Signs of Insomnia

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        <p>Have you ever been encountering sleepless nights a couple of
days ago? Do you seem restless while you are in the process of going to
sleep at night? Well you are not alone. Millions of people all over the
world have been having problems on sleepless nights. Some of them even
have this condition lasting for a couple of months or even years. It is a
condition called insomnia.</p>
<p>A person with insomnia often show signs of abnormalities in his life
like irritability, lack of focus, poor performance in school or in the
office, lack of attention to close friends and family members, lack of
concentration in whatever he is doing, and more. These are only some of
the evident signs that a person is bothered by insomnia.</p>
<p>When insomnia attacks an individual, it could seriously affect his
whole life. More fatigue, lack of interest and energy in life are
expected to come along the way. It has been said that people with
insomnia are like zombies i9n appearance too. Since they do not have
adequate sleep at night, their appearance would indicate their bad
condition. People with insomnia often have dark eyelids, eye bags, dry
skin and more.</p>
<p>Symptoms are extremely evident physically, mentally and emotionally.
Since physical symptoms are very obvious, let's take a look into mental
effects of insomnia.</p>
<p>Mentally insomnia can cause poor brain function. Since the brain did
not receive proper restoration and renewal during sleep, expect poor
brain performance and function. As you know, insomnia can trigger poor
mental activity whether in school or in the office.</p>
<p>Emotionally insomnia can make a person highly irritated even on the
simplest mistakes and shortcomings. It is evident that they commonly
shout or even ignore their loved ones right away without any notice since
they have no focus on their social relationships. They can also show lack
of interest on their activities. Most especially people with insomnia
often show lack of attachment in their circle of friends while they are
afflicted with insomnia.</p>
<p>Do not be a victim of insomnia. Know these signs and consult your
medical expert to help you cure against it.</p>
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