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CALISTHENICS 1979 - 1984


   Prepared by Francois Vecchio
and Transcribed by Rosemary Miller

The sessions were recorded by Wladimir Voss, transcribed by Rosemary Miller, and finally the
production of the Transcript Excerpts was created by Francois Vecchio. All were group
participants during the period.
Francois originally made the "Transcript Excerpts" document of all sessions in print format
available to group participants who requested a copy and he states that to his knowledge the only
other document existing is Martin's Book: Prelude to a New Man. He and his wife Christine now
reside in Alaska.
Original Transcript Introduction and a Cautionary Note on the Use of the Transcripts

Rancho Sante Fe, California

Calisthenics of 1979/1984, Transcripts

Martin Muller


These excerpts of the transcripts have been chosen, as they were presented chronologically, for
their specificity as topics addressed by Martin.

Key words have been highlighted and key phrases or expressions are printed in italic, in order to
facilitate the identification of the situation expressed by Martin within the group. Some words are
underlined in the original transcripts to reflect the accent in Martin's expression.

He (Martin) has warned that these texts need to be apprehended in their context. All
encompassing field awareness are the keys.

Reference to the complete transcripts will be needed to possible connect with the life of the

Martin: It is my experience that if a transcript is not edited, many things will not make sense for
those who do not attend the sessions. There are too many innuendoes that have hidden meanings.
For instance the kind of play that goes on in the surroundings that cannot be printed, and if this
play is not represented, something is obviously missing - some ways of expressing won't come
through. So we make these transcripts available, but only for those who attend the sessions.

Always remember, the point, in Calisthenics, is not what you achieve yourself, but what you
produce, what you can bring out, what you can do.
Statement of Purpose
[This purpose, articulated by Martin, was stated during sessions held with a number of different
groups that met with him over the years and has been taken from the Transcript Excerpts. He
reiterated time and again that they were involved in an action or work and not a training. So that
all training teaching and exercises (calisthenics) were directed to this and should not be taken as
an end in themselves.(ed)]

The reason to be of the groups is to participate in the Christ Impulse that was launched into
humanity's conscious level about 2,000 years ago. The task is twofold: One aspect is the
adjusting to human level that part of the Impulse already working, on the so-called higher levels
and now intended for human expression as well. The other aspect is to render this operative
within mankind. This implies participation of "unseen" as well as "seen" beings, the groups being
a small but needed part of the whole action.

Within the action of the groups one can distinguish three aspects :

1/ The opening of new avenues in the human time/space related life, the generating of the basic
directive life energy within which all participants' cooperation is taking place.

2/ The developing of avenues, means and shapes, as well as the dynamics which allow the
Impulse and impulses to be operative within mankind.

3/ Operating the action within humankind. This implies the selfless and still difficult task of
incarnating the Principle/principles in that specific way that will allow others to follow, wherever
they are.

Depending on his/her maturity, a participant may be engaged in one, two, or all three aspects,
which implies the ability to handle more and more responsibility.

It is expected that the prospective participant feel deeply the need/willingness for service, and
this implies a readiness for commitment.

All the action of the groups being a volunteer work, it is expected that the prospective participant
has the maturity to accept working with no desire for personal reward of any kind, and that
he/she has the maturity needed to be work-centered, with no thought or desire for self-centered
acquisitiveness, This implies the maturity to approach the ongoing action as work to participate
in and definitely not as a teaching to be received.

Thus, the prospective participant will prepare to give freely of his/her energies on any level,
according to his/her ability to be committed, and according to a code of honor to be respected.

Martin Muller
Working Protocol
(This protocol is actually taken from the Transcript Excerpts - however it was also provided to different groups who
attended sessions with Martin and Georgette - such as those conducted in London, Ontario in the mid 80's.) (ed)

We start with Loving God.

Self-reflexiveness, wanting to, ideas, reaching toward, etc. may appear -- we forget them and
continue with Loving God. If it is impossible, we continue still, Loving God through all three

Loving God

Sharing the Temple


From here, all practice is a way to give out that All-Encompassingness, All-Encompassing Love,
and All-Encompassing Beauty.

"When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassingness, He is said to be the Seer."

"When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love, He is said to be the Knower."

"When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Beauty, He is said to be the Doer.
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Awakening Exercise..................................................................................................12

Training Finer, Finer..................................................................................................14

Calisthenics September 26th, 1979.........................................................................16

Calisthenics February 1980.....................................................................................22

Calisthenics March 1980..........................................................................................32

Calisthenics April 22 1980........................................................................................35

Calisthenics May 21, 1980........................................................................................42

Calisthenics June 17th, 1980....................................................................................48

Calisthenics September 23-24, 1980........................................................................59

Calisthenics October 21/22, 1980.............................................................................65

Calisthenics November 18, 1980..............................................................................77

Calisthenics December 10-11, 1980.........................................................................83

Calisthenics February 3/4 1981................................................................................93

Calisthenics March 1981.........................................................................................100

Calisthenics April 1, 1981........................................................................................110

Calisthenics April 28-29 1981.................................................................................116

Calisthenics May 26-27, 1981.................................................................................130
Calisthenics –June 16/17 1981................................................................................146

Calisthenics September 29/30, 1981.......................................................................168

Calisthenics October 27/28, 1981...........................................................................176

Calisthenics November 1981...................................................................................186

Calisthenics February 1982....................................................................................190

Calisthenics March 1982.........................................................................................194

Calisthenics April 1982............................................................................................199

Calisthenics May 1982.............................................................................................208

Calisthenics June 1982............................................................................................216

Calisthenics September 1982..................................................................................226

Calisthenics October 1982......................................................................................235

Calisthenics November 1982..................................................................................245

Calisthenics December 1982...................................................................................254

Calisthenics February 1983....................................................................................263

Calisthenics March 1983.........................................................................................276

Calisthenics April 1983...........................................................................................284

Calisthenics May 1983............................................................................................294

Calisthenics June 1983............................................................................................308

Calisthenics September 1983..................................................................................318

Calisthenics October 1983.......................................................................................333

Calisthenics November 1983...................................................................................348

Calisthenics December 1983....................................................................................363

Calisthenics, January 1984......................................................................................374
Calisthenics February 1984.....................................................................................389

Calisthenics March 1984..........................................................................................398

Calisthenics April 1984............................................................................................409

Calisthenics May/June 1984....................................................................................421

Calisthenics September 1984...................................................................................435

Calisthenics October 1984........................................................................................443

May 1988 — M&G:..................................................................................................453

December 1989 - M&G:...........................................................................................455
My Soul sings for you,

For you this song I have written.

I sing it with words from my heart.

As I speak the song in this room, in this holy place you hear.

In the holy place of your heart you hear the spoken song, you hear.

In the holy place of your Soul you hear the words from my heart, you hear the spoken song, you

In the holy place called Being you hear the words from my heart, you hear the spoken songs you

In the holy place in your heart, in its pristine purity, this mystery you cherish, for in your Soul
you know.

I sing this song from my Soul.

I sing it in Love, in Love that knows no boundaries, yet so enfolding, so tender, so close.

From my Soul I sing the song in this room, in this holy place you feel the song of my Soul, you
feel the singing Love, you feel.

In the temple of your heart you feel the song of my Soul, you feel the singing Love, you feel.

In the holy place of your Soul you fee

l the song of my Soul, you feel the singing Love, you feel.

In the holy place called Being you hear the song of my Soul, you feel the singing Love, you feel.

In the holy place in your heart, in its pristine purity this mystery you cherish, for in your Soul you

From my Being I sing the Song in this room.

I sing it in Presence, in infinite Presence.
In this room, in this holy place you live singing Presence, infinite, you live.

In the holy place of your heart you live the song of my Being, you live singing Presence, infinite,
you live.

In the holy place of your Soul you live the song of my Being, you live Presence, infinite, you live.

In the holy place that is Being you live the song of my Being, you live singing Presence, infinite,
you live.

In the holy place in your heart, in its pristine purity, this mystery you cherish, for in your Soul
you know.

0 Beauty ... 0 Wonder ...

You see, for me, when I use the word child or children, there is deep in me that spontaneous
connotation of affection, natural, pure. It emanates that perfume of Love. You do feel it right
now, don't you ?

May I call you children ?

You see, for me, you are the children of the Lord of Love and Beauty. I see it with my eyes as I
look at you. I see it with my heart. For my Soul it is natural evidence.

In the holy place of your heart, in its pristine purity, this mystery you cherish, for in your Soul
you know.

You were created in Love, by Love, of Love ... and Beauty by the Lord of Love and Beauty.

0 Wonder, o brilliant eyes of the child who recognizes : you feel it. You feel it spontaneously in
this moment and beyond time. You look at your hands and somehow you recognize, marveling :
there you see flesh made of Love, by Love, in Love, there you feel the Lord of Love and Beauty.
Somehow now you recognize, somehow now you know.


Somehow there is this welling up in you, just now, Shyly you need to and you address the Lord
of Love and Beauty, that Presence evidenced in this holy place, Shyly you offer your Love.

Somehow you feel the belonging.

Somehow you feel Home.

See, reality begins to evidence itself. You feel it so strangely, so wonderfully, yet so naturally, so
simply. You feel now that structure of Love so real, so simple, so evident. And you feel what is
so natural to a child of the Lord of Love and Beauty; the very basic need to create. To create in
Love, by Love, of Love.

0 you feel it so totally just now.

0 wondrous Beauty.
                                INITIAL EXERCISES
Awakening Exercise
To simplify we'll talk about two stages:

The first stage is that twilight condition you experience when you first awaken in the morning.
We call this the "first awakening".

Don't move. Don't open your eyes -- you are still practically in a dream-like condition. You can
observe imagery, thoughts, and so on going on -- like movie clips. They change and change.
Sometimes one lasts for three seconds, sometimes for a half second, and then something else
comes, and so on. This you already know from experience.

Now, what I suggest you do is be very aware of what happens. Do not itemize (analyze) the
pictures, but get the feeling of the situation, as a whole, and of you in that whole situation. This is
the first stage. You only stay so long in this stage, after that you have to go on.

Now you get up, you awaken fully. This is the "second awakening". I want you to observe the
huge difference between the first awakening and the second awakening (situation-wise not
item-wise) and of you in these situations. Do not say: "the difference is in this or that aspect" etc.
Simply experience the difference of world -- from one world into another. The second world is a
lot bigger, a lot sharper, a lot more varied, and you are a lot sharper too.

Then you can go one step further. When you are in the first awakening, try to exert some control
over the imagery going on. But watch out, if you do it too drastically you will go into the second
awakening. You must really respect the first condition.

So, to continue, you, as identity in the first awakening, choose to stay with one of.the pictures or
movies going on -- something you like -- and you let the imagery continue. Perhaps you will
succeed for three seconds, perhaps ten, but if you haven't come into the second awakening you
will notice that before you realize it, other images have taken over. This means your ability to
exert a direction is very poor.

Next you awaken fully, exert control over some aspect, and watch the difference. Again it's two
worlds. The "you" that acts is different and the ability to be more steady, to exert some control
for a length of time is hugely different as well. Register this. Don't register items, register the
whole situation. Register how it is to make an image, I would say, worlds apart. Do this

You have to imprint the huge difference in impression between the first and the second
awakenings so that it is there without any doubt, just plain obvious for whatever function:
sensory, emotional and mental. It has to be very, very clear.
Now those who have a sense of something other than just the person, those who feel a spiritual
side, can go a step further:

You are in the first awakening and you are aware of that. You respect the first awakening, and, in
that surrounding, you, as spiritual being, exert an action on the surorounding. This action is not
done by an imaginary spiritual being, but something you know consciously.

Then you move into the second awakening and do the same. You will experience the sense of
spiritual as being hugely different from the first awakening to the second.
Training Finer, Finer
Training finer, finer, as well as relaxation on the level of your mind, is poorly understood --
which doesn't mean you cannot do it better than you did it before, you can. You simply have to
observe several important points :

First, the relation with "Other" or Christ, then when you practice finer and finer, you have
experiential evidence that it does make the difference in your relation. Your mind is kind of lost
with "finer and finer," whereas if you relate to "Other" or Christ, finer and finer makes sense.

One day you will realize that if you really begin to face, you cannot do it in the usual condition,
then you will be happy you practiced with finer and finer. You will experience the need of it, and
you will-go even further.

Relative to relaxation : As I said, you simply relax finer and finer points, but usually only on the
level of your consciousness. Relaxation, as it is known, is very primitive, and the awareness of
relaxation is very poor in the beginning. I'm hinting at a practice in which, when you do it finer
and finer, you make endless discoveries.

If I relate, for instance, to the desire exercise, the principle is that if you have fulfilled your desire
the desire/tension is gone, and then you can begin to become aware of what is working behind.
With relaxation you can go behind instantly. You simply relax. But you need practice until you
really do it. Let us say it's a step beyond the desire exercise. You just relax and the movement is
gone. So you discover what is behind. This is a beginning of a mastery over your personality.
You can train your personality to behave according to what you, the comedian, need. If, for
instance, you begin, as you just told, by living finer and finer with mainly the mind, and you
come to a dead end, you relax, the movement is gone, and you are free to do something else.

One of the more difficult points to relax is your brain, because you are used to relaxing
everything except the brain. So, do that for the brain and possibly different parts of the brain,
depending on what you feel inside. The brain itself is physical, but you can also relax patterns in
your brain. Then you can relax patterns outside of the brain, meaning you begin to be able to
follow brain-supported awareness or awareness without the brain, and so on. That's a whole
world of discovery.

It's not just simple relaxation, you relax because you need it. If you want to live finer, finer, finer,
facing "Other" or Christ, for the sake of "Other" or Christ, you will notice that the spinning of the
mind and so on are automatic functions, sometimes so coarse relative to your relation with
"Other" that you have to stop them --so you relax them. Then relaxation becomes a tool that
allows you to go where you want to go, instead of having the functions in the way all the time.
Incidentally, that finer and finer practice relates, directly to your experience. It slowly takes away
that heaviness, that clumsiness you felt, so it immediately has a very practical purpose. And
maybe you learn that other conditions are real, sufficiently real to modify the persona. You have
an apparently adequate persona and then something else comes along and suddenly you realize
the persona is no longer that adequate, that it has to be reshaped for the purpose of that presence.
But, right now, you have a kind of difficult task because you have to acknowledge and recognize
that other condition which is you, instead of imagining that possibly you have a higher self. And
it's kind of puzzling. As you experience it, you also realize that the idea you had that your
instrumentality was so simple and so finite is definitely not complete and you can experience
your body, for instance, very differently. When you feel those high vibrations it's not just high
vibrations, it's like particles in suspension instead of a heavy body. See what I mean? This is
closer to reality. So just continue.

One of the major problems you have on the level of personality is recognizing the reality of that
other condition, respecting it, and letting it work of it's own authority, instead of interfering and
deciding everything that has to be done for it. With finer and finer you become aware of what it
needs. You don't reduce it, for instance, to mind awareness. And, as with the previous
participant, I would insist that you give a big emphasis to doing it facing "Other." It's very
important, very important, because little by little it will diminish the power of what in called
"ego," which is artificial.

I have often quoted Patanjali because I find what he says about Atman (which is our symbol for
the comedian, and a bit more than that) quite good. He says that Atman projects itself into chitta
(mind substance), and the mind makes an image of Atman, feels it is that, and feels being
conscious. Patanjali says the mind is not conscious, Atman is. It's a bit difficult for your minds to
realize the implications. It means that what we call consciousness is simply a function on the
level of the persona, real consciousness is not on that level.

Livance is real consciousness. We had to make a special word for it, and you have to learn to
respect it. Livance is not dependent on any aspect of consciousness, consciousness is just a

So the one who is aware is Atman, but the image on the level of chitta is what is called "ego,"
and chitta, believes it is that. One day you will lose this belief and experience another condition.
In the meantime the base remains that ego, that image it makes of Atman, that reflection of
Atman on the level of the mind. When you have learned and trained even your own mind to
recognize a reflection as not being it, then what you begin to sense of that other presence
becomes very real and eventually the center of gravity shifts from the reflection side (ego) to

But it's some work, some training, you have to adjust consciousness. You have to get the
consciousness, all" of it, including the sensory, to adjust to the presence of that other condition.
This is tremendously hastened if you do the practice facing "Other," for the sake of "Other." As
long as you do it for the sake of yourself it is possessiveness and possessiveness is the mode of
action of the reflection called ego. Possessiveness, if you want, is a function of survival. The
other aspect is not possessive at all.
September 26 1979                       Martin & Georgette

Statement of Purpose and

Dealing with Energy - Money

Tonight I want to have a serious talk with you. Let's call it a talk of introduction. As we have
newcomers, and as we begin calisthenics, this-means working in a new way, so for a change, lets
first read the Statement of Purpose.The Statement of Purpose was written in 1977 -- two years
ago -- to tell the purpose of the work that we do. It occurred to me that the term Statement of a
Purpose is not very good, because it's not only a purpose, it's what we actually do.

Statement of Purpose

The reason to be of the groups is to participate in the Christ Impulse that was launched into
humanity's conscious level about 2,000 years ago. The task is two-fold. One aspect is the
adjusting to human level of that part of the Impulse already working on the so-called higher
levels and now intended for human expression also. The other aspect is to render this operative
within mankind. This implies participation of unseen as well as seen beings, the group being a
small but needed part of the whole action.

Within the action of the groups, one can distinguish three aspects:

The Logoic Action, which comprises the sounding of the word the opening of new avenues in the
human time/space related life, the generating of the basic directive life energy within which all
participants cooperation is taking place.

The Brotherhood aspect that develops the avenues, means and shapes as well as the dynamics
which allows the impulse/impulses to be operative within humankind.

The participants aspect whose task it is to operate the action within Humankind. This implies the
selfless and still difficult task of incarnating the principle/principles in that specific way that will
allow others to follow wherever they are.Depending on Soul maturity, degree of initiation and
development, a participant may be engaged in one or two or the three aspects. Which implies the
ability to handle more and more responsibilities. It is expected from the prospective participant
that she/he feels deeply the hope/need/willingness for service, and that imply readiness for
committment . All the action of the groups being a volunteer work, it is expected from the
prospective participant that she/he has the maturity for accepting to work with no desire for
personal reward of any kind. The she/he has the maturity needed to be work-centered with no
thought or desire for self-centered acquisitiveness. This implies the maturity to approach the
ongoing action as work to participate in, definitely not as a teaching to be received. Thus the
prospective participant will prepare herself/himself to give freely of her/his energies on any level,
according to her/his ability to be committed and a code of honor to be respected.
I have just a few comments to make on that last part, you realize is not that easy to accomplish.
As we have seen in the past, we can distinguish the aspect of survival when you are on earth from
the aspect of your reason to be on earth, or your reason to be incarnated. Survival is linked with
acquisitiveness, reckoning and calculations. Your reason to be on earth is always a gift -- always.
Without any exception. So it's not an acquisition. It works in another way.

For instance, it is expected from the prospective participant that she/he feels deeply the
hope/need/ willingness for service.

Now many people have the feel for service. Few, very few realize what it means. There is that
service which is related to acquisitiveness, the art of survival on earth That kind of service is
needed. But there is that other service -- your reason to be on earth -- and that's very different. It
requires the awakening of that part of your consciousness which is not calculating -- not wanting
to grab -- not wanting to reach. Be it wealth -- materially speaking; be it wealth -- spiritually
speaking. So it implies a readiness for committment . In your wishes many people are are ready
for comitittment -- many, many people. When the action comes, it's another story. Meaning, the
committment has to be real, and not only a dream.

It is expected ... that she/he has the maturity for accepting to work with-no desire for personal
reward of any kind.

This is one of the greatest stumbling blocks. I would say that one-hundred percent of the
particpants that fail to continue fail because they work along the line of acquisitiveness, and feel
that they don't receive what they are looking for, or the reverse, they don't perform as they think
they ought to, which is a kind of calculation too. Sometimes the fault is on us, sometimes they
take it -- In both cases, It's misleading. It means they have failed to realize what is asked for and
what is put into action.

It is not the usual consciousness . We do not mean to criticize the usual consciousness. You need
it for survival anyway. So you cannot skip it. But there is something else.

That she/he has the maturity needed to be work-centered with no thought or desire of
self-centered acquisitiveness.

Imagine , you act for the sake of the action and whatever is involved in it. And you do not ask
anything for yourself. Even when you work on yourself , as a sample of mankind. A situation.
Not for you. Do you realize the freedom you would live in? Instead of having that constant
pressure that you feel in your head or your feelings of wanting to reach, to get this, to get that.
And when you get it, it's never sufficient. If some of you still have the dream that one day you
will reach it -- well forget it. Of course I say it, I happen to be a little bit older than you, in many
ways, not only physically, so I still say forget it. I have gone through it also.

This implies the maturity to approach the on-going work as work to participate in, definitely not
as a teaching to be received.
Believe it or not, (this is for the newcomers) I've said this many times, and we have participants
following since, well I don't know, maybe seven or eight years, who still continue to listen as if it
were a teaching. Why? Very simple. From childhood on, you learn to follow teachings. You
begin with school, and everything depends on that. So you have a really hard time and this can
easily be understood. Get rid of the teaching/learning syndrome and start working. Following a
teaching is wanting to get something. Of course I tell you, give you some hints on, how to do
somethiAng , and I expect you to do them. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. Why do
them ? Because we have a task to accomplish, and we have something to set into motion, and one
of the things is to create a new man. This requires a lot of selflessness, because you are
work-centered, and the work is not easy. With all the pressure of civilization around you, based
on an old form, and you are on the threshold of something. You have to work for that. It's
definitely not easy. Have no illusions. But once you have gotten into the movement, to say that it
is not easy is not correct either . You will find that some actions are beautifully easy, and easily
beautiful. And, so long as beauty exists. we cannot speak of difficulty, because beauty outweighs
difficulty. Difficulty is something to do and we do it. Of course if you start calculating and
entering into considerations, then you get lost. Then it is difficult. The main difficulty is to cross
over from that acquisitive awareness into your reason to be on earth, which is a gift to mankind.

So the prospective participant will prepare to give himself/herself to give freely of her/his
energies on any level, according to her/his ability to be committed and a code of honor to be

A code of honor to be respected -- this is one of the least known aspects. A code of honor to be
respected means, in a way, that you have become reliable, fully - completly. If you have some
illusions. I have to say there is no possibility of higher spiritual work without being reliable. Just
plain none. There is much too much responsibility involved. Now, some people are naturally
realiable ; but some people are not, and those who are not have to make an effort. It's very easy to
understand why you have to be reliable. I will come back on that later on.

Letter to Participants

This letter was written two years ago too, because we were in a kind of problem. That problem is
better, but not yet solved. Still I want to read some parts of it for you because it covers one aspect
that is easily forgotten for those who know, and out of reach of the awareness for those who
don't. This relates to money:

One of the many energies man is handling is money... but with a little experience and observation
one will realize that with money many things can be done and many moves can be made. Thus it
has power and therefore is a form of energy, belonging to the vast field of energies.

Please follow.

Whether the form of energy is material or spiritual is irrelevant. This dychotomy in the field of
energy exists only in the mind of man lower than a certain degree of development.

Above that degree everyone understands.

... much a product of a past age. If we disregard the skill aspect, the way a person handles a given
level of energy reflects the way energy is handled. Energy as a whole. For example, it is our
experience that in spiritual action, work not teaching, a person not able to manage himself, to
support himself effectively, is of very poor help in the work, or in the service of mankind , if not
a drag. That person's energy is unable to go out -- to radiate.

That is not only here in America; I have experienced it everywhere.

In our action, the so-called physical level or thingness level is involved, and so is the thing aspect
of the participants. The personalities, the bodies, and directly related to them, that form of energy
called money. Well this is reasonably obvious for most of the participants if not fully, but it is
distressing to observe that there are a few, still too many, who do not grasp the deeper meaning
and implication of that form of participation. Not only for me, us, but for themselves.

It's a tricky thing, I want to make just a small comment on it. There is that old concept that
everything that is spiritual is free. So you never pay for a spiritual teaching (speaking of
teaching), or if you receive the help of a spiritual man or whatever, you don't pay him because he
is spiritual. You cannot set the value of a spiritual gift, So you cannot pay, and so on. You will
have heard of that. It's much less vivid in the society than it was, let us say 50 years ago. But I
have heard it even now. On the other hand, you know, it reminds me of something amusing : I
knew a master in Paris and people I knew were going to visit him, winter was coming and one of
the persons was looking for some underwear that would be warm. He, being a Hindu from a
warm country, and Paris being pretty cold in winter, that person felt that it could help him. And a
friend of that person just could not understand it. He felt; he is a spiritual man, he doesn't need
that kind of thing. See? It's kind of amazing. Now especially in America, it's quite a bit different.
Because you know that you can do things. And money is needed to do things with money. So you
can understand that money is a kind of energy, not just black energy simply energy, And when
you handle money you handle energy. And what I want you to understand is not money for
money, but money as energy, your ability to handle energy.

Now that form of energy which on the thingness level is experienced as real in the form of
money, has its corresponding aspect, real, on all levels of energy pretty much like harmonics in
the world of sound. This is one of the least understood aspects.

If you hit a type of energy on one level, you have responses on a series of levels, not just one,
And few people are aware of that. If you hit a discordant note, you have a discordant note going
all along the way., Not just on one level. And usually we say all the way up; we could also say all
the way down. This, in a way, is easily understood once you turn your mind to think of a
wholeness in the first place. Instead of adding up things. If you.are wholeness-oriented, possibly
simply that you are whole, then you will easily realize that if you strike a note on one level you
will have responses on all the levels.
Everyone who joins in the volunteer work of our activity agrees implicitly to put at the disposal
of the action a certain amount of energy which involves supporting financial (real) energy no less
than a given amount. This is, among other aspects, what participation implies. The degree of
involvement showing the amount of Energy, the whole world of energies that participant
involved. This is an agreement. As I said it is distressing to see how this agreement is easily and
too often broken and broken one-sidedly.

Now I don't want to be a blackbird. Those who break the agreement one-sidedly know about
karma. Now that's a word that makes everybody uneasy, because they don't like it but they
believe in it. And that's the trouble. If they didn't believe in it, it would be simpler, except that
after a few years of experience and observation you might realize that it is just plain normal that
something hit back. If you generate a wave, that wave is going to come back. Please understand ,
I'm not speaking for myself. The drama is not that big. I'm speaking for those who break that kind
of agreement one-sidedly. Because the drama is there.

Much of the problem arises not because of an individual mistake, but because of the kind of past,
our civilization has had, for instance, the material/financial dichotomy. Meditation is spiritual,
money is material; they have nothing to do with each other. Until you begin to know a bit about,
let us say, physics, and you realize that energy is simply energy. Call it what you want on one
level or the other, it's still energy, and all energies are related.

I remember in Switzerland having a young Frenchman, who lived on the other side of the border,
and came to my classes for four years. The classes were free, that means based on gifts. During
four years he was just about the only one who didn't make one step of progress, just none. I tell
this as demonstration of what I'm saying. When you feel stuck, look how you deal with energy. --
All the way around not just one energy. Physically as well as spiritually.

Concrete as well as abstract. How do you handle it, for instance, when something goes wrong in
your spiritual progress ? How do you handle situations in your everyday life ? How is the energy
going. Where do you make the mistake ? What do you let pass that you shouldn't? Or, what kind
of system are you using? For instance one of the many often used systems, is to say, as I said
before : this is my material life, this is my spiritual life. It means you make compartments.

In your material life you have these and these compartments. And in your spiritual life you have
other compartments, that have a kind of priority if you want. How will you ever live a whole or
be whole in this condition? Because you think that the sum of compartments is going to make the
whole. So my idea of telling about this is to make you realize that, including money, all that you
do is related with energies, and all energies are interrelated. You cannot separate. If you fail in
one domain you will certainly fail in others too. Sometimes the failure in one domain that is
conscious is due to the failure on a more subtle domain that is not fully conscious or seldom
conscious. Simply they are related, so you see the effect. All these problems would be solved if
you could be work-oriented, instead of self- oriented because the importance of your problems
when you are self-oriented make you more and more self-oriented. And the problems become
more and more important. But your reason to be on Earthis not you,it is the function/ the deeds
you have to do. And that changes the perspective completely. If you put that into action all the
problems will be gone. Most of them are simply a matter of organization. But if you want to
work you will be able to, the ideas will come, the creativity will come out.

A broken agreement on any level is a serious matter. on any level. It is surprising to observe how
few people realize that what is true on one level of energy is true in related ways on other levels
even if much more abstract. It is surprising also to see how little these people realize that they
activate a path or enlarge it for others to follow.

Now I spoke about karmic responsibility. You cannot live a private life without affecting the
surroundings. When you want to radiate it might not work but when you don't want to radiate you
radiate anyway -- all the time. That means your private life is affecting the whole surrounding .
So if you practice a given path others may have followed it, that means you don't create a new
one, but you might enlarge or strengthen an existing one, in a way that you dont really want. And
you are affecting other people. If you do it the way you want and it is helpful, it works the same
way, but then it is helpful.

It is surprising to see them think in solitary terms.

Meaning on themselves alone. Not realizing there is the whole society around. surprising to see
them skipping the responsibility with little or no awareness that others will have to step in to

In the instance of the group, for instance, other members of the group. And there goes the
strength of the group action. When some members fail to be reliable, the group is not solid.

This last point.I have observed many times and I have to say that it is very often that I have
wondered at the narrowness of minds who think only of themselves and not of what they do to
the surroundings. And these very same people speak of service, service to mankind. These very
same people. Now in these meetings we are supposed to do spiritual work and a serious one, so
please, face it with maturity, and stop the childish play. If you are here on earth to do something,
for heaven sake, and that's the true wording -- do it -- and stop beating yourself or thinking of
yourself as of having to do this or that first.

For those who are not aware of the oneness of life it is a standing discovery to see that the way
one handles the financial contribution reflects clearly and quite closely the way one handles your
spiritual contribution. Contribution/contribution: that's linked on all levels.
Calisthenics February 26, 1980

Shift in Awareness - Livance - Turning Around --mastery -- Conscious with or Without
Brain Support - Man Positive Being -- Aa Centering --awakening of the Abdomen Centers
-- Merit of Discipline -- Christ Impulse, Awakening of the Doer --

....I wish sometime that more of you would speak about,the kind of expectancy that you have.
Because you take it for granted and you might not realize that what is going on may pass your
awareness simply because of that kind of expectancy not because you cannot live it. But the
expectancy sets a type of dimension of play, of awareness ... So you have a hard time
acknowledging that something of another type is going on. And you have to remember that most
of the time, even for those who persistently believe they don't live /feel anything -- even for those
-- there is a rule of thumb that you can keep in your memory: You perceive always at least 100
percent more than your consciousness acknowledges. Always. Constantly. Without any effort.
Naturally. That means you have trained your consciousness to acknowledge only certain orders
of events and that's all. So when you live something else you just discard it as not being what you
expect. This is why I introduced livance, which is all-encompassing. Always. And from livance
you can be aware of this or that, but if you have the ability to come back to the livance you will
notice that you can derive any information you want from it. That means you actually register
much more than you acknowledge. But it takes some training to learn or relearn to acknowledge
the fullness of what is going on in you -- in and around -- that is in the livance. I very often see
people clearly responding to something going on and their consciousness not acknowledging
anything. Nothing. "Nothing happened" they say, and it's not true. So learn to be more open with
your own awareness. What did you miss? What kind of position did you accept for what was
going on? Ask these questions.

For instance: If you would train yourself systematically to observe the room, the group,when you
come in, after you are here awhile,and then when the music has played, and then see the
difference. Maybe the change does not take place according to the ideas you have, but training is
not to acknowledge your ideas, the training is to acknowledge the change -- your own change
whether you understand it or not. Understanding is not the point. The training requires some
objectivity. And one of the fine points is to be able to acknowledge a change, even if you refuse
it. You might be in an inner mood to refuse what does not come according to how you think it
"should". or when you go through some experience you come out with what you think about the
experience not the experience itself. There's a difference.

You learn to acknowledge the experience in spite of your consciousness, and this gives you the
opportunity to train your awareness or your awaring abilities according to the experience rather
than bias the experience according to your concepts. If you try to explain something, learn to do
it according to the experience. Then you train to notice how much the expression you use is
going to bias the experience -- or how little. Sometimes you find words, sometimes not. And then
you know. It is very simple, but it has to be done.

I'd like to begin with something that seems to be inbred in the consciousness: the symbol of the
sun. And I repeat that certain experiences have been proven to be so every time: In fantasy work,
when we go to the sun (when it works) the person goes into the center of the sun and at that
moment when asked how he feels the person might say he feels that huge sun all around. The
person has the sun all around. Then I ask the person to turn around 180 degrees and face the way
that he came; and ask him "what do you feel?" At this point the person spontaneously feels that
"the radiation starts from me". "I am the sun". This means that as long as you have not turned
around 180 degrees, you are not the sun. The sun aspect works when you turn around 180

Now let's apply this to consciousness. The consciousness has to turn around 180 degrees to be
"spirit". Sun is the symbol of "spirit". Practically speaking this means as long as you strive
towards (the old movement) a higher consciousness, a higher condition, towards heaven, towards
God, towards a Master, towards whatever... you are always working on a nature base. Now this is
part of the picture, your nature side has to respond to "Very high" conditions. I say "very high"
(in quotes) because one day you will -outgrow this. Still it is true. But you have an inverse
symmetry of spirit coming down. For me it's striking to see so-called intelligent and logical
people, knowing the theory of spirit coming down -- all the way down from the the center at the
top of the head to the centers in the abdomen and they continue to strive upwards (nature side).
Remember you have to turn around. If you have that upward movement, the reaching up, there is
also the inverse movement coming down. Put this together with the statement I make all the time
(which one day will not be a statement but a fact for you): man is a positive entity. He is at home
in the movement coming down. He is not at home in the upward movement. The upward
movement is the nature part of man. It is absolutely true that nature has to be refined and be able
to respond higher and higher, but that's not sufficient in itself. You can become overly sensitive
and destroy yourself. The coming down of spirit is not automatic. if you do the nature part and
become overly sensitive, which happens sometimes, and at the same time you are still overly
nature, you can destroy yourself. It's an imbalance.

When we speak of spirit being expressed, it comes out, flows out, and you have the question
"how do I do it?", this is the nature side asking. You as a positive entity simply do it. It's the way
of your being. But remember, in order to train your consciousness, learn to be aware of that
movement of wanting to transform that body in order to... reach higher. Learn to drop that
movement. The question for you is to come down into the so-called human personality which is
usually the nature side, until you master it.

Mastering it is a tough proposal. We constantly see problems arising, dramas arising, because of
the lack of understanding that mastery has to be a mastery. No less. And the first thing you meet
(this is classical teaching) is the mastery of your emotional world. This has to be established. If it
is not established there is no way to go further. You can go back but you can't go further.

Long ago I taught what I called at that time psychosynthesis. The essence of it was that if you
have a reaction in you toward a situation,' that means you are not even with the situation --
something in you is not balanced. For instance, we spoke earlier of anger, in order to be angry
you have to sense something in the other person that makes you angry, and you feel you are
entitled to become angry and react very strongly. Until you realize that in that same situation
another person might not be upset at all. So if you're upset it means that there is something in you
that is out of balance. If you were in this instance perfectly balanced you would notice the
condition but you would not react. You would deal with the situation but with an equal mood --
much more objective. So whenever you are upset in one way or another by something in front of
you, a situation, or someone (which is a closer relationship), then check yourself: Why do I react?
What prevents me from being even with the situation? Then act on it. As long as you react you
can never be sure of what you sense of that situation, because you have projected part of you into
it (your own weakness for instance). so you might attribute that weakness to someone else and
objectively it might not be there. But then possibly it might. This you will know once you have
set yourself on even ground.

Also, (this is in the book in the chapter on the unfolding of desires) you have to learn to go
consciously beyond the desire

to see what is playing behind. To let yourself be taken by any drive on the level of desires is a
dangerous play. You must, at all times,I repeat t all times, to be able to accept or drop a desire --
at any stage of fulfillment of the desire or the drive.

That is a mastery that is required if you really want to work.

You will notice that when you let yourself be driven by your desires,you are always self-centered.
This the main reason why we have a hard time finding true participants -- I mean, true ones --
those who do participate. Most of the time there is the desire to participate (self-centered): I want
to... it's the same movement we saw with the hands: I try to give to that hand... well, something I
want to give. Or, I give it -- beautiful! The hand becomes warm -- it works! No. A gift is selfless,
not self-centered.

We don't speak of these things too often and they tend to be forgotten. There is the old tendency:
settle for too little. if you have a nice feeling -- fine. No, that's not sufficient. There has to be the
ability to perform -- to be of use, so when an action is made, it is made (comes out). Your reason
to be on earth, not the acquisitiveness of a new quality. You know perfectly well that you respond
when we work together, too a much higher degree than you do when you are at home. That
should at least make you aware that you are much more than your consciousness tells you. Bring
it out. But you cannot bring it out with the reflected awareness that tries to be something you are
already. There has to be a turning around. If you give something called love, all your plexus, and
all your heart is still not really love. Man is a positive entity. That quality has to be in it. Warmth
is not sufficient -- that's a plexus quality. most of the light of the heart is still a nature quality.

You have to come through. Now love is not dependent on the heart. There is love in the secret
heart, as we said last time, and it's much more free and more beautiful -- as you may experience.
So it can come out in spite of your plexus and in spite of your heart. And it can teach them. So
the Beethoven of the first time (heart) and the Beethoven of the second time (integrated) is no
longer the same.

The ability to act positively does not come from a strong desire to be positive. That you are
already. It comes from reeducating/transpenetrating the personality (positively). That means it
comes from you and not your consciousness. You have to learn to observe yourself throughout
the day -- when I say observe I would nearly say: live yourself, but consciously and super
consciously -- constantly, to see how things work. It is through daily work, daily training of
awareness, accepting the daily presence of that awareness which is not the so-called
consciousness, that you make a lot of discoveries. But it has to be done.

You will notice that there is a brain in your head. Well, this you already know. What you don't
know in your consciousness is that you can be conscious with or without the brain support -- and
know the difference. Usually you believe in consciousness that has only brain support. No. If you
learn to live every day consciously, you will notice that there are lots of events going on --
conscious events -- signals if you want, that are beyond brain support. You learn t

heir quality. Then you have the brain supported consciousness and you have the unsupported
signals. And then you learn to recognize them -- even within the brain -- and then you make the
difference between the quality the brain gives and the quality without the brain. You won't learn
it from a book, you won't learn it through my words, you will learn it through daily work.

Learning to acknowledge what you really live -- not what you think you live (that's absolutely
secondary), or what you feel you live(that's secondary too). Don't settle for too little. It's a chronic
disease you have to overcome. As soon as something is sensational you think "well, now, that's
it". No it is not. A mastery is a mastery. It shows in the smallest everyday things.

So keep in mind, the situation is for you, as a positive being to transpenetrate the whole structure.
Now realize that this is not done by transforming the physical body. It is done by transpenetrating
it. So the emphasis is on you coming down, not on changing the body. Obviously the result is a
changed body, yes. It is not begun by changing the body. Now you will notice that the tendency
to change a situation instead of transpenetrating it, infusing it, is deeply rooted in the
subconsciousness. And you will have to work day after day, possibly for years to change that
One of the simple ways to become aware of the positive aspect is to follow what is going on in
these sessions. As I said, when you come in some people are more positive, some are more
negative, some people that are usually positive are negative that day, or vice versa -- I mean it's
pretty variable. Then we play the music and something happens. There is an activity around the
heads, above the heads ... something is happening. Learn to acknowledge it. Not as something
you have seen, but as something you live, and because you live it you see it too. If you
acknowledge it, little by little it will become natural; you can come back to it (by come back I
mean you show it again). it is that easy, provided you do it systematically. You notice it every
time. Not as something you have seen, but as something you live. Until that quality installs itself
-- transfuses the personality.only then you will begin to realize that we do work -- something is
going on, steadily. You could be much more effective.

But you will notice that most of the time there is the dominant note of your own brain concocting
something: "I have to do this", "I have to do that". It would be so much simpler to live that
quality again, as quickly as I just said. Whereas you try to bring forth a positive quality as if it
were something special. You live it every time, every session. So it's not that special. But, of
course, it's different from what you are used to. It's different from the training you receive in
school and so on, but you cannot say that you don't know it, you cannot say that you haven't lived
it. But let it come through the nature system of your consciousness. This has to be done. It's not
the nature system that is acquiring spirituality -- that's a vast illusion. It's a play between two
polarities. You cannot say the negative polarity becomes positive. What we do say is that the
positive note becomes predominant because man is a positive entity. So you learn to deal with
the negative polarity. But the change in consciousness is a real big change. It turns into a more
positive mode and the positive mode is not thing-ness based.

For those who study with the book, one of the ways to enhance positive polarity is to become
very aware of the activity of the aA center (top of the head), because your nature sensitiveness
has not yet reached the head level. For some people a little bit, but most not. So if you awaken
the livance of the A activity it will be nearly essentially positive as far as practical practice goes.
So when it becomes active you can live in a desire and then live it again with the aA active and
see the difference. If a desire is holding you, if this center is active and you take that position, it
won't hold you any more. That can be done instantly. At that time you have a choice: you are free
to fulfill the desire or the situation tells you you are not free. This is main directiveness (aA
center), so you can give the direction you want. It may not be done right away, because you will
notice, and in a way that's the fun of the game, that for some desires you might just plain not
want to look at them from this position -- that means there is a part in you that just plain refuses.
Perhaps you might realize that you are not fully right and you might not want to face it. That's
common psychology and it's kind of fun. Most of the time it's fun when you look at it later on.
But at the moment You have to face a harsh reality: there are things you might not accept --
mastery -- not yet. For Some people it's never that drastic, but then for others it is that drastic:.
You just face it and then flatly refuse to face it. Okay so it comes later on. in the mean time you
can work on other points- But remember, the feeling world called the astral world has to be
modified -- profoundly modified. And to let yourself be driven by desires -- mainly sensory
desires -- is the worst trap you can fall into. Now you might have always been in the trap -- then
get out of it. In classical initiation, if this is not done, there is no initiation at all. Simply that.
That means it's the end of your dreams; if it is not done don't dream of anything further. You will
continue to toil around in the usual lifestyle. If you want to get out of the usual lifestyle and go
ahead, something has to be done. This is the first step.

Now look in your lives to see how much mastery there is. We don't ask full mastery right away.
There are some points you will master to some degree, some other points will be still very weak,
and so on. But when you learn to train your personality the weakest point will take longer -- that's
normal. But you still work on the personality, and sometimes you will notice that if you work on
a certain point the effect covers a lot of other points. That means when we speak of working, let
us say, on a certain type of desire, if this is somehow mastered pretty fully, that mastery will
extend over a lot of other types. Because the point is not the kind of desire, the point is the
mastery of that quality of function called the astral world. if you begin to establish a mastery on
one point it will invade others. But something has to be done.

There is a psychological point that you absolutely have to remember: You never come to the end
of a desire. Look calmly and objectively in your life. Has the fulfillment of a desire ever closed
that line of desire? It won't. I'm afraid you will agree with me. It has not. That means you cannot
accept from your mind or feelings that you have first to fulfill in order to get rid of later on. You
have to realize that these are like patterns; you give up a certain pattern in favor of something
else that is now more efficient in your life. A pattern is something more abstract than the
fulfillment of a desire. And if you give up that pattern, some of the desires are going to fall away.
You cannot expect to come to the fulfillment of them in order to go further. You have to drop
them where they are. Simply that. Don't fool yourself. When you choose a pattern that is more
encompassing you will have to drop some desires and ways of thinking and so on -- even if they
are not fulfilled -- and they won't ever be. It's a misunderstanding of functions to think that the
fulfillment of a desire is a fulfillment.

Martin: When I speak of discipline I mean: if you choose a new diet, you have to be able to really
put your heart in it -- then the discipline is effective. If it's an imposed discipline it can lead to
rebellion. So you have to make the difference. How much can you do? Just the doctor's advice is
not sufficient. I mean your participation is implied. And if your participation is rebellious, it's no

Another Participant: Martin, I would like to be clear on what you're saying when you say that the
change in the personality has to come as a result of a transpenetration not as a result of striving
and working and trying to mold yourself, and shape yourself according to certain concepts. There
are schools of training, for instance, there are a number of Buddhist lines, Zen is one, and there
are schools of training involving the Alice Bailey books. my sense is that they could be
approached both ways: both as a striving or as a necessary support for the transpenetration, but
I'm not very clear on that.

Martin: Yes, that's the accepted conceptualization. We try as much as possible to train you to
move according to experience not to concept - that means according to what you live -- and to
bring it through. To answer your question, you have to realize that consciousness is a reflective
function, that means it reflects. You reflect on a subject, you reflect everything. The usual
concrete consciousness, brain supported, is reflective. So you learn that when you strive toward a
higher goal, let us say, that is a reflection of something coming down. It's a mirror image of an
action going on. That means that if this has caught your attention, you learn to recognize the
other movement and then you join in, but the other movement has an awareness that is not a
reflected awareness -- it's a direct awareness -- it's different. Now we hint about that all the time.
This (the movement coming down) is you; the reflection is an image. Thus following the
reflection you are bound to function according to images. The other way around not. Those
schools say that movement (striving toward) is supportive. Now we work with an awareness that
is utterly, completely different and that does not use any of those images. So we try to convey
something and the images have their use -- there has to be a response from the nature side and so.
When you really work you don't work with the response, you simply act. Now that's hard to
translate into usual mental terms. The action has an awareness of its own -- it all occurs at the
same time. There is a reference. For instance; when you deal with certain problems you have to
create a new dimension, as and time which have been put together as the space-time
continuum, which is the fourth dimension. By using it they have discovered that the
yesterday-today-tomorrow sequence disappears. This they have discovered mathematically. We
deal with it all the time, but we also deal with minds that cannot grasp the disappearance of

When we function we see you as a whole -- now, here. Then we are confronted with a mind that
makes a yesterday, a today, and a tomorrow. It's like a mathematician playing with the fourth
dimension and a high school kid playing with only three; and they try to work together and it
doesn't work. This is why I tell you to follow what you experience. Acknowledge it. Don't make
images about it. Take it as is and little by little you will become aware -- but aware livance-wise
instead of conceptualizing (sequence-wise). Livance is full in itself. It contains sequences but is
not a sequence.

Participant: I guess I still have the question: What would the purpose of training in yoga or
working,with any of the trainings involved with the Alice Bailey books or Zen training or
something like that. Given what we are endeavoring to do, is there a purpose for doing anything
like that?

Martin: If we don't conceptualize about the merits, I would simply say that the merit of those
disciplines is that which you give them. it is a way you choose in order to express ... whatever.
Because you can take, let us say Theosophy, which has been around for about a century. There
are millions of Theosophists. How many of those millions have really accomplished something.
Very few. Now speak of the merit of the discipline for people who don't discipline themselves.
They read books -- libraries of books -- and then they are happy. The first step is to move -- but
they didn't move. oh a few did, yes -- very few. Now You have Alice Bailey's books; you have a
lot of instruction on what to do -- how many have read those books? How many have
accomplished something? A few certainly -- but too few. Always the same thing: we settle for
too little. You have a sensational book, you accept the sensation of the sensational, but you don't
act. We are coming into a new age -- things are different. For us the main point of all these
disciplines is that they are surrounded by a conceptualization belonging to the beginning of the
century --or worse. Then take advanced physics and mathematics -- it's a different world. It's a
world those people cannot even imagine. That's the opening toward the new age; we have to take
that into account. There are,new possibilities that did not exist before.

But then, you cannot say that these are completely outdated. Because there are such things as
outdated people too. They might need it; they might have an affinity with that kind of training or
teaching. It might be their way of doing it; so let them do it. I was thinking, for instance, about
epistemics. I still regret that so few know about epistemics, because it still is, for me, one of the
understandable techniques that help you manage your personality. If you ask if what we do helps
-- Sure it helps, provided you can handle it. This means that you are proficient in it, then it helps.
But if you ask if it helps practically speaking, I see very little -- well I do see some changes in
your personalities, I have to accept that -- but if you run into a crisis, have you a tool to handle it?
I, I know we have. But you, do you know what you have. You might not know it. I have in mind
one person who made the biggest mistake possible in her life after working two or three years -- I
don't remember how long. A very simple thing --but the ability to act when the moment arrived
was not there. What can you do? So sometimes something that is less sophisticated and not
asking for higher awareness is more to the point for such a person than higher awareness when
it's not effective. So if you ask if those disciplines help, I say it depends on each individual. If
what you do can be a way of expression -- good. If it's simply a kind of physical fitness (like
yoga) but it is not your expression, then its just physical fitness that's all. If you feel you need it,
good; if you don't feel you need it you can do something else. It's not because it has a name
coming from the Far East that it is that beautiful. if you read Djwharl Khul he will tell you that
yoga is way outdated. These are techniques used... I don't remember how many thousands or
millions of years back. But still you have yogis proving that health-wise it can be applied and can
be effective.
...everyday constantly, you sense more than what your mind tells. And constantly you do things
without the methodology. Possibly because you did a few things very often you think about the
methodology. When you learn to act as a Doer you don't need any methodology, because
methodology of man is awfully poor. You establish a method and no sooner than you have
established one you realize that you can do better. You, yourself, will discover it and others will
too. That means that no sooner than you have published it it is outdated. Those who publish
know this. Those who don'

t publish ought to know it too. No sooner than you have decided that something is so it is already

The function of a Doer is to do. There is a big step between Knower and Doer -- much bigger
than most of you realize. You have to realize that you have been educated to think that you have
to know in order to do, but we come into a new time -- the Christ Impulse opens a new time, and
this comes out now.

One day you might receive a shock -- I mean a real one -- when you suddenly encompass a
greater whole and your realize just how small the human mind is (including the brighter minds).
It's just shocking, and one day you'll receive the shock.

You come back to your own mind pretending to use it to solve everything when you know time
after time that you determine a few things (in a small area) but most things are not determined by
that. And this you face constantly: you want to do something in a certain way and it doesn't work
-- something interferes and it doesn't work as you planned. But possibly you have never realized
that if you determine small events, this happens within an area of much bigger events. Now the
dynamics of these events interfere constantly in your life, and you haven't yet acknowledged it.
You still continue with step by step procedures that do not take into account the situation as it is
in the present-day events.Let us say you are going to work with someone and you decide what
you will do -- comes the day, it might be completely upset. Because you didn't take into account
the situation of that day. Now the situation of that day is utterly new. You couldn't plan for it.
You could plan according to a reference you had until the day of planning, but when the new day
comes, the situation is new. Now what do you do with all your systems in front of the new
situation. You have to readjust everything if you want to be efficient. Now possibly you face
situations that are only slightly different, so the adjustment is minor. Now some days you meet
situations that are widely different. If we deal with people the situation is always changing.
Sometimes you have a sensitive spot and a lot more can come through. Sometimes it's the
reverse. If you plan ahead for those situations you might be surprised. Your planning is not up to
the point; learn to face the situation as is.


....but there is one point that very seldom comes through: the Christ impulse. What is it, and what
difference does it make?

Now if you ask what to do, I can't tell you because you don't know what the Christ Impulse is.
You hear the words that's all. Once you know, it's very clear. As long as you don't know -- what
can I say. I don't want to make our group something special. There are very good people working
around. But we are involved in an action not a teaching. Every time we approach something that
looks like a teaching we have much more success because you expect a teaching. This is
incidental and is always directed so that you can become proficient in working. What we are
looking for is people able to join into the work. (See Statement of Purpose Logoic Action). By
this we mean you joining an action that is linked to your reason-for being-on Earth. Nothing in
what we do is linked to acquisitiveness. You'll get lost that way. Anyone here wanting to acquire
a higher quality gets lost after a while. This is a common experience. The action is directed
toward you bringing out some specific action. This cannot be put in words. This can only be

......You know, spiritual realities are somewhat bigger than what the mind encompasses.
Obviously. And as time has passed there have been major actions that have gone on. And perhaps
some have realized intuitively that the coming of the Christ was something very big; they haven't
the mind to confront it, so it has become the action of a person called Jesus, seen only as a
person. Then you have occultists going further and realizing that behind Jesus was something
else that was much bigger, life for instance with Steiner. Alice Bailey speaks about it in a
different way. So you might realize suddenly that something happened in the history of mankind
that brought a given impulse. Steiner speaks of the Christ Impulse, for instance. When you read
about it, it's one thing; it's another story to join into it -- completely different story. It's the
awakening of the Doer. It's a completely different situation, and that can be very puzzling for the
mind. Suddenly you realize you can do a lot more than you thought you could, and you can do
things even if your mind does not understand. That means you are not limited to your mind at all.
You have to face it. And now we come to the time where this is possible. There are things
possible now that were not possible prior to this.

.. In the case I speak of, you are conscious, or rather, as a matter of semantics,you are aware but
not conscious. You have to read about consciousness in the book -- the working together of two
polarities. But the positive polarity has its own type of awareness, and the negative has its own as
well.When you do as a Doer you are aware that you do it, everything that is needed is included in
the package. But you don't need to be conscious, depending upon what you are doing, sometimes
you need it and sometimes you don't. If I deal with the subtler aspects of you, let us say the field
aspect, I need a field awareness to make it concrete in the field. I don't need a consciousness. I
need a consciousness to make it concrete in your consciousness.

... . Because you just do what has to be done, and that's it. No reward, no nothing. Not even
karma. There is no karma when you simply act. Because you don't expect a return. Karma is
linked to a kind of return. So when you hope you are good, it implies a kind of return. This is
why we say sometimes you will lose that hope - not for less, for more. something more efficient.
The hope is an action of the reflective consciousness. Now you have to look to the other side
where you have the direct action. And in a direct action you don't have to have a hope.....
-- remember, field awareness. We have spoken of the field a lot, and you acknowledge the field
from the head. Now learn to do the reverse -- turn around 180 degrees -- learn from the field to
acknowledge the head and train it.
Cancer and Healing -- Major Death -- Personality as a Sample of Mankind
--mind/soul --abdomen Centers Allow Doer

Discussing Cancer and Healing

There is one psychological point that is very important, very important: If you fight because you
are afraid, being afraid is your base, and then your fight is mainly artificial. I would call it a form
of panic. That's no good, it creates a lot of toxins. The body already has very much to handle with
the toxins already present. Actually the word "fight" is no good, because it implies that you
acknowledge a condition you don't like and you want to get rid of it and this is not what you want
to do. So try to follow: In any condition you are in with pain or no pain, with whatever, there is
always somewhere, somehow a side that is harmonious, that you can like... This is what you can
expand on. This means you start from something that works, not something that does not work.
It's a very i- important point. You take that in hand and you suffuse the whole condition with it.
If, during our sessions, you feel a higher condition, work aalways from the highest condition. In
the higher condition you are fully aware that you are not the ego, or more precisely the ego
image, your mind has. Whatever the ego image your-mind has, when you live the higher
condition you are something else. And this takes the situation in hand. You introduce, you
enhance, you cultivate this positive action, this positive condition, until it suffuses the whole
situation. From my own observation with cancerous people, there is practically always a mess in
the negative polarity. And a mess, whatever the polarity, is always a lack of directionality. You
can work from higher than yourself, if you need that kind of symbol. The higher the condition,
the more positive it is, so the more directionality it will give. When that works you will notice
that the aA center will become more active. You will also notice that by working on your body
from a higher condition, and having to work with the body, you gain something you might not
gain in other ways because you might have too many concepts, i.e., the centers of the abdomen
begin to respond. That's a serious gain, whatever the outcome of your situation. You will
introduce a positive directiveness within the body.

In the book we speak of Major Death. I have to remind you, and I'm quite serious about it,
routine death is not major death, it's just plain routine death. Everyone on earth is used to it;
Major Death is something else. We call it Major Death because it looks to the consciousness like
routine death. You die to this condition; you die to that condition. Someone who dies consciously
is giving up everything here: personal ties, personal belongings, even your spiritual efforts. And
now you know this has to go, and you let it go. If you are able to do that, death is easy. After
death is much easier, because one of the problems of after death is to get rid of those ties. This is
why, for instance, in Western training you learn to see your day in the morning and to look back
in the evening. When you do it correctly, there is a deep meaning behind. When you really do it
--I mean really, like when you face life and death -- and it's a real situation, you die to the old
condition right away. Next day is a new day. When you die you are not tied up in that in between
situation that has many names, you can go right through. Trouble is that most people don't take it
as a real situation, and practice it as a real situation.
For how many years have I told you to work on your personality as a sample of mankind. It's a
point so easily forgotten. When you, the real you, takes the situation in hand, it takes it as a
sample of mankind. You might not realize it, you might put it in other words. You take it as a
situation with which You deal, and you make something out of it. Now this situation has a
personality related to the situation, and this personality has strong points and weak points and
whatever in between. You don't like those weak points, but this is the situation with which you
work. You balance the situation until you come through, little by little, until the directiveness that
is you pervades the whole system . Obviously then you change.

I can give you another example which answers to your situation in a way: I know of a person who
had a hysterectomy and she was surrounded by lots of friends; she could feel them at a distance
and so. After I don't know how many days the doctor said she

Group Powers

You have to remember when one person works alone there is the power of one. When two
persons work together it works to the square of the number, that means it has the power of four;
with three persons it has the power of nine.


There is one calisthenics of the mind that you have to learn. when the mind finds a way of
looking at things - you have to lear to always challenge it. ---always. Your outlook might be
really working in that way, but you can challenge your mind. Tell the mind to look for another
one. The so-called soul is at work constantly.

The abdomen centres are related to what is called physical awareness. The awareness you have
now is not physical. it's etheric. I mean the sensory awareness With the sensory awareness you
cannot feel like your liver or your spleen feels, for instance. But this can be done. I told you a
hand is intelligent by itself. It's not just a concept, its absolutely real. If you as a whole think, just
realize that any part of that whole thinks also. You simply don't call it thinking, because thinking
is applied to that whole. But there is awareness. In this direction it might help you to understand
that if you open the centers of the abdomen, that kind of awareness awakens. Actually we are
referring to much more than that, because it allows the Doer to step in, and the Doer works
completely differently from anything you know. This is where we have the hardest time coming
through. When you suddenly realize that in order to do --you do. Sounds silly, but look closely,
most people can't understand that. They think that in order to do you first have to learn this or
that. Not true for the Doer. With a true Doer, the seeing, the knowing and the doing is one ... not

For now you depend on the three centers of the thorax which is a U function (shaping), which is
related to knowing - so you are bound to have to know first in order to do. Look around, look at
your own mind. If I tell you that in order to do you do, it sounds kind of silly. If you accept the
words conceptually you say OKay. Face the practical situation. There is no "how" that you have
to learn. Not with the Doer. And this is the weird side. The function of the Doer is to Do, not to
learn. Learning is knowledge. I prefer to refer to the center of the abdomen as being symbolically
the opening needed for the presence of the Doer.
If the link is obvious, you can now connect in a way that relates to what we really are and what
,we are really doing. Now what we really are and are really doing is not the incarnated
appearance. It's something that has been going on steadily for centuries, for thousands of years
whether incarnated or not. That means the perspective is, fully and completely different. It's an
ongoing action which has to be seen as a team action, each one according to their ability, and that
action being continuous, whether you are incarnated or not. As opposed to the usual relation
which is based (.please, follow closely) a consciousness you have built since you were born this
time. A consciousness that does not remember the past, does not know what you are or what you
are used to being based upon ,-- that kind of temporary base. Now I ask you to shift to a more
stable base.

You cannot do this with the mind, by deciding to do it. of course, if the mind agrees it's already
something, but it's not sufficient. It's not sufficient because you have to realize that the mind as
you know it (not the fullness of mind -- that's another story) has characteristics belonging to this
personality, it ,is built for this personality. How does that compare to something that goes on
through thousands and thousands of years?

If you want to connect you have to go through your feeling of belonging .. Maybe that word
would fit for some, but there is something that is obvious : There is knowing / feeling inside. On
the personal level of consciousness it can manifest in any sort of way. It might be just a pure
belonging inside. It might translate as personal attraction -- of any kind.--sometimes the reverse.
As you know, opposites are usually very close together.

Personal attraction is something that happens very often because it's the easiest for the mind, to
catch. If this is the case, and what I say applies not for just this case but for any kind of relation
you are aware of, you have to acknowledge the symptom and then look for what is behind.
Behind you'll find something else, and you look for what is behind that, until you land in a
condition that cannot be expressed by the mind. Should I say an overall "feel"? But then it's kind
of delicate because the overall feel is not a feel, it's much more subtle than a feel, but we have no
words to express it. It is a clearness of experience that is no longer based on the
personality-related consciousness, When I say "personality-related" I mean the tool of the
personality. So you go into the soul or spirit realm if you want to use words. When you do it,
there are no words. So you don't bother if it's soul or spirit, that's just plain academic. Then that
so-called higher life becomes something obvious.

Then you wil lalso understand the difficulties we have always had. We have told you to have a
sharp mind -- as sharp as possible -- and at the same time we say don't care about the mind, and
you are perfectly confused . Sometime you will outgrow this confusion. What I propose today, is
the way to outgrow it.

When you live that other condition, you realize that you cannot rely on your mind to live that
condition. You have to find out that behind the symptoms given by the mind, or the feelings, or
even the sensations, there is something living at the base of these.

You have to find out what is going on, and what is going on does not cover the span of just one
lifetime. Definitely not. And this is where you meet some sort of recognition that you cannot
even express in words.

What we did last time with the music was prepare you with the first two pieces, the second one
put things in place, for instance, but with the third one we played according to what is going on
steadily-- what I call that continuum.

An image would be: You have the continuum, and then there are dips in the continuum -- that's
an incarnation. Then you come out again, then you incarnate again, and so on. But there is that
continuum -- that which is veiled to the mind, but that you sense anyway, if you feel a relation.

if you do not feel a relation you cannot do what we are asking, because you have to have an
active feature in you to start with-- not a concept. If you don't feel the relation, for instance, and
you try to relate to that steady ongoing continuum, you will do it conceptually. Then the only
thing you can do is build up images upon images -- more beautiful and more beautiful -- but still
images. You have to start ,with a fact. This is one of the reasons that I have always said,
especially for the beginners: if you cannot find a relation with us within a given time (one or two
years) forget it, because a deeper work cannot be done-- the work is based on that relation. If we
want a cooperation a cooperation means a relation.

I hope you can follow what I can say somewhere inside. It's not too difficult. The point is that
starting from personal consciousness, you have to face the shift of the center of gravity from the
personal condition to another one that is a continuum. And this one is plain evident for those who
know it and plain not evident for those who don't know it. That means a connection has to be
established or reestablished. And it cannot be established on the basis of the dip. It is established
on the basis of the continuum itself.

Now the basis of the continuum itself, in the action going on ,is found symptomatically in that
relation you might feel with us. Some of you have worked with me for lifetimes upon lifetimes.
You will notice that as soon as you connect to that continuum condition all the bickering about
methods, about being fit or unfit, about being lost or troubled, whatever... everything is a mess --
all that falls away. These are conditions proper to the person, but there is something else going
on. Now when that something else becomes alive, every trouble in the person begins to make
sense, or no sense at all -- which means you drop it. If it doesn't make sense what will you do
with it?

There is a practical part-- and hard training-- that belongs to it. With your-present-day
consciousness, you are linked to this time, to this period of evolution, historically speaking, this
kind of civilization -- and it won't be so next time. Every time there is a difference.

Now there is an awareness that belongs ,to this continuum-- not the usual awareness -- it's
another one. The other one is plain evident right in front of you-- right within your head -- it's
simply not recognized. We have no words to define it. The closest usual words are "I feel", but it
is not the usual feeling. Usual feeling is kind of tentative. This other feeling is facing an evidence
. It's completely different. There is something perfectly obvious in the feeling itself, or in what is
felt. It's perfectly obvious, perfectly evident. It does not require, the usual processing; it does not
require the usual analysis; it does not express in sensation, in fee

lings , in thought. These only reflect the other condition. The training is to follow with what I call
livance , which is all-encompassing. Learn to come back on the livance , and back on that livance
, and back on that livance . Which means, seen the other way round, don't get caught by thoughts
you suddenly have, feelings you suddenly have, sensations you suddenly have. These are
symptoms. You accept them as symptoms and then drop them, because you are not interested in
them, at that moment. You are interested in livance so you come back into livance -- back into
what is going on, to what is not shaped in the usual way, to what is perfectly clear, but not
understood. You don't need to understand, it's just too clear, too evident.

Then, when you bring it out into the world, you need your personality, you need a sharp mind,
clear feelings, tuned sensations. But you don't need these to live that continuum we speak of.
Here you need something else, and, in order to live something else, you have to be able to center
on that something else -- fully, completely.

For instance, as I said a moment ago, you have to relate to something you feel deep in yourself--
sensations, feelings, heart, soul, spirit, or further up --in a way that does not speak. You cannot
mind it, you cannot feel it, you cannot sense it, and still you know it.

Our task (and that our is a big OUR). is to activate that continuum in all of you, until
consciousness begins to join in. Your part is adjusting the consciousness of each personality that
means different types of personalities -your part of you as the continuum. You cannot sit in a
chair and wait until we have done the work on you, and then everything will be fine. No, if you
don't do your part it doesn't work. And as you know from experience, doing your part is not easy.
You go through quite a few crisis, disorientation, troubles, and whatever, until things begin to
smooth out, because the base is more evident, more obvious.

Every once in a while, some of us feel that when the time is ripe it will fall on you. Until the time
is ripe, you already have a lot of work to do. I remember, for instance, that when I was
twenty-four I was told that nothing would reall y stir before I would be twenty-eight. I thought
that would be a long, long time to wait -- for what! It was only afterward that I realized that until
that time I had plenty of work to do.
There is a point you have to realize, as a matter of maturity: We want to put you on a new track
related to a basis that does not start from this life only. This does not mean that any kind of
teaching is obsolete or wrong. As soon as you start working this way you will notice that you
have to reeducate your person.Now among the types of education that there are--the physical, the
etherical , the astral, the mental -- you have everything to educate. This also includes your ability
to handle concepts; your ability to handle sensations; feelings, how to shape them, how to use
them as tools and so on. In someof the various teachings there are methods that work. They
might or might not work for you. This is for you to find out .. You might not use any method and
work directly from here. But it's not easy.

......and then I noticed that I could feel it all by myself directly. If I hadn't read the book I don't
know when I would have noticed. So don't reject what exists.

I'll take another example: Someone told me that an Ashram somewhere in California wrote us to
remove them from our mailing list, and she thought that weird. I said, " no" ,I second their
motion. Why? Because they are an Ashram that is organized, hopefully oh a definite base. why
should they bring into that something that is, different and which, none of them knows about.
They are much better off to deal with things they know of.

You will also notice that when we live on the higher level, all those considerations are
completely gone. We just don't proceed and think in those terms. When that condition or rather
the center of gravity, which is usually on the personal, level switches, when that other condition
is the base of your life, you decide from there what you will do with whatever form social life
requires. The more the center of gravity is on that level the easier it is to handle your own
personality. For instance, when we speak of "down-and-away", from that other level it's quite
easy-- self-evident, From the personal level, it's a harder work.

You will notice also that when you live that ongoing relation you can just plain forget your usual
way of consciousness. In the beginning it is usually short, but later on you can do it for quite a
while. The consciousness works on the borderline somewhere, but you are fully into that other
condition -- fully and completely So you have done "down-and-away" without thinking of it. I
have said in the book that sometimes everything stops. That's right. And it stops much more
easily and much more obviously from that other position.

But the training on the personal level to stop a movement has to be there. Don't delude yourself
.-- don't think that things just go by themselves, that you just have to wait for it. There is nothing
to wait for. We do work on a relation which we now bring out in a more concrete way, and this
simply means that your work will be more specific, more directed.

As a practical example: in the book you have the unfoldment of the desires, thoughts, sensations .
If you can do it, if you have practiced, it is very precious, because it helps you, for example,
when you have lost contact with the base. If you are lost, but you still feel a link, let us say in a
personal shape, whatever, if you have trained to
go behind then you can start from something existing -- that symptom of a relation on the
personal level. Now, you go behind and behind and there you are. Otherwise you have to wait for
the next rain squall to wash off what is bothering you, and in this country you might have to wait
for a long time.


Participant: You talked about two different conditions when you spoke of the continuum. You
talked about awareness and you talked about livance .

Martin: They are the same. Livance can be seen as-a type of awareness, but being an
all-encompassing awareness, all forms of awareness are included. You can have sensations,
people might call it E S P, extrasensory, but it's just a continuum of sensation. You can have
feelings, but they don't have the limitation of the usual feelings. There is one point that you will
learn: all the classifications we have, like sensory, emotional, mental , are very relative. When we
speak of extra-sensory we assume a limit to the sensory, and if we go beyond then this and that
happens. When you work in the way that we speak of, there is a continuum. There is no limit
none whatsoever. So, for instance, for me, an extra-sensory whatever is just plain sensory and
usually very coarse. You can sense much finer points, and I cannot see any limit to that function.
The thing that usually happens is that if it is too fine you don't want to speak of sensing, because
you are aware that people interpret sensing in much too coarse a way. That is a limit.

Does that satisfy your question?

Incidentally, when I speak of livance and all-encompassing awareness, you have to realize that in
an all-encompassing awareness your existing awareness, as you know it, is such a small part of
what is playing that you might be shocked by the smallness of that part. Meaning it definitely
does not have the importance you give it in your usual awareness. This is why we have to urge
you to realize that you can be aware in totally different ways, and the bulk off the awareness is
totally different -- if we want to speak of it that way. The whole is much bigger than that which
consciousness encompasses. It's so much bigger that consciousness is only a small part -- a
needed part related to a quality of life -- but by far not as important in volume as people think. It
is important as function goes, because we are incarnated and we work here. That means on this
level of expression something comes out, and the tool of consciousness is needed for that but it is
needed among other things only


Participant: It all comes back to the question of what can be done without doing something... to
facilitate the change of the center of gravity. I guess I'm hearing you say that a training here
would be one way to facilitate that, and I want to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding what
I'm putting together.

