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Issues in Elder Law: Elder Abuse and Neglect by GarrettLawWA


One of the biggest concerns in Elder Law is Elder Abuse.

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									Issues in Elder Law: Elder Abuse and Neglect

One of the biggest concerns in Elder Law is Elder Abuse. It has always been a
concern for those vulnerable adults who are institutionalized in Nursing Homes or
state hospitals, especially as the population in this country grows older. Abuse is
also an issue in instances where elderly adults are being cared for at home by
their grown children.

Abuse of an adult does not have to be physical. Abuse can take other forms.
Vulnerable adult abuse is defined as describe any knowing, intentional, or
negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk
of harm to a vulnerable adult.

Elder Abuse is
    Pushing, hitting, punching shouting at, berating, intimidating, or
      threatening to harm an elderly person
    Taking financial advantage of one who is lonely, vulnerable or has memory
    Taking money an elderly person needs, “borrowing” money with no
      intention to pay it back, tricking someone into buying something they have
      no use for
    Neglecting an elderly person’s physical, medical and emotional needs or
    Allowing an older adult to neglect their personal needs.

If you feel you are the victim of elder abuse or know someone you believe is a
victim report it to the police if it is an emergency or your nearest social service
agency. For long-term care residents:1-800-562-6078 For all others:1-866-363-
4276 (1-866-END-HARM)

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