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Parent Night Gifted and Talented


									   I am Melissa Johnson, the G/T specialist for
  Bluebonnet and Liberty Elementary.
 I am married and have a 29 yr. old son, Joe. I also
  have a step son and daughter who have blessed
  us with 4 precious grandchildren. I can’t forget to
  mention our gifted cat, Porcha.
 I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to Texas
  to attend TCU!!
 I graduated from Texas Christian
  University with a bachelor’s Degree in
  Education and a minor in speech
 Since graduation, I have received my
  certification in Gifted and Talented.
 This is my 6th year to teach GT, my 11th
  year teaching in Keller, and my 21st year
  of teaching. I have taught third, fourth
  and sixth grade.
 Placement in the G/T program is a three
  step process
 --nomination
 --screening (which includes
  achievement and ability testing)
 --committee meeting
 GT,our gifted and talented program,
 was designed to meet the needs of
 students who have been identified
 academically gifted. In GT, we add
 more depth and complexity to what is
 being taught in the regular classroom.
 Think of it as “taking it a step further”
 and adding the 5 W’s, along with
 “what if?”. All of this is done while
 implementing various “thinking
 strategies” and Texas performance
 Six Thinking Hats
 Creative Problem Solving
 Multiple Intelligences
 Bloom’s and William’s Taxonomy
 Depth and Complexity
 Questioning / Research Skills
 Critical Thinking Skills
 Autonomous Learner Model
   TPSP consists of research-based standards and an
    accompanying assessment system that captures
    the high levels of achievement that gifted and
    talented students are able to exhibit. Schools and
    districts can use the results of this assessment to
    improve their services for gifted and talented
    students. TPSP can also provide summative and
    formative information on an individual student's
                Texas Performance Standards Project
   The purpose of implementing performance standards with our
    gifted students is to ensure that students will have the tools
    they need to reflect professional-level processes and
    performances when they graduate high school.
   At the elementary level, this means providing the knowledge,
    skills, and processes that will lead to the development of
    more complex and sophisticated student products in the
    upper grades.
   The early formative experiences we provide will allow
    students to be developers of creative, unique, and advanced
   There will be an emphasis on research skills, developing
    products, and preparing and making oral presentations.

   Please visit for more information on
    Texas Performance Standards
 My job is to identify and serve students in
  grades K-4
 All Kinder and First Grade Students are
  screened using the Kingore Observation
  Inventory (KOI). The students complete
  different activities in their classroom, as a
  part of their day to day curriculum. These
  activities serve to help us identify possible
  GT students for further testing.
 Students can be nominated for testing the
  first two weeks of school, and the first two
  weeks of January.
 GT Specialist/Pull Out services
 2 hours a week for Kinder, starting in January
 2 hrs. a week for grade 1
 3 hrs week for 2nd – 4th

   Students do not have to make up work they
    have missed in their classroom, when they are
    in GT. They are responsible for the content.
 Student teacher ratio has changed for
  the 2010 -2011 school year.
 The GT classroom now has a 22:1 student
  to teacher ratio.
   KOI Screening
     › Kinder and First Grade
        Screening window: September 3rd – October 29th
   GT Program Testing Windows
     › August 23-Sept 3, 2010
        Out of district transfers
        Grades 1-12 –open nomination
     › November 1-12, 2010
        Kindergarten Students
     › January 3-14, 2011
        Grades 1-12 – open nomination

› 8:00 – 9:00    Second Grade (Aho, Dickeson)
›   9:40 – 10:00 First Grade
›   10:00 – 10:45 Conference
›   11:00-12:00 Fourth Grade
›   12:00-12:30 Lunch
›   1:00 – 2:00 Third Grade
›   2:00-3:00 Second Grade (Wilhelm)
 To provide enrichment
 Integrate GT with regular classroom
 Develop partnership between GT
  specialist and classroom teacher
 Expand curriculum for gifted students
  by adding depth & complexity
 Develop critical and creative thinking
   Provide differentiated instruction for
    gifted students