Martin: I was going to answer your question before you reacted because I noticed that type of
processing going on in some minds. Did everyone follow?

Generally speaking, the question is: What shall I do? I have to remind you, very seriously,
insisting on it, well whatever you need... You have to be aware of, and that means live, the link
that makes you realize that we are linked to something that is way beyond the usual dip. Now
your mind does not follow that, but your link does. That means you have to live the link until it is
obvious and clear, free from the symptoms. You start with the symptoms and you go beyond.

We have met many times. Some of you have some kind of memory from past relations. Some
memories that you feel now are very vivid and they qualify your relation in a certain way. This is
natural and normal. Behind those symptoms, behind the dip aspect, what is? This you find by
living the link not by processing with your mind. Your mind has no way to know what is.

I'll give you an example. You've heard about the Hierarchy , initiates , spiritual masters, different
levels, all the way up. You can grasp it with your mind-- as a concept, as an image, not as a
reality. Face it. Because in a condition of reality you face the master, it is real. So you may
believe in the Hierarchy, that does not mean that it is real. You might feel a connection,
symptomatically. Okay you have a symptom of a connection; practically speaking, it is not there.
Theoretically it might be there, but practically it is not. You have to go along the line of
connection beyond the symptom of it, which might be a desire of connection, which might be a
feeling of connection, which might

be nearly a mental evidence of connection, but it still is not a connection. Go beyond, but within
the movement of.connection Itself .

So I repeat again don't go home and start thinking about shifting that center of gravity to that
other level that must exist. You have done that with the Hierarchy, you have done that with all
your dreams about spiritual masters and so on. So I tell you start on something you live, you feel.
If that connection is not in your awareness, look for it somewhere, somehow. If you cannot find
any, don't try to work without the connection.

When you meditate, some of you do, about some spiritual masters and so on, you meditate better
and better, more deeply and more deeply, but actually what happens? Without knowing it, and
this takes a long time, you go along the line of a connection, until the connection is evident. And
all the imagery you do around it -- you will always lose it. Your understanding of what someone
is -- you will lose it. Your understanding of what a master is -- You will lose it. Your
understanding of what the spiritual work of the Hierarchy is, or of what a Logos is -- you will
lose it-- as soon as you face reality. The same with your own identity. The image of what you
are-- you will lose it --once you have faced reality.

Another Participant: What is the value of a feeling of connection that occurs during dreams?
Because it's really in the unconscious time of the day, in the sleep, and I was wondering what is
the place of this experience-- if it has any validity at all?

Martin: First, psychologically speaking, you cannot say that something that happens to you has
no validity at all. The simple fact that it happened means that there must be something going on.
The comment that it has no validity at all shows that you simply don't understand it. Of the
practical purpose, I won't answer you, for a very definite reason. You begin putting your mind in
motion again ,instead of following the lead of the connection. How come? There is a conscious
connection -- even conscious in the dreams. Follow the connection, not the processing of the
mind trying to understand. You can go back into the meaning of dreams, the activity of dreams,
why there are dreams, and so on -- to what avail? You cannot say there is no value in the dream--
there is. But you can mishandle that value very easily, because, as you say it's on another level,
another type of consciousness-- more unconscious. The point is not to understand. You could
connect consciously and find that connection shows the same quality as in the dream -- at the
best of it -- not in the imagery but at the base. If you can do that, you will notice that there is an
activity of a certain type going on at that time. You won't grasp it mentally, you will grasp it
holistically. Follow that movement. That would be within the framework of what we do now.
That also would train you to look first at what is going on and then work accordingly --not
according to what we think we should do -- but according to what is going on -- to the movement
of the moment. Or in other words, we consciously tune into the movement. If I say: What is
going on? That means that my consciousness is asking itself the question, so there is a tuning in
to the whole movement....
Catalyst for the Action of the Higher Beings as Human Sample ---cosmic
Work , Solar Centered ---feel Evidence ---sensing ---meaning ---


That piece of music was a reminder of our last music session. it contains what I call a monotone.
And that monotone, that steady pitch (although sometimes it changes a little bit) contains a
steadiness, and along that steadiness you have the melody. The steady tone is the main direction
-- the main point. Because of that it's one of most difficult types of music to play I mean for you
to join in. At its lowest level it symbolizes one-pointedness. Now you might use other words, like
perfect concentration. You keep one note, you go along that one note and that one note only. All
the melody is around, but you keep centered on the one note. When you can do that you know
what concentration is, you know what one-pointedness is, and that's only a beginning. we might
play it again next time, I don't kncow, maybe other things will happen in between. But try to be
steady -- only for that short time. Or, if we have a music session, for the whole side of a record
this is much more difficult.

The highest symbol is the sounding Of the Word, which is hinted at in the Statement of Purpose.
One part of the activity is related to the sounding of the word I have told you, related to that, that
you don't know what Logoic is -- you don't see it -- but I notice that some of you have at least
some intuition. You are not able to define anything, but you are still able to recognize some
action related to what we call the Logos or the Logoic action In this instance, what we call the
Logos is the same as the Christ- "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the
Word was with God." The word Logos is the same. Logos is Greek, for word. And this related to
the one we have called the Christ.

If, for those who have some sensitiveness, you allow the Word to sound -- that means you allow
the sounding to reach you -- then you will notice that it does something in you. Perhaps you will
experience goose-flesh, or tingling along the spine. Yesterday someone asked if it is mandatory
to feel these things. No. This is just a side issue that simply shows a change in the dynamics of
the body. It can happen with the symptoms, it can happen without the symptoms, and the
symptoms are not the proof of a Logoic action. They are simply the proof of a change in the
balance of the body,-- possibly body electricity. Simply that.

For your reference, for those who know a little bit, you have heard or read about the Hierarchy,
so you have heard or read about the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. You may have heard about Sanat
being a disciple of the Logos. According to that type of description, the sounding is no lower
than that.

When you have Beings sounding the Word, some of you might imagine that you hear a sound,
no, the true sounding does not produce any sound. Like I told you, the level of music itself has no
sound wave -- none at all. It's simply that some people sensitive to that level do produce sound
waves and thus are called musicians -- as a reflection of what they connect with. So the sounding
of the Word is not as it sounds.
Don't expect a fundamental note like the one you hear in nature with the wind through the trees,
or things like that.

No, it's not that -- not at all. It has no shape as you know it.

So in relation to that type of music -- that steadiness, with a very high directivity -- you have all
the levels from true one-pointedness to the sounding of the Word. So, you might realize, when
you participate in this kind of music, the participation is very exact. It asks a lot of you.

There is another related point that it's time for you to become aware of : The activity in which we
happen to be involved has many aspects. One of them, I say one of them, is to prepare the way
for a future that is no longer that far away -- still several centuries, but this is very little-- in
which you will have possibly several centers where higher Beings will appear and "teach" --
whatever teaching means.

For this to happen, you have to be able to create a surrounding an atmosphere, a condition of
personal emanation, that is fit for something like that. With the usual human emanation that we
have it's not possible -- they just ignore that level. So something else has to be created.

You might have noticed last week when the music was played, there was from the whole
assembled group an emanation in the room that is in the process of becoming more and more
evident. Each time that we met, for about two or, three months now, I notice that this becomes
stronger and stronger. Now I have a question. Who noticed that? (Many hands lifted)

When this becomes more evident, more clarified, the presences of whatever is in the room
increases too. You always have the two aspects: the dynamics of what is going on and the
presence related to these dynamics -- both aspects. As you yourselves are part of a dynamic
aspect of the whole, a rather bigger whole than what you see here, at the same time you are
presences in that.Who is sensitive that since a little while the aspect of foreign presence in the
room increases? The more you participate, the more it happens.You know, in your minds, you
always have to do things in order to... and so on. To allow Presence to become more and more
tangible (that does not mean visible), for a few it is pretty tangible, you are here as catalysts. This
is a type of function you might not be used to so we have a chemist, besides a geologist, who is
going to tell you what a catalyst is.

; A catalyst is a substance which increases the rate of a reaction. The catalyst enters the cycle,
lends its substance to the action and comes back to itself.

Martin: So this description comes fairly close to what actually happens here --I mean as a
physical example of what happens with you.

It's pretty serious, because as a catalyst you lend yourself to an action going on, and if we look at
it from the angle I'll show you today, you lend yourself to the activity of those who come closer
to mankind in order to be able to work among men. Well maybe not all of society-- it will be
rather selected groups-- but still on the conscious human level (not supra-conscious, but
conscious, and that is new). But for this you have to lend to them the human quality that is proper
to mankind. If you understand that, you will understand a lot better what I mean when I say that
you work on yourself as a sample of mankind. They don't use you as an individual, except if you
have to accomplish a certain purpose, but as a group. You are used as human samples. So you
serve as catalysts in order that they are able to be present on the so-called human level. This is a
poor explanation because the human level encompasses a lot more than you are aware of. But
then you happen to be incarnated and they are not. So we are linked with the personality aspect in
a way that they are not. Definitelynot. Some of them are quite far removed from that -- meaning
that in their usual condition they don't even acknowledge the presence of a human person-- a
human Being, yes, but not a human person. So some adjustment, and a big adjustment, has to be
made. But for that you have to furnish the surrounding-- the culture medium.

Still the term catalyst is not complete-- as Daniel said, after a while the catalyst is changed. The
human being as a catalyst changes, but not immediately. During each session you are used as
catalysts anyway, knowingly or not. of course if you do it knowingly you participate much more,
and you create a surrounding, a culture medium, that is much more fit than if you are
unconscious. Unconsciousness offers much more resistance--- but still you give a kind of
surrounding that is helpful. And that does not work along your usual line of thinking that you
have to work --.I have to do this, I have to do that-- no. You live the fullness of what is going on
and that's all whether consciously or not (it's not that important).

Do you have questions?

I've shown you two aspects you're not used to: the sounding of the Word that relates to the Logos
and the catalyst aspect.
Participant: I'm interested to know if there's a geographical range of something going on, or if it's
something going on for humanity as a whole, or is it something going on in this room

Martin: All that together simultaneously. I'm very serious about that, and I do insist, because I
realize if I scan your mind, you haven't yet understood what it means to work on the self as a
human sample. I told you that when you are catalysts you are used as a human sample. Now, just
imagine something that is fairly simple to imagine: You are raised in a given society, you have a
certain type of intelligence certain types of abilities, a certain type of sensitiveness, a certain type
of physical body, and so on... that belongs to a certain "level" in mankind. You might have other
ways of looking at it, but still it's typical of what I call now a certain "level" of mankind-- that
means you are not alone on that level. You have lots of other people on earth who are not exactly
like you, but pretty close. You have some thing in common -- that level. So, if you have a Being
working on a certain level, i.e., you as a sample, and if that Being reaches that level, then that
Being is going to reach all the people of that level, because he was able to adjust to that sample.
See what I mean? You don't? Now who can explain in other words? For me it's frightfully

Participant: Are you saying that if I, as a sample, make a shift, I shift for all the persons that are
on the level that I'm on?
Martin: In a way, yes. it does not mean that they will shift at the same instant but it does mean
that, as you have shifted, the way is open for all the others on that samples level to shift also.
They might do it tomorrow, They might do it in a few incarnations time is pretty elastic you
know but you open the way. I have an example that I give from time to time to show you that it's
a process that is little known in the general Public but very well known in scientific
surroundings: I had a brother who was an engineer, and he told us that they had a patent office in
the factory where he worked, and when a discovery was made -- even if the experiment was half
finished, but it worked -- they would run to the patent office and register the hour of the deposit
of the proposal, because they knew perfectly well that in several places in the world there were
laboratories doing exactly the same work.
Do you have a better idea of what it means to work for mankind?

If you have a group that lends itself to the adjustment I spoke of (for Beings to become much
more tangible -- eventually visible to ordinary eyes) it makes things possible for the whole earth
not just the isolated individual or place.

You live in a personality that shows a certain set of dispositions -- some are nice, some are not,
there are problems and there are easy things -- all mixed together. But it is a situation you deal
with. If you deal with that situation as being yours and yours alone, as most people do, you have
an enclosed situation that is not linked to the outside -- so you solve your situation for yourself
alone. If you deal with it as a human situation and you solve it, you solve a human problem, not
just your own.

If you observe your life, as you go along the spiritual, path (to use a classical expression), you
will notice that in the usual frame of mind, as a prospective Initiate you always have to solve
your personal problem for you first, and when you have done that you have to do it again -- this
time on a much greater scale. You might begin with it on a small scale -- that means as your
problem -- you can also do it right away as a human problem that saves time. But then you don't
have the thrill of possession.

I want to insist again on the catalyst aspect, because you're not used to it. You have to realize that
when you work here you get acquainted consciously (however poorly) and more than that
through experience (most of it unconscious) to a play, an activity that is going on. It is related on
one side to the whole, on the other side to the earth, I mean usual society. That means that you
serve as a link. Not only a catalyst, but a catalyst that is linked, that allows something to happen
on the usual level. Don't underestimate that. And the catalyst is not passive. The catalyst gives of
its-own substance, it comes back, but it comes back after having performed a function. This
essentially is an activity-- it's not passive.

When the atmosphere becomes stronger in the room, you will notice that as long as you join in,
especially if you're one pointed, you are not a bit passive. It's simply that the consciousness has a
hard time.following.
Now to be a catalyst is not the only activity, it's one of the activities. You still have to, for
instance, work on that personality that you call "Yours" that belongs to mankind. And speaking
of relativity
3, for instance, you have to introduce some sort of relativity in the feeling of "I am me". If you
begin to be aware of those Beings who sound the Word, whatever that means, you will no longer
take as a joke that, that personality of yours, that you feel belongs to you and you alone, does not
belong to you and you alone. And the problem of ownership might be solved in court in your
disfavor. I mean that what we call the Planetary Logos, that spirit whose body is the planet, has
title of ownership -- because whatever lives on the planet is part of his body. That's hard to
swallow. Now, who is more owner of the body, the Planetary Logos, whose body it is, or yours
whose body it is.

If I take the image that you take it away from Him (actually you cannot because you still live on
earth anyway so you still live within Him. Like it says in the book: " whom we live and have
our Being." Few people realize that it is literally true). So, you go away, out of the reach of that
Logos. The body would die. Disintegrate. Because you are not able to hold it together. You just
use it. So you can possibly consider yourself as a parasite on His body -- you know like a virus or
a microbe -- maybe a useful one, hopefully you are useful. But to pretend to own it, is very
relative. So if the theory of relativity is, as Steiner said, no good (and there may be a time when
this will be questioned too, I think it has already begun), use it at least to put some relativity on
your possessiveness.

When you work on yourself as a sample of mankind, you really work in and on a situation. And
that can be fascinating. Much, much more than working on yourself, which is boring.
What you call cosmic is only one order of life. Don't forget that. People use the word cosmic as
being superlative. No. it's a figure of speech. If you want to understand the symbology of it, it's
very simple. People are ego centered until the soul is strong enough to change all that. But they
happen to be mainly ego-centered. They are also geo-centered -- that means earth-- centered. Not
solar-centered, earth centered. That was a frame of mind that was prominent in the middle ages
when people believed that everything revolved around the earth. Until some fool came along and
said "that's not true, we turn around the sun". So the picture was destroyed. We say that we are
solar-centered now, not earth-centered -- believe it or not,, your minds have not caught up with
the new situation. You are still earth-centered. Symbolically speaking, psychologically speaking.

In ordinary occultism the sun stands for the spirit. So, if your consciousness is aware that the
system in the sky is solar-centered -- our planet turns around the sun and the sun is the center-- so
the spirit ought to be the center rather than the ego which is related to personality. This change
has to be made. In this respect the mind is still in the middle ages. this is one of the big changes
you undergo.
First you cannot deny that you have a feel, so you register the feel, but mind-wise as you have no
way to control what it is, you just stay with the acknowledgment that it feels kind of funny or that
it feels like someone is here. That's all, Don't go further. You go further only if there is an
evidence. I would-say in this respect that the definition of evidence is that it arises no question of
any kind. Not sensory, not emotional, not mental.

It is too evident. Too self-evident. There is a difficulty handling, in the beginning, the different
types of awareness that come to you. You might feel the presence of something that might be for
instance an astral projection. Or simply an emotional projection, which amounts basically to the
same. But you sense it. If you take it for being the real thing, you make a mistake. It is not a
mistake in sensing, it's a mistake in reading the sensing. Because many people say "My sensing
was wrong". No. Your sensing is your sensing. Simply that. It's neutral in itself, so you have to
acknowledge. But the meaning of these sensings can vary, and you have to be cautious with the
meaning. This can vary. Acknowledge your sensing, but be cautious with the meaning, until
further evidence arrives. It is better to wait for further evidence than rush to give a meaning. See
what I mean? It's a matter of safety. Otherwise there is always the risk of running into
uncontrolled sensing because of the phenomenal aspect, and some people are attracted by that.
And this can be a pitfall. As you acknowledge the sensing the sensing refines, shows more
shades, and one day you know what you do. But the sensing is not the meaning. Then you can
associate the sensing with the meaning, and with this last one be prudent. Be cautious:

   Structuring of the Groups from the Field -- Field Awareness in the First Place -- Live
Field-wise ---three Aspects of Consciousness --sensory Feeling ---mental Connection with
the Centres --- Dynamic of the Whole --- Changes Going on in the World ---seven Chakras
---nine Centers --the Real Meaning of Center -- Dynamics of Change

This is our last session before the summer recess, and I am prompted to ask you a question
because someone asked it quite candidly the other day. The question is: Is there any change in the
groups? In your experience over this last year, is there in what you register in yourself, around
yourself, in what you see around, or what you feel going on, is there anyone here who has not felt
any change? Lift your, hands. Does this mean that everyone felt a change?

Okay, then I can also say that this person also confessed that her position in life was just to be
open so that something may happen. Now, I'm fully aware that position is very popular, not just
in the groups, I mean all around. Just be open and something will happen, meaning that you don't
assume any responsibility - you have nothing to do. That doesn't work. It works so little that this
person was unable to realize that there have been lots of changes in the group. I have to tell of
one change. Perhaps I have told it already, but I'll repeat it: For a while now, when we meet in the
big group, with the music session, every time I come in I am impressed. There is a group
emanation that wasn't here last year. And the change is rather big. Of course, it does not express
in terms of the little goodies you might want for yourself. But it does express as a group activity,
that shows some evidence of Presence activity going on. It's not yet fully directed, you don't yet
know what you are doing, but undeniably it's no longer the wishy washy feeling it once was --
good intentions, but nothing centered.

Has anyone either a question or comment about what you feel has changed in the group action, or
maybe for yourself.

Participant: I have a comment: You phrased your original question in very broad terms. I'm aware
of a definite change of quality in this room, when I come in here... In my perception, if you hadn't
stated it so broadly, I'm aware of very little change in myself, but definitely some kind of change
of a greater magnitude in this group. I would not be able to speak of the quality.

Martin: Actually, it's an interesting situation. You are able to acknowledge a change in the quality
of the group -- definitely -- and have difficulty in acknowledging a change in yourself. Usually
they go together. when you have a group, the group activity is much more than each individual.
It's not the sum, it's kind of a geometric or logarithmic progression. Usually it's expressed in
geometric terms, that means: one person has the power of one; two persons together, have the
power of four; four persons together, the power of sixteen. See what I mean? So if you look for
the same change in yourself, account for the difference in power. Maybe this where you are

The structuring that makes the group effective -- little by little -- comes first from the field, the
whole of you, and in the last instance it comes through your consciousness -- not in the first
instance, in the last. This refers to your situation too (participant) in so far as when you have the
volume in the group, (because of the group) it may become evident to consciousness; whereas
when you deal with the same quality with yourself alone, the volume might be much too small
for your consciousness to acknowledge. In this respect, it's more easily acknowledged through
the action of the group, although not always. Sometimes you are a bit in advance so you can
acknowledge it better in yourself. But still there is that change in quality, quite definitely. And
then, there is that other law: If that quality were not working in you,

You wouldn't perceive it. You can perceive only according to what is working in you.

Due to the fact that the groups become more efficient in their collective Presence, I want you to
train a bit more seriously -- a bit more to the point. I would like you to train every day,
systematically, this summer to be field-aware in the first place, not the last place. the last place is
when you tell yourself: "Now I have to be field-aware". That means that you tell yourself in the
first place (with your brain or your feelings or whatever) that you have to be field-aware. This is
not from the field, it is from the enclosed awareness. This is the usual trap, and its a very Popular
trap; everyone relishes falling into it.

You.are free to ask questions about how to do it. This is a typical example of falling into the trap.
It's the enclosed awareness that asks how to trigger a field

activity. A field activity is a field activity. If you want to live field-wise in the first place, the
easiest way to do it is when you meet someone. You relate field-wise in the first place. You see
field-wise in the first place. Then the person. Then the personal features -- possibly.

There is one typical reference you can use. As soon as you live field-wise, you are completely
free, not enclosed. As soon as you start analyzing or asking yourself how to do it, you are
enclosed. Is that clear?

You have to make a step of maturity and realize that an closed awareness is an enclosed
awareness, a field awareness s a field awareness, a soul awareness is a soul awareness, a sp"writ
awareness is a spirit awareness., Why do you always want to use your enclosed awareness to
trigger the other ones? Sounds silly. if you want to live field-wise, you live field wise -- that's it.
As simple as that. All the difficulties come from old habits of enclosed-ness. You feel that
something is missing if you are not enclosed.

For instance, if I take the example of that participant when he spoke of the usual will of everyday
life, there was no soul. Okay, if we follow the books (which means that since it's printed it's
bound to be true), then, which is more you: the one who ignores the soul and thinks it has to
reach the soul, or the soul? But then you get tangled up because there is something after the soul
called spirit, and there is something called the small ego and then there is the real ego, and there
is the Monad that is still another ego, and so on.
But let us leave that alone for now. Simply realize that all soul activity is triggered from soul; all
field activity is triggered from field; all brain activity is triggered from brain. Later on you can go
into more complex interplay, but first swallow this and assimilate it. If you cannot assimilate this
you will have digestive troubles -- obviously.

What I say may sound silly, but it is the problem you face. the persistence of willing with the
brain activity to reach the field, when you know perfectly well in your own experience (not from
the book) that the field is constantly there anytime, anywhere you can see a field activity around
someone. Scientifically speaking, you have no object without the field around -- some sort of
field -- and that includes the human personality. And as you know we deal with that, we see it all
the time -- can't help it. When you work here you feel it all the time also. You might forget about
it in between, but not when you are here. So it's part of your experience. Being part of your
experience, if you want to live field-wise, you live field-wise and that's it.

Now, what I ask is not field-wise in the last place, but field-wise in the first place. Within the
field you have the dynamics of the whole which creates your existence as a personality. So when
I say field in the first place, it is actually in the first place; it's not just a figure of speech.

If you do something like healing, or working in a group and giving something to someone, even
if you are qualified, if I cut off the field action from your personality your effectiveness is gone
right away. As you know, I can do it, but it's not agreeable, neither for you or for me. Sometimes
it's needed because you might be on the verge of understanding that the effectiveness does not lie
in the solidity of the object.

When we have the service group, or even this group, especially during the music, or all the time
if you are steadily field-aware, you will notice that there is a greater quality of Presence in the
room. We call it "collective Presence"-- of the people here and very often more than the people
here, but another quality of Presence. That's a field activity. It's known to you.

In the work we do this has to be here in the first place. And we come to the time where it is high
time to work systematically. I wish you had better brains -- as much as you do -- but for me it is a
side issue. We have things to do first. There is a tremendous gap between the awareness and what
is actually going on. if you want to bridge the gap, the field has to be active -- very consciously
active. Now when I say very consciously active, it means that you dwell so much in field activity
that you can reach the consciousness with you as field. I do not say the consciousness reaches up,
I say the field reaches down -- until you realize that your body is exactly like suspended particles
within the field. There is no solidity at all. But this is a side issue for the consciousness.

Train yourself to be field-aware-in-the-first-place. When you awaken in the morning, be
field-aware. Every time you meet someone, be field-aware. If you place flowers in a room, be
field-aware, of the Presence of those flowers in the room. The more you are field-aware, the more
you will hesitate to attach labels like "roses" because when you are field-aware the activity is so
big that you don't find it in books speaking about roses. And the label "roses" that you have
learned since childhood does not correspond to what you live. So you have just "that" for lack of
better words but "that" is big.

Any questions about field-in-the-first-place?
Participant: I have a question about speaking without collapsing the field awareness. This seems
to still be a difficulty. If I am expressing what I'm living, that's not a great difficulty, but when I
am trying to work with the tools that are available in the world, conceptual stuff that you have to
deal with when you are teaching philosophy for instance... it feels like there is a conflict. Is there
any suggestion that you can make about how... Reading books,for example, that don't have
anything to do with spiritual things, it just automatically collapses the field awareness, and I have
a feeling that wouldn't have to be.

Martin: Quite right.

Participant: I know there is no "how to", but I wonder if there are any suggestions as to how... if
there's a difference in position... I can't quite... I've been working to do this for a long time and it's
not very effective.

Martin: What about being field-aware-i-n-the-first-place.

Participant: Then I can't focus on what I'm reading.

Martin: No, not true. If you are field-aware in the first place, whatever you do, there is field
Presence in the first place. But, if your mind acknowledges the field, it directs its attention in that
direction, let us say up, and then you; look down at what you read on the page, your attention is
no longer up and the field is gone. This is not field-aware in the first place, this is field-aware in
the second place or third place.

Participant: It's okay if the material has something to do with a spiritual thing., then it seems to
come with.

Martin: How come? Is there anything that is not spiritual?

Participant: Well in that sense no.

Martin: I suggested that you train for the whole summer and see what happens when we meet

I don't know if you followed her example. It's quite typical, and I'm afraid all of you without
exception will find yourself in that kind of position. The trap. Your mind is aware of the field.
This is not field awareness in the first place. This is the mind looking at the field, or sensing the
field, and thus you believe you live the field in the first place. No, you are sensing the field. If
you direct your attention in another way, you have difficulty, because of the split in the attention.
Instead of going here it goes there -- so the field is gone. Until you learn to direct your attention
both ways -- here and there simultaneously which can be done. And then you think you are
field-aware. No. You are aware of the field not field-aware. It's bound to happen because of the
interference of consciousness in functions other than consciousness is tremendous.

You can notice that the field is activated anyway -- this does not change -- but it's
field-in-the-first-place. If with my mind I look at the fields around the room, and I register
something in my head, it's not field-in-the- first-place, it's my mind registering a few things --
among them the field.

A non-enclosed awareness is free ;-- no boundaries. An enclosed awareness is enclosed -- that
means boundaries.

Are there any questions about field activity?

I also have in mind another training with your consciousness.I would like you to register
something starting from very simple points: the three aspects of consciousness. You have sensory
consciousness, then you have feeling consciousness, then you have thoughts or mind
consciousness. Well all of you can acknowledge that -- it's rather simple.

If you have three aspects at play (sensory, emotional and mental), the interplay gives nine points:

Within the sensory you have the sensory linked toted sensory level -- so we could call it

You also have the sensory linked to the feeling level-- so you would have the sensory-emotional.

And you have the sensory linked to the thinking level -- so you have the sensory-mental.

Now same with the feelings:

You have the feelings-sensory.

You have the feelings-feelings.

And you have the feelings-mental.

On the mental level you have:

The mental-sensory

The mental-feelings.

The mental-mental.

What I want you to do this summer is to live with it and simply learn to acknowledge the
different shades -- the three points and the nine points. Watch the interplay. Knowing that in our
present-day civilization we have a tremendous bias -- shocking. You know the sensory-sensory.
of the feelings you know the feelings-sensory. Of the thoughts you know the mental-sensory.

I call the formulated thoughts in your head, for instance, mental-sensory. Before you speak you
review what you are going to say, for instance; this is quite sensory. You are mainly used to this
aspect -- the sensory side.

With the feelings you register emotions mainly when they are solid enough, for instance, the
churning of your plexus. These are solid feelings. A feeling-feeling is a pure feeling. It's neither
mind, nor sensory. Incidentally, you feel it -- of course -- but you don't register it. You register
the sensory side.

With the mental, here we have a big, big problem. We should say you know the mental-sensory,
you know the mental-feeling up to a point, but you don't know the mental-mental.

Did you ever realize that you have a very hard time mentating -- that means being active
mentally. I say mentate because the thoughts are already formed, and there is a mental activity
way beyond that stage. This we could call (as some authors do) mentation---pure mentation
without feelings. You will notice that most of the time you feel you are either held back or
boosted by your own feelings. That means that feelings are always very closely related.

We speak of three types of consciousness -- these three types correspond to the three centers it
the throat. Pure mentation belongs to the heart (upper part), something extra-ordinarily clear.

You can see the extension of that. If you look at the extension of that you will find that there is a
relation between the nine centers of awareness and the nine aspects that I spoke of. If you extend
it to the centers, pure mentation would belong to real head activity, and as you know the real
head is not yet awakened. You use your head as an extension of the heart -- it's not the real head.

This all might become clear if you learn to observe the different shades between the interaction
of sensory, emotional, and mental -- and the play. There is always a play, and all three work
together all the time. Learn to watch that play to begin to realize how you work with your mind
meaning your whole consciousness. Instead of just accepting consciousness blindly. Sometimes
something pops out and sometimes something else. No. If you see the play you can modify it
once you know it.

If you are field aware in the first place, the proposition of dwelling with the three aspects of
consciousness and seeing the play and interplay, you will find & lot of things. If you forget to be
field aware in the first place, you will start analyzing with your mind and usually the emotional
mind not pure mind.

You could call this type of activity meditation, but I'm afraid that the word meditation has some
artificial connotations. So, I simply tell you to dwell with this play of consciousness until it
becomes clear. But remember when you do it to be field-wise in the first place.

I don't know if you realize that if you put yourself in the position of being
field-aware-in-the-first-place, and then note the play, it would mean that you would begin to have
an impact, field-wise, on the limited aspect of consciousness.
Field activity always implies field Presence. In the hologram it is pictured as the core activity,
which implies Presence. So you are Present field-wise instead of enclosed-wise. You, Present
field-wise does not feel at all like you know of as your little ego. Not at all. It is not you as you
usually know yourself either. But it is still you as you intuit sometimes. The you, you want to
reach. So let it be here in the first place.

I wonder if you realize the change going on in the world. A few times we have tried to convey it,
for instance, in quoting some passages from Capra's book The Tao of Physics. He says that there
has been a tremendous change in physics: from the building blocks of Newton (this plus this
equals that or gives the whole) to new physics where they say that the particle is created and is an
event in the dynamics of the whole --they begin with the whole. Furthermore, they say that the
addition of parts never makes the whole. This is mind-boggling for those who are used to the old
ways. It is self-evident in the new way.

When you are field aware -- and the field is never, never static -- you experience the dynamics of
the whole. I say experience not analyze -- and this is the first place-- then obviously all your
relations with whatever aspects you see in yourself, in others, in humankind, is related to that
whole, as aspects of that whole. It's a big, big change.

In occult lore there is another way it is put that may not be as dramatic but it comes to the same
point: The coming of the Lords of the Venus or Lords of the Flame to help mankind (Sanat
Kumara is one of them. In human memory this is seen as a cause. We start from a point and we
go onward toward a goal. With this you have a causality; and you build toward a goal. That is
how it is registered in the human consciousness hence the need to come to the cause of
everything. If you have a physical ailment, mental ailment, emotional problems, you go back to
the cause that can be far away in childhood or before birth -- possibly back into another life.
Some people do that. That's this way of handling things.

Now we have the Lords of Mercury. (Remember these are only symbols. Don't tie up those
Beings with the planets. They are not tied to a planet, even if they did dwell on it.) If I speak of
the Lords of Mercury symbolically, mankind is now somewhere midway between the starting
point and the goal. The action of the Lords of Mercury is a goal action. They act from where you
will be -- from the whole. They draw you to the whole -- symbolically speaking. (Actually it's
more complex, but People can follow this imagery.) The whole becomes self-evident. You learn
to see all the parts, all the way back to the beginning, as events in the whole and not as building
blocks -- that's a big change. This is going on right now. But it does not mean that the Lords of
Mercury begin only now to take things in hand. According-to the ]legend, they intervened in
paradise under the shape of the snake-- the famous serpent. The snake is the symbol of wisdom.

In the type of work we do, and by now you ought to know it experientially, we work with the
whole in the first place always. This is why, for instance, you,can live that field freedom or that
field beauty, right away, whereas according to old standards you have not reached this stage -- it
should not be possible.

A few centuries back it wasn't possible, but now it is -- as you experience.all the time.
It is not that one way is right and the other wrong. It's one type of function and another type of
function in a whole, and the whole does contain a linearity. But linearity is only one of the
features of the whole, you can also work without linearity. We do much of it, which allows us to
play according to what is going on now. But when we play without that linearity we are faced
with a problem: you have an authority (a book, let us say a good one) that says that this and that
is so, and you have to take this step and that step -- and then I come along and I say nonsense.
Well, not exactly, you can do it that way if you want, but the time is different. If if you you want
to pioneer, there are new ways. If you are afraid to pioneer, then go along the old ways. How long
is the old way old? And at what point is the new way new? I venture to say that all these
problems stem from some rigidity in the consciousness. I have heard it said that, for instance, that
because The Tibetan uses the seven chakras and I use nine centers, and because I come along
later, I must be correct and he must be wrong.This is a bit childish. Still this kind of pitfall is
always here. and don't put labels of quality on those functions.

The whole Hindu law is based on the seven chakras. Here you are dealing with a function that is
symbolized with the number seven. Now we come along with the nine centers of consciousness.
Here we deal with another function that is symbolized by the number . We speak of two different
things. Two different functions. When you have two different functions, you definitely cannot
say that one quality is right and this one is wrong. No judgments of value. This has this use so we
use it this way, another has another use so we use it that way. Depends on what you do.Learn to
see things that way -- as functions going on. Use one technique -- it's geared along one line, one
functioning. Use another one and it's geared along another line. Don't compare the lines. The
question is : in a given situation, this situation, what can we do? Traditionally we have these
possibilities -- okay traditionally, yes -- are there other possibilities? Is there anything more
efficient? Let's try it. Sometimes there is nothing more efficient. Sometimes there is. Depends on
your ability to face the situation. If you apply a technique that you cannot live, it has no value. So
it depends also upon what you live not on what is supposed to be the best. There is no such thing.
In the book there is a whole science, we could call it the science of the centers of consciousness,
that is tremendously useful. I have taught this science for over twenty years and I have met
people who were pretty proficient in acknowledging centers, even radiating something pretty
precise with centers, but I haven't come across anyone who knows the real meaning of what a
center is. I don't know of one person -- not one who realizes the potential of action. If you want to
realize it, you have to be proficient in it. It's not understanding it that will do it. It has to be a
working tool -- something that moves something you can play with -- really not conceptually. If
we want a given note, you give the note exactly as if you were playing on a piano. If you hit a
note it's that note not another one. You have to be able to do that with centers -- which is a lot of
training. If you are field -aware -in-the - first-place it's fairly easy. If you tackle it with your brain
you will get lost. Hence, I have found no one who is really efficient in it. You&u can use it
psychologically, it's one of the biggest areas for practical application. You can use it physically as
well -- to a certain point -- in psychosomatic situations. You can use it to see how the person is
functioning; how the person relates to the field (centers are quite directly related to the field), and
so on. Now this means something. When you face this you will realize that although we have
made a lot of progress it's still a far cry from something professionally effective.
Now for the book, I have to say that I have to allow you more time than that. But for training
with field-awareness-in-the-first-place, this is actually very simple. Put your attention on it
everyday -- even if you do it wrong -- even if you think of the field. Little by little, your attention
on the field, you will eventually realize that at a certain moment it is quite spontaneous. This has
to come out. You will also notice that if you train yourself with this simple discipline (when you
meet someone -- field-first) you will be surprised that after a very short while, first you will see
the field (see/feel whatever comes first), and then you will feel shades in the field. Fields do have
shades. They show basic qualifications.
You live field-wise-in-the-first-place and you drop all the divisions. The schooling for the mind
is difficult.This is why I ask you to do something very simple this summer.The two steps: (1)
field-aware in the first place, as much as you can (as I said first you might look at the field
instead of being field-aware but still you live with the field and that does something), and (2) just
dwell with the three aspects of consciousness and begin to notice the interplay.

If you will work with-dynamics rather than the angle or point of view you will notice that any
labeling or classifying you do becomes very relative. You choose one because it fits for now and
then you drop it and choose another one. The dynamics remain the same. It's new for the
consciousness. it's, let us say on a more psychological level, exactly the same as in physics.
In Newtonian physics, the particle was a real particle, until you found out that it is no longer a
particle it's just an event in the dynamics of the whole. Now translate that psychologically. If you
follow the dynamics you have a chance of realizing what an event is, but if you don't follow the
dynamics you have still the solid particle, and this is a hang-up. Approaching it field-wize (field
awareness is essentially dynamic all the time), you have a chance to find out the dynamics of
consciousness, rather than sort out this and that. Whatever you sort out is always relative. There
is a bias in the consciousness to always approach from the sensory side. You will notice that
human awareness, as of now, is always U based, but the body is an M expression, so you get lost
between the two. Within that U you have an M aspect which gives out the sensory bias, because
you identify yourself with the body.
See what I mean? If you approach from the field-awareness in the first place, there is no problem
with that. Because for the time being you adapt this position. At any time you can take another
position. If I explain something to you I choose a position, and if you change I change the
position too.

Do you feel all set for the work of this summer?

Participant: I don't understand why you speak of only nine possibilities of the three functions.

Martin: Why choose only nine rather than more than that of eighty-one for instance? Yes,
because I want you to work with something you know. Sensory awareness is clear, emotional
awareness is pretty clear, mental awareness is pretty clear. So it's something you know. But then
you learn to dwell with it and see it at play -- that means seeing the dynamic side not the label
side. "Sensory" is a label, emotional"is a label. You have to recognize how it works, an also how
you live or how it feels when it works --the dynamics and the balance of those dynamics. So I
confine myself or I limit the exercise to three known aspects in order to discover dynamics in a
very conscious and simple way. If I would extend the interplay of the nine centers, and you know
only three concretely, most of it would be totally unconscious. Now we cannot observe the
dynamics on the unconscious side with consciousness. You can do it field-wise when the field is
real. When the field awareness becomes real then you can much quicker than you can with

You can subdivide all the time, actually infinitely, but at a-certain point you lose the purpose or
the efficiency --if you go into too many details that are not familiar to you. The purpose is just to
make you aware that you can be conscious of consciousness. So we start with something fairly
simple. As I said, you can be aware field-wise, of consciousness but that's another story. Then
you can grasp many more things that you can do with consciousness. But dwelling with
consciousness is simply to make your consciousness a bit more limber and thus more ready for

Incidentally, speaking of changes, I want you to observe something in the play going on. In your
own experience, nearly all of you know that every once in a while you get confused or you get
into trouble with your own awareness -- sometimes you become foggy, you don't know what you
are doing here and so on. There is a kind of general upset, which in turn means that your old
balance is gone. Usually when this happens you complain -- some quite a bit. Now I propose to
you another vision of the same situation. if you want to introduce a change, it is much easier to
do when the general condition is unbalanced than when it is balanced. Because when it is
balanced you don't see any reason for a change. So if, when you work here you get upset, there
are two aspects: It means that you begin to outgrow your old condition -- obviously. You don't
yet see the new one and thus you are upset, which is an occasion for rejoicing. There is a point
that you don't know yet, but it comes with field-awareness. When you are field-aware and there is
an upset, you can very consciously take the opportunity of the upset to introduce from the field,
with field awareness, a change in the condition. The upset is a disorientation so you take the
opportunity to introduce a new direction. Very often it is not just a new direction but also new
components that will work. It can be so much so that under some conditions you will want to
maintain the upset a little bit longer than natural to have more time to put what you want into the
new situation. This is true with mental or emotional upsets, it is true with a physical upset. A
physical upset can be an illness, anything that shocks your body, including a fall -- a fall shakes
your body. You get hit by something; you fall heavily; You feel shaken -- don't miss the
opportunity. You have to have a second look at what happens in life. When You see the
consciousness at play, when there is any upset in that consciousness on any of the three levels for
instance, take the opportunity to introduce something you are aware of field-wise. You can sound
the note (it's a way of speaking) within that upset until things orient in the direction of the
sounding. It works more easily during an upset than it does in a normal or stabilized condition. In
a stabilized condition you have to unstabilized it somehow. Now that can be done without upset
but if you don't know how to do it without upset, then events make you outgrow the stable
condition. Something happens that upsets you and then you have your opportunity. Events do
help you. It's simply a frame of mind if you want. You take advantage of a situation to build
something, instead of remaining the same all the time, or instead of cogitating in your mind,
dreaming about spirituality and so on. So from, now on, upsets are very welcome -- not always
agreeable. If you don't like them you will learn to change without upsetting everything. As I said
this is a possibility too. But I have to say that an upset of any kind can be a very good opportunity
to move.

But remember, from the field. If you start thinking you will move according to the condition
before the upset. That means you would have a tendency to go back instead of forward.
When we play the music, well most of you realize by now that something is going on, you might
remember that we told you when you act, the first thing to do is to be aware from the field not
from the mind of what is going on. And we ask you to join into the dynamics -- some people call
it the dance -- the great play. When we play the music we call it The Service, it is a service,
religiously speaking. It's also a celebration, just as religiously speaking. But it's a live action. The
more you are field-aware, the better your chance of joining in with awareness of what is going on
-- at least part of it.But not the joining in of your mind -- and actual joining in field-wise. This is
the first joining in, and finally your personality with its consciousness is included in the field, as
an aspect of the field, part of its dynamics. When we play music at the beginning and now at the
end, the same. It's a celebration. You forget these brain activities: how, what and so on -- all the
labels -- and just join in. Field-wise-in-the-first-place always.But in the case of actually joining
in, what I wanted to convey is that it is based on field-awareness-in-the-first-place. As soon as
you are field-aware, you might notice quite keenly that the action is in the field. And I have to
remind you that the field goes through the body -- not just around. This is why you can realize
incidentally that the body is an aspect of the field and not something separate.

So let's play some music again.


Always remember , the point, in calisthenics, is not what you achieve for yourself, but what you
produce, what you can bring out, what you can do.

To help situate your position, I'm going to read the Statement of Purpose again

The reason to be of the groups is to participate in the Christ Impulse that was launched into
humanity's conscious level about 2,000 years ago. The task is two-fold: one aspect is the
adjusting to human level of that part of the impulse already working on so-called higher levels
and now intended for human expression as well. The other aspect is to render this aspect
operative within mankind. This implies the participation of unseen as well as seen "Beings". The
groups being a small but needed part of the whole action.

Little by little, as you work, you will notice that this statement is a statement of fact, not a
projection of a desire. You have to make the samestep with your own awareness -- going from
the projection of desires to the factual situation.

Within the action of the groups one can distinguish three aspects:

The Logoic action which comprises the sounding of the Word, the opening of new avenues in the
human time-space related life, the generating of the basic directive life energy within which all
participants cooperation is taking place.

The Brotherhood Aspect that develops the avenues means, and shapes, as well as the dynamics
which allow the Impulse and impulses to be operative within mankind.

This is the level at which some of you might be able to work.

The Participants Aspect whose task it is to operate the action within humankind. This implies the
self-less and still difficult task of incarnating the principle/principles in the specific way that will
allow others to follow wherever they are.

This is calisthenics.

Depending on soul maturity, degree of initiation and development, a participant may be engaged
in one, two or the three aspects, which implies the ability to handle more and more responsibility.
The Statement of Purpose says , " ... to be work-centered" not ego-centered. The problem is not
what you have to learn in-order-to-be-able-to; the situation is: We are confronted with a task, let's
do it. As you do it, you will notice that your consciousness learns a few things. Yes, as you do it.

It might be a situation, a person, or a group, but you meet something in front of you that has a
demand of some sort, and you meet that demand. You meet the situation. The question is not
what to give, how to give, or whether you can do it. The question is: What is the situation? And
according to the situation you act. Sometimes you wonder what makes effectiveness. One of the
aspects is the ability to meet the situation. Because if you meet the situation, you adjust yourself
to the situation. There is a symbiosis. That means your way of life is adjusted to the other one, be
it a group, an individual, or both at the same time.

One thing I have to say that you should know. When we are gone, the action is gone too. So, if
the group continues to work, it will not be according to our line. Difficulties arise in nearly all
groups because people think it has to continue in the same way. I'm afraid you can't. We have a
way of working that, if you are a little bit conscious, you will realize that you don't know how
what we do is done. We can explain, but there is always something that is not said, and it is this
something that makes it work. This is due to the work we have to do -- bring something new -- so
we are based differently.

After we are gone, if you want to work, what has been brought has to be cycled into mankind --
made active. And this you can do in as many ways as there are people here. Each one in his own
way. That means you can apply all sorts of methods if you want. The active principle is never a
method. The method is only the carrier of what you do.

Don't tell yourself you must first get rid of something. If you want a psychological suggestion:
First let the new mode install itself, and then, because of the new mode, change the old one in
your consciousness -- from the new position. If you first try to satisfy all your desires in order to
be free of desires, for instance, you just continue to cultivate desires. Even the desire of having
no desires. Now if you can understand this example, that wanting to live with no desire is still a
desire, then you might realize what I mean by adopting another mode. if you want to live without
desires, you live with something else. Simply that. If you want to bring out whatever abilities you
have -- bring them out. You are used to putting things in between; in the new mode there is no in
between. The carrier will refine itself as you do it, but the first movement is to do it. You have to
free yourself of thinking things out, and putting things in between with your thoughts, possibly
with your desires too.

In down-and-away it is said that when you do it efficiently you have moments where everything
is gone. But this happens when down-and-away is done from deeper than the mind -- whatever
deeper is. When you do it purposefully, that usually means it's directed by the mind. Well you
can, but it's still a mind activity. The mind becomes clearer, less turmoil, it quiets down, but it's
still mind. Now a deeper step is for that exercise to be done from deeper, livance level for
instance, and then everything goes. I mean the mind itself can go completely --even if it's only a
second. It's still an experience, so it's significant. So we make a difference between quieting the
mind and shutting off the mind. The latter you cannot do from the mind --the mind can not shut
itself off. You can shut down the mind because you live something different. If you need to be
quiet at that level you shut off consciousness as a whole. All this is included in down-and-away --
on different levels. When you come to the deeper level you become able to face very really
something totally different.

Always remember, go toward something that is very concrete, very evident -- not toward some
sort of wish of happiness or bliss or whatever. We are involved in an action which implies an
action and not wallowing in some sort of bliss because it's written about in a book. I've told you
very often that I don't care about evolving, reaching this or that initiation, I have work to do, I do
that work -- that's all. If you happen to work with me, I suggest you do the same. But that means
dropping all those expectancies, all those desires to reach. You will be much more efficient.

For those who noticed, his situation is interesting because his consciousness denies that anything
is happening not fully,there is a hint of something else -- but still it happens anyway. Remember
that, it happens often. When you join into this kind of action, it goes from the more subtle to the
more concrete -- at least what sensory awareness calls concrete -- always. So when you build up
something, the consciousness is the last to share the situation.

And incidentally you can notice that if you look at the quality emanating from you as a group,
that quality has become much more consistent. I doubt that if we tested your understanding (of
the mind or feelings) that it has evolved so much as to produce that consistency. I'm afraid it's
something else that is coming through in spite of your consciousness, and you might want to
listen twice in spite of your consciousness. There is another awareness at work.

.. It doesn't matter at all. What's needed is to connect at will. So sometimes you do and
sometimes you don't. When you relax you do it again and so on. Because the ability to connect at
will teaches your mind to realize that all you have to do is to stop your imagery about the field.
Your so-called inability is simply due to some imagery: "If I do some concrete work I cannot be
focused on the abstract?" "If I do some material work how can concentrate on the spirit?" And so
on. These are only images, they have no reality. I told you, and you always forget, that if the spirit
weren't here you would be dead. So when you concentrate very hard on something very concrete
and the field and spirit and all that seems gone -- well, it's not as gone as you think, because you
would be dead. As long as you are not dead, it's not gone.So if something has to change it's your
own imagery -- face reality . Field is here in-the-first-place. If you take a snapshot of yourself at
work on something very concrete when you've forgotten completely about the field, we will see
the field anyway. It shows even in a photograph. What changes is the field-personality relation. If
you connect, there is something much more obvious.

So, don't worry if you cannot be field-in-the-first-place all the time, we don't expect it, because
we know you cannot.

If you are truly field-aware, and only that, human consciousness as you know it is gone -- utterly
and completely gone. The awareness is functioning very differently. When we speak of field in
relation to the human personality, we speak of a separation because minds are still separating
things, not because it is separated -- separation does not exist. If you have an awareness of the
body field-wise, the body is fully transparent. You don't experience it as you experience it
sensorily -- not at all.
For instance, the mind with the brain support (the one you know) functions differently than the
mind without the brain support. It doesn't have the same quality. So, if we don't speak
technically, we are kind of stuck because it's not that easy. It's much easier for me to say
"field-awareness", "field-in-the-first-place" because it's a kind of all-encompassing awareness.
Whereas the consciousness within the body is centered on the thingness . Now basically the
thingness does not exist. But this is how you live. Now we cannot use a basic principle for your
minds because they are brain supported and they wouldn't understand. The same when we speak
of different bodies: physical, etherical , astral and so on. We don't live them that way. There is a
continuum. There is just one body and that one body cannot even be called body. So what do we
do with that? There is the need to convey something to the usual consciousness until it makes the
next step.

....the ability to recognize experientially, that means practically the differences that are
symbolized by sensory-sensory, sensory-emotional, sensory-mind, or emotional- senory ,
emotional-emotional, emotional-mind, or mind-sensory.

Now we heard sensory-mind. Sensory-mind is not mind-sensory. Mind is an aspect of the sensory
whereas mind-sensory is an aspect of the mind. Mind-emotional and mind-mind. If you want to
work, really, and a bit more technically, these differences ought to be clear. Experientially. I
encourage you to work with these divisions until the shades become apparent. This is done with
the consciousness. It relates to the same shades you have with the functions A, U and M. And I
also encourage you to work with the book and those functions. Not as information, but as
working tools.

Participant: Would you explain something more about if a person is functioning from a
total-field-awareness the physical body is transparent?

Martin: It simply means that the body looks the way it looks for you because of the type of
awareness you use. If you use a different type it looks different. It's definitely not the only aspect
of the body, and you might remember that Physics long ago established that solid matter was
mainly nothing -- a kind of void with a tiny amount of particles in it. For the sensory awareness
the body is big, but what you see is mainly nothing.

It's basically very simple: You have sensory-emotional, emotional-sensory. You live the feeling
emotional-sensory. Then you tip the scale toward sensory, then toward emotional and watch the
difference. Little by little you will know. You produce a condition you can call

Participant: so, if I heard you right what you are saying: the training is so you can be aware of
what you are offering.

Martin: So that you can be aware of what is facing you first, and you adjust your offering
accordingly. If you are aware of what you are offering it does not necessarily imply that you are
aware of the situation in front of you.
Participant: I can see how looking at whether you are mental-emotional or sensory-emotional
seems to relate to what you are offering but that seems distinct from what the situation is.

Martin: Any condition you live, any, you find it in lots of other people too. If you are able to live
a condition you are able to perceive it in someone else. If if's truly lived you recognize it in
someone else. That means your perception becomes more definite. When you are able to
synchronize what you live with the other one's living there is an exchange -- something happens.
It's a form of symbiosis through which you can act --symbiosis being the tool. If you are separate
from the other -- you don't meet -- the action is poor. It's always much stronger when there is a

The divisions we made in sensory, emotional, and mental awareness are kind of artificial but we
use it in a way that doesn't seem to be plain tonight. When you use it, the tendency of today's
awareness is to put the accent on the sensory aspect of everything. In emotions, for instance, what
touches you, what churns inside you is very well recognized, but the pure emotion is practically
ignored. The concrete side of the mind (mind-sensory) is relatively well-known. The
mind-emotional is pretty well known too. I challenge you to find the mind-mind, which is
absolutely clear and sharp; you have yet to discover it. So don't underestimate the three
classifications. There are aspects you don't know yet. The range is much broader than it looks.
Don't equate mind-mind with the mind you know --any psychologist can tell you that it's mainly

Participant: Is there some kind symmetry with the way the A, U, M functions and the sensory,
emotional, mental etc. that we have been working with?

Martin: Yes, in my perspective, it's simply another way to deal with the functions A, U, M. Let
us say, in a minor way that is accessible for consciousness. I notice that most people don't know
how their consciousness works. They are not aware of the relation between those different
aspects. So I use sensory, emotional, and mental, because everyone is familiar with these, and I
tell you to play with it. Become aware of what is working in yourself and in other people around
you and see the workings. If you can do that efficiently you will be much better equipped for the
more abstract aspects of A, U, and M. Now, some people are abstract-minded and are better off
doing the reverse. There is the choice. But later on you will work with A, U, and M and they
don't have a limit, whereas with sensory awareness there is a limit.

You know, if you follow what's in the book, you will realize that three centers are active
consciously -- the three of the thorax, which is a U function. The U function is related to the
emotions. Actually what is known as mind is an emotional function, the true mind is not known
on the average level.

So when you play with those three types of awareness you become much more familiar with the
workings and you can see much more obviously how people limit themselves in certain sectors.
And how things that can be very obvious for you can simply not exist for others because their
consciousness functions in more limited ways, for instance, only sensory on all three levels. Then
you find people a bit more refined and they are closer to emotional-emotional. You find very few
responding to real mind.

But you cannot really equate A, U, M and the three modes because the sensory-sensory is still a
U function, it's not an M function. The real M is still different --with the three modes you have an
m of the U and pretty superficial by itself . One of the reasons to play with these things is to
become familiar, and, becoming familiar ,to discover much more shades. You realize that in the
beginning you take it very grossly. There is much more to itthan it looks like. The range goes
much further than people are conscious of.

We speak of awareness and extra-sensory awareness. For us extra-sensory is typically sensory. It
is something that has simply escaped people because they have not been educated in the field, but
it is a range of the sensory level. If you want extra-sensory it's another story. Once you make the
difference between body-supported or personality-supported or not supported then you see that
extra-sensory perception is not only personality-supported it is physically-supported. Functions in
the body allow it to be, so it is sensory. And so on ...

It's a way to discover a whole world. It allows you to discover fine points, and then when you
start acting you are much more aware of what to do. You have to know what you are doing. You
have to be able to synchronize what you are doing with the situation.

....We could do away with all that I said about exercising, if you were really working
field-in-the-first-place. With field-in-the-first-place all types of awareness, even conscious
awareness, become enormously richer. So why train them otherwise? The trouble is that
field-in-the-first-place is not that easy, unless you have some real training from past lives (many
lives). In the mean time we have to provide some exercises for brains that are not trained. They
are not used to considering all sorts of angles. We have to provide some way of making the
functions more limber, more open. It can be done differently it's true, but to do it the right way
would be terribly frustrating, unless you had the ability to control the way your mind works. You
would not only question, but do away with, every mode you usually use.

In order to do this you have to... This is what you believe. This has to go. You just do. With the
training you have from school on you cannot, because you were taught that in order to do you
must first learn.


Every time you have the opportunity to bring something field-wise into this room, do it. In this
way you learn to Participate. Otherwise, you come here in order to get something -- which is the
traditional way of doing things but this is spiritual selfishness. You fall prey to it every time you
do something for your own benefit. For example: you want to acquire a state of perfection,
possibly in order to help us. It still contains a desire to acquire a state of perfection in the first
place and justification in the second place. The sentence:
"I-want-to-be-perfect-in-order-to-participate" is a long one. The longer the sentence the more
chance there is for trouble. so, if you "want-to-acquire-perfection-in-order-to-possibly-help..."
there is room for a lot of trouble. We propose that you participate. It's much more direct.

We have a work going on here and lots of things to do. We wait only for the moment when you
can share it. up to now you are not conscious of what is going on when we work; you simply
acknowledge that there is a change going on. It's still very vague. If we ask you to define
anything you can't. We expect at least some of you to be able to connect consciously. But you
have to be work-centered. Every opportunity to move, to act has to be taken. I have tried to
convey this in many forms for a long time now, and as you can see, globally speaking, we have
not yet come through. You are still centered on yourself. Read the Statement of Purpose again.
Let's approach it from another angle. You have to train yourself to see everything in terms of
functions in order to balance what you were trained to do, that is, see everything in terms of
"thingness". "That-thing-which-I-call-my-
body-is-not-in-good-health-so-I-have-to-do-something-about-it-and-start..." You have to learn to
see that same "thing" as a function.

And it is mandatory that you learn, at least the more mature of you, to go beyond the informative
stage when I tell you that consciousness is reflecting something, which like every reflection is an
inverse symmetry. You have to learn to see the function working directly.

I will give you an example: About a month ago we sent back an item we received from a mail
order catalog, and then I completely forgot about. Lately, it came back to my mind. I wondered if
the parcel was lost, or possibly they forgot about it. I thought perhaps I should write. This lasted
for a full day. This was the reverse symmetry of what was actually going on; the parcel came the
next day.

You will notice that the reflection, in this example was very poor, and reversed. There was a
movement toward: "Maybe I have to do something" which was a reflection of the movement of
the package coming.

When you have an uncomfortable urge toward something, that something is coming down. It is
actually not a thing it's a function going on.

Wxhen you have that strong need it means some unconscious part of yourself is already working
at it but the other way around. So you could participate in that working out rather than standing
in the way.

If I take the example that I just gave with that parcel I would have written a letter, sent it, and
received the parcel the next day.

My endeavors go against the current-- symbolically speaking, the parcel is coming and I go the
other way around --unless I recognize that it is a reflection of an event.

So when you have a need to do something, be aware that this is a reflection, and ask yourself
what is really going on -- what is the other side of the picture -- what kind of function is going on
that creates that reflection. This is really important. It's really a reeducation of your
consciousness. The reflection is not what is going on.

For some of you the need to perfect your instrumentality (body, feelings, sensory awareness, etc.)
is very strong -- always to be better fit. Better fit for what? You build your fitness according to
acquired references not according to what is going on. The "what is going on does not have any

The modification of your personality, way of life, quality, comes because you are acting. You
change because you act, move, do something in the world. It is what comes out of the
instrumentality that changes. If you come out with a higher value (or whatever you call it) you
will find a response in every level of your personality, including the physical; you will come out
with the radiation of a higher value. The conceptualizing makes you want to make the body or
whatever more sensitive in order to be able to respond to higher values -- well, it doesn't work.

And sometimes in the endeavor to go ahead as fast, as possible, some of you do too much and
use your reserves. If you want to be fit, your vitality has to be fully balanced. So, you have to
establish a balance (as good as possible). The work we do (when you really work) taxes mainly
the nervous system, so it has to be accompanied by the kind of relaxation that compensates for
the kind of tension or energy you burn.

The more you work from down up the more you use those energies. The more you work
field-first the less you burn your reserves. The problem then is not so much burning your reserves
as changing the type of life prevailing in the body -- which sometimes asks for some time of

You have a collective memory from the past of reaching higher so I can't blame you, it's inbred.
This is a reflection of something coming down. Learn to notice and acknowledge it. First you
have to experience it and then you can acknowledge it. If you only believe, it has no value
whatsoever because it's not functional.
You have to learn to ask fewer and fewer questions, put less and less distance between you and
what you do. For instance, you live a splendid A. But then you start thinking that in order to live
A you must first do this and that and that. And you ask yourself "is A so and so; above the head
or close; half in, half out; forward or a little further back?" And so on. The longer the sentence
the more difficulties you have.

...When you live field-wise, don't do a thing. It just happens to work, so don't interfere. For most
people, when they stop their mental activity, they pretend nothing is happening. What you have
to get ready for, and I think you are from the condition you show: When that condition sets out,
you can stop all enclosed activities but the action continues. You just acknowledge it's work. You
don't have to do a thing. You don't even have to be self-reflexive. You can acknowIedge it is
working and go off to do something, knowing perfectly well that it is going to continue
throughout what you are doing. When you are through, you acknowledge it again, and see the
change. It works. It does not stop working just because you haven't put your attention on it. 0ne
of the big mistake everyone makes is to think that if you stop thinking nothing happens. Most
minds are geared to think that an action stops when the attention is not on the point.

You have to have a different position: You very consciously don't stop the action, you allow it to
continue. First you live the condition and when the condition is alive and working you let it
continue while you do any chores you have to do. You will notice that at anytime you check,
during or at the end of what you are doing, it's still active.

We do it all the time here, during speaking sessions. Something is set in motion and then we
speak, we do whatever, and it still goes on.

This is what allows you to speak with someone and do something else at the same time. You set
it in motion and then you are free to be as involved as you want in the speech. The action

You tune into A and you are very busy observing it, instead of A flowing. You solve the problem
by functioning. You teach children. Stand field-A in front of that class.Let it go on as you speak
and take care of the children. From time to time just connect to see if it is still going on. If no,
start again, until you learn that it goes on all the while you are centered on something else. You
will observe that you don't need to be self-reflexive. The usual position of consciousness is to
think that if you don't think about it it doesn't exist. So it doesn't show, it's blocked.

There is another thing you can do. When you observe A get the feel of the specific quality of the
field, as you said, different from U for instance. So it has some specificity maybe not very clear
but still something. Live the feel of it and forget the self-reflexiveness in order to live the feel
which actually means you start living it. And when I say feel, it's not an emotional feeling, but we
have no words for it. Do this until, at moments, you are completely full of the A quality, centered
there, enormously wide, no thoughts.

The problem is not the A or the function, but rather the way we have been educated to
acknowledge consciousness that is standing in the way. we have to find ways of living what is
actually going on instead of being satisfied with noticing symptoms. The symptom is not the
activity itself, it's only an effect. But when you see a symptom it reminds the consciousness that
something is going on and you can live that something fully.

Participant: I'm not quite clear what the A center would do to manifest a result and my mind is
stuck looking for a way the A function would manifest in a practical way.

Martin: Very well put and a common situation. The A is a function, technically speaking, way
above thinking. It is directive and has no shape. Now your mind asks what shape it has, what
consistency, what kind of effect -- all this for a function that has no shape. The position of your
mind expects known references for something that is new, and pretends it can't work if it doesn't

That's how you were educated in school and so on -- that you have to know in order to do. Here
you learn that something new is new -- that means that all references are useless. The sooner you
live a condition without any reference, the better it will be.

You live the vastness called field. You live it. The livance is so full, so simultaneous, that if you
pick one feature, then why not pick another -- then you get lost. That's not the way it works.

In this instance, you live A , strongly, fully, and then you feed it to your mind -- slowly, until the
mind adjusts, because it is new for the mind. Of course, the mind registers some symptoms -- one
of the most common is feeling taller relative to the space in which you live. Another is feeling
straighter -- this has to do with verticality. These are symptoms -- it's not the action. The action is
direction. Directiveness.

Participant: In a way, once the mind has said "A" it's sort of already a reflection of the thing
going on.

Martin: That's a good point. You will notice for instance that when the mind says "live A",
actually there are lots of feelings around the mind that are A oriented. Thus you have the
statement of the mind that is an inverse picture of what is actually already going on. But if you
acknowledge only the mind then the finer feelings are lost. If you are able to see what the mind
does, you are also able to see that there are feelings already tuned to the situation, which
provokes the reflection of the mind. It's a hard blow for the illusion of directing from the mind.

You have an idea popping up in the mind: "Let's do this or that". This means the action is already
going on and the mind is just reflecting. If you are able to o serve that, then you might be able to
tune directly into the action rather than relying on the reflection. You are not obliged to believe
what the mind says.
Another Participant: When I was working with A it felt like there was tingling all the way down
to my feet. It felt like being grounded, like whatever was coming through was grounding itself.
The activity that was happening would be analogous to particles coming apart and resettling in a
different way. it was like being a picture made up of different dots ...
Martin: Were they static or moving?

Participant: Moving. It seems like the dots and the space between the dots was obvious because
something else was happening -- something else was coming in.

Martin: You will notice that there is still a self reflexiveness. You have the action going on (field
and A center) and you acknowledging it. Now when you want to live a real A there is no

Participant: How do you know you are doing it then?

Martin: Let's approach from a different angle. Live A as strong as you can, and see the type of
awareness that you have. You get the livance, the feel of life, and now look over there (with
Georgette). See the difference? She doesn't try to be aware of it. There is no reflexiveness. You
get into another mode where it's there -- that's all. And the "there" implies a highly-active
function -- but not in the mind's way. The purpose of training is precisely that.

A is a function. When you use it it has effects. Usually you feel that there is an A, or you feel a
kind A note. But this is a function, it has to become operative. It's one thing to discover it and
another thing to make it operative. These functions are not meant to reach a higher condition.
They are meant to express creatively in the world. Always remember that.

The situation in which we are requires a different attitude of consciousness so that we can go
further. Otherwise you simply wallow in spiritual selfishness --enjoying for yourself -- not
realizing that we are involved in a work. If you really join in, the work is not a mystery. But you
cannot join by acquiring qualities first. You can only join by joining. It's a fully creative position.

You think that we have to do something(for your benefit) -- you stay in a condition of
expectancy. This is how you were born, but you are supposed to mature. There is a soul need in
you, and a soul need is always a movement coming out. The use of the field, the centers, the use
of the whole person allows that higher aspect of yourself to come through.

I have often said that I don't like the word "soul" because it has a connotation of thingness that
does not allow you to see the function of it-- the same with your personality. Please remember
that the world is as you see it only because of your frame of mind. You speak of a personality and
a higher condition. There is no such thing past a certain point of maturity. The separation is only
because of the inconsistency of the mind (which also implies emotions and sensory awareness).
You allow the senses to perceive from here to there, and that's all. There is no limit in the
perception -- none.

According to Steiner, when man was a "blob of heat" he was able, awareness-wise, to
connect/commune with the life of the stars (any distance away). So that was the first condition of
man when he began to build a body. It was the first condition in you. It's still there. How do you
put that together with the mind as you know it -- with the sensory awareness as you know it? It is
not a matter of reaching up. It's a matter of retraining your awareness.
Participant: Could you talk about the word "function".

You find the A function in the macrocosm, the whole universe an beyond, as well as in the tiniest
aspect you can find. It is always the same function.

What you call "soul" is not an object, it's part of the U function. it is that part that is closest to
consciousness just beyond. It is only an aspect of a function. The function itself is infinite.

If you want to know a function you have to make it move -- use it. If you mentalize about it it
doesn't work.

If you really live field-A center, the radiation of the hand is field-A center. You don't need to do
anything. It relates to the calisthenics we did with the hands. You know that it really works if you
look at your hands and see it coming out. You can do it in front of a mirror to provide some
distance for yourself. It comes out of the whole body. If you touch someone, it comes out. You
don't need to do anything to bring it out. It is center-directed and not mind-directed. I have given
you my secret of healing (or acting in whatever way). Field-in-the-first-place. The center
becomes polarized and it is lived so strongly, it is so evident,that it flows out everywhere. So the
activity of the hands will go along the same line -- which is very different from the endeavor to
bring-something-out-of-the-hand-in-order-to. If you touch a person, or a flower, or a crystal, they
will change accordingly. But if you touch a crystal, as I see some of you doing, with your minds,
it won't change, except that it will express your desire for something special. The secret is very
simple: Live it. But living does not mean imagining -- it's living. It deals with life directly.

When you experience what I have described, compare it, very consciously, with what you did
when you wanted the hand to bring something out. The difference is drastic.

But if
ave-to-activate- the-A-center-and-then-you-have-to-live-that-so-strongly-that-it-comes-out

-of-the-hands... it does not work.

Participant: When I practice there is always a time when I have an impatience coming out. I want
to do something, and it is so much in the way that it ruins everything. It's overwhelming

Martin: You have the urge to do something-- this is a reflection of what? And when I say "what",
the "what" lives in it's own mode. The "what" is not expressed in mind terms, it's expressed in
livance terms.

You need to do something. It's the reflection of what? So you stop and you see there is something
going on which triggers the need. So, you join in that. You acknowledge the expression the urge
to do something. Even if you know theoretically that this is too much doing, you still
acknowledge the urge because this is a sign, a symptom, of something going on. You have to
accept it as a symptom. If you negate it you negate the symptom and then you have a much
harder time.

You can also be more specific: You have an urge. You realize that it's not that -- it's a reflection.
For most people, including every one of you, the first connection with a real field awareness is
always very global, undifferentiated. It's only later on that it becomes very precise. But still, let
say that it is undifferentiated but you really live it, you feel it. Now your urge to do something is
undifferentiated also, but it is a need and the other is not. The expression of it is not clear, but the
flow of it has a specific quality. Live the whole of that and the reflection (which I call need) --
not the form of it but the flow of it -- and as the flow moves you will notice that it synchronizes
with some aspect in the field. So, from a clue that is not very definite, you can come (field-wise)
to a point that is very definite.

Participant: You answered what I was after, because I have a need to know what would be the
precise thing to do and yet I don't feel that I can direct it.

Martin: When you speak of your impatience, that impatience is specific. It's not global. You feel
there is something to be done and you get impatient. Let the movement continue and live the
whole. You will notice that in that whole there is a definite quality at work. Names are
misleading but it's a kind of life, and not just any life. The impatience of one day is not the
impatience of the next day. There are always different shades.

Is there any limit? I gave you Steiner's example of the birth of man (when he was a "blob of
heat") -- being able to commune with the life anywhere. Steiner doesn't
speak of what was before that, so it's only a limited aspect, but for your consciousness it's rather
big. The limits you know are those you put on yourself.

If you want to change, start moving -- field-wise. Actually there is more than field-wise, but at
least do this. When everyone does this we will go further and bring into expression other aspects.

If you remember the hologram, the field is activated by a core activity from another order of life.
Another order is something utterly, totally different. And your own center of gravity is there.

