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									                                             Ranakpur Tourism

Ranakpur is an important pilgrimage of Jains situated in the state of Rajasthan, 60 km north of
Udaipur in Pali district. This place is renowned across the globe for its beautifully sculptured temple
complex which enthrals tourists who come here from across the globe. Although it is a Jain pilgrimage
centre but its architectural glory lures large number of tourists during their Rajasthan Tour.

Along with the architectural legacy this place is also renowned for its scenic beauty. It is surrounded by
Aravali mountain range. Ranakpur temples were built in the 15th century. These temples are counted
among the largest and the most important temples of the Jain cult.

The well known Ranakpur Tourist Attractions are

Jain Temples
Chamukha temple is the main Jain temple dedicated to the Tirthankara Rishabdeoji. This temple is known
for its architectural beauty which attracts visitors who come here from far away places. The temple has 24
pillared halls with 8 domes underpinned by 400 columns. The foremost attraction of this structure is 1,444
intricately carved columns and the interesting thing is that all the columns look different. Inside the temple
one can find the idols Lord Mahavir Swami, Parshvanath, Adinath and Ajitnath. Another attraction which
amazes tourists is the assembly hall which contains two big bells, each weighing around 108 kg.

This is a wonderful destination situated 8 km from Ranakpur. The main tourist attractions of this place are
the beautiful Jain temples and an old shrine of Khudabaksh Baba. The Varahavtar and the Chintamani
Parsvanath are the two most popular temples of this place known for their design, decorations and

It is a captivating village situated close to Ranakpur which is famous for its ancient temple's step-wells,
mansions and havelis with marble archways. The most famous attractions of this place are Ghanerao Castle
and Muchhala Mahavir. The Ghanerao Castle is famous for its architectural beauty showcasing the wonder
of yesteryear. This castle has been converted into a heritage hotel. The Mucchala Mahavir temple is another
attraction of this place famous for its elaborate and excellent decorations. It is one of the popular Jain
pilgrimage sites where tourists as well as devotees come in large number.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
This is a famous wildlife reserve situated at the foothills of Aravali hills. Along with the diverse flora
species this wildlife sanctuary is also famous for its wild animals and birds species. The wild animals
which can be seen during safari at this place are hyena, leopards, sambhar, jackal, hyena, sloth bear and
many more.

Large number of tourists as well as devotees travel to Ranakpur to see the architectural and natural
beauty. Jain temples are the foremost Ranakpur Tourist Attractions which are visited by large number of
tourists as well as devotees from across the globe.

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