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                     !           Flat River Community Players – Fall 2010

2010 FRCP             The Hound of
Board of              the Baskervilles
                      A Sherlock Holmes
Larry Moss,           classic mystery
President             adapted for the stage
Linda Weger,          by Tim Kelly from Sir
Vice President        Arthur Conan Doyle’s
Karin Wahlfeldt,      brilliant novel
Hilda Sorvari,       The old and noble Baskerville family is
                     threatened by a curse: “A great, black beast,
Treasurer            shaped like a hound, yet larger than any
                     hound that ever mortal eye has rested upon,”     Whitney Stek as Laura tries to evade the questions
Trustees             terrorizes and kills any family member who       of the shrewd Sherlock Holmes (Ryan Garlick –
                                                                      Center) while Sir Harry Baskerville (Brandon
                     comes to live at Baskerville Hall.
Carl Gatchel,        Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, The Hound
                                                                      Rieckhoff) looks on.

Artistic Liaison     of the Baskervilles, is one of the most         his friend and colleague, Dr. Watson
Kim Joki,            famous mysteries ever written. The Flat         (Dennis Hess). While mysterious lights
Business Liaison     River Community Players are proud to bring      signal Baskerville Hall and the Hound
                     the theatrical version, adapted by Tim Kelly,   terrorizes the countryside, the sleuthing
Doug                 to the Greenville Area Community Center         begins and suspicion falls on sinister
McFadden,            stage.                                          servants, butterfly collectors, ladies in
Facilities Liaison                                                   distress and escaped convicts (Kim Joki,
Jim Anderson,        As the story opens, the hound seems to have     Karen Moon, Tim Addis, Kendra Moon,
                     claimed his latest victim, Sir Charles          Adam Lindemier and Whitney Stek).
Finance Liaison      Baskerville. Sir Charles’ nephew, Sir Henry
Linda Weger,         (Brandon Rieckhoff), is poised to take up       First time director Pat Cradit has read
Membership           residence at the estate. A friend of the        everything Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has ever
                     family, Lady Agatha Mortimer (Barb              written, so she leaped at the opportunity to
Liaison              Headley), has called upon the one person        bring her vision to life. “This script was to
Pat Cradit,          who can stop the beast from striking again.     be done in modern times. I read it and
Publicity Liaison    Into this atmosphere of lonely moors,           immediately said, ‘No way’. Part of the
                     ancient secrets, deadly threats and ghostly     mystique of Holmes is that whole turn-of-
                     apparitions, comes the supremely rational       the-century English thing. I'm very proud
                     Sherlock Holmes (Ryan Garlick) along with
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A Little History!
35 Years Ago . . .                       Applause                                                      Page 2 of 4
No fall show in 1975.

                                        FRCP Audition Notice!
30 Years Ago . . .
The fall show in 1980 was only our
third musical ever, “The King and I,”
directed by Elmer Coon. John            For the upcoming FRCP production of           those who have loved and lost, to those
Beam and Mary Brimmer starred as
the King and Anna. Art Hersey and
                                        “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now              who have fallen on their face at the portal
Valerie Schulz VanderMark were          Change,” a musical by Joe DiPietro and        of romance, to those who have dared to
Lun Tha and Tuptim. Char Lothian        Jimmy Roberts                                 ask, "Say, what are you doing Saturday
was Lady Thiang, and Dick Jessop                                                      night?"
played the Kralahome. 27 others         Director: Timothy W. Addis
played adult chorus roles, and 36
kids played the King’s children,        Music Director: Valerie VanderMark            Audition Dates:
including Darron Simon as Prince        Producer/AD: Hilda Sorvari                    Auditions are set for Tuesday and
Chululongkorn and Amy Updike as                                                       Wednesday, November 2 and 3, from
Princess Ying Yaowlak. Bob “Tex”        Looking to Cast:                              7:00 to 9:00 PM at St. Paul’s Episcopal
Ritter and Doris Whitten co-
produced the show.
                                        5 Men and 5 Women ages 25 – 60ish to          Church, at the corner of Cass and Clay
                                        play various singing and acting roles         Streets in Greenville. Possible callbacks
25 Years Ago . . .                      There is the possibility that non-singers     on November 4.
“The Sound of Music” was 1985’s         could be cast for scenes without music.
fall show. Directed by Carolyn                                                        What to Bring to Auditions:
Burns Dombroske with music
direction by Eric Johnson, the show     The Story:                                    A prepared solo from a Broadway musical
featured Valerie Schulz VanderMark      “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now              with the sheet music.
as Maria, Dick Jessop as the            Change,” a celebration of the mating
Captain, Char Lothian as Mother         game, takes on the truths and myths           Performance Dates:
Abbess, Greg VanderMark as Max,
Nancy Nielsen as Baroness
                                        behind that contemporary conundrum            March 11, 12, 13, 18 & 19 at the
Schraeder, Steve Lindeman as Rolf,      known as "the relationship." Act I explores   Greenville Area Community Center
and Christy Jessop as Liesl. Nuns       the journey from dating and waiting to love
were played by Katy Brandon             and marriage, while Act II reveals the        Questions:
McDonough, Karen Turnbull Dodds,
                                        agonies and triumphs of in-laws and           If you have any questions or concerns
Kay Akkerhuis, Katie Arwood, Ann
Beach, Lisa Groot, Fern Jessop,         newborns, trips in the family car and pick-   about auditions or the show, contact
Hollie Lothian Stephenson, Jan          up techniques of the geriatric set. This      Director Tim Addis at (989) 291-3863, or
Meek, and others.                       hilarious musical revue pays tribute to       email him at

