Hypnosis for Insomnia by anamaulida


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        <p>Most people have suffered insomnia in some form - whether it
was the night or two before a big interview or exams but it is estimated
that between 30-50% of the population is affected by transient or short-
term insomnia and approximately 10% by chronic insomnia.</p>
<p>The classification of insomnia is based on how long the problem has
been present:</p>
<ul><li>less than a week - transient insomnia;</li>
<li>one to three weeks - short-term insomnia;</li>
<li>longer than three weeks - chronic insomnia.</li>
</ul><p>While you may have tried and tested many cures for insomnia which
may have provided partial but not sustained relief, hypnotherapy for
insomnia can provide the best solution to your inability to sleep through
the night. </p>
<p>Hypnosis for insomnia treatment has a two pronged approach (1) you
achieve a restful good quality sleep and (2) you can find the underlying
cause for your insomnia and treat this. This gives you the best
<p><em><u>Causes of Insomnia:</u></em></p>
<li>emotional upset</li>
<li>someone snoring</li>
</ul><p>Whatever the reason for your insomnia, hypnosis can help you.</p>
<p><em><u>Insomnia Symptoms:</u></em></p>
<ul><li>difficulty falling asleep;</li>
<li>difficulty remaining asleep;</li>
<li>daytime difficulties with tiredness; impaired memory and
concentration; irritability.</li>
</ul><p>You may start to dread bedtime as you fear the challenge of
falling asleep but this in itself creates a stress response in the body
triggering adrenaline which is not conducive to sleep.</p>
<p><em><u>Hypnotherapy as a treatment for insomnia:</u></em></p>
<p>You develop good sleep hygiene. With the relaxation element of
hypnosis, your focus for your mind becomes relaxation of the mind and
body, not sleep. As you listen to my calm, soothing tones, you are
providing your mind with a direction, instead of letting it do its own
thing. The function of sleep is to allow the body and mind to repair
and rejuvenate and any worries can be worked out in the subconscious
mind.<em>Â </em></p>
<p>As a hypnotherapist, I know the difference listening to the CD can
make as a re-enforcement of the good work done in session. As I tell
all my clients, I am better than a sleeping tablet because you achieve a
good quality of sleep (without the groggy feeling) and a sense of
wellbeing (developing the ability to feel calm and relaxed inside).</p>
<p>Sleeping tablets, alcohol, drugs etc may provide transient relief for
insomnia but they are not addressing the underlying reason for your
insomnia. </p>
<p>If you would like to experience 1. sleep and 2. deal with your
underlying reason for insomnia, hypnotherapy is the solution.</p>

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