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Our Lady Queen of Angels - DOC by pengxiang


									                 Our Lady Queen of Angels
                             Sunday: May 28, 2006
                      Father Joseph D. Maurizio, Jr., Pastor
                                Pastoral Care Assistant: Mr. Bob Rohlf - 754-5224
               738 Sunshine Avenue (Church)          Rectory Phone…………….754-5224
               162 Wheeler St. (Chapel)              Chapel Hall Phone……… .754-4089
               Central City, PA. 15926-1233          Rectory Facsimile…………754-4447
         E-mail address: Activities Center Phone…        754-7010
         Web Site: or
                   Mission Web Site:
                             SATURDAY ANTICIPATED MASS: 4:00 PM AT THE CHURCH                        Our Lady Queen of Angels
                      SUNDAY MASSES: 8:00 AM AT THE CHURCH & 10:30 AM AT THE CHAPEL
    Live from St. John Gualbert Cathedral, Johnstown is telecast at 11am on Channel 8, WWCP TV.
            Parish Ministries and Services of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church – If you are interested in providing your time
            or talents with any of the following ministries at our parish, please contact the name listed for more information on that
            particular group. Your participation is always welcomed and encouraged.
    Annual Catholic Appeal Committee – Chairpersons: Ken and Jane Skone 754-5584
    Activities Center: Josephine Fetsko                               Legion of Mary: Margaret Spinelli 754-4130
        Shirley Roman – 754-5255                                      Music/Choirs/Cantors: Mark Chipchosky 754-4508
    Altar Servers: Kevin Kozlick 754-4128                             Parish Council: Fr. Joe Maurizio, New Elections, June 2006
    Bereavement Support Program of OLQA: Fr. Joe                      Parish Nurse/Health Ministry of OLQA:
    Baked Goods Ministry: Helen Kudasik – 754-5269                    Jenny Novak 754-5219
    Cemetery Committee: Robert Mulcahy 754-5222                       Pro-Life: Karen Mincek 754-5065
    Community Thrift Store – Shirley Roman – 754-5255                 Readers/Lectors: Contact the Rectory
    Decorating Chapel: Deanna Will 754-8088                           Religious Education Dir. Bernadette Gardosik 754-4354
    Decorating Church: *Looking for someone                           Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult (RCIA):
    DePaul Youth Ministries: Gina Muha 754-8112                           Tony Criscuolo 754-4174
    Disciples in Mission: Jenny Novak 754-5219                        Society of Angels: Heather Kabala 754-1605
    Eucharistic Ministers: Contact the Rectory                        St. Vincent DePaul Conference of OLQA:
    Finance Council: Robert Mulcahy 754-5222                               President: Kathy Kennedy, 267-5046
    Holy Name Society: Nevin Mincek 754-5065                          Ushers: Contact the Rectory
    Honduras Interfaith Ministries of the St Vincent                  Vocations: Anthony Criscuolo 754-4174
    DePaul Society: Father Joe Maurizio                               Knights of Columbus: Andrew Zvonik 754-8036
    By reason of Baptism we are all called to a lay ministry vocation in the Church. All members, young and old, should be active in some way.
  People involved in ministries, services and programs for the Church, are people who go beyond their “COMFORT ZONE”
  BAPTISM:                           By Appointment; please call the Rectory
  MARRIAGE:                          Pastor should be notified at least six months in advance so that couples can complete their preparation.
  REGISTRATION:                      Contact the Church Rectory at 754-5224.
  VISITATION OF THE SICK:             Call the rectory to have shut-ins placed on our Holy Communion calls list.
                                The Mass of Spiritual Growth is held at 8am Monday through Friday.
         The tradition has been that when a deceased person is remembered at a Mass, their family and friends try to attend.
                                   MASS INTENTIONS/DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK
29 May- Mon 9:00 am For all deceased of the Church and all Military Personnel (At St. John’s Cemetery-weather permitting)
30 May- Tues 8:00 am Mike Pollock by Bill & Pauline Pollock
31 May- Wed 8:00 am Stanley & Anna Pasierb by Family
01 June- Thur. 8:00 am Sister Mary Raymond VSC (Anniv) by Marian Wojcik
02 June- Fri. 8:00 am For the deceased enrollees of the Father Pilz Memorial Fund Gift Bearers
03 June Sat. 4:00 pm Ellen Pytel by Kathy & Mike Mauger                          Members of the Family
04 June–Sun 8:00 am Ed Zubek by Wilma & Joseph Kashawlic
04 June- Sun 10:30 am Mike Pollock by Helen Halkovich & Ron & Diane
        The Sanctuary Lamp burns at the Church in loving memory of Louis Orris from Sister Lillian Koleszarik. The
Sanctuary Lamp burns at the Chapel in loving memory of Catherine Lasut by the Daughter Madelain Mauger.
(Sanctuary Candles are used to remember not only loved ones, but for all other special occasions, including healings, etc.)