   Offer opportunities for gifted student to
    explore topics of interest

   Work with the GT specialist to ensure the
    success of GT students
   Kinder –
   PETS, Six Thinking Hats
   1st Grade-
    Six Thinking Hats, Animal Nation, Who Moved My Cheese,
    Independent Research
   2nd Grade-
    Dr. Seuss, Bloom’s / William’s Taxonomy, Multiple
    Intelligences, Who Moved My Cheese, Who’s Who,
    Independent Research
   3rd Grade-
    Toys, Building a Business, Brain Project, Who Moved my
    Cheese, Independent Research,
   4th Grade- Build It, EQ+IQ= success, Multiple Intelligences,
    Independent Research, Who Moved My Cheese
 I will not be assigning homework on a
  regular basis, but occasionally,
  throughout the year, your student may
  bring home unfinished parts of a project
  that need to be completed at home.
 If your child is absent, I will do my best to
  catch them up in class. However, since I
  have limited time with each group, there
  may be times when absent work will
  need to be completed at home, so they
  do not fall too far behind.
 Cluster groups of no less than 5 identified GT
  students, and no more than half of the GT
  students, whenever possible, in a general
  education classroom.
 The cluster group has time to work together on
  appropriate tasks.
 Students within the cluster have opportunities
  to explore topics of interest independently.
 Students are given a variety of appropriate
  acceleration-based opportunities, as well as,
  experiences that enrich and extend the
  regular school curriculum.
 Students will receive progress reports at the
  end of every six weeks in their report card
 Students are evaluated on the following
     academic and creative
     self directed learning
     self- understanding and interpersonal relations

   The will be rated on a scale from a 1 (needs
    improvement) to a 5 (exceeds
 My   GT Newsletter will be emailed on,
  or around, the 15th of each month. If
  you would like a paper copy, please
  contact me and let me know. (Tonight
  will serve as Sept. Newsletter)
 I have already started sending group
  emails to GT parents. If you have not
  received one, please let me know so
  that I can update your email address.
 PAGE – Parents Advocating for Gifted
  Education -
 SENG – Social and Emotional Needs of
  Gifted Students
 Destination Imagination
 UIL – information will be coming home
  soon (grades 2-4 only)
 You may not create a problem for
  yourself or for anyone else.
 If you create a problem, I will ask you to
  fix the problem.
 If you cannot, or choose not to fix the
  problem, there will be a consequence.
 The consequence will depend on the
  individual person and situation involved.

   I will communicate directly with you if I am
    having consistent trouble with your child.
   The GT room is in need of craft supplies.
      Kleenex, glue sticks, glitter glue, tissue
      paper, googley eyes, pipe cleaners, felt,
      glitter, popsicle sticks, paper lunch bags,
      (white and brown) yarn, ribbon, toilet paper
      and paper towel rolls, etc….

    IMMEDIATE NEED: Germ X, Clorox Wipes
 Registration taking place now.
 Conference in Fort Worth, Texas
  Nov. 10-12, 2010
  Fort Worth Convention Center
    › Whatever your role, wherever your location, the
      TAGT Annual Professional Development Conference is
      your premier opportunity to learn how to meet the unique
      needs of the gifted and talented children in your life, and
      to connect with thousands of your peers.

   You will find many important things there
    including: upcoming events and links to
    websites that will be of interest to GT
    parents and students
 I will be happy to answer questions about the GT program
 If you have a specific question about your child, please
  contact me so that a conference can be set up.
 Conferences by appointment only. Please call or email to
  set up a conference.
     BES conference time 2:15 – 3:00 (Tues./Thurs.)
     LES conference time – 10:00 – 10:45 (Mon./Wed./Fri.)

 Melissa Johnson
 BES 817-744-4500 or ext 4570 Tues./Thurs.
 LES 817-744-6000 or ext. 6055 Mon/Wed./Fri.
 Conference by appointment only.

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