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Phrase Poems

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									Phrase Poems

Activities by K. Polette
What do these sentences have in
Collecting dolls is the troll’s favorite past-
Blowing down straw and stick houses is
 easy for the wolf.
Looking into the magic mirror is
 something the queen does daily.
What do these sentences have in
The elf loved painting pictures with
The dwarf spent long hours digging
 beneath the surface of the earth.
The princess’s bane was talking to
 telemarketers on the royal phone.
Gerund Phrases

All of these sentences have GERUND
 PHRASES in them. What do you think a
 gerund phrase is?
Gerund Phrases

 A gerund phrase is a group of words that acts
  as a noun. They begin with an -ing word.
 Collecting dolls is the troll’s favorite past-time.
 Blowing down houses is easy for the wolf.
 The frog’s favorite thing is submarining
  through water.
 The elf loved painting pictures with sunbeams.
Let’s write some!

 First, think of -ing words.
 Next, think of persons or animals that you
  associate with those words.
 Third, write a sentence that starts with an -ing
  word and is followed by a linking verb.
    Running a marathon was something the ogre
     would never do.
    Jumping from pad to pad is the frog’s favorite
    Staring into a dragon’s eyes is frightening.
Gerund Poem

Step 1: Think of a book you have read,
 an event you have attended, or
 something else that has lots of people
 doing different things in the same place.
Step 2: Make a list of all the actions
 there. Describe those actions with
 gerund phrases (-ing words.)
Gerund Poem

 Example for brainstorming:
 KISS Concert: swinging a guitar, banging
  heads, wailing on the microphone, thumping a
  bass, twirling a drum stick, screaming the
  chorus, dancing in the aisles, snapping
  photographs, signing autographs, dressing in
  black, blowing fire, pumping fists, sitting on
  someone’s shoulders, cheering loudly after
  every song, spitting fake blood, painting faces,
  teasing hair.
Gerund Poem

Now, begin with a statement like “A
 KISS Concert is…” When you want to
 introduce a new set of actions, repeat
 the line.

Here’s my poem:
A KISS Concert is…
A KISS Concert is…
whistling when the lights go down, plugging my ears, stomping my feet,
   clapping loudly, whistling shrilly.
A KISS Concert is…
swinging a guitar, wailing on a microphone, thumping a bass, twirling a
   drum stick.
A KISS Concert is…
painting faces, teasing black hair, blowing fire, spitting fake blood, and
   pumping fists.
A KISS Concert is…
snapping photographs and signing autographs.
A KISS Concert is…
ringing in my ears for days.
What do these sentences have in
To race rabbits was the turtle’s burning
To escape her tower of isolation was
 what Rapunzel wanted most.
To sing jazz tunes was something the
 ogre longed to do.
What do these sentences have in
The troll hates to eat tofu.
The genie loves to live life out of the
The Big Bad Wolf wants to blow three
 little houses down.
What do these sentences have in
The princess wanted to upset the king,
 so she used his credit card.
The frog leapt into the air to impress the
The giant bellowed to frighten Jack.
What do these sentences have in
The wicked step sisters had a dress to
 suit every occasion.
The ogre created watercolor paintings to
 improve his foul mood.
The wicked witch created a poison apple
 to poison Snow White.
These sentences have
What do you think an infinitive phrase
An Infinitive Phrase is…

“to + a verb”
   To go home again was what Dorothy
    wanted most.
   Dorothy desired to return to Kansas.
   Dorothy had an important question to ask
    the Wizard of Oz.
Turn these infinitive phrases into
complete sentences.
To spin straw into golden thread
To hoard gold
To get to grandmother’s house
To be the fairest in the land
To climb a beanstalk
Infinitive Poem

First, think of characters from books
 you’ve read. Make a list of five or six.
Second, choose one character. I chose
 Bruno from The Boy in the Striped PJs.
Infinitive Poem - brainstorming

Wanted              Did not want
To be an explorer   To share Treasure Island
To build a tire       with Kotler
  swing             To play with Gretel
To help Shmuel      To stay cooped up in Out
To go back to
                    To disappoint his father
                    To study Geography with
To slide down
                      Herr Lizt
Infinitive Poem
All Bruno wanted was…
       to be an explorer,
       to build a tire swing,
       to slide down banisters,
       to be a good friend.
But he didn’t want…
       to make his father angry
       to study geography with Herr Lizt
       to be called “Little Man,”
       to become a Hopeless Case.
Infinitive Poem

 Now, revise by adding adjectives, changing
  words, and adding phrases.
All Bruno wanted was…
       to be a famous explorer of distant lands,
       to build a tire swing with his hands,
       to slide down banisters at lightning speed,
       to be a good friend to someone in need.
But he didn’t want…
       to cause chaos and make his father enraged,
       to study geography and make an A,
       to be called “Little Man” by someone despised,
       to become a disappointment in his mother’s eyes.
What do these sentences have in
The giant with one eye is the cyclops.
The rotund egg on top of the wall
 tumbled to the ground.
The girl in the next room fell asleep after
 eating a tainted apple.
The book on the shelf is full of
What do these sentences have in
Pegasus flew over the crumbling castle.
Jack climbed up the beanstalk.
The giant yelled at Jack.
The gremlin scurried through the forest.

What do you think an ADJECTIVE
What do you think an ADVERB
They are…

 prepositional phrase that acts like an
 adjective – it modifies a noun or
An ADVERB PHRASE is a prepositional
 phrase that acts like an adverb – it
 modifies a verb.
Preposition Poem

 Brainstorm: First, think of an animal or
  character that is very active: a bird, a frog, an
  elf, a bouncing ball. Choose one.
 Choose five to ten prepositions.
 Write a poem in which you tell all the places
  your subject goes – use prepositional phrases.
The Jellyfish

The jellyfish floated
  through the current, along the shore,
  above a school of fish, below a shark,
  around a whale, between two manta rays,
  into the gaping maw of a loggerhead turtle.
   The Jellyfish – revised!

The jellyfish floated
  through the rushing current, into a swirling whirlpool,
  above a shining school of snapper, below a scary
     sand shark,
  around a whopper of a whale, between two
     mingling manta rays,
  and into the gaping maw of a hungry
     loggerhead turtle.

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