                                        Bottom’s Dream Theatre Auditions!
20 Years Ago . . .
In 1990, we “Camelot” was the fall
musical. Tommy Sanders and Lisa
Newton Stek were King Arthur and
Guenevere; Ron Baldwin played           Up next for Bottom’s Dream Theatre is         about their current predicament, only to
Lancelot. Supporting roles were         the engaging yet intense “No Exit” by         finally realize that their Hell is in one
handled by Doug Stek (Pellinore),       Jean Paul Sartre. A French existentialist     another’s presence.
Katy McDonough (Morgan Le Fey),
Mark Wheeler (Mordred), Bill            preoccupied with human existence,
Bauman (Merlin), Sandy Duncan           Sartre devoted special focus to the very      Auditions for “No Exit” will be held at
Sanders (Nimue), and Kevin Dodd         most dramatic and sometimes tragic            7:00 PM on January 11 and 12, 2011,
(Tom of Warwick). Knights and
                                        aspects, those emphasizing the                at the Barn Theater at Montcalm
Ladies were played by John
VanderMyde, Mike Doherty, Tim           limitation of human reason. This play, as     Community College in Sidney. Director
Spohn, John Morais, Ernie Mooney,       a metaphor for the human condition,           Sue Dehlinger will seek to cast four
Carolyn Burns Dombroske, Sandy          helped popularize the Existential             actors (2-3 women and 1-2 men, all of
Cote, Pat Barnhart, Julie Chapman
Jakeway, Kristen Partridge              Movement in the 1940s.                        varying ages) for
Wheeler, and several others. Lisa                                                     the production.
Groot played the Wench to Ric           In this classic play, three people find       Performances are
Davenport’s Squire Dap. The show
                                        themselves dead and mysteriously              set for June 3-5,
was directed by Deb Dieckman with
music direction by David Inbody.        together in the same room. They do            2011, also at the
Kelly Lucas was stage manager and       not know each other and come from             Barn.
head costumer.                          completely different backgrounds. The
                                        three protagonists argue incessantly
 Page 3 of 4                                            Applause                         15 Years Ago . . .
                                                                                         “The 1940s Radio Hour” played
                                                                                         in the fall of 1995. Directed by

Small bits of News . . . Gossip . . .                                                    Kelly Lucas with Katy
                                                                                         McDonough and Valerie
and Hearsay . . .                                                                        VanderMark sharing music
                                                                                         director duties, the show
                                                                                         featured several local favorite
                                                                                         actors: Lyle Fales, Ric
• 2011 Annual Meeting is scheduled        • FRCP Singers                                 Davenport, Steve Peterson,
for March 12. Meeting attendees will      One of these days soon, FRCP members           Keith Hudson, Andy Lewis,
be treated to a performance that night    will be getting an email from Deb and          Doug Stek, Don Zeigler, Sandy
                                                                                         Sherwood, Brooke Rasmussen,
of “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now       Mark announcing a new Christmas                Kevin Dodd, Bill Ross, Lisa
Change.”                                  program for the ‘Hit & Run’ group.             Stek, Pat Cradit, and Randy
                                          Rehearsals will begin in late October and      Burghart. Heidi Kulas, Jessie
                                                                                         Peacock Gilbertson, and Nellie
• Next Board Election                     run weekly into mid-November (specific         Corder were the Usherettes.
At the 2011 Annual Meeting, the seats     dates TBA). Our fabulous booking agent,
will be vacant on the Board of            Kathy Jo VanderLaan, is handling the           10 Years Ago . . .
                                                                                         In 2000, “A Christmas Carol”
Directors. Treasurer Hilda Sorvari’s      arrangements for three or four gigs for the    was our fall show. Directed for
term is up; she has elected not to run    group. These will be late November into        the second time by Emerson
again. Karin Wahlfeldt has,               mid-December (again, specific dates            (Ric) Davenport, this time the
                                                                                         show starred Ron Ruper as
unfortunately, had to resign from the     TBA). Mark and Deb promise that this           Scrooge, Paul Kiste as Marley,
Board, and Kim Joki was filling out a     program will not involve the Dickensian        Kevin Powell and Lisa Stek as
previous term. Kim will be running        period costumes (cool to look at but not so    Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cratchit, and
                                                                                         Riley Kiste as Tiny Tim.
again (I’m pretty sure this is right).    cool to pile on – or to drive a car in), but   Jessica Peacock Gilbertson,
                                          will rather be a more modern, popular          Christine Kubec, and Mark
If you are willing to serve as a Board    music format. Brief “teasers” for our 2011     Lindeman played the three
                                                                                         ghosts, Steve Osbun and
Member or, if you would like to           musicals may also be included.                 Jamie Lindeman were Fred and
nominated someone you feel would be                                                      his wife, and Mike Eadie and
a good Board member, contact one of       • Welcome Back to Dennis Hess, Barb            Jani Hartman played Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                                         Fezziwig. Others in the cast
the nominating committee members:         Headley, and Karen Hafey-Moon, all             included Jennifer Aldrich, Alex
Larry Moss, Linda Weger, or Hilda         recently cast in the fall show. It’s been      Jacobsson, Dustin Winters,
Sorvari. Leave a phone message for        awhile, you guys…we’ve all missed you!         Jordan Wylie, Leah
                                                                                         VanderMark, AJ Gunn, Ariana
them at (616) 754-8207.                                                                  Davenport, Don Zeigler, Kelly
                                                                                         Lucas, Krista Kahl Hans,
                                                                                         Brittnee Leysen, Alisha &

