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INTRODUCTION                                                             EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES

                                                                                                                                                          “Show-Me” Road
TheprimarypurposeoftheRoadScholarProgramistotrainskilled                 This program serves to recognize and promote knowledgeable
personnelwithintheMissourilocaltransportationandpublicworks              public works and transportation personnel in the local agencies

                                                                                                                                                          Scholar Program
agencies. The program provides training to increase knowledge            of Missouri. It is designed to develop skills and knowledge for the
of local public works and road systems and improve administra-

                                                                                                                                                      A Training and Recognition
                                                                         cost efficient delivery of these services.
tive, supervisory, technical, and worker skills.

                                                                         The program is intended to enhance the skills of all those involved
Training is provided by professional instructors from LTAP, MoDOT,
                                                                         in the delivery of an efficient public works and transportation sys-
and APWA. Classes will be offered at multiple locations across
Missouriatleastonceeverytwoyears. Attendanceistrackedand                 tem on the local level. Electives can be selected to meet the indi-
certificates are awarded for completion of each class. Road              vidual’s area of responsibility, from the supervisor to the
ScholarCertificatesareawardedthreetimesperyearatstatewide                maintenance worker. Special emphasis will be given to safety in
conferencesbytheMissouriAssociationofCounties,MissouriMu-                theworkplace,aswellasinthefieldandinthedevelopmentofthe
nicipalLeagueandtheMissouriAssociationofCountyTransporta-                local transportation system.
tion Officials for completion of the required courses. In addition, an
awardsceremonycanbescheduledatthegraduate’s placeofem-                   GETTING STARTED
ploymentwithamemberfrom theRoadScholarProgrampartner-
                                                                         Complete an application form included in this brochure or avail-

ship to present a certificate.
                                                                         able on the Missouri LTAP web site or in the quarterly newsletter.
                                                                         Credit will be given for classes taken in the past two years, to in-
The program will allow participants to attain two levels of achieve-

ment: Road Scholar I and Road Scholar II. Participants will be re-       cludeallof2006,2007,and2008. Thefullseriesofrequiredclasses
                                                                         must be completed within four years of the date of application.

quired to meet the requirements for level I before completing level
II. RoadScholarIIisintendedtotrainpersonnelforsupervisoryand             There will not be a fee to apply for the program but there may be a

administrative positions. Employees of all Missouri public entities      fee for the various classes. The amount will vary depending on

areinvitedtoparticipateinanysectionoftheMissouriLTAP        ,“Show-      thesubjectcontentandinstructor. Classeswillbeofferedonanon-
Me” Road Scholar Program.                                                goingbasisatvariouslocationsthroughoutthestate. ContactLTAP

                                                                         for classes in your area.

                                                                         CONTACT US                                                             MissouriChapterofAmericanPublicWorksAssociation
                        Certificates will be awarded by a Road                                                                                                          MOPERM
                      Scholar partnership committee member to
                      those individuals who successfully complete                                                                                             LinnStateTechnicalCollege
                                                                         MO LTAP
                       the requirements of the program during an
                        awards ceremony to be held at various            Missouri University of Science & Technology                                        UniversityofMissouriExtension
c o n f e r e n c e s throughout the state, as well as at cere-          710 University Drive, Suite 121
monies held at the graduateʼs place of employment if so de-              Rolla, Missouri 65409                                                   Sponsored by:
sired. In addition, a letter of completion for the individualʼs                                                                                  Missouri Local Technical Assistance Program (MO LTAP)
personnel file will be awarded along with a recognition badge            Phone: 573-341-7200                                                     through the Federal Highway Administration and Missouri
                                                                                                                                                 Department of Transportation
signifying completion of the program.                                    Fax: 573-341-7245
                                                                                                                                                     an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution
      ROAD SCHOLAR PROGRAM                     ROAD SCHOLAR I                                          ROAD SCHOLAR II (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
                                               GOAL: To enhance the skills of all personnel in-        GOALS: To provide a higher level of training for
                                               volved in local transportation in the state of Mis-     those wanting the additional knowledge necessary
                                               souri. The program is intended to provide an arena      to become more qualified for their position or want-
 Mail or Fax to:                               to sharpen skill levels and attain recognition          ing to advance to a supervisory or administrative
 MO LTAP                                       through achievement. Everyone will have the op-         position.
 Missouri University of Science & Technology   portunity to train in the area of their expertise but
 710 University Drive, Suite 121               will be required to also learn the basis of good and
                                               sound transportation practices.                         OBJECTIVE: To offer courses at advanced levels for
 Rolla, Missouri 65409                                                                                 individuals who want to excel in the public works or
 Fax: 573-341-7245                                                                                     local transportation industry.
                                               OBJECTIVE: To develop qualified local public works
                                               and transportation personnel who are trained in the
 Please print clearly.                         basic skills necessary to provide an economical         REQUIREMENTS: To achieve Level II recognition, a
                                               transportation system for the people of Missouri.       participant will be required to have successfully
 _________________________________________                                                             completed the Level I requirements. The additional
 AGENCY                                        REQUIREMENTS: To achieve Level I recognition, a
 _________________________________________                                                             requirements of Level II are being developed.
                                               participant will be required to successfully complete
 _________________________________________     the three (3) Core Courses and any five (5) Elec-       CORE COURSES: (REQUIRED)
 CITY, STATE, ZIP                              tive Courses over a period of four years. To main-      I Managing Employee Performance
 _________________________________________     tain an active Level I status, a Road Scholar must      I Roadway Safety Fundamentals
 WORK PHONE                                    complete two elective courses in a two year period.     I Supervisory Communication Skills
 WORK FAX                                      CORE COURSES: (REQUIRED)
 _________________________________________     I Communication Skills                                  ELECTIVE COURSES:
 EMAIL                                         I Work Zone Safety & Flagger Training
 _________________________________________     I Workplace and Job Site Safety (Worker Safety)         K Asset Management and Cost Accounting
 CONTACT PERSON & TITLE                                                                                K Bridge & Culvert Hydraulics
                                               ELECTIVE COURSES:                                       K Community and Media Relations
                                                                                                       K Enhancing Cooperative Work Relationships
 ROAD SCHOLAR PARTICIPANTS                                                                             K Human Resource Management
                                               K Bridge Incident Inspection
1._______________________________________      K Bridge Management and Maintenance                     K Innovative Financing
                                               K Culvert Design and Drainage                           K Intergovernmental Relations
2._______________________________________      K Culvert Installation & Maintenance                    K Legal Aspects of Supervision
                                               K Defensive Driving                                     K Project Planning and Management
3._______________________________________      K Equipment Operation and Safety                        K Rural Roads Safety Assessments
                                               K Gravel Road Maintenance                               K Traffic Design
4._______________________________________                                                              K Traffic Signal Installation
                                               K Materials Inspection
5._______________________________________      K Math Skills                                           **
                                               K Motor Grader Training
6._______________________________________      K Preventive Pavement Maintenance
                                               K Signing and Pavement Marking                          **Attending a conference related to
                                                                                                       the Road Scholar courses or an exter-
7._______________________________________      K Snow and Ice Control
                                                                                                       nal training class can count as one (1)
                                                                                                       elective course if approved by the Road Scholar
                                                PLEASE CHECK THE ELECTIVE COURSES
                                                                                                       partnership committee.
                                               THAT YOUR AGENCY IS MOST INTERESTED
                                                                 IN ATTENDING.
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