know and understand the triggers of
your IBS. It is important to ensure that you avoid these triggers at all
costs.      Botanicals and herbs for irritable bowels syndrome with
diarrhea may or may not be the same as botanicals and herbs for irritable
bowel syndrome with constipation.      Irritable bowel syndrome
pathogenesis may be related to food allergies. If you have IBS and you
have not been tested for food allergies, it may be worth your while to
see an allergy specialist.      If you suffer from irritable bowel
syndrome and stress may be a factor, hypnosis may not be necessary.
Numerous books have been written about stress management. Most irritable
bowel syndrome treatment plans include efforts to reduce stress,
particularly while eating.      Many people continue to live with the
agonizing experience of irritable bowel syndrome. You don't have to go on
suffering anymore. It is crucial that you understand that the best thing
you can do for yourself is to start restoring your intestinal flora.
With irritable bowel syndrome, there is no pronounced inflammation or any
external sign to indicate that something is wrong. It has been observed
that irritable bowel syndrome tends to occur more with other pain
disorders, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.       In
order to diagnose irritable bowel syndrome in a patient, a physician
needs to rule out other possible diseases. A physician performs physical
examination of the patient and goes through the medical history of the
patient.      Herbs and botanicals are fairly inexpensive alternative
therapies for irritable bowel syndrome. One alternative treatment for
irritable bowel syndrome that has been in the health journals lately may
not be so inexpensive.      Both aloe and slippery elm have an anti-
inflammatory effect which may relieve stomach ache. Bloating and gas may
be relieved by antacids, anti-gas products or an herbal remedy.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is NOT a life-threatening disease, and will not
lead to bowel cancer and other serious digestional conditions.       Read
about fast weight loss and also read about research on obesity and
abdominoplasty surgery
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