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Persuasion _2007 TV drama_


									Persuasion (2007 TV drama)

Photograph of Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones on location Persuasion

Persuasion is the newest adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel of of
the same name published in 1818. The TV-film premiered on the 1st of April
2007 on the UK channel ITV at 9pm, as part of their Jane Austen Season. It
was filmed at Bath, Lyme, and Dorset, UK, in September 2006.

The film is directed by Adrian Shergold with Sally Hawkins and Rupert
Penry-Jones as the leads. Next to some minor changes from the novel,
one of the noted aspect of the film is the interesting camera angle which
interactively moves around with the protagonist Anne Elliot.

It was released on DVD soon after its premiere.


Adrian Shergold was nominated as best director for a BAFTA TV Award in

For her portrayal of Anne Elliot, Sally Hawkins won both the Monte-Carlo TV
Festival Award as well as the Royal Television Society Award (UK) in 2007.

Persuasion tells the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth.
Eight years prior to the film’s beginning, Anne – at the age of 19 – was
engaged to Wentworth. However, her father Sir Walter Elliot and
especially the family friend Lady Russell persuaded Anne in breaking off
the engagement. Despite mutual feelings on both sides, Wentworth was
not considered worthy enough in rank and wealth.

Eight years later, due to the careless spending of Sir Walter and his eldest
daughter Elizabeth, the family is in financial difficulties. Therefore, the Elliot
family residence, Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, has to be let out. Suitable
renters are soon found in Admiral Croft and his wife. Incidentally, Mrs Croft
is also the sister of now Captain Frederick Wentworth who was not only
appointed to Captain in the mean time but has also become rich with the
Royal Navy. While her elder sister Elizabeth and her father Sir Walter set off
for their new residence in Bath, Anne is left to take care of further business
in Somersetshire including taking care of her hypochondriac sister Mary
Musgrove, married to Charles Musgrove and living in a nearby estate.

Before she joins her father in Bath, Anne and Wentworth, on one of his
visits to his sister Mrs Croft, meet once again. While staying with her sister
Mary, Anne and Captain Wentworth are bound to meet frequently.
Thereby, she has to witness Captain Wentworth’s advances to Charles
Musgrove’s young and lively sisters, especially to Louisa and wonders if he
will ever forgive her or even love her again.

Cast & Crew
      Sally Hawkins - Anne Elliot
      Rupert Penry-Jones - Captain Frederick Wentworth
      Anthony Stewart Head - Sir Walter Elliot
      Julia Davis - Elizabeth Elliot
      Amanda Hale - Mary Elliot Musgrove
      Sam Hazeldine - Charles Musgrove
      Nicholas Farrell - Mr. Musgrove
      Alice Krige - Lady Russell
      Tobias Menzies - William Elliot
      Jennifer Higham - Louisa Musgrove

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