Please become active -- bring out. When you stand here give out -- not for yourself -- but
practically. If you want an image: Bring out your divinity. "Man was created in the image and
likeness of God".

.....As long as you are caught within the attraction of power you cannot assume higher
responsibilities. It's not possible. This is speaking from the professional side. On the
psychological side, you have to realize that when you acknowledge a power you acknowledge the
apparent condition as being the base, and any "special faculty" is considered more than that --
thus a power. It is fascinating only as long as you consider the standard human condition as

The present tendency is to balance the thingness by the dynamics of the whole (dynamics and
functions belong in the same realm). You learn to see dynamics -- so much that the thing
becomes an event. An event has no substance.

Then there is still another level where you don't speak of those two extremes: the dynamics of the
whole and the particle.

Meaning, your power exists only because you accept the standard that you see everyday in the
street. If I look at you (on the power level) to me it's very poor. It's true that it's fascinating and
it's very "in" to have psychic powers and so on -- but it's very finite, very limited.

How do you live and act field-wise and live a power? Do you really feel that I have a special
power in these sessions? Honestl#y, do you feel that? You feel that I'm different, yes, but
compared to what you call power ...

......If we take the example of St. John of the Cross' golden middle way: you have material
goodies on one side and spiritual goodies on the other side. The point is not to accept or reject
powers, the point is to realize that when you function in this direction you limit yourself
tremendously. As soon as you are geared on powers the vastness of the field is gone. You might
feel a field but it might be an energetic field. It might be related to the aura, for instance, which is
very concrete -- it's not the limitless field, it's only an aspect.

So when we sound the alarm, it simply means -- try again. Come out field-wise. different, yes,
but compared to what you call power ...

Remember, the psychological sense of power means that you use some ability that you do not
fully understand. it, appears very special. You have the power to work, but you don't call it
power. Its too common.

If you have the feeling of power it means that you are not up to what you do. It's possible, you
can have special training without everything being smooth all around, so that you peak in some
ways and are very medium in others. So, your average awareness considers the peak as a power.
If you peak everywhere it's no longer a power. It's a normal situation. When we work we know
it's the normal condition -- no sense of power.

Something else too, when you have a sense of power you are aware of directing everything from
the enclosed awareness. You might feel something around too, but your enclosed awareness
holds it.

When we work, it does not go from me to you. The way it happens is: a kind of dynamic
condition is triggered, a direction is given, and you happen to respond to it. When you respond to
it, it means that what is triggered activates itself in you. That dynamic condition does it, not me.
We might call that symbiosis or syntony in a lesser way. There is a live condition created and this
works for everyone ---more or less consciously. It works as yours because it's your life --as you
call it --- unless you give up the possessiveness. Then it's life. That's not what is called "Power".
If you are afraid of power, these are symptoms, so you cannot deny them, but you can live
differently in front of everyday life. You can bring more into daily life than the limitation of a
so-called power.

For your own brain reference: In some cases a power is useful -- as long as you handle it as a
normal tool. But then you don't call it "power". Remember, your attraction with power always
has to do with something you don't fully understand. This means you strive toward. Field-wise
you come out, or you come down. Man is supposed to bring heaven on earth according to the
symbolism -- that's a coming down. When you have a sense of power it always means you are
going from the down position up. This is the reverse of the radiation. You are acting fully on the
reflective side. You must learn to make the difference between action, which is direct, and reflex.
A power is always reflected -- no matter how concrete and effective.

If you feel you direct some events everyone does it. You fit into events according to what you
readiate. It's simply that you are usually not conscious of the process. If you think of an event, i.e.
you want the event to go a certain way and it does, who is to say you did it or you sensed that it
would go that way. You might simply have guessed that it would go that way and you formed the
guess into a power to direct. You have to check these things if you are able to, because both
situations are common. In some instances you direct something, and in others you just sense it
and then you translate the sensing into whatever imagery you want. If you need to be someone
big you might call it "power". If you are not concerned about that you might simply realize that
you felt it.

It is an important subject because there is a chronic attraction toward power. Spiritual powers,
healing powers, psychic powers, whatever.

And-there is always the golden middle way -- it's the least attractive one. But remember the
imagery is one in which you go toward God. This is the reflection. What is the other way around?
This is the real way it works. Find out for yourself. Not everyone is mature enough to face it.

The Experiment: Spaceless and Timeless

Close your eyes and imagine a starry night --- very clear, very beautiful. Extraordinarily vast, as
you could feel/sense the whole univers -- completely limitless.

Continue to dwell in that limitless condition, but now you take the stars away, slowly or rapidly
as you want, until none are left. There is now nothing -- and you are present in this condition
without any shape -- simply present.

Now return the stars again --bright and beautiful.

Now take them off again, and continue to dwell in the limitlessness, in nothingness. Observe its
quality. There is no object -- none.

Watch closely: Put one star in the middle, and as you place the star you will notice that the
surface of the limitlessness has changed all around the star. Put all the stars back, and the space
between the stars takes on a certain quality.

Take the stars away again, and that quality of space is gone with the stars. In your limitlessness
there is no space.

As soon as you put one star back (or many) that quality which changes the limitlessness gives
you the feel of space. Notice the change between the limitlessness, without object, and the same
condition with object (which implies something around the object).

If we speak of a condition which is spaceless and timeless your mind has a a hard time trying to
find out what it can be. Whereas, in this experiment, you realize that you can actually sense it,
and even if it is not complete, it's still sufficient to make the difference between a condition that
has no time and space and one that has time and space. Your mind is too much involved in the
thingness, considering itself a star in that space, thus implying space. If you have no-thing left,
space is gone. You are active but the mode is different.

What I want to compare is that in the condition with thingness (stars), you could possibly see
yourself growing until you are a lofty Divine Being. When you take the stars away, you stand
here with three -and-one-half eternities as this being. And if you can be completely mind-free,
you don't even think of three and one half eternities. I say this because this reference exists in
books. The actual experience is quite a bit different. And the experience is here -- it's simply that
it's a timeless and spaceless here. it's a timeless , spaceless now -- that enormous fullness of
presence. And it's not static, it's very active.

Please notice that in that vastness, limitless space, there is no feeling of evolution. It is a now that
is not related to time and space. It is a now in which time and space are incidental - they are used
or not used, depending on what you have to do. You can be perfectly whole in that condition --
no becoming. The sense of evolution is gone. All constructs are gone.

When we work, the main part is without the component of time and space. It is now. Do you
begin to realize against what odds we are playing when you ferociously stick to evolution, not
acknowledging that there are other aspects.

You will notice that when you make the contrast between thingness and nothingness, when
thingness is gone, everything is gone -- including your normal awareness. Of course, you will be
self-reflexive, meaning some awareness of what is going on will pop up. This is a thingness, so
take it away and the thingness or the wanting to do it is included. The point is not whether they
are right or wrong, the point is to live nothingness. The difference is immediate (without
mediation). Just do it.

Live nothingness and then live field-wise and center on A. You will notice immediately that
thingness is here you have destroyed nothingness. One day, you will live that no thingness in the
first place and bring forth that center called "A" from the nothingness into activity or (as people
say) into being -- it's a true creation.
For those who could not sense these two positions significantly, I ssuggest that you don't go to
far. Just learn to live in the world with thingness (stars) and the world of nothingness(without
stars). The background is black in both positions -- simply, the quality of life changes. Later you
will notice that the nothingness background is still present with the thingness -- simultaneously
and unchanged. What looks like a change is just an appearnace on it.

You will notice that the components called time and space are only two components,or if you
lwant , one time-space continuum. When you have have nothingnessit is all- encompassing. It is
when you can really tune the awareness of "you", that which says"I" to nothingness, that you can
live not being a thing. Then there is fullness. Then you realize that evolution is a point of view.
You simultaneously live "the Great Dance".

In terms of evolution, it has to take place somewhere. So, you have your starry sky. But the starry
sky is only a feature in the starless condition. The limitless condition contains everything,
including space and time. The now contains everything, including the evolutionary process. The
evolutionary process is only an aspect, a relatively tiny aspect, of the whole,that is going on. And
the trouble we have to bring you to act in what we do is in the biggest part on this point. we see
you as entities in a now which does not contain space and time, or rather in which space and time
are only incidental.

Suppose you live that every day, and come here with the fullness of that now -- in which there is
no becoming. When you begin to live that now, you begin to realize that we are here to do
something. The scale of evolution is just incidental in the work being done.

We come to that "shocking" position of the fullness of you being here now -- limitless, timeless,
spaceless. If you want to help, come out from this position into time and space. It is utterly
different from anything you know -- but no less real.

Live this condition and see how you deal with your consciousness. All the constructs that seem to
be absolutely needed... and suddenly you realize that all that is here already. Not in the aspects of
space and time, but these are not the only aspects.

When you allow yourself to dwell in that continuum which has no space and no time -- no
thing--- your constructs are gone, and the knowledge of how to do what you have to do comes
with you -- even if you didn't know it the second before..

You will notice that when you become able to live nothingness, you will have lost that type of
identity that is called the ego. You still have to say "I", but the feel of the ego is gone -- the egoic
thingness is gone. And if you say "I" or "we" it makes no difference because it's neither -- it's
simply a requirement of the language.

In time to come, man will realize -- there cannot be other than now. This is quite real and it is
with this that we work. It's a challenge for the consciousness --a readjustment.

The point is to live that spacelessness, really, with no thing, and in the beginning it won't -- be
easy. If we do it together it be easier because there is a certain volume, but when you are alone
you don't have that volume, unless you connect to everyone. But usually you are more separate
and more self-centered.

Play around with this until you can really live the differences -- quality-wise and presence-wise.

In the meantime, continue with field-in-the-first-place and the A center until it becomes active,


When Djwhal Khul speaks of soul he means a very specific function, so the action starts from
there -- preferably it starts from the Monad, which is still higher (in the symbolism of Djwharl
Khul). He also speaks of two souls. Now which one is which?

... Djwharl Khul is a spiritual master, his awareness is way beyond soul. If you see awareness as a
kind of ladder (it's an old symbolism), he speaks of soul looking down. You speak of soul
looking up. Now if you are looking up and he speaks looking down, are you sure you understand
each other? Do you see the situation?

I agree that everyone in their life has an inkling of a soul quality, a soul presence, but the acting
soul is not an inkling. It is more definite than your awareness of your own personality -- not less.
Of course, when you begin to establish a soul relation, your consciousness has to adjust; so you
have inklings that become stronger and stronger, there are more evidences and so on. This is
perfectly okay, this is how people work. It's simply that when there is a requirement, don't be
misled -- the requirement is specific and clear cut.... It is of no use saying that your mind doesn't
know what soul awareness is but you sense soul. This is not working from soul level. This is
simply consciousness becoming slowly aware of soul.

You are not used to real spiritual work -- I mean the business end of it. It is not a judgment; it is
not a criticism; it is simply that real work implies a turn-around and is fully creative. As I have
said, it implies a lot of responsibility.Spiritual healing is an outgoing action. It is not an action for
the mind that wants to be soul and hopefully act. obviously not -- it is soul acting.

What I am hinting at is actually something very simple. It pertains to your position when you
work. If you think that-you- have-to- get-acquainted-with-soul; -you-don't-know-what-it-is;
you-have-to-reach-higher-and-higher-and-higher -in-order-to-reach-soul,
-then-maybe-one-day-you-can-turn-around-and-act-from-soul-level -- that means you give a
direction to all your workings, exercisings and so on that must go along that way. I wonder if you
realize that you set yo}ur own path by your beliefs. If you have decided that you have to proceed
that way in order to reach soul, you are going to proceed that way and eventually you might
"reach" soul. And then what? Reaching soul is still not being soul -- except that the awareness of
soul will be a lot clearer --the shift of the center of gravity must still be made.

You can proceed differently. Once in a while quite spontaneously you come out soul-wise. Start
from that experience, and work at coming out until it is operational. It is a lot quicker -- but not
everyone is mature enough to do that.

There is another point: I came across a sentence that said, "The astral world is not real it is a
construct...from man". I was quite happy with that because I tell you all the time that, in the way
we work, astrality does not exist -- I mean really does not. I know what it is, and if I have to work
on that level, I have to adjust myself to that level in the given individual but for me it does not
exist. But all around you they speak of astrality all the time.

This leads me to something that I tell you all the time also: watch your consciousness. The way
you know it is reflexive, and like all reflections there is an inversion in it. The strong need to
reach up reflects the coming down. The findings you make with your mind are always
reflections. You haven't yet discovered the mind that does not reflect. It's a different story, but it

... Usually you start, just as it says in the book -- with the centers of the head because these
functions are positive functions. I mean relating to the body with a nature side and a spirit side,
they belong to the spirit side. They allow you to take over from nature. (In case you don't know,
human beings are supposed to take over from nature -- nowadays it's about fifty-fifty, some a
little more, some a little less. This means that one day they will be mature and be able to handle
their own body -- so goes the story.) So you have an advantage in dealing with the centers of the
head, because nature hasn't become mixed up with them. Nature is mixed with the thorax centers
so you might not be able to make the difference. In the head it's much clearer. So you start with
the centers of the head and you get acquainted with the function A, U and M. Practice. It has to
be experiential and (to make a word) evidential -- self-evident. This is not reached by listening to
words or reading words. This happens when you give it out properly.

Participant: Is either the A, U or M stronger in each individual?

Martin: Yes, ... You have basic functions and more superficial functions. You might assume a
basic function, let us say A, throughout the whole life, but during the life you might come out
with one, two, three different functions closer to the outside. In the beginning you don't usually
see these differences, so you find just one dominant note. And don't be confused if you sense a
strong head activity, meaning mind/intellect, it does not mean that the A is dominant. This kind
of activity belongs to the heart.

And relating to this, to make a fictitious example: Suppose you are a small group studying; you
center field-A; then what? Well, perhaps someone has a suggestion that you could do this or that.
This would be typical, and it is very typical of the mind perceiving A, not A functioning. If you
live field-A you don't think and you don't say, "now we could do..." The A decides and the U
function adjusts around the directive impulse of the A, and then something takes shape --
according to that A, and behind the A function the field -- but not according to your brain. A does
not think, nor does the field. It does not reflect, nor does the field. So, be ready, when you center
A, live A - field-A. Stay is this livance with your consciousness fully open to what step A is
going to take. This openness is an active collaboration, there is no passive waiting. If you happen
to catch yourself waiting for something you are not A-centered, so go back to being A-centered
until the movement comes through. Stay with the function for a while -- don't interfere.

So you will notice the requirements appear very difficult but, as I said, the difficulty stems
mainly from the position. Change the position, train a bit, and it will be easier. But the position is
always, due to the whole society around, acquisitive. you want to acquire some abilities. The
function is outgoing, it's creative not acquisitive. Outpouring if you want, not in pouring. All soul
experiences are always, always, always outgoing. Check for yourself.

....because the mind has it's use. But there are functions you can perform with or without the
mind. If it is without the mind you are not dependent upon the mind understanding or
cooperating, you just do it. Soul action is possible with or without the mind. Monadic action is
even freer of the mind.

To give you a reference, if you have studied the book, you have an inkling of what the Monadic
level implies. You've heard me speaking of livance. Live nice is an all-encompassing awareness.
For us, technically, the lowest level of livance is on the Monadic level. You have a reflection of it
on soul level. Now, everyone experiences a sort of all-encompassing awareness. It's simply that
from school on you are trained not to acknowledge it. Because you are supposed to acknowledge
something according a system which fits the linearity of your thoughts. If you, for instance, come
in this room and sit down, there is first encompassingness, undifferentiated -- apparently. And
from this you gather impressions: sensory, feeling, or mental. These functions come second not
first. You learn to dwell with the overall, or if you prefer all-encompassing, awareness. It might
not be all-encompassing technically, but it's a training you need. Because you underestimate the
ability of that awareness for the benefit of a more limited awareness.

Seen from the limited awareness, the all-encompassing awareness is kind of vague -- there is a
sense of unity, possibly some sort of beauty, but totally undifferentiated and thus very vague.
When you learn to dwell in it, there is a fullness that your thoughts, thinking ability, or even
intuitions cannot match --cannot. they just cannot. In that fullness there is a precision that your
mind cannot match -- cannot.

You are trained in self-reflexiveness and haven't yet learned to acknowledge that
all-encompassing awareness. This you have to do. Train yourself to acknowledge it, and, once it
is more evident, dwell in it. If this becomes effective you can work from there on.

I have always told you that in livance (livance is all-encompassing), whatever information you
need you find it there. If your mind has to see something in a certain direction it can approach
livance in that direction and find the answer. If you need to come out in a certain direction,
livance gives you the possibility.

 Remember I said that the lowest level of livance is the Monadic level. Livance is
all-encompassing. There is a reflection on soul level, and that reflection is involved in
field-awareness; it's simply that it doesn't have the label "soul". If we work we don't use the word
"soul", neither do we use the word "Monad". I come up with it because you studied the book.
These are labels and we need the facts that means the functions going on. The function is not the
label. Your understanding of the Monadic level and the fact of Monadic functioning is very
different. Obviously.

You will notice that the field awareness is strangely related to everything, so is soul awareness --
but field awareness is something practical, operative and soul awareness is tinted by lots of
concepts, emotional feelings toward soul and so on, so we try to avoid that. Soul is no reality in
itself. It's not a thing.

Incidentally, when you work with functions, you will learn to see/sense/feel/think function-wise
instead of thingness-wise.Thus providing to yourself the proposition of the physicist: a particle is
an event not a thing. For your ordinary mind it's an impossibility. You cannot see yourself as an
event you see yourself as a thing. This changes. All your relation toward the thingness of the
world changes.

......I was asked yesterday by those who want to work seriously with the book if they could have
someone knowledgeable to guide them and I said "no". For one reason: you have to learn to work
by yourself. Although it is easier and sometimes more beneficial to work in groups (although it's
not true for everyone), because you have different approaches. And if you are caught in a certain
trend, which happens easily, you see others doing differently and this might open up a
narrowness of the way you are going.

One point about the study of the book that you might overlook. The mastery of the technical side
requires a lot and there is a tendency in the mind to approach the book as "it". The book is only
an introduction -- no more than that. The way we actually work now is way beyond the book. It's
simply that you have the beginning steps in the book that allow you to adjust -- but remember
that the books ends with something totally different. You have to remember that. You have to
limber your patterning to the point where you can stop making patterns at will, at least for a few
seconds. In other words you have to be able to dwell with field awareness, or livance, or
all-encompassing awareness -- really.

If you are ready for more, then the technical side of the book will be very easy. It's not as difficult
as it looks to some of you. The only trouble has been that up to now we didn't find people who
just did it. Always you do a little bit, you understand, and you are happy. Remember we don't
care about your understanding. I say that quite bluntly. You might be happy to understand
something -- the point is not this. The point is what can you do?" We are involved in some work.
We need qualified help. People who can do something.


Participant: The dilemma I face with what I try, even if I can put aside a need to understand it, is
that I need to have a minimal control of it to be able to practice. The problem I find is that if you
say "go home and practice field awareness" I start with zero and I don't know the first step.

Martin: It's never true that you start with zero, because the field is active anyway -- whether you
know it or not. A body does not exist without the field. One day you will realize that the field is
creating the body and not only the body, the whole personality. So it's there all the time. You
don't start with zero. What you might start with is zero relationship between your conscious mind
and the field, and the biggest mistake everyone makes is wanting to create the field -- whereas, in
fact, you create the relationship between the already existing field and consciousness. When the
relationship is established the field shows a lot more strongly -- it's more obvious, more evident.
The function comes closer to consciousness, but the function is there anyway.

.....Incidentally, if you come to the end of the book, that is, preparing yourself for something
different, one of the trainings is to drop all known references -- whatever is known is not
interesting, you are looking for something unknown. And every time a known proposition comes
up you drop it. You don't refuse it, it's there, but it's not what is interesting you. This kind of
training allows you little by little to consciously live something new (I mean new for
consciousness). Otherwise you are always limited to the perfectioning of something that already
exists but is not really new. What exists might become more sophisticated but this is not what
you want.

Learn to stick with what you want. There are some points that are very valid -- stick with them.
At other times you drop whatever you recognize because consciousness has to adjust to
something which is utterly new. This means it has to adjust to working without reference.

And as far as requirements go, remember, historically speaking, Pantanjali spoke about the Seer
seeing without image and without memory. I come up with that example because it's 2,500 years
back, and the ability to live without reference was already there.

Now look in your own mind. For your mind to see without image and memory (which actually
means without reference) is inconceivable. For your own reference we do that all the time. We
are Seers. And I can witness what he says. it is true. When you see in that way, whatever
references you have are perfectly useless. Really.

Just to give you an opening to what can be done when you train. Nearly every experience can be
turned into something very fruitful. You have lots of things going on all the time. Now some of
them are interesting for you at the moment. They might be shaped but you might want to dwell
with these. If you dwell with these, you just forget about the other things. The ability of dwelling
with a proposition is absolutely needed. In other instances you want to see what's new so you
drop everything that you recognize, every movement, every aspect, until you face a kind of
livance, that is utterly new and you cannot say a thing about it.

Participant: Is it really, truly so utterly new that it will be utterly new?

Martin: Worse than that. As far as words go, something new is new. Something utterly new is
usually not fully new because you can add the label "utterly" and utterly is


Georgette: "Utterly" implies a reference. With "new" you don't have a reference.

Martin: I know that we have a tendency to say something is "really" new, or "utterly" new, or
"totally" new, or "fantastically" new, or whatever, but when you experience it, the labeling or
qualifying of the newness is a known qualifier and you cannot apply a known qualifier to
something new -- so all the labels fall away -- and the end result is that something new happens
to be new, simply that. It's simply that the mind always wants to hook up to something known so
you add the second label.

Now something different.
We are going to play a piece of music that we played last time as the middle part of the session.
Did any of you sense something special when we played this music?

Participant: If that's the one -- all I recall is the experience. There was a great effect in here. It
was like an opening.

Martin: Did you notice that after that all of you reacted to the next music differently than you did
with the first music? It was not the same position as with the first piece, and the change happened
with.the second piece of music.

Incidentally, relative to this kind of change, when we play music you participate, consciously or
unconsciously, to a movement going on -- a play -- not a thing, a movement. We often call it a
structuring. Technically, the word is not really correct -- it works for the consciousness which
sees it as a structuring, but actually it's the introduction of new possibilities of movement --
whatever movement means. It pertains to creativeness (new ways).In this instance we have
introduced, and will continue with, a type of movement that has a healing effect. Every time you
will feel a bit more whole. But there is a requisite: When you live it you don't think about it,
because when you think you imply a directionality for something that is whole. This means you
allow only one aspect to work, instead of living whole.

I don't know how to put it into words. You face the play going on (and actually it's not a facing
because it goes throughout), and aware it whole. That means that every aspect is working as one
with all the others -- there is a simultaneousness in the whole works. The simplest way for you
might be just to live it field-wise. Of course, you will have impressions popping up -- these are
reflections, they are not the movement itself. You accept them as reflections, but you are not
interested, so you drop them. Allow yourself to be whole with the music -- every aspect
simultaneously, known and unknown both --because little by little you realize that the known is
very narrow, the biggest part of your self is still unknown for your consciousness.

And when you observe around, you will notice that you will show a quality that doesn't show
now. So there is obviously something going on, whether you understand it or not.
I repeat: The best way to "tune in" is whole-istically. There is a wholeness and the easiest way to
live this wholeness is field-wise until you have trained your consciousness. And if you don't
know what field-wise means, you simply put your awareness all around instead of enclosed in the
head -- until you become field-aware. First it's simply a feel, a sensitiveness all around, okay, you
start with this -- it's better than being enclosed. It's meant as a training for healing and some other


 ( S ) in text below

( ‡ ) in text below

= ‡ in text below
You don't have to rely on my words, you can experience it.

The true way is to experience; experience is full.

We call this drawing the hologram. In the book (Prelude to the New Man), you will find what we
call the square diagram and you will recognize it in the upper left corner of the drawing. The
square is an expression, within the drawing of the hologram, of the ( ‡ ) symbol. This symbol
looks something like a slice of watermelon and in our fantasy language we call this the
"greenhorn". It represents the current position of mankind.

For those who don't know what a greenhorn is: In the deer family, when you have a young deer
with growing horns, the horns are at first velvety, covered by skin. As long as they are covered by
this skin, the deer is called a " greenhorn ", and when the deer sheds this skin by rubbing against
trees etc., then he is considered to be a mature buck. Of course, in Western language a greenhorn
is also called a "dude", new to the West, and is sometimes a "sucker".

In this drawing, we have three main symbols. The ( ?) at the top left; the ‡ in the center, which
contains the same component as the first, plus other aspects; and the ( S ) where you have the
same components as the first two, plus something you find in the ( ‡ ). We call this last symbol (
S ) the spaceship.

There is as much difference between a real greenhorn (the animal) and a spaceship as there is
between the man of today and what is represented by the ( S ) symbol. Symbolically speaking,
the greenhorn is earthbound, the spaceship is at home on earth, in space, or anywhere.

I show this hologram to try to graphically convey what we do. But in order to understand even a
little bit of what is going on, you have to adjust your consciousness and this is not easy.

The first situation to observe is: All human knowledge -- of any kind, including all spiritual
knowledge (however high) -- is included in the ( ‡ ) symbol. This is included in the book, as I
said, in the square diagram. This you accept as a base of operation. Whatever is known is
contained in the ( ‡ ) symbol. This means that everything else is different. All known life and
unknown life related to the life that is known is found in the ( ‡ ) symbol. Later on in the ( S )

We have one order of life represented by the (?) symbol; in the ‡ symbol we have another one;
and in the ( S ) symbol still another one. Within each order of life, new discoveries are new
dimensions . A different order of life means that everything is different.

However, when you deal with the hologram you have to be logical and realize that this type of
classification belongs to the greenhorn. At the ‡ level, for instance, we do not classify, so we
cannot say "another order of life". When you want to become aware of another order of life
(whatever that is) you have to be ready to live in a way that is utterly different from anything
known. This is not easy because, if you look in your own experience when we work with music,
for example, the tendency of the consciousness is to make an image, a feeling, possibly a thought
out of it. Now, the point is not to deny the image, feeling or thought, but to simply remind
yourself that these are known and therefore belong to the greenhorn. Then, you drop them,
because they're not what you want at the moment. You might use them at another time, but at the
moment you want to he aware of another order, so you drop the reference that is known. You
drop any reference that comes up, because, by definition, any reference would be of the
greenhorn level and you cannot use it.

Now, we have used the labels A, U and M for three functions, and here we have three functions
again. But the labels A, U and M belong to the greenhorn level. The position symbolized by ‡
cannot be called a U because it's another order. There is a tendency to project what is known by
the greenhorn onto other orders. Catch yourself and say, "No, this is what I know at the
greenhorn level, now what do I live at the level of this other order". Practice this kind of
discipline time after time, year after year, until you become aware of the other order itself.

Symbolically speaking, the ( ‡ ) symbol and the ‡ symbol belong together as one whole. This
means you know only a small part of yourself. Your center of gravity is higher than yourself. It's
above, at the level symbolized by ‡ in another order of life.

There is a reflection of this at the greenhorn level: Everyone has the tendency to look for
something higher at the greenhorn level you call it soul, the Monad, it's your choice, depending
on what you've read. This is because your center of gravity lies within another order of life and
you have no idea what it is. Fortunately, this other order doesn't have any idea either. This sounds
like a joke, but behind the joke there is a reality. In the reality of it, you take advantage of having
no idea in order to connect. If you have an idea you might connect to the image not the reality. As
I said, this other order has no idea because it's another order of life and it functions differently.
.....In our symbolism the hologram, represents the whole creation, and, speaking symbolically
again, it ends with man as a spaceship. Who is creating the spaceship? In fantasy words: the
Pilot. The hologram being the whole of creation, beyond there is nothing. So the Pilot is a
denizen of nothing -- just plain no-thing. So, logically speaking, how can you qualify the Pilot?
You cannot qualify the Pilot.

Now, there is a teaching that I have quoted a few times related to the Pilot and the three aspects
shown on the chart:

When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Condition ( ?) symbol, He is said to be the Seer.

When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love ‡ symbol, He is said to be the Knower.

When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Beauty, ( S ) symbol, He is said to be the Doer.

There is in this teaching something that ought to awaken you some. The sentence is: When the
Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Condition, lie is said to be ... The teaching doesn't say that
He is. Can you hear? This applies all the way down the scale.

The consciousness you have, which reflects the situation, is going to say: "Okay, when I connect
the Pilot at the ( ?) symbol, I connect the Seer". No' If you connect the Pilot at the (? ) symbol,
you connect the Pilot. It is only the noisy critters at the greenhorn level that say He is a Seer.

I'm coming through with something important. When this is assimilated, all else is much, much

When you connect the Pilot at the ‡ symbol you say: "I connect the Knower". I tell you, no, you
connect the Pilot.

When you connect the Pilot at the ( S ) symbol, you say " I connect the Doer". I say, no, you
connect the Pilot.

You cannot put any label on the Pilot. Respect it. True spiritual discipline is quite demanding.
Here you have an example. You know you apply labels all the time. The first thing you learn in
school is to put a label on everything. Knowing this, you must hold yourself in check, discipline

You can say: "Okay here ‡ symbol, I have the Knower", then you drop it. Here ‡ symbol on the
chart, you have what is here. If you connect to what this symbolizes you are the Knower, that is,
you appear to the greenhorn awareness as a Knower. And, by definition, the function of a
Knower being to know, he doesn't learn. This is kind of embarrassing for the mind. You were
taught that you have to learn in order to know. Now here we have a Knower that doesn't learn.

In case you doubt it, go into your own experience, or go into experiences you find very often in
literature: people have done impossible things out of Love (I mean L ove) -- without knowing
how. When the Pilot dwells in the All- Emcompassing Love, He is said to be the Knower. Now
measure this against what you call "knowing" --there's no Love -- there is sweat. Well, maybe not
for everyone. Some people like to learn so it's a bit more rosy for them.

Don't confuse the Knower with what people call knowledge. We don't say that the Knower has a
tremendous knowledge -- having lived so many lives, now He knows. This is how you
understand knowledge -- at least in this century. There's a big difference between the function of
a Knower and the acquisitiveness of acquiring knowledge. The Knower, as a function, doesn't
work in terms of things. Whereas, acquired knowledge is stored in the brain as so many "items".
There is definitely a thingness in the knowledge that is related to objects. You even speak of
objective knowledge.

Man of today is mainly greenhorn ( ‡ ) symbol, and at the base is the Knower ‡ symbol. In the
reflection at the greenhorn level we have the knowing. This is a reflection of the real knowledge ,
which cannot be called knowledge; in this case, it is a function. The way your consciousness
functions, when you want to do something you tell yourself that you must first learn how to do it.
So you learn to do it. Our education goes along that way. From childhood you learn to walk, to
speak you learn, you learn, you learn -- and having learned you can do. If I say: "Don't ask me
how -- just do it", you laugh. As the Doer ( S ) symbol on the chart, you just do. The function of
the Doer being to do, He does. Another word would be "Creator". In the word "creation" there is
an understanding that you come out with something new. If it is actually something new, how did
you learn how first? In the order of life represented by the ‡ symbol, for instance, we do not
speak of time and space. If you take the vectors time and space out of your mind and it's
functioning the whole proposition of evolving, developing and so falls out. This aspect that we
just spoke of (timelessness, spacelessness ) is everywhere, including at the level of the greenhorn.

Although the kind of education we have with the mind is always expressed in terms of time and
space; your intimate experiences are very often not expressed in these terms. When your
experience is sufficiently deep, sometimes you forget about time and space. There can be a very
clear experience without the vectors time and space. When you live "it is so". or what we call a
"now", you don't need time and space, you don't need the concept of growth, you don't need the
concept of becoming. There is the evidence, that's all.

The human mind has reached the point where it begins to handle problems/dynamics without
time and space. This is completely new. It was guessed before, but to make it operative is
something different.

You certainly have heard me say very often that when we deal with you the whole of you is here.
When we act, most of the time the real action is not done with the vectors time and space. There
is a now. " Now"is a word borrowed from time and space, yes, but the now that stays now doesn't
have a time. We cannot speak of growth (e.g., in time and space you see a plant grow), because
the whole is here already. The mind just simply simply can't deal with these aspects
simultaneously because it's functioning is still very poor -- pretty rigid. You can see for yourself
that if you adopt a point of view you have a hard time changing it.

Incidentally, every once in a while you outgrow a position. When this happens ,the point of view
you used up to that point is no longer good, so you are unhappy. When this happens what you
usually do is make a distance between yourself and what has brought along the change. It might
be an event, it might a person, it might be something you read. Very often it is this very group, so
you feel a need to quit because you are unhappy. There is one very serious lesson you have to
learn: the problem is never a problem of object, it is always one of relation. When you run into
this kind of growth problem, try to be objective for once and realize that if it doesn't work
anymore you need to change your way of relating. If you don't, you shut off the deeper link which
is a very bad procedure. It means that you shut yourself off from ‡ . If you sever the deeper link
you sever it with yourself. You might be called to work elsewhere, this is perfectly okay, but in
most of the problems we have seen here over these last years this is not the case, and the first
thing that suffers is the link. I call it "link ", you might call it something else -- it's that kind of
deep feeling. It is often ignored for the benefit of the proceedings of the mind.

Do not underestimate what we call the link. If you run into trouble and the link disappears then
look at the ways you relate. We go on constantly, the type of link you have one year is no longer
very good the following year -- impulses change all the time, the shape that it takes has to change
all the time. The link itself has no label, it's simply that you perceive the link in a certain way --
this perceiving has to change all the time.
Also, related to the link you have to realize that whatever newness comes is a little bit like music:
you strike a note and you will have harmonics on every level, sub-levels, sub-sub-levels, and so
forth. This is a principle you have to realize.

When you study the square in the book you will notice that there is a tendency that you have
learned to adopt of looking for something new within the range of what you know. Nowadays we
have three centers active, so when you have something new, the first thing that appears is new
sub-levels of currently active centers. if you follow the symbolism used, you'll see that if we have
three squares active we have only one-third, or three-ninths, of each working. You have six other
possibilities within each square. Activation of these other possibilities will seem to be something
completely new and you will, in the beginning, confuse these with the opening of a new square.
But, if you actually open a new square, corresponding sub-squares will come alive as well and
this is a rather big change.

What I have described is the usual tendency, until you learn to hold your mind in check. When
you become more logical, more objective, you will see the play. If you see the play you can
handle the situation much better.
One point you have to understand: The square diagram is the expression used in the book of the (
‡ ) symbol.

In the drawing, we have lines coming out of the heart of the ( ‡ ) symbol to the four corners of
the square. It symbolizes that ( ‡ ) creates the whole field of action.This is why it relates to the
four corners -- the whole field.The action goes from the heart of the ‡ symbol to the heart of the
square diagram, but heart does not mean the center of the field. We had to do it this way because
we wanted to make a diagram, but"heart"actually means that the action is in the heart of whatever
is playing. If we speak of the greenhorn, this action goes through the heart of yourself . Now the
very heart of yourself is not your physical heart, it's your identity -- what you call "me"--deeper
than the ego image.

The ego-image is more related to the personality, the appearance, and is more related to the field.
But you sometimes have an intimate feeling of yourself to which you often cannot even apply a
label -- the action of ‡ is on this level.

When you learn about initiation, soul, the Monad, Atman, etc. from spiritual books -- all this is
included in the ( ‡ ) symbol. You learn about the workings of the hierarchy up to the Solar Logos
-- all this is included in the greenhorn. It's the rule, respect it.

There is one point on which you must not make any confusion: I do not say that the hierarchy is
limited to the ( ‡ ) level. Possibly, possibly not -- depending on what you look for -- but most of
what you know about the hierarchy is limited to ( ‡ ) . The Secret Doctrine, Alice Bailey's books,
all that is contained within ( ‡ ) ). DjhwarI Khul taught, dictated very clearly to Alice Bailey; but
however great a Master, he must use words adapted for the minds to whom he speaks. This
means he is limited to these minds. It does not mean that the Master is limited in this way, but it
definitely does mean that the human mind is limited this way.
...When we work here I encourage you to verify for yourself what is going on, and not rely on my
words. For instance, we work with the relation between ‡ and ( S) This means that it is known to
us. If this is known to us, there is the implication of working-along this line -- it does exist. You
can verify it by yourself. When we play music, when we work together, you feel a change in you.
It comes as a natural blooming in yourself and not as a product from me to you. if you were more
attentive you would realize that it works through your very identity. You bloom. It works through
your very identity. You will notice that I always try to help you verify for yourself.

There is a veil around the greenhorn. That veil, in the time to come, is going to be lifted. In the
work we do, it's lifted a little. This is what allows us to help you come forth more really yourself.
Don't expect help from your own consciousness. The veil is absolute for the consciousness. You
don't remember where you come from, you don't know where you are going -- that's a minor
aspect of the veil. You can verify the reality of the veil by yourself. continuum exists in fact, but
for you, as awareness goes, there is a dichotomy.

As I said, little by little, the dichotomy will be lifted. What I call The Christ Impulse is linked
very directly with the Creator aspect, the Doer ( S) which means it triggers a shift from ‡ to ( S) .
We are directly related with this shift.

In the work that we do there is a simultaneous action from ‡ to ( S) and the greenhorn condition
is assimilated in the center of gravity of ‡ . The shift is not from greenhorn to spaceship. This is
what people believe, but most people just don't know about ‡ .

So one aspect of the work that we do is to help build the spaceship. Sometimes you hear us
speaking of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ. Spaceship or Corpus Christi are the same for us.

Now I have asked you to check for yourself; you would be amazed at how much you can check in
the field around people, without having to understand. If you look, for instance at the people
across from you, you will notice that the field is slightly different, but you all have a common
quality that is proper to the greenhorn condition. If you look at Georgette you will see, that there
is a nothingness, an absence of what you see around the others which is kind of stunning. It is
really true that we live another order -- it shows. Everything shows in the field, we are not
excluded from this. You don't have to rely on my words, you can experience it. The true way is to
experience ; experience is full.

When we work the action goes along the line of your own identity. Some of you might remember
that I asked you to let us flow through you. if you do this, it will make things a lot easier. When I
say "let us flow through you" I don't mean the guy called Martin, I mean the symbol. If there is
possibly an inkling that something of this is true, drop everything and follow the inkling. If you
register it as one greenhorn flowing through another greenhorn, forget it. It just won't work.

Now, as I said, we are involved in creating the spaceship. We are also simultaneously involved
with you -- you, as mankind. We deal with you as mankind -- always. ( ‡ ), with the center of
gravity at ‡ is used to build ( S) . Actually it's much richer than what I have said, but it cannot be
expressed in words. That's why I use the sequential wording: ( ‡ ) is used by ‡ to create --( S) this
you can understand. Actually when you have the shift, you have the Creator coming and it is just
done. But the richness of what is done -- well, I just can't convey it.

We have to make The Christ Impulse operative within mankind. So, for instance, when you do
respond, even if you don't understand anything, it's very useful for ‡ . It can be very frustrating
for you. But later on when ‡ comes down, something comes down to ( ‡ ) as well. We have
expressed it as centers opening etc., but we can also say that the veil is going. When ‡ relates to (
‡ ) more closely, the veil goes.Now, action has been taken and the veil is already bridged this is
why a part of what we do is possible.

Participant: Would you say a little more about our being samples of mankind.

Martin: You know, when you work for yourself you isolate yourself -- symbolically speaking,
you increase the veil. The veil is an isolation from the play of the whole, so when you work in an
ego-centered way you isolate yourself and the interactions we have been talking about are barely
possible. This is why your whole understanding of initiation, the Masters, and things like this is
so poor. You think that you (for yourself) must reach a high level. We say: make this high level
operative. If you make it operative the veil is gone.

Getting back to what we do ... For those who have a feel for "the Work", try to see the concoction
you make in your head about "the work" that we do, and then face the real situation.

There is another situation I forgot to tell you about: A few centuries from now, there will be
conditions in which higher beings might materialize (be visible) for different purposes. People
speak of teaching but it could be any kind of help. we have to prepare a way for that. It's part of
the work we do. In this respect I want you to observe a point that is often forgotten. Remember,
traditionally you are self-centered, self-reflexive all the time --this is how you are educated it is
not a criticism -- so you don't realize that when we work, and especially with music, the room
becomes crowded. If you are a little open and sensitive around you will notice that there is a
density of life presence, that is bigger than the number of people here. Some feel it and some
don't. Watch a little bit. Don't try to see, it's not yet time, but you can sense presence of life. You
will notice that when I speak of these things they do occur in the field around Georgette. The
field is not as featureless as it was -- it's inhabited.

Again, I say these things for you to verify for yourself and not "believe" in the words. We cannot
do a thing with beliefs.

If you want to know how you can help, it's very simple: Symbolically speaking, there is the ( ‡ )
aspect of you within the veil, and there is, of course, the whole of you -- that which we see but
you usually don't. You must come down so that you no longer have two, you have one. When
you do this you really do prepare the way for these beings to come down too. You have a
personality and if you are able to come down, to any degree, into that personality it is a help. I
say "come down". The trend to go up is a reflection of the coming down. Learn to skip the
reflection and act. If you do this you help directly. Then we won't be alone in doing the work. It's
a far cry from the concoctions about the work. There are things to be done.
Coming down tends to lift the veil -- to some extent. Don't expect it to lift fully. This coming
down might be the most important help that you can provide. You will notice that the coming
down is not related with the striving of your mind. You can forget about the striving of your
mind. Coming down is coming down. The implied awareness is nothing like the ordinary human
awareness. The coming down implies aspects of awareness working within the human
personality that are not the three levels known -- and in the three levels known, six ninths are
new. This means you retrain the consciousness.

You know the consciousness that deals only with the vectors of time and space -- not without
them. Now find the place in consciousness that is able to work without these vectors. It exists, it
is simply an aspect you haven't trained. For this you need purposefulness and maturity --you
accept the responsibility to do it.

It might help you also to realize that we are involved in a work not a teaching. We mean
business. We are confronted with work to be done. We have no concern to teach you things -- not
at all. If we can help you personally speaking, I am glad to do it, but it is not the purpose for
which we are here.

In this respect also I come back to the traditional problem of growth. I want you to realize the
discrepancy between the proceedings of the mind and the real work going on. Do you realize that
in the real work there are no workings of this kind, and if you accept this responsibility you can
no longer allow yourself to deal with this kind of fantasy. It is time for a certain discipline and a
certain maturity to step in.

Yes, there is a veil, but it is not because there is a veil that you cannot live the whole , You can
live the whole including the veil if you want. If you understand that there is the possibility for the
mind, or at least for what you live intimately, to leave time and space aside, you have to realize
that you are whole.

Man is now facing the Creator aspect. Sudden y you might be a bit more serious about what is
written in the very beginning of the Bible: "Man was created in the image and likeness of God".
Can you see what your conceptualizing has done to you? How long will it take for you to realize
that we see you as you really are -- now. It is so for us, why can't it be so for you? It is but for one
tiny point: the way you relate to the situation.

... You cannot be conscious of the action of ‡ . You can be aware in some way but the awareness
is not of the greenhorn. So for all practical purposes forget about being conscious of ‡ , but be
aware that through your very identity, there goes the life.

We have an expression in English: You stand behind what you do. This is the key to
effectiveness. Now the "you" is your very intimate identity. You are present as ‡ . This comes
close to the Doer.

Now I told you that ( ‡ ) does not shift over to ( S ). The shift is from ‡ to ( S ). We could say, in
a way, that ( ‡ ) is a reflection of ‡ . When the final shift occurs the reflection will be gone. So
you cannot, for instance, speak of the Doer blooming. You can speak of it that way from ( ‡ ) but
not from ‡ . This is an example of making a projection from ( ‡ ). It is quite interesting to
observe your own consciousness to see how easily you project from ( ‡ ) into any other

Something else: In case you haven't understood it, the Pilot is God, because we have represented
here in this hologram the whole of creation. If you accept the Pilot as creating the whole, then
you have to realize that the whole comes out of nothing. The something is known as creation.
You cannot say the Pilot is Love, as people say of God. This might come as disturbing for some
people, but logically, obviously, you cannot. Love is something in the creation. In this case, when
the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love He is said to be the Knower. And
All-Encompassing is All-Encompassing. You have an attribute: He is said to be the Knower, but
remember,He is said to be, this doesn't mean He is. Again, it's a discipline of the consciousness.
---- FIELD A-- -

If we look at only three types of awareness (sensory, emotional and mental), we notice that the
combination of the three gives you nine possibilities. Of these nine possibilities, people are
educated to register only the sensory - sensory, sensory - emotional and sensory-mental --
discarding or possibly negating the others.

When you have a deep experience and you want to express it, you often have a very hard time
finding words. You discover that the ability of your mind to make words expressing the
impression is very poor -- not reliable at all. Sometimes you come out with words, then you have
to take them back; you try another way, the resonance is half good or not good at all so you try
again ... until you realize that each time you actually have a fullness of livance that is not
acknowledged by your consciousness. Your consciousness is trained to acknowledge the sensory
side of only three levels -- that's all.

You know that you make concepts about every experience you have in life. You figure out that
things are so -- because you sense them that way, or you were told, or because science says so
etc. You build one concept-- after the other and when you outgrow one concept you build another

Now if you go into a more basic situation, you have what might he called an overarching concept
-- one that covers the entire system of concepts you use. This is called a paradigm.

A paradigm has a property which few people are aware of: It is self-validating. This means that if
you adopt a paradigm overarching concept ) , whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly, you
tend to gather only those experiences that will validate the paradigm and reject all others.

For instance: We live in the Western hemisphere in a Christian country and the majority of
people belong to any of a number of Christian religions and follow an overarching understanding
that man is born in sin and has to redeem himself -- this is supposed to be the teaching of the

Now, if you open the Bible to the first page it says: "Man was created in the image and likeness
of God" -- this is the paradigm that the Bible sets in the first sentence. It's very well defined.
Whereas, the angle of approach of popular religion is that we have to reach it, if we can, because
we are sinners


What I want you to realize is that willingly or not you are caught within the paradigm that society
uses -- you were born within a region that adopts a given paradigm and you live according to it.
And, you behave in a way that makes it real -- even if it is not.

In another example of how you follow a commonly-accepted pattern in your conceptualizing:
They have recently discovered that the paradigm used in the western hemisphere is not the same
as the paradigm used in the Eastern hemisphere; so, for example, when Westerners study Eastern
spiritual science, they study within their own paradigm not the Eastern one. Now, very obviously,
the eastern science goes along the Eastern paradigm not the Western one. When Westerners
study Eastern mysticism they are looking for the phenomenal side – they want to see something
"special" -- something that can be measured scientifically -- while, keen observers have realized,
for the Easterner the Phenomena is possibly a side effect that is of no importance.

How will you ever have a chance to fulfill the words of Jesus:"You will do the same things and
still greater ones"? Within the accepted paradigm you cannot; you can spend your whole life
trying and it won't work. Whatever way you try it simply cannot work because you work under
the rule of that paradigm. Change the paradigm and you have a chance, but you have to change.
It's not just a minor change within a paradigm, it is the change of your entire angle of approach. If
you change the overarching angle of approach you change completely. It means work, but the
paradigm, has to change.

Then, once you have learned to change the paradigm, you can possibly learn that you can go
without a paradigm at all. You can outgrow a

8concept or many, concepts, why couldn't you outgrow a paradigm or all the paradigms?

Now I have a shock for you. We have read recently that there is a man who has collected studies
done on the event of birth using hypnotism to investigate how much unconscious awareness of
birth a child has. The study was undertaken by hypnotizing mothers and children and questioning
them separately as to the events surrounding the birth. And, according to the study ,the
descriptions of both mothers and children concurred to an amazing degree ( down to the behavior
of the doctors, nurses and other present in the room; instruments used, etc.) -- which made the
study quite meaningful.

And the thing that came out of this study was that the child was never a child -- it was a
full-fledged being trying to cope with a small body.

Now extrapolate: This destroys the entire paradigm based on stages of development from child to
adult and the whole system surrounding it. All of psychology is based on this paradigm and you
buy it.

How do you put together your overall understanding of having to grow, reach a higher level,
mature from childhood to adult with the results of the study just described?

There is a full-fledged Being to begin with and it has no age. This is how we see you all the time
-- and not--after reading the article.
We live in a very interesting period of time -- a time of tremendous change -- and you have
evidences popping up all along the way. We have already discussed the new physics and here we
have another example. The life of a human being is much more than what shows -- so if you
want to know what to "do" -- live according to it.

It related to the experience of one participant who realized that the movement was already going
on and that the movement was the activity. When you gain a little confidence you can let the
movement work and let all the activism of the person drop. The movement is the doing, so the
person does not need to do anything (which is actually a kind of copying movement). If you let
the movement work though-out the person, you will notice that the person will change by the
action of the movement, not by the action of your own personal mind -- which will mean that you
will be able to act with or without personal awareness or personal understanding. You will learn
that your identity is relative, because obviously you generated the movement and you are no
longer the person -- maybe then you will realize (not understand but live) what we mean when
we say that we see you differently than you see yourself.

Since you were a child you, have learned to work, with your brain in a standard way, In the work
we do you don't have to free yourself from one standard and adopt another, you have to be able to
work without any paradigm of any kind.

When what you experienced over Christmas takes over, little by little, the paradigms are gone --
utterly gone. You experience a movement, for instance, and at first you want to "do something"
with it, but then you suddenly realize that the movement is the action. And, the action is
generated by a "you" that the consciousness doesn't know because it is located in another order of

How can you know it? There are many, many ways within the knowing paradigm and all lead to
the point where you must finally drop the paradigm, itself.

There are signs ... Look at yourself when you express: You have the fullness of livens in a given
situation, but the expression is terribly poor. This is your everyday situation. It means that the
way your paradigm works is not fit. If it is not fit, change it. For a long time now, I have
suggested that you live with the fullness of livens -- without trying to understand -- until it
expresses throughout.

Of course, you have thoughts, perceptions about, but this is not living it. When you live it you
forget about the perceptions.

..When you begin practicing an exercise for instance -- you apply the system instead of living.
Whereas the evidence of an exercise can be practically instantaneous and the exercise is already
finished. You take the position, you live the evidence and that's it. But, the ability to take the
position is not instantaneous because of the resistance of the habits; so you learn to take the
position and one day you can really do it easily.

To discover that behind the desire, for instance, there is a kind of overarching need; behind the
need you have several openings (at least two ) : one leading to soul -- this is an experience not a
movement of the mind.

When we play music together it's an experience, whether you understand it or not.

If further on in the book you challenge your own thoughts and the challenge triggers another
position, this means that the challenge itself comes from another position -- again, it's an

As long as your attention is on applying an exercise you won't go far. If it is spontaneous it will
work, after that it's routine and doesn't work anymore. However if it becomes a discipline of
position, that's another story because when you take a position it's a little bit like changing your

You have an inbred understanding of exercising that is practically automatic, but we mean
something else -- it's something you have to live. You cannot exercise living -- it's spontaneous --
but you can exercise changing position.

But what I really want you to understand is that you are not the child. The human mind must
adjust to this situation instead of relying on the appearance of things. You rely on the words
being said ... What are you living now? Why not live with the evidence. It's there all the time, it's
simply a matter of learning to check yourself and change position -- until you can be in no
position at all (which is not an absence of position, but a condition where you don't speak of
position at all).

In society you are very rarely yourself. You have an image of yourself, an image of what people
around you are, and you handle situations according to these images. You present a facade
according to what you believe you are. What about being fully open, making available all that is
hidden -- total exposure. Symbolically speaking, you expose everything that is inside your body
for all to see. You could do the same thing with your feelings, thoughts -- everything you don't
show. If you are available for work it is always the whole of you, you cannot hide anything.

In the reality of life you cannot hide anything -- it simply is not possible. Just because you are
blind does not mean that everyone else is blind. In the work that we do we are not alone -- then is
always a "we". It's no good to ignore the ability of others to see. You simply are as you are.

The Practice of Dying.

You know that death has a very real place in esoteric language; you die to old positions, old
points of view, old ways of acting and so on. You have minor deaths (trends and habits that are
no longer satisfactory etc.) and you also die when you let go of your body -- this is a very popular

Your ability to change depends a lot on your ability to die, so in this exercise you are going to
give up everything that you know: cravings, habits, the way you see your surroundings, the way
you see people, including yourself -- everything.

But I want to stress that the purpose of the exercise is not to reach a high condition far away from
earth, the main movement is one of getting away from everything and allowing the dampening
veil to act. What happens after is another story. We are mainly concerned with your effectiveness
in dropping your patterning, conceptualizing, paradigms , etc . We are concerned with your
ability to drop your ties (of any kind) because they are reflected ties not the real ones. It's not
easy, but if you have the courage to do it you will live a beauty and freedom that cannot be put
into words.

First, relax (you are dead). There is no time delay, you are immediately caught by death. Now.

Feel yourself going. Consciously let go of everything, all that you are tied to, including the
people your are closest to, even us, even your own children -- as it actually happens in death.

Very concretely let go of everything that holds you.

Then, a gray veil will settle between you and the surroundings. This veil has a dampening effect
-- all sounds are dampened and the reality of what was is dampened as well.

The veil is here in the room, it doesn't go away with you. You go away, away from the veil.
Symbolically, you go away from the earth itself. You put a distance between yourself and
everything that you know. If you become aware that you've brought something with you, you
drop it with a distance and move further away. The distance is, however, not in miles, but rather
in planes (levels if you want).

And when you go away you go backwards, facing what you knew here -- until you are so far
away that the earth is completely gone, and all the conditions related to life on earth are gone too.
when you come to this point, allow yourself to bloom in the new condition.

You have no body, it's gone. There is no etheric condition, no astral condition, no mental
condition, no condition of any kind that belongs to what you have known. If you practice this
exercise very seriously, your usual mode of awaring will go. You will live an awareness that is
not body-based, not even personality-based.

If you do the exercise properly -- which means that you mean it and do it -- you might receive a
shock, because suddenly it's now. If you have strong ties with certain people, certain situations,
certain types of work, you have to drop them now -- no waiting. You might not feel ready to do
it, but you do it anyway because it's now.

Of course, the idea of being "ready for" is kind of artificial. Life is an ongoing movement, it
doesn't stop somewhere. When you die you are in an ongoing movement you drop your
personality, but you continue. And, you remain yourself, whether alive or dead. Since you remain
yourself, you will notice that the "dead" condition does not exist. You drop the body, yes, but you
are not dead.
Also, when you practice dying -- meaning you let go until everything is gone and you really live
another condition -- it will show in the field. The field will become more and more empty .

If you really practice you will find that it is extremely enjoyable to die. You let go of all the

Participant: This exercise seems different from "Down-and-away" -- what relationship do they
have to one another?

Martin: They are the same, except this dying is a more fundamental "Down-and--away".
"Down-and-Away" is only an introduction in which you learn to drop your thoughts, for instance,
until there is no thought movement, but in the practice of dying everything goes, including your
body. It's related to Major Death. In Major Death you drop everything.

.In the book we speak of Major Death. Actually Major Death is much more than the kind of
dying we are working with in this exercise. In the dying exercise you express something that is
quite real but you can't go -further than a certain distance (whatever distance means, of course --
not necessarily a distance in miles - it can be a distance in levels). But, you can't go further than a
certain point because your are linked to the incarnation process. If you go through Major Death,
this is gone, you are no longer linked. In Hindu terminology you have the Jivanmukta , meaning
the free man, the man who is no longer bound to the wheel of incarnation. This means that
people who have not "reached" that stage are compulsively bound to incarnation. It's the old way
of expressing. You may continue to incarnate, but it is your choice -- meaning you accept a task
and you do it -- but there is no compulsion, it's your movement.

..: In mastery, the main action is done from the soul (or higher) but not lower . As Jesus said:
"It's not me but the Father in me". You speak of mastery with the "me" not the Father in you. So
the paradigm at the base is no good.

It's surprising to see how people skip the main point. "If you haven't opened the eyes of the spirit
you are in darkness indeed." Practically no one knows what that means. Everyone thinks that
because they have a mind they have opened the eyes of the spirit. "If the blind lead the
blind...shall they not fall into the same pit". These words are forgotten -- they are too
embarrassing. If you die to one condition it means you are born into another. The cross has two

We are now going to play the same music for you to look either at the field with Georgette or
with me, or obviously both. You don't have to go with it, but look for what you can sense. As you
see me now, I'm speaking and coming to you at your level, as I am dying that level is going to

.. If I am dying it doesn't mean that I am inactive. I can be active on this earth whether alive or
dead. For your sensory mode there is a difference, yes, but remember the sensory mode is based
on the brain and nervous system, among other things. When you die this is gone. You can, in
another condition, train yourself to recognize the awareness that is not brain based. There is a
difference -- a very typical difference. But I'm speaking of the same awareness : the mind that is
brain-based and the mind that is not brain-based, for instance. This is where the confusion always
steps in, because people read about Mind and they "mind" it brain-wise, and it's not meant that
way, so there is some confusion.

If you train in dying, the awareness that shows itself little by little will allow you to go from
being alive to being dead with practically no difference for you -- it's simply that the brain-based
aspect is gone, and the limitations related to it will be gone too.

..You know, when we work, we always look first at what is going on --it's above
consciousness, but it's still what is going on -- and we step in consciously with what is going on.
It's not the consciousness that decides. I can decide what I'm going to tell you, but what goes with
it cannot be decided before we are here together because there is an overall action that implies
you and also what is going on in the room that is more than you -- this has to be taken into
account. So the action does not come from the mind figuring something out.

I'll give you another example: We have given you an exercise to do that we call Field-A. Field-A
is highly directive. When you live Field-A the direction is given, there is no need to look for
something else. The need exists if A is a fantasy; it does not exist if the A is real.

Or, you have heard of core activity. Suppose the core activity in you is alive, and suppose we
come through you that way -- more or less consciously for you -- and you ask yourself what you
can do ... Stop! It is in the core activity and this decides. The movement is already going on and
this movement is the activity (and you want to superimpose a picture on it).

Learn to rely on basic activities -- even if your mind does not understand. You (the real you) can
set in motion an activity that is completely unconscious, then set the personality to rest and let the
activity go on, and it works -- which is in direct contradiction to the overall assumption of the
consciousness that nothing can be going on if the consciousness is not involved. The paradigm
again -- you have to change it.

When you gain a little confidence you can let the movement work and let all the activism of the
person drop. The movement is the doing, so the person does not need to do anything (which is
actually a kind of copying movement). If you let the movement work through-out the person, you
will notice that the person will change by the action of the movement, not by the action of your
own personal mind -- which will mean that you will be able to act with or without personal
awareness or personal understanding. You will learn that your identity is relative, because
obviously you generated the movement and you are no longer the person -- maybe then you will
realize (not understand but live) what we mean when we say that we see you differently than you
see yourself.


There is a practice of awareness that requires that you become aware of the functioning of your
consciousness to see how it tricks you. It has to be practiced and it's very easy -- you don't have to
stop what you are going to do it. All through the day, catch yourself thinking of doing this or that
and watch what kind of thinking it is -- related to what, expressing what -- until you become
conscious of how your mind works.

You might remember I told you that when you experience whatever you experience, there is life
in what you live, and when you try to explain it or express it to someone you always have a hard
time. You can never express the fullness of what you live, meaning the mind is still very poor.
But, if I convey this information to you and along with it the life behind the information, you take
the words but you don't ever follow up. You know that in your everyday life you have
impressions that you express in one way or another; you also realize that you never express them
fully because the impression is full, or whole, and the expression is bound to take an angle of
approach or a point of view. And, taking an angle of approach does not allow you to express the
whole, only certain aspects of it.

So by following up I mean: Practice referring to what you live -- all the time. It's quite interesting
and very simple. Before you know it you will refer to what you live when you express instead of
to what you think. 'This is the hardest point with wh^ich we try to come through: Learn to
recognize, acknowledge and respect what you live.

Your mind has a tendency to consistently destroy livance. If you know the mind's reflexiveness,
you will notice that whatever you live, the mind immediately makes an image of it and before
you know it you are relying on the image (point of view) and the wholeness is gone. This does
not mean, I repeat, it does not mean that you are unable to live the wholeness. It does mean you
handle consciousness very poorly. Not acknowledging what you live but only acknowledging a
point of view -- this is the prevailing paradigm in which you were born. The frightening thing in
this situation is that you live differently all the time and you have a hard time acknowledging it.
Well, perhaps the word "acknowledging" is not good, because sometimes you acknowledge but
you have a hard time acting on it.

Why not come back to what you live all the time. This is simply a first easy step which obliges
your mind to respect the livance. Yes, the livance can be expressed along a certain angle but you
still stay with what you live, knowing perfectly well that you're not expressing everything. Now,
depending on how someone else approaches what you live, you might adopt another angle, and
still another one. You are free to do it because you dwell in your livance.
You are not free when you dwell in a picture. The difficulty with dealing with a picture is that
you have to move, to act. When you dwell in the livance this is not a difficulty, it is simply
logical and evident. But, you will notice that there is in the prevailing mind the tendency to put a
distance between you and what you have to do -- supposedly in order to reach it. How can you
reach something that is already working? You know it and experience it every day. It is not a
matter of high mysticism or long meditation, it's a simple matter of acting.

symbolically speaking, when you die the ties are severed, whether you want it or not. In the
practice of dying they are severed by yourself, willingly, which is a fully different condition.

Now, let us say that I am linked to the flowers in front of me. I die, but I still look at the flowers.
I feel myself going away , and as the links are severed there is a greater and greater distance. This
happens not because I project it but because of the severance of the link that translates in
consciousness as distance. The more and more I cut, the more and more relative the flowers
become (kind of blurred). But I stay related in the usual way and let the action go on until the
consciousness changes -- and it does change. it is entirely different from the usual method of
getting away and turning your back on what you lived here. You continue to look at the situation
in which you were until it fades away completely -- meaning you let the other part of yourself do
the work until the consciousness is taken with it. And it is not the conscious you that does the

Actually what happens is that another part of yourself is working throughout the personality and
this is what changes the consciousness completely. It's not the mind making a disconnection,
although you might start with that. If you really mean it (which means it's not just the mind, but
is much more whole), the disconnection is real and there is a distance establishing itself. As I said
before, distance is very relative. Any change in modes is expressed as distance because you no
longer live in the same way.

If you want to become aware of the workings of a situation and link that to something else, the
"something else" is in the center of gravity, and the instrument changes because of the action
going on. This is not the mind telling the something else" to do it (which would be just the mind
projecting a change). When something else is working it means you are aware of being the
"something else". You need more than being aware of the "something else" because that's a
perception. You need more than a perception.

Participant: What's come out of this is my awareness that I still believe that I am my body. I have
experience that tells me that's not so, but to my knowledge I don't have a key through which I can
reach or be what I am. None of the things I've ever tried has created that for me and my
consciousness knows that it won't occur.

.For instance, when you say "I am the body". What if you die and lose the body and are still
able to say "I am the body", but without the physical body. You will be able to repeat the same
sentence on several levels -- levels that do not even exist in your consciousness now. What is the
value of the sentence.
You have certainly heard of conditions of near death. When people have died for a moment and
then come back they reported that they were fully alive, they had a body, only it wasn't physical.
It's called an astral body, or even an etheric body, but it's still a body. Now you pretend that you
are the physical body, because, let us say, you have an awareness using a physical brain. When
the physical brain is gone you have a different awareness, but the difference is so small that for
dead people who came back didn't even realize the difference. It's actually nearly exactly the
same without brain support.

.consciousness is not biological in the usual sense. Signals are biological but what uses the
signals is not. Observe in your life: You meet someone and you have an impression. If you try to
tell your impression to someone else, you are completely unable to express the whole impression.
Whatever the overall impression you have of a situation, an object, a person, a group, whatever,
you can never fully express it in words. You may try several approaches, it still won't be
complete. This means that every day you live a greater condition and you still rely fully on that
device called the mind -- the brain aspect of the mind -- which is so unreliable. Learn to rely on
the holistic aspect of what is called an impression which is all-encompassing. Training requires
that you do just that. You can't rely on the impression; you can't handle the impression at will --
not yet -- but you can learn to make your mind a lot more limber and make it realize that it is here
to express , formulate that overall impression. This means that the impression is acknowledged in
the first place, whereas, you are used to acknowledging the ongoing thoughts first. Thoughts are
always more limited. You realize this in your everyday life this means you have a clue in your
everyday life that you live much more than you acknowledge ("you" meaning your mind or
emotions), which implies that you are suddenly much more than you acknowledge. If your
system is not adequate to assess your holistic impression, how can it be adequate to assess what
you are. It cannot. If it cannot, it does not mean that it is not possible to be aware of it. When you
have an impression it's fully alive for you, it's just that you haven't yet gone into shaping it. Learn
to dwell with the holistic condition that is fully alive but hasn't yet taken shape in thought forms
or emotional feelings or even sensations. It's a simple matter of repeatedly putting your attention
on it. You need to repeat and repeat and repeat to become familiar with something. It's not a
matter of using a great burst of energy "in order to..." Its much more a question of repetition this
is why I say it's simple. Simply start moving. One step at a time, instead of six or seven but

You know usually when people speak of samadhi they think of it as a very high spiritual point.
No, it's only a degree of concentration. All the samadhis, except the last one which is without
seed, deal with mind matter called chitta in Hindu. It is a training of the mind and only that. The
last one which is without seed, thus without object or thingness, this might allow you to go
beyond the mind. So you can see that you stay in the mind for quite a while. You use it|, you
learn to recognize the functionings and so on, and in the case of the practice of dying you learn
the ability to drop certain functions. If you are concentrating and you have things popping up, if
you have learned to die you can die to the popping up too.

Martin: You cannot be outside the greenhorn. It is so easy to make projections. In the greenhorn
condition you have all of man's knowledge, scientific or spiritual -- all of it. Obviously you are
not out of that. As images go, we have the whole universe known by man (it's big for the senses)
-- it's all greenhorn stuff. It belongs there, that's it's place. So whatever way you go, even if it is
cosmic, it's greenhorn stuff. You must keep all human knowledge at the greenhorn level and not
project it into other levels. If you don't tick to this discipline you'll never know what is beyond
the greenhorn.

Symbolically, it is easy to project onto other levels: We have an M level, a U level- higher up,
and an A level still higher.It's so easy to do. But, one level higher is another order of life. By
another order of life I mean life expressed in ways that are utterly different from anything known
in the greenhorn condition -- totally different. This is why I speak of discipline. Totally different
means totally different -- not even a symbolic projection is acceptable. We do it when we speak
because we have to use images, but when you live it you stick with the discipline. If you live
something that seems to be new and you have any reference for describing it you are still at the
greenhorn level and you're fooling yourself. We are dealing with higher disciplines here and it's
very demanding.

You have an image of yourself and when you become more sensitive to a higher condition, you
think it means higher than yourself. You have the usual condition and the higher ones. When you
discipline yourself to live the higher condition in the first place, the usual self drops and there is
just one condition. We could also logically say: Put the usual self one step higher and then we
have one condition as before -- It's simply a matter of where you put the self,-- but I hesitate very
much to say that because you will raise the usual self (as you image it, with the same qualities;
and same aspects) to the higher condition -- and it's no longer the same.

You know the sense of ego you have (ego in Latin means I, so the sense of I-ness) is an image of
an image. The ego itself is, in mysticism, already much higher than what you call your self. It is
also known in mysticism that this ego is only a reflection of something. You have a reflection of
a reflection. Now imagine that you make a reflection of a reflection, can you see all the
distortions that can step in. Fantastic!

The fact that you respond or sense or even see a higher condition ought to be the proof for you
that you are not what you imagine you are, because what you imagine is unable to do that. The
usual self is wishful and wanting -- wanting so much that you don't realize that you can do it
already. This happens all the time. You are directed to go toward a higher condition. We work for
effectiveness -- that so-called "higher" condition has to come out. It's operative already.

There is a point you might not be aware of: If you have yoga training you will be aware that the
real you is using all the abilities of what is called the person to work on what is called "this
level", the physical world. This is how they express it. You have to realize that you are not the
person. The person is a tool. If you are aware of the functioning of the mind and so on, you
would realize that you have signals coming in and some sorting out that is called discrimination,
but the awareness itself is not in the instrument -- the signals are. But, not having that training,
not knowing what the substance and movement of the mind are, not knowing how to deal with
them, this kind of information is very relative. You don't know what to do with it. The
explanation tells you that the person is an instrument, but if you identify yourself with the
instrument you are lost.
Now if you want to ask me what it serves to have that personality, in my usual way I would
simply say that there is no purpose at all.

 For me, as well as with traditional yogis, the instrumentation is a tool to work in this world. It is
an outgoing action. It is not meant for reaching unknown conditions. The unknown conditions
have to come out. From the unknown condition you train your consciousness, your mind, your
whole personality

 When you say "without any effort" there is a sense of passiveness: the personality waiting to
be used. It doesn't work that way. Signals are working in your system, let us say, like in
electronics. In an amplifier, for instance, there are coils, transistors, etc. waiting to be used. What
you don't realize is that I just push the button, they do the work . There is a specific type of
working that is done by the amplifier -- I just give the direction. The real you gives the direction.

There is always the tendency to a form of passiveness, this stems from what we call religion.
Religion is not understood by the general public as a discipline. It's taken as a dream: If you go to
church on Sunday you have done your duty. This is much too easy. Saints of the church worked
all the time, every day. The tendency here, at least as far as beginners go, is just the same. You
come here and listen to me -- it's not the point, there is work to be done. There is a discipline
within the person that has to be practiced. When you want to center on a condition and you want
it to be clear, it has to be clear -- fully transparent. You cannot do it if you don't have discipline
within the person, for instance the ability to drop ties.

If you want a truly higher condition, in the book I spoke of Major Death, and believe it or not it's
Major Death. You drop all the ties -- whatever -- to everything. Your whole past, your whole
understanding of functioning in this world, or your understanding of God. You drop God too, the
main reason for this is that it is an image.