Note: Those who serve at Mass are asked to consult their schedules. If you want any corrections to your
schedules, you must put your request in writing and submit it to the Rectory.
              Please, if you were unable to attend Mass this week, mail your contribution check to the Church Rectory
                                                        Finances for The Week of: May 20th & May 21st
    Adults .............................................$2,179.00 Loose Change                          $412.82
    Students ..........................                    $43.00 Total Collected                     $2,761.82
    Parish Expense Offering ................... $127.00 Amount needed weekly ........................ $3,272.00
Stewardship Reflection: The stewardship of disciples is not reducible only to one task or another. It involves
embracing, cultivating, enjoying, sharing – and sometimes also giving up – the goods of human life.
Readings for next Sunday are: 60: Acts 2:1-11 Ps 104:lab,24ac,29bc-30,31,34 1 Cor 12:3b-7,12-13 or Gal 5:16-
Please pray for the sick and shut-ins of the Parish and any others we have been asked to pray for, Especially remember:
John Napora, Austin Zufall, Robin Kuzupas, Helen Kohler, John Koleszarik, Sr., Helen Harker, Steve Homa, Jerry Miller,
Ann Dibert, Richard Satkovich, Eugene Satkovich, Jack Bostwick, Barbara Bender, Carolyn and Kevin Miller, Ann Galish,
Andrew “Rock” Shima, Bill Galish, Cheryl Gross, Shawn Richards, Ethel Thomas, Gordon L. Gladden, Ruth Thomas.
Parish Events and Meetings
           1 June, Thursday, Baccalaureate Service for High School Graduates at the Senior High School. We ask
            that all Graduates from Our Lady Queen of Angels Church please attend this service.
           4 June, Sunday 10:30 Mass All High School Seniors are asked to the 10:30 Mass in Chapel wearing their
            Graduation Caps and Gowns. Special recognition and gift will be presented.
           4 June Sunday, Sat. and Sunday Second Collection will be taken up for our own St. Vincent DePaul
               7 June, Wednesday, 7:00 PM, St. Vincent DePaul Meeting in Rectory
               11 June , Sunday, 9:00 AM, Holy Name Society Meeting in Activities Center
               12 June, Monday, 7:00 PM, Society of Angels Meeting, Activities Center
               14 June, Wednesday, 7:00 PM, Knights of Columbus, Church Rectory
               26 June, Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Finance Council Meeting in the Church Rectory
  ACA 2006: Thank you to all who have participated in the Annual Catholic Appeal. We have now achieved 95% of our goal of $19,184, toward our
  total parish assessment, with $18,235. pledged. 28% of households and friends have responded but we hope to have a total of 100% response from those
  who are members of this Church. Again, please prayerfully consider supporting both our Diocesan ministries and our parish. If you do or do not have a
  pledge card, you may mail your gift made payable to the “Annual Catholic Appeal or make you checks payable to Our Lady Queen of Angels Church and
  send to the parish office. May your generosity bring the peace of Jesus Christ to all who depend upon the ministries and agencies of our Diocesan
  Church, we pray to the Lord. The names only and not amounts, will be published in the parish bulletin at different times of those people who have
  contributed to the ACA. May God continue to Bless our supporters for their generosity.
Congratulations to Bradley & Stephanie Mulcahy who had their child Sophia Ann baptized on May 14 (Mother’s
Day) here at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church. Our Best Wishes and our Prayers are with them and their families.
LUAU for Religious Education Grades 1 to 6 – Children, join our De Paul Youth Ministries in a Hawaiian Holiday
program of fun at our tropical luau to be held at Shade Sportsman’s Club, Saturday, June 3, 6:00-9:00 P.M. Come
enjoy the games and refreshments! As always, you can “BRING A FRIEND”, and, remember, WEAR YOUR
HAWAIIAN CLOTHES! If you have questions, contact Mark or Sharon Yuko (754-5083).
Baccalaureate Service to Be Held – We urge you Shade-Central City High School Seniors and families to attend the
Baccalaureate Service to be held in the high school gymnasium, Thursday, 1 June, 7:00 p.m. Graduates, your
attendance is symbolic of your mature awareness of the importance of spirituality as you commence your adult life
after high school. We hope to see you there and share this Baccalaureate experience with you on the eve of your
High School Seniors are asked to wear their caps and gowns to the 10:30 am Mass on June 4. A gift and special
recognition will be given as the names of each Senior are announced. Give your family and Church the opportunity to
recognize your accomplishments.
All Father’s Day Remembrances will be published in the Church Bulletin. Please fill out the Offering Envelope
and list all the fathers and men both living and deceased that you want remembered at the Altar of God. We will
remember all these men at every Father’s Day Masses.
 Support our Boy Scouts Troop 121 by purchasing a ticket to their Chicken B-B-Q. ½ Half Chicken, Baked Potato
& Roll, Sunday June 4 at the Central City community Park. Pick- Ups 12:00 am to 3:00 pm. Donations $6.00 Contact
any Scout member or Leader for tickets.
