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					For light sleepers, insomnia can be an annoying problem. The barking dog
outside. The ticking of the alarm clock. Even the sound of your partner
shifting in the bed can disturb your Zs.     If you're tired of awakening
at every little sound, maybe it's time you tried some natural sleep
techniques coupled with a non-addictive sleep aid such as Rozerem.
Although being a light sleeper is annoying, there's no reason you can't
ease your insomnia with a few sleep-enhancing tricks.      Insomnia
Overview Insomnia is a common sleep disorder in which the patient
either has trouble falling asleep or cannot remain asleep for an extended
period of time. Although most people have experienced a sleepless night
or two during their lifetime, often it's connected to a specific stress-
related event such as the loss of a loved one or a job related anxiety.
Doctors refer to patients in this category as temporary insomniacs. The
insomnia symptoms will usually disappear when the underlying stress is
resolved.     Patients with chronic insomnia are those who have battled
sleeplessness for a period of six months or longer. In these insomniacs,
doctors may have a difficult time pinpointing the exact cause of the
condition.    Left untreated, chronic insomnia can lead to other serious
problems such as depression. Due to fatigue, people with chronic insomnia
may also experience a total lack of motivation or enthusiasm. As the
body becomes worn down, insomnia sufferers have trouble concentrating.
Performing daily routine tasks can be difficult. They may even undergo
behavior changes.     Although sleep aids can help patients achieve better
rest, chronic insomniacs can become addicted to certain prescription
sleep aids. While they may be sleeping longer hours than before, their
bodies can experience a number of unpleasant side effects related to the
long-term use of sleep aids.       Today a greater number of people suffer
from insomnia than ever before. Did you know that before the invention
of electricity, the average American slept around nine hours a night?
Only a small fraction of the current population acquires this much sleep
on a regular basis. In fact, our current society might view individuals
who sleep nine hours as lazy or unproductive.      How Your Work Schedule
Can Aggravate Insomnia In order to function properly, our bodies must be
in tune with their internal clock or circadian rhythm. Most folks
acknowledge they feel more productive after a restful night's sleep. But
for patients with insomnia, getting enough sleep and feeling refreshed
is a rare occurrence.     In today's hectic workplace, an increasing
number of employees are being forced to toil during hours that conflict
with the body's natural sleep schedule. Insomnia sufferers who work
afternoon or night shifts have an additional burden to overcome. These
light sleepers must deal with sunlight disturbances as well as noise
issues. For them, falling asleep and staying asleep may seem next to
impossible.     Fortunately, there are a number of effective natural
techniques that can help insomnia patients relieve their condition. You
may wish to try these natural methods first before seeking relief from
prescription sleep aids like Rozerem. These helpful methods can even
lessen your long-term dependence on sleep aids.       Natural Methods to
Help Light Sleepers Combat Insomnia Before attempting to treat insomnia
with natural sleep aids or methods, you may wish to consult with your
physician first. Neurologists who specialize in sleep disorders are
highly qualified to assist you in determining the cause of your
insomnia. Patients who can first identify the reasons for their insomnia
are more likely to have a successful outcome.     Helpful Tips for Light
Sleepers     Keep a sleep diary that includes the following:         total
hours slept each night,     number of awakenings during the night,
approximate amount of time needed to fall asleep.      Over time you can
identify any specific patterns or events that may be contributing to
your insomnia.         Try to go to bed around the same time each night.
This       will help your body regulate its sleep schedule. If you simply
cannot fall        asleep, you may have to reduce your sleep time until
your body becomes        fatigued and sleep is inevitable.         Earplugs
are an inexpensive way for light sleepers,        especially travelers, to
combat insomnia. If you're fed up sleeping with        your head tucked
under the pillow, this tip may be just the cure you need.        Although
noise is the enemy, many light sleepers can        tolerate a consistent
noise such as a fan, air conditioner, etc. During        the summertime,
this is the perfect way for insomniacs to drown out        disturbances
such as automobiles, televisions, or loud neighbors.         Soothing
classical background music is a great way to        eliminate other noises
while relaxing your mind and body. Try listening to        some of your
favorite music in order to beat insomnia.         Watch your diet. If
you're an avid coffee drinker, set a        specific cutoff time for your
last cup of java. Caffeine aggravates        insomnia and can increase
your anxiety level.        Avoid eating a heavy meal before bedtime.
Digesting all        that food is hard work that can keep your system
active and awake for        hours.     Natural Herbs and Supplements Can
Lessen Insomnia Natural herbs are a great way to fight insomnia. Many of
these natural sleep aids are also inexpensive to purchase. Like all
drugs, you should consult with your doctor or a qualified herbalist
before attempting treatment.       Most natural herbs can safely be used
to treat insomnia. However, ask your doctor first if you are taking any
medications or plan on using prescription sleep aids along with natural
herbs.         A herb called valerian has proven especially effective in
helping insomnia patients. This natural sleep aid allows patients to fall
asleep quicker and helps them achieve a sounder sleep state necessary for
dreams and restful sleep to occur.         Corydalis is a herb that both
relaxes insomnia sufferers        and lessens physical pain due to other
illnesses that may be the root        cause of insomnia.       Chamomile
is a well known herb that can be consumed in the        form of tea or as
an extract. In addition to treating insomnia, chamomile        helps
reduce stress and depression.         Light sleepers may want to try lemon
balm to lessen the        effects of insomnia. This natural herb is
popular for treating mild        insomnia cases since it effectively
reduces stress and anxiety levels.      Rozerem, a Non-Addictive Sleep Aid
for Light Sleepers and Insomniacs If you've suffered from insomnia for
an extended period of time, you may be familiar with a new prescription
sleep aid called Rozerem. Rozerem is unique from other sleep drugs as it
does not cause dependence or harmful side effects.      Rozerem can be
taken safely by most insomnia patients for an extended time. However, it
is not necessary to take Rozerem on a daily basis. Simply take the
Rozerem tablets on the days you have trouble sleeping.      Although
Rozerem does not cause excess grogginess, insomnia sufferers should
refrain from potentially harmful activities like alcohol consumption
while using this sleep aid.      In order to learn more about Rozerem and
decide if it's the right sleep aid to treat your insomnia, visit our
Rozerem facts page for more details.
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