This implies the functioning of the person and the ability of the person to do it's part. As I said
just before, you work as a unit. By now, let us say your ego is here and you have your known
condition below and the other condition. Once you are trained this is gone. Little by little your
whole understanding of personality will be gone too. You function that way only because this is
what you perceive. It doesn't mean at all that this is what is. work .


I often suggest exercises, ways of working things out -- these are meant to give you a direction.
We give you the form of the exercise, but as soon as the exercise is working, meaning you live it,
the form goes, because it's now your own life. The form goes, but the direction stays. When you
live it you know what you have to do. All the variations that are not expressed in words come out
plain and simple when you live. So accept any exercise as being literally a directive or direction:
you work in that direction . The direction is expressed in words but the direction has no shape. If
you take a road straight North, the direction is not the road. Straight North is a direction and has
no shape. If you follow the road that goes North and then the road bends, you have to continue
North -- even if you don't know what is beyond so you take your compass and you continue
going North to whatever shows up.

Heart Exercise

I want to propose an exercise to you that is very important. It deals with centering on the a of the
U region (the directive principle in the U region).

As I watch you speaking of your difficulties, either here or in your everyday life, all the
functioning is in the head and the heart is forgotten. When you live heart 90 percent of the
problems are gone. You cannot live heart without the radiation flowing out like sunshine -- the
reverse will not work. You can live plexus as an ingoing movement, but the heart is naturally

We are going to play the "Moonlight Sonata" and center heart. If you have read the book you
know that heart is located in the middle of the sternum (aU). Actually in practice you have to
deal with a variable. If you feel your plexus at the middle of the sternum, go higher. If you go too
high and you feel your throat, go lower. In any event place your heart (place of radiation)
sufficiently high so that the plexus response is gone, because here we have the worst existing
mixture . When we speak of heart there is often a rush of warm feelings from the plexus. A
person who is warm-hearted may be acting heart, but the warmth comes from the participation of
the plexus. The heart is very clear and directive.

As far as the involvement of the consciousness goes, place the center sufficiently high: Too low
and you have plexus; too high and you have throat. Look for a neutral point in between. Now, if
you are very sensitive, there might not be a neutral point -- meaning you feel a little plexus and a
little throat when in the middle of the sternum if this happens look for more throat and less
plexus. You have to learn to give out fully with heart with no plexus at all. You were raised in a
surrounding in which heart is linked to plexus activity, so you have to overcome that trend.

If you radiate heart spontaneously you don't have to bother with centering. Those who don't
radiate heart spontaneously can use the symbol of the sun.

So, just imagine a sun, as big as you want, the center being somewhere on the sternum. The sun
is radiating fully and free, very clear. If you want a color, make it slightly golden (between white
and golden). Let it radiate fully until there is only that. When it is radiating fully, you will be
aware of a huge field of radiation all around. As soon as you are aware of the evidence of the
field of radiation, begin to breathe in the radiation from the field.

Breathe it in, and, depending on how you want to work with the breath, you can decide that when
you breathe out it spreads throughout the body. Breathe in, it comes in, breathe out and it spreads
throughout the body. Do this until you feel that this field has trans-penetrated the entire body. As
you do this you will notice that a continuum will begin to establish itself between the field and
the body-instead of a barrier keeping the field out.

As you watch the field and the throughness and transparency of your body, you will notice that
the center of gravity of the action is the field. You will no longer need the symbol of the sun -- it
will be gone. It will be simply an abstract thought that if you watch the radiation and how it acts,
it creates a center in the middle of the sternum.

If you practice this every day, you will become field aware because you will be breathing the
field -- instead of being self-centered (centered on the center and forgetting the radiation).

( Music )

You might observe that most of you have a tendency to control what you do with your mind: The
head orders the center to radiate. Heart activity is heart activity, it starts from there, or, if you
have the other vision, the field creates the center.

When you start the movement from scratch, it might help to use a symbol , but as soon as you
start living it, the object aspect of sun is gone. The more you breathe that radiance the less the
center will seem to be an object. The more you breathe the radiance, the more you might begin to
challenge your understanding that the radiance starts from the center.

Little by little you will sense different things like, for instance, when heart becomes very real and
the radiance is very real, you will realize that more and more you don't recognize yourself as a
person, an object. There is still an object aspect, but it's much less objectified, much less a thing.
If you continue you will know All-Encompassing Love, but for that you need the ability to
concentrate for quite a while. You might need to hold for half an hour, one-pointed. At the
beginning it's practically impossible. So, at the beginning, there is the Law of Direction. You
come back to heart, whatever happens with your mind or emotions. Simply the habit of coming
back, again and again, no matter what happens, will develop what is called concentration -- the
ability to hold a direction. The obstacles are not important. The point is to continue -- simply

There is something that you can do with this exercise. Take the feeling of heart, that opening up,
that radiation, and then sense your plexus, which goes in the reverse way, and by contrast you can
finally realize what the outgoing movement is.

But the first step is radiating heart; be aware of the whole field of radiation and then just breathe
that until your body is fully penetrated. Then go further until you have a real sense of what we
call transparency (which means the field goes right through). When this transparency is
established, every time you live, you will automatically live that transparency related to heart.

When this is established you might want to live live heart/radiant-field and then die. The body
will be gone, the center will be gone, but there will be that beautiful field, tremendously free and
all-encompassing. When you succeed in doing this you will begin, just begin ,to grasp what I
mean when I say: "when the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love, He is said to be the

There is another aspect you can think about, feel around, if you want, practice if you can, that
might help you too. When you practice heart, you begin: "I" practice heart. But, as I said, you
breathe in the field and the field is not an "I". You would say "I" create the field, but when the
field is there the "I" is gone and you breathe that and this acts and there is a change on the body,
without the intervention of the "I". It is not done as "I" awareness goes. The field does it.

For instance, we are a group. Psychologically speaking, if we act together we ought to come out
as a "we", but there is one major difficulty -- very major. Your understanding of "we" is: the sum
of all of us make the "we". No, this not the "we". The only way I can express it pretty clearly, is
that when you practice the "we", the "we" takes the place of the "I" -- literally, completely. There
is no summation of all the people present. There is one collective expression that expresses here.
This is "we". Where the I expressed, at the same place, the "we" expresses. Then you establish a
balance; then you are ready for something else that does express in either "I" or "we".

When you are fully I-centered, when I work you see Martin working. You hear me say "we" very
often, sometimes it's Martin working, sometimes its "we" working. Sometimes it's neither Martin
nor"we" because it cannot be expressed in these ways.

When you practice heart and you die, and there is heart; you face a problem, because you don't
liver "I". You persuade yourself that "I" live that. If you happen to say in your mind "I" live that,
you have already lost the real beauty of it. So you live it again as is, and as is it is not an "I".

.. When you are drawn towards it means that you are responding. It also means, in a way, that
you are starting to do the same, but you might not be aware of it. You are drawn because of a
syntony, which implies a kind of similarity. But, the word similar is not good because you could
say an artificial flower is similar to a real one, so the term is tricky. But true response which is
implied in being drawn, implies that it is acting in you.

Can you see that when I play there is no "I" -- there is no "me playing". Or as you can see with
Georgette, what radiates permeates the radiation around everyone.Can you see that? If you had
the awareness of "I" doing it, you wouldn't have that. You might try to communicate which
means that there has to be at least two: there is me and there is the other one. When there is no
me, that problem is solved. If you ask her what she experiences, she will tell you that there is no
"her" and "you". What is going on there (relatively speaking) is going On all over the place all
the time.

. There is a Hindu saying: "The effort is the aid; the effort is the hindrance". It means that it
depends entirely on how the effort is applied. If you make an effort to be centered -- you start to
move, to be concentrated on something, let us say -- the effort helps you to take that position.
But, once centered, you forget about the effort, it would distract you. So we cannot do away with
the effort. Literally it is usually first an aid, it starts you moving, and once you move, forget it.

Participant: Well, one thing that's happened in some cases is that periodically in a person's life
they will come naturally to heart, or to the natural state of a human being and that will be ignored
or shunned of discounted by others around them. So it gets to a certain point where a person
doesn't trust that, so in coming to classes like this, one thinks that their natural ability doesn't
work and then there is fear involved in dealing with you, for example, in the training.

Martin :You have to realize that what I call natural implies the Divine condition --not exactly
nature only. "Man was born in the image and likeness of God." So, a so-called higher condition
that your consciousness tells you that you haven't yet reached is something that belongs to you
already. The faulty aspect is in the consciousness itself -- not in the whole condition. The whole
condition I would call natural to man. This is why I so often say that actually it's quite simple.
It's simply because people identify themselves with their least developed faculties that they find
supernatural what they actually are. You have to remember, I repeat it all the time: If I saw you as
you see yourself, we couldn't work together. We can work because I see something else and the
"something else" is right here -- not somewhere. So, if it begins to show through the personality,
fine it's only natural.

Do you have a little bit of scope of what is involved in heart since we showed something?
Obviously we showed something that does not go along with the popular concept of heart. Still
you can see it's centered heart. As long as you possess the ability to distribute love (I-centered),
this is not All-Encompassing Love.

Whether you believe it or not, the Love we showed easily encompasses the whole earth.
Factually. Actually. If we did it with I-awareness, it would be limited to this room.

.The interferences come when you dwell in the more concrete aspects. I'll give you an
example: Look at the radiation with Georgette. You can see it works throughout the room
--whether you are aware of it or not. If you participate then you bloom the same, if you don't
participate it works anyway, which means we don't speak of interferences on that level. It works
anyway. You are here to work so let's work. The difference is in the so-called individuals -- for
their consciousness. If you are tuned in it works down to the conscious level, if you are not it
works only above consciousness -- sometimes way above. But it works.

. You know, I can understand that there are situations where you want to express heart and it is
not received and this may block you, or others may want to express heart towards you and you
don't receive, but when you train heart as we ask you, your awareness of heart radiation changes
totally and utterly. The new one you can radiate all the time. The old one, which is more
psychological, cannot -- it has qualities to it that some people may not accept, and this involves,
of course, not only heart; if it were pure heart nearly everyone could accept it. I say usually
because some people are so limited that they just don't take it. What creates the block is thought
patterns and plexus. The real heart radiation is beyond thoughts, higher than that.

Let us say, for instance, you see the radiation with Georgette, you sense something when you see
it for someone untrained there is only one person in the chair and nothing else. This is a very
usual situation, and in a way this is with what you struggle yourself. Because your eyes
spontaneously would see a chair and a person sitting in it and that's all. But your overall
impression is more than that. This is why I tell you to dwell with that overall impression. Don't
be to hasty in defining a person and a chair. These might be the least important aspects in the
whole business.
Okay, there is something I would like you to remember when you practice this so-called exercise:
An exercise is a way of putting life into a shape -- it is not designed to reach something.
remember that.

One Final Point:

The Statement of Purpose tells you that we are involved in a work and the participants are
supposed to participate in the action going on. There is no excuse for not doing what is asked for
-- unless you have a better way, then you are excused. Otherwise you come here for your own
benefit only, and this is ego-centered. If you come here for your own benefit -- forget it. It's that
simple. We are not a spiritual growth group. The group is meant to be trained for action. The
other side is very demanding and you have to assume responsibilities. If you are not prepared you
might be a little scared. This kind of fear can be easily overcome if you realize that if there is an
urge, the urge means a direction that your consciousness might not yet understand. The first point
is to remember to always keep the direction -- whatever the difficulty -- and go on.

I remind you that difficulties, pain, distress, whatever you want to call all the transitions you go
through, are due to the identification of the ego with the condition. When you work you don't
identify; you ask your whole personality to bring out what you know of the other side. You are
centered on a purpose, not on yourself. It is always difficult because it's not an easy dream -- you
face realities -- but the difficulties are always very simple, so they are not difficult. You can
experience them as simple tasks to be done, or as difficulties to surmount -- this is your choice.
And, I do mean it, it's your choice. You make the choice of whether you find the way difficult or
fairly easy but exacting. Things simply have to be done and then everything changes. And, they
have to be done, not for you, but for the expression (on any level) of what has to be done.
CALISTHENICS April 1, 1981


.There is one point in this respect that I want to stress. One of the first duties of a spiritual
master is to provide the field in which experiences are possible.

You are the product of a type of civilization that is found here in this country, on this continent.
But in this location on earth there is a trend which goes a certain way -- a trend within which you
approach everything -- let's call it the basic paradigm under which you live. In this paradigm
what we do does not exist, except possibly as a dream, certainly not as a reality. If you want to
experience as we do here, we have to produce a field in which these things are just plain normal.
This is simply a technicality, a very simple procedure for us. It has to be done, without it you stay
within your own paradigm.

One of the difficulties is that you have to limber up so that you can use other paradigms or
possibly no paradigm at all but only approaches or ways of expressing.

Georgette has a certain function in it, I have another one. If you watch us work ,and go beyond
personal appearance, you will see that we work exactly from the same place, and depending on
what we do, we do exactly the same as one, not as two. You know very little of this aspect. Your
preconceived ideas block the way of the simple reality. You perceive in a certain way simply
because you follow your paradigm. Drop it and suddenly you realize that you live differently, you
see/live/sense a lot more than you thought yourself capable of doing.

Some of the sensitivity you have shouldn't be possible, classically speaking. You haven't trained
your mind, you are not master of your thoughts --you cannot put them on or off at will. This is a
requirement. Can you keep your emotions absolutely quiet; can you be fully and completely in a
non-emotional state -- no you cannot . The mastery of the emotions is required for the first
initiation -- to use a classical measure; in the second one you go over it again, somewhat deeper;
in the third one you go to your mind. or , you can read Pantajali which is 2,500 years old and find
all the techniques needed to master the mind -- from the concrete thoughts to the very waves
within the substance of the mind (called chitta). Now honestly, you have no awareness of the
waves, no awareness of the mind substance. In what we live together (sometimes, but not always)
some mastery in this direction is required. Or some mastery in the direction of initiation is
required, traditionally speaking, but you do it without these requirements. How is this possible?

It's very simple: because you live with us in a surrounding in which these experiences are simply
normal (actually much more is normal but this has not yet come through your mind -- it's
supraconscious not conscious). When I see you respond to what is going on with the music, for
instance, it means you are participating supraconsciously; if you persist it will become conscious.
I want to go over with you a point which is kind of tricky: one participant asked if these elements
are available over the whole world. The answer is yes, definitely. I have heard people say, for
instance: "You are not the only one, there are others who do the same work". Whether the work
is the same or not is not the point. Intellectually speaking, everything that we do is available for
you right now, within you; you don't need to travel over the entire world -- it's right within you.
But we are not dealing with a theoretical situation, we are in a practical action and you want to be
able to participate (be practical too). To know that these different elements are available
throughout the world in other societies and so on is fine and good, and I go even further and tell
you that you don't have to look further than in yourself: "Man was created in the image and,
likeness of God " , but the practical situation is different.

When you say that these elements are available elsewhere, most of the time the position is one of
student-teacher: "I can find another teacher elsewhere". Yes, you can -- he won't work in the
same way, but this is not the point, the real point is to start moving. If you want to work in what
we are involved in, okay then you work here; if you want to work in something else, you go
somewhere else; it is as simple as that. But the intellectual understanding that these elements are
available elsewhere too is of no help. For many people, this understanding leads to a non-activity.
Satisfied with the knowledge that the elements are available all over the world, most people don't
move, and we are concerned with moving.

I wonder if you realize how difficult the position is if you one day assume professional
responsibility. Take a simple situation: I know what I do on earth, including what I have done in
the past, but this knowledge does not exist in the prevailing paradigm in which you live --what
prevails is the belief that you cannot know. For me it's a very simple matter -- just plain obvious
-- but because of the existing paradigm, we cannot come through in all simplicity (because an
actual situation is always simple), we have to do a lot of work to make you face another situation,
another paradigm, or no paradigm at all. And when you face it you will also know what you do. It
is not a privilege that is proper to me alone in this world, definitely not.

When this comes through, that day you will have made a step with yourself, not with me. It will
mean that you have to begun to relate to the situation in a more mature way. Remember, nearly
all problems arise in your relation with what you are connected to and not with what you are
connected to. It's the way you relate. This you know by experience already. Approach a person or
an animal in a certain way and you have one result, approach in another way and you have
another result -- but it's the same person, the same animal -- the difference depends on the way of

You have a body which you relate to in a certain way; you take for granted that it is as you sense
it. Now we have a mighty big difficulty with that, because we tell you all the time that we see you
differently. The relation that we have with our body is different from yours; the relation we have
with your body is different from yours. We see it differently. There is more to a body than the
sensory awareness can bring up. Obviously. What prevents you from living that -- simply the way
you function within your paradigm. Change it and you have new possibilities.

Incidentally, I notice in the group in general, that you become more and more sensitive to what is
going on. You begin to show some relating that is genuine -- Most of what is conscious is not
fully genuine (it is tinted by projections of images), but behind those projections is something
else. If you come out with the symbolic value, the symbolic value represents something that is
lived supraconsciously. But be very careful. What you see over there is not Georgette as you
know her. It is not one person; it is not one radiation belonging to one being --it's true with me
and it's true with her. This poses a kind of problem for your minds. You see an individual (which
means non-divided) and the first thing you do is divide it from the surrounding. It's an example
of reflection: you have the reverse image.

 But actually, as long as you are linked with this type of activity with us, you are linked to the
field also -- wherever you are on earth, home included. it is a classic situation: being able to
participate in the experience more harmoniously or more fully here and then going home and not
being able to do that again. It happens all the time. There are several reasons: If you are in a
group, the strength of the group comes in which makes the experience easier, but also the group
as a whole is within the field, and all this works together. At home you are alone, a unit, no
longer a group, the strength is gone, and you believe that the field is gone. As long as you are
here the field exists for you, but when you are at home you believe that it is gone. Actually you
remain in the field all the time (except if you quit, then we stop the field; if you take a holiday it
doesn't stop, but quitting is serious).

There is one point here that has to be understood: When you face a transition there is
always, or nearly always, a zone of confusion -- meaning you go from one movement into
another one, and the workings of the other one are different, they are usually more encompassing.
Another image of confusion comes from old workings becoming suddenly inadequate because
you deal with a surrounding that is more encompassing, and this creates a form of confusion.
You might have some mastery in your mind then it wouldn't confuse you, you would simply
recognize what is going on. If you haven't that mastery, confusion is common.

In the way you work, with the death exercise, for instance: When you practice death, your mind
gets confused. You come to that point of confusion. This happens in actual death as well. Death
is a liberation , actually, practically, but when you turn around from the body-linked awareness,
at that moment you have a moment of confusion, and then you recognize that it is simply a
transition. But if you look around you will notice that you begin to intuit by living a condition
that is much more refined, and at that moment you don't really care about confusion. It is a
happening, let it happen. There is no need to try to escape it. Confusion is a readjustment. If you
refuse confusion, the tendency is to come back into the old functioning of the mind, but the
interesting point is to acknowledge the confusion as one activity and then acknowledge the other
one as well. It's just as valid, possibly more. If you live the other condition, the confusion will be
gone after awhile. In the death exercise, the confusion zone is one of the aspects of what I call the
gray veil. The gray veil has a dampening effect, but when you are in the veil sometimes you
experience some sort of confusion because you don't see your reference points around. The
important point for you is that when you do it there is a sense of otherness. Now the purpose of
the exercise is to obtain the ability to live this otherness -- not to create confusion. Confusion has
to be taken as a side effect. If it grows out of proportion, then it might be caused by something
else and you have to look for it. The exercise itself, except for a short place of transition, does not
create confusion. You can die without any confusion at all , you simply drop all that is known,
and live the other condition.

In respect to transitions, not just this one but any transition, one of the signs is loss of
directiveness. There is another sign: the loss of the ability to shape, And because you don't know
how to shape in the transition you are confused. I judge that most confusions revolve around the
shaping function rather than directiveness. Proof of this is those of you who have gone through
confusion after confusion and are still here. This shows that directiveness was not lost. Your
intent, which is a directiveness , is still alive. So the confusion is not the loss of your bearings,
but the loss of your ability to shape.

Participant: What do you mean by the ability to shape?

Martin: It's the U function (in the book). Some people speak of the ability to discriminate.
Discrimination and shaping are one and the same. As the shaping function goes ,, for instance, if
you have a very fine intuition, it has no shape at first and then little by little it takes shape-- that's
one aspect of it.

.....Now I will translate this technically, because you are supposed to know how to handle the
things in the book. In the U region the heart is an A function. An A function is directive, not
formative. This means that within the awareness of that region the A has no shape -- it's highly
directive -- this is why you still sense some sort of radiation. But if you are true to the function, it
doesn't have a shape. Now as far as color goes: a golden color is called a shape, it's not just a
wave; if it's golden, it has taken a shape. There is a symbolic relation between the gold and the
heart , but symbolic only because true heart has no color and no shape. Now it happens somehow
that this appears for you spontaneously. Fine. Respect it. This is a situation that appears very
often, you live spontaneously the actual situation and then your mind steps in and asks about this
and that -- because it's not conforming to your mind. Mind is only a by-product of that heart.

Every time you live an active/acting condition that works, but not as you expect, respect it --
especially when it has no shape, no color, no nothing. Especially then. The mind speaks always
in terms of thingness, unless you have retrained it, so it is expecting to find some thing, and
suddenly you have a no-thing (but no-thing is not dead)! it's highly radiating, but beyond light
(and if it's beyond light it doesn't generate a reflection, golden or otherwise). See how limber you
have to be with your minds.

One point I didn't finish with: When you run into your difficulties (which means you mature, you
outgrow situations), if you are lost, meaning you cannot shape , persist . means that you keep the
directionality. If you maintain the directiveness through a transition, you land on the other side --
you make the transition. If you are afraid, you'll come back on the old side -- you won't make the
transition. The problem is that when you are in the difficulty/transition, you don't like it -- why, I
don't know, because apparently your soul has triggered the transition.

When you start living the other condition you don't care how hard it is for your person , you just
don't care any more because it's not the point. Then things become actually more easy .
Participant: Is core activity the same as field activity?

Martin: No. Do you remember the picture of the hologram? Field stems from the
greenhorn/person, core activity is what gives life ( ‡ ). Also the core activity is experienced,
psychologically speaking, as what is really, deeply you. That you that you cannot define (because
you try to define it in terms of field). The real, intimate you is different.

There is a type of activity that is very little known and that goes right through the core of you. As
long as you are dualistic you will have a hard time understanding that. If I do something, you
don't feel "Martin" blooming in you, it's you, yourself that is radiating. This kind of activity goes
through the core of yourself -- your very identity blooms. I can't explain how it is done because in
the hologram, for instance, it stems from the square above the greenhorn ‡ . Now that is another
mode of life, another order -- meaning everything is completely different. We don't use the same
references, the same words, the same whatever, things are not seen in the same way, it's utterly,
completely, totally different.

Whether the mind understands this or not is completely irrelevant. This is a point that you have a
hard time swallowing, because your mind doesn't believe it. There is nothing in your paradigm
that allows you to follow that. If I have to speak, of course, I have to have my mind alive, but if I
don't have to speak I don't care. There are things I do that my mind doesn't understand because
it's just an average human mind, nothing more than that. There are other aspects that are trained,
but even these trained aspects don't understand everything. We still act. It is not because you
have a personality that you are limited to that. It's real , very real, we show it all the time.

. As far as literature goes, techniques of visualization are pretty well known, and the methods
are pretty popular. In the direction of our work you don't need them. When I see you speaking
about visualization, your difficulty stems f from the f act that you use the function that is geared
to create thoughts to create images, instead of using the function designed for creating images --
these are two different functions. So you have a hard time where others find it fairly easy, mainly
because they don't try to visualize. Technical visualization is still something else. When you have
a visual image that is a fantasy of your brain (the dome exercise for instance), it's a spontaneous
fantasy that is symbolically linked to reality. In technical visualization you actually create
something that is much more concrete. We have no use for this because it might easily side-track
you. It's not that it is wrong, but we ask for the ability to live the situation more than anything
else. If you visualize, you create the image, which does not mean you live it. When you live the
heart radiating it shows in the whole field. If you created an image you would have a localized
heart only.

So don't worry about the ability to visualize. They have techniques that are used to bring
something forth, but it's not our way of working. I make no judgment about it, it's simply that we
don't use it. In other disciplines they might use it. If you are gifted with it you might have a use
for it, even in what we do, but as you seem to have difficulties, put your attention and your
energy on living the condition directly rather than imagining. You simply participate in
something that is going on. There is no effort or will-power involved; you are simply
participating in an actual situation. The will is used to keep yourself quiet.
.When we speak of work and participation, we do it on a professional level. Now, seen from
there, what I would call a success in an exercise is: When the group convenes and sits down, we
would have immediately in this room a tremendous field of activity and the very sharp
directiveness of the A, and this would fill the room before I come in. This would then set the type
and level of activity we can do with you, also the type of function the group can perform in the

The matter is not whether you succeed with an exercise or not. There is an action to be done in
the world and we need effectiveness. If field-A, for instance, is strong in you, imagine what we
could do with a group of 20 or 30. It would be very strong. Then we could do a lot more. You are
supposed to join in.

So you do an exercise until it works. I don't mean until you feel something -- this is not it. It's
only a small beginning in the adjustment of consciousness. I do mean until it works. If you expect
it from me, why not expect it from yourself.

For me the standard of effectiveness of any exercise is that when you come here the strength of it
shows in the room. I agree that you have to begin somewhere and it takes some time, but as far as
effectiveness is concerned, we mean professional effectiveness, not the gratifying of your senses.

If you come out heart in a room you change the atmosphere in the room and give it that kind of
shade. If there is someone in the room you can make the shade (heart) play in that person
(whether that person becomes conscious or not). This is real work.

I told you once, a long time ago: If you feel yourself as a great being, very special or whatever, I
don't blame you -- my only recommendation is:

Live up to it.
CALISTHENICS April 28-29 1981


Last time, someone asked whether the different elements that we come out with are available
elsewhere in the world. The reason this question is useful is because if you are stuck in such a
position and are able to come out with it we can change it. If you are alone with yourself and
never vent what is going on in you, you might dwell a long time with a frame of mind that is
already outdated.

If you study Theosophy, Steiner, the Arcane School and so on, you will come across some of the
elements that we use here as well. We do not pretend to be the only ones "teaching" these things.
The big problem here is that we are still heard as presenting a teaching rather than as
participating in a work. It is a frame of mind. Maybe some people hear me speaking as if I were
the only one in the world saying these things. This is not the point, there is work to be done. Most
of the time, what brings along the feeling that I might be saying that I am. the only one is because
I stress the necessity of working here and now. Now if you choose to work with us, fine, but it's a
work here and now, not elsewhere. If you are looking for a teaching you might look elsewhere. If
you are looking for work, you have to settle down and work -- here or elsewhere --you have to
stop wandering all over the place and start working. It's simple logic.

Very often people don't understand that they are caught in between these two situations. They try
to understand the working situation through the optic of a teaching situation.

If you want to know what we really do, I mean what we are really here for (not along the line of
group activity but the basic principle), then you have to have assimilated the book and come to
the babbling stage; then we --eight be able to tell you, not before. Before this point we are
obliged to express according to you, not according to us.

Everything you know about spiritual masters, everything that is written in books, is always
presented according to the human mind, and preferably according to the human mind of the
particular slice of time. This is forgotten most of time. So, because of what you have read, the
human mind says it is a certain way, when it's actually very different. Of course some elements
can be recognized, but only a little is actually as it appears.

So, what I am actually stressing is that I do welcome practically any type of question, as long as it
helps you to finally land in a position in which you can work.

Okay now, come out with your questions or comments.
Participant: You said that we have to first assimilate the book and reach the babbling stage. Do
you mean that literally?

Martin: Oh yes, quite; something totally different is totally different.

Participant: No, I mean about the book itself. I have a hard time being bound by assimilating the
book. I can accept that in a living circumstance that there is a general progression that might be
characteristic of my character type, various realizations might occur, but it seems to me that I
don't have to be bound by assimilating the book to still make the same progression.

Martin: Instead of saying "the book" we could instead say what is involved in the book.
Otherwise some people are going to learn it by heart and this is not useful. But as far as your
experiencing goes ,when all that is implied has become active, you have then gone through the
stages outlined in the book -- how you do it is your own matter. I don't expect everyone to go
according to the letter, but there is a substance in it and this has to come out. This is the way in
which you are "the only one". You do it your own way. Some principles have to be observed, but
how you do it is up to you.

Live the new condition. It's more effective. More basically, you have to remember the
experience gives you an awareness of yourself that is very different -- much more complete, more
real, more evident. The center of gravity of your life has to be there. Now, if, because you have
read books or heard me say that you must master your desires, or train this or that, and you
attempt to do this from your personal consciousness, you oblige the center of gravity to remain in
the narrow band of the person rather than the wide band that is now available. If you have desires
standing in the way or simply thoughts running on that interfere, the point is not to go chasing
after them, the point is to be centered on your basic position. The more you center, the quieter the
thoughts and desires will be. So mastery comes, not from fighting something you don't like, but
from living what you have to live. It's quite obvious and quite logical, but unless you do it, you
might not believe it. People always work with small things not realizing that they are keeping the
center of gravity in the same place -- then they complain that nothing happens.

Another participant: About a year ago you were saying that when we're in this room working
there is no point in trying to use the mind to understand what is going on here or to work from a
mind position. In response to that I have taken, at least on the mind level, a more passive position
in this work here. Before that time I sensed a change in the center of gravity of my being, a very
subtle one, nothing dramatic, but in the last year, it seems to me that my center of gravity has
been more in the personality. I associate this with my change to a more passive mind position.
Have I been working from a less effective position than I was before?

Martin: Referring to what I said about the mind, I'm afraid that what you quote is not correct, or
at least not fully understood. Many people have understood it this way and this is usually the way
it is understood first.

What we structure that you feel as a subtle change happening little by little is beyond the range of
what is called the concrete mind. Being beyond the range of the mind, you cannot work it with
the mind. But when you drop the mind, hoping it will work better, you go down into the desire
level and this is what you did.

For me it's quite simple: if the mind is not fit for a certain task I don't use it. But for the usual
awareness the mind is kind of at the top, directing everything. So, if we say it is not fit, then you
have nothing available to work with so you take an emotion for being the thing. No. It's really a
simple matter of economy or of logic. If the instrumentality you have (sensory awareness,
emotional awareness, mental awareness) is not fit for the task at hand, look for another one. Your
feelings are not that subtle, neither is your mind, but through your feelings and your mind you
can realize that there is a subtle change that penetrates or permeates the mind, the feelings,
possibly even through the sensations -- but it is not triggered by these.

When I say the mind is not useful or that you cannot "reach it" through the mind, it is understood
that the mind has no value. I've never said that. The mind has to be as sharp and limber as
possible. It has to be completely retrained because there are functions in the mind that are readily
available but as yet little understood.

To give you an example: You see the people in the room because light is reflected by every
object. As soon as light is no longer reflected you don't see -- as on a very dark night for instance.
Now there are senses that go beyond the concrete sight. If we modify the overall vibration in the
room, for instance, you could sense it whether you saw it or not. There are faculties in the mind
that can work directly that are not dependent on reflected light, they are simply not trained. But
the training is not originated from the mind. The training is originated from a state of
consciousness that is beyond the mind. Now, in this example, suppose that when the mind sensed
a subtle change, you lived at the level of that change instead of identifying with what is not subtle
in the body -- from that level, or higher, you could train the mind, adjust it, provide it with
everything it needed to realize and face evidences.

When you look at people from the ordinary mind the field does not exist. But, little by little the
mind gets used to the idea or the feeling that the field exists and then you see it. It's very simple,
you simply get used to it.

There is another point I would like to make: The personality as a whole is a tool. A tool is meant
to be used: to express, to bring out, to shape. The mind is part of this tool and it is meant to bring
out, to shape. As long as you use the mind in the reverse way you create an awful lot of illusions.

Other questions?

Participant: What is the role of the emotions?

Martin: The way to approach this, I mean if you want to work with it, is to drop the informative
stage that requires an answer according to a system and work directly with the sensory, emotional
and mental -- without preconceived ideas or systems.

Emotions tell you something, senses tell you something, the mind tells you something. obviously
each mode has a use. Why don't you experiment? Then you will have a practical answer that is
not burdened by a preconceived system. This is what we need.

When you have something happening with you, it happens, there is no system. Learn to approach
any happening simply as such, with no need to adopt a point of view. of course when you speak
of it you have to adopt a point of view and then if that one doesn't work you adopt another one,
but for the level of experiencing itself you don't need a point of view. The awareness involved is
different -- it comes down into the mind later--- because you experience you start thinking.

There is something else: all labels are finite, reality is not. Emotions belong to the U function.
The U function is everywhere. It has no limit, none whatever. If you are a bit refined, you will
one day realize that the finer emotions, which are no longer emotions, are present within the
coarser emotions. They are not above. It happens quite often that people in their attempt to
suppress the coarser feelings, suppress the finer ones as well.

If you study occultism (East or West), you must become master of your desires. Now desires
equate to your emotional world. It is said that you transform your desires with your mental
activity. What is not spoken is that the desire world has no limit whatsoever. What people speak
of is only a certain category or classification of desires and they think that their feelings belong to
that category and after that the feelings are gone. They are not. There is no limit to feelings.

Another Participant: During the last music session, I experienced very intense emotion -- to the
point that I was crying. When that was happening, I thought: "I shouldn't be feeling this way". So
I was trying to somehow adjust that, and then it changed anyway. Then, over the last week, I was
looking at what I was feeling and what I was trying to do with that ... Now what I am hearing you
say tonight is: that was my reality for that point in time and space, whatever else was going on,
and that then shows me where I am. Is that what you were saying?

Martin: Yes. I want to even add something. If you get emotionally shaken, why try to hide it? It's
a natural condition. You happen to be emotionally shaken -- that's a fact.

There is another point: You are emotionally shaken, the plexus is involved , actually, and then
there is the theory that "it shouldn't be" -- this is mighty wrong. When you are emotionally
shaken, I mean deeply, not superficially, most of the time it is a soul action -- there is a soul
presence that is much bigger than usual. Possibly within that shaking you felt somewhat taller,
less contained, or to use another symbol, you felt more depth.

Participant: I don't remember.

Martin: Anyway, to answer your question: accept the fact that you are shaken -- no matter what it
is. This is what has happened, and ,moreover , let it happen. An inner event can shake your
properly, even if your mind doesn't follow.

Participant: When my mind first said: "I shouldn't be experiencing this", I thought that this would
be a good chance to practice the death exercise. I tried it and it didn't work; nothing changed the
experience. I just wanted to ask if I should try to practice something like that in this kind of
situation or whether ...

Martin: When you spoke of your shaking, it was pretty deep, and then you attempted to impose a
superficial movement on it. How do you expect a superficial movement to equate or neutralize a
deep movement? it doesn't work. If you were trained in dying and the dying were as deep as the
shaking, then something might have happened. The shaking would have been clarified and you
would have experienced the shaking on the level from which it is generated -- generally
speaking, soul level.

Another Participant: During the last music session, I had and experience of physical pain in
which I felt the need to continue to adjust so that pain wouldn't continue to play in me. I found a
way of adjusting so that it would be relieved, but, if I forgot to be attentive to that, the pain
immediately came back, so I had to go back and forth. I didn't really resolve anything out of it
other than to try to hold a position that would facilitate whatever was going on, and then
somehow lapsing into a position that somehow felt as if it was resisting. But if I go according to
what you said to the last participant, then I wonder if I should perhaps not have been trying to
adjust. I would like to clarify that.

Martin: I would like you to go back to the experience itself. The question is not what you
"should" do, the question is what you can do -- what are your abilities? In that instance, for
instance, there is something that works around you, wanting to come down and for some reason
you are not limber enough. Soul-wise, deep heart, you can join that action, and act from there.

The simplest way would be to utterly relax that part of your head, but you might not be able to
stop the pain because some adjustments are painful. Most pain comes from a type of tension --
something wanting to flow and there is resistance. The more you consciously interfere, rather
than living deep heart, the more you allow the pain to be. When you interfere, there is usually a
kind of mental or emotional will to kill the pain, meaning you disregard the function going on in
order to suppress the pain.

You are aware of an action of, let us say, a higher order going on -- why don't you act from that
level. If there is any awareness of it, it means that it is working. If it is working, it is here. Why
don't you join? Not your mind, you. If you don't know, then go deep, deep, deep into heart and
from there join.

Again, this is your experience, don't try to classify it in any way. For instance: According to what
was going on with the music at that moment, suddenly it triggered a pain in you. This kind of
statement needs to be double checked before being accepted. Was the pain actually triggered by a
higher action, or was it incidentally accompanying it? Meaning there was another physiological
reason for the pain and since it happened at that time you associated it. You don't know which
one of the two positions is correct.

Participant: I did check it and it very much felt as though there was a quality of resistance in me
that I registered as pain. So it was my intent to somehow to find a way to adjust to what was
going on so that there was not the resistance.

Martin: I missed the point of your being conscious of the resistance, which actually can trigger a
pain, yes.

If you are mature enough, when there is an obstacle , the rule is that you go through, not around.
And I'm going to tell you something that works beautifully if you do it.

In this case: You suddenly realize the resistance and then there is what is going on. You focus on
the resistance until the feeling of the resistance is very clear, very evident. The position is nearly
as if you would look at it under a magnifying glass. Now you hold it, and you hold it strongly,
you don't want that resistance to escape, and as you hold it, you hold it within the field of what is
going on, letting the field act -- but you have to hold it, nearly freeze it. It is very effective

Participant: I have a question about the radiating part of the exercise: Each time I work with it I
experience that as I begin to radiate heart I feel a tension in the area of the center --it's a tightness.
And I remember you said to go ahead and radiate heart regardless of the reaction, so I am
wondering if this tension is something that I should take some action in regard to, or if it can be
expected to simply take care of itself naturally as I continue to work.

Martin: What about breathing?

Participant: I have worked with that and it works to some extent, but it seems like I have
forgotten about breathing in the last few days.

Martin: You spoke about what action to take. Playing with words I would say what "de-action"
could you take. Meaning, when you (the mind) decides to radiate heart it's not a true heart
radiation; you put a mental restriction on the heart instead of letting it flow. This is why I spoke
of breathing. The image of breathing is not an idle image. When you really breathe the radiation
is absolutely natural. You don't think about radiating, you happen to radiate.

When you decide to radiate heart (rather than another center), what happens technically is that
you simply focus your attention on a range, wavelength, or whatever image of heart that you
have, and then you observe what is going on -- there is not the restriction of an order given. It
might ease your working to say "simply put your attention on it". You have a heart that is
naturally active anyway; if you put your attention on it, you allow

it to be much more free because you don't bother about the other aspects around and it can
therefore come out freely. But the usual trap is that the head tells the heart to radiate -- this is a
restriction, so you feel a constriction. if there is any constriction it means that something is not in

You also have to remember that if you address the heart radiation, you are not addressing
psychological problems. It's an entirely other position. If aspects from other positions creep in,
simply narrow your attention. Meaning, if you or someone else happens to have a problem and
you look at the heart radiation, you don't look at the problem, so, at least for a second, the
problem is gone. This is what I mean when I say that when you continue with the radiating aspect
of pure heart you forget about the other aspects. This does not mean that they don't exist; it
simply means that you put your attention on a given field and not another one. Now, in this field
you can be enormously free. And the more you can keep the other aspects out, which actually
means the more you can really center in that field, the freer you are and the clearer the
characteristics of the radiation and what it can do.

So, as long as you have side-effects, at least as far as concentration is involved, it simply means
that you are not yet concentrated enough.

As far as constriction is concerned, one of the easiest ways of overcoming it is just to breathe
field-heart, and after the constitution is permeated or completely immersed in the field, then you
have the opportunity to have a heart that is clear-- but the whole structure has to be permeated.
You might not realize how important this point is. When you breathe in you permeate the whole
structure (your whole personality), as well as whatever else there is that you don't have
consciousness of. This is very important; this is how the structure is changed. The workings
change and the whole handling can then change too; it becomes much richer and you have many
more possibilities.

Another thing I want to point out is that "heart" refers to one of the nine centers, and these
centers are not physical, meaning, you can work center-wise without your body. This has a
practical implication: it means that when you work heart you do not impose a limitation on the
action of the heart (for instance your personal awareness). When the heart radiates freely it
radiates on lots of levels, not just the personal; this is why I spoke of a heart radiation in the field,
which gives a field-heart rather than a point-heart and there is no limit to the field. So when you
experience a radiation, always allow the radiation to go beyond any limit you know. We have a
tendency to limit heart to physical activity when actually it goes much further than that.

Participant : Does that mean that no matter how sick or tired we are it doesn't effect our ability to
work effectively?

Martin: This is a related point that is very important because most of the time if you are too tired
or too sick you decide you are in no shape to work. You might be surprised how clear it can be if
you work anyway. If you are too tired to interfere in the work then you are freer.

Participant: Lately I've noticed that I feel really a lot of exposure and vulnerability. Is it
connected to the exercise we are doing with the heart.

Martin: It's not directly connected, but it might be connected in that if you let the heart radiate,
you create an openness and this is an exposure. Any exposure is a kind of vulnerability, they go
together. In our society the stress is on being secure, but if you look around you know that this
does not exist. So, if you can manage to be exposed and vulnerable and handle the situation with
a certain balance, you are much better off, but it takes some courage. To seek refuge in security is
a vast illusion.
Participant: Since the Service I have repeatedly had a sense that something changed so that the
exercise of radiating and then dying has to be changed, but I haven't been able to adjust it.

Martin: There are several points: For those who can handle their minds: when you experience the
need for a readjustment that the mind does not know, you readjust in spite of the mind. This is
not a joke it can be done. If you experience that a readjustment is needed, the part that is aware of
it can work. It can handle it, it's only up to you to adjust to the situation of being able to do it.

Action is action. It's a different mode. In this case, for instance, you feel something, and the
mind is obliged to acknowledge an experience of a need, but it doesn't know how to handle it, so
you act from what is behind the experience. of course you won't succeed in the beginning,
because you direct your mind's attention to it instead of doing it. This is a fine point on which
you have to work again and again until you come through. You cannot say "today I tried the
whole day and it didn't work". You might need a lifetime or two seconds -- it depends. if the
mind does not understand, don't use the mind. But you might need to reeducate your mind from
the working part.

I have tried to convey in many ways that to lean on the three modes of consciousness (sensory,
emotional and mental), and these only, is a very poor policy. You experience all the time that
there is actually a lot more than what is acknowledged with these three means. Why not act from
the "lot more" directly.

. Suppose you want to do something and your personality stands in the way; you often get
frustrated and so on and you start looking at these things and forget about doing. Actually, your
occupation needs to be solely in the doing. The result comes because you do it, not because you
learn to handle your personality. It's a oneness of purpose that does not allow itself to be
sidetracked. And you continue until it works -- whatever happens. of course you can be frustrated
with your personality; you will be frustrated for many lives to come don't worry.

Suppose you decide something doesn't work. What you actually mean is that, for instance, you
spent so many weeks working on something (you concentrated in a moving, active way), and
then you decide after all those weeks that nothing happened. What do you know? maybe your
ability to see what is going on is poor. You cannot have no result after that amount of time, but
you can easily have a result that is very different from what your consciousness expects. You
have to always be prepared for this. It will always be at least somewhat different or even
completely different (and you simply recognize a direction). Be prepared for the completely
different, because if it is completely different you change quicker.

You have to learn to accept your imagery as pointing in a certain direction but not as an exact
picture. For instance, for the usual/concrete mind you imagine a very concrete result, even if that
concreteness is abstract like a heart radiation, but the mind has an image of it so you work for
that image to come out. Now let us say that after a while it doesn't come, if you are objective, you
will see that something does come out, but it is much more refined than the image you projected.
However, there will be a symbolic relation between the image and the result. So we cannot say
that the image has no use, but you have to learn to use the image as being only a symbol. And
this is true for everything that you do.

If you have an experience of a need in a certain direction, for you or someone else, take what you
figure out as only a symbol (a direction in which the action has to go), but let the shape of the
action (here called result) be free to take it's own course without the interference of your mind.
The mind only makes a proposition of a direction, but the degree of subtlety of the answer must
not be fixed. The concrete mind is not equipped to do it.

Actually, you cannot work without a result. It's not possible. But the result will be different from
what you expect. If you are free to live with that situation, then little by little you will notice what
you do.

For those who have been with us for a long time, you will notice that first there is nothing and
then little by little you sense this nothing (which means it already has a little shape) and then little
by little it becomes more concrete. As it becomes more concrete, it shapes in a way you never

Once you learn to handle the symbolic relation with the projections of your mind or needs, you
will notice there is a relation -- what happens is very different -- but there is a relation.

The same situation exists when you study in books about spirituality: there is a symbolic relation
between what is written and what you are going to live -- only symbolic.

When we see that participant getting furious about her own soul., for instance, revolting etc., this
is simply a mind image of soul that is not soul. But then, later on, you discover that there is a
symbolic relation between that image of soul and actual soul -- so it's not entirely valueless. It is
valueless as long as you think that it is actually soul. Instead, accept it as a symbol and you will
be much better off -- then you might realize that your tantrum is a symbol too.

Also, to get back to that same participant's other point of feeling a need for a change since the
last music session. In this case you were sensitive to something that was working in the session.
If you want this to continue, the way you were doing the exercise has to be modified. But what
kind of modification? You think you expect a different procedure, but this is not it; actually, what
you expect is a different quality.

Let us say, as an example of what can happen in this kind of exercise, that first you live it as a
high fantasy: you die happily and everything is fine; then you change, and as you change,
suddenly you can put into it much more, let us say you can put some emotional content in it --
really -- from your present-day emotions; then you can put more into it until you can put
everything in it and you change -- as long as you are dead you are different, really. When the
exercise is real the result is real, meaning the results are linked to the way you do the exercise.
This means not how you do it but the amount of your own life you put into it. So, for instance,
it's not a difference in procedure that is involved , it is what you can put into it. You sense that
you have to put something different into it. In this case, when your mind doesn't know what to
do, you put whatever you can put in it that is new. If you change every day, at one point you will
notice that a specific quality is involved and then it clicks, then you know.

This is an example of a change coming because of a session or because of any event. You have to
be ready to change every time you do it -- not necessarily as far as shape goes. But as far as the
content goes, it ought to be different every time. This is where the word exercise is terrible
because the word exercise implies always the same content. But life changes every second.
Actually the change is constant. So you cannot perform something that is alive twice in the same

Participant: I was cautious about changing the procedure because I didn't know what effect that
would have.

Martin: You don't need to change the procedure, your understanding of the procedure has to
change. If you do the procedure properly, it's so very close to a natural occurrence that it's really
usable, but the content has to change, yes. It's also true, speaking of procedure, once you are used
to dying, you might not need the transition part of the procedure you simply switch from one
condition to the other condition. Meaning, one day you outgrow the need for procedure.
Procedure is only a way of making a transition. if you know the other side, you don't need a.
procedure, you just switch.

The art of switching is another important training you can undertake. The mind has a tendency to
be linear, so you think you have to go through transitions. Now, if you master this linearity you
just switch -- no transition . You might need a certain time to adjust your personality, but the
switch can be instantaneous. However in the dying exercise we have a transition, not a switch.

Participant: I have a question about the dying exercise. As I move away from the earth condition,
I move through a veil-like area, then through an area that's dark ,with stars. I then enter a space
where there aren't stars -- it's empty but it feels active. I don't feel a drive to move from there. I
could not tell you exactly where I am; I don't recognize it; it doesn't fit as being between galaxies,
or way, way out. I don't know if it fits in a kind of no-reference area, in terms of the universe, for
me. The question is: Is simply residing in that place or condition for a period of time sufficient.
At one time you suggested looking around to see if there is something that attracts the attention,
and yet I don't experience anything there ...

Martin : Symbolically speaking, when you come into the space after the stars, you are no longer
in that kind of image, meaning the distances don't work any longer. So, you just allow yourself to
bloom into that condition. When this happens you have to avoid trying to situate, with the mind
or according to any knowledge you have -- physical or occult.

Participant: One of the qualities of that place is a kind of imperative for real quiet -- just to be

Martin: Yes, that's fine -- you are dead anyway, meaning the usual functions are calmed. Just live
there. If you don't know what to do with it, I would say to just breathe it, because it has to work
throughout. And you will notice that you will pretty quickly live yourself in relation to that
surrounding -- a yourself that is different, much more free.

Just allow yourself to live it. If any action is taken it will be taken from there, and you have to
give a chance to that. So., seen from the outside, allow yourself to be fully within that new
climate. And be there according to that. It's not exactly a new personality, but it's a state of being
that is related to that.

You do it again and again and again. When you live that you will notice that little by little it will
come out -- something will come out from there -- when you are active with your patients or
whatever. Then you will notice that it will trigger new understandings, new whatever. Again, this
is provided that you don't situate it with your mind, which is a reductionist movement. You have
to accept what you live in its fullness -- as is.

When you live at that level, your mind might not understand, this is true, but the "you" of that
level is perfectly at ease. The way you live is not the same as with the usual personality -- all
awareness is much more encompassing. You have a simultaneity of function that is tremendous
and is evident at one glance. You don't have the sequential factor in it.

This might give a hint to some of you of the use of the exercise. If you do the exercise and
nothing like this happens, then please do it really.

You have to realize that in the work that we do another aspect of yourself is called forth, and the
example the last participant just gave is a pretty good one. It's natural, it's spontaneous, and little
by little you will adjust to the new situation. We deal with that situation all the time. What you
see as field radiation that clarifies with the music is linked to things like that.

The main trouble is the habit of always dealing with the same insufficient tools. We speak of
field-heart, for instance, and the mind sees the physical body and the center limited to that place
in the physical body and an effect of only that. The symbol heart is much, much bigger than that
it's bigger than mankind.

Martin: (to a participant) Will you take that rose and place it there in front of Georgette so that
everyone can see it.

I placed the rose there because it was kind of convenient, but you will notice that Georgette
doesn't do a thing -- the rose does.

Now, if you look around the room, you will notice that the heart activity is evident within
everyone. And if you feel your heart center radiating, you will notice that it is within the field that
you see around the rose --your own heart expression is an expression of that rose. You may also
notice that the heart radiation of the rose does not contain anything that is related to the human
personality -- but still we can speak of a heart.

Also you will notice that when your heart blooms like the rose, you don't need any dictate from
the mind or any other part of your consciousness -- you just bloom.
As far as field is concerned, you can see that the field of the rose is of another dimension, another

You might tune into the being aspect, and then you will notice that you as a being respond very
differently from how you usually do. Look around in the group you can see this.

Now you, as a being (the fullness of you), might want to face the rose in its fullness. The rose
stands for something very definite. Most of you are aware that when you face that rose as a being
you come out in a way that is different than usual -- more encompassing. And you might wonder
why you see yourself so small at other times.

Dorothy will you bring it back please.

(Dorothy returns the rose to its original position.)

Did you notice something? Did you see her change? (Many hands are raised.)

Do you see how insufficient/inadequate the usual consciousness is, and how easily you can
outgrow that and live differently. You simply face something else and then you are something
else. It's real and it's available now.

The rose (as symbols go) stands for something very specific which is at the base of what we do. I
won't tell what, you have to babble first, but you can notice that it has an effect, meaning it is
real. The only reason why you are usually not aware of it is the habit of using the limited
consciousness instead of the fullness of you.

We faced that rose and you noticed that it is alive and different from all others, because in that
instance it became the real symbol. So there is a direct link, the symbol is true. When the symbol
is true there is an effect. The effect is that you cannot feel being that small personality you
usually are. Except for the one or two who didn't actually connect, you just experienced it, it is
available now.

When people say these elements are available elsewhere on earth also, this is not the point; the
point is that you live this now. What does it matter how you classify it?

Suddenly you face a greater reality. Now if I come back to that participant who described the
situation with death. When you face a greater reality, death is real. The word "death" is a symbol,
the exercise is a symbol of something very real. Now you might realize that there is a dimension
to that exercise you never thought of.

Did you notice that the rose was standing by itself and didn't need the help of Georgette or
myself. Who could notice that? In case you wonder, this is a small example of what I call "we".
When I say "well it's not a figure of speech.

Questions or comments?
Participant: Why wouldn't it have worked with one of the other roses? Why hadn't it worked
previous to bringing it out?

Martin: What you sense is that we are involved in some way, even though the rose is kind of
independent. I agree with that, we are involved -- this belongs to the "we", we cannot separate.
But there was an opportunity to show something, so "we told the rose" to do it and then you had
the movement. One of our duties is to provide the field in which experiences are possible. We are
very directly involved in this way. But it's not just providing the field, it also has to be sensed by

Participant: Did anything happen in the field before you spoke about the rose? I had quite a
strong feeling, I don't know what, but it impressed me, and then you started to speak of the rose...

Martin: This is what Daniel chronically used to sense: something going on before we do
something -- It's because I check first to see if it will work or not.

In this instance, if you follow what you sensed, I had the idea a half hour before doing it. It was
when we spoke of heart. At that moment, I realized that I had to show you that there is more to
heart than the usual understanding. We spoke further and then we had the demonstration.

Participant: Is that like a sounding?

Martin: Yes, this is what I call a sounding. And the sounding implies everything that is involved:
the average capacity of response and also whether the symbol can be alive. Depending on the
frame of mind, we will be able to do it or not. This is where I speak of the dynamics of the
moment. Another day it might not be possible -- even with the same people -- unless we put
something in motion progressively.

I Will take this opportunity to speak, also, of the type of discipline you have to adjust yourself to.
As you notice, this happened and it worked. It's very different from speaking about spirituality or
speaking of possibilities that exist on earth, here or elsewhere. It's very different. We are involved
in evidences in the here and now -- not theoretical possibilities. In your endeavor to reach a
higher condition you deal with theoretical possibilities, and what I try to convey is the other
position. It's much more pragmatic.

When you see that rose really active by itself, you face an evidence -- not a theory or a dream.
This is what we want you to realize when you work with yourself. We deal with evidences in the
here and now -- not projections of something that may be. When you work, you work right on the
spot now. You do what has to be done, you don't look for results contrary to the usual mind. Of
course we would like results and so on, but that's not the point. The point is to work.

When you face a rose like this one, you change, because obviously you are in the presence of a
higher order. When you face a higher order you have to be present in that higher order, as such.
Obviously. There is no room for
Direct life is simply direct and does not have the convolutions of the usual fantasies. We put the
rose there and it is alive. We don't make a ceremony of bringing it to life, nor do we call some
spirit to come down into the rose (as people used to do in the past). It's direct life, evidenced

Is it clear by now that when we speak of heart there is much more than the usual image of heart?
You experienced heart of another order and changed drastically. I say this so that you realize and
discipline your mind to accept that any understanding you have of a proposition must be
outgrown constantly. Every time you come up with a definition, you have to challenge it. It may
look like this or that at the moment, but it's never the final "it". There is no final "it". There isn't
even an "it".
CALISTHENICS May 26-27, 1981


We have now come to the end of a first phase in our work. We have come to the point where we
could demonstrate what we did with the rose: the presence acting, symbolically speaking,
incarnated in the rose, with an obvious action throughout the room, starting from the rose and not
from us. Thus, demonstrating that when I say "we" I mean "we", and I demonstrate "we" -- we
are not alone. Possibly you might have noticed that each one of us has a certain coloring and the
rose had another one -- all were related but still somewhat different, so that you could see that it
was not a projection from us onto the rose. We have worked in the past with a crystal with the
same effect -- the crystal becomes alive. We have worked with you with the same effect -- you
bloom. You can see when we work together that you change. You can see when we work
together that we change -- we show something. We have demonstrated our part, now we would
like you to become consistent with it.

We want you to face what we do, and not in an emotional or idealistic way, but in a factual way.
The point is not what Martin says or tells or teaches, the point is to connect with the facts. When
we make you experience the changes that you experience when we play the music you face facts,
but as soon as you want to do the same you go away from the factual situation. flow is it done? I
can tell you how, it's very simple: To do it you have to do it. All the comments and observations
you make in your head are irrelevant because they don't allow you to face the facts here and now.

Now we have to go further. We come into a period when we need help from you -- meaning a
few of you have to show the ability to cycle what we do.

I have often demonstrated this cycling with an image taken from Theosophy: Humanity goes
from point A to point B, symbolically speaking, and what we do is inject new elements into that
movement -- because the time has come for it. Injecting works at ninety degrees to the
movement, symbolically speaking. You work in the movement. The ability required is to live
what is injected (be that) and cycle it, or, in other words, make it work along that movement.

This means, for those who are more mature, it is time for you to face facts and not dreams -- in
yourself as well as with us. You must face the way you work, if you work. You must face the
way you handle your commitments, if you have commitments and so on, and you must face these
There are requirements, lots of requirements. The more mature you are, the more drastic they are.
I would like you to become aware of one point: We work essentially on what is called the "spirit
level" -- very little with the personality. The personality goes along the way of cycling; we can
bring an impulse, but you have to do something with it. This kind of work is seldom understood.
You think we ought to take more care of your personal problems, and we are not here for that. It's
time for you to realize what we do.

So, I'm going to read you an article I came across the other day that might help you to understand
some things and possibly situate some of your problems.

The article is written by Michael H. Brown, who is a transpersonal therapist. He defines
transpersonal therapy using the Latin roots trans meaning "to go across or beyond" and persona
meaning "mask".

The danger we all fall prey to, according to Brown, is in not recognizing the difference between
the mask we wear, that is, our identities as father, mother, student, therapist, intellectual and so
on, and who we really are beneath these social roles -- very often it's called your ego image.

During Roman times actors in the theater wore masks, and that mask was called the persona. You
have a personality which essentially is that mask.

As Brown points out, recognizing the gap between the mask and the essential self, and
acknowledging the need for change is usually a painful process.

Many of you face bewilderment, confusion and so on. It's not easy to go through crises, but these
crises are not spiritual work, they are simply related to the relation between the real you and your

Recognizing the gap between the essential self and the mask and acknowledging the need for a
change (as soon as you are aware of your essential self) is usually a painful process.

I read this article to you because I like to give you echoes from people other than myself -- so that
you realize that something is moving in the world.

... This need may be known initially as a vague restlessness, dissatisfaction with the ordinary
things of life, a sense of boredom or lack of meaning in your relationship with others. We may
experience a lack of intimacy and depth of communication either at home or at work. We may
find ourselves empty, lonely, trapped in thoughts about the past or concerns about the future,
with no enthusiasm for the present moment. And the longer we resist the need for change the
greater are the crises which confront us.

Unfortunately the tendency is to postpone the need for change, which often makes the problem
more difficult.

Our personalities form very early in life as we adapt to the conditions of our childhood, as we
perceive and then incorporate the roles our parents and significant others play and as we first try
to meet our basic needs. The first education you receive is in building your mask.....

Brown believes it is not necessary to throw our childhood personalities away, but to consciously
conform them in the light of love. He says that our greatest task in life, is to learn how to trust the
inner self for guidance and inspiration.

This pertains to the realm of psychology. In the story Brown tells, our work situates, at it's lowest
point, in what he calls your real self.

I know perfectly well, by experience, that you expect help on the level of the mask. We have
given hints, ways, methods, shaped in lots of different ways, to deal with this problem -- but
honestly speaking it's not our job. We are now hoping to have more and more people who are
able to take this over.

In the example I just read to you, you look for your higher self -- I call this being ego-centered --
meaning you still don't meet your reason for being on earth.

Your reason for being on earth is not to find yourself because this you cannot do. In Switzerland I
came across the possibility of using guided fantasy to "go to the sun"*. In each case (where the
experience was genuine) we went through certain preliminary steps (outlined in the book) until
the individual reached the sun. At this point I asked what they wanted to do. They responded:
"Go into it". So the person went into the very center of the sun. Then I asked: "What do you
feel?", and they responded "It's beautiful, the rays are all around, it's full of light". Then I told the
person to turn around and face the way they came, and then asked what they felt. I remember
some persons saying with surprise: "Why, I am the sun".

This experience shows that as long as you strive toward the sun (which can be a symbol of the
real you, as well as the symbol of God, which is the real you), even to the point of being in the
very center of it, you are still not "it". As long as you go toward the goal, even when you are at
the goal, you are still not it. But when you turn around and face the way you came, which is the
outgoing way (coming down on earth, giving out), then suddenly you are it.

*A warning for those who might want to try this fantasy with others: You cannot do it safely
unless you can follow what the patient is doing. Anyone can imagine going to the sun, but very
often the sun is not real, especially if the person involved has a slight understanding of symbols.
The beauty of fantasy is that someone can express absolutely freely, not realizing what the
symbols are -- then you have the full freedom. If you do it with a psychologist, for instance, they
can be aware of the symbols and arrange them, and this would be a waste. I have another instance
in mind where we had to go through three suns -- the third was the right one, the two previous,
ones were artificial. Now, the one conducting the fantasy has to be able to follow these things, if
you don't, you won't

have the results.
The beauty of this is that,even for people who are untrained in this respect, there is a situation
that is built in -- it is unconscious, but it is there. It is not the result of training, it is not the result
of reading books or of indoctrination, it is built in. The ability to turn around is there, and as soon
as you do it, you are it.

There is no way to become efficient in the art of cycling if you don't turn around. You have to
give out. As long as you reach for something you won't reach anything -- as exemplified by the
technique I described: As long as you go toward the sun you are not the sun; even in the very
middle of it, it's still around you; it can be beautiful but it is around, you are not it.

There are requirements. As you have seen, on the psychological level, if you postpone the move
you have to make to keep a normal relation between the real you and the mask, you make the
situation worse. So, if there are requirements on the psychological level, on the spiritual level
there are many more.

I have tried for some time to give you an inkling of the difference in position needed to face the
factual side of what is going on (not the daydream). Last time with the rose there was the
presence of an action flowing all over the room and throughout -- making the room transparent to
some degree. The action of the rose is related to what I call "The Order of the Rose" with which
we are involved.

"The Order of the Rose" is composed of a few beings, some known historically, some not known.
They convene as an order only when there are big changes going on -- it's not a steady, ongoing
order.There is some "mysterious" relation between the rose and this order which has to do with
the symbolism of the rose. This means that when you see it becoming active, you have the proof
of something working, and we tell you we know what it is. Obviously we cannot let just anything
happen in this room, it would be far too dangerous. This means that we are involved factually in
what is outlined in the Statement of Purpose -- The Christ Impulse -- and you still have not
realized it. You have heard it, yes, you might even remember it, but our work is not with the
mask, it is with the real you. If the mask has heard, nothing happens. But you do respond in very
definite ways -- you -- and then there is the mask and the awareness of the mask.

We, and I especially, have always worked, throughout history, in pioneering. It is my experience,
up until yesterday, that I have not come through -- which means that the clues are registered but
the change in position is not made. When you face a fact you become factual as well, you
respond factually.

At the age of eight we went to live in the mountains and I learned to ski. At the age of fifteen I
went with an older brother to climb a mountain and came down again --

it was a pretty hairy enterprise. I heard only one or two years ago that we were the first to bring
what is called "ski extreme" to Switzerland -- meaning we initiated a movement. The next ones
to follow came twenty years later. This is pioneering, opening ways.

I also climbed mountain faces with the same brother and we were the first to introduce climbing
extreme in this region of the Alps. The article said that "it was surprising with the primitive
equipment we had". Since then this face has been climbed only six times -- meaning it's still very
difficult.or, later, to give you another inkling, I got acquainted with acupuncture. I got a
professional feel of it and then I came out with other ways. They work. You can do acupuncture
according to the dynamics of the field, and it works on the psyche as well as the physical -- to my
knowledge I am the only one doing this.

I tell you these things to show you that whatever I get involved in I open ways. So, when we
speak of pioneering we know what we speak of. Symptoms show even through the mask.

Our main activity is not on the mask level, it's on the direct level -- the real you. What I am trying
to bring through is that you face something really happening now. We give the clues, we give the
proof, but we have a very hard time to bring you to the point of realizing that it is for good and
real now.

I am proposing that you take a deeper look at yourself and around yourself -- taking the mask
away. We have asked you to let us flow through you; we do it anyway, but if it were conscious it
would be much better. You see the mask alone and this you cannot swallow, so you have a
"feeling toward" no, we work through. If you were to look at us in a different way you would see
something. We show another body and something else that you might call a being if you want--
and this is acting throughout.

There is another point that you have never understood: When you work together you experience
that you start blooming (these are my words). You change -- the change is a blooming. You have
already seen that one of the characteristics is that it doesn't come from me toward each one of
you, it blooms throughout your own identity as you.

Now I want you to face another fact. People often speak of unity. They hear the words: "You will
love thy neighbor as thyself". You can understand this to mean that you should love your
neighbor as much as yourself, or, you can love your neighbor as being yourself. This is the
situation in which we work. How could it be otherwise if when you bloom, you bloom? We
demonstrate everything we speak of, whether your mask understands it or not. However we want
your mask side to take a position and be consistent. But this requires discipline.

We live in a society that has pretty much lost its balance. It is known in psychology that the
whole education from babyhood on is geared in a one-sided way (for the left hemisphere of the
brain -- the rational side). They also have discovered that there is the possibility of working with
a feature that is able to balance both equally -- so that the output on both sides is the same.

In this society you are also geared toward consumerism. In our language it means that you are
geared to sensory awareness -- consumerism is toward concrete sensory awareness not the
abstract one.

Over the years I have watched some of you grow and become more refined from a condition that
was rather primitive, but I have seen some doing the reverse. I have in mind a few who once
showed very beautiful, very refined qualities getting heavier and heavier. Lately we saw one of
these people and this person could barely remember having made a very definite commitment
and the higher quality that was there at the beginning had nearly faded away. For what?

I am thinking of someone else who told us that with the awakening of the heart activity the sex
urge increased. There are problems with sex in the group -- some even indulge in sex sprees.
What you don't understand is what it does to you.

One person likes to go dancing. They spend the evening dancing and listening to the music. You
ought to know by now that certain types of music have specific effects that are absolutely not
harmless. You have a defense against words, against music you have none because you have not
learned. Be very careful.

There are two rules to observe that are expressed in the book: The nature side in you has to
become more and more sensitive and the spirit side has to become stronger and stronger.

Jazz, rock, all the related Negro-origin music, draw you down -- you can experience it -- you
become animal-like. You might like it, yes, but you jeopardize the higher responses quite
definitely. Now if you want to work you need the higher end, and you have to train it. So, don't
fool around.

If you make a choice, or for some of you a commitment on the spiritual level, it is taken very
seriously. A spiritual commitment means a path to initiation. We do initiate -- in a very specific
way -- but it is not possible as long as you fool around.

Some of you have come to work with us-- you recognize it and then it fades away and you lose it.
There is one point very few of you keep in mind: You have a reason to be on earth that is a
creative reason (doing something useful). For those who work with us in this incarnation, I
remind you that the "we" involved convenes for a certain time and then is gone. The order is not
permanent, it is temporary. The work we do is temporary too, it applies to now. If you miss the
boat, then you missed it. You can void your incarnation in this respect very easily, and I do mean
void it. For those who are trained (even unknowing on the mask level), who have an acute feeling
for what we do and have an acute feeling of being related, if you fool around on the mask level,
you might void your incarnation. This is real.

You know about karma and so on, you know that some disciplines are needed, but you know it
on a fantasy level -- you don't know it on a factual level. The next time the "we" won't be around
in this way. If you are related with me, next time I might not be around, meaning you will have
lost the opportunity.

Now I want you to face something: I am fully aware that the words I use can he interpreted as
unverifiable, but it is. We always give you the means to verify what we say, and the kind of
sensitiveness that you are developing little by little allows you to see/feel/live some of what we
We spoke earlier about sex. You have to be aware of one point: In the past sex was related with
love, a deep relation. Now, over the whole country (and beyond), that deep relation has been lost
as far as the average public is concerned, and people complain that they are no longer able to feel
a deep relation. On the other end of the scale, sex has become an industry -- and its sex only
(sensation) -- and they are quite clear about their purpose: enhance sensation in any way possible
and it has nothing to do with love. This means that all the finer values are gone. If you follow
that, you are gone too. Gone.

It is known that unless you have reached a stage called the "Free Man" you can always fall back.
Always. To give you an example: It takes some time to build a house, but you can demolish it in
a few seconds. When you have intercourse with a partner there is a mixing of the astral qualities.
If the partner is lower than you in level he can draw you down. it is no joke. if you have the
slightest tendency of going toward the lower end that you have already overcome, the simple fact
of being once with a partner of the lower quality will draw you back. it might take years to clear
yourself from that. Contrary to what some of you sometimes imagine, having a good diet with
lots of raw food etc. to clear your body does not necessarily clear your astral condition.

Participant: Can you clear it through the "Down-and-Away" exercise?

Martin: Possibly , but you have to be very definite. Of course you can clear yourself, especially if
you have some will power and commitment in doing it, but there is no safe place in life. Any
excess is dangerous.You need high sensitiveness in the physical body. Sex brings you down
--unless you love. If you are really in love then it doesn't bring you down.

What I am hinting at is not to get rid of sex -- not at all -- change the way you relate to it. There is
a rule that you always have to observe in any problem area of your life: If you feel that a situation
doesn't work -- with a partner, with society, your job, etc. -- your first reaction is to change the
situation. I say, no! Change your relation toward the situation. Establish a relation that works,
and if it (your change of relation) doesn't work look for another one and so on, until you find one
that works really. When you have a working relation, then you will know if the situation is
outgrown or not, that is, whether you actually have to change the situation. If you change the
situation you will bring your problem with you -- please remember. There is no escape. These are
facts of life. Face it. Stop dreaming.

When you have a situation, or any kind of condition, including physical that you feel is lower
than your normal level, don't try to change it. Don't restrict it, but hold it so it doesn't disappear.
In other words, keep it in front of you so you can observe what happens. Then, live the higher
condition. Continue to live it, live it... and see what happens. What happens reminds me of a
story that I read about a raccoon who was given a piece of solid sugar. The raccoon went to the
river to wash it, because raccoons wash everything they eat -- and the sugar melted between the
raccoon's paws. He held it but it melted. Exactly the same thing happens when you do what I
have suggested.