“Hound…Baskervilles”…cont. from pg. 1
                                                                                         Becky Jacobsson, Nick
                                                                                         VanderLaan, Emily Cradit, and
                                                                                         Barb Headley, and others.
that my cast has risen to the occasion     the GACC Monday through Friday                5 Years Ago . . .
and delivered beautifully.”                during regular business hours to pick up      Larry Moss directed “Dracula”
Helping her achieve this Victorian         tickets in person. For more information,      in the fall of 2005. Ric
                                                                                         Davenport had the title role,
style is Costumer Jake Day, as well as     visit the Players’ website at                 opposite Hilda Sorvari as Van
Set Designer/Builder Steve King and                                  Helsing. Jake Day was
Stage/Prop Manager Whitney Stek.           Who summoned the hound? Is the                Renfield, Keith Hudson played
                                                                                         Seward, Steve King was
Keita Rieckhoff is producing.              supernatural at work? Is Sir Henry            Jonathan, and Jill Warren Block
Performances of “The Hound of the          doomed? The story’s many plot twists          played Lucy. Kevin Powell as
Baskervilles” are scheduled for            will keep audiences on the edge of their      Butterworth and Malinda
                                                                                         Patmore as Miss Wells stole
October 15-17 and 22-23. Tickets are       seats as they try to discover the true        the show in their comedic
$12 for adults, $10 for students 18 and    killer.                                       scenes. Costumers were Sue
under, and $10 for seniors 60 and over.                                                  Moss & Kelly Lucas. Keita
                                                                                         Rieckhoff stage managed the
Call (616) 754-8207 to order tickets                              by Whitney Stek        show, and Lila King & Kresta
with VISA or Mastercard, or stop by                                                      Train were co-producers.
                          In the Spotlight: Member News!
Flat River Community      • Brittnee Leysen news . . .
        Players           Since the Leysens moved away a few
                          years ago, Brittnee, who was in several
                          FRCP musicals as a youngster, has
    PO Box 284            graduated from Hilton Head Island
Greenville, MI 48838      High School in S. Carolina. She was
                          active in their selective show choir,
                          National Honor Society, and Music
     PHONE:               Honor Society. She left in August for a
   616-754-8207           year in Lyonne, France, as a Rotary
                          International representative, and plans
                          to pursue a degree in broadcast
                          journalism when she returns. Gene &          Carol Weeks of Greenville are
                          Brittnee’s proud grand-parents!
     WEBSITE:          • News of Thad Gommesen . . .
                          Thad (last seen as Laurie in “Little
                          Women”) graduated from MCC in 2007
                          and Ferris in 2008. These days, he is
  Newsletter Editor:      engaged to Cari Frizzell of Kaleva, and
   Debra Dieckman         planning an Oct. 30th wedding. Thad   now serves in the U.S. Army, and is
                          stationed in Hawaii. Congratulations      From left: Dennis Hess (Watson), Karen Hafey-Moon
                          and best wishes, Thad!                    (Mrs. Barrymore), Kim Joki (Barrymore), and Barb
                                                                    Headley (Lady Agatha) rehearse a scene from “The
                                                                    Hound of the Baskervilles.”

                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                      Greenville, MI 48838
                                                                                        Permit No. 102

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