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					        Family, Couples, Singles and Others ~
              established 1981 and held annually till 2010 and beyond
P6.              2011 on-line booking form v4
This is an abbreviated version; an ongoing experiment too; please see original full booking forms which are needed
    to be completed as well! N.B. all prices and details shown are subject to sufficient bookings to cover costs.

 Names/titles of all participants
                      include Forename(s)
                      Show gender &    Surname
                       Date of Birth                           Show ages for those under 18 on 20th Aug 2011

 Date of arrival                                                        August 2011 (begins 6th)
                       Date of departure                                August 2011 (ends (20st)
                       Number of nights                                 (maximum 14)
 Advance Charges if refundable deposit paid by 14/2/11               adults £4, children (6-17) £2.00 per night

          Basic Charges if paid after Feb 14th 11                    adults £5, children (6-17) £3.00 per night

 State if any dogs (£1 per night) coming here ……….                   (number)            (state breeds)

 DEPOSITS guarantee concessionary rates                        Adults £15-Couples £20–Families–£25
 Post Code
 Email Address
 Car make, number and colour
 Camp group insurance contribution                                  £1 per night £5 per week per adult; child – no contribution

 Home Telephone
 Mobile Telephone
 Is electric hook-up required? (you’ll be in adjacent field)
                                                                        price £3 per night
 Emergency                                      Contact
                                                               Relationship                        telephone
 name                                           number

                 Doctor’s name/surgery                         Surgery telephone number

 Today’s Date                                                  Name here to agree to camp rules etc
 It is required too that you read on-line or receive           By post and complete booking / other information

      General Organiser; Daniel Sherwood John Strettle, 30 Dinsdale
      Avenue, Wallsend, NE28 9JD 079 329 78 123 or 0191 262 8844
      Bookings to be sent to please