But ... there is a but. You have to be very objective. There is no desire, it is practically scientific:
You hold it, it is definitely so; you vibrate something else and the "sugar" is going to melt. You
don't do anything to change the quality into a better one. This is where you have to be very
objective, because if someone is too idealistic they will not be able to hold it as it is.

But if, in spite of your change of relation,the form of expression pulls you down or prevents you
from vibrating higher realities, then you have to make the choice.

Yesterday someone asked whether there are different rules in the New Age. The answer is, yes,
definitely. One is: With the Christ impulse the creator aspect of man comes out. Referring to the
sun, you have to be the sun -- there is no creation ingoing, it has to be outgoing. There is a related
symbol that can also be seen historically. There was a very great being whose name was Buddha.
The name Buddha contains the Indo-european root Bd, which is related to knowledge and
wisdom. When Jesus came he was called Christ. Christ contains the Indo-european root Kr,
which means to do. One point that is happily forgotten by most people who follow Buddha: His
action was supposed to last 2,500 years (according to himself), but his followers wanted a change
in the organization to which he finally conceded. He told them that if the change would be made,
the action would last only 500 years. They still made the change. The action lasted 500 years and
then came Jesus.

You can learn some things from this. Those who worked with him limited his work considerably
-- instead of lasting 2,500 years it lasted only 500 years. In our work it's exactly the same. As you
might begin to realize, we can do a lot more than what we do. We simply have to wait until you
stop daydreaming and become factual. Possibly you would prefer to call your daydreaming a
certain idealism. Now idealism is fine because it has the tendency to refine you a little bit, which
is good, but one day you have to move. In our work we are professionals, so you have to become
professionals as well -- and this takes something.

The change between the root Bd and the root Kr, is the change from wisdom/knowing to creation
which is related to the root Kr. This requires a complete change of position, you have to come
out as creators and create/open new ways.

When you run into trouble with yourself at the mask level, which practically all of you have, and
which is a normal situation, do you realize how much you can interfere with what is being done
with your judgment and opinions? You can read in Patanjali that the Atman is the one that is
aware -- not the mind. This was written about the same time as Buddha (about 2,500 years ago). I
read an article today in which they tell that they begin to realize that the brain is not conscious --
it is a processing machine. The thinker is not the brain, the brain processes the thoughts. When
you see that these things have been known for a long time, but are now being rediscovered. If you
want to pioneer you have to keep up with the times. You have to react today, not tomorrow. You
are not the mask, be consistent with it.

I told you you can retrain the mind. The mind contains undreamed of possibilities. You have the
concrete mind and you know it in only one way. You don't know the direct way, you know only
the reflective way-- but the mind functions in both ways, provided you stand behind.

Now I want to come back to some big problems here in the groups.
When you want to participate in the action in which we are involved, it means you decide
something, you commit yourself in a direction. If you take a direction, each direction, each path
has its own law and you have to act in accordance with it. If you have chosen a path that goes
uphill, be ready to make a little bit more physical effort than would be required for a downhill
path. It's obvious. If you hike, for instance, you know this, and you agree and go along.
Spiritually it's the same.

You might wonder sometimes why I let you go downhill. Usually (not always -- depending on
how your mind works), I give a warning. Most of the time the warning is not heeded. And there
is a point that you might not realize: As you know, I see you differently than you see yourself. I
see a lot more than you are aware of and in ways that are different from the mask, so we don't
meet on the same references. But sometimes we see someone make a mistake that can be
dangerous; we tell the person and the person doesn't follow -- what can we do? The person has
not yet learned to be factual, they are still daydreaming. They see what I tell them as my opinion,
and they have another one. We don't deal with opinions -- not at all --the warning is factual, but
not everyone is ready for this.

I try to tell you that I am a pioneer, it's in the genes, in blood -- actually it's behind the mask. How
tuned are you to the condition of Pioneering? Pioneering is a giving out. How many of you are
aware, that the work we do is world-wide - and actually more than that ?

As a group you offer an average field of human constitution, and, as I told you, most of our work
is to adjust to that human level, and some of these impulses have to be cycled into humanity now.
For this we need help.

We have observed a classical situation: People relatively young, having a family, the job gets
better, and the income increases, they become more earthbound, desires begin to be fulfilled
because of more money -- and that's life. Some of these people lose contact with their reason for
being on earth. Little by little the body gets coarser instead of getting more refined -- it's a
tragedy. I have in mind a person I followed since that person came to the groups. At one period
of time there was a choice and I wondered if that person would become more refined or the other
way round. It went to the more refined. A nice potential began to show, the material situation
improved and then little by little everything began to fade away --that person hasn't moved in
three years. I don't like to see this kind of thing, it's painful. Who cares? The person doesn't.

You have gratified the senses again and again throughout incarnations -- there is nothing new to
it -- and you tell yourself that this is the goal of life. I wonder if you see what I mean about how
you can waste your time on something that is already known ? If you make a choice to go in a
given direction, be committed. Some discipline is necessary.

There are two symbolic articulations in the body: the hips with the legs and the shoulders with
the arms. When you go dancing the movements are centered on the hips. When you are at home I
want you to experience this -- walk around centered on the hips. Most of you are centered on the
hips naturally. Remember you belong to society, it's not a criticism. Then change and center on
the shoulders-- this does not mean that you ignore the body, but the body is, like a true dancer,
centered high up, not on the hip level. You might think of Ki -- it centers in the abdomen and it's
powerful. Zen derives from Buddha which means that it was created at that time. There has been
a change and there is a change in position that goes along with it.

There is another point, and I'm always amazed that up to now no one has come out with it: In life
on earth, man is a positive being, a true spirit. otherwise you have nature beings (beautiful ones,
sometimes). Man is not a nature spirit. If you reach a certain initiation you might have a choice to
go either way, but before that time you don't have the choice. You are by your own constitution
positive. When you are hip-centered you are sensory-centered not spirit-centered,, or, to use other
words, you are mask or person-centered, you are not yourself. What you don't know is that at one
time (symbolized by the story of Atlantis) quite a few people had a lot of magical power.
Meaning you have possibilities related to the past and possibilities related to what is coming --
one is of negative polarity and one is of positive polarity. You might not make the difference but
there is a difference. Once you have learned about polarities you are able to recognize it. The
oriental power of the Ki is not spirit, but it is powerful. You can have experiences along the
negative polarity that are absolutely beautiful, yes, but you are here for something else because
you are of positive polarity. And this is where most of the confusion comes in. Learn to make the

Spiritually, if you ignore the Law, the Laws of Karma will catch you anyway . and don't worry,
you don't need to phone them. This is shown mask-wise; I am actually hinting at the fact that I
want you to become serious and stop bickering with the mask.

We have told you, the lowest level is soul level (whatever soul is). Actually I could tell you it's
higher than soul -- for those who use the term "soul" it's on Monadic level -- below this point it is
just a courtesy, not the real action.

You happen to be here, and most of you very steadily, so apparently you mean it. I would like
you to take over some control of your mask -- you are not that mask. For instance, when I tell you
that I see you differently than you see yourself, I would expect you to hear that and look for that
-- not according to the mask, according to something that is different. You hear the words
spoken, you respond all over (including the fields as you can see/experience), so actually you
follow more than the words. Sensorily you hear the words, but factually there is a lot more. You
have the proof in yourself that you act as "a lot more", so you are bound to be more than that
instrument called a personality. It's obvious.

I have used a lot of time to come through and kind of prove what we say. Of course, the proof is
not on the level of the mask, but little by little some sensitiveness in the mask has developed and
you are obliged to recognize it -- at least some points. Now I ask you to be consistent with it. We
lose a lot of time. The symbol of this is that when we ask if you have questions there is always a
long delay before someone speaks. There is a kind of passivity --actually you practically defeated
the idea of calisthenics, which was meant to be movement. If you act you have questions, you
make discoveries, instead of always expecting me to ... whatever. We need to have some
interrelation on the mask level, so that finally you gain some control over that mask.
Also, when we play the music at the end, I suggest that you watch a little bit because both of us
show another body. Look for an otherness, not for the body and possibly another one -- which is
the mask procedure. There is an otherness, and if you see it you might sense an otherness in
yourself as well. And related to this we/I work to bring an impulse to earth -- incarnating it,
bringing it into action --which has to do directly with Christ. (By Christ I mean the Logoic level,
at the lowest --- I do not mean people representing that.) We do not expect any one of you to
work the same way as we do. I know that some people would like to be in the same work,
working in the same way, but you cannot -- as of now it's impossible.

Your relation to what is done is cycling or bringing into action. Cycling pertains to what is
known since Theosophy (since a century ago) as being the work of the Hierarchy. So, for
instance, some of you are interested in the Full Moon (of course, this is one aspect, there are
many other aspects), so here you have an opportunity. You learn from books that Full Moon
means this and that. You go there and you live this and that -- no these are words, where is the
fact. When you do it, get sensitive to the movement itself. There is always a misunderstanding
and a big one. If I read, for instance, that a thermometer says the temperature of the water is 100
degrees, it means doesn't mean I read the temperature, it means I read a number. The temperature
is not the number. If you put your hand in the water, then you have the temperature. Most of the
time, with the Full Moon, you are reading a number not the temperature. So, here you have an
opportunity to practice until your personality is tuned. If the personality is tuned to what is
behind then finally you will become sensitive to what is behind. And, believe it or not, the real
activity is always different from anything you imagine.

Now, some people shun all that comes from the Hierarchy because they think we do something
different, but we do work with the Hierarchy, it's simply that your understanding of the Hierarchy
is enormously different than the reality. Don't underestimate any activity on the spiritual level. If
you want a clue, there is a saying that there is as much difference between an ordinary man and
an initiate as there is between an animal and an ordinary man. I suggest that you take this as a
reality, then you will begin to awaken a little bit.

In the case of the Full Moon (for those who are interested), I suggest you work with it, There is
an action going on, follow the action. Be sensitive to what's really going on.

Related to this, you might have observed, and possibly resented, that when you ask questions I
look at you and follow a movement -- sometimes to the point that I miss part of your question,
because the wording is not that important to me. Of course, for the one who is wording, the
sounds are very important, so, sometimes I miss the question and orient the answer according to
what I see in the movement instead of according to the orientation of the words.

Practice for the Summer

We need to orient your personality into an outgoing movement -- it's absolutely needed. if you
are alone with yourself and you want to use all of your time for yourself, you are of no use --
possibly we are beneficial to you to a certain degree, but, in the work in which we are involved
you are strictly of no use.
What I want you to do is actually simple, but it requires some movement: This summer, meet
some people where you feel you could help establish a relation between the self and the mask --
this means outgrowing the mask condition and becoming sensitive to the self behind. Maybe you
already know some, maybe you're already engaged in such an activity, but for those who aren't,
come out of your shell and make yourself available and useful-- and useful in a specific way:
Learn to show someone else how to live the real self behind the mask and make the difference
between the real self and the mask.

And don't tell me you don't know enough -- just do it! Start doing it! If you don't -- move you
won't have the necessary inspiration, but if you move it will come. There is no approach, you do
what you can, not what you ought to do. If you do what you ought to do it will be a disaster. You
have natural abilities that are yours, find your own way.

But, if you are asking for a method to use: If I were to use a very primitive method, I would tell
you a few truths and then hit you on the head with something solid to make it enter. So in this
case, you might ask yourself if it really helps. Possibly it harms. So if you try this and you find it
harmful, you would then refine your methods -- it's as simple as that. If you are afraid of harming
someone you will never move. The very fact of not moving is harmful to your surroundings.
There is no escape. There is no easy way. Do your best, it's all you can do -- but move, you have
to. To stay stagnant is, at the least, a bad example.

Participant : I notice that in approaching and being with people where I see a possibility of
making a contribution in terms of establishing more of a connection, there's a possibility of an
infinite involvement between me and them, even in terms of time, until the job is completed.
This is pretty impractical. it makes me wonder what my actual responsibility in that ongoing
exposure is.

Martin: The way you ask the question means that you see in the possibility of helping someone
only the actual physical presence. We see some people only once a year, for instance, or not even
that. In between, the relation can still exist and can still be working. Some people would say
meditate with that person, I mean "with" -- in the distance, abstractly. Some people do that very
effectively. You have to realize that the method you use has to be your own and your own might
vary. Usually people think only of having to speak to someone -- telling the person to do this or
that -- but this doesn't help. You have to live the condition, and, because you live it, your words
have some power. But if you tell them what they should do, this has no power. There are people
who have a greater ability to work abstractly. They see the need, make contact, see the response,
and then go home and work in meditation. Some people are quite efficient in this way. There are
many ways of working. If one way is impractical, use another one. You might work with both, in
an actual connection and in a more abstract connection.

When all this doesn't work there is a third way: Ask the events to take care of it. if you cannot do
it, but you feel it has to be done (by feel I mean that there is a certainty, an evidence), then you
can ask the events to do it. You don't need to know what "events" are -- things will simply
combine in the life of the other person and bring along what is needed. But, of course, you have
to be very consistent and really involved in what you do.
Participant: If, at one time, in living something that another person can respond to, the situation
leads to a discussion of spiritual things, but I'm not consistent in living that, it feels that there is a
lie in my life, because I'm not always prepared to come to the fore with the same fullness as I did
once. This feels like hypocrisy -- it feels irresponsible.

Martin: I can understand your meaning of hypocrisy, but you have to make allowances for
training. Your ability to help is primitive at first, then, you become aware, little by little, and your
personality becomes much more refined. The ability to sense what is going on, first
psychologically, then dynamically, comes with practice. There is a simple rule: Simply do your
best. Don't ask yourself too many questions -- especially not about what you "should" do. Put
your successes and failures on an equal level. Until you can recognize the difference in position,
you might sense a difference in dynamics -- not the rational explanation of what you did wrong,
but something more refined, more holistic. You might realize that in one situation you were in a
given position that was not effective and in the other you were in another position. You have to
learn to see the differences. If you have a failure and you "down-and-away" with it because you
don't want to see it, you don't have the contrasts. You're not supposed to be successful all the

Sometimes you will see what someone needs, you will act on it, and forget that the person is not
asking for it at all -- so you suddenly have a defeat and it's kind of sobering. It's not because you
see something going wrong with a person that you can correct it -- there has to be a collaboration,
a willingness. So, if you meet someone you cannot just say: "Let's sit down and I'll show you
some things"; you have to have an approach in which there are suggestions, and, according to
that you see what happens. or, if you have a higher ability, you sound a note and see what the
response is. You might see a deep need from the higher part -- then you might act on it. If you
don't see it, then pouring theories into the mask does not help -- the mask is not the self.

Participant: You spoke to us about taking heed and gave us a long talk about the nature side and
just now you said to do our best and not do what we " should" do. It seemed to me that for the
first three quarters of the evening you were telling us What we "should" do.

Martin: If you take a direction, the "should" is gone and you simply have to -- but this is the
overall theory. In practice, you have your own situation, and in this situation there are variables.
So, there are principles to be observed and applied in your own way. If you want, the rules
become principles to be applied or put into motion. Now principles do not criticize, they do not
speak of good or bad, they are simply principles to be applied. Simply that.

Earlier I spoke of being hip-centered and shoulder-centered. These are symbols which pertain to
the two main articulations of the body (not related to the nine centers): one makes us walk and
the other makes us shape. Actually we need both, but in the present condition it happens that
hip-centeredness is more nature related. This means the spirit hasn't come down all the way, or, is
not master to the whole mask.

Participant: Is this shaping an attempt to create?
Martin: Yes, creation implies shaping, but there is a next step: spirit has to come down. You have
to be spirit. You cannot take the next step until you are aware of the difference between you and
the mask. But, for instance, when I tell you to do your best and you practice this difference, then
you will do it when you deal with someone. You will be surprised at how much more sensitive to
the condition behind the mask you are when you,live shoulder-centered, and how much less you
are when you are hip-centered. And there is fine point: If you happen to feel no difference
between the two it means that the sensitiveness of your organism is not sufficient, because there
ought to be some evidence of difference right away. Sometimes someone has a body that is too
coarse and it actually does not respond to this fine point. If this is the case something must be
done, about it.

Participant: We won't always get the results that we want, right?

Martin: Of course and this is quite welcome, it teaches you not to mistake the real identity of the
person with the mask. Most of the time people who act psychologically expect the person to
respond in a way that is conventional. This increases the strength of the mask and decreases the
relation between the mask and the real self behind. This is what Brown called "building of the
personality". Society expects us to behave in a certain way and from childhood we learn to do
just that. Then we discover that something is malfunctioning because something is forgotten.

As you practice and you have actual, factual situations to deal with, then possibly we may
suggest different ways, different nuances, or show you that you are taking this position rather
than that. The most common mistake you will make is to assume the position of the other's mask
because of the words being said --if you are caught in the words you are caught in the mask. Your
purpose is not to make people happy, not unhappy either -- there is a purpose to life that is more
than words like "happiness". of course, when you are genuinely you, there is fullness, there is
tremendous bliss, but you have only sporadic happiness, that's all -- one day it's here and the next
day it's forgotten.

In helping I would suggest that you do the following practice:

Sit down and be quiet. Watch your mind functioning; be aware that it's not alone -- there is
something else. Do the same with your sensations and feelings. Then, drop your thoughts, drop
your feelings, drop your sensations and focus on that something else. Now when I say "drop" I
don't mean block -- the situation is that you are simply not interested because there is something
else. Live it, or with it (according to your ability), as freely and relaxed as possible and then you
stop doing. Just live it and it acts -- see what happens. It makes you change after a while, then
you know by experience that you are not the mask -- then you can help. This is what makes what
you say alive and this is what creates the response -- not only of the other being, but of the very
mask of the other. Things get more aligned. Learn to stay in this position because this is the
working principle. The words may be right or they may be wrong, but if you learn to stay with
the working principle you will have the same result. The active principle is not the form called
"procedure". I suggest that when you are more handy with it that you drop all form and do
nothing but stand present. It works just as well. Because of the mask you imagine that you need
lots of steps and that they are the power to the healing, but they are not, they are just shapes.
Another point: If you decide to live a higher quality of life, then hold it in spite of whatever your
mind, your feelings, or your body say. If you are able to hold it you will break through any,I
repeat any, condition. This is where the master behind the mask begins to assert itself. You do it
in spite of the personal condition. Most people try it, find it difficult and then quit. I am referring
to that directiveness in which you sense the opposition but it doesn't change what you do one bit
-- you do it anyway. If you do it anyway, everything else aligns. You own mind might not believe
in it, but what matters is the directiveness behind. You do it anyway.

There are conditions you just can't allow yourself to be in, so you just don't express that way.
Let's say you are down. It effects you, it effects your work, and it effects people around you. You
don't have mastery over it, but at least you can be aware that you have to exert the mastery you
have. if you awaken in the morning and you are just gray -- change! The Christ Impulse is not
just an impulse, it deals with life itself. It means that you can change the flow of life in you, at
least to some extent -- it's not full mastery, but it's something. You can refuse to continue to be in
a given position -- you just decide you won't play the game any more and you mean it and you do

Participant: You spoke earlier of making a choice, is there a technical way this choice is made?

Martin: The choice has to be deeply, deeply felt, because technically it's a soul choice, it's not the
person, not the mask. It's simply a deeply felt something that comes through the mind and the
mind goes with it. But if you have a choice of the mind it's not sufficient.

Now, if you are referring to a technical way of expressing it, making it active, then there is not.
It's a decision you make and when you make it you stick to it -- this is mandatory.

..And this brings up the other aspect of what I call training the ability to switch at will is the
result of much practice. You have to do it repeatedly, and when you do it be aware as much of
the position when you make a mistake as when you do it "right" --you need the contrast, this
brings along the awareness of position. You could describe it as a range of quality of vibration.
When you are "wrong" you experience one position, when you are "right" you experience
another. The more aware you are of it, the greater your ability to change at will. For instance, you
just experienced some difficulty tuning into the other condition -- this is already a beginning --
it's a lot better than not being aware at all and just living in a fantasy. In this case the acting is in
your ability to switch from one position to the other -- every time the opportunity arises.

As the average goes, it shows sporadically, spontaneously in some conditions. Little by little you
can bring it along; first you take some time, then it's quicker and quicker, until you can switch at
will. Of course, the ability to switch exists right away, it's just your imagination that stands in the
way. You simply think you cannot.

.when the instrumentation perceives the true self there is still no changeover. Even if the mask
knows that this is the self it doesn't take the position. It's kind of silly. if you awaken from a
dream and realize that you are not the dream, why do you continue to dream? You continue to
dream, happy to know that you are the real self. It's an image. You have to turn around and live
what you have perceived.

This is where practice comes in: Be aware that there is an overall presence of something else
transpenetrating the whole activity. It's a something else that works differently and you focus
your whole livance on that difference (that which is fully, completely different). You will have
awareness based on thoughts, feelings, sensations, realize that none of these are present in the
other activity. They are simple interpretations, reflections worked out by the mask about that
presence behind, so when you try to reach that presence behind according to the mask it doesn't
work. You have to learn to do some form of down-and-away, and the more mature form is to put
your attention on what you want. Then when someone speaks, for instance, you can relate every
word to what is behind without being caught by the form of the word (because the words bear
evidence of what is behind). When we speak there is always something behind, but the mask is
so used to the form that you forget to live with what is behind.

. There is the genuine intuition and then there is the image of your ability to do it and this one
is not valid. This is what I call following an image. You create a condition that is here already,
but you don't recognize it, so you duplicate it. This is an imitation, not the original.

..Knowing how comes with the doing. There is no map. It's not related to a map, it's related to
dynamics. Dynamics are essentially movement, not forms. But you will delay the doing until you
can find no other way and then you'll just do it. Most people look for the "hows" all over the
world first, and then when they have a collection of "hows", none of which are applicable to the
present situation because they are the "hows" of others, they forget about "how" and find
themselves free to move. Then they see that they could have moved in the first place.


It has been brought to our attention from higher up that the level of awareness, activity and
involvement in the groups as a whole is not sufficient in relation to what is going on. This means
we have to take steps to work harder and be more direct. So, I will speak again of a few points to
help you meet the requirements.

If we follow Steiner's expression, a long time ago, man had a continuous awareness, and it
remained full whether he was incarnated or not. This meant he was able to be fully aware of the
difference between being incarnated and not being incarnated. At that time, the human condition,
the human structure Was rather gross and the environment was very harsh. Being aware of the
difference, man started to become unwilling to incarnate, so it became necessary to create a split
in the awareness, and man no longer remembered the condition that came before incarnation.
This split is fully and completely artificial, but it works.

You now have three and a half eternities behind you. This period has been called the curve of
involution, the coming down. During this period the personality was developed and the skills in
the personality were set. Now it happens that we are on the upswing again (the curve of
evolution), and this period is meant for you to use the instrument. The instrument is now so
sophisticated that you can step forward as creators and really create --whatever that means. It
certainly does not mean that you create according to your fantasies, it means you create according
to what is going on.

Now the change is not very old historically speaking, which means that the tendency to continue
the involuting movement is still here. Every one of you experiences this. Psychologically, all the
tendencies you have to reach up, obtain higher conditions, become more spiritual, everything you
want to have, is a projection of the involuting aspect.

If you have any kind of acquired automatism in your personality, be it physical, mental, or
whatever you want to change, you have to do it consciously. You have to step in on the conscious
level (the you behind the mask), and this works with the conscious level in order to change the
trend. You use the instrument in order to bring something out effectively.

You know I'm always looking for images, whatever is handy, even if it is absurd. I have come up
with one that is pretty absurd, but very convenient because it actually is the picture of what
happens. It has to do with the comedian and his mask.

Greek philosophers started using this image because, at that time, when comedians were
impersonating someone or some animal they wore masks. The philosophers compared these
masks to your social aspect, what you show to society, your ego-image.

When you train spiritually you hear you have a higher self. Now, in the imagery we are using
here this is the comedian, and that which learns is the mask. So what does the mask do? It faces
the comedian. Now the mask has something protruding in front called the nose, and the
comedian has one also, so when they meet you have a nose crash. This is quite apparent, isn't it,
It sounds silly, but this is exactly what you do. You persistently make the mask face the
comedian, until you finally realize that the mask is hollow and has a place for the comedian
inside. Here again you have a simple turnaround. The understanding of the turnaround is so
difficult to come by because of the kind of fussy imagination you have. You don't realize that it's
something very obvious -- very simple.

You have to learn to make the difference between the comedian's awareness and the mask's
awareness. We have already seen that all acquisitiveness is an aspect of the involuting curve
which will persist unless you stop it -- and you have to do it consciously.

Just to give you an example: Every time you use memory you are working mask-wise. The
comedian does not use memory. Memory is a mask function instituted in the brain so the body
functions could become automatic, like breathing, for instance, or walking. You would be
embarrassed if you had to think to breathe or put one foot in front of the other, so there is a
function called memory that does it automatically. This is typically a mask function.

Books, teachings, etc. all tell you what to do in-order-to-improve. This is mask activity. So, we
can understand your position when you take things the wrong way (mask-wise), Society is still in
the old movement, but we are in a pioneering work. Of course, you believe it because I have said
it, and this might be good enough for you, but it is not good enough for me. You have to be able
to act. The personality is here to be used.

The image that makes you want to reach a higher condition belongs to the past, and a long, long
past it is. When you had that continuous awareness of what is called astral and physical you were
aware that staying in the astral was more agreeable, and you were quite happy to die to go back to
that condition. That memory is still here. You still have that very, very basic and old memory of
wanting to quit the earth in order to go back to heaven. But we are here to bring heaven on earth
and not to help you go to heaven --you can just cut your throat for that.

.you deal with the experience consciously. Your mind registers this and that. This is a
reflection. The whole perception of form and formless, field, and so on is on the reflective level.
Now you have to find out what is reflected

But don't tell yourself you have made a mistake. A reflection is not a mistake. A reflection is a
reflection, so you can use it. Learn to use it.

Participant: Did I hear you say that field is on the reflective level?

Martin: Not the field itself, but your relation to the field, how your consciousness deals with the
field. It deals in a reflected way. When you live what is being reflected you might become aware
that the awareness is totally different.

Consciousness deals with the world in three dimensions. If you have succession in time and
space (linearity), it implies that what is being reflected has to have one more dimension. One
more dimension is the fourth dimension; in the fourth. dimension everything is here
simultaneously. Succession is gone. You show some of that condition working, but you have to
change, you have to realize that you are not the mask.

The way you conveyed the experience means your reflecting consciousness takes it. In what you
said you showed this: You asked and there came an answer. You did this from consciousness.
You were not the creator, you were channeling something. You were not master of the situation.
Something came to you, you were subjected to what came. In some other work this might be
useful, but not in ours. You skip the responsibility of being the comedian and you continue as the
mask, perceiving the comedian and saying that the comedian wants you to express in this or that

And you don't need the opinion of the mask. When you work you work whether your mind
understands it or not. It is absolutely real. The mind, in this instance, belongs to the mask, and
you don't ask the opinion of the mind, nor do you ask it whether it understands or not. You work.
It is absolutely real. We're experienced people here, we know it works.

Most of the difficulties we have in the work we do together stems from the mask believing it is
the comedian -- it doesn't understand, it gets confused. obviously it's confused, we address the

You delude yourself that it is only the consciousness that works. When you have an experience,
you think it's only the consciousness participating in the experience. when something new comes
along, you think it's only due to the consciousness. It's a tremendously vast illusion.

You might wonder how it is possible that we see you differently. It's very simple: your body
awareness is due to your senses and the senses are limited. The activities going on in the body are
a lot richer than is known through the senses. The comedian has three-and-a-half eternities of
training, there is a lot you can do if you take that mask in hand and do something with it, make it

Incidentally, when you are stuck with the consciousness of the mask, try being shoulder-centered
instead of hip-centered. The awareness of the comedian is much easier when you are

Participant: I'd like some clarification about the positive and negative polarities. If you have a
situation in which you feel a strong form of loving...

Martin: That's mainly negative polarity.
Participant: I don't sense myself coming down necessarily, but it seems very emotional, a nature

Martin: You don't need to come down, there are regions in the negative polarity that are kind of
even, level. A plexus condition can stay level or it can come down.

Participant: I don't know what to think about it. There is an awareness in me now that there's two
ways in which love can flow out, or exist...

Martin: If you look at Georgette you will notice that you see no center activity if you are focused
on the field. If you focus on the centers, they're all active, but they're active from the field, not
from the person. Look at her plexus, for instance, see how it radiates? Now look around and see
the lack of mastery. I want you to be as precisely aware as possible -- the work in which we are
involved is not possible in that condition. I want you to realize that there are specific
requirements and pretty hard requirements. You cannot be involved in the action going on
without a comedian awareness no matter how dedicated the person is, it's not sufficient.

 In the book, which is an introduction, you take the position of the personality until you face
something totally different. You have two ways of using the centers: from consciousness "up" to
the centers or from field to center, which is actually how it works. When you have the apparent
movement of consciousness toward a center it means the reverse, that is, the center is training the
consciousness to adjust the action of the centers. So the consciousness looks toward the center as
a response to the center's activity. In this case we simply let the illusion (that consciousness is
creating the center) be. Then there is the other way around: in which the center is an aspect of a
function or representative of the whole field, but this then has to be related to the personality.
Actually, when you work, consciously and field-wise both, you will notice that, let us say, field is
at one extreme and consciousness at the other with the center in between, and they come together
until the gap between field and consciousness is gone.

Participant: But what is a center?

Martin: Nothing. But it's a nothing that is very effective.

Participant: I can relate to the field in the sense of the quality of the field, but it has nothing to do
with this body.

Martin: The physical spot is only a way of relating symbolically.

Participant: But is there some meaning to the spatial...

Martin: You might realize that if centers are an event in the field, so is the personality -- the
whole of it. In this case, the relation field/center/personality exists; centers have a meaning within
the person, so there has to be something within the person that relates to person (some sort of
functions). This is why you have functions within the body related to the centers. Functions can
be nearly sensory, whereas the centers are not physical at all but there is a relation.
You can experience it with music. When the music is played it fills your image of the quality of
the field. Then you notice with Beethoven, for instance, that when you look around for the
average response something responds "heart", so there is something corresponding to that quality
-- you have a location within the body. Now you can use this location or you can play on another
principle that does not use any location, it's up to you.

Now, the other point with your friend, and it's a critical point: In transition stages, you feel
something working ("the situation is being taken care of"), your consciousness acknowledges it
but has nothing to do, so "it is done". This is to be considered only as a transition. It is required
that you be that which is acting and thus be conscious of what you are doing. To feel "it acting" is
a reality, but it's not the place to stop. otherwise, if you look at the psychological aspect, you
don't take the responsibility, and before you know it you are channeling with the "other" being
responsible. This is no good.

As far as the consciousness is concerned, you must realize that you have to, and because you
have to you can, be aware on the level of what is at work. It's you, or, if you want, part of you,
but it's not outside you. So, it being active, there is bound to be an awareness linked to that which
is already working. Look in the general awareness of what is going on for the kind of
form/function/quality it takes that is different and that your usual awareness does not yet

The search (and I don't mean the theoretical search) in your experience for what is going on at a
given moment has to be quite real. Look at the components. There are the known parts, but you
cannot deny that these known parts are surrounded by lots of aspects that are not known -- learn
to put your attention on these. Take, for example, the situation you described with your friend.
You can see all your emotional, mental and sensory activity right in front of you, and you can see
that these are based within other functions. When you become able to focus on the other
functions that are not conscious as usual consciousness is, you might suddenly recognize, within
these other functions, the thing that was there -- thus you come closer to it. Little by little your
consciousness gets used it it, adjusts to it, and can express it --and the "it" and the expression are
together, meaning the "it" is the life in the expression. Then, in addition, there is the ability to act
from the "it" without using consciousness as it is known-- this means you are able to act with the
different functions -- it's altogether different.

I will give you another exercise that might help:

Lie down, close your eyes and feel yourself being in a beautiful condition. This can last, let us
say, about five minutes. Then, open your eyes and see what happens. If everything disappears it
means the whole think was a fantasy -- however clear it was, however beautiful. If it is reality the
real aspect will stay whether the eyes are open or closed. All that changes belongs to the mask.

It's a way, and you might find others, to discriminate between what you really live and what you
imagine living. Bear in mind that you inherited the tendency for the imagination to work first.
You have to go through enough of these experiences until you clearly realize what the image is,
because you believe that when the image is sufficiently vivid that it's it.
Hot Chair Experiment

Everyone who gives advice has to stand behind it, and the one who stands behind is not the
consciousness, it's the comedian this is what gives life to the mask. How can you train someone
if you cannot stand behind the proposition you give? This is where we are stuck. We suddenly
have to face a situation. Requirements are more precise. The ability to sound a center is involved,
with the ability to polarize from the field (actually more than the field) and act in a given
direction. This shows when you can sound a center clearly. This means you can precisely
activate, in the field, a certain type of activity. If you can do it with the centers you can do it with
anything else. If you cannot do it with the centers, you cannot do it with anything else either --
there will be something floating, not anchored.

So we are going to do an experiment and I would like to have some guinea pigs. (Georgette
vacates her chair) ...

First G.P. (Guinea Pig)

Martin: You will notice that the field is still active in the chair. Our first guinea pig is going to sit
there and we won't do anything. We'll just observe if he slowly tunes into the field and to what
degree, if at all... .

As you can notice, there is a change. If you see a change there is hope, if you don't, then the
person involved is not yet ready. It does not mean there is no hope, but it does mean that the
person is not yet mature enough. in this case, you might notice that the field around is very much
centered in the head, in the concrete mind. The mind is involved. He is not yet joining in
comedian-wise. But there is already some response which means he is sensitive to something
going on. This is a basic requirement.

I'll do a little bit of something to see if he responds ...

As you can see, he does respond; so again there is hope. He responds to two basic aspects: the
overall within which we work which we would call the field around the hot chair (the field that is
not very specific) and to the action in which we are involved (which is much more specific).

I would like you to center with your mind on A (top of the head) ...

Here you can see the response is not very good. There is a lot of fantasy--the objectivity is not
sufficient. In a fantasy for instance, one might find it fantastic, but the effectiveness would not be
on par with the fantasy. In this case the effectiveness is on par with the fantasy.

Go back to field and make field-A...

Again you can see the process is controlled by the brain. There is some overall livance, but what
you will have to do is train yourself to live fully field-wise without the mind interfering. The
mind has to be empty. You have a hint of A. A hint of A is not an effective A; you cannot do
anything with a hint.

Will you center (your choice, mind-wise or field-wise) on U..

I wonder if you notice that there is a mix-up here. There is something that wants to go directly U
and there is a control by the consciousness. There is a kind of imbalance or battle between the U
that is more genuine and the U that is a product of a belief.

M (at eye level back of the head) ...

Here we have something quite surprising. Do you realize that the M comes out with a kind of
steadiness, balanced. His tendency is to be mainly U, but the factual side is M. It's the strongest
point. This means that his personality is not adjusted at all to what he is. The personality tends to
work by feeling, which is a kind of U function, and there is something much more pragmatic
behind. Do you recognize yourself when you radiate M--that presence which is much clearer?

The rule is the center that comes out the best is obviously where you are the strongest at the
moment--the moment might last a full lifetime, not always, but very often.

To put it another way, you had a spiritual training in which you came out with the M, but your
memory of it and also the tendency you adopted in this life goes much more toward the feeling
side, thus making the M pretty much ineffective. You have to readjust your personality. M goes
toward the Doer side. It's not a dreamer and what you show is more of a dreamer and these don't
go together.

What about your heart...

Now you can see the strength/balance/steadiness of the M is gone and you have heart that is
mainly conceptual/emotional.

What about,-throat...

Okay, you still have the M of the head as the strongest point.

Now will somebody go there and put your finger at the top of the M and then go slowly down (all
the way down to the neck) ...

You see the subconscious awakening. You can see that he has no control over the subconscious.
If you relate to that positive M that he showed before, when you go too low, it's reason that is
lost. This is an important point.

Participant: When you asked him to center on M, I thought I saw a change that was related to the
A also. I was wondering whether it was because of the strength of the direction that was in the M,
or is there was a relation...
Martin: You have to bear in mind that all the centers work all the time. The abstraction we make
that we call M is simply because we are focusing on that activity, if you happen to be sensitive to
A and you are, you might pick up the A at the same time. Tell yourself: "This is not the topic.
Let's look at what happens on the M side". We place an emphasis on a certain point and we look
at that point. This does not mean that the others don't work--they do, all the time.

Second G.P.

Martin: So first there is nothing, just the field...

You might notice that her consciousness is fully personal. Field relation has to do with the
comedian, what is real, not just your person. On your personal level you don't respond, the
performance is quite poor, but there is another side to you. You can see that she doesn't show the
change that the first guinea pig showed.

Now let's see how she responds when I do something... When I do something I leave room so
that she can respond or not respond. If, there is an urgency, the doing becomes much more
imperative and then it works. In this case, it's not so.

Did she change when I did something?

Participant: Around her changed, she didn't change.

Martin: It's mainly field we are talking about. In the first instance, she changed spontaneously
very little, in the second instance she changed up to a certain degree. It makes me think of a baby
to whom you give a bottle. The baby thrives on what is given. This means you are not yourself.
Act on it.

A of the head, whatever way you want...

It's a pity. The real you is just on the borderline behind. You show something that is not effective
and it could be somewhat effective.

What about the U..

What about the M...

What about the heart...

Up to this point, the heart is potentially the best one, which means use it.

Incidentally, when you look for centers in this way, it does not mean that one center is better than
another. The purpose of it is simply to show where you are good. In this instance when she
comes out with heart it's more effective than the centers of the head. It might change in time,
because this is personality-related, her spirit side is still hidden behind. I am surprised that you
are not more aware of it because it's quite close. This means that the way you look for it is not
efficient, because you are not realizing that it looks for you--otherwise it wouldn't be that close.

G.P.: It's a shock...

Martin: In a way, one of my purposes of doing this is to bring a shock to everyone because we
have always spoken in terms of efficiency and when we put it to the test you realize that the
efficiency is awfully poor. You never realized that it is for real. You might begin to realize why I
always call you dreamers.

Now for the back of the head, starting at the top of the M and going down to the neck. This
shows you how she manages with the subconsciousness ...

It's practically mask-related all the way. The mask is the tool that was built from nature side up,
you have to work seriously--you as spirit. You are carried away by impulses and thus are not
really free.

Third G.P.

Martin.: See the contrast? He nearly blends with the physical chair and all that is symbolic
around it too, up to a certain degree--it's not the full tuning, it's not fully clear, but at least it's a

Now let's do something about that...

For those who are more sensitive, you begin to see the real one behind.

It might be good to look at others around to make the difference between what is happening in
the chair and the general condition of the group, because if you always look in the same place
you might lack the comparison. Comparison gives you a kind of scale if you want.

You will notice that there is something very clear showing behind and you have a mind that is
not yet adjusted. He has trouble with his mind.

A (top of head) ...

It's funny, this triggers a chain reaction, you feel points above the head. Can you maintain the A
and forget about your brain. Just be field and A and forget your person.

Potential is quite good, but the consciousness interferes pretty much.

U (forehead) ...

This U has some specifics I don't know if any of you recognize, the type of activity and the type
of training.
M (eye level, back of the head) ...


This one doesn't work well.

Going down the back of the head. This test is to show how far the spirit aspect goes, how soon
the consciousness steps in...

As compared to the previous one, you have a control all the way down.

Participant: It wasn't the same all the way down ...

Martin: No, you had the subconscious coming in but what I look at here is how much control
someone has over the subconscious activities (instinctive activities). Here for instance there is an
awareness that controls up to a point. Sometimes there is no control at all with some people. If
you go low enough you see just plain no control and what we want is precisely what he
shows--the beginning of an awareness that controls all activities. This means going down you see
the sub-aspect coming in, but also a continuance of the other side. Whereas with other people
(with the previous guinea pig for instance) you don't have that continuance.

Fourth G.P.

Martin: Here we have a fully different story.

So now I do something...

Can you feel someone above you and slightly to the side? You don't?

Your mind has to be freed. Your mind is in a given track and what shows in not in that track.
You are not free to connect with whatever is going on at the moment because it's not according to
your track. In this condition the mind has to be free. I want to give you an example: When you
have a gemstone, you will notice that the purer the inside the better the reflection--the interface
between the inside and the outside--thus the play of the light. When there is something inside it's
called a flaw. If you want the gemstone to be beautiful it has to have nothing in it--utterly, fully,
completely transparent. If you want your mind to work properly it has to be utterly, fully,
completely transparent -- in other words empty. You are linked to someone and you don't even
recognize it.

Now come out with an A...

That's not clear. it makes nearly no difference in the field.



Field response is good, but specifics are not good. I mean relative to the quality of the field,
specifics (here, the centers) ought to be a lot sharper. But you have a strong interference of what
your mind believes is needed. When such a field is active and brings centers into activity, you
don't need any mind--you just do it. I would suggest that when you live field as you do now, you
live it until the body feels, utterly, completely transparent, and I mean it very concretely, and this
includes everything, including the brain.

Back of the head...

It is relatively good except for the lowest parts. They tend to upset you.

What you don't realize is that when you follow the field adjusting, you have many things
showing. Among other things the kind of activity, the degree of maturity or initiation someone
has, the relation within the Hierarchy and so on. This sounds like Chinese for you but there are
those who understand Chinese.

Fifth G.P.

Martin: Okay, let me do something now...

There is something showing that is a lot more mature than your mind. You have to work on your
mind to be more mature --you being the comedian, By more mature I mean more geared to the
factual situation, less considerations. Considerations are linked with wanting to, the mature one
comes out and acts.


It's relatively effective on the personal level, but you miss the backing of the mature one behind.
In other words, it's an A going-up-toward, it's not heaven coming down.


This is the same. You have trained it on the personal level, but it is not sufficiently backed.


All three pretty equal.


This for the time being would be the most effective. I guess you have an inkling of that, don't
you? All three are characteristically trained, let us say, like in the book.

This is the first stage. Now they have to be trained field-center and this implies presence of the
real you behind.

Let's check for control of the subconscious ...

Okay, I don't think you need any feedback. You are aware of the change, aren't you?

G.P.: I was aware of some change, but I was also aware of something that seemed to be steady.

Martin: Relatively steady, yes, except in the very lowest parts.

Sixth G.P.

Martin: I hope you could follow the strong interference of consciousness in the beginning and
little by little it gives way to something else.

Now let's see if you change again...

I wonder if you can see something coming out which gives the field a very specific characteristic.
It's kind of different from everything we saw tonight. Usually a field is just a field (if we can say
so), but in this field she is shooting rays. There is field and rays.

okay, let's come out with an A...



Did you ever observe that your effectiveness was on comedian level and not mask level?
Something worked when you touched the comedian. There are many ways of acting, but in the
condition you are in, the relation with the personality is poor, but there is an activity otherwise.
You could be one of those people who are able to work abstractly. Does that make sense for you?

G.P. : My mind does not understand it.

Martin: Yes, your mind does not understand, it is not used to it. You mind has images that are
beside the point. You face a situation that your mind does not understand because it is not a
classical example. The habit of equating the comedian to the aspect of the mask is definitely no
good. You might finally manage to come through the mask, possibly, but as for now, there is
already an effectiveness in a much more abstract way. But then your consciousness doesn't help.

Now we'll test the control of the subconscious...
Do you notice how your brain takes over and it's nearly gone at the end. There is no reason for
that. You are not obliged to follow that pattern, not at all.

Seventh G.P.

Martin: You will notice that she tunes in from the outside of the field toward the inside, little by
little. The tuning shows better at a certain distance. You can see it at about seven feet, and then it
slowly comes closer, but the awareness in her head does not tune in. The mask has little
awareness, some feeling, but not enough. However, the main point is not what the mask does,
because this can be changed, but the ability to respond to the field. She shows a progressive

Now I do something ...

You can see a response right above her head, but, again, the awareness is quite poor on the level
of the mask. You can even see that the response to what I do is even better than the first response
of the field in general. This kind of reaction is needed, if it doesn't happen the work is useless,
meaning the person does not respond to what we do.

Now we will center on the A of the head...

Here we have something interesting, for those who can follow. She centers on A with her mind
and what actually appears is an A due to the field. I would like those who can to register this the
comedian is not a myth. She does not have the awareness of doing it but the comedian has, so
you see the comedian acting with the person not fully conscious.

Participant: Haven't the different centers responded naturally throughout all this? When she first
sat down my impression was that when she first tuned to the field that the mA moved up and
became a little more active and clearer.

Martin: Yes.

Participant: And when you worked with her the strongest sense I had was that her heart became
more clear and more radiant.

Martin: This is a secondary aspect to the A becoming more active. The heart is an A too (aU).
The heart is an A that is closer to the consciousness.

Center on the uA (forehead) ...

Now again you have a response that doesn't correspond to her awareness -- she performs a lot
better than she is aware of.

Back of the head at eye level ...
Here we have some confusion. As I said earlier, everyone has a kind of dominant note. Then we
have to look for another aspect. The dominant note is sometimes heart so we'll look at the heart

The heart is more powerful, but more concrete than A, meaning the heart contains more mask
aspect than A.

Go back to A...

Because the heart is more concrete it appears to be more powerful, which it isn't. When a center
is more bodied, more concrete, it's less powerful than when it is more abstract, contrary to what
your mind thinks. She would be a lot more effective in life if the A were radiating all the time as
she does now. In practice the A will clarify and become more transparent. When the A becomes
more fully transparent it will be powerful. If the heart is more concrete, it's less transparent. Do
you see the difference? And when the A is clearer, the heart will come out clearer too.

Let's check the control of the subconscious ...

You will notice that she still has something. Now it's beginning to change the quality of the
radiance there was with the A. Now it begins to be mixed up. Now it's getting lost. Now there is
a reaction from the lower part.

Participant: She became dull, smaller and duller.

Martin: Yes, this means that the lower subconscious, which is sometimes called the instinctual
side, is still not in hand. Actually she does show some control all the way down, the control is
never fully lost--with some people it's fully lost. Here there is some, but what we want is that the
person be able to keep the clarity she has naturally behind her mask, and that this be fully alive,
even when the lower subconscious shows up. This would mean that the subconscious no longer
has a hold over you.

Incidentally, this is why I tell you to be careful with music. The popular music that stems from
rhythm awakens the subconscious aspect. If you learn to read what is going on in society you can
see that the introduction of this music in the beginning of this century brought along the huge
problems related with violence, drugs, alcohol, and sex - all pertain to subconscious activity. You
have no reasonable defense (meaning your reason does not help) against music. So, don't fool
around with music unless you can counteract its effects. Usually you are not that masterful.

The ability to show something in spite of the personality means that there is a soul relation that is
active and that does respond.

Eighth G.P.

Martin: Here we have the same situation, except that she is aware of it. You can see the way she
relates is not from the mind. This does not mean that the mind is not active, but it's deeper than
the mind. This is actually what is called a soul response. In our symbolism, it's the comedian
behind the mask.

Okay now let's do something...

It's interesting, because every situation is different. We just saw, for instance, the soul
connection, but there is more than a simple soul connection. There is something she recognizes
with us, so it is more than just vaguely soul. Do you realize that you do recognize something
here? You recognize also the comedian behind the mask, which gives a relation that is a lot
deeper than mask to mask. Can you acknowledge that?

G.P.: If I try to understand from my mind I would say, no, I don't; but, yes, I do.

Martin: I agree with you. On the level of your mind you don't understand what is going on, but as
far as experience goes you do. This is a nice example to show you how attentive you have to be.
The mind does not recognize it because it's territory that is unknown to the mind, not yet
acknowledged, but the experience itself contains more than the mind and on that level you can
acknowledge something. This pertains to something I call livance, which is not based on mind--it
can include it but it is not based there, Training requires you to be fully aware, learning to
acknowledge more and more of what you really live, not what you extract from livance because
of the paradigm in your mind. Your mind says it ought to be so and so, but the experience is
different-- there is a level of familiarity that the consciousness, the mask, cannot understand
because it is not made for that.

Okay, let's come out with A...

She's just proving what I said, she's responding from that deeper relation and you have an A that
is quite surprising -- a little above the head, but it doesn't matter. This does not correspond to the
capacities of her mask, meaning if she were more self-conscious or, let us say, not on the hot
chair she might not be able to show what she shows now.


This U has been trained in the past; she has practiced meditation and things like that in the past --
it has a quality to it again that the consciousness does not know, but it is there. It has an aspect
that is definite, not just vague.


That's pretty nice.

Now someone check the back of the head...

Now you have something quite special. You have two movements: the personality that tends to
go toward subconsciousness but behind you have someone that won't let go and doesn't change.
Actually there is a mastery that is a lot bigger than she is aware of. Can you see how the mask
can fool you? You have an image of yourself that does not correspond to what you show. This is
one of the instances where there is already a training in the past that is acknowledged by the

We have initiates in our groups, practically none are aware of it, and none have resumed their
professional aspects. There is as much difference between an initiate and a man as there is
between a man and an animal. Remember that.

Those of you who direct training groups: When you see something like this how would you
handle it? Unless you are trained on the level she shows you cannot. So, you will counsel the
person until the person "reaches" a level where she is anyway. She's in a position to take
shortcuts, whatever the personal appearance. She might or might not take the shortcuts, but it
wouldn't be because the qualification is not here. But it can be blocked with the mind.

Ninth G.P.

Martin: Here is something that might not be very easy to see. There is an overall response in the
field and, at the same time, a subconscious activity interfering quite strongly, otherwise the body
aspect would change.

This changes much too little, because of the subconscious interference.

Okay now, I'll do something...

We still have the interference pretty strong, pretty stiff, and pretty stubborn. Basically there is a
misunderstanding: you relate to spirituality in the direction of the past instead of in the direction
of what is coming -- this triggers the subconscious activity quite a bit. Can you make a total
blank? That's better. Lift the center of gravity to the shoulders.

Now sound an A:

That is zero, no A.


U doesn't work.


A flicker of something.

Heart ...

That's a personal heart.
The centers are completely ineffective, which means what you have trained and exercised is
entirely within the realm of your concrete mind -- you have dealt with an image, not a reality.

Incidentally, when you work with centers your awareness has to be livance-wise. If you see the
person sitting there and the field emanating from the body, this is a reflection of the reality, the
body is a product of the field which is the reality. she shows the reverse, which means she is
pretty much in reflection. If you want to work you have to face the situation as it is, not as you
imagine it to be.

Tenth G.P.

Martin: Can you follow the movement? As far as joining in is concerned the reaction is pretty
poor. She is used to expecting something coming to her. Now, it's getting somewhat better. You
ought to know you can do a lot better than that.

Now let me do something...

You can see the center of gravity changing. She becomes more transparent in a way. Are you
aware of the soul relation? This ought to always be present, otherwise you lose yourself, you get
entangled in a lot of things.

I want you to stand up to see how it feels...

See? Those who are observing: do you realize that you are looking at something different, and
that the image she has of herself does not correspond to what she shows? You can feel that in
your relation to the room can't you?

Sit down again...

it happens that desperate situations only look desperate because you like it that way, but the real
situation is not so.


You can see, again, the situation that we have already seen: something is working directly from
the field -- or if you want -- directly from the comedian or the soul.


This could be improved. It's not definite, it's not active. It's not absent, but it's not sufficiently


Now here again we have a heart that tends to be too concrete -- too entangled with concepts of
the personality.

A again...

This one is much clearer. Practice aA for a while until you are perfectly conscious of the clarity,
the transparency.

Back of the head.

That's funny, she,is already anticipating the subconscious reaction. Now, here we lose control.
You can establish a control halfway down if you want, the capacity is here; mostly you forget,
but you can do it. However, past a certain point you become lost, meaning there is some part of
your instinctive side that is in control of you. You let yourself be carried away, which is not in
accordance with what you show in other ways. What you show implies some degree of mastery,
so you have to exert it whether your mask understands or not.

Eleventh G.P.

Martin: That shows a pretty good relation. There is one point I,want you to draw, your attention
to: you see that there is a relation, but the transparency is missing. Afterwards you will see
Georgette over there and you will be surprised at how utterly transparent the field is. When you
see a relation like this one you might be tempted to think that it fits in fully, but it does not fit in
the way of transparency.

There are several measures you make when you observe. One is the extent of freedom with
which she matches what is going on, and the other would be more quality-wise. Quality-wise you
can see the degree of initiation if there is one.

Okay, let's do something...

Now you can see another quality that is appearing. This is more, well, a little bit more
transparent. If I help a little bit, she is much more real with what she shows, she is more herself.
Prior to this, it was more a kind of generality here you have more specifics.


Here a genuine action is working on an A and the consciousness is working on an A and the two
don't meet. Two different actions going on at the same time. What about being what is around
and way above, an A, and forgetting about that person. It's not yet very active but much better,
much more-free.


There is some training behind, but not yet brought out. On the surface you don't show much, but
behind you do.



Here we have a mix-up. There is the endeavor of the comedian to come out with heart and the
mix-up with the, understanding of the consciousness about heart. The difference between a
reflection and a reality is much more pronounced on this level than it is in the head (which is
usually the case). The heart level belongs to the conscious zone where you have the working
together of negative and positive polarities, whereas in the head you have a super conscious zone
so that the clarity of spirit can come out much more easily. In the conscious zone you can easily
have a mix-up between negative and positive. As far as the centers are concerned the centers are
always positive.

Back of the head...

There is a strong effort to stay master of the situation, but there are aspects you can't fully master.
You might know that. You show aspects of the subconscious or instinct or memory side that pop
up. You hold a certain mastery but you are not fully master--the intent is here but the ability is
not yet full. Just continue to practice. But as average goes there is nothing to worry about, it
works nice.

Twelfth G.P.

Martin: Here we have another one that doesn't know himself. It's surprising how blind people can

Okay, let's do something...

Can you see the nature of the change? There is one thing in the change and another in the nature
of the change. The nature of the change might show you what stands behind the mask, but when
you follow the nature of the change it means you have to live it. If you perceive it, it's not reliable
because the perception is always reflective.





Back of the head...
Now we have a situation. On the level of the mask it's wonderfully ineffective, but on the other
side it's practically the reverse -- meaning you systematically ignore yourself in spite of what
shows. If you want to work you have to work according to what you are in reality, what you show
now, and not from the person, because the person is just plain fully blind. In other practical
terms, you have to work from the position that has turned around and is coming down -- all else
will end in illusions and frustration. There is too much here to be ignored, so accept the
responsibility and come out.

Participant: You said that the person seems to be fully blind to what he is and yet he
acknowledges or agrees with you in each thing that you say -- how can that be?

Martin: Easy.

Participant: You mean by fully blind that the person doesn't respond to the being that's behind
that's active?

Martin: The person is blind to the actual situation, he doesn't know who he is.

Participant: And he knows that he doesn't know?

Martin: Well, yes he knows that he doesn't know -- a little.

The point is that he hasn't decided to take the responsibility, because there is a responsibility

I have to caution you, there is a lot of responsibility involved in what we do, and you have to be
able to assume responsibilities. You will notice that I always gear you toward the fact that you
have a creator position, the Doer. As Doer you are fully responsible for what you do, or do not

G.P.: You mean that's the single most important factor in my position?

Martin: In your position what is important, symbolically speaking, is that you come out in order
to act. All positions that go up in order to reach are just plain no good -- there is too much
showing. It might have been good once, but it is not good any longer.

G.P.: What about wanting to have as well as going up to reach ?

Martin: The having, the reaching, they are of no use.

I don't know if you noticed when Gary was beside him that they were pretty close. What I call
cycling or making something of the Impulse within mankind and within the earth itself comes
under the Hierarchy, and if you open your eyes just a little bit you will begin to see the workings
of the Hierarchy. What we bring does not stem from the Hierarchy, but as you observe the
movements little by little, you will be aware of the practical side and begin to recognize some
activities. The radiance that he and Gary show is typical of the Hierarchy.

Participant: Martin, are you saying that, if we act in the Doer Impulse, that the Hierarchical
activity responds to that like dominoes?

Martin: Everyone responds, everywhere, whatever level, whatever the title, whatever the

Now, notice the difference when Georgette resumes her seat. Can you follow the appearance
from the field? There is the fullness of that immediately.

Now, Dany, do the back of the head test...

There might have been a change in you, but not in her. Do you notice that there is a control that is
not of the person, it is absolutely steady, no wavering whatsoever. I want you to realize that it can
be done, it exists. I am not talking about things, I am talking things. I encourage you to do the

Here is another experiment you can do:

First, you are yourself, bodily personality-wise, then if you radiate the field, you discover a
relation of causality -- the person producing the field. If you look around the room you can
see/feel the relation of the person creating the field. Then, tune into the reverse, the field creating
the person. When you look at Georgette, it's quite evident that the field generates the person,
whereas when you look at each other, it's not the same. The general tendency is still one of you
generating the field, when in reality it is the field that generates the person.

Speaking technically, none of you showed a clear center. Now if you want to be efficient this has
to be clear. It's a tool, the tool has to be really operational -- the hint of a tool is of no use. You
have to start working until it works positively.

When we work here together as a group there is a generation of heaven on earth. It's already
effective, but what do you think it will be when we all work together. But there are requirements,
specific requirements. As I said, dedication is not sufficient. I would say all of you are dedicated,
but involvement takes more than that, it costs your person in one way or another. There is a
choice, and once the choice is made you move.

What I want you to realize is that we are no longer free to wait and wait. We are obliged to step
up the pace, so you have to become more realistic. It's not that the possibility is not here, don't
fool yourself -- it's a matter of movement.

Use this summer to start moving and see what happens.

Note: A form of hot chair exists constantly when you tune in to us. If you tune in to us the change
that you saw on the chair ought to happen wherever you are. If it does not it means you don't
respond to what is going on -- everything is going on in your head, but not factually.
CALISTHENICS September 29/30, 1981


Usually at the beginning of every year we go over some points related to what we do here.

Being in the groups sometimes becomes so automatic that the purpose is forgotten, so I would
like to suggest first that you read the Statement of Purpose again.

One of our activities is to prepare the way so that in the near future higher beings will be able to
come and manifest directly on human level, without having to incarnate. You will notice that
every time we play music or speak, actually every time we work, the comedian in you, meaning
the real you, comes through much more strongly than usual. You will also notice that it comes
through without the effort of your concrete mind -- it just happens, and it happens because of this
activity. You might not understand what it means to prepare the way like this but you experience
it time and time again. I tell you this because I want you to realize mor e and more strongly that
we are not speaking idle words. This is an action, and in an action you go along with facts,
situations not concepts.

..In spite of what the mind might say, yes, the move can take place right away. The training
allows you to uncover your possibilities of moving right away.

You have to bear in mind that in this incarnation your concrete mind, linked to your personality,
is trained along certain procedures that are considered effective and standard. Everything that
doesn't go along these lines is doubtful. so , even if you don't think about it, somehow your
personality is going to follow along, until you have discovered the phenomenon of reflective
consciousness and how it works.

You will discover that when your consciousness thinks about moving, even if you think
"first-I-have-to... ", it is really because there is a move underway, but the move is hampered by a
lot of contingencies, etc.

This is where the mastery of the personality enters the picture. You, the real you, has to become
aware of how the person functions so that you can learn to use the consciousness within the
mask. If you are not trained you can get trapped in the contingencies of the mask and they
sometimes seem mandatory, but they're not. They seem so only because you were raised at a
certain time, in a certain civilization and surroundings. One day you will realize very concretely,
even consciously, that three and one-half eternities of existence implies a lot more than the
known mind. So you, the comedian, have to retrain the mind. There is a way to act directly
instead of reflectively at the level of the mind.
Participant: This reflection on contingencies and this type of analysis on the personality level,
does it have any role in the world?

Martin: It obstructs the action because it is not understood. Your mind takes for granted that its
own functioning is the way things work. You have to discover that the same mind has other
ways. When you have discovered this, then eventually you will lift the obstruction and use, for
instance, your mind's ability to make an image.

So often you have heard me say that your imagery stands in the way. Actually it's not the
image-making faculty that is the problem but the way the faculty is used. A faculty is neither
good nor bad, it does not help or stand in the way; but the use of the faculty can either help you
or destroy you, depending on how you use it. Yes, you have to be able to live without image, but
you also have to be able to use an image.

In certain circumstances images are needed. I'll give you an example:In your image of spirituality
there continues to be a movement of reaching up -- whether you like it or not, or whether you
want it or not, you still continue to reach up. This is not the proper use of a symbol. In this
instance, the imagery is meant to shape something that has more dimensions for use in a
three-dimensional world, so we use the following symbol:The groups with their backs to the
wall, facing inside. Now we would like to see the groups turn around and face outside because
there is work to be done.

Now, of course, this is an image, and, of course, if you were to actually turn around you would be
facing a wall, and this is not what is intended in the symbol, so the image is not perfect, but you
are mature enough to realize that there is something very valid in the symbol.

If you have a good ability to make images, it can be used to shape and convey. You don't need it,
unless you, the comedian, wants to convey something to the mind, then it triggers an image. The
mind then has to recognize that it is a reflection of something and learn to focus on that

It's a little like a ringing telephone. You don't make conversation with the ringing, the ringing
draws your attention to a possibility and then you use the possibility -- your soul rings through an
image and then you can speak through the device.

Participant: I would like to tell about an experience. I met my sister this summer and her lifestyle
is very different from what I can understand. I have, for many years, seen something with her; I
feel deeply connected to her, not because she is my sister, but there is always something else, a
spark. In the past , each time I saw her, I repeated the same pattern; I would come at her, to help
her, but I did it with my will. This summer the worst came and she reacted very strongly and
pushed me away. We decided not to see each other anymore, at least for several years, until we
could find a position that would be better. Well, just a day before leaving for the next country I
had this feeling to call her and yet I resisted it because I felt that I had lost a battle. But I called
her anyway and told her I wanted to see her when I came back from Greece because I thought I
would have changed, that we would have changed.
So when I came back from that trip five weeks later, I called her. in the meantime I had really
worked with this thing, silently. This time when I saw her I really tried to look at the comedian in
her and not say anything -- not even to discuss high matters -- just to enjoy the time we had
together and to just be with that (the deeper value). It was like finding a connection, a way of
communication that was finer, somehow. And we never even talked about it because it wasn't
necessary. It was quite a strong experience.

Martin: You came out with a point that is very important. The first rule is that you have to live
that condition yourself and you have to address that condition in what is in front of you in this
instance, see her in the same way. Symbolically, you live comedian and address her as comedian,
not as the mask she showed.

Participant: I can add something to what you just said. In the beginning, I had the feeling that I
was living something. I was on the concept side of it -- I had an image and I was working out of
the image. The second time I was just coming the way I was -- it was more full. It's very
interesting because the first position was really an illusion -- that I was going to help her -- when
in fact I hurt her .

Martin: In the first position you put the emphasis on the doing instead of on the being. in other
words, what gives life to what you do is you standing behind. If you put all the emphasis on the
doing or on the technique, there is no life in it.

If you want a soul action, you have to live and sound soul. This has to sound through whatever
you do. You might experiment with acting with a doing (or procedure) and then acting without a
doing -- but of course with something behind. This kind of experience is necessary for the
present-day mind. Such emphasis is placed on procedure that you believe that the procedure is
what is effective, when it's actually what you put in the procedure.

If you are trained a little you might even go a step further: You can use a procedure that is
"right", then a procedure that is "wrong", and then no procedure -- and each time you will have
the same result because you are standing behind; the result will shape according to that not
according to the procedure.

Of course, if you have a way of relating to the person that the person can understand, and you
stand strongly behind, the results will be more harmonious, possibly quicker, than if you use a
way a person cannot relate to.

. Now I have to warn your minds about something: there are books and groups and
teachings that show you how to reach the comedian mask-wise. My warning to you is don't.
What is from the comedian steps from the comedian. As Steiner puts it: "What is from soul is
from soul". It is true that you can refine your feelings, your sensations, your feelings so that the
action from soul is more obvious, but I have seen persons who were extremely refined physically
and no soul it's not automatic. You come out as comedian in the first place. You don't first, using
the mask, refine and meditate in order to reach the comedian. You are the comedian in the first
place, learn to acknowledge it at the mask level.
The comedian action is comedian action simply that. Maybe what we do is not exactly orthodox,
but as you notice it works. There is no value in believing in strict rules or procedures. Points have
to be observed it is true, but you use the procedure that is fit, not the accepted or official
procedure -- whether it is orthodox or not. We use a procedure that is not orthodox, we don't
make you meditate "in-order-to". if you catch yourself telling yourself that you have to do
something first "in-order-to"... forget it. Some things might be needed, but not "in-order-to". As
the action unfolds you might find it fitting to use this or that procedure; if you don't find any you
can invent one; if you can't invent one then don't use any procedure -- this usually works best.

..We always show everything double: the greenhorn way and the spaceship way. This
means that there is an imprint that goes right within you into your own identity that links you
with the future of the spaceship -- it's part of an action you are not aware of. So you will hear me
say that unless you respond soul-wise you can forget it.

Something else: We work with the Christ and the Christ Impulse, which has a specific note in it.
This works in you too, so when we speak of the comedian, the comedian coming out of this door
is not any comedian, it has specific qualities that you might not realize yet -- unless you can see
and be aware in a different way. If you look at other people with a field just as clear, you might
notice that the quality is not there, unless they are related to the same action, which is possible

We deal with fields all the time, so your field shows more than usual people show, even people
with equal personalities. As you can see, these things shape up little by little and you can
acknowledge/see/feel/live them. you will also notice that your efforts on the level of the
consciousness "in-order-to" reach them are of very little value -- surprisingly little value. We are
involved in something else, you have to get used to it. When you go out into the world you bring
something, whether you know it or not, but it is preferable to do it consciously.

I also want to dispel a misunderstanding:

I want you to realize that all teachings are meant to be used to bring something out. This means
that if you go along the teachings of the Arcane School, or Steiner, or Yogananda you must bring
these qualities that are starting to bloom as a guiding note into whatever form you use, including
the training of yourself, the mask. Then there is no confusion.

One of the main confusions stems from the fact that we work in a rather direct way. This is why
you change. We don't work in the reflective way, the reflective way is only for the satisfaction of
your mind so you have something to chew on -- in the meantime something happens while you
chew. The chewing is not important.

When we play music there is a change in you, there is a quality at play. On the mask level you
perceive things, but the overall livance is a comedian livance, not a mask livance. You live it
time and again, it is only because of the type of education that you have received that you think
you "first-have-to" do something in order to be the comedian. Be the soul in the first place and
take hold of your person. If the comedian directs the refining of the person, or the mastery of the
desires, or concrete thoughts, coarse feelings etc. then it is done beautifully.

We have to put a lot of stress on the comedian aspect because you need to be comedian aware as
much as possible, as strongly as possible, as quick as possible -- and this means right now.

.. You are used to viewing the world in a certain way. I encourage you to challenge that way.
You can acknowledge what you perceive as one point, then look for something else. Ask what
else is present that your physical eyes don't see, or your senses don't notice. I encourage you to do
it. You will be surprised. why do you limit yourself to what your eyes see? The eyes capture
images, the Seer does not see in terms of images. The Seer ability is in everyone, you started with
it three and one-half eternities ago.

Participant: Some of the people that I've had an opportunity to have an exchange with on a
deeper level, in which I could invite them to flow, to come out, to just join me, I would be so
surprised because they did, and most of the time they were aware that they were doing something
very different. I was very surprised: How Come this person who doesn't even have contact with
Martin is suddenly right there? At times it would really leave me questioning, because at one
level I would know that it was genuine, but on the other hand the person had no training.

Martin: When we work there is a field action. If a condition is normal for me and I interact with
someone else, or all of you, you find a field in which you can express it--if you go out in the
street you don't have it, then you have to become very strong and produce it anyway, but this
requires a lot more strength.

Here we provide the field so the experience is easier for you. As you notice when you experience
here, it works easily and you go home and it doesn't work anymore. This is because of the
difference of surrounding, which we call field. If a condition for you is normal, you are used to it,
another person in an ordinary field might not express it ever, but in front of you might be able to
do it because of what is around which makes it a lot easier. So never forget the importance of the

And you can modify the field. I want to show you something.We could play one of the pieces of
music that we played earlier.


As you might have noticed that on the same comedian level there was a change toward an action
that was more specific. Now I want to play another one ...


Within the same mode there was another movement. This means that you have to learn to be
aware preferably comedian wise of those different shades. You have heard me tell you many
times that when we work we tune into what is going on. On the comedian level there is no
problem, it is as clear as the different livances you went through with the music. One type with
the choir, another type with the first piece of music and within that type a third with its own
movement. And when you work you go along with that. But as you know from experience your
mind is of no help unless you have trained the mind to make images that do relate to the situation
and you understand the image because it hints at what is going on--then you join in. An image
can be useful as a reflection of what is going on, but that means a training .

Participant: When you talk about severing the link, does it pertain to a mask activity or does it
pertain to the comedian ? Could you also talk a little more about the difference between severing
the link in fantasy and/or reality, versus in the mind.

Martin: I'm not sure to what situation you.refer because it can happen on several levels.

Participant: if I remember right you said that once you can sever one kind of link you can sever
any kind of link -- pertaining specifically to the death exercise, but also severing your links to the
things you are attached to. Is it always on a mask level?

Martin: That kind of severing is the ability to stop using a given pattern.

I'll give you an example: In present-day conditions when you use the creative ability, the Christ
Impulse puts in motion the M function. The fullness of the M function contains A, U, and M,
which creates the spaceship. The M function reverberates within man on all major and minor M
functions. Now on the U level (thorax), the M function would be the center located at the throat ,
which is an m of the u region. Depending on how you are balanced, you are going to link that
with the m at the back of the head, or possibly the reverse, the mA coming out at mU. If you are
not trained spiritually, or simply if you have a strong subconscious drive, it will make you aware
of the subconscious (the function in the abdomen), and the subconscious will respond stronger;
responding stronger you will be faced with something very simple: the base of consciousness is
in the U region so the u of the M is going to respond closer to consciousness, with most people
this leads to a sexual drive. As long as the sexual drive is not under control you won't come out
clearly, creatively on this center because of the energies diverted to the subconscious. The
training of the spirit coming down into the M region requires the spirit side to be very strong,
otherwise you simply listen to the M region and awaken subconscious activity.

