Proposal by VinyWenkz


									                                  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
                                      Project Proposal

I.        Title: Pac-Man in JavaScript, HTML and CSS

II.       Objective(s):

                This project aims to create a web-based interactive Pac-Man game.
             Specifically, the students aims to:

                 a. know the how the game works and identify its elements,
                 b. create a feasible algorithm which includes artificial intelligence to be
                    programmed in any programming language or script,
                 c. translate the algorithm into codes using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and
                 d. implement and evaluate and develop the game created.

III.      Rationale of the project:
             Pac-Man is one of the first computer games which became really popular all over
             the world. It is originally developed by Namco and was licensed to be distributed
             starting in the 1980’s. The game consists of walls or mazes, ghosts, the food
             which is scattered in the maze and pacman. Pacman is controlled by the gamer
             while the ghosts are controlled by artificial intelligence which tries to catch
             pacman by going near him. The researchers have chosen Pac-man because it is
             an effective stepping stone in learning artificial intelligence and graphical game
             design. Once you have successfully programmed Pac-Man, it will be easier for
             you to possibly design and create other games. HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be
             used because nowadays, web-based applications are getting more and more
             popular, therefore, creating a web-based game will be an advantage to the

       Submitted by:                                      Approved by:
       M Amor                                     Mr. Joeyphil Corpuz
                                                         Instructor, AI

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