 Vacation Bible School to Run – This year’s OLQA Vacation Bible School will run either in late June or July. Content will
cover Old and New Testament stories and include games and hands-on activities. Pre-registration forms will go home with
students on June 4. Volunteers, call Bob Rohlf at the Rectory if you are interested in helping.
2006-07 Christian Initiation Classes – Classes for those wishing to know more about our faith or who are interested in become
a Catholic, will begin Thursday, Sept. 21, 7:00-8:00 P.M. Classes will run every Thursday evening until Easter of next year.
Why not Give “That Perfect Gift,”--Books-- from the Spiritual Library? Do you need an inexpensive, meaningful gift for
graduation, First Communion or some other occasion--especially for a family member? You might be surprised how much a
loved one would appreciate an inspiring Catholic book with your personal inscription inside. So, next time you need “that
perfect gift,” why not stop and look through the excellent titles in our Spiritual Library?
2006 Engaged Encounter Weekends Scheduled Fulfills diocesan marriage preparation requirement. Nov. 10-12 at St. John
Retreat Center, New Baltimore. Call for other locations/dates. 886-5551.
Photo Directory for Our Lady Queen of Angels             Our Photo Directory Project is well under way again. You should have received your
letter and request form in the mail this past week. We are looking forward to all of our parishioners making an effort to have their photo
taken on June 25th, or provide us with a photo to be scanned. Once the project gets started again, and we receive our responses, we will be
publishing a list of names of parishioners who have had their pictures taken as well a list of those who gave us pictures to be scanned (at the
cost of $10). If you are unable top pay the cost of $10 to have your picture scanned, please call the Rectory (754-5224), and we will help you
with the cost. Please let us hear from you at your earliest convenience. We are hopeful that we can get this project completed within the next
few months, and we can all enjoy our Keepsake Directory for years to come. There is no obligation to purchase any photos from our
professional photographer, but it is an excellent opportunity to get those family portraits that have been “put off”.
When is it appropriate for you to take a disruptive child to the Cry Room, the vestibule or even out of church during Mass? Is there a
logical time to do this? Well, other than when the needs of the child require it, the critical time is during the Homily, when the needs of the
rest of the congregation require it. However, parents please do be considerate of others during the Homily, and then return to your seat
afterwards. Your fellow Massgoers will thank you for your considerate efforts.
Saint Vincent de Paul Conference of Our Lady Queen of Angels Church would like to thank the 49 people out of 411 from our
Church who remembered the less fortunate in the month of April by submitting their Blue Saint Vincent de Paul Envelopes. This is a
decrease of 1 Envelope from last month. May God continue to bless you and your family for your generosity in helping the poor, needy and
less fortunate. The Bible says “For those who give, more will be received, not only in this world but also in the next”.
A New Book has been published by a member of our Church Mary Putnick has written “Relaxed In the Spirit – Charismatic Renewal” If
you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, it is published by Author House in Bloomington, IN. Phone 1-800-839-8640.
The Second Annual Steph & Kris Scholarship Golf Classic will be held on 7/23/06 at the Northwinds Golf Course. Proceeds will
continue to provide a scholarship to deserving Shade-Central City High School Seniors. Cost is $65 per golfer. Four one-year memberships
go to the winning team. Two rounds this year: 7:30 am and 1:00 pm! (Registration begins one hour prior to golfing.) Call Bill Zubek (754-
8073) or Dan Roman (754-5607).
Parish Pastoral Council. Final selection will be on Pentecost Sunday for this “team” that advises the Pastor on issues of Parish Life.
The Annual Catholic Men’s Fellowship Conference Is only Two Sundays Away! Affirm your call as a son of God and brother of Christ by attending this
day of renewal, “Answer The Call” 2006, on Saturday, June 10, at St. Francis University in Loretto, PA. Registration begins at 8:00AM and the day
concludes with Mass (Sunday obligation fulfilled) from 4:00PM - 5:00PM. In the vestibule of the Church and Chapel are registration forms.
Attention: Some of our elderly and homebound parishioners are in need of assistance. If you are a LPN, aid or personal care helper and would like to be
employed if and when opportunities become available, please call 754-5219.
Masses for your Loved Ones – If you would like Masses said in memory of your loved ones for special occasions here at Our Lady Queen of Angels
Church and Chapel, please call the Church Rectory for your request for dates. Within reason, we will do our best to accommodate you. If your loved
ones have Masses listed on our books we will be happy to offer them. 754-5224 Effective Jan. 1, 2006, Masses only for the dead, except for 25 th and
50th Wedding Anniversaries. Use Sanctuary Candles for all other special requests. Special announcements at Mass are for Church and community
functions & events. Other requests for prayers and information for the         parish may be offered through Sanctuary Candles.

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