Now, speaking of severing links : there is very obviously a long past of subconscious activities. If
you learn to sever links, you have the ability to take away the importance of the subconscious
drives, and this opens the road for the supraconscious to come down all the way -- and it leaves
the expression here much more free .

Severing the link is in reality freedom from bondage, meaning you use a way of expression when
it is useful, otherwise you don't use it -- and you are really free not to use it.

Participant: What might be the nature of a link and is it something that is in the end an
attachment to something that is a fantasy or is it something that is substantive? As an example, I
understood that it referred to patterning and conditioning, conceptualization, and that kind of
thing. You also have referred to the link that we have with you. You once gave the example of
sitting in front of the flowers, now is that a substantive link or is that a conceptual link?

Martin: I would call that a conceptual link. Let's say you sever the link with yourself, which is
pretty hard, but eventually you can do it, what it means psychologically speaking is that you sever
the link with the image you have of yourself -- then you are free to live yourself in a different

Remember, the consciousness is reflecting, the real link, what makes you one, is something very
different, and is usually not spoken of as a link. When you live it you don't conceptualize it as a
link, it's much closer than that. A link is a connection. In a oneness there is no connection,
otherwise it wouldn't be one.

Participant: I seem to have some success in severing links with thoughts and conceptions with
my eyes closed when it's relatively quiet, but with my eyes open I don't seem to be able to do it.

Martin: it's usually so in the beginning --you can do something with the eyes closed that you can't
with the eyes open. But, if you persist mask-wise, eventually you will succeed. If you do it from
the comedian condition I can't tell you how much faster it goes--it can be instantaneous--because
the values the mask uses are not the values the comedian uses. The mask says: "This is very
important in my life" and the comedian says: "I don't know what to do with it". So, depending on
the type of link in the mask, and if you are the comedian facing the situation, very suddenly and
quite effectively the importance of what was holding you is gone.

When we play with the music, we have no human bond whatsoever, and this is on the conscious
level. So, if you partake of that condition with us, you will realize that you are very free of that
existing condition. You already know that freedom somehow.

Participant: Related to the last piece of music ... to clarify my experience. Initially I felt like a rod
of steel and my tendency was to be free of that, then shortly before the end of the piece of music
it was just a dramatic change. fly experience was that the life in the group was free. I was
wondering if I had followed the music incorrectly or if you have to change to go along with....

Martin: There is no right or wrong -- you are describing your experience and it was so. of course,
we could analyze it and say that your feeling of that rod of steel was due to the level or levels
involved, which implies something very directive and very strong -- let's say this was your first
impression. Then at the end you got, so to speak, used to it and you had the freedom of
movement. Actually there was movement all the time. What you described was an adaptation to
the movement.

Also, remember that what you described are images. There is a discipline that you have to submit
yourself to: When you perceive a condition, it never means that it is so, it means that you
function in a way that sees that way. I'll give you a technical example:

You have three centers in the thorax working as consciousness. You have an A zone and an M
zone that are not exactly conscious, so we call the A zone supraconscious and the M zone
subconscious. Supra- is related to positive polarity and sub- is related to negative or nature
polarity. You will find these in books, I didn't invent them. Now suppose you are conscious all
the way down (no supra- or sub-), then the dichotomy spirit/nature is gone -- it's quite clear, quite
logical. If the supra- aspect is full and the sub- aspect is full then you have one full awareness.
This means that the dichotomy is not real -- it is so only because of some characteristics of
present-day functioning, simply that.

Things appear to you in a certain way because you take a given position. You ought to realize
that when you live what is termed "oneness" there is no duality. Now if you live a condition that
implies functions like supra- and sub-, these functions create a whole lot of waves that make up a
kind of duality called "spirit" and "nature". There are people who describe that past a certain
initiation you have a choice where you might evolve -- on the spirit side or the nature side -- it's a
choice and both are of equal value. And one day even that is gone and the real situation is a
whole. But with the type of personalities you have nowadays you have supra- and sub-, thus you
live a duality...

..until you integrate the personality. Symbolically speaking, today comedians don't wear
masks, they act directly. In a way you can say they have integrated the mask -- then things look
quite a bit different.
CALISTHENICS October 27/28, 1981


It happens that things go faster than expected and we are now confronted with a new possibility. I
want to share it with you to see if you accept or refuse it. The proposition is that we work
practically entirely on the so-called higher level and leave the calisthenics to you. This means that
you would take over the calisthenics and the responsibility involved. We would handle the
service and some specific training at the beginning of calisthenics (possibly for an hour or so)and
you would find ways to bring it out.

For the last several years there have been more and more voices asking for the opportunity to
take responsibility. We have now come to the point where we can live this opportunity and give
it to the >groups as a whole. The opportunity is that of taking the responsibility of bringing what
we do here into the world. The world, incidentally, is symbolized by your personality, so if you
work for the world, you work throughout your personality too. If you bring a new quality into the
world, you bring it throughout your personality -- it goes together.

So my question is: Are you eager to do it, or are you against it?

Participant: I'm not clear exactly what you are proposing. chat specific form would it take?

Martin: Finding the specific form is part of the responsibility you take. You can expect a pretty
nice confusion the first day, and possibly a little less with each try -- or possibly it might work
right away – this is for you to find out, you are on your own. You move and you move
collectively; this kind of activity asks for the participation of everyone.

Of course, there are rules to observe. One of the rules is if you want to bring out a deeper reality
and express it throughout your person it is obvious that you have to live the reality in the first
place, whether it is expressed consciously in your own consciousness or not; but you have to live
it and this means it has to show. If you are eager to help mind-wise or personality-wise but the
overall quality is missing, then think twice. The point is not to come out with forms but with the
ability to bring the content throughout whatever form you are using.

I have an inkling that a few have the feeling of a generation gap -- that something with Martin is
outdated -- that "he uses old forms and we need new forms for our life now which is different".
That's fine with me, as long as you can do better. And this is not a joke, I expect you to do better,
if not in this life then someday, because I'm not with you in the cycling. When you take over and
assume the responsibility of cycling you are taking a big burden off of my shoulders, because it's
not my job. My job is to bring something here to all mankind (which includes the groups).

Participant: You mentioned that there are rules, are there others than the one you mentioned?

Martin: We can make a lot of rules, but let's begin with just one; it's a major one and if you can
work with it you can forget about the others:

In any discussion about ways of expressing or types of training you might want or need, it is
mandatory that you have the ability to see when you lose contact. Otherwise you will devise ways
of working that are not based on or not adapted to what has to come through and you will have to
do the work all over again. So, the few who are able to pinpoint when the quality is here or not
have to take the responsibility of saying so. There should be a person in any sub-group who is
able to hold the note, whatever happens, and this takes pretty much spiritual strength it's not that
easy to do.

Participant: Were you saying that all of the sessions with you and Georgette would be just music
and that there would be no questions or talking?

Martin: There will be some talking, but a lot less, and specific to what we are working on at the
moment. The more psychological side you will have to solve for yourselves. This is where you
will come out with new abilities, because you will need them. If you always rely on me to know
if every move you make is correct, you will never be able to move on your own -- and in this
respect the point is not even to move on your own but to be of service for the work being done.

Practically speaking, what we will do is keep the service with music, for the beauty of it and for
what you live. I imagine we will take an hour at the beginning of calisthenics to work with music
and then you take over for as long as you want -- it's no longer my business. As far as economy
of energy is concerned, when we play the music we will sound certain qualities that are present in
the room, and you will take over afterwards and keep them going -- at least in the beginning -- or
you can change the subject utterly" it's your freedom to decide.

There was a question yesterday from someone in an already existing sub-group about the proper
way to apply an exercise, which brought to mind another rule :

Finally you might have quite an array of rules that you can forget anyway because you are on
your own.

The shape of an exercise only exists as an example; you can apply the same principle in a
different way, and, as long as it is applied, it's perfectly okay. I wouldn't like anyone to become
rigid on the application of an exercise. The principle has to be lived,not the form, the form is
incidental. If you become rigid about form, before you know it you have forgotten the principle
behind and this is a serious danger.

Participant: I can see that as I go on my own path that a lot of what I am aware of is reflection
and it's quite easy to get off the track; taking responsibility implies to me that one wouldn't get
off the track. What happens if there is not sufficient ability to stay on track to complete the

Martin: There are several principles involved. If you, as a group, are serious about what you do,
there is what is called "intent" -- this is a polarizing agent, it gives a direction. If the intent is
accepted collectively and is strong, it will bring you back on track practically automatically,
without your having to make a special effort. Of course, you may go off the track, but then you
will go around and finally hit the track again, because of the basic intent. This is the application
of the A function. Whenever you work the A function has to be present and the A function can
take many shapes, one of which is a definite intent.

You cannot wait to become absolutely fit. The situation in life is that when you are absolutely fit,
you will be taken off your job and given another one for which you are not yet fit. What you
understand as fitness comes with experience in the work you do. According to my standards none
of you is fit to take the responsibility, but I encourage you to take it anyway. This will give you a
chance to show a fitness that you ignore because your mind is not fit.

Look, for example, at the proposition of your taking over. We can forecast the mess that will
result right away, but then there is something more serious in you and this broadcasts an intent
and the intent has a directional action. This action will, little by little, bring you in tune with the
direction you want to take. When the directionality is well established you will discover there is
not only one way of doing something, there are an infinity of ways. And, according to how you
are structured, from that infinity you have a pretty wide choice for yourself. You have a choice of
form that is absolutely real. When you start and you don't find the right form, then if you want to
be concerned about something, be concerned about the intent -- the form will come.

Participant: Will the other existing groups be withdrawn or will they continue to go on?

Martin: This is your choice. There are definite advantages to smaller groups. If you have
newcomers to take care of it's much easier in smaller groups. On the other hand, the larger group
is needed too. People have to come together, they belong to the same activity, they have to know
each other and so on. So the smaller groups have to be outlets of the larger group, not a breaking

Now I'm going to ask you a question to show you that the work we do is different from the
general trend found in society. The question is: Is there anyone here who sees us as spiritual
masters? I don't mean a belief, I mean something stronger than that, a reality.

I'll tell you now why I ask. The point is not whether I am a spiritual master or not, the point is
that if this is meaningful for you then you connect to a certain level of functioning that is related
with your understanding of mastery, you recognize that level of working. So the point in asking
the question is to link you to a given level of activity. Now, if you join the activity then the
activity starts for you from that level. When a master incarnates on earth, he is here to do a job.
For those who connect to that, if you step in and help you forget about personal achievement,
your concern is the work to be done and you help in any way you can. You are work centered.
You have heard me say this for a long time; from this perspective perhaps it suddenly makes
sense. I've told you I don't care about improvement for myself. You might notice that in this life
Martin gained one further initiation, but this is not the way we work, it is not the way we see, and
it is not the way we act. I gave this example so you can realize that when I speak of taking
responsibilities it is very deeply real. If we are more than the usual for you, it means you have
responsibilities in something that is more than the usual. In that position you cannot help but be
work-centered, you are done with ego-centeredness. "Having-to-reach-something-first..." is gone.
Whatever change you realize (make real) in your person, is made because of the necessity of the
work and not because you want to reach a given level.

Here we meet the practical requirement of the Statement of Purpose. You are not here for your
own benefit. Lived from that angle it is very, very real. You become action-centered and you
become attentive to the action going on. Action is dynamics. Dynamics are not shapes. You can
make the dynamics work, supported by a shape or carried through a shape, or you can make them
work without a shape. I'll give you an example: When you first came in, before the music, we had
silence. For your consciousness there was no shape, but you responded to a change. Something
happened in the room and it continued to happen with the music (which is a shape). What
continued to happen was the same happening, with or without the shape. I give you this example
to help you realize that shape is not of prime importance, there are dynamics at play. When we
speak of work, those who become conscious of the work being done tune to dynamics not

The big problem for the consciousness is that dynamics don't have the aspect of thingness that is
proper to shapes, and the mind is trained to work solely with thingness. We have the English
word "nothing", which means no-thing. This means when thingness is gone you can imagine
yourself looking into the void for things, and you continue to be centered on things in terms of
the presence or absence of things. Of course, with the void you follow a different procedure, but
still, just to show you the trend of seeing in terms of thingness.

Now, when we work you learn to tune in to what is going on. What is going on expresses in ways
that are not things, so you have to train your consciousness not only to stop thinking but also to
stop "thinging". Then you can become aware, down to the level of the consciousness, of what is
going on,and what you have to bring through that day, because each day it is different.

You have by now sufficient experience to realize that when we work with you something
happens which has a special aspect because it's not exactly a thing. Part of it is "thinged", as soon
as it comes into the mental level, for instance, you have a thingness, but the movement is always
generated from higher than that -- always -- from levels that are perfectly void for the
consciousness. This does not mean that you cannot live it, it simply means that your
consciousness is not yet fit. You are not your consciousness, consciousness is a tool. The
problem we face, the problem you face, is to act, to move.

You have heard me saying many things, too many things, in the book, in the transcripts etc., there
are plenty of things for you to practice. Find your own ways, but practice. The first thing you
have to do is to find out what practice means, and you find this out by doing it. Practice is not
thinking, it is moving, it is dynamics. And the mind always has to be on the lookout for different
forms of awareness; livance, for instance, is one of them, it is all-inclusive, it's very, very
different from the mind. You will have to learn to be centered on living a quality, a condition, a
movement, rather than thinking about shaping it. Live it fully and it will shape itself.

Those for whom the deeper level is meaningful and who begin to realize what participating is,
i.e., taking part in the movement, in what is to be done, will forget their ego-centeredness and be
centered on what you really can do to help the action. From that moment you will work on your
personality as a sample of mankind and not as if it were "you". You are in a situation in life, a
human situation, and you take care of it, you take care of the situation not of yourself.
Ego-centeredness really goes. You will have an awareness of the human condition you've never
had before, one that you cannot have if you are ego-centered. You will begin to be able to tune in
to lots of different conditions. You already know a little about the functioning of yourself, but
this does not mean you know the functioning of the human condition. Did it ever occur to you
that when we work every one of you responds? The ability to do this means tuning in to every
individual quality present in this room and actually more than that. It is very simple provided you
function differently, and provided you are no longer possessive, possessiveness is a very limiting
factor. You will also learn to face situations as they are and deal with them rather than dealing
with situations as you would like them to be.

There is another recommendation I can make: When you face a situation don't judge it. Learn to
face the situation as it is. This might be a person in front of you, a group, or it might be yourself.
A judgment of value, provided it is objective, can be reliable only from a certain point of view. If
you change the point of view you have to modify your judgment. The point is not to label the
situation, the point is to deal with the situation as it is, with as little wishfulness or fantasy as
possible. The point is not whether you like the situation or not, the point is what can be done with
it. When you take responsibility you assume a higher, more mature position, a responsible
position, and you deal with your own personality as a sample of mankind, a situation. In this
position it is easy to do. It is even interesting, you learn a lot about the human condition. Now
remember, I speak about the human condition, man was created in the image and likeness of God
-- he is more than human -- but he deals with the human condition. This means that you are
definitely not limited to your human condition, definitely not.

if you follow the symbol of the square diagram in the book, you have three types of awareness.
People say that the others are not yet developed, but "not yet developed" is only a point of
view-of consciousness. Actually all nine work constantly, and you determine much of your action
by-means that are not conscious. Be on constant lookout every day for other functions, other
ways of functioning. Man has 3 1/2 eternities of experience behind him, so, very, obviously, you
can do a lot more than you are aware of. However, you have an ego awareness that is possessive.
Now I don't know if you realize what possessiveness means -- it means separation from the

When you work you can observe, and I do encourage you to observe, that everything in the room
changes, including the crystal and the flowers.. Their presence has a different quality. In a
moment we are going to play some music and you will notice that under one type of action,
which is related to an A function, the crystal responds stronger than the roses, with the other type
of action the roses respond a bit more than the crystal. This can be seen. You will also see that
the life emanated by both is the same life that you can see around everyone -- a oneness of life
that is very different from your understanding. You have to face reality; your awareness, sensory,
emotional, mental, is very, very poor.

You have to train your mind to realize that there is no "truth" in a reflective consciousness, there
are only ways of looking at things. Now, depending on what you are doing, you might want to
look at the situation in a certain way, but for another event you might look at it in a different way.
Each way has its own usefulness, but these are only angles, once you realize livance then there is
an awareness that has no angles whatsoever.

As of now it's an impossibility. You sense it, sometimes you live it a little, but the fullness of it
and the use of it is not yet available, unless you can train your mind to recognize that there are
other modes and train the mind not to interfere when you use these different modes. This can be
and has to be done.

As an example, when we play music with you, you change. We have the collaboration of the real
you, whatever the position of your person. of course, if the person is going with it, what shows is
much more evident, but there is a change anyway. The action that you show is done from a level
of awareness that is completely unconscious for some of you and partly conscious for others.

I work on the unconscious side, but it is quite effective, and I would like you to register that it is
quite effective. You are able to come out and express field-wise without the support of your
consciousness, and it is real.

I welcome the new situation in which you take over and act because the sole problem we have is
that you think instead of acting. When you respond to what is going on during the music the actor
shows, so the actor is acting. There is evidence, evidence for your own eyes and so on. Then you
go home and you turn into a mask and the mask tries to be the actor and believes it is the actor,
instead of coming out exactly in the same way as you do here, whether the consciousness helps
or not. I tell you it happens in spite of your consciousness. You experience it every time. Now the
time has come to act on it.

There is another point that comes up again and again, that is, that you don't want the
student-teacher relation or the leader-follower relation. Obviously if you have a group action this
kind of relation is not very good, but much depends on your position. Instead I propose another
name: coordinator. The action requires the participation of everyone and everyone might at one
time or another be able to come out with an answer to a given situation. In this respect there are
no leaders, but someone has to help coordinate the movements. For instance, not being lost in
discussion when the intention was to bring out a certain radiance or a certain quality. Someone
has to be on the lookout to bring you back to the topic you are dealing with -- this will be the job
of the coordinator. I have appointed three: Francois, Chris and Chris. This does not mean that
you will depend on these three only, anyone can help.
Participant: When you just play music will there be questions asked?

Martin: Ordinary questions will be left out because you have undertaken as a group to deal with
them. If you have specific questions dealing with the level involved it's okay.

Participant: Do you mean that up until now they have been ordinary or have they been stemming
from the level involved?

Martin: Up to now the questions have been ordinary. What I am speaking about are questions
from someone who is more or less at home with what we do, then we can orient something.
Otherwise it belongs to calisthenics and this is where you take over.

Remember, pertaining to questions, follow the movement not the words and answer according to
the movement. We had a typical example yesterday. Someone was doing the desire exercise and
finally got behind and reached a condition that was very clear, very nice, but still the heart was
oppressed. Now the question was "What to do with the heart". Someone suggested that she deal
with the heart in the same way as with the desire, but the movement behind was very different.
That clear condition that was reached was simply a mental image, higher in level than the usual
mental, but not the abstract mind because that is another function. So the so-called higher
condition was simply of the same nature but more abstract and did not induce the "soul flow" that
was expected here. Then it happened that the higher aspect, because of the intention behind,
triggered a soul flow. The situation was not as the person believed it was. So I encourage you to
look when a person is speaking, until you become somehow sensitive to the movements going

You can be caught when you live with images. You deal with images all the time, unless you
retrain the mind. Then you discover that there is a possibility for the mind to function without
images -- this has to be trained. The mind is reflective. You have to do something about it. Find
what is reflected. Accept the reflection as a reflection, it can be useful, there are clues in the
reflection, but don't stop at the reflection.

The case I just described is very typical. There was that lighter, brighter condition, but it was an
image. I also have to say that this was not a deduction; I see the mind substance and because I
saw it I could tell her. But as far as practice goes, you can easily get caught in thinking: "That's
it!" When we see this kind of thing, it's as if your image were surrounded with a kind of film that
separates the image from the dynamics of what is going on. It is enclosed, not open. Basically it's
very simple, but it means training.

If you assume responsibility the training becomes very interesting. You face situations, you face
difficulties, it's like a sport.

Another point I would like to bring along: When you meet together in calisthenics or in
sub-groups, learn not to plan ahead, because if you do that you will lose the quality that has to be
lived -- because it will be the mind planning to say this and that... Man has 3 1/2 eternities behind
him which enables. him to face the situation as it is at the moment and come out with the means
at that moment even if the means are poor, they will allow him to act. It doesn't matter how poor
the means are, it is more important that you move. The freer you are from a system the more
available are the possibilities of ways in which you can shape what you have to do at the

When you act you act from what you live not from a scheme, or a map, or an image of your
mind. If you mind has an idea, look behind to what it is referring. At first you will start looking
from the same mind, but if you are adamant in your position and you tell your mind that you are
making pictures again (because you recognize the quality of a picture), then at some time you
will live a condition that does not have the quality, of the picture at all. Then you will see that
there is something else. Learn to make the difference. When you are looking for something else,
the mind is going to propose "something else" of course, but you have to say,"no. this is not what
I want, I want a different mode". This is what I call applying a discipline. It's a practice.

And I repeat, for those who sense in us more than the usual, the responsibility involved is a lot
greater, because you have to act according to it. And in that kind of action there is no room for
ego-centeredness, it is replaced with work-centeredness. Right now work-centeredness is very
vague for you.

Within the work there are specific points, and one of the most important is what we call the
Christ -- Christ according to the definition of John in the Bible -- the Word, the Logos. In
Theosophy and in the Arcane School they have adopted the word Logos to define the planetary
spirit or the solar spirit, or something like that. Now, be very careful when you read descriptions
in books about what the Logos is or what a master is; take it all with a grain of salt. You have to
be aware that what is written is written for an average mind and in a form accessible to that
average mind. They are symbolic images, they are not the situation ever.

Yesterday I asked the same question about who sees us as spiritual masters and I caught in the
mind of one of the participants a quick verification between what that person had read about
spiritual masters and what that person guesses of us. What was forgotten was that these books are
published for general use and they speak in generalities not of the specific situation. If you are a
master and you act in a specific situation, you only use what is needed for that situation and that's
all. I have a very famous example in mind: A long time back people were not very willing to
incarnate, it was a difficult period. There came a master who was the greatest of them all and in
order to show them how to incarnate, he never manifested any power at all.

You never read in these books about the type of awareness the master uses, what happens in that
awareness, how he uses it, how he shapes the action. You read only of the outward symptoms,
how things appear to be. So be very careful with what you read not to make images and limit
yourself because of it. In my book I say that these Prepare you for something totally different and
it is true. There is a reversing and the reversing is accomplished by you taking responsibility and
acting from what you are.

In books you learn that the soul is something high, spirit is higher, Atman still higher, the Monad
still higher... What about turning around? We work on the Monadic level, we work on the Atman
level, we work at soul level too, and it's practically the lowest level on which we work. But you
accept from books that you are a person growing. You don't accept what is in the Bible, that you
are made in the image and likeness of God, you believe instead that you have to become it.

If you want what we do to relate to the personality, the A function has to be active. You know the
A function in a certain way, I will show you other ways. To begin, I would like you to generate
an A on the top of the head.

( Everyone attempts to show an A )

As you do it, see what it does all around. When you do that in your groups, those who can do it
will have to help those who have a hard time... and find ways. The way described in the book is
seen from the person, it's a preparation. Now I'm going to give you the other way around. The
other way around is a lot more effective.

( Everyone continues in their attempt to show an A )

Now look around carefully, feel how you feel yourself, how everyone shows, what the
atmosphere in the room is, how things in the room respond.

Okay, now we are going to play a piece of music and relative to what you just did you will be
pretty much lost, but you will notice that something happens in the room. The crystal as it is now
will change. The roses will change too, to a lesser degree, but each one of you will show
something as will the quality of the room; be especially attentive to the beauty of the quality in
the room.

( music )

Look carefully around. You will notice that everything in the room responds, the flowers, the
crystal have lives of their own that didn't show before. You will also notice the same for you. The
life you see around each one of you, that same life is in the roses and in the crystal, and
throughout the room. Those who can, observe the sameness.

Now, a moment ago I spoke about the Logos, whose body is the planet with all the life on the
planet. This means there is a oneness, a Logoic oneness in that life. This is what you begin to see.
I want you to face the reality. when you live that sameness, it's very different from the oneness
people speak of or that they imagine.

You will also notice that when I speak you begin to lose that oneness, because you are back in
your mind. There is still a clearer quality than before, but some of that directionality of the A
function is lost already.

In calisthenics you have to train to bring it back. You have lived it and this means that the ability
is here. Or rather, let us say, the proof of it is here. If you lose it, it is because your mind is
inadequate and puts up a veil, it does not mean that you have lost it. It is simply veiled. The true
meaning of "development" is to put the veils away.

Now I want to show you another aspect. First we are going to play a little bit of the same music.
Don't move, don't think, don't whatever, and forget the don't -- live that quality. Then we will
play Paganini and you will notice a change. The quality will come closer to the consciousness, it
will shape itself. Here you will have an A that has no definite shape for your consciousness, but it
will be sufficiently evident anyway. Those who can, notice that there is a tremendous beauty in it.

( music )

When you look around you will notice that the center at the top of the head is showing more
definitely with everyone. The action is much more defined than it was before. If you look in the
room, the roses, etc., there is a certain quality of presence that radiates a kind of sharpness or
directionality that is proper to an A.

In both cases, you will notice that the forthcoming of the A action did not require and does not
require directionality from the mind. It is done the other way around, and, as you can notice, it is
quite effective. You have to get used to it, there is a quality to the group that was not there when
you consciously triggered the A. There is a tendency from the lame mind to say that Martin did it.
I did something, yes, but you, whatever that is, triggered the reaction. You cooperated.

It's time for you to act. I've told you for a long time that I see you differently than you see
yourself, it's why this action is possible. Why don't you join in? Practically. It's not my sole
privilege. You are different than you think you are.


( music )

As you know by now, the work we do with you, all of it, is above the consciousness, and the only
way you can participate is in the fullness of livance . Stay with what you live ( livance ) however
small that livance is.

You have to be fully aware, even on the conscious level, that what your mind and your
perceptions tell you can only be a reflection, and a reflection is only a small part of what is going
on; it is never "it". You will notice, as you go on, that there is a wholeness in what is happening
that your consciousness cannot reflect. This does not mean the consciousness is useless; it does
mean that in an untrained condition, as you know it now, it is of no use. It will be of use the
moment you are able to bring livance throughout the consciousness. This is what you have to do,
but what we do together is way beyond that.

As an example we are going to play the same piece of music again, but this time you will live it
in beauty. Now be careful, as expressions go, we can say that a crystal is beautiful, or that roses
are beautiful -- this is not beauty, this is reflected beauty. beauty has no shape whatsoever.

Live beauty during the whole of the music, and, as you live it, you will notice changes going on
in the room and in everyone here, including yourself. Train yourself to live the changes; not
notice them with your mind or feelings, not perceive them, but live them. You will perceive a
few things automatically, but stay with the livance . It's very important. Any perception gives you
an angle and is a reflection -- it's something working through (per means through) a device. Stay
with the livance , and, as it goes on, you can look around. And looking around is done livance
-wise, not perception-wise. Live what you see rather than perceive it. It's a fullness of life that
pervades the whole room -- live that. You don't have to tell your mind to stop working, you are
simply livance -centered. Side noises will happen, just continue to live the fullness of what is
going on.

Now let's play the music again. Beauty!

( music )

Now obviously you live a condition that is somewhat different from the previous one. The simple
fact of dwelling in beauty changes everything.

Now I have to remind you of the teaching that goes with the hologram: When the Pilot dwells in
the all-encompassing beauty, He is said to be the Doer. Check for yourself, see how everyone
stands out, stronger than before. You might think that beauty would make you weak and delicate,
but this is just not the case.

You will notice that when you look around from the angle I have given you, the condition is one
you could reach with any type of training (provided the intention was to lead you there); in other
words, the specific note of the work going on is not there -- the special note that has directly to
do with the Pilot. The Pilot is the Christ.

In the hologram, the Pilot comes from nothingness and creates the hologram, the whole creation.
He cannot be defined by any standard of creation; it has no shape, but it has a note of its own.

We are going to play the music again, this time including the Christ as presence, as impulse. It
has no shape, so words are inadequate , but you will live a change. when you live it be aware that
it fills the whole place, whatever the "place" is (it is certainly much more than it seems to the
senses) -- that presence fills the whole. There is a wholeness in it, but there is also the specific
note in which we work. I give you the opportunity to live both conditions -- beauty, and beauty
with the Christ in it. Follow very closely.

( music )

Quite obviously there is a difference -- a big difference. Stay with the livance . We will follow
with a sounding, a piece of monotone we have already played. Please don't try to use your
consciousness to make a sounding. A true sounding sounds a note directly related to the Christ.
Your consciousness quite honestly cannot do it -- it does not know what the Christ is. If you try
to sound it will mean that you are conscious of wanting to sound and it won't work . If you doubt
that it won't work, try to sound, starting from your consciousness (with wishfulness or
willfulness), and you will miss both soundings , yours and the one we do. So be careful.

Live what happens during the sounding and you will notice changes, changes within the same
note you are already living. You will notice that something happens above the head of everyone
that doesn't now show, or only very faintly, and possibly, little by little you will realize that we
are following a very specific sequence that is not known on the mind level.

( music )

If you look around you will see a kind of verticality, and we still have that specific note related to
the Christ. If you are true to your livance you will notice that you live yourself differently,
meaning the standard of your senses is no longer fully valid. Learn to respect that livance . When
I say "learn", I mean your mind has to learn to respect that livance . When you work rely on
livance , not on your consciousness.

As steps go: the first piece of music was a tuning in, the second was beauty, and the third was
beauty and the "presence" of Christ. I quote presence because to the mind presence is a
something, it has a shape -- presence of Christ has no shape, but it can still be felt as a presence.
With beauty we set the field of activity, with presence we have the core activity related to the
Christ activity we are dealing with. When we sound, which has to do with the Logoic function,
the core activity is made more concrete, and this shows in the activity you can feel/live,
symbolically, above the head.

Now we go into the play. We have the soloist, Boris Christoff , and the song of the choir -- both
field and core activity in which you have all that has been set into play tonight. You will notice a
further evidencing.

( music )

We are going to play another piece of the same, and I want you to be conscious of a point: when
you hear the work " Gospodi " (Lord), it refers to the Christ. If the Christ become a reality for
you, you might go through a period during which every time you hear the word " Gospodi " you
experience shivers all along your spine. This implies a condition that is often forgotten today:
your heart and your soul. You will discover in yourself a deep, deep love for the Christ that your
consciousness, possibly your whole personality, does not acknowledge . When this is awakened
you will experience shivers in many forms because it hits a note that is tremendously true for
you. Remember: When the Pilot dwells in all-encompassing love, He is said to be the Knower.
Your consciousness knows love, love of 'objects, and like beauty, all-encompassing love does not
imply objects -- does not ex-ply either. Learn to dwell in love as you dwell in beauty. True beauty
is not without true love.

So, we will play the piece again, and every time you hear " Gospodi " there is that deep, deep
soul love -- well soul is not really sufficient because soul is understood or conceptualized nearly
as an object -- but still, it is said: "You will love the Lord with all your soul, with all your heart,
with all your thoughts, with all your might"...

Now, when you hear the music, forget the last sentence because you will start doing that which
your mind understands, and we are not speaking of that.


Now we will conclude with one of the three pieces of music we use for healing. The word "heal"
means to make whole. You will notice that every time you live what we did tonight you live
yourself as whole. You live that very self as an aspect, an expression, an event in the dynamics of
the whole over which the Christ presides. "Him in Whom we live and have our being". It's a
small sentence, I didn't invent it, but it's absolutely true, and very little understood.

So now, let's play healing, which implies the all-encompassing condition of the Seer, the
all-encompassing love of the Knower, and the all-encompassing beauty of the Doer -- all three
together. Live this.

I am fully aware that we make the task difficult for you because you are going to meet after and
possibly lose what you are living now, but it is for you, and I mean all of you, to continue with
that life. And, if you lose it, be aware that you cannot "reach" it. You simply have to change the
activity in the mind and it is still there. The fact that it is present and then absent is an illusion of
the mind. Don't follow the illusion. You have lived this condition, you are able to live it ., there is
no reason why it should stop. If you stay with the livance it does not stop, not ever.

CALISTHENICS                February 1982


We are going to use this opportunity to to start a movement that can be expressed with the words:
sense of the sacred. I introduce this because I have noticed that in some instances people were
unable to adjust to what was going on, either a situation or a person ,because of a lack of a sense
of the sacred.

I could express this in other words. The sacred is the key to heaven. Actually, when the sacred is
alive in your person, heaven comes down. It is related to that awareness that links you to what is
popularly called "heavenly action".

We have several difficulties: First, we cannot put the meaning of sacred into words because the
consciousness is not sacred at all, not yet. If we put it into words we take the sacred out of the
sacred, obviously but we still have to respect the sacred. Second, behind the word "sacred", quite
unfortunately, is a connotation of church, or, in other words, routine -- then the sacred is lost. or
possibly, you have a religious education with a sense of the sacred that is mainly, or very often
only, emotional -- this means imagery that triggers a highly emotional state. We don't call this
sacred. This does not open heaven. When the sacred is suddenly real for you, at least for a while,
you might be physically, emotionally or mentally shaken, but you are shaken because you are
facing the sacred and not the reverse. It's not the very strong emotion or big turmoil that opens
the sacred, it's the reverse, the sacred might possibly release a higher state of emotion in you.

Today we plan to play Chopin as therapy. You will listen to the music in three different ways,
and each way will have a specific effect which you could describe as becoming more sensitive,
clearer, more refined.

In the first pieces we play, I will ask you to listen to the music in a way in which the music is the
actor and you are tuned into the action. You are not the actor, the music is playing, not you. This
does not mean that you lay passive, open, by far not. You are tuned to the music, you move with
the music. Music is a language in itself, it does not speak in the usual terms of the mind. If you
are tuned to music you don't interfere with the mind. You don't even say: "Oh, this is nice", or "I
don't like this", or "this is beautiful". No, you let the music play.

Part of the training here is to just let the music play. The mind, not being trained, will interfere
anyway, until you train it, but if you are truly with the music, or with that language called music,
or with that action called music, something will happen-- maybe not the first time and maybe not
the second, it depends on the clarity in you and of course your sensitiveness to music -- what will
happen is that after a while, when the position is correct, you will suddenly sense the notes of the
music running all over the body, feet, head, everything. A little later, it will not be all over the
body as a general image, but in precise parts of the body, and then not only precise parts but
every cell. It just happens and you notice it, you don't do anything to make it happen.
Of course there is a way of feeling the music playing, as a musician does, but this is not what we
mean. It is not the mind or the emotions that follows the music and likes it, goes with and plays it
-- this is easy.

You will know that the training is working when suddenly you feel being made of music. There
is a level that is very little known in which creation is done through music, but then there is no

Not long ago, I heard a musician say to his audience that it is not the notes but the space between
the notes that gives the music its character. I found this pretty nice because it is precisely the
nothing in between that gives the character and not the note itself. That man had some inkling of
what music is. For most people it is the thingness , the sound, that is music, and only that.

So you have to be very careful not to follow the tune with your mind or your feelings as if you
were playing it on an instrument, instead let the sound play you. You actually become alive
through the sound, and the sound, having certain characteristics, begins to build those
characteristics in you.

If you want to practice at home, therapy-wise, I suggest you use only two types of music: Chopin,
which will help you get clearer and more sensitive, and Mozart, which helps your mind and your

The first position is the very simple one in which you let the music play you and possibly you
feel becoming alive with the sound of the music.okay let's do it.

( music )

Now, as you can see for yourself, there is a difference in the room; there is a difference with each
one of you, and you show more sensitiveness through your hands. If you feel the substance of
your hands, they are different than before, there is a finer quality.

How would you express what the music does to you?

Participant: It's cleansing in the (sense of being washed through. But I didn't have a sense of it
until the last part of the music.

Martin: This means it happens steadily until you notice it.

Incidentally for those who plan to work with music at home, you will need a certain time until
there is really something there. You have to play for at lease ten minutes, preferably something
like 20 minutes. You will also notice that if you play the music first and then work after that, you
will be in a much better position. It will happen quite naturally, I would say nearly automatically,
provided you let the music play. Don't tell the music what to do, the music has its own way of
working and you have to respect it. If you have trouble taking a position in which it works,
simply lie down and do nothing, strictly nothing, just let the music play. And when I say strictly
nothing I mean it; don't get emotional or mental or whatever. Enjoy doing nothing, with no
intention except to do nothing; let the music play, then stand up and see the difference.

Participant: Is any Chopin or Mozart acceptable?

Martin: Any. Except the pieces we use to work with here.

Participant: During the first piece my first sensation of anything playing was in an area like so
(generally, in front of the aU center). A note would be struck and it would be like the note would
explode in this area and a wave would wash in both directions. As we went into the other two
pieces the change got more subtle and I lost the sensation of movement. Is that an emotional
response to that play or is it a normal situation? Or does it matter?

Martin : I would prefer to call it a normal situation. When the music is more subtle and you lose
the movement, be aware of it; it is your consciousness losing the movement. The movement is
going on anyway, but you lose it because it's too refined or for any reason. If you happen to have
a specific piece in which it happens regularly, play it doing nothing and see what happens at the
end. It is a very good experience for the consciousness to see that something can systematically
happen when the consciousness cannot follow. The consciousness believes it has to follow
doesn't it? Specifically, in the more subtle part you are beyond the range of normal
consciousness. It's simply in the long-range that you become more sensitive, meaning your range
increases. Don't be afraid to play something you cannot follow; you do it with us constantly.

Okay, the next step: We will play some different pieces of Chopin and this time I'll ask you to be
more specific with it.

When the music plays, the effect, if you have noticed, is kind of overall. Now, center in that
overall on purity/ transparency. The experience of greater purity really makes sense for some
people, sometimes more than transparency, but when purity starts living you always observe the
greater transparency -- so they are bound together. Now, other people respond better to
transparency, but there is a tendency to accept transparency as a mind image (as in a crystal) and
forget purity. You have to have both.

Now there is also a third proposition: As the music goes on you live the unfoldment of beauty,
and, of course, beauty is enhanced by purity and transparency.

You cannot approach the sacred without beauty, purity, transparency. If these live in you, you can
easily live the sacred.

Live beauty and that beauty is expressed in purity and transparency. When you really live that
you can see your instrumentality in a way that is completely different.

Also, if in the process of training you start continuously living beauty, purity, transparency, it
might spontaneously happen that the usual veil is gone. It happens, and this is due mainly to
purity which is linked to transparency. Purity involves a much more refined condition; it's a
subject that is little known and little practiced. When you let Chopin play you, you feel more
sensitive and more refined -- this leads to purity and this is able to lift the veil.

( music )

These first two steps can be trained at home. If you don't have a music facility you can live again
what you lived here, without the music. The music is a reminder that makes things go a bit easier,
but if you do it the hard way, without music, the results are quicker.

Now, for the religious music I will ask you to be centered on Christ. If you are sensitive to that
presence, the connotation or value of what you call Christ will be different from the usual. From
now on, adopt the habit of training yourself to be centered on Christ throughout every service. I
know it's not easy because of the noises of the mind and so forth, but every time you fail, come
back, again and again, until it works throughout the session. This time I won't ask you to be
centered on beauty, purity, transparency, these are evident in what is going on. I simply say: be
with us.

( music )

So we leave you to your calisthenics work. I remind you: If you want to cycle the Christ Impulse,
this is highly sacred. Don't forget it. This is what you must start with. It's up to you to make this
place a sacred place. Live and act accordingly.

Today I want to explain something about music. First, you have to realize how music works.
When the music plays you, for instance when you work with Chopin or Mozart as we proposed
several months ago, your nature side becomes more sensitive in the field of that type of music.
When, on the other hand, you use music as a language, you imprint something on the music that
is dependent on the position you hold or on what is backing what you are doing.

When you play a record and let the music do the acting, the music plays you and the nature side
of you is tuned to that music. When you use the music, as for example when we play it with you,
everything is dependent on the position you hold. I say specifically " the position you hold", not
the position you think you hold -- the outcome will show it.

So, you have to be very careful with what we do now. When you listen to music for fun, for
relaxation, the music tends to draw the center of gravity of the body functions to the level of the
music -- whether you want it to or not -- unless, of course, you are trained to go from negative to

I simply want to make you attentive to two ways of playing music. The first is the usual way of
listening: the music plays you, there is a modulation of sound, it works on you. The other aspect
is when you use the music for a definite purpose.

There is nothing wrong with using music to tune your nature side. Mozart and Chopin are, for
instance, above average, so they make you more refined. obviously , if you play music that
reaches the subconscious, like jazz, blues, rock and things like that, you tune your nature side to
low vibrations. You feel the strength, nature-wise, but the finer sensitiveness is gone.

Just to give you a small idea of the power of music: having let loose music like jazz, blues , rock
etc. has brought along irresponsibility and crime -- the higher values are gone. So don't fool
around with music. You already know what advertising or politicians can do with words, but you
are used to words, you have much better control of the situation than with music. Be careful, life
is full of traps.

When we play music, we play it differently every time. When you play at home, you listen in a
given position, which you repeat and repeat and repeat --you create a conditioned reflex toward
the music. So, the next time we play it here, the first thing that comes up is the conditioned reflex
and you miss what is going on. Some people are more sensitive, let us say, above the level of the
conditioned reflex and can possibly hold it in check and then tune in, but it does make your work
more difficult. You make your life more complicated and you are not free to to be fully alive with
what is going on at the moment, without any preconceived whatever. Make the kind of patterns
that you create when you work alone as little related to the group action as possible, so that you
can be fresh for all the changes going on. So, we suggest it would be easier for you if you would
find other pieces of music by the same composers. There are lots of choices.

Incidentally, when you choose a piece of music, choose a piece with which you feel an affinity
for doing some kind of work. Don't choose simply because it's Chopin -- there has to be a
symbolic relation between the piece and what you do, and, also, one piece will work better on a
given day than another one. If you can't establish a relation, play something else. You have to
experiment and realize that it is something specific, related to what you want to do.

The first response is simply your response, spontaneous. But, unfortunately, you have a memory
so there is a tendency to bring back the same response. If you observe this going on, watch out.
Even the same type of feeling the second time should show different shades. Shades change
constantly, they have to, otherwise you have an image, and a conditioned reflex is precisely that,
an image. If you had no memory it would be a lot easier, but when you call yesterday back, it
creates the conditioned reflex.

Participant: About rock music, if we are going to be where rock music is playing, what can we

Martin: You can simply react -- positively.

Now here we have a problem. You have to learn to make the difference between positive and
negative, spirit and nature. It is vital. You can see that in the public in general, in the lower
levels of spirituality that you see all around, the ability to make the difference has been lost. This
will lead to a catastrophe one day.

If you go with the rock music, you will notice your finer sensitiveness is gone. You have instead
a kind of nervous (nature) dynamism that you want to get stronger and stronger. As a test, if you
are in a surrounding like that, go home and play Chopin or Mozart; you might be shocked at the
difference -- the finer quality of life compared to the coarseness of the rock music. It does no
good for your body either. You can kill a plant with rock music, not with Mozart, not with
Chopin. You might be able to balance it, it is possible, but the level of sensitiveness will be much
too low -- I mean lower than your natural standard.

So, if you have to be in a surrounding like that, you can always react. This can be learned. Some
people do it spontaneously. But don't say that rock music is not harmful, it definitely is, unless
you turn it around. It's a small mastery, but it is a kind of mastery. If you can be Christ-centered,
you turn it around anyway, but Christ has to be real not an image. If you use an image to protect
you from an evil influence, it's not sufficient.

We have to make these remarks because, traditionally in the group, no sooner do we introduce a
music than we have a few people playing it at home again and again. I have one example in mind
of a person playing one record all day long, just because it was fantastic the first time in the
group. ;its the best way to destroy what has been set in motion.
In the book you learn that when spirit comes down to the M region, it doesn't need more
sensitiveness, it needs more strength.. But it is spirit strength ,, not nature strength. Nature has to
become more and more sensitive, with spirit it's the reverse.

You are used to us, so you may not exactly realize what is happening. We are introducing you
into the M function. Now, if you want to be romantic and use the old language ,, it's a kind of
collective initiation. You cannot do it by yourself, and you will notice that it feels entirely
different from any effort you have made to activate the M region positively. For your mind, you
can follow the picture in the Square Diagram in the book: it is an opening in the m region.
Hologramically , it brings along the Doer, and that's a lot more than the opening of the M region
-- It's both together. Now, both together bring along a bridging of the gap. This means you begin
to become sensitive and aware, not only perceptively but also livance -wise, to being a lot bigger
than your usual person. There is a lot more to you and this you begin to sense. This is the
introduction going on. We started it at Christmas. It comes down now. Little by little you will
realize that the work is real, and we cannot wait until your consciousness is ready. We have
schedules, it has to be done now whether you are ready or not. So, you happen to be in it whether
you are ready or not. For your psychological peace of mind, be prepared for a small reality: You
can never be ready. To be ready is a vast illusion.

Yesterday I heard a quote from George Bernard Shaw that I found very good for the M aspect:
"The one who can, does, the one who cannot teaches". Isn't that beautiful. It applies in what we
do. When you teach it doesn't mean you can do it -- with the M function you have to be able to
do it, because the Doer is behind. If someone lives something, it has to show around, otherwise
that someone is not a Doer. Many times I have heard people say: "Oh he lives this or that
quality", when what they see is the intention not the fact. I have a reason to always urge you to
look around. If you see a quality in one person only, it can be a genuine quality or it can be a
picture of that quality within the person. You have to learn to make the difference. In the
beginning, be prepared not to be able to make the difference. However, you can know by your
own experience that you can live an image very intensely.

Also, I must warn you, the music we played at Easter has undertones, overtones, whatever you
want to call them, that touch the subconscious, so if you play that music you risk enhancing
subconscious activity, unless you can hold a positive M position, which at the moment you
cannot because you were just introduced to it. If you enhance the subconscious activity in
yourself you lower the center of gravity instead of raising it.

Not everyone has the same sensitivity toward the subconscious, some people respond very little
to it, so for them it's not that critical. For others, they respond a lot to it, and they might even
have a type of sensitivity that is geared along the subconscious, for them it is risky. it's not so bad
that you have to fear damage, but you have to fear going backward instead of forward. If you are
in charge of groups, either within our groups or outside our groups, be careful, because if you
trigger the subconscious activity and you don't know how to handle it, you are going to be in a
mess, and you are responsible. For your own safety, I would say don't play it at home. Don't work
with it until you begin to be a lot more at ease than you are now in the new aspect.
Participant: You chose this music to work with the M function; are there any classical composers
who work with the same strength?

Martin: You could have beautiful pieces in Stravinsky, for instance, but with overtones of the U
function. It would be preparing the way, but it is not sufficiently M. It's the M as it was seen
before, but time goes on and some of you begin to realize that changes are going on.

Incidentally, it makes everything obsolete that we did before, and that includes your whole
understanding of the situation. As an example, make a relation with what we just said about
Stravinsky touching the M from the U -- this is what you just did also. When you touch the M
from the M it's another story -- utterly different.

Participant: Is electronic music closer to an M function?

Martin: You cannot generalize. You can play Bach on electronic instruments and it can be
beautiful -- it's still Bach -- it's simply the instrument that is different.

But it is true that some composers nowadays try to create a new type of music, new sounds, new
compositions, but in what you hear there is some melodic construction that goes along the old
way, while introducing sounds that have a very curious effect on you. For our purpose, we cannot
use every piece of music that touches the subconscious, some pieces are fit and some are not.
Some pieces are just too difficult to use positively, they would require more training so we
cannot use them. It's a choice you have to make according to what you want to do. The
introduction of electronic music opens new possibilities. The new possibilities are interesting,
and not simply because the music is electronic.

Participant: I wanted to check something out. You said that the old way was relating to the M
through the U and I remember a few sessions ago that you said it was very important to maintain
a Christ-centered attitude throughout the work, and that in the beginning you would allow us to
select whatever way we wanted to go about being Christ-centered. Prior to last week, I had used a
pretty devotional, emotional way of maintaining a Christ-centeredness, and somehow there felt to
be some kind of connection. Last week it was so totally beside the point that I have since been
left with no sense of what to do. I'm wondering if it has to do with the direct M without any U.

Martin: You just gave a beautiful example of something that has become suddenly obsolete. If
you happen to be centered in the new way, the old way won't function. You might have images
come, you try them, but they don't work -- that's beautiful.

We come from a past that is very strong, we are going over into a change. If you are not
attentive, you are taken back into the past. In the spiritual teachings of that past you will find
something very typical: all of them are self centered. You are supposed to reach a high level,
that's your salvation. It's a benefit you're looking for. The mode called "having" is typically mask
and mask only. We have to work in another mode. Why do you think that when we join in, as we
will in a moment, that everything changes?
You might test it any time: In this new mode of action, we are here outside and we are inside you
as well -- but there is no difference between inside and outside. If you are honest you will notice
it. It can be very concrete. You might close your eyes and feel it inside, then, open your eyes and
see it outside. It's the same. You are really facing a position in which your memory (the past) is
of no help. It has become suddenly obsolete, because of the new mode.


You will notice that your awareness of yourself is not the usual one. And no one is speaking of
the subconscious.

I would suggest that when you work together you discover how obsolete it is to address another
person's mask when you have the whole being there.

I have a suggestion for your meditation: Did it ever occur to you that Christ does not "see" you as
you see yourself? We could extrapolate in human language and say he cannot be that limited. The
image you have of yourself is a sensory one. The most popular one is that you are that body and
that's it. Let it dawn in you that he sees you differently, very differently. We see you differently
too. When we work with you we address you differently too, and you see the results. So, let it
dawn in you that the image you have of yourself may be very seriously obsolete too. If you are
Christ-centered, you cannot be a mask.

I'm going to ask someone to read something to you after we are gone. It is what I read when we
first started calisthenics several years ago. It shows what is implied in calisthenics, I want you to
realize two things; First , it is precisely a type of training fitted for what is coming now; and,
second, I want you to realize how little you understood it and how much of it you forgot. I
venture to say that you have completely lost track of what calisthenics was intended to be. But I
also have to say that based on what is going on now it will make a lot more sense to you --
because it's a training of a Doer and not a training of a Knower. I hope it will make sense for you
in this new light.

To conclude we are going to play another piece of music for what we call "structuring". If you
are sensitive or aware of the continuum of structures (not just the person, more than that) you
will notice that there is a change going on when we play, and you can sense it.


There have been several requests from participants to join the healing group, and I will use the
opportunity to illustrate the situation in the entire group.

As you have noticed, there are changes going on and they go pretty fast. As we have seen last
time, everything we have done previously is outdated. Some of you realize this pretty clearly, but
then there is a step to take -- a new situation. So let's use the example of the healing group.

The way we work in the healing group has requirements. If you don't have what is needed, you
cannot train this way; you can train in other ways, but not in this way. One of the requirements is:
healing deals with wholeness, it's not just fixing something in the body. The primary point in
healing is in making someone whole. Now, as you know, this means that the so-called Divine
aspect, or using the Greek example, the comedian, has to be joined to the mask (the mask being
your personality). These have to be brought together. Now, you need some awareness of what the
comedian is, otherwise, how will you bring the two together? You cannot. Practically speaking,
when you face someone you have to have a sense of what the comedian is. You also have to have
an awareness of the action you perform, and this implies a field awareness; it implies your ability
to see a field activity. If you cannot see, how will you check what you do? The action has to be
the action of the Doer. There has to be the ability to center on the situation and live it, literally,
and then see what kind of arrangement you can make in that.

You cannot work in the old way: "I feel I am doing this". "You" are not involved. It is not "I
feel"; there is the situation and you live that situation. Some of you have abilities in this

Beyond this, there is another point: Can your abilities be used in a given situation? Sometimes
yes and sometimes no. You have to recognize where they can be used, and when it is your place
to act. It requires a minimum of awareness and some training.

Healing is primarily a gift. So, we ought to begin with ,,the question: Are you in a position in
which you can give? or more simply: Are you able to give? Give what? Your own life and your
own substance. I mean it, it is literally true.

If you want to be a healer for the sake of having the label, forget it. Healing is a gift, and you
don't start by wanting to be a healer. You might start healing because you have a real concern that
might be called "love" for the other's condition; you feel like giving because they need it -- that's
a lot better.

Participant: What about psychological healing, is it pretty much the same thing?
Martin: it's the same. Speaking of psychological healing, we have two examples of how the new
ways work, and they work better than the old ways.

The more spectacular is one that S applied. S had a patient, a man, who for 18 years had been
slowly wasting away . He was very thin and could not gain weight. Now she saw the being, in
that situation, as a fullness of being and not just a person, and the man felt the difference. He felt
it so much that he asked her to place her hand at certain points ,which she did, and from that
point the 18 year pattern was broken. Now an 18 year pattern is rather set, this is why I find the
example rather beautiful. She met him one week later and he had gained two pounds and felt a
lot better.

W had a similar situation, less spectacular, but he also saw the whole being, not just the
depressed person, and it changed a lot of things for that person.

So, about the psychological aspect, if what I have described is applied, and if it is lived
sufficiently accurately for the other to realize that something is happening, it is very effective.
And it is not done with words. W didn't speak, what was done wasn't done with speech. What S
did wasn't done with speech either. But in both situations there was the ability to live/see/sense
another condition. And not just a fantasy. In a fantasy you would perhaps see a higher being and
make an image. This is not sufficient. The image has to be very close to the actual situation, then
you can connect and then something happens.

You have to realize that we go into a movement that is related symbolically with the Doer in the
hologram ,-- not the Knower. This means that when you touch, you do; and you know what you
do in the way the Doer knows, i.e., as he acts. It's not theoretical knowledge. it's a knowledge that
is derived from the situation -- in the now. This is the action of the Doer.

And there is something else that is very important: You assume the responsibility of the action. If
you say that you succeeded in calling a higher energy and that it came through, I wouldn't accept
it. I don't say that it is right or wrong, but I do say that in the training we give we need people
who can assume responsibility. You can't say: "The higher energy has to do it" -- that's too easy.
But the point is not whether channeling works or not, the point is that in channeling you don't
assume the responsibility.

If you work with your hands you can't say you feel like your hands are doing it -- I don't accept
that either. You have to assume the responsibility -- whatever "you" is -- I don't limit it to your
person, of course not .

You also have to be able to check what you do; see the action ; stop the action; take a look and
then change something if it has to be changed. The means you see and know what you are doing.

What I will accept is that in a given situation, at a certain time, you can only do so much. Okay
then you stop there, it is useless to go further. it's fine with me, as long as you know what you are
doing. This means abilities are required.
Now, the same applies for any activity you want to start in the group. I am involved in the
healing group, so I can offer this practical example, but the same principle applies for everything.
You have to know what you are doing and be able to assume the responsibility for it. And the
knowledge is not a mental knowledge, it is something you live fully -- it might imply mental
knowledge, but it is not derived from mental knowledge.

You have to learn to deal with the now. The situation is thus; even if you had the intention of
doing something specific, when the situation arrives it might allow you to do just as you decided
to do, but most often it does not. This means you have to readjust to the situation of the now. The
now has this or that opportunity and it might be different than you expect, so you have to be
ready for it. Don't approach any situation with a preconceived idea -- when you meet a person or
a situation you meet dynamics and you deal dynamics. You might have been told this or that
about the person or situation or you might believe this or that, and you might want to deal with
the situation accordingly or you might want to deal differently. You have to have the freedom,
not only in front of others, but also in front of yourself. You have be able to be able to overhaul
your own person (the one with all the preconceived ideas) and do what is needed.

As you can see, the question is not what you desire, the question is what you can do -- it's a lot
more pragmatic. And what you can do is not for your own benefit, it's for the benefit of the
situation you work in. You have to remember that we live in a society that is essentially
ego-centered. It is ego-centered (from school) on the so-called material side. It is ego-centered
(from the teachings) on the so-called spiritual side. If you would be a little more aware of what is
going on around, you would be surprised at just how ego-centered everything is, and how little
related to the real world. It's kind of shocking. I don't know of any teaching that is not
ego-centered. You, you, you. On the outside ,you want fame, you want money, you want this or
that. on the inside, you want a higher rank, a higher initiation, higher and higher. People are
much, much too childish. if you follow the simple division in the book, as long as you want to
have, you are a child. An adult gives. It's as simple as that. And this applies in what we do.

We might bring something else in here. We work for what we call "The Christ". Another name is
"Planetary Logos".Another name is the "Doer aspect" or "Creator aspect"of God. This is
CREATOR with capital letters. Now all of these labels are borrowed from what is around us, and
I am fully aware that these labels have drawbacks -- they are inaccurate, very inaccurate in their
logic, spiritually speaking.

I'll give you an example. When you are too little trained, you take everything you read as true just
because it is printed. You swallow everything. How do you deal with different symbols applying
to the same situation? For instance, you have the Solar Logos and a minor Logos called the
Planetary Logos, and still another kind of Logos, a Spirit linked to the nature aspect of the planet.
Divisions, divisions, divisions. As a human being and an ordinary person, you cannot contact the
Planetary Logos. We can't even speak of the Solar Logos. This you are told and this you believe.
It's not true, because if we follow logic (not my actual experience which is still different): The
earth is the body of the Planetary Logos, just as you are a spirit abiding in the person. Okay, now
your bodies are planetary substance belonging to the planet, thus to the body of that Christ. So,
the very substance of your personality is the body of the Christ. And you say you cannot
approach the Christ because in order to do it you have to be at least on the level of Shamballa .
It's not true, but you live according to that teaching, that "truth". Seen from a certain angle, yes, it
is so, the trouble is you can see it from other angles in which it is no longer true. Now, if you
want to see from an angle that has a limitation, you are free to do -- then you live that limitation.

Symbolically, earth is dependent on the life, the light, of the sun. Sun is spirit, earth is body. If
you follow the symbol, the earth belongs to personality, thus, we could say you have an ego that
rules your person. The Planetary Logos is the super-ego ruling the super-person, same symbol,
and spirit is related to sun. This means that all the teaching going on that ends up with the
Planetary Logos can be seen according to one symbol, the whole Hierarchy up to that point,
according to the other symbol. Planetary Logos is an image of the ego, not the spirit. The sun is
the image of the spirit.

Another aspect that is quite embarrassing. Has it occurred to you that you don't know at all how a
spiritual master lives? You have no idea. Not only that, but if the master is incarnated you can
not even recognize him. It's kind of shocking because it shows you how fragile, ineffective your
spiritual knowledge is. I see it all the time. Knowledgeable people, completely unable to
recognize a spiritual master. When they speak of spirituality they pretend to be someone, just
because they have learned some things in books, just because they have bright minds. I don't say
that bright minds are not useful, up to a point they are, but we are speaking of effectiveness.
Some type of maturity is needed. How can you know how spirituality in general works if you are
ego-centered. As I said, symbolically, spirit is the sun, it's not the planet. Planet belongs to the
system ruled by the sun, and, as you can see, all teaching is always done personality-wise, not

You always have images of what you live in personal consciousness. Now, this does make sense
because, as you know, you have to be able to reach the minds of other people. These minds are
personality tools, so you give shapes according to the personality . It's for you to mature and go
beyond that.

And this makes me think of something that happens constantly. Let's refer to the healing group
again. When you work with a patient (my definition of a patient is someone who is very patient),
you do something and then you ask for feedback. Then the patient says: "Oh, now I have a
headache," or, "I'm jittery," or "I don't know," or "Well, I feel better, rounder," or "My big toe
doesn't throb anymore" -- it's always something like this. Ninety-nine percent of the time it is
completely irrelevant. If the healer knows what he or she is doing he or she acts on the comedian
level, and the patient reacts in the personal body consciousness by feeling something in the body
when this was not what you did. of course you can have harmonics of the action in the body, but
if you want a feedback, you want feedback about what you did to be sure that your awareness of
what you did is correct -- so you want someone else to tell you if it worked or not. The feedback
may be that the toe is throbbing or that the toe is not throbbing -- it's still completely irrelevant
because it does not help you to know if you acted correctly. You still have a psychological
problem: Is it a harmonic of your action down into the body, or is it something that the patient
constructed out of his imagination.
Now, if you really know what you do, you can measure if the body reaction the patient is
describing is a harmonic of what you did or not. Unless the patient is really trained in higher
sensitiveness, he cannot tell.

The rule in calisthenics is: every minor aspect is always an expression of a major one. In healing
it's the same. So you have a minor aspect, the big toe throbbing, it has to be an expression of a
major action. If what you did on me makes my toe throb, is it an expression of the greater action?
Most probably not.

When we play music, for instance, we hear reactions from people: "I felt the action around my
feet," "I felt it up to my thighs," "I felt it around my head" -- Doer-wise this is not what we did.
It's completely irrelevant. if this is what you gather from the experience -- poor you.

Now the question could be: "Do we train the sensitiveness until it is reliable? It can be done, but
we won't do it. If we sound Christ an M is implied (for M the legs express) and you feel
movement in the legs, symbolically it's absolutely correct, there is a relation, but if you take it for
being the action, you are deeply wrong. So I have to remind you of a training that is found in the
book (Desire Exercise).Go behind, find a deeper level, possibly go further behind and find
something else -- maybe you, maybe God. In any case, go behind, automatically . You have to go
to the root, the root is always on another level. So, if you feel something during the music, accept
it as a symptom and automatically go behind. Don't reason with yourself, because if you start
reasoning you won't go behind. Reasoning takes a lot of time, so stop reasoning and go behind.

Most of you agree that there is a change going on, there is a need for a new approach. Okay let's
train beauty. What do we do ?The book says: "down-and-away". Now, let's each one of us find
something ugly, very ugly, and let's do "down-and- away"with it. Now let's go to something a
little less ugly because the ugliest is already gone, then we go on to the next one, and so on for as
long as you want -- ten incarnations. Down-and-away. All that time to do "down-and-away" so
that beauty can exist.

Now let's do it differently: Live beauty. During all that time, live beauty .

If you spend your time in doing "down-and-away" with whatever is available to do
"down-and-away" with, you will be surprised at how much you find -- and during all that time,
no beauty.

If you want to live beauty you enter beauty and that's it. I am not kidding, it's true. it is shocking
for your mind because the mind says that we have to ... in order to ...So let's center on Christ...
You spend all your life in centering, forgetting Christ. You find it all the time.

This might not be pragmatic enough for you so we are going to make an experience.

Will you all stand up. On one foot, just to experience how wobbly your ankle is supporting the
weight of your body. Now do something with your foot like taking off your sock, or as if you
were washing your foot -- just to experience how wobbly you are. With the side of your vision,
take an impression of the wobbliness in the room, not only your own, but the collective

Now, we are going to apply something that is scientifically tested and is bound to work every
time. Concentrate on your ankle, the wobbly ankle, and tell it to be perfectly balanced. Now, start
moving with your other foot again, taking off your sock, putting it back on, and take the general
impression. it's a little better, but only a little bit. There is still a kind of shakiness in the room.
Can you feel it?

Now, forget about your body. Live balance . I mean balance not balance of the body, not balance
of this or that. Just live balance.

When you just live balance you can feel that there is something overall in the room that wasn't
there when you were concentrated on the body. When you concentrate you concentrate only
physically, so what you gain is very small. When you live balance, you truly live balance, you
feel the balance in the room -- field-wise -- and your body happens to be in that. It's by far the
more effective of the three positions experienced.

It is contrary to everything you know and have learned. The higher the principle, the more
effective it is. If you try to bring it down into the body you lose your balance, because you reduce
it to the body, instead of living it full.

Just live balance -- no other labels attached. It's a principle. Balance. It's all over.

If you want beauty it's exactly the same.

If you are worried with your mind, making a lot of noise inside your head, live silence. Silence.

Want to live Christ? Christ. That's all. No label. No form whatever.

If you start ... in order to ... forget it! As soon as you make a form you can be sure, unless you are
an Initiate of a pretty high rank and it comes slightly through the person, you will automatically
project your own person into the image of Christ. Christ will be an image, a being.

Now if the image is vague, out of focus, you might say it has no shape, but it is a shape, it's
simply out of focus.

You know the old image of God, the old man with the white beard, that you find in children's
books? Who can pretend not to be a child?

The sense of duality. Earth/sun; mask/comedian; body/ spirit; having/being, these are called
opposites or complementary aspects. If you want to deal with the Christ, there is no having and
no being.

I see you all looking at me. if you look more closely you will notice that in what is here you have
life aspects that respond to any one of you and obviously more than that. Look at me and then
look at another person in the room, see if some qualities or the finer quality of that person is
present here. It works for a very simple reason, there is no possessiveness. I cannot say "this
belongs to me". When we act, we act as a "we", but you look at the appearance. Tune in whatever
way you want, we cover all the levels you are able to reach -- up to the highest and beyond. You
might never have realized, we always encourage you to check for yourself. I don't try to hide.

So, remember the trick with balance. The major aspect has no label, so when you live balance it's
a major aspect. It also applies to the minor aspect, your body balance. Learn to do it.

When you practice flow, the point is not the hand flowing, the point is that you live-flow. It flows
all over the whole body, but there is a specific expression that might come through the hands,
your feet, etc., it might come out the ears -- you never think of that. All over the body is all over
the body.

Actually what I told you about the healing group applies quite specifically to the whole of
calisthenics. If someone is good in calisthenics and that someone is called to help in the case of
healing, that someone will be able to do it. Of course , in a limited way, but that's okay. The label
"healing" is only a direction applied to what is worked with in calisthenics.

Participant: So we all need to be healers in one way or another.

Martin: Obviously.

Now, as you say, in one way or another. The gap I speak of has to be bridged and this is the basic
healing, and all of you need to do it now.

Society around is geared to personal benefit, so the pressure is on you too, and you drown in it. If
you want to get rid of it consider this:

When you were a small child you learned prayers. "Dear God give me this, dear God give me
that," and the next day the same. This is your relation with God.

Now you might believe it or not, I don't care, we work for that entity call the Christ or Planetary
Logos. We do not work for you, we work for the Christ. I have always said it: Eighty percent of
the work we do is not for you, but some is done with you. Now everything that is done with you
is taken as being for you. Well, you are responsible for the assumption. Why don't you, for a
change, instead of working for yourself, work for the Christ? I am very serious:

We work for the Christ.

You are going to be in calisthenics after this. What you "want" to do is irrelevant. You have this
idea or that idea... I wonder how many are conscious that you don't help the work when you do
that? We have to reestablish the balance. If you are ego-centered you are not work-centered.
That was the nice thing about W's experience, when he dealt with the person, suddenly he was in
the situation, there was just the situation -- not healer/patient, not me/you -- the me was irrelevant
and thus the opposite of me was irrelevant. I wish you would go into that very seriously. Get
involved in the situation until you really live the situation not "What do I do," or "I would like to
do this or that". What does the situation require? Really care for the work being done instead of
caring for what you want.

I don't deny that you have made progress in that direction, but, I warn you, society around is
entirely self-centered, and this is what you live in. There are spiritual masters at work, you might
help them. The Christ needs help. We need help too.

We are going to play music you have possibly already heard, but I want to show you two modes
of action we use. One is related to calisthenics, which is related to movement. Of course, it is
related to the comedian and the person, but mainly from the comedian so that the comedian can
take care of the person little by little. This is one aspect. It is unconscious, but you can be fully
aware livance -wise. It's your freedom, if you don't interfere with your mind.

The mode is what I call "structuring". In structuring we do just that. I will go so far as to say you
have never seen it on earth, it's the first time it's done. We happen to be incarnated and an: action
goes on, visible and invisible both, that changes the structure of all of You , comedian and

Every time there is a major change on earth, the structures of human beings are changed to some
degree so that you can work more efficiently with the new trend.

Okay, let's play the first one. in this one you will have nothing to do, but you will notice that
there is a movement in you up to the highest level. Rather I would say from the highest level in

( music )

Look around, get the overall impression. Tune to the movement you can see. It's not static, it's
moving. There is a liveliness in you, around you. There is the same movement overall, the same
quality in everyone. This means there is a movement of a higher order. It goes through all the
personalities, this is why you see a sameness . Face it, it happens. Get the general feel of livance
you have now, because with the next piece it will change. There will be another characteristic
that pertains more to the structure from the most subtle to the most concrete, meaning it touches
the instrumental aspect.

( music )

As you can see/sense/live, it gives a different feeling. It also gives more unity. The sameness we
spoke of before is much greater now. You will also notice that in this position, when this
becomes effective, you are a lot more sensitive to the "we" going on. You are more likely to join
into the "we" action than is usual.
What we do now is pioneering. There will come a new generation in which this work does not
need to be done because it has been done -- not just for you, for all mankind.

This is known, but little known, because you can't do a thing about it. It's not you doing it. It’s
time for you to become a bit more adult and realize that in spiritual work there is a lot more
involved than reading books. It's a lot more real than the dreams people make.

Today I want to speak of symbolism and the use of symbolic language. Those who can follow,
act on it; for Heaven's sake, act on it.

Language is a convention, a convenience, if you want. We have adopted a certain number of
words, we could say a certain number of symbols, that we can mix in different ways to give
different meanings. But words are only symbols of the meaning you want to convey. Words are
not the meaning in themselves, they only hint at the meaning.

As you know, we have spoken, quoting Steiner, of that condition of mankind, when long ago the
personality was separated from its base, the whole of the being, so that mankind could become
centered on developing the personality. When man incarnated he had no memory of where he
came from. I call this "the gap"; it is also sometimes called "the great amnesia". This condition is
not real, it is plainly artificial. So we live two aspects at the same time: the whole and that which
is separated from the whole. The basic condition is not that of separation, only an aspect is
separated for a specific purpose. This is what allows you to say "I" (ego in Latin). Now you have
to understand that the personality that has been developed, the mask, with its ego, only
symbolically represents the real you, it's not the reality.

