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					                                 Javier Rodrigo Villa Bustos
                          Date of birth: January 15th 1969, La Paz, Bolivia

   Candidate to Education Ph.D. Degree
   Graduate Diploma on Design and Management of Virtual Content in Education
   Graduate Diploma on Virtual Education
   Master of Education
   Five years Psychology Degree
   Two years of Economic Sciences
   Pedagogical course on French Language Teaching
   French Studies Superior Diploma
   First year of Medical Studies
   French Baccalaureate

   Clinical psychologist at the Family Orientation Service (SOF) and private practice, Santa Cruz.
   Professor in business and psychology in several universities (graduate and undergraduate), wide
    experience on virtual and distance education.
   Coordinator of theTeaching Support Center, Universidad Católica Boliviana, Santa Cruz.
   Market Research and Social Studies, Apoyo Bolivia and UPSA.
   Trainer in Human Ressources Issues as Organization Communication, Motivation, Team
    Building in several organizations (Kolping, CAINCO, etc.)
   Padre Alfredo Orphanage Volunteering: training workshops for surrogate mothers, therapeutic
    workshops for teens.
   Coordinator of the “Comprehensive Counseling Center”, UPSA, Santa Cruz.
   National Vice Director of the Family Counseling Service (SOF).
   Down Syndrome Foundation’s Director, 25 workers and teachers, 150 students, Santa Cruz.
   Assistant of Organizational Development Management: career plans, job descriptions,
    recruiting, hiring and induction, Banco Solidario S.A., La Paz.
   Consultant of the self assessment process of the Bolivian Catholic University, La Paz.
   Graduated student’s thesis assistant, Bolivian Catholic University, La Paz.
   Assistant at Human Resources Management of TELECEL S.A. (a Millicom International
    Cellular Company): Staff assessment, hiring, and training, La Paz.
   Tutoring Math, Ciences and French (1st to 12th grades) and French language classes to adults.
   Social Work with children living at the women prison of La Paz.
   Teacher at the Alliance Francaise of La Paz.
   Reading and writing classes for adults, La Paz.

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