IBS Diet - Foods That Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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					Patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) suffer from
abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort without any observable cause.
There can be a number of causes for IBS. It is found that once it starts,
symptoms are relieved only after a bowel movement. The patients may
either suffer from diarrhea or constipation which is started after an
infection or it can be caused by stress or some medical condition. To
prevent IBS a diet rich in fiber should be taken but non soluble fiber
should not be taken. Whole grain bread and cereals can be taken, and
kidney beans and lima beans should be taken frequently. The fiber intake
should be increased gradually as too much fiber can cause gas and
bloating.Drinking a good amount of water is suggested to avoid
dehydration which can be caused by diarrhea and smaller meals should be
taken instead of heavy meals at one time. Small meals prevent bloating.
Food intake should not be fast. One should take food slowly to avoid
swallowing air. Along with a good diet IBS also requires stress
management, exercising, taking anti depressants and anti spasmodic
medications. A balanced eating habit should be maintained and some of the
food products which should be taken to control IBS are:1. Eat fibrous
food which is soluble in water. The safest food which is easy to digest
is rice, oatmeal, rice cereals, soy, pasta and noodles. It can be taken
in every meal. Soluble fibers are found in most of the food products
which are considered to have excess amount of starch. Soluble fibers
dissolves in water and it helps in absorption of excess liquid in colon.
It prevents diarrhea as it forms a kind of thick gel, which helps the
muscles to easily make the peristaltic contraction. Soluble fibers are
present in rice, pasta, barley, soy, corn meal, potatoes, carrots,
turnips, mushrooms, avocadoes, mangoes, yams and papayas.2. Reduce intake
of fat by 25% and take only mono-saturated oils for cooking.3. Avoid food
products such as fried food, red meat, coffee, alcohol and soda pop as it
can cause IBS syndrome. The food products which should be avoided include
wheat based products, red meat etc.4. Food products which contain gluten
which is found in wheat, rye and barley should be avoided.5. Low fat diet
without animal meat and dairy products should be taken.6. Do not take egg
if it causes the symptoms of bloating and cramping, and in non vegetarian
one can take chicken breasts and seafood instead of red meat.7. Increase
use of herbs in food and one can use baking extracts and mild spices to
get the desired flavor.8. Do not go for deep fried food, oils, fat
spreads, coconut milk, solid chocolates, nuts and potato chips.9. Do not
take alcohol and caffeine as it can trigger the pain if taken empty
stomach.10. Carbonated drinks such as soda pop should not be taken to
reduce bloating. Artificial fats called Olestra can cause diarrhea in
people who do not suffer from IBS.11. Artificial sweeteners and
artificial fat can raise the problems of bloating and diarrhea.

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