Historically, when you received a teaching, that teaching had to be expressed in terms of ego, so
that you could understand, because you had no memory of the other side. Not remembering the
fullness of reality is like having a ceiling above you, or, to use another symbol, it is like living in
a vast tunnel. After thousands and thousands of years of living in the tunnel, of course, you got
used to it. Then, when someone comes along and try to tell you about the world of sunshine, the
openness etc., you don't understand. So, that someone must use terms according to what he can
observe in the tunnel. For instance: "Sunshine is like this glow worm you see here, but like
millions of glow worms concentrated in one spot". This is an approximation you can understand
(living in the tunnel). If you are still in the tunnel, you use all the features of the tunnel to define
what is outside.

Now, as you know, we are coming into a new Age. One of the features of this new Age is that
you come out of the tunnel -- not suddenly, but you begin to see the daylight for the first time,
and it's a lot better than a glow worm. You suddenly begin to realize, if you adjust to the
dayLight , that all of your symbolism, your entire system of symbols (acquired through the
ages),is fit for tunnel life, not for outside life. All of the descriptions, all of your imaginings about
what the outside looks like, is defined according the the tunnel. obviously .

Now we face a problem and a major one. All, and I do say all, of the spiritual teachings deal with
you (because of the tunnel) as ego. It's the only thing you could understand. In the tunnel, your
understanding of "you" is division: person/ego. This is also your understanding of ÒweÓ : an
addition of egos. Ego is always the base.

Now, let's go further. You are taught you have a small ego, but obviously when you look deep
inside there is something else : a higher ego. Then, obviously, there must be something higher --
perhaps to take an initiation. It is said that an initiate of the first degree is as different from the
average man as an average man is from an animal. okay , so this would be a way to grow a new
ego that is even broader. An initiate can take care of a million people (in case you didn't know it),
and now you realize that you are into other dimensions.

Then, of course, you might want something bigger, because all you know is the tunnel, and the
tunnel is linear. You know you began here and the end is over there. Nowadays you even see a
small light, so you go in that direction. The habit is a linear one. (See, when you have a symbol
that is fairly good, it can be used from many angles.)

So, you have greater and greater egos, a whole hierarchy of egos. This is the Hierarchy, beings
spoken of ego-wise. You understand them as higher and higher human beings -- or maybe not so
human finally because they are too high. The highest is supposed to be something like the fifth or
sixth degree of initiation. But you can go higher, and then they might be from somewhere else.
Finally you come to the Planetary Logos, whose body is the planet. Those who observe closely
can realize that the planet has two egos: a small one, taking care of the planet physically, and a
higher one, which is the spirit of the planet. It's funny, the Logos has a personality exactly like
you, with a greater ego and a smaller ego as well. There is a saying: "As above, so below". What
actually has been done is to describe all that is above according to what is below.

Nowadays, you know enough psychology to recognize that the mind has patterns. If you follow
these patterns you discover that all of the teachings are structured according to the
ego-personality situation of what is called the human person. Now it is perfectly well known that
man is more than that.

You have a small circle, let us say, called personality, within a big circle, that is "you",
symbolically speaking. How can you expect the awareness of the bigger circle to be the one of
the smaller one? You know there is the super conscious side, higher than thoughts, higher and
higher: manas , buddhi , atma , according to certain teachings. Each one represents, symbolizes,
or triggers a new type of awareness that is broader than the sensory, emotional, or mental. How
can you logically expect that things be described ego-wise? I challenge this system -- the whole
of it -- and I invite you to do the same with/in yourself. Challenge it. It's simply that mankind was
(because of the tunnel) in a position where this was just about the only way to do it. Things are
different now.

You have heard, and not only in Christian teachings: "If you haven't opened the eyes of the spirit,
you are blind indeed". People in the tunnel are obviously blind relative to the outside world, the
whole world. This means, symbolically speaking, that the sensory awareness, the awareness of
the personality, is blind relative to the whole. It can perceive only that aspect called "the life of
the tunnel". It is shocking when you suddenly realize that you are facing a system of symbols
from the past, and that you persist in using them, when there is the opportunity to face the
situation and the sunshine in a different way. Persistence in using the old way is what makes you
blind. It's as simple as that.

You believe that if you want to live a higher condition you first have to train your personality
in-order-to... You believe that you have to accomplish the different steps required for the
candidates for initiation, so you first you have to to this and that ... We have always skipped that.
Not that you can do a lot better, but at least you can experience different conditions, in spite of
your consciousness, which shouldn't be possible. We can do this because reality is different.
There is that which is divided and there is that which is not divided -- we work with the latter.
We show it to you time after time when we are together; you experience it all the time, even now
as I speak.

I have been telling you for years that things are different, but you experience the persistence of
that egocenteredness . So, today, I give you something very simple: applied psychology. Follow a
pattern, discover the pattern, discover the projection, or the paradigm you are using to describe
everything according to the assumption that you are an ego with a physical body and that's it.

The mass of humanity is still in the tunnel, so the pressure of the tunnel is quite obvious, but you
are not daring enough to get rid of the tunnel, because you are used to it. You are used to the
discomfort of the tunnel. It is something you know so you go back to it. Every time you are in
doubt you go back to it. This is what makes your life hard.

You will notice that the automatic reflex, when you have difficulty, is to shut yourself up in your
small "I", then you ask for help for that small "I". Everything else is forgotten, until you realize
this is not the way to do it.

You have examples of people who are always helping out, they "forget themselves" according to
the popular expression. People admire that, and for good reason; they set an example of a "we"
action. Everyone would like to graduate to that live" level, but most don't have the courage. Most
people don't have the stamina, they prefer to vegetate. At that level you feel comfort in being
self-centered, at least you believe you do -- but actually, when you assess the moment, you don't
find it comfortable at all. But then there is that habit again. Graduate from "I" to " we ", it will be
a lot easier.

Now we can go further, even more seriously. There is a well-known symbol, the sun, it stands for
God. On another octave the same symbol stands for the ego. Now, the teaching tells you that man
cannot reach even the spirit of the planet, and to connect with the sun is impossible. All the
patterns of teaching are of the earth, with the Logos as the superego. Do you follow the pattern?
Do you follow how far it goes?

Okay, let's say this is not sufficient. They have found that the sun is part of a system that is called
a galaxy. Now place the sun as super-ego again, and you have a main sun that is the invisible sun
of the galaxy. But still you are not happy. So, you can take a system which comprises galaxies of
galaxies. Always exactly the same pattern but greater and greater.

Do you really believe that it follows the pattern of the person? To that extent? Maybe you have
missed something somewhere. There might be other orders of life that are fully and completely
different (and we are here to tell you that there are), but it's always the linear system made bigger
and bigger. I'm not saying these things don't exist, they do, but I do say that the teachings are
understood as a huge. expansion of the ego. What happens when there is another big bang? Your
ego will be so bloated that it will explode; then perhaps you will realize that what remains after
the blast is what it is all about.

Follow another aspect. Man is making war, man is destroying man, and God is allowing all that.
God is against war, but God is blessing cannons. You have heard and seen all this, if not in
reality, at least in the movies. So you know that it happens. One thing becomes obvious, if you
train, is that the well-being of the physical person is definitely not the main goal. There are things
that come first. The well-being of the person will follow, but there are values that come first.
People are put through difficult situations until these values come out, and these are not
according to the typical image of ego.

You might have read in the teachings of the Arcane School that (I think) it was Sanat Kumara
who sometimes introduced energies, help, from the so-called "outside". These were huge
energies, and they provoked a huge geological upheaval on the planet, and among mankind as
well, creating a lot of apparent destruction. And this is called "help", and it was help, but for a
part of you that was somewhat different from the usual. I wonder if you know these things, and
how you put them together with the average level of teaching. Don't you realize that things are
different? And that the whole is a lot bigger than the astronomical whole? There are aspects that
are not spoken of. They don't make sense in the tunnel, so why speak of them?

Among other things, there are what I call other orders of life, not just other dimensions, but other
orders of life. You don't hear about that, and you have a hard time realizing what is it -- unless
you are able to act according to the symbolism of the hologram, in which the greenhorn aspect
contains all human knowledge, spiritual or material. And when I say all, I do mean all -- all has
no divisions. Then you come to a place where all of your consciousness (no division) is a
complete blank, then you have a chance to live another order of life. Unless you train and train
seriously, you won't find it. It doesn't come to consciousness, it functions differently. It's different
from every function the consciousness knows.

Now, please realize that in the personality you have a finite number of functions, but you are not
only that. You, the real one, actually covers a big range, with lots of functions your consciousness
doesn't know. And obviously when I speak of the real you, it cannot have the connotation of ego.

When we face practical situations, as we do in the healing group, when you radiate, flow,
something for someone else, you have to adjust to that someone. The easiest way to adjust and
the way-that always works is to relinquish the ego. You live Life. I told you last time that if you
check you will find in and all around me (same with Georgette), characteristics, if you want,
abstract characteristics.of every one of you. If you look at someone, find a specific characteristic
and note it, you will find it here also. This means that our life covers your life. If you live a more
encompassing life, you cannot speak of "you" or "me" because these are gone ,, We need it
language-wise, because language demands it, but when you adjust to another situation, you just
live it, it's part of yourself. But, if you are still seriously ego-centered and you try hard to adjust, it
won't work.

In the healing group, when I test, I ask the person to tell what he or she is going to do, so that I
can follow along that line -- then they start doing it. In one example there was a first moment of
greater radiance that was more or less tuned to the situation, then the mind took over, made an
image and then felt "Well, that's it". I said, "Wait a moment, what you live has no connection
whatsoever with the person on the chair". It had no connection. It was only a strong image and
did not have any connection with the person.

Now, one way you can recognize the connection is: If you want to do something and it is done
livance -wise, it shows in the field immediately -- that's one for those who can see -- and the
patient shows it too, immediately. The action starts instantly. If you are more trained you could
say that at that instant the action is done -- everything else is just to adjust the personality.

In the example I described the healer tried to be persuaded that the image would work, or tried to
persuade the image to work. It was a complete failure. Not that the capacity wasn't there, the first
moment was really beautiful, but it lasted only a few seconds and then the action was utterly and
completely beside the point.

Incidentally, for the discipline of the group, please, if you see that it would be best to work this
way or that, if you cannot show it, don't say it. You have to be able to stand behind what you say.
What you say is welcome provided you can demonstrate it. If it is only an opinion, it is useless. It
only brings confusion all around. It's not a matter of what you think, but of what you can do. We
come into a time when the M function is emphasized and this implies doing. Humankind has
already learned to conceptualize, now let's go a step further . Practice it, put it into action. Move.

If you accept it as a discipline only to propose what you can back, you might be so enthusiastic
that you believe that you can back it. So you make the demonstration and it fails, then you will
realize that you were carried away by your enthusiasm. Well, it's very nice to be enthusiastic, but
reality is harsh. Believe me, I sometimes see tears in the eyes of those who suddenly realize it
doesn't work.

Also, if you fail to demonstrate, it does not mean that you never will be able to. Continue to work
and maybe you will next time and maybe at another time, Provided you continue to work. It
requires a lot of determination, a lot of stamina. You have matured quite a bit already, and you
are on the verge of something a lot more effective, but there is still that ego-centeredness. In
healing, giving to someone, ego- centeredness does not make sense.

So we come to the "we". Later the "we" is lost also, but still, ego-centeredness is the child
position. The "we" is the adult position for the time being.
If, for instance, you have an idea of something that ought to be done and you want to propose it
because you would like to be heard or seen, that's one position. But then you might also realize
that the quality, the shade ,you perceive is really needed in the working groups, and you do it for
the sake of the group, at that moment you might be able to do it. I hope you will experience
instances when the ego-centered position is not productive so you switch to the "we" position in
which you really do it for the "other", and you find that it suddenly works.

You know perfectly well in your own experience that when help is asked and you forget yourself,
meaning you really give, it is a lot easier to come with a finer quality than when you try to
egoically generate it somehow.

And if someone is in front of you, look first at the kind of flow that is needed, not at what you
would like to give then you might have a chance that it will work. But if you are still in the
position of "wanting" to give, then you will probably fail.

I would like to go back to the symbolism I was speaking of earlier. I am not implying that the
teachings are wrong . but rather that the symbolism used has become outdated. It now has the
tendency of standing in the way. You can see movements on the whole earth toward group
action. People are reacting against the ego of the government. The "we" action is not exactly
new, but the difficulty of being fruitful is tremendous because the center.of gravity is still ego.
You have many egos demanding togetherness, but the real togetherness is something else -- there
is togetherness because there is a higher principle at work.

Participant: I'd like to get something clarified. You have suggested that practicing Epistemics is a
disciplined way of learning to practice this "we-ness" as against ego-ness -- the implication
being, somehow, that learning to do that as an ego discipline will lead to a capacity to function
from a "we" base. Yet, it's been my experience that almost anything that's been initiated ego-wise
as a way of training to restructure or remold is an old pattern, and it ends up being an act of

Martin: I agree with you, but you can look at it differently. For instance, you can see that the
training is not a matter of ego, it's a matter of consciousness, and consciousness, on that level, is
mainly emotion, mind, and combinations of these. So, it's not to train the ego itself, but to retrain
the functioning of the feelings/mind in another way.

Participant: The same thing as relating to yourself as a sample of mankind rather than a separate

Martin: Same principle. Actually you are training functions. You don't care about ego, you
address functions. But I would agree with you that the tendency is precisely, as you said , to
evolve the ego. You believe:"It's me that thinks this way". No, your mind works that way. In
Epistemics you learn that there are rules, that are known to be effective, and you apply those
rules. I don't say it's the only way. Those who are gifted can work directly on higher principles,
and this way works much more quickly and more evidently, But not everyone is able to do that,
the majority need a kind of feelings/mind discipline.
I hope everything is clear. Actually , if you follow the pattern it is very simple. You can see your
own understanding of what you are: an ego with a body. Every being man sees is given a human
shape more or less. God is an old man with a white beard, angels are human beings with wings.
You are not used to one technical feature, i.e., that same being can be seen in any shape at all: as
a human being to you, as a dog for a dog, a horse for a horse, a rose for a rose, a rock for a rock,
and all simultaneously. Once you learn to know so-called higher beings, it's exactly what
happens. You see them in a certain shape because of the way you look. You have to be able to
develop your mind to deal with situations like this, that is, if you want to bring so-called higher
consciousness through the mind.

Now, something else. There is that great being we call the Christ, who is the Planetary Logos,
whose body is the whole earth .. Now, let's follow logic: The logic of the tunnel is that the more
you realize, the more refined you get. Then you get into whatever initiation, possibly you don't
incarnate anymore because you have other functions, so you have other bodies, more refined
bodies. Glorious bodies. You go higher, it's still more beautiful, and finally you don't see them
anymore They have such transparency that you don't see them. Then we come to the top for this
planet, the Planetary Logos Himself. His body is the planet. And what is the planet for your
consciousness? Dirt. Just plain dirt.

Face the situation. You accept joyfully the higher and higher bodies, but for the Christ, the
highest of them all, you see only dirt. Do you see how far the tunnel consciousness goes?
obviously something is wrong and deeply wrong -- the system of symbolism fails . It had it's use,
but it's now outgrown. is obviously this piece of dirt is a lot more than the consciousness tells.
Now, this piece of dirt and your physical body are the same . I don't say they are similar, they are
the same. Obviously you know it, so act on it.

When you believe you know the Christ and you are able to see His body as just a piece of dirt,
then what is that knowledge? Projected ego awareness from the tunnel. Otherwise you could not
see it as you do.

Do you really think that if an entity incarnates in the earth that it doesn't do something to the
earth? You are not that stupid, are you?

Whatever teaching you learn is completely hopeless unless you practice with the substance that is
behind the symbol. But learning the symbol and trying to believe in the symbol is just plain

I learned lately that Krishnamurti is saying that all religions are useless, and we come into a time
when it will be true. But I prefer to address the symbolism used, so you can face the fact that it is
a projection. If you want to live whole you cannot use the projection.

All your endeavors to improve yourself put you in difficulty and ultimately fails . I don't say that
the personality couldn't be better, and that you couldn't do something with it, but I speak of
"you". You are not the ego.
The fantasy is in how you define yourself. Remember: "In the beginning, man was created in the
image and likeness of God." It's time to face things with a little bit more maturity.

The problem to be faced now is how to work productively; the work has to produce results.

.Now, for instance, in the healing group you have to flow -- whatever flow means -- because
the demand is there. You meet a need instead of meeting your desire to flow.

Also when you meet a need you are in a situation in which the activity can be controlled. It can
also be checked.: others around can tell you if you meet a need or if it is only you wanting to
meet a need. Realize that wanting to meet a need is self-centered.

If you face a definite situation, then you face it in a way that will answer the need, meaning you
establish a link, a syntony, a symbiosis, call it what you want, but you begin to live "that" life.
Then, according to what you are, Some feature will come up and you will know that a certain
thing is needed.

I remind you of an experience that you know: When you dream, the dream is fully alive; it is only
when you are out of the dream that you suddenly realize it was only a dream. Remember the
experience because the first thing that you do is project the same situation further. You start
dreaming mentally; you make an image of yourself flowing, and it can be just as vivid as a
dream, possibly more because you are awake, but it is still a dream.

So, some sort of control has to be set up, and here we have a difficulty. Obviously we need
people who will train the ability to distinguish between an image (be it emotional, mind, or any
combination) and what we call livance, which is limitless.

Livance can be observed very easily because it's not head centered, it's all around. If you look at
the head, the "all-around" goes through the head, but is not head-located like mental imagery. of
course you can train your mind to go further than the head, but it is still head-centered, it's not

I am using the healing group as an example, not because it is the only way of working, not at all,
but rather to propose that you find applications of the same discipline to other fields of activity.
Find a way of working/training that can be controlled, that is factual, and thus brings results. By
factual I do not mean that you have to touch a body in order to trigger something; you can be very
abstract, you can even work without the body, but you must be able to check what you do.

If you live the quality that you want to boost in the other, it has to be the other's quality, not your
own. If that shows, it shows around in the field instantly, and it shows in the "patient" instantly as
Participant: Would you go over working with someone who isn't present again?

Martin: I don't know what to say about it, simply that it's possible.

Participant: You said something about living their condition...

Martin: In language we say "their condition" because people are usually ego-centered, but
actually in livance there is no "me" and "you". For instance, it's quite popular, not in these
groups, but elsewhere, to live a certain quality of light. So, if you live that quality of light, you
will live the one you know, and the other will radiate the same light with other characteristics,
those that belong to that situation.

Participant: So you're sort of radiating the other person?

Martin: I would like to please you and say "yes," but I can't. You live the condition; it's a lot more
intimate than radiating. You don't radiate, you live the life. Radiating means you are you and the
other is someone else, and that the radiating goes from you to the other. If you live the condition
there is no "you" and no "other one," there is just that condition.

So the concept of radiating is not proper, even if you do radiate. A clairvoyant might see you
radiating because you live that quality of life, but you would not be radiating that quality of live
from you to the other one. If everything goes well, the other one will start to radiate that same
quality of life, then you would both radiate the same life, but the action is not the radiation,
radiation is an outcome.

The principle is that you always start from the highest, and finally, within the whole, you come to
a specific point. This has to be lived and lived so often that your own person tunes in and
becomes what it is: an instrument to help in the same direction. Basically it implies a
repositioning of your whole person.

Let's take an example: you expressed sympathy. The simple fact of expressing sympathy already
helps. She will feel better because you expressed sympathy, not because it worked.

So, in addition, what you do has to be effective. The training we want is not just in helping, there
is a specific way to do it from the whole. It's not by building piece by piece, others can do that.

.There is, for instance, a situation that happens very often: I'm thinking of when someone is in
personal difficulty and needs help. Psychologically, you can deal with the conscious level and
what is just on the borderline of consciousness, maybe a little higher and maybe a little lower --
this is the usual way of working. Now suppose the person has training from other lives, meaning
behind the personal aspect there is an awareness that is not conscious but is pushing for a higher
quality. You can try to help from the personal level, but you will go nowhere, because the higher
quality cannot come out.

Now, speaking of a group action, there would be needed those who realize that higher quality and
can say: "This has to be lived". How do you tell that in words? You cannot, you have to show it.
The group has to learn to see, and to realize that there is a quality in the field that has to come
through. Now let's say we all live that quality -- the problem is solved. Of course, it's not fully
solved, because training is still needed, but it is solved as far as a breakthrough is concerned.

We are stuck again with the need of people who have this kind of awareness, and possibly more
than an awareness, because some people are able to see it but not live it, and -some are able to
live it but not see it. So, there is a working together to be done. But whatever way we choose, we
always face the need for those who see more than the usual, and thus can check what is going on.
It is not done by feeling. No, seeing is positive. Most of the group has learned to perceive more
than the usual limited activity, but this is not sufficient. There has to be this positive seeing. You
might call it living/seeing, you might call it livance. Call it whatever you want, but I insist on it.
You know the usual finite seeing, but if you see the other way around (meaning what is going on
in the field), then you have a tool that is useful. You don't see forms, you see dynamics.

Whatever proposition we face, we come to the point where abilities are needed. There is no
escape. The time of dreaming is gone. You have to come out with abilities.

How do you do it? I always come back to the same thing: training, training, training. Now
training can be seen in many ways, but we see it in one way and in one way only: Live livance,
all-encompassing livance, expressing through the instrument, your personality (and actually
much more than the instrument). When you can be Christ-centered or God-centered, whatever
term you want to use, and you meet a situation, the faculties you need will come out by
themselves, automatically. And when they come out you have to reeducate your personality to
face the fact -- this is the real training. I am the living proof of this; I work this way all the time.

Any training in which you try to reach something, you can just forget. Now I know it's easy for
me to say "forget it", because I can do it. I know when you go home the first thing you will do is
try to reach it, but you cannot reach it with your brain. You live livance and because you live
livance it hits your brain. When you make a decision to live livance, it actually means that you
already are living it, it's simply that the brain has just noticed it.

You know, training is not working hard to develop the mind or control the feelings it is not
reaching up to soul or spirit. We don't work that way. The whole training goes the other way
around, and the sooner you realize it, the easier the way will be.

If you sit down and face someone and want to radiate to them and then ask: "Do I radiate?"
"What do I feel?", you approach by the small end, instead of the whole, and then you wonder
why it is not effective. It might be a little effective, this I won't deny, but as far as this group's
activities are concerned, you won't be effective.

You have all noticed drastic changes are coming. They are for the world; they manifest in this
group as a symptom of what is going on, but they are for the world.

When you face a situation, for instance, when you help someone, you might not realize it, but
you actually do address dynamics. As you do it, there is not the usual emotional connection. It is
factual, a facing/living of the dynamics of the situation, then bringing changes into that. The one
who acts is not "me", the healer, acting on "you", the patient. No, it's working situation-wise. It's
very different. The awareness involved is really different. Afterward, you might come back to the
relation "me" and "you", if you want, but as you work it is not the situation.

If you don't have, ideally, a livance of all the dynamics involved (-you might not be ready for all
that is involved), there must be at least a wholeness that includes a lot more than the person. If
you bring a change in dynamics it is because the being "behind" requires it. You have to shape
according to that, not according to your whims. An ability to be aware of the real aspect behind
has to be there. It's one of the reasons I repeat again and again: I see you differently than you see
yourselves. This is why we can work. I wish the time would come when you suddenly would
realize that this is true, and that you can do exactly the same. It's not my sole privilege. It's simply
a change in position.

Participant: When you speak of a change in dynamics, are you referring to a change in feeling,
behavior, thinking, or any one of these things?

Martin: No, I'm not. It's a matter of semantics. Dynamics are a lot more subtle than what you
speak of. What you speak of is, let us say, the symptomatic end of dynamics. To give you an
example: Suppose you have a psychological problem, and this situation is kind of concrete for
you - you are blocked somewhere and you more or less know why and so on. You look for help.
You can approach the situation in the same concrete way, i.e., psychologically. You can also
work on the dynamics, meaning you can deal with the problem without ever speaking of it, and
there is a good chance that the result will be a lot better than the usual method because it involves
a lot more.

In the book (Prelude to the New Man) you learn about the "Desire Exercise". You learn to see
that there is something behind, and something behind that, etc. The features you spoke of are on
the level of desires -- that which you are conscious of. Now, dynamics can be what is behind, and
all that is behind that. Actually when you deal with dynamics you don't speak that way, but still
you can use that image.

Participant: So, for example, if someone walks into the room and their orientation toward life at
that moment is very depressed, and you work with the dynamics of that situation, their
orientation toward life would change, and, as a result, their thinking, feeling, and so forth would

Martin: Yes. I can give you a practical example. It happens in this group every time you come
into this room. You change, and we don't address the outside, everyday situation you confront in
order to allow you to change. No, we address dynamics, moreover dynamics of a higher order,
and it brings along a change. When we play music you see it, and you don't do a thing to make it

There is one thing that the mind has to learn: The higher the center of gravity of the action, the
more effective. The same applies for dynamics. If you want to be effective, use the highest
dynamics you are able to use. The mind thinks you have to bring it down into the concrete, and
you have to change (retrain) this. What you call concrete is only seen that way because your mind
has adopted a point of view that sees that way. It does not mean that it is so.

You feel those heavy bodys and you take them for granted, but when we work together the body
awareness changes utterly and completely. I wonder if you realize that "body" is simply a form of
awareness. I don't have the same sense of solidity that you have. To give you an example: If I
blow on my hand I can blow right through. With your sense of body it doesn't go through. Now,
what's the difference? Are you going to say that we are higher beings so we can do it, but, poor
you, you cannot? I'm here to say that it is simply a matter of positioning your awareness. Simply
that. Learn to be limber. You exercise your body, why don't you do the same for your mind. Do
impossible things.

The mind awareness is definitely not the only one. Look for something else. The mind is only a
tool. We can second the motion of Patanjali when he says that it is not the mind that is conscious,
but Atman using the mind. And don't say that you have not reached that level. It's part of you,
and you keep trying to reach a part of you. Sometimes human logic is kind of quaint.

For instance, if we approach from the angle of the changes going on, it's not the group
changing, but rather there is a mode that we call the M function (thus the presence of the Doer)
that brings along a change in the group. It's not me deciding, it is, let's call it, a historical event. It
manifests here, but it's on a much greater scale.

So, you can't say "Why didn't you say it before?" I've said it all the time. If you have some sort of
memory better than mine you might realize that the call for some concrete action was started
years ago and never heard. Now, suddenly, because of the new function, it becomes more

I know sometimes you wonder why it is so hard. We come from a period that worked U-wise (the
Knower), and we go into a period that is working M-wise (the Doer), so you approach the M
aspect with the U function. This is what happened to the group I spoke of earlier, a full year of
working U-wise when an M was called for. But now you begin to realize, which is fine.

Mayday, mayday, we need help.

Now, you take it as a joke. Suppose you mature and realize that it's for real. The call is the same,
but you have two different positions.

I've told you we see you differently. Suppose you begin to realize it's true, and you start doing the
same: seeing differently. Of course, it can be devastating, because the old mode is then gone.
You come to points at which you simply cannot go back to the old mode because it's much too
Can you see how, throughout the years, everyone has been centered in self-development,
systematically forgetting our need for help? Now some were not that bad, but as far as others go,
the self interest has always been greater than the action going on, or the awareness that we
actually need help. We told you, for instance, that your taking over Calisthenics would free us to
center on what we are here for. You haven't taken over yet, I still have to look after it constantly.
You have taken over some activity, not with the idea of helping us, but with the idea of training
yourselves. The whole position is different.

And basically it's a matter of position. We come from a period of time where building blocks
were supposed to make the whole, and we are now in a time where it is recognized that the sum
of the building blocks never makes the whole -- you start with the whole in the first place. It's
very different as far as position is concerned, but you still have the spirit of building blocks
operating: "I have to train this and that in order to...."

There is a way of looking at things that is completely different from the way it used to be, and
this way is perfectly logical in itself. We have given you examples of things that we can do. We
can do them, not because of the degree of initiation, but because of the position. Change position
and you can do them also. It simply has to be done.

 you have the whole in the first place. The dynamics of the whole create the particle. This is
definitely a turning around.

Now suppose, for a change, you train in order to be helpful in the work, and the training requires
you to position yours-elf in a different way so that you can follow-what is going on: field-wise,
personality-wise, spirit-wise, nature-wise and so on to conditions in which those differentiations
no longer exist. If the situation requires you to take that position and you act from there, the tools
will show.

And, when you train, be as adamant as possible. If an action is not adjusted, stop. The one
performing is the first to be fooled, so it's the one checking that has the responsibility to stop the
one performing.

I'll give you an example that happens time and again in the healing group: a healer acting and
doing damage. The next one then has to correct the damage. It happens constantly if the action is
not tuned. Some people are strong, so it doesn't matter, they simply don't feel as well as they
might for having had a treatment. They might even feel heavier. They might feel their plexus
going, or their head spinning -- meaning the condition of the healer is being projected onto them.
This is why I say that a patient really has to be very patient.

Some healers believe they train. in fact, when you really act you never train. The ultimate training
is not to train, but simply to act. The sense of training comes because we have to provide a way
to get over from the U function to the M function.

Now suppose instead of training in order to go from the, U function to the M function, you
decide once and for all to act M-wise, then-you don't need training because the M acts. Of course
the action will be refined, but not with the awareness of training, which is self-reflexive.

Also, if you act in a group, let us say, to bring a fine quality, and there is a weak link in the group,
this is where it will break. If you have someone really bringing presence to the room and
someone is projecting a tight plexus, this will destroy the effect. It applies in every case, as soon
as you have a group. So some unity, some seriousness ought to be present within the group,
however small, however large.

This is what I show you constantly, but not with words. I mean the real way does not use
words. I wonder if you will ever realize. People think I make an ego trip or a power trip, or that I
always want to dominate. For years I have encouraged you to verify everything yourselves. Learn
to see, learn to follow, until you are able to read the melody behind the words -- or what is lived,
what is shown.

I speak so everyone looks at me. Now I look over there (with Georgette). If you were able to
follow what I see there, you would be staring with your mouths open. Of course, you do see a
little. By now you have gotten used to seeing that we have a field that is very different from
yours, a field that does not have the same limitations. This does not mean that yours is
necessarily limited to the point you believe it is, but it does mean you unknowingly constrict the

Time and again when we work together, especially with the music, you live differently. Your
concrete mind makes abstractions, images, yes, but you are also aware there is a lot more going
on. Why don't you stay with the "lot more". It's a simple matter of doing it. It's part of retraining

Another point in your training that is needed, and those who have some abilities to see have to
learn, is to see the difference between the mind image and what is truly lived. You can have
someone living a condition and speaking of it, instead of speaking it. You can see simultaneously
the condition being lived and the mind image, and the words coming out according to the mind
image and practically hiding (like an eclipse) what is really lived. It's a very funny situation.

You can also see, of course, people who have only a mind image and the livance is absent. You
can have the tricky situation in which livance is here, but the words come out according to an
image, so livance doesn't come through. The words might be correct, but still you are not happy
because they are not alive.

Now suppose you see one of these situations and you start to help? As soon as you start the
action, what do you have? A mind image pops up. But the training requires that you go directly
into movement: M function, without stopping at the conceptualization stage. Go directly from
livance to action. Act livance. Act what you live. It's a very direct mode.

Participant: When you speak of the "we" acting, or of living "we" rather than as individuals, how
inclusive is that "we"?
Martin: The "how" depends on you.

I'll give you an example. We have an organization called The United Nations. We, the nations
But there is no "we", it is simply a convenience called "we". Every country is always on the
watch for its own individual advantage. There is no so-called sacrifice for the whole. Now when
you speak of "we", we have to check to see if that "we" is like The United Nations or better.
Hopefully it's better. It depends on what you can do in your awareness. If you take the usual
position, it does not contain a real "we". Of course, progress has been made in history, for
example, you can have the sense of, let us say, a team action that is really a team. Let's call that a
good "we" -- a sense of team. But if you want to broaden your "we", I have to remind you to be
concrete. If you think you include all of humanity, at least part of the "we" is a dream. It would
be better to forget the dream "we" and stay instead with a "we" that is real for you, until your
live" is so strong that you approach everyone "we"-wise. That would be something.

Maybe I ought to tell you of an experience I had a few years back when I met the people who
deal directly with Life, meaning they shape Life itself:

Each individual awareness is an expression of the whole awareness. You don't have separate
awarenesses, there is only one. If I gather an experience, it is automatically the experience of the
whole -- instantly. If someone else has the experience that I would need in a situation, it is
instantly available here as "mine". There is no possessive awareness whatsoever.

We are here for a task. We invited you to join in. But there is a certain quality of livance that is
related to the Christ action that has to be here. Prepare yourself along the way if you want to.
Psychologically we accept that proposition to make the situation easier, but, in the meantime, we
do the work with you, the greater you, until it finally comes through.

The old psychological trend is to deal figuratively with objects. In your proposition certain
"things" don't work -- the object is what has gone wrong. No, the difficulty is not with the
situation (object), but with your relation toward the situation. obviously the mind is bright
enough to realize that it can approach a situation in many ways -- ways in which you can act with
no movement, with some movement, or with a lot of movement -- there is a full choice. It's a
matter of relation. And, if you need an ability and you relate "correctly" to the situation, the
ability is there, without training.

The relationship of, let us say, healer-patient becomes a situation lived, not the healing of a
patient. You have a change, a complete change in relation. You might approach the situation in
the usual way. You might have someone in need, that's the appearance, but,as soon as you tune
in, the relation healer-patient changes, and, if the tuning is done properly, suddenly you deal
situationally. You live that situation, not the patient's and not your's, there is no possessiveness
whatsoever. Now, that's a change in situation. The situation is the same, but the way of handling
is very different.

Now, what I described is an ideal proposition, and, I'm not saying that everyone can do it, but,
from time to time, they are really in it situation-wise. Then it fades away again because of the
interference of the consciousness with it's teaching up. When you live situation-wise you don't
reach up, you come out as creator.

So the problem is in the relation. You have to change your relation. If you change your relation,
you don't need to acquire, you act and it works. I don't say it works fully, because it has to go
through your personality, and the personality has the habit of reducing the action to its own level.
This is where the training comes in. You have to accustom your person to the presence of other
modes. The person is routined and you have to break the routine. Then you discover there is
more and more effectiveness.

Its' a kind of continuum as far as the tooling is concerned. You might be tempted to say that the
person has developed a capacity, you could see it developing and so forth, but you are addressing
the thingness of the ability. In reality there is a change in relation, including the person.

To give you a primitive example: If I need to move my hand from here to here, the knowledge
of how to do it does not allow me to move. Knowledge is a U function. The movement is the M
function. Most of the time you don't honestly realize the difference. The mind hasn't faced it. The
mind still believes that if it knows how to do something it can do it. No, the actual movement is
another function. In the old position, knowing was the base. Now, with the Doer, the seeing,
knowing, doing are one and the same function --it's all simultaneous. You see all the shades vow
need as you move. Instantly. You don't need to figure out first. If you figure out first and then
start moving, as soon as you start moving you trigger dynamics. Let us assume that the dynamics
require a slight change, then your figuring out is no longer any good. You need another
awareness that works with the dynamics. Dynamics are changing constantly, so it must be an
awareness that is not static. When you figure things out, it means you have condensed the field of
dynamics into one static image. But the movement is never static.

Participant: It seems like there could be some way for the person who is the patient to actually do
the healing themselves that they could come out in the way that is needed in order to affect the

Martin: That's true but it's not easy. Let us say you ache somewhere in the body and you need
relief. The aching is the usual level and it's hart to tune to something that is different and live the
body in a way that is completely different, in spite of the aching. The aching is always going to
bring you back to the sensory awareness of the body, when what you need to do is live the
highest possible and start from there.

Let us say you have sprained an ankle and you want to put a water compress on it. If you do that
alone you will have a certain result. Live the whole, and I do mean the whole not just the whole
person, and do that, and you will have a very different result. It's a lot more effective. Now the
difficulty with a person alone is precisely a tendency to be brought back to the limited awareness.
Someone who is not involved has greater facility to tune into something higher, and doing it,
might help you do it too. This is where the togetherness comes in. The strength of two is four
times greater than the strength of one.
Participant: I see your point. To go a little further, it seems that unless people do train in that
way, the tendency is to feel that in order for a healing to take place, the action must come toward
the patient, or that some action from the so-called "outside" has to happen. The patient is in a
somewhat passive position.

Martin: According to the traditional words: outside/inside, action is from the inside.

As I said, you live the situation and the duality is gone. It's very hard for the mind to realize to
what degree you can really live the situation and act in that situation as the one living it -- and
this means from the inside, symbolically speaking. You don't project on the the situation. You act
right within the situation itself. Maybe not the whole, situation, because, as I said, you can heal
someone without referring to the sickness, or whatever. You can take it into account or you can
work without it. It's the limits of the mind that stand in the way. The possibilities are infinite. The
dynamics within the situation can be managed. You can push them around, but you have to be
aware that the "you" is not exactly the person as you know it -- it's always a greater you.


We are at a crossroads in which there is a choice between continuing to work as we have done
until we are gone and then having the groups peter out and disappear, or some of you, or others
that come along later, might train professionally to continue to do what we do.

I'd like to give you some inkling of what this entails. First of all,, we work with the "we", and
instructions from there or beyond, but, if you are professional, the "we" has to be present at the
base of what you do. It has to be evident, not a dream somewhere. Otherwise, how will you know
what you are doing, except to follow your own inclination at the moment, or some plan you have
figured out. This is what most people do. You do your own thing, maybe a very good thing, but
you cannot say you continue what we do.

In order to continue you have to connect with the same base, and you cannot do this consciously.
Consciousness can translate some of the points, yes, but the connection itself is made by
functions that are not yet conscious. So you have to be able to work livance-wise and act
according to livance rather than consciousness. As long as you are used to working only with
consciousness it seems impossible. In reality it's a lot easier than it looks, provided you make
your consciousness a tool that you are free to use or not -- you have to have that freedom. As
long as you are caught in the personality, you end up trying to "figure out" how to be aware in a
different way, when in reality you are always aware in a different way, it's simply that you deny
it. If you don't believe it, challenge yourself: on the level of consciousness, have you ever been
able to describe fully what you live? You never have. We have sometimes had to help you
describe your own experience because you missed some points, and these are experiences you
live every day and should be sufficiently evident because of repetition and steady presence.

But you have to be consistent with yourself, consistent with your own experience, and act
according to it. If you have an experience, allow the fullness of that experience to be -- just be.
Don't try to reduce it to some sentences in your head, or some feelings or sensations. There is
always a lot more. If you allow the "lot more" to be as is, not as a picture of your mind, little by
little you will know what we call livance. Livance is all-encompassing. Your experiences are
all-encompassing. you simply have a mind that is so skilled that it is able to deny it.

So, one of the first steps is to stop denying it. The problem is not whether you have the faculty or
not, whether you are gifted or not, the first point is to recognize how you function and what you
deny yourself. Or, some people try to do the reverse; they feel that they are a lot more than what
shows. If you feel being a lot more, act according to it, then there is no problem. The problem
arises when you feel being a lot more but you behave in a reduced way, meaning you act with
your small consciousness only. The small consciousness is not very skilled.

So, as I said, to go along the professional way requires a position that is utterly different. You
have to be able to be in connection with the "we", meaning you are able to follow. You are able
to realize what is playing every time we play together -- possibly even the modalities. You can
even know the "why" it is done, the purpose, the kind of structure being built. And it's not the
"why" of the mind -- you simply face evidences. This in itself is very, very difficult and it
requires a lot from your life -- a lot more than everything you dream.

-Now you very often hear me say that it is very difficult. I say this because we notice there is a
very popular trend in mankind to approach everything as a difficulty -- people call this "sport" --
you know, an obstacle that you set up which you then manage to master. So I say it's difficult,
and it is, if you take the position of the usual limited consciousness or concrete awareness, then it
is difficult because the concrete awareness is not fit. But if you decide to go the other way
around, livance-wise, then it's fairly easy.

Easy or difficult, everything depends on the way you position yourself, on the kind of awareness
you use, simply that. I don't know how long I will have to repeat this. It is not livance that is
difficult, livance is already functioning, it functions all the time, it simply doesn't come through
your usual awareness. What makes things difficult is just your position. Now if you manage to
train to change position at will,and are able to do it (meaning you act on it positively), things
become a lot simpler.

Something else, most people are used to working according to their desires: "I want to do that", "I
want to be part of that" -- most of the time it's a one-way proposition. There is a major point that
is usually overlooked: If you want to work with the "we", the "we" has to accept you. It's going to
test you, and if you do not pass they won't accept you. I have to say this because from the usual
position you always have yourself in mind and what you want.

You see this in the groups. You have small, separate groups; one group doesn't like the other, or
some say that others practice some form of elitism. Now what does this mean? If you see some
people practicing some form of elitism, it means that you would like to be part of it, and you
have the feeling that you cannot, so you label the others "elite".

Now, incidentally, if you are a part of a real elite, your task is a lot more difficult than if you are
just an ordinary person. If you want to be part of an elite, then you have to be ready to assume
responsibilities. We practically never speak this way, but it's a kind of picture some of you have.

Also, when we speak of professionalism, there is a type of maturity you have to have: You are
given a task and you have to do it, period. It is not "Well, I don't like it", or "It's too hard for me",
or "It asks too much of me", or even "I like it"... It's not the point. The point is it has to be done,
period. No further comment. one day you mature to that position, and you assume a task and do it
-- whether it pleases you or not. And as in any task, you have happy days and difficult days.
Sometimes it's pleasing. Sometimes it's really hard. But the point is it has to be done.
The "we" works for mankind as a whole and things have to be done for mankind. If you have
abilities you assume your responsibility. I use the word "professional" to make a difference from
the usual amateurish position in which you do what pleases you. Professionally you can't. You
assume a responsibility and you do it, period.

It requires a very different focusing. As long as you are here for yourself (and we do tolerate it,
among other things), we are here to help you also, but the primary purpose is for mankind (see
Statement of Purpose). So, of course, we do respond to some of your needs, but the main
response is always to soul or higher. We give very little response to what is lower than that.

It is a fully different proposition when you work until it works, because it has to work, for the
sake of the work. Usually it doesn't work because you do it for yourself. The most efficient way
to work is to give, and a gift is an act of Love. Try it, you will see. People who give of
themselves always learn a lot, not because they started out to learn, but because they started out
to give.

Remember the teaching of the hologram: When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love,
He is said to be the Knower. This is usually forgotten. The true knowledge, not the acquired one
that follows patterns, but the live one that implies Love All-Encompassing. Not possessive love,
but the exquisite Love of soul. I don't know what kind of qualification to give it, but the word
"exquisite" does express the quality that is in soul Love.

There are simple propositions that are forgotten most of the time because the mind is pretty
confused-, When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Condition, He is said to be the Seer.
If you train yourself livance-wise on the sensory, emotional and mental levels to face the
All-Encompassing Condition, you become a Seer. You really do. If you do the same with
All-Encompassing Love, with all your functions, sensory, emotional and mental, and with the
fullness of livance, livance-in-the-first-place (and I have to say sensory, emotional and mental
because nothing is excluded, otherwise it wouldn't be All-Encompassing), then you know as a
Knower knows. You really do. when the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Beauty, He is said
to be the Doer. If you dwell in the All-Encompassing Beauty, you manifest the Doer. You really

But there is one catch: The mind sees three separate propositions. So, you think that one day you
will live in the All-Encompassing Condition to train the Seer aspect, another day in
All-Encompassing Love to train the Knower aspect, and another day in All-Encompassing
Beauty to train the Doer aspect. But, in All-Encompassing Love there is already the
All-Encompassingness of the Seer: You see and know, and seeing and knowing are one. When
you dwell in the All-Encompassi ng Beauty, the All-Encompassingness, Love and Beauty are one
You see, know, and do as one, simultaneously. You cannot dwell in All-Encompassing Beauty
unless you know All-Encompassing Love. I have to say this because of the tendency I notice in
the minds to go from one subject to the other, always separated. It thinks: "The Doer is better
than the two previous ones, so I will concentrate on All-Encompassing Beauty" -- then you start
imagining Beauty that's just a picture of the mind. If you imagine Beauty, it cannot be
All-Encompassing. Be consistent with yourself, what you imagine always has form. The faculty
of imagination exists to give form, and, by definition, form cannot be All-Encompassing.

There is another point that we have observed. We have, for instance, in the healing group,
practiced from the start to bring some life in the field around the patient by moving the field with
the hands, my observation is that the work very quickly progresses to other forms of activity, and
then, little by little, a kind of pattern forms. As soon as you have a pattern the effectiveness is
gone. Now in this situation the effectiveness is not gone, it has actually progressed, but for me
something has gone: the awareness of what the hand can do, which was the first training. The
first step has to be practiced until the hand knows positively what it does and does it -- meaning
it can act. In the beginning you take a certain time to start things moving, but when the hand is
more trained you just touch with the same effect. Then, when the ability to bring Life through the
hands is present, the hand can do it in many ways. The ability to move the field is only the first
step. When you practice, whatever the exercise, it is important not to stop at the first step.

I'm also thinking, for instance, of those who trained with the centers A, U, M. They can center on
a center, they can help someone to center to some degree, and they are able to see a little how the
centers work and so on, but that's only a first step. It is the very first step in which the
consciousness becomes acquainted with something very abstract called "centers of awareness".
Along the professional line it's not sufficient. What I've described is the endeavor of someone
training-for-their-own-sake-to-be-able-to .... Professionally, if we sound a note the whole room

Imagine practicing with a given center in a group. Do you change something in the room?
According to the note of that center? Is there a response in the field around everyone? In the
flowers? In the crystal? In the very atmosphere of the room?

When you work it is worthwhile to work until it really works. But, whether it works or not
cannot be judged by ones awareness only. You have to be able to check in front of you.

If you feel being effective you can test it. You can propose to the group that you'd like to test to
see if it works, and then do it. That's the usual position, but it will go only so far -- you'll never
come to the point where you affect everyone, because you do it for your own sake, it's not a gift.

You might have noticed, when you help someone in need, and you have the movement to help, it
works surprisingly well. But when there is no need, it's surprisingly hard in comparison. In other
words, when the situation asks for a definite note, you might be able to give it, but when it
doesn't ask, you might be at a loss. In the groups it's not really asked for so you have to overcome
a kind of inertia that exists -- meaning you have to sound with a power sufficiently great to
overcome the existing inertia in the group. when there is a demand, let us say, the slope for the
flow already exists. If there is no demand you have no slope.

Later on we will play some music and dwell in Love. Yesterday we did this and I was appalled to
see how few know what Love is. You crave after Love, everyone does, but you also deny
yourself Love.
You have ideas about Love. You might even think you have to evolve to a certain point in order
to know Love, or that Love is hidden somewhere. What you don"t know is that it is available all
the time. You can say "There is no Love in mankind of today, so how can I live Love?" Forget
about your ideas on Love.

You know, in practically all the reports of those who were declared clinically dead and have
come back there is one common point. They all reported being surrounded by Love. As soon as
they were "on the otherside", there was tremendous Love. What does this mean? That you all live
in Love.

You would know this if you would listen to your soul. The soul lives in Love, exquisite Love. it
is simply that you have not yet realized that your ego image, what you call "yourself", is an image
produced by the sensory, emotional, and mental functions, and that it does not include all the
other activities.

There are nine centers of awareness. You use three, and accept that the image given by those
three centers is the real you. One day you have to challenge that image. The functions you use are
the least trained, and that means it's the most primitive image you can make. You are not that.

When we play music together, for instance, if you are honest with yourself, you have to admit
that you live different from your own ego image, every time. And you still go back to the ego
image. Now in your ego image there is no Love, there is an image of Love. "I want to love". How
can you want to love? on soul level you do it anyway.

Learn to face reality. It's simply a position, an point of view that happens to be very popular on
earth nowadays, and you are frustrated because the greater Love that you feel does not come
through. You give it no chance. First by trying to reach it. How can you? It's already here. You
have to deny it first in order to "reach" it and "have" it. The denying is a fiction because it's
already here. It's an inadequacy of your awareness.

I wish you would mature so that you can face the situation and realize that your obstacle is
simply the way you use your mind (and I also include emotions and sensory awareness. There is
no limit to senses, no limit to emotions, no limit to mind.

Soul awareness is different from mind. Learn to respect it, instead of always translating it in
terms of mind. The trouble comes because you want to reduce every experience to sensations,
emotions, mind, or combinations of these. Why reduce your experience? Why not accept it as full
as it is? You hear the words I speak. You "hear" something else too. Do you acknowledge it?
Some do, but very often you forget because you are used to acknowledging forms rather than the
Life behind. what I want to convey is that it's just a matter of the position you take. The tendency
is to work always from the same position, and that position has to change.

If you come to the point where you discover that you don't ever express fully what you
experience, that you cannot, then learn to respect that part which cannot be put into terms of
sensory, emotional, or mental. Live it as it is and you will discover that the "as is" contains
functions you have overlooked.

You can see that you see your personality in a certain way --this awareness coming from the
sensory, emotional, and mental -- what about the same personality seen from other functions?
What about the same situation seen from soul or higher? What about the same situation lived
from livance level. Each time it's different. Each time you have other possibilities. Why limit
yourself so ferociously.

And you say: "I don't like it, but I still do it". For those who prepare themselves to work
professionally, this style of speech has to go. The action is not about you. There is a task to be
done and we do it, period. When you work, the work is a gift of Love. There is no feedback, no
self-reflexiveness. You do something and you do it, period -- no need for feedback for your little

When I look around I see someone enjoying the feeling of herself loving. This is not Love, this is
an image -of-oneself-being-able-to-love. I don't say it's right or wrong, I do say Love is
something else.

On the level of consciousness you are geared to objects. "I (object) love you (object), and
something happens in between that you cannot define but you call love. Take the object away and
see what happens.

When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love, He is said to be the Knower.

We are not speaking of objects.

Or, let us say, we want to practice Agape, togetherness. So we all come together to practice
Agape. This does not mean that there is Love -- you practice an image of Agape that is most of
the time without Love. Let there be Love first. if there is Love and you happen to come together
there is togetherness naturally.

So how can you do it? It says in the Bible: "Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your
heart, with all your soul, with all your thoughts, with all your might". Simple. Don't appreciate
the words. Don@t make an image. Do it. Really do it. All out. Not timidly. It's an immediate
action. It has no place in the mind for propositions like: "First I have to train to be ready". You
just do it, period. This is what is required if we want groups that are able to continue when we are

Now, as I said, not everyone is mature enough to work professionally, but you can still work,
even if it is for yourself. Do it, instead of figuring out, and you can mature quite a bit in
practicing this proposition. And when I say "Do it", you have to train yourself systematically.
You start doing it again, and again, and again, until it works. Of course, you will fail a few times.
You will have the mind interfering saying: "It doesn't work, I don't want to do it today" and so
You are not just a person, you can quite successfully overrule a mood and do it anyway. This is a
point that is little known and little understood. The ability to overrule yourself exists in every
field. Suppose you go hiking and you come back fully tired. So you say: "I'm exhausted, I can't
move anymore". Now, suddenly the earth shakes and there are rocks coming down on you. A
miracle happens. As soon as you see the rocks you start running. Now how come you can run?
Well apparently, for some reason, you overruled your previous disposition. Of course, there has
to be a good reason, but it shows that you can do it. And the more often you do it, the easier it

Working professionally requires a lot, as I said. It becomes the goal of your life and this is not a
very good expression-because it's not only this life. You have to subject your whole personal life
to that. Meaning, on the level of the personality, you can do things only so far as they don't
interfere with what you have to do.

There is something written in Brain/Mind that I want to read to you. I read it because you've
heard me say it quite a few times, but I want to show you I'm not the only one saying it.

"... a warning to those who would blithely embark on the path of personal transformation. One
must be willing to abandon any idea, assumption, belief, value feeling, or relationship held as
dear or true, and live at the edge of formlessness .... It is not my intention to frighten anyone, but
rather to evoke a properly focused attitude. Unwillingness to suspend preconceived notions about
what transformation should be, tends to limit the seeker to self-improvement".

He also gives an example from Ram Dass, who once observed that "while self-improvement may
add wings to caterpillars it does not produce butterflies".

I found this a very beautiful image. It's amazing to see how many people think in terms of
self-improvement. Sometimes they improve so much that they feel they have wings, but they
haven't changed. The butterfly has a form that is utterly different, and more abstract than form,
the "feel" of what is there is fully different. The surrounding of a butterfly is not the one of a
caterpillar. Sometimes you forget that when you change the surrounding is no longer the same.

And for those who train professionally, don't stop your consciousness at the level of
transformation. What is being done is neither improvement nor transformation. For those who
only know improvement or transformation it might look that way, but the function is different.
You might feel transforming, but seen from the other side it's different. The simple change of
position or of point of view is not a transformation, it is not an improvement, but it does change

Do you have questions?

Participant: Earlier you spoke of the test of the "we", what are indications of such a test going on.

Martin: The form of the test is infinitely variable. There is no set form. Everyone is different
from the rest, so the need in the test is different, and the time might be different too. The
combination of different people and different times also makes for different forms in the test. The
form might be abstract or concrete, or any combination, it depends on what you have mastered.

In the past, the one going through an initiation had to be able to sacrifice everything, including
his life, for the cause for which he worked. But you have to be able to assume responsibility.
There is a task to be done and you do it, period. The usual consciousness does not understand. It's
too much. But when you come to this point, your awareness is different. So what sounds like
something absolutely terrible might, at the moment, be simple routine.

If you are aware of the "we", I can . assure you, consciousness is completely different. Your own
consciousness is trained to acknowledge some part of this, but we actually do work with or
without consciousness -- both. We have this freedom. When you learn to challenge your own
consciousness, You'll be surprised, there is a freedom that you never dreamed existed.

So we are going to play some music. Be centered on infinite freedom during the music. Watch
how the group feels now, what it looks like, and when it's over, observe again how it looks and
feels. You will register a difference. Learn to respect that "feel", without the need to bring it
down to the shape of a thought or a sentence in your head. Stay with the "feel" still alive.


The other day I was wondering how you would practice the Crystal and Integration Exercises in
the book, if you were to work with them now that you have undergone some change. It might be
as if you had never practiced these exercises -- they might take on another meaning.

Both of these exercises are ways of living rather than exercises. They are presented as exercises
because this implies some practice to retrain your consciousness so that these aspects may come
through. They have to be done. Until they work, until they show. Professionally it's mandatory
that you be able to live both aspects.

We have to stress the need for transparency that you can learn to live with the Crystal Exercise,
utter transparency until all shape is gone. Your mind doesn't know about transparency but with
practice it will get used to it.

I have a proposition for a practice. If it is done properly it will help you to be a lot more aware

Usually livance is not understood. Livance pertains to what you live, not to the abstraction that
consciousness makes from what you live. The fullness of livance is not dependent on any form of

I propose that you do something very specific to become more aware of the deeper aspects of
soul and beyond. The exercise is very definite and has to be done very honestly.

Most of you have come here for years. You have undergone different types of crisis and still you
continue to come. Why? Ask yourself why -- why do you come? Find the best "why" you can and
then compare the "why" to what you actually live.

Something will happen. You will find that the "why" does not cover what you actually live: it
may cover a part but not the fullness of it.

In the exercise of the unfoldment of desires, you realize that when you have fulfilled a desire
something is still not settled -- we have called it the underlying current or the need behind the
desire - then you find something deeper behind the need and possibly you find soul.

In the exercise I propose it is the same. You arrive at the answer, the "why" you come here, and
then you realize that it doesn't answer the need; so you look for a better "why". You really seek
honestly, and it may take days or months, until you run out of whys and you realize that no why
can answer what you live.

If you come to the point where you run out of whys, then you face another awareness which
might be called soul awareness. (I am always reluctant to use the term "soul" because soul has
been so conceptualized that it's kind of tricky, so I always say "soul or higher". Some people
respond to soul and some people do not.)

Try to remember why you came the first time, and then notice how it has changed so that in the
long run the first why might have been already outgrown. See how now, possibly, you have a
better understanding and can come up with a better why, a very valid why in your view, then
compare it to what you actually live. Does it cover the field of what you actually live?

But you really have to run out of whys. If you "know" that at some point you are going to face
something that is beyond the why, the tendency will be to take a shortcut and attempt to face
what is beyond right away. No. You have to experience the depletion of the whys -- meaning you
face the situation where the mind is really inadequate. Really face it. It can be real if you do the
exercise without shortcuts. I would even say you have to believe in your whys.

It's a practice to do as honestly and concretely as you can.

So now we are going to play music again. This time, be centered on the exquisite Love of soul.
The mind does not know this kind of Love -- but somewhere you do. Give a chance to this
"somewhere" to express.


To begin I want to explain a few things:

Logoic Action:

We have spoken of the Christ. As you know, Christ is understood in different ways, depending
upon your education. There is Jesus, known in Christian religion, this is the personal aspect. For
those who have studied a bit deeper you have Maitreya, who is a kind of Christ figure. But there
is a definition in the Bible that is somewhat different, and this is the one that we use.

In St. John, chapter one, it is said: "In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was
with God, and the Word was God. Through Him all things came to be and no single thing was
created without Him". In this respect the Word symbolically represents the creator aspect of God.
This is the way we use it, and the application of it has different levels.

Traditionally speaking a Logos is a term used to describe the "intelligence" or "spirit" whose
body is the planet. So, the Word is neither a person nor a being in the Hierarchy, however high.
The lowest aspect of the Word (and I do say lowest) would be the being whose body is this


I have spoken of sounding the Word. This kind of action is completely unknown to all of you.
The sounding of the Word is done by those who are in relation with the Planetary Logos, or
possibly the Solar Logos, possibly something utterly different (which I am going to try to show
you later with the hologram) .

Brotherhood Aspect:

The term "Brotherhood" is used, usually, to designate those who have shown abilities that are
sometimes translated as initiations -- those who take things seriously and who come together to
work. They have some awareness of what is happening on earth, and they have a grasp of the
fuller (usually called "higher" life). This does not mean that they leave their human condition to
go to heaven, no, they bring heaven to earth and express it here.

Participants Aspect:

This covers all those who come to these groups who can help to cycle or make operative the
changes we bring down to what is called "soul level". We leave it to each one to bring it out
through the person and possibly to spread it around -- this is what I call "cycling". This does not
mean preaching or missionary work, it means you bring out the ability and awaken it in others.
But t; do this you have to stand behind what you do. It's not what you say that is important, it's
what you do.

We come into a period where you have to be able to do things, not grasp, believe, or understand.
Jesus said: "You will do the same things and still greater ones". It implies a serious change of
position -- doing things instead of discussing them or dreaming about them.

When we are here and we work together something happens in the fields around you and the
so-called "higher" aspect in you is activated. Little by little you will understand that it's not a
matter of mind, you can do it with or without the mind. But this has to come out actively in life
and this is your task. There won't be much change in your person as long as you don't do it, but as
soon as you start moving then you will see the changes.

Survival vs. Your Reason to be on Earth:

I want you to become aware of two points:

The first I call "survival". Survival is what you do to get food, shelter, and clothing. You can
have a bare survival ability, or you can have a better survival ability so that you can make things
a little more comfortable than with just the bare necessities.

Then, besides survival, there is your reason to be on earth. This is a lot more serious. Average
people do not care about their reason to be on earth. They think in terms of survival, making life
nicer and nicer. You have those, for instance, who want to make money. It's a goal of life for
quite a few people. So, in case you don't know in which category this is, this is what I call
survival. Now some people can put their money to a use that goes beyond themselves, so this is
more than survival, and maybe (I say maybe) their reason to be on earth expresses through this
means. Or you find people who are dedicated to some kind of social work. Most dedication of
this kind belongs to the category of survival.

When I speak of your reason to be on earth, I mean something else. It means changing the quality
of life for mankind, and not just survival-wise. It involves helping man, as being, to come out as
creator. Man was made in the image and likeness of God -- meaning he is basically a creator.


The Statement of Purpose speaks of "a readiness for commitment". When you touch your reason
to be on earth, and you are mature enough to respond, then obviously you are committed. You
cannot express your reason to be on earth (your task) without being committed.

We have the need to stress commitment, and also responsibility, because in the society today no
one wants to take any responsibility. In the spiritual life, if you are assigned a task to do, you do
it, with no questions asked. If you accept a task then you do it, your acceptance means that the
full responsibility is yours.

o You cannot say: III am tired,or "I am not well today", or "It's too much for me". Once you have
accepted you begin and that's it. There are people who have this kind of commitment in their
lives, but as far as others go there is a lot to be learned.

In science when you do an experiment you have facts in front of you and you have to subject
your whole personality, your thoughts, your hopes, your emotionality, your whatever, to those
facts. If the experiment does not go in the direction you had hoped it would go you have to bend
to that. In spirituality it is worse. When you first begin to work you have some leeway, but when
you are really professional there is no leeway and you have to do it whatever the cost.

Sometime I try to stress the point that spiritual work is more demanding than science. Most
people don't understand that because they have been trained to seek spirituality as a refuge or an
escape from the hardships of life. Actually, spiritual work might ask all the sacrifices you can
make, including your life.

If you want to measure: In the past, what is called the fourth initiation was asking the life of the
initiate. He had to ask for a cause and lose his life for it. Jesus is a typical example. You also
have people who do it in ordinary life. I remember a young man in a flood who went to rescue
one person, then a second and a third, and when he went back for the fourth he did not come
back. The need to rescue was greater than his consideration for himself. This has to be learned;
working with no desire for personal reward of any kind. You work for the sake of the work, or
with whatever connection you have, or with whatever is higher.

There is one more thing I would like to say before we go on to the hologram. The mind is very
simplistic. You have people who say: "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are", or
"Tell me what you read and I'll tell you what you are". This sometimes works surprisingly well to
describe a personality, but it does not work to describe what is behind -- the whole of it. We can
only speak in terms of analogy with the known, and it takes daily work for a very long time for
your mind to face and live a situation in which there are no projections whatsoever of known

As an example: We are here together in this room and the first thing you notice are the people
because you are used to seeing in terms of people and things. Now suppose we adopt the view of
the new physicist, i.e., that the particle is a result of the dynamics of the whole -- that's already a
lot better.

Of course you may not be used to following dynamics, so I'll give you an image of what it means:

In Zen training they use the proposition of the bottomless pit. You drop a stone into the pit and
you follow the movement of the stone. If you follow sufficiently, the pit disappears. If you
continue to follow the movement of the stone, the stone disappears. The stone is gone, the pit is
gone, but you still follow the movement.
Most people take this as an intellectual image, but I can tell you that it is not an image. It is a
reality, and you can do it -- you can follow a movement without an object.

But training implies a lot more than people think. For instance, you might follow the stone,
falling through the earth until it's gone. What most people do is simply make a blank on the
image of the stone so that it appears to be gone, but they are still following the stone. It takes a
long time of training to be able to actually follow the movement.

= ( S ) in text below =

( ‡ ) in text below =

‡ in text below =

Now we are going to deal with the hologram. Of course, it is not a hologram, but I call it that
because the first time I saw it, I saw it as a three-dimensional picture in space (actually it was a

The hologram represents the whole field of creation. In the upper left corner of the drawing you
will recognize the square diagram found in Prelude to the New Man. The square is an expression
of the ( ‡ ) symbol. If you've a little imagination this symbol looks something like a slice of
watermelon. The protective layer around the watermelon is what we call the gap of amnesia. It is
what prevents you from living the whole. I also call what is represented by the ( ‡ ) symbol the
greenhorn condition. It represents the current position of mankind. You will notice on the
drawing that there are solid lines relating the greenhorn condition to the square diagram, meaning
the greenhorn condition is symbolized here (square diagram) as the whole field in which things
happen. There is also a broken line relating the core of ‡ to the core of the square diagram. We
call this core activity. "Core" means the deepest center in you. But it's not located geographically,
it can be in the center of any cell.

In the drawing we have three main symbols. The ? at the top left; the ‡ in the center, which
contains the same component as the first, plus other aspects, and is the center of gravity for
mankind; and the ( S ), where you have the same components as the first two plus something you
find in the greenhorn condition ( ‡ ). We call this last symbol the spaceship. Man is to become a
spaceship, symbolically speaking, at home anywhere, sitting on the ground or deep in space.
These symbols ? ,‡ and ( S ), represent other orders of life. Your real self is in another order of

So, let's begin and we will use language as symbolic as possible.

The symbol ( S ), represents the spaceship condition, and the one building the spaceship is the
Pilot. Pilot and God are the same. You cannot define the Pilot by any known reference from the
field of creation. It's an absolute discipline.

Every time you connect to the word "God" you have a tendency to give attributes. When the Pilot
dwells in All-Encompassing Love He is said to be the knower. He is said to be, not he is. And
you can be sure that if you don't discipline your mind you will say that He is the knower. From
now on, don't do it anymore.

If you join the Pilot in the All-Encompassing Condition ? you don't join the seer, you join the
Pilot. When you join the Pilot i|n All-Encompassing Love ‡, you don't join the knower, you join
the Pilot. When you join the Pilot in All-Encompassing Beauty ( S ), you don't join the doer, you
join the Pilot. He is not the seer, knower, or doer -- He is only said to be. Respect that discipline,
and please do it seriously. It involves a lot of respecting.
You have some dynamics developing when the Pilot dwells at ? and this gives what is known as
the seer. At ‡ it gives what is known as the knower, and at ( S )it gives the doer. It also gives the

Another discipline: We call changes within the small squares and sub-divisions of the small
squares in the square diagram changes in dimension. We symbolically show there nine
dimensions. The symbols ? , ‡ and ( S ) we call other orders. We restrict the word dimension to a
given order, and to make a difference, we call a different order of life "something totally
different" or simply "different". This means that none of the references from one order is valid in
another order. Now:,, if you want to be precise, I am using language belonging to the order
symbolized by ( ‡ ). So, for instance, at , ‡ which is another order, "none" does not exist,
"reference" does not exist, "order" does not exist. These are references belonging to this ( ‡ ).

We play with other orders, whether you are aware of it or not. In order to play the game of the
hologram you have to discipline your consciousness, sensory, emotional and mind, to accept and
realize that another order, for instance, ‡ does not correspond to any of the definitions you know
at ( ‡ ).. It is only when you learn to respect this, really, that possibly other orders begin to make
sense -- meaning you discover them. Remember: something totally different is something totally

Another point: You have a line going from the center of ‡ to the center of the square diagram.
This represents what I call "core action" If you want to locate a core action you find it in the core
of whatever,you consider. Core is what gives life. Life depends on ‡. Your center of gravity is
located where life is. In case you wonder how it is possible to work from another order of life, I
have to remind you of some of the experiences you have had here.

So, if I tell you that you have to discipline yourself not to project any known reference from to
(‡), ‡ I mean learn to face ‡ . At ( ‡ ) you have something you can handle but at ‡ , it is utterly
empty. Learn to stay in front of that, refusing to define anything that pops up, because whatever
definition you give obviously belongs to the order ( ‡ ). If in a given situation you suddenly face
something very different, your mind has a tendency to formulate it right away. If that "very
different" smells of another order, refuse, flatly refuse,to define it. As soon as you say "it looks
like..." you reduce it to what you know, and you lose the chance of living differently. It is a
discipline to be respected. Learn to face what gives life.

Now one very tempting projection "to be aware". Awareness is a faculty that exists at ( ‡ ). This
‡ , being very different, we cannot speak of awareness. But you say: "God is All-Encompassing,
so He has all the awareness". No, He has none. I told you, the Pilot is not from the field of
creation, and if there are functions in the field of creation we call "awareness", we have no right
to project these attributes onto the Pilot.

But, if you watch your awaring functions very closely you will notice that there is always a
certain amount of no awareness that makes sense. Surprising? one day you will learn to work
with that.
You might wonder why I insist on applying certain logic. Let's take an example from the square

Humanity is in the sixth slice (or column) of time. We have three centers of awareness active.
We are on the borderline, and we will soon have five active. We are very close. Right now you
experience the mind in the head, feelings in the heart, movements in the basin (legs). You use
your head as an extension of the aU (heart). Now how do you suppose you are going to make the
next step, i.e., the opening of the mA if you persist in locating all mental functioning in the head.
You give yourself no chance to discover the presence of different types of functions that belong
to the A region.

Suddenly you face a practical situation. In your everyday life you do not respect the presence of
three centers in the head. You cover it up with the noise of the mind belonging to the heart. It is
the exact same problem of respect, of not projecting one order of life onto another. Projection is a
feature you have at ( ‡ ), after that you don't make projections anymore.

I wonder if you realize that with your understanding of evolving and developing and so on, you
have a translation in time, one slice after the other. Let's say you approach the time we are now in
where you have two new centers opening. if you start living that new possibility, and you persist
in minding it or translating it through your mind, you reduce it and you don't take the next step.
You can be mature enough to face the big change and miss it simply by the persistence of old
habits. Translating instead of respecting the newness, you translate according to what you know.

When we are together you live differently, and the first thing that you do is define points with
your mind, and lose what you actually live. Don't oblige it to squeeze into what you already
know. This applies to your experiences with us, but it also applies to your everyday experience.
You always have a good amount of experiencing that is beyond your usual system of references.
you have to learn to respect it.

Speaking of projection, in the understanding of evolution, man has a linear idea which would
translate as coming from ‡ to ( ‡ ) and going over to ( S ). It doesn't work that way. The
translation goes from ? to ‡ to ( S ). It's a diagonal line that crosses the hologram and does not
touch the greenhorn. The greenhorn experience is "used", symbolically speaking, on the ‡ level
and then the whole translates further into ( S ).

I say this for one reason. There is something given in occult law that is terribly misunderstood.
Nature built a body for human use and man has to learn to master it more and more until it is
fully mastered, meaning the nature support will no longer be needed. What is not understood is
that the polarity of the body changes. Man is a spirit being and if he masters the body the body is
going to become positive. So much for your dreams of refining the body until it is spiritualized.
But don't tackle the mastery of the body before you have an awareness of changes in polarity,
otherwise you will be dealing with a nature body.

You have to take over, and this is a very serious job. You have to learn to face life. Face life, not
dreams, so that when you build the spaceship you deal with a positive body. St. John of the Cross
calls it Corpus Christi . It is another polarity. It feels different, it is different. So forget about
trying to imagine the condition you live at ( ‡ ) and making an extension to ( S ). No, when you
build a physical body it builds up from the diagonal movement from ? to ( S ). Of course, you can
also see it differently, you can take the position of the Pilot, but that's another story. For now in
your consciousness you just imagine that it is utterly impossible, and as long as you have that
bright imagination it is utterly impossible.

Something else, as far as discipline is concerned.We have three orders of life and you are
naturally tempted to say that this is A, U, M expressed in a different way. Not exactly.

In the past we have used three types of music: Paganini for the A , Chopin for the U, and Mozart
for the M. We are going to-play Paginini now, but according to the hologram. Remember your
references are no good. There is an air of something that is different. Well, see for yourself.


Remember the teaching: When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Condition He is said to
be the seer. And please note that the teaching is "When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing
Condition....", it is not "When the Pilot radiates the All-Encompassing Condition....". If you
follow what you live, All-Encompassingness makes sense. You don't know how, but you still live
it. You will also notice that around the heads, possibly slightly above, you have a hint of an A,
but it is not the A you have known. You obviously live the music in a different way, a way that
does not deny the A, but rather creates it. So, you cannot say the the A function is symbolized by
?. No, it is not. The A is an outcome of this function at the greenhorn level. You will also notice
that if we proceed that way the life of the A is tremendously vaster than any A you have

It reminds me of something that Jesus said: "It's not me but the Father in Me". This language is
real and symbolic at the same time. You find it again in the relation of the earth to the sun. The
sun is represented by ‡, it this is what gives life. The earth is represented by ( ‡ ) . Or, you are ( ‡
) and ‡ is the Father in you -- until you are an adult and then the Father is the Pilot.

Do you begin to grasp the discipline you have to exert on your own awareness to not be carried
away by the opinions you have. The personality has to be trained and that's just the beginning.
You have to bring through and out of the personality that constitution that is positive. We are
involved in an action for the spaceship and this implies incarnating as much as you can of that
positive structure into the greenhorn condition

.We are not there yet, but that's no reason not to work for it. As long as you have a personality
there is a dichotomy, meaning you have that veil active around. You have a higher self
"somewhere" and so on. You intuit or even live a little bit higher condition, but as long as the
veil is as active as it usually is, bringing out something real is a vast illusion.

Somewhere else Jesus said: "The Father and I are one". This implies a very serious reeducation
of the personal consciousness, and doing it conceptually does not work. To deal with life you
have to live it.

Okay, so now we will play Chopin. Don't project anything. It's another order of life. It's not the
love that you know.


Again, you observe a hint of U in.the head, but what you live is not defined by that. What you
live is enormously vaster.

Incidentally, for those who have a more mature awareness, recognize what Love is and what it
does. This is All-Encompassing Love. You will notice that it is not something emanating from
you that you can direct upon someone. It is All-Encompassing and All-Encompassingness is
something very different from the reduced image of you loving someone, or you loving mankind.
All-Encompassingness is All-Encompassingness.

I wish that you understood what I call symbolic language, and I hope that someday a few of you
will tackle that more seriously. When you understand the use of symbolism you can, for instance,
easily recognize that if we play All-Encompassing Love there is something that responds on the
personal level in a certain way. Then, if you tune to another octave you have another kind of
response, and on another octave still another kind. You don't stop at one octave. You might
recognize one given point at first, and then you see a symbolic relation all through. Then you
begin to realize that an action never plays at one point only. If you understand symbolism it gives
you the ability to follow different octaves simultaneously and live the relation.

But again, you cannot project. Let's take an example. Try to remember or awaken the U as you
once trained it and realize how terribly different it is from what you just experienced. The U
function is created by the Pilot dwelling in All-Encompassing Love. If you dwell in
All-Encompassing Love the U function will work -- provided you don't define the U. So you can
forget the U and simply dwell in All-Encompassing Love.

Now we have the third one: When the Pilot dwells in All-Encompassing Beauty He is said to be
the doer. In the spaceship you have all three symbols. You cannot separate
All-Encompassingness from Love or Beauty. Here you have all three.


There is a hint of the M behind the head, but actually you live something else. The M is simply
an outcome.

I don't know how long it will take you to lose the habit of seeing yourself as a person only. So, I
want to show you something.

I would like Rick and Chris to go and stand on the podium by Georgette. Now as you can see,
these two appear as condensation of the "greater world" that appears in the field around them.
They clearly appear as a manifestation of that greater world not as people radiating the greater
world. If you would relate to everyone in the groups and to yourself that way everything would
be different. Then you would know why you are here. You would know your reason to be on

You have to realize that the work goes on and we cannot wait. If you wait for events to show you
the way you are going to miss the boat. Events will only show you the way if you haven't done it
by yourself (meaning you haven't brought what you had to bring). If you haven't taken the
initiative it means you aren't mature. or you might have been mature but you did not show it.
Remember, it's perfectly possible to spend a whole lifetime missing the boat. Progress is not

But I would like to speak not of progress but of things to do on earth. The things you do are due
to your own initiative, and when I say "you" I do not just mean you personality-wise.

You just saw with those two on the podium that there is a presence of another world. It's quite
striking. I have told you that we see you differently. Will you finally start beginning to realize
that it is true.

It's also the time to start acting, not according to what you want to reach, but according to what
you are. This is what I call assuming your own position.


Today we are going to practice some calisthenics together.

I'm afraid that the understanding of calisthenics has kind of petered out, and instead of being a
whole group activity, it has come to small individualistic groups that are separate from each
other, which is a return to ego-centeredness.

As you train, you need, as much as possible, to have a sense of whole group or wholeness. And
also, be careful to train, not just with one person, but, as much as possible, with an array of
persons. Ideally, you ought to be as rounded as possible, until you realize that the real
calisthenics is utterly different. This is what we are going to show you today.

There is a chronic tendency, and not just with these groups, to practice in order to reach a higher
goal that is, classically speaking, inside. Calisthenics are not for that. Calisthenics are an exercise
in fitness, fitness so that you may express what has to be expressed. And, each of you, when fit,
will be fit differently. This means you each have your own way, or your own qualities ,to bring

I use music. And I observe, in spite of everything I have always said, your tendency is to use
music also-- "because-music-helps-to-bring-along-this-or-that". What you forget is that music is
a language for me. I can do something with it. It is not just a tool accompanying an action; I use it
directly, action-wise. What I am trying to tell you is: Find your own away , a way in which you
can truly express. Find a tool you can use. Don't copy me. Don't copy others.

But you need to practice calisthenics very seriously before you can come out genuinely. Right
now, each of you, except for three, shows a personality centeredness, with an awareness that is
mixed between emotional and mental. The awareness that you have of yourself is the one that the
personality projects, it's an image of yourself, not your real self.

As far as practicing calisthenics is concerned, there are a number of possibilities. you have the
discipline involved in the hologram, i.e., learning to face that which you don't know without
projecting anything, no value, no judgment, no appreciation, no awaring; respecting it, so that it
can show according to itself and not according to restrictions you might impose by your
emotions, mind, or sensory awareness. Learning to face the unknown that is always present in
this room is a very serious exercise, and not too easy to perform. You do it again and again and
again, and one day you really are able to face something new, according to that newness and not
according to your brain. But it has to be done.
We are now going to play a piece of Paganini in four different ways. The first time you will just
enjoy the music. We have worked with Paganini before so you might be tempted to do something
with it, but don't do it. Just enjoy it as you would ordinary music, so that you may have the effect
of the music and only that.

Register how the group feels now, during, and especially after the music. Do the same for
yourself as you live through the different changes going on. And it's not a matter of perceiving,
it's a matter of living through and dwelling with it. Now here already you have a practice that is
not too easy because you mind has a habit of abstracting points from the whole according to
certain references. You recognize this, you recognize that. As much as possible, don't do it. it will
pop up anyway, but don't care about it.

Now, to live with the music. Recognize livance-wise, not item-wise.

( music )

Okay, you see now what the music does to you. You can even observe that for some it brought
your higher life down to more ordinary life, which is perfectly all right because you play the
game of just appreciating according to usual awareness.

Now we are going to play it again. This time I'll ask you to come out with an A (top of the head).
You have practiced for a long time, we'll site what comes out. We have used Paganini before for
this purpose so it should be fairly easy. I want you to register closely how you experience the A. I
say this because tonight we are going to practice another A that will be a fully different story -- so
the first A has to be very clear for you.

( music )

So, register your impression, the way your life position is, the kind of A you register, register that
you know that kind of A there's nothing wrong with it, it's simply that you are now going to face
something else.

Incidentally, except for two of you, whose A's are not solely a product of consciousness, you
have consciousness deciding upon an A which is more or less effective.

Centers of awareness are not of the usual personality. They are kind of open windows that allow
"spirit" to take hold of the personality. They are not the product of the personality.

Now, we have seen with the hologram that if you dwell in All-Encompassingness you might be
said to be the Seer, but this is not the point. All-Encompassingness has a symbol, verticality, that
applies to the A too, meaning All-Encompassingness gives birth to the A. But
All-Encompassingness is not an A function.

So, we will play Paganini again and we will dwell in All-Encompassingness. The Pilot dwells,
and in the work that we do the Pilot definitely has the characteristic of what we call Christ -- so
you could say Christ dwells in All-Encompassingness.

( music )

As you can notice the whole atmosphere has changed. You might even notice that, in your own
experience, you face something that you cannot explain -- it goes beyond consciousness. You can
feel it in the air. And it's not just "your" experience it's a pervading condition. Also notice that
your previous experience with the music did not lead to this condition. The condition contains it's
own authority. You cannot make a relation and say "I felt this, so now if I do this I will reach
here and then I will be there". You cannot say it. You cannot experience it that way.

Now this time with the music we are going to let the A come out as, well, some speak of a
condensation of this pervading condition. Condensation is an image and if you don' t take it too
seriously it's okay, but it is not a condensation -- still it's intimately related.

So, let the A come out according to this condition.

( music )

If you allow yourself to live freely the condition you experience now, you will notice it is not a
product of consciousness -- not in any way. Linked to that, you are not the same identity you had
a moment before. Please register it.

Let me remind you of an example I have often given:

In guided fantasy work there is an experience I have called "going to the sun". This experience
has several points that are absolutely typical:

A person climbs a mountain, then soars away, higher and higher. He goes through different layers
of atmosphere, higher and higher. In the process he loses his physical shape (remember this). He
comes to a place that is utterly and completely dark, and there he loses the impulse that brought
him higher and higher -- the impulse is just gone. There is nothing anywhere. The person doesn't
know what to do, he does not know where to go -- there is a kind of disorientation because all
impulses are gone. The drive is gone, if you want. At this point the psychologist has to step in
and suggest that he look around to see if there is a point somewhere that might be attracting him.
So the person turns around and looks and he discovers an attraction.

Now this implies a huge change. The impulse to soar starts from a certain base, let us say, the
valley floor. It takes you up the mountain (which belongs to the same landscape) and beyond, but
always according to the base from which you started -- until this way of functioning doesn't work
any longer and you are completely lost. Then you change over into another mode.

That you are drawn toward this condition in the night' has many implications. One is a complete
change in the way of acting, meaning dynamics, the impulse that makes you act -- it's the
opposite of the previous one. Then, you have lost your body. Also,. with the change of modes
there is a change of polarity too. From here on, the sun is the center and not the earth. You
change from personality to spirit.

That night is what John of the Cross described as the the three nights before the dawn. The night
of the senses, the night of the understanding, and the night of the soul. Whatever way you use,
you go through a total night in which the senses don't work any longer, your understanding,
which implies your awaring, no longer works, and your higher, deeper sense of soul doesn't work
either. Then you look for something different, which is not the earth but the sun.

Relate this to your experience with A. Symbolically speaking, we have the first A which is a
product of the earth, the last one is a product of the sun. If there is still some remnant of what we
just did in you, you will notice that the the second A, to your awareness, is a lot more refined, to
the point that if you are not careful you just don't sense it as you sense the first one. And you have
a hard time telling if it is on the top of the head or possibly somewhat higher. There is an A, the
quality is here, if you know the function, you have the function, but it is enormously refined. We
could say that the first A you experienced was a reflection, according to awareness, not a true

We observe some points. I told you last time that you have to be careful with the hologram.
There is a discipline that is very strict and you have to get used to it: When you face something
new, that something is new. You have to respect it. This means that all the references you have or
had are of no use. Here we find the symbolism of the night again.

Actually, when you face that night or nothingness there is a branching. What happens most of the
time is that you discover the other side of the known. In the past we have spoken of the mask and
the comedian, I would call the comedian the other side of the known. (The Pilot is not the
comedian.) For us the comedian is still personality, except that it is a much more extended
personality. Or, if you want, you could say that you face something new that belongs to the
so-called higher levels that you learn of in any mystical or occult teaching. This is the usual
branching that happens. The other branch takes you into that night and there is nothing, just plain
nothing, and you-give up all -- it really happens.

Then there is the dawn. You feel the attraction, which proves to be the sun. The sun is the symbol
of God. The sun is the symbol of the real you -- but be careful -- the sense of identity is gone.

Now I tell you many things, and I expect that your minds will work on them very actively, and I
hope that little by little you will really do it.

I quote very often something from Patanjali that I find very beautiful: "Atman projects itself into
chitta (mind substance) and the mind makes an image of Atman (feels being that); the one who
knows and the knowledge is not in chitta". In chitta we have a function, like a computer if you
want, with a definite substance to it.

You hear me, you take it as information and it might make sense for your mind or it might not,
but it is required that you realize that your mind is not the one who knows. You are not the image
that is in the mind. Atman is not that. The image is produced by an act of Atman but is not

Now suppose you challenge your sense of identity, every day, you will-find something else --
according to the two ways I just described. The most obvious branching is usually a kind of
higher form of self, and this includes Atman. Or, you go through the night and then you are the
sun -- not Atman. This might be a little too much for your mind. The implications are very
serious because of the position of what you are that you have to assume.

Okay, let's go to the second exercise. We will do the same with a piece of Chopin. First, enjoy
the music and see how your life shapes, what prevails in the room, what you can see around

( music )

So you have a first expression. We are going to play it again and this time you come out with U
(middle of forehead). You have previous experience and you might be tempted to play that U in a
higher range. well , if you are tempted just do it. Do whatever you-can.

( music )

As you can see it's quite different from the A you came out with, so you have a different
atmosphere. Pick out something that has some interest. Right now I tell you many things in the
hope that one day you will be able to do the same yourself. There are things you can read,
symbolism that applies. For instance, previously we had two who came out with an A more
spirit-wise, this time it wasn't that good -- the presence of spirit wasn't that strong. The A center
is the one that has the least influence frolm nature? - meaning spirit is the freest. But with the U
spirit begins to shape (shaping is a U function). And, as you experience with yourself, living
spirit is kind of fine, and when you start shaping you don't exactly know how to do it. You have
interference from thoughts, concepts etc. When you live spirit, the shaping goes according to that
spirit. This means that as practice goes you have to start working on shaping spirit-wise, and you
have to be able to make the difference between shaping spirit-wise and shaping according to the

There is something further I wanted o tell you. It seems that some of you take seriously the need
to express the professional side of spirituality -- not spirituality as it is seen by the consciousness,
but as it is.

Okay, so you came out with a U , if you really want to help you have to have the ability to sound
the U throughout so that everyone responds. Professional work does not ask what you
understand, it asks what you can do. You sound a U and U shows. Bear this in mind when you
train. You work until it works. As I have said many times, you can create all the illusions you
want, but when you face, let us say, this group and you sound a note it has to show.

What do we have up to now? You have a kind of average working here, but none of this is
effective. You live U, yes, but for yourself. You put your attention on U and you start feeling
something -- it's not the point. This is how you have started, but don't stop there.

You know the intention you put in your movement is very important. If your intention is just to
be aware of the U that is one proposition, but for those who are a bit more serious, the intention
has to be that the U work. Everything in the room has to respond to the U. You see us doing it all
the time. Why don't you have the same goal? We do not expect that you can achieve it right away
because of all of the veils the consciousness puts over reality, but you can at least have the strong
intent that goes in that direction and nothing less. This you can put into motion. Your intention
has the freedom to set the direction but the shaping is, as I said, somewhat difficult. But at least
when you start, start with a high goal: You want that to work. And you have to deal with facts,
not according to your appreciations inside which can always be distorted by your own desires.

So let's play All-Encompassing Love. When the Pilot dwells in All-Encompassing Love He is
said to be the Knower. Now be careful. The symbol of All-Encompassing Love in the hologram
is verticality and a kind of horizontality -- both together --so you don't have the birth of a U
without an A in it. But then we deal with orders of life That are different. There is no Condition
and there is no Love because these words belong to the ordinary consciousness. And You will
notice that if you, the person, decides that you will radiate tremendous Love, All-Encompassing,
it won't work. Don't make this mistake with the mind and.start radiating. The Pilot dwells. Forget
about the doingness that you have in your personality. Allow yourself to dwell in that unknown
called All-Encompassing Love and see what happens. It's unknown, it's another order of life, but
when that order of life is active, something happens even in the known order.

( music )

I observe that a few of you respond soul-wise, which is typical with that kind of dwelling in
which soul becomes a greater reality than usual. For those who respond, watch what happens
when the U sounds in the same surrounding. Okay, let's go with the second.

( music )

As you look around, you can see that the U shows on the forehead of everyone. A lot more
consistently than it did before, but a lot lighter too, which is the case with everything called
"spirit". Chris and Wayland, you will notice that you didn't lose your position, on the contrary
you're more evidently based. The shaping didn't take away the verticality as it did the first time to
some extent. Right now it's the contrary, you're more rounded. So it's for you to learn to make the
difference between the two propositions.

Now, I want to interject something because of a letter I received from-one of you, asking about
the appropriateness of some training to express physically with dance. It's a cluttered room so we
cannot dance, but I would like you to experience something because the issue is serious.

It happens every once in a while to practically everyone that, depending on what happens to your
soul, you feel like dancing, or flying like a butterfly, something like that. This is a form of
expression of soul joy.

We will play a Chopin waltz and I will play with you as, let's call it a soul dance, but no physical
expression whatsoever -- the spirit of dance is lived, soul-wise.

( music )

Now, feel in yourself, in the room and so on, the quality of life, the kind of delicacy there is, the
kind of transparency. Now we are going to play it again, but this time feel yourself physically
dancing. Really feel yourself moving. okay let's do it.

( music )

Participant: The first time through I could follow the action and I felt like physically moving. The
second time through there was no response. I had no sense of joy, no sense of physical action at
all. This seems very strange.

Martin: It could mean that you depend on the joy I give you to trigger the action instead of
generating it in yourself. We have the same piece of music.

Participant: I thought it was the same joy included in both cases, maybe that was not true.

Martin: First, let us observe a few points. Translated psychologically, what just happened was
that you took something that you have lived, let us say, super consciously (positive polarity) into
subconscious activity or impulsiveness. I hope you follow. The first movement was more super
conscious, the second subconscious.

Follow closely, because this is precisely what happens in the world today, i.e., the translation of
super conscious material into subconscious impulsiveness and then it's gone -- you have lost the
finer qualities. It's obvious, you can see it, you have all reduced your "higher" vibration, the
higher condition is gone. The subconscious is that part of nature that spirit does not master. Spirit
is you . You have lost control.

You might think that maybe I don't understand dance. Well, you might be wrong. Not long ago I
was a dancer. I can even smell the dust of the stage. I know what dance is, and in a way I dance a
lot, ,you simply don't look in the right place. I know what the feeling of dance is and I know
about the impulse that makes you want to express it in movement, but if you do it that way you
change the polarity of what is playing. The joy is a spirit joy and you translate it into a nature
aspect without the dominance of spirit. I don't say that you cannot dance physically what you
live, but it requires a great mastery. The M zone has to be awakened if you want to express
physically. I haven't seen one person who is able to work positively in the M zone in the practice
with the centers that we have seen tonight. of course when we play the other version of the
centers it's another story, but you have no grip on that other condition with your consciousness.

As an example, If I ask you to give out an A, or a U you know beforehand that you cannot. This
is what you are going to tell me every time. And I am going to tell you that you are a liar because
you just did it. you just did it and in the next sentence you are able, without blushing, to come out
and tell me that you cannot do it. This just to give you a measure of your handling of your
consciousness. And you really believe in what consciousness tell you.

To give you a hint, I spoke earlier about being able to sound an A, U or M and having it appear
all around, in the atmosphere etc. Well, psychologically, if you work on the M zone, it's going to
show as a change in that part of consciousness that is close to sub consciousness, or completely
subconscious. There are two states which belong to that: the dream state which is classified as
subconscious and that state, kind of half awake in which you have some control, but your
imagination wanders and there's a lot of imagery going on. When you work on the M zone
positively this stage changes quite a bit and the control in the dream as well. If there is no change
in these two aspects it means you are not doing it.

It all boils down to being pragmatic and not being happy with half measures.

Let's play that dance again.

( music )

You will notice with that kind of music that the sensing is a lot more subtle, a lot more refined. If
you try to express it physically that subtlety and fineness will be gone. You have to be aware that
when you experience, than it is not your mind experiencing. You whole body experiences as
well. Sensory awareness reaches a lot further you are used to.

Participant: Would what you expressed about dance apply to all forms of movement? Playing
music or painting?

Martin: Well I guess if you would play your feeling with a musical instrument, and you were
good with it, it might work better ,more easily than dance. if you play a violin or guitar,
especially the stringed instruments that allow you to give a lot of shades, it might be easier than
dance. But as far as dance as a mode of expression ,impulsive dancing is not fit.

I'm not offering you a theory. We just made a demonstration of what it does. We face evidences,
not theory. You have to learn to face life as it is and not as you abstract it with your

You know sometimes I tell you that the mind is always reflecting, unless you train it, and you say
"yes" and "amen". This is not the proper answer. The proper answer is to start noticing it and
finding the points where you have proof of it. And you cannot do it with the mind. If you act
from a reflection the result will still be a reflection.

So there must be something else -- and there is something else, right within consciousness. The
habit is to look elsewhere, but the elsewhere is right here.
You experienced, for instance, the A that you produced tonight and then we introduced another
quality, something more realistic, and you experienced that as well. flow did you do it? It's not
done with your mind, but you still came out with it. I wonder if you ever Ponder on that and
mature with that a little. There must be a condition that is real that from time to time shows.
Learn to face it. It has to be done every day.

You have heard the Eastern people saying that everything is maya. Maya is supposed to be the
great illusion .. The procedures you decide to create in-order-to is maya. Every time we work
together you come out differently without using these procedures. You want to start from the
existing functions called consciousness in order to reach something that is utterly different. You
cannot. Something different is different. By insisting on using ,what is known you don't bring
along something different. You might refine what is known, but if you want to face a different
reality, or, let us say, reality itself instead of its reflection, then you have to go through the night.
You have to face what you live without any of the references you have, just plain none of them --
conscious., subconscious or super conscious.

Now we are going to play Mozart, but this piece being long, we will play it only once. I will play
it with you according to what we did with the two previous ones.

When the Pilot dwells in All-Encompassing Beauty... contains the first and second movements as
well -- all three together.

( music )


As you know, Christmas is the time of the birth of Christ. Also, symbolically, it is the time of the
birth of Christ consciousness in mankind. I call this the Christ factor, and the Christ factor
literally makes mankind children of Christ. We will become acquainted with this factor tonight.

You might know, intellectually at least, or you might sense, that humanity is undergoing a major
change -- and not just the change of cycle from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Although, as you
might know, the change of age implies that what was hidden in the Piscean age comes out into
the open in the Aquarian age. What was the training of the Christian initiates comes out as
everyday training in this new age. Some of it we do right here.

The Christ factor, is now activated in mankind, and one of the changes that it brings along you
might not have thought of. According to Steiner, what is called "mankind" is made up of the top
third of each previous eternity, or day of creation. You have to expect that this situation is going
to repeat itself. You are going to witness some sort of split between those who have worked
along the line of the Christ factor and those who haven't or couldn't -- whatever. In a way I could
say that the agent of that split is the Christ factor.

I want you to face some important points once again, so that little by little you can become aware
in a more mature way.

The way you hear all of the teachings, and I do mean all of them, is personality or geo-centered
(geo or earth being the person and sun being spirit). There are tremendous discrepancies. One, for
instance, is believing that the Hierarchy, in which you have initiates of all degrees, up to the
highest, is here to serve you. Now, if you read the same teachings, you might know that on any
level, especially in the so-called "higher" ranks, you have beings that are not from this earth. Did
it ever occur to you to wonder what these beings are in their own surroundings? We come to a
time when the mind begins to explore further, and you might begin to be interested in what other
beings are, and how they work.

What mankind does can be translate symbolically, and then you can know where mankind stands.
So, let's take the symbolism a bit further. One of the symptoms we can come up with is the
exploration of space. Man went to the moon. It was a first attempt to go beyond earth, with one
drawback symbolically; the moon belongs to the earth. In astrological symbolism the moon
stands for the earth, so actually they didn't leave earth, they went to a more subtle part of it --
sufficiently far away to realize that the earth is beautiful. Realizing that earth is actually beautiful
seen from space was one of the first great experiences of the astronauts. They discovered that
there is something to earth that you don't register when you live on it, that is, earth experienced as
a being. Some of them were even able to express it. Now that's something new coming out into
the open. It means that it's now operative and your concrete mind can deal with the situation. The
same minds have now started to send probes even further out, still in the solar system, but
beyond the moon. Translated symbolically this means the mind is able to perceive further than
earth itself.

You might wonder why there is a renewed interest in so called psychic abilities, spiritual healing,
whatever you want to call these things. Science is now becoming interested, and this is the same
symbol as probes being sent out into space.

Participant: Many medical schools are now requiring courses in psychic phenomena etc.

Martin: Which is a very good point. This shows that little by little the change becomes official.

It is for you to realize that the times are changing and you have to readjust your minds to the
present situation. You cannot continue with the old mind. It's not fit for the existing situation.

So, when we speak of the Christ factor, you have to realize that the Planetary Logos, whose body
is the earth, is not a product of the earth. You feel being a product of the earth, but you cannot put
the Logos on the top of that same scale. The Logos is different. He is not a product of the earth.
He uses the earth. This means it's an entirely different situation, and, if we use space symbolism,
He is a being of space. He is not bound to earth itself as a product of the earth. You face a
situation that functions in a completely different way.

When the Christ factor is activated, what is activated is not a product of this earth either. It's a
huge difference, try to face it. Don't expect the Christ factor to be one more addition to what you
already have. We cannot put what the Christ factor is into words. You experienced it last week in
the Christmas service. Some of you experienced that something was happening, and some of you
experienced that nothing was happening. The Christ factor cannot be grasped by the mind. I
come back to the symbolism of space. When man sends a probe out to another planet in the
system, he still remains on earth and receives signals. This is perception. When you go there you
live it. it's very different. You can live the Christ factor and thus experience it without being able
to describe anything, without being able to use your sensory, emotional, or mental perception --
all of these fail. Christ is not from the earth, your perceptions are from the earth -- this is a point
that the usual mind fails to recognize. Times do change and you have to retrain your mind.

Obviously, something that is not from this earth, symbolically speaking, is lived as a livance first,
and only in the last resort comes down on the earth. The fact that Christ incarnated means that the
Christ factor can play all the way down and into the personality, but 2,000 years is very recent, so
the person is going to be aware of it only in the last resort. However, you are more than a person.
The problem is that you try to reach for the "more" with your brain, or you identify it with an
image in your brain. Atman (the real you) reflects himself in chita (mind substance) and makes
an image of Atman. The mind then takes the image as being the real thing. Now if by some
chance you drop your usual mind and use a more mature one there are many implications. One of
them is that you no longer identify with your instrumentality. Currently, all of what you live is
along the line of instrumentality. You always have a shape, be it physical, emotional, or mental.
Atman does not.

With the Christ factor there is going to be a change. The Christ factor is not an instrument, and I
have to predict that because we are going to work with that Christ factor all the time now, there
will be identity crises in the groups. Symbolically speaking you will begin to be able to identify
yourself as sun rather than earth. When the sun aspect becomes strong enough you will begin to
sense something deeply wrong in you. You will feel dissatisfaction. You may become disgusted
with yourself. You may despair that you will ever make any headway. You may feel that nothing
works etc. All this being an inverse reflection of the other condition coming down. If this occurs
remember that the sun does not express in terms of earth, it works differently.

In my experience of human beings on earth, they take the hardest possible way, for sport. So they
go into confusion, despair, some might even revolt. They have to go through all this to finally
realize that what is nagging them is the so-called "higher" condition they have looked for all
along -- and when it comes they don't recognize it. In St. John it is said that when the Word came
among His own they did not recognize Him. When you come down into your person, don't
expect to be recognized by that person. They, the functions of the person, will not recognize you.

You can allow yourself to go into despair because it's very interesting, or because you are trying
to attract the attention of other beings, or simply because you like it. You could just as well
approach from another angle and feel finally coming home. But this implies that the person
recognize what is coming, most people don't.

Participant: It's confusing because I remember through the years you have said that we'll always
feel more like ourselves when the other condition comes down. But then I put my attention on
my personality and go "ugh!"

Martin: What is " yourself ?"

Participant: That's the confusion.

Martin: Right. To be oneself in society is to be a better ego, but everyone knows that the ego is
an artificial picture of your real self created for the purpose of centering the lower functions.
Once you have mastered them sufficiently the ego goes.

To respond to your statement, you begin to realize that what you call "self" is not what you
thought. You will realize that whatever you think you are, what you live is always greater, more
complex, richer -- always. It's time for you to realize that you function with more than the three
modes of awaring (sensory, emotional, mental ). There always is more than that and you have to
learn to be consistent with it.

I am going to play a piece of music for you to help remind you of that unsatisfactory situation we
have now with how the teachings are heard and followed. We are going to play a piece of music
and in that music we are going to play, symbolically, along the line of the Hierarchy. It's
something you know. It belongs to the earth, but don't fool yourself, what will be played is great,
not small. The Hierarchy that you understand and the Hierarchy as a reality are two very different
propositions, but still I will play according to the usual direction, that is, what people call
achievement: reaching a high degree of initiation, reaching mastery.

Look at how you feel now, at what you show now, how you relate to the whole group, possibly
more than the group. I always have to tell you this because people are so earth centered that they
forget about the planets and the sun. The whole system, sun, planets, and earth symbolically
constitute yourself .

So I want you to be as aware as possible of the first condition, how it shows in the room, how it
feels inside, around, and so on. You will also notice that in it there is a known factor, even if you
cannot describe it. Mankind has worked with it for a long time. It's in everyone's genes, so it's
bound to give you the ,feeling of something known. But don't try to grab anything. Your mind
and feelings abstract what they can from what is lived and I call this grabbing too. Be satisfied to
live and then look around and see what happens. For those who weren't aware of anything at the
Christmas session I would say: simply look around, don't try to define, simply live. You will be
obliged to see that after a session like that you are different. You feel different, and little by little
it will become more conscious. But it has to be lived first, until the consciousness adjusts. Get
used to living in the first place, not in the last place. Stop thinking that you first have to
understand in order to live. You have to live first, otherwise how can you stand under, you
wouldn't know where it is.

So, let's play the first proposition.


As you can see, you are greater than you were before, and you cannot minimize it. There is more
purpose in you. More presence. More presence has more weight. I also want you to recognize
that nearly instinctively you are looking for something like this. You're reaching up for this. And
the "this" includes a lot more than the persons. In this condition you can begin to realize that we
are not alone in the room, which you usually forget in your ordinary condition.

_ You will notice that in this condition, if we speak of Hierarchy it has a reality somewhere. It's
not just a picture. So live that condition fully, don't try to analyze it. Simply allow yourself to live
as clearly and fully as possible, without distorting it with preconceived ideas, desires, or
whatever. The Christ factor will bring something different, and the difference is mainly in what
you live. Those who are visually sensitive will see a difference also. The relation of all of you in
the room will be different too. But you cannot analyze it with your mind. You can live it. So be
content living it and realizing the difference. This will be repeated until your instrumentality
begins to be adjusted to it.

Now we are going to play exactly the same piece again, this time with the Christ factor.

For those who can see, there is an obvious difference. You will notice that in what you live there
is one aspect that is a lot lighter around and through everyone. If you tune into the lightness you
will see that the bodies give the feeling of some sort of transparency, and the same with the field.

The purpose of this evening is to make what I call the "Christ factor" more obvious, clearer to the
awareness. This being so, this factor underlies the whole session anyway. So when we play the
aspect called "Hierarchy" we have to establish a kind of screen, hiding the underlying. Now,
some people go into the underlying anyway. I mean the screen doesn't work. It might work
consciously but it might not work super-consciously.

Still, practically speaking, you have to observe that before the music you had a certain quality
pretty much scattered throughout. With the music it took a certain shape that was more
homogeneous and consistent, with a certain strength to it. So the music brought something along.
But because you haven't yet mastered the situation some fading is obvious. Now you come to an
in-between stage where you can again feel the underlying current. But when we play the music
again, according to the underlying current, that underlying current will come forward a lot
stronger. This is what usually happens.

You will also notice that some of the clarity we spoke of is still there. This started last week with
the Christmas session. This is a lesson for those who said they didn't experience anything. It
happens anyway. It might not express or have become dynamic, but some change is there, I can
see it. It's up to you to make it active.

Do you have other questions about what we just experienced, or possibly a comment ?

Participant: The Christ consciousness or the Christ factor that is being demonstrated, is that born
of some higher condition, or is it a condition that exists of its own already?

Martin: To be candid, things are born from the Christ factor not the reverse. The Christ factor is
here in the first place not in the last. It might be last only for consciousness. Follow symbolically
the development of consciousness, or your ability to handle things in this life, from babyhood.
First you couldn't walk, then you learned to walk, you learned to speak, and so on. You went to
school, you learned more and more. Then you grew up and matured, seeing things differently all
the time. You became more and more mature, or you could also say more and more
encompassing, until finally you possibly encompassed the Christ factor. Now, this is a
perspective in time and space. The Christ factor can be lived with time and space and also with
no time and no space. You as a being work in time and space but you are not time and space. So
the awareness that you finally "reach" the Christ factor simply comes out of the way your mind is
trained, that is, observing appearances.

I told you the example of the child who learns to walk, learns to speak, learns to grasp whatever
they teach at school and then you say he is mature. Possibly. But there are those who do not fully
agree with this because they realize that the child is fully adult even in the womb and able to
acknowledge things you wouldn't dream of. It's simply that the instrumentality is incapable of
communicating and it is only the instrumentality, the physical aspect, that is growing. It does not
mean that the being is not an adult from the beginning. This is still very often forgotten. Now,
you deal with yourself in the same way. Because the mind grows and becomes more mature you
feel that you are growing, but you miss the adult behind. Atman is fully adult -- to a degree you
don't even dream of. So don't be mixed up with the apparent aspects of your instrumentality,
mainly here the physical body, there is more to it -- the you using that body.

We are going to play a piece of music again. This time in three different ways. First you will play
it. We won't help, meaning we won't give the note. You do your best. watch your position and
that of the group. Never be satisfied observing yourself. You learn much to slowly that way.
Look around as well. Recognize what is going on in yourself and in the room. Very often the
room will give you clues to what you don't have or don't think of in yourself.

The second time we will play according to the image of the Hierarchy, or it would be more
correct to say according to what you achieve.

The third time we will play with the Christ factor. I want you to observe, at the end of each way
of playing, how you live yourself , as identity, because you will notice three different identities.
It's very important . I want you to observe another point too, this is, your relation to space, and
not just in this room. Your sense of freedom in space will be different each time. That sense is
linked with the sense of identity. Whatever space is doesn't need to be physical space, but it
pertains to a kind of freedom you have.

So, first alone, then according to what you achieve, and the third time with the Christ factor. I
repeat, watch the change of identity, but don't watch the change continuously as the music is
going on. Watch it before the music and just after, at the end of the music ,to have some contrast.


Do you have comments or questions?

Participant: Martin, the change is very obvious between the first and last piece but what concerns
me is why we do not seem able to do it, even with the intent or the deep desire?

Martin: Did anyone observe that with both the first and second one you were reaching up? With
the third one it was the reverse?

Participant: What I experienced more than just reaching up was a projection. A projecting out
with the first and second one, but most evident in the first. It was a real nice projection.

Martin: And how was it in the second one?

Participant: An even nicer one.

Martin: The third one?
Participant: No, the third one was different. I don't know what it was.

Martin: It's an interesting point, because you show just a beginning of awareness that with the
first two you can make projections , but they don't work with the third. The livance of the third
one makes the projection show as a discrepancy, because technically it works the other way
around. Projection is possible only by the mind, emotions and feelings. When you become aware,
let us say, in a more mature, more serious, less personal way, then the projection disappears. But
you still have a kind of soaring up ,which is the old trend, because the person remembers
something that is symbolically above.

With the first piece. You are the above, symbolically speaking. But not just that, because with the
second one you can be the above also. You have to learn to make the difference. You know, we
have initiates in the groups, they simply don't know it. They haven't yet connected. Suppose they
connect. They are here to bring something. So you have the reversal of the movement. Instead of
soaring up you come down and out, symbolically speaking. The Christ factor brings still
something new, even into that, and this is what you have to discover little by little.

I want to give a word of encouragement. The first one you did yourself. You've never done that
well by yourself before. Did you notice it? It had a very nice quality. Among other things you are
already infected by the Christ factor. You showed some of it in what you did. So obviously
something is happening.

Participant: In the first one, did you really do nothing?

Martin: I looked around.

Participant: I experienced, in the beginning, a certain maintenance of what lived in the room, and
the longer the music went on, the way I experienced it was like being dragged down, pulled
down. It got heavier and heavier. I was wondering if that was just the condition we play with, or
if you did something in that to display something.

Martin: No, I didn't do a thing. No more than usual. So actually the better quality you showed
was your "achievement" -- disregarding, of course, what is going on in the room. But the "what is
going on" is not from me or you, it is "what is going on". So, if you are sensitive to it, you come
out with a better quality, but you cannot look at it personally. What I did was just look at you,
and kind of appreciate that you didn't kill everything.

Now you didn't speak about the change of identity. Did you feel a change? Or the other
proposition ,did you observe a change in freedom?

Participant: The space in which things were playing was very, very different. In the beginning
and after the middle of the first time it was like a different substance was being played with or
worked with, and then there was a complete change during the last one.

Martin: Do you mean that in the first two the feeling of space had substance in it, but not with the
third one?

This is a way to put it actually. You might have noticed that the first two were more solid, more
substantial, and that substantiality cannot be used in the third one. Did you also notice in the third
one that you did not reach up? Reaching is gone. You're in the position where the situation is
that, you live that, you are that.

Participant: I could offer an experience. In the first two, to speak of center of gravity meant
something, with the the third I am at a loss to express center of gravity.

Martin: First of all, I have to remind you that, contrary to what the mind thinks, identity is a
variable, infinitely variable. When you feel "me", "me" is felt as a kind of fixed point. It is not.
You have to train your mind to acknowledge that the identity changes every time you change
position. When you live in the fullness of freedom you have with the Christ factor, you cannot be
a limited person. The limited person is incidental in that fullness, instead of being the thing, and
this implies, symbolically, a change in identity. You begin to realize that the ego image you have
with the usual consciousness does not apply in this condition, or something is deeply wrong in
the usual consciousness. It's not that what is perceived has no value, but the limitation imposed
does not exist in reality.

Other comments or questions?

Participant: When there is a sensing or some experiencing of the other condition, there's the
freedom that you mentioned, that's noticeable, but it seems pretty quickly that my attention is
drawn to the senses, more to an earth-centered expression.

Martin: The tendency is to translate what you live with a greater freedom into perception, to
make an image of it. At that time the center is the usual person, but the original movement is a lot
more free, meaning or an instant you have another identity. You belong in that freedom, but then
the consciousness grabs. It's used to doing that. The consciousness pretends to explain everything
according to its own terms. But you learn little by little to stop that, and this you do by continuing
to live. You cannot block consciousness, and it is not recommended, but you can make it very
relative. Consciousness abstracts this or that, but in the meantime you live the fullness of it, not
just the angle of the consciousness. So little by little you learn to live the fullness until the usual
functions quiet down, because you are not interested. You cannot live the fullness of that
freedom with something that knows only the earth.

You might understand why I use the picture of the greenhorn for the hologram: four feet on the
earth, limited to grazing in the meadow. The other image is a spaceship? at home in space. What
you say is to be expected, and it is this you have to change.

The change is easier when you accept that you are not the identity you have pictured. By far not.
We see you differently. The usual response of the consciousness is: "Well, I believe you", but
you persist in seeing yourself in the same old way. Even knowing the possibility that someone
else can see you differently doesn't change anything. It makes you happy, but you still continue in
the same old way. one day you will suddenly realize that if someone sees you differently , the fact
is that you are different from the image you have.

When you live the greater freedom, you are "someone else". Learn to stay with it. This is what I
call assuming. There is a responsibility involved. If you assume the greater position, you cannot
behave as you did before. The whole life is different. Things are perceived differently -- even the
sense of matter, body, and so on changes.

Participant: Would you even want to ...

Martin: Want to what?

Participant: Be like you were before.

Martin: I never met someone who really wanted less.

Taking things at another level, when the Christ factor works and you assume what you have to
assume, then there is no wanting. There is what is to be done and you do it. So that's the end of
the old way of wanting.


To begin I want to remind you of what we did at Christmas, and make you a little more aware of
what I have called the Christ factor. I also want you to be aware that the introduction of the
Christ factor in humankind changes humanity. After a while, you will begin to observe this

One part of humankind will make it according to the change and one part will follow the old
trend. This is why, when we speak according to the hologram, we speak of the spaceship, which
is not a continuation of the greenhorn. As far as imagination goes, you can understand that kind
of picture, but can you live it? That's another story. And we are confronted with a very serious
situation in this respect. You have to learn to be absolutely able to make the difference between
understanding, seeing, conceptualizing, and, on the other side, living. If you look at the public in
general, you would be surprised at how few people know what living means, experientially. The
great majority of people, and that includes those in the groups, think that when they have a vivid
picture it is living. So I will try to give you a very simple way to help, but like most simple
things, you might have a hard time coming to it. The procedure is simply this:

When you live a condition, allow all the cells of the body to live it too -- all the cells, not just the
shape of your hands, or the shape of your feet.

Now this sounds fairly simple, except those who know might say it's fairly difficult. Now
basically it's not difficult at all. The difficulty comes from the mind directing the body to do it.
We have already seen that any part of the body, and that includes each single cell, has an
intelligence of its own. Allow this to play.

In order to double check if you are living or not, you have to learn to see -- livance -wise. It's very
easy to see, and I have an idea of a training you can do in order to learn to see:

Ask a person to sit in front of you and focus their mind's eye on some part of the body, then you
tell which part it is. The person can even try to trick you by looking up at the ceiling with the
eyes and focusing the attention on the feet.

In this way you will learn to see where the attention goes, that is, where the real movement of the
head is. It's a fairly easy exercise, and I think you can learn quite quickly. But, it has to be done.

We come to a point where we have to face something that is utterly different. Symbolically, the
book is an introduction that allows you to face something utterly different. What you might not
have realized is that the ability to face something totally different implies the abilities
"developed" in the book -- according to the exercises found there, or according to your own
invention. It's not the exercise, it's the faculty that is used that's important.

We've had a chronic situation in which you do an exercise for a time and then you get bored
because it's always the same. You don't realize that you have to go beyond established limits. I
have in mind one of the exercises in the book: the unfolding of desires. You may have worked
with the exercise and found the need behind the desire. Okay. Possibly you may have felt the soul
behind the desire. Okay. No, not okay at all. if you had really mastered the exercise you could
tune into a desire, live it so the others could see it, then tune to the need behind the desire , and, if
you had learned to see what is going on in the head, not the thoughts, but the dynamics, you
would see a broadening and the soul would appear. This is the level involved. Otherwise you
have just followed "understanding". It's better than nothing, but as the word says, at least for my
French ears, it is under-standing -- you're not even level with the situation.

How can we bring you to be able to act? One conclusion that has come to us is: You must learn
to do small things. When you are able to do small things, then you can do greater ones as well. If
you have failed to do the small things, because your desire is to tackle "great" things, then you
suddenly realize that the basics are missing. You don't know how to handle your person. You
don't know what changing the center of gravity means. Of, if you want, you don't know what
changing identity means. Or, less difficult, you haven't discovered the real activity of the mind,
the senses, or the emotions. This means you have some work to do, otherwise you will continue
to see things, but not live them. And, as you probably know, the way we work is entirely along
the line of living. When we play together there is a change in the whole room. The life of the
room changes. You live differently. If you haven't made your whole consciousness relative, what
happens? As soon as it is finished, you come back to the old position, and you look at what you
have lived according to the rules of the old condition.

I'd like to take a live example of something that happened to someone in the groups. In the music
session, this person was struggling with feelings, emotions, and realized that handling those
emotions was not easy. What this person had failed to recognize was that the emotions were
stirred up because of an action of the soul behind. So the problem was not one of bringing the
emotions under control but of recognizing the presence and action of soul.

If you don't recognize soul, you will try to put your emotions in order and say to yourself: "Why
was, I that way? or : "Emotions should be calm, so I can enjoy the situation", etc. Suppose that
person, or any person here, had gone through the training of the unfoldment of desires, then the
action of the soul would have been recognized immediately. What I try to convey is not criticism
but a simple, average human situation. You are not different other humans. What I'm stressing is
that every movement you make is meant to bring along some real ability to act. In the instance I
described the soul was showing its presence a bit. Suppose soul had been recognized at that
moment, then what? The center of gravity would have gone from person to soul, and you would
have had soul presence. The emotions would have been immediately beautiful. There would have
been no problem whatsoever. Some people call this mastery.
You need a certain mastery, an ability to do something. You have heard me say very often, it's
not what you understand but what you can do that's important. With the spaceship we have to
deal with the Doer. What can you do? According to the situation, not according to yourself .
When you confront a practical situation and you have the idea to do something, is it according to
the situation? Not always. Even if what is given helps, that help can really stand in the way if it is
not given according to the situation.

I want to offer another practical exercise. We have an expression in French: Begin with the A, B,
C's, and then go on from there -- and you go on only when you have mastered the situation.

One of the problems in the groups is the ability to decide to do something and then do it. That's
one of the first things you have to learn. So, I came across this idea from a psychologist who has
applied it with some remarkable results.

The technique is as follows:

Every evening, decide on something you are going to do the following day and write it down,
leaving space for checking whether you have done it or not. If you are the type who wants to
make comments, leave space for that.

The task to be done has to be simple, very simple. You can for instance decide: "Tomorrow I will
breathe". Then check if you have done it.

You must do this for 21 consecutive days. If you skip a day you must start over, and continue
until you have 21 consecutive days.

I propose this so that you may train your will power. If you want to do something and you don't
have the will power , you are going to dream it instead of doing it. So, I propose this very
seriously. If the first 21 days are too easy for you, you can always start over on another series
with things that are a bit more difficult -- but always on things that you can do. Don't start with
the difficult things first.

And I have to repeat, it must be for 21 days. The psychologist said he didn't know what kind of
cycle it was, but he was sure it had to be at least 21 -- or else it didn't work. Quite interesting.
You can try for yourself.

.There is a lot more involved in the ability to decide than there appears to be. For instance, you
can decide in advance to do something, let us say, a week from then, and shape everything during
that week so that all events converge on that. But this implies that you have a consciousness that
is more than superficial. Will power actually polarizes things in a given direction. If you try this
type of exercise later, you will realize that when you do it you will have a fully different
atmosphere --because you have polarized the whole week in that direction. But this applies to
worthwhile things , otherwise that much polarization is not needed.

I don't ask you to watch what the directive power is, simply begin with the A, B, C's. Later on,
when you are more trained, you can make it more interesting, giving you time to watch the
directive power. can also possibly watch how will power can be misinterpreted. For
most people the will power is emotional: "I will". This is not the will power we speak of. It might
be interesting, later on, to just observe how much "I will" stands in the way of what you want to
lo. "I will" separates you from the whole. The true will power is an action in and of the whole.

So we have two propositions. The first is something you Is can really do, You don't need to
dream about it, you can do it. So what about really doing it. It's a very concrete one which will
give you some discipline for at least 21 days -- but don't stop before you reach 21 consecutive
days, even if it takes a year.

The other proposition is to learn to live and make the difference between what you think you live
and what you live. You might remember how often I've told you that it has to come out, the
whole of you has to live it. We see what you give out, what you radiate.

The physical body is, of course, part of the structure you know, but what I say applies to all the
bodies, not just the physical. It pertains to the instrumentality, and this includes all sense of body,
either heavy or light. You would be surprised how the feeling within the body can change. If you
work with this steadily you will notice that you begin to have some sort of control over the bodily
functions. Of course, this is expressed in a very ego-centered say: benefit for you. if I want to be
straight, I would simply say: Don't dream of helping someone else if you are not able to live
another's condition, and this implies the whole body. Technically, this is what is required.
Practically, you seldom can do it. Sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot, depending on
the situation. You have more affinity with some situations. Maybe you have gone through a
certain type of situation yourself so you are more familiar with it, but, be careful, it's not because
you are familiar with a situation that you are able to tune to it. Maybe you can tune into "that
type" of situation, but "that type" of situation is not the situation.

Do you have questions about living? About learning to make the difference between living and
seeing the situation?

Participant: I've been involved in physical training or body work and there have been a number of
time when I would feel the condition that the person is having in my body, but I feel somewhat
untrained as to maintaining the observer clearly enough so that it doesn't have repercussions in
my body.

Martin: It is a good question because on the level you speak of some people are naturally
sensitive, and they pick up the condition of the other. There are many known examples of the
healer becoming sick and not being able to clear it out.

Participant: I can add some things that I've learned: if the condition is similar to issues that I have
not worked through in myself, I find that's one of the things that gets stuck. The other would be if
I try to take on a sense of needing to help or take responsibility, then it doesn't process out as
clearly. But I still have a lot of confusion about that.
Martin: To work with someone on issues you haven't cleared yourself usually doesn't work. it
applies for anyone. I would say especially in the healing field, with psychologists, because they
use, let us say, an approved method, but there is no one behind.

This brings us back to the main point. The effectiveness is not in the therapy, it is in the one
behind. And the one behind is not a person either. Sometimes when someone is practicing
healing, and they are too much in their head, too self-conscious, deciding too much, or whatever,
I have been compelled to cut off the soul input, or more technically, a kind of life input. Then
they realize that they are acting and nothing is happening. Nothing is happening, in spite of all
that the consciousness is doing -- and this is a hard lesson.

The healer is not the person. This is why we put the emphasis, for instance in the desire exercise,
on coming out with soul presence. You might come out with spirit presence, you can come out in
many ways, but we need something that is not the person.

Participant: Sometimes after I've been with a person ... my person looks back and says: "Oh my
goodness, what happened here?" At that point there is another clearing or another bit of garbage
to deal with.... Again, Thy will be done ... and not try to understand with the head or something.

Martin: Handling life itself is not known by the head at all. In your position, there's one point that
might be interesting for you. When you heal someone and you suddenly feel something in you,
strongly, you have to make the difference between the condition of the person in front of you or
possibly a preconceived idea in yourself about what the person has. You might follow the track
of your preconceived ideas rather than the actual situation, then you can feel things that do not
exist in the other person. You have to be sure that the other person is living that. Better double
check with the person. If you say to the person: "You must have a terrible headache" and the
person says "No, not at all", then double check in yourself. This is what I encourage all of you to
do. You already know some possible ways. Invent what you can, but deal with situations in
which you really handle something.

Participant: Can you say there is no danger what with magnetic energy and all, to allow yourself
to feel the condition....

Martin : There is a definite danger. As I said, you can pick up the sickness of the person and
really become sick in the same way. I've heard many people complaining about the problem of
picking up the other's condition and not being able to get rid of it, both in the type of work you
describe and also with psychologists. It exists, you cannot ignore it. This means you have to be
able to control your sensitiveness. Now, who controls it? Definitely not the ego-image you have
of yourself. If you act, not because you have learned to heal, but because of real compassion,
there isn't much problem. But if you are self-reflexive, and you start admiring what you do, or
deciding it works beautifully, or that it doesn't work. at all, then you can be in trouble.

"Thy will be done" is a kind of security. It helps you get out of "I am doing it", but it has its
drawbacks too.
Technically you have to assume the responsibility for what you do --this implies that the you is
the healer, not the person.

Then you have to be ready for something else. Forget about healing magnetically. If you decide
to give that way, you will give that way. Maybe you are skilled in another way, but have learned
to conform to some method. It's making the method powerful instead of your coming out. See
what I mean?

Participant: I don't really understand. I've heard about magnetic energy, but I relate more to the
compassion you speak of. There is no question at that point, there is a knowing of what to do.

Martin: Okay, if you come to the point where is no question, hen don't come in with formulations
either. Do what you have to do. Period. At that point the biggest difficulty is self- reflexiveness .

Okay, let's come back to living. Do you have questions about that?

Maybe sometimes you think you are ready to be professionals and then I look around. You would
be surprised if I were to point out the ones who are living and how much, and the ones who are
not. Reality is without pity. I know some of you complain that I put you down. It's not my
intention, but this is how it is taken. Therefore I have to wait until you are of professional size
and able to take the situation as is instead of how you would like it to be.

There is another point: the now. Learning to live now is fantastically difficult for the mind. Your
mind works linearly, coming from the past, going to the future. There is no now. The only now
that the mind knows is a kind of interruption somewhere between the past and the future. If you
live now there is the wholeness of what is lived, with no becoming whatsoever. You do not
change one condition into another in the now. Now is not a decision of the mind. As I said, the
mind is used to working linearly, you haven't yet trained it to work differently. And don't tell me
you have. You might have thought about it, but not lived it. The now implies the whole of you,
not just your ego-image. The whole of you is not the image you have of yourself, it cannot be.

I want you to realize that the image you have of yourself is a product of your sensations,
emotions, and mind, with a little intuition of something else added to make the picture nicer, and
a great deal of dream. A good recipe, no?

When you are whole there is no self-awareness. There is a presence. You don't need
self-awareness for presence. Self-awareness is the self- reflectiveness that you know at the level
of your usual personality. Don't think that self- reflectiveftess is going to spread over the whole
of you. Definitely not. Learn to face the now as an utterly unknown situation, meaning without
references from the becoming part of your consciousness. The situation as of now is this, and
"this" is a dynamic situation, not a picture.

When you tune to someone to help in the now, you are not a person. The other one is not either.
You might take care of the person, but according to the whole. Now that sounds like striving
toward a greater whole. When you live the now it's the reverse. You are whole in the first place
anyway, and whatever gap exists tends to be bridged at that moment. The whole of you means
most of the acting part is utterly unknown by consciousness, and for this you are not prepared.
Please realize. The sensory functions belong to the person. Emotional functions as well. Mind
functions as you know them too. Don't try to project that over the whole universe. Accept that
there other functions working differently. Learn to face the now as being very, very different. The
three functions you know are only three functions among many functions within the person and
that person is only a small part of you.

Think of the hologram. The greenhorn is not even in the mainstream that produces the spaceship.
Relatively speaking it's a side product. I say this for the pride of your consciousness that thinks it
encompasses the whole world.

Suppose you train to dwell in all- encompassingness . I have nothing against this, it will help. But
I have to warn you that the all- encompassingness you will dwell in is a product of the greenhorn.
In the hologram, it's another order of life for which consciousness has no reference whatsoever.
It's simple discipline for the consciousness. Even the part that is not yet seen has to be quiet. As I
said, I have nothing against your doing it, but don't pretend it is the proposition of the hologram.

One more warning pertaining to higher trainings: Living now belongs to a higher training. I have
to speak of it because it's involved in what we do. We show it and we do it. If several. of you
come together and decide to live now, forget it. Living now is now. It's not mediated by an action
of the mind that decides to do it. You happen to land in the now and that's it. Or it's a "decision"
of the dweller in the now, which is not a person. If your person decides to sit down and live now,
your person blocks the way of the dweller in the now, which is you not an image of you.

Participant: So, are you saying not to try to train in the sense of making a decision to work with
the now?

Martin: In the usual sense of training, don't. You cannot.

Participant: But respect it if that's what happens?

Martin: You said "do it". You cannot do it, but you can live it. If you are used to the now, there is
a flip that happens. It is not the usual condition that revolves into the other one. There is an
abrupt change and what you know as identity is immediately different -- completely. Being
different it gives that kind of flip over.

Another point: In the idea of training you go from one condition, through development, into
another. This does not exist in the now. There is no development. So you cannot take the
movement of training and apply it to the now. This is why I said a moment ago that you happen
to land in the now. Suddenly it's there, it's obvious. At that moment you are not the same person.

Participant: So you're saying it's something that may happen spontaneously.

Martin: Absolutely. But there is a prerequisite. I mean if you want to do it consistently then there
is a point that I haven't approached yet that is mandatory, and it's hard to swallow for the
consciousness. Everything has to be done according to the Christ factor, not according to yourself
doing something. The direction of what has to be brought along is in service to the Christ. The
Christ situation requires that this or that be done and so you do it --and there is no awareness
whatsoever of possessiveness. This is a human situation in which-many things are tested, there is
no possessiveness in it.

Now, we face a problem. I say "I" and I am aware that you are hearing it as the person you
possess. one day you will realize that you don't possess it, but at least for now you think so. So, if
I say "I do this or that" you miss entirely that it is done according to what is involved in the work,
not according to personality. It's work with human samples, which implies mankind, with no
possessiveness at all. If there is no possessiveness, then there is no urge to reach a certain
condition, We work for the Christ. There is no reward and none is expected. There is simply
work to be done and we do it. Participating in the work requires this ability --and this in a world
that is always asking for benefits.

Listen to the preachers, psychologists, doctors, you name it. "If you do this you will gain that." "If
you train you will reach initiation". Gain, gain, gain. And we are in a work where none of this

The problem for us is to bring you to the point where you can possibly participate in a task to be
done. You can decide with your mind to let go of everything, to participate and ask nothing in
return, but it's not that simple. In that position you are still the person deciding. The one who has
decided to come and help is definitely not the person it's a full-fledged being that decides to
incarnate. Well, some of you are in that position, and you persist in seeing yourself as small
persons wanting to reach something.

We are asking for help. I'm speaking professionally. The one who has decided to come in order to
participate can not be just a person. That kind of identity, your ego-image, has to be dropped.
Seriously. Purposefully.

Participant: Martin, I wish you'd comment on a common misunderstanding on the kind of
statement you just made. When you say that the ego-image has to be dropped a lot of people take
that to mean that anything that has to do with the personality , thought or movement or desire, is
something that they should repress or try to down-and-away with a kind of disconnecting fantasy.
It's very dishonoring of the function of that instrument.

Martin: Right. I agree with you. There is a deep tendency to To-so. If any one of you has that
tendency, accept it as being an utter misunderstanding of the situation. I heard you say
"dishonoring"; you are right. It means you are dumb enough to negate the existence of faculties
or functions that are meant to be used. Simply because of a misunderstanding.

I remember reading a teaching that said you have to kill all desire. Well obviously if you are able
to kill all desire you are able to discover other functions. But symbolically speaking this is going
to the sun, and, as we have seen, as long as you are going to the sun you cannot be the sun. You
have to turn around, and when you turn around you are the sun. When you are the sun your
personality is a tool with different functions needed to perform in a certain surrounding.

When you try to kill your desires, psychologically speaking, you desire to kill the desires. As you
know perfectly well this does not work. A desire cannot kill itself. Psychologically you can block
a movement, but if somehow there is too much pressure the dam will burst, or it will overflow
somewhere else in you.

When I say you are not the person, understand this to mean not a negation of the person but as a
greater whole. When you experience the now there is the whole of you.

I might come back to the image of Steiner when he tells about the evolution of man through three
and one-half eternities until now. What has been developed (as a tool) over three and one-half
eternities is present in the now. The whole of you is here, and the whole of you includes the
person. Perhaps you can begin-to understand why you have to master the personal functions, not
block them or discard them. They are meant to bring heaven on earth. Forgetting all the personal
functions is not pushing back or discarding, it is the ability to use or not to use at will -- which is
a proposition that is entirely different.

Why do you think that you have spent nearly one-half an eternity on earth learning to handle that
tool. Only to discard it as being not valuable? It's very simple: Cut your throat, then see how
much you can do among humankind. Even if you are trained as an initiate and can work from the
other side, the action is not the same as if you are incarnated. You need the tool, but you have to
be able to handle it.

Participant: That brings the next level of questions. Most people can't handle the tool and they
have parts.of the tool that they consider ugly, destructive, wrong, immature, all those kinds of
things. They are more than willing to honor and make available the good parts, but when it
comes to the ugly emotions, desires, the immature aspects, that's a different story.

Martin: Let's present a practical picture. When you come here you try, as much as possible, to
bring nice vibrations, even if you are down. You have your ideal picture of the work to be done
and yourself in that work -- and then you have your everyday condition. There is a real
dichotomy. But when you come here you don't leave your everyday condition behind, it follows
you, whether you like it or not. You bring your bad side, your ugliness, whatever you don't like in
yourself, our judgment of your condition -- you bring all of this right here.

Now how do we deal with all that? Do you think we do what you do with yourselves? You judge
yourselves. And according to what? What's the use of the judgment? We deal with a situation
that is a whole. There is no judgment of value -- the situation is so and with that we deal. It's the
same for you. If you put labels on the situation it does not change the situation. It might even
become more sticky because of the glue on the label. I'm very serious.

When you learn to deal with a situation, you deal with a situation not with qualities you find
good or bad., nor do you deal with it to correct bad habits and transform them into good ones.
You bring new dynamics into the situation.

It's like when you take a hike, let us say, in the Sierras. Some stretches are even and easy, some
slope down so it's even easier, and some are very rugged and you sweat. Do you say they're bad?
Experience shows that the nicest memories you have are of the hardest parts. You don't
remember the stretch that was easy. So apparently as time passes your judgment of value
changes. I"m not kidding, it's true. It has happened to many, many people.

But the serious part in it is that your judgment of values has no value, because it comes according
an image you have in your mind and not according to the situation.

When you have a difficult situation it is a challenge. Let's see what can be done with it!
Something difficult can be very attractive because here you can do something. You're even asked
to do something by events.

When I was climbing mountains, we looked for ways that hadn't been done, that was what was
interesting. The last mountain my brother and I did together was considered as utterly impossible
at the time, but it was a challenge so we did it.

People do this in sports all the time. How come in private life, as soon as there is a difficulty, you
resent it, instead of taking it as a challenge? It's a human situation, let's do something with it! The
worse the situation, the more interesting it is. You have to find new combinations or inject new
dynamics into a situation that"s nearly impossible. Suddenly you realize that it resolved itself --
something new and you come out different.

Now, again, this is the usual talk about dealing, not with your dreams about the quality of life,
but the actual situation that you are in, and some things you might want to do in that situation.
Some mastery is needed, but service and participation the real ones - that is an utterly different
story. If you're afraid of your own situation, don't dream of being of service.

You can, of course, forget your ego-image and come out as what you are. It's time for you to
realize that your personal faculties are only small faculties that you have right in front of your
eyes so you can take care of them -- because they are the least developed you have.

Some of you incarnated knowing that you would join in the work-. You cannot join unless you
drop your ego-image. Your ego-image is not the one who decided to come. I'm serious about that
-- the time has come.

We are going to play some music, and we are going to play the three pieces without interruption.

With the first piece you come out as what you are, and show the Christ factor. Now, I know that
in your mind you cannot do it, it's much too soon. I'll give you one advice: If you have the sense
of "I" doing it, it won't work. So it's a kind of challenge. What about picking up the challenge?

Then, in the next piece you relax completely. Don't put any movement of will in any direction.
Let the Christ factor play. You are not passive either, just fully open and fully relaxed. It's simply
that you are not full of movement of the person, deciding that something must be done. Drop all
that kind of movement .

Then with the third piece we will play. Stay in the same relaxed movement. The only awareness
that you need is possibly that something else is at work, and the real you belongs to that
something else. But the person is just attentive, as if you are, let us say , at a concert. Listen to the
music but don't play it. Here listening means learning to live with what is going on and allowing
your whole structure to reflect it. Don't direct it. Simply don't interfere.

As I told you, every part of the body is intelligent, and that includes each cell.

Okay, let's go.


I want you to observe one point. When you played in the first piece, many of you did not live
fully throughout . And, as a general impression of the group goes, the life in the body was not
really living that. As soon as you relaxed with the second piece the body became a lot more
sensitive, a lot more responsive. Did anyone observe that?

This is important. You kept that responsiveness in the third part to some degree. You can still
feel it. Even the feet. But you don't direct it. It happens. If you look at the life in the feet, for
instance, which is usually where you have the least life, the life relates to the life throughout the
body as a whole -- it's not separate.

Now that you put your attention on it, the head interferes and you are lost -- right away. In the
relaxed condition you perform a lot better. This ought to be a lesson. The work is not dependent
on the doingness of your mind. Life is something else. Your mind can participate, but you might
have observed something quite amusing: -- You constantly allow your body to respond to all the
modalities of the music, but not your head because the head is directing. The director, of course,
is not included in the performance. So you see the change in the whole body, for instance, but not
in the head. This is silly, but it is the way it is, until you decide that what you live pertains to the
head as well, and you allow it to play throughout the brain. I wish you would observe keenly, and
often how much your brain awareness does not include itself in the procedure. Now physically
the brain is just a part of the body, so be careful. The brain condition has to change.

It's getting late so to make the session shorter, I'd like you to just bring out an A, without music.
Give it out sufficiently relaxed so you can observe what's going on in the room.

(Group attempts to bring out A)

You might observe that it needs training. Some of you don't come out with an A. You might have
the idea but not the ability.
Now, as you know, in the hologram the all-encompassing condition reflects itself at the
greenhorn level in A, so if you come out with a good A, you live all- encompassingness ,
relatively speaking.

Now, what I want you to do is observe the condition you give out, then relax as we start playing
Paganini , just as you did with the other piece of music before. Start relaxing now and see what


You might notice that everyone shows an A. Even those who didn't before. But then you also
show something else which could be described as a lot less limitation, much more freedom
--which joins with the idea of all- encompassingness . As you notice it's quite different from the
A you produced. Now, I'm not trying to put you down, I'm trying to show you that when you
begin training you produce an A from the consciousness out. Later on you play the function A,
and, because the function plays, the center of awareness relater to that A steps in -- meaning you
don't go from the center out, you go from the function to the center. Now the center is in-between
personality and something else, because the center is used by the something else to deal with the
personality. This means that you have to allow yourself to live the function A fully and
completely, which implies an all- encompassingness . It might not be all-encompassing
technically, but still it's in that direction. What I'm trying to say is that the A function you play is
played by the real you, and this awakens the A. Now you have to learn to make the difference
between the A produced by consciousness and the A produced by something else.

These contrasts are needed. We deal with a situation, and if you are able to live through the
different contrasts, then you have a choice, and you can operate the choice. As you notice, we are
very demanding, technically, and you haven't seen much yet.

The time being late, I one more, Chopin. Chopin pertains to the U. It also pertains, in
the hologram, to dwelling in all-encompassing love, which awakens a U. So I ask you right now
to come out with a U -- I mean The U of the head, not of the heart. Come out with it in whatever
way you can, simply to make a contrast with what happens after.

(Group attempts to bring out U)

Incidentally, we spoke of coming to earth to do something. If you sound the A or the U, as the
one coming to participate in the work, we will have a strong A and a strong U every time. If it
does not show it simply means that you interfere with your personality. Some of you have the
real ability but don't use it.

Okay, let's play Chopin.


You might realize that it awakens the U. We did not play the U. You might also realize that we
touched something else that is called soul. It's deeper than your person and you can feel it. It's
very different from the first U you came out with. This is just to give you an inkling, a hint, an
encouragement to deal very concretely with each aspect. It has to be mastered, and the mastery is
definitely not a matter of opinion but a matter of fact.

When you work in a group, for instance, if you do not live fully then you don't communicate it.
So the training implies learning to live, . There are many ways of living, but do learn to
allow the whole structure, the whole personality, even the parts you don't know, to live it and not
interfere or impose the will over everything . If you live these contrasts between one way of
doing it and another, then, little ,by little you will learn to handle the situation -- and by handling
it I mean make something of it, direct a balance in one way or another at will. After that you will
be in a much better position to be of service.


Now I want to come to the topic of today: joy.

So I have a proposition: We are going to apply some psychodynamics, which is a nice
scientific name for simple practice.

Each morning, in your bed, as soon as you are sufficiently conscious, as you are in the process of
awakening, Ê live /feel the coming of spring.

Now I've put several things together: joy and the surge of spring. The image of spring in
countries that have snow is a lot clearer than here in California, but still you have the roses
blooming again, flowers coming up that weren't there before, and so on. You might see in the
desert, for instance, you have things popping out little by little and soon you have flowers -- this I
call the surging from beneath (beneath is what you are not conscious of).

Okay, so you awaken and then: joy. You feel that surging of joy in every cell of your body. Now,
don't make the usual mistake of thinking of joy and feeling joy in the room all around. No the
surge of joy is within the cells of your body. It's very important. Joy is not limited to a concept in
your head, your whole body participates, or, if you want, all the bodies.

So you do this systematically.

Then, I propose that you face each day as a new day of creation -- symbolically m a blank page in
a book. You have to feel it, it is not the extension of yesterday.

Now be careful with your minds. The mind will say: "Well, today is obviously not yesterday".
But the same mind will assess today as an extension of yesterday.Be concrete with yourself, this
is what the mind does. I propose that you actually face the day as a new creation. Bury the old
one. You sleep, you are out of the circuit for a while, and then you come back -- it's a new
incarnation. Live it as closely as possible to that.

So you awaken to that new day, you feel that surge of joy, and you live it throughout the entire

Now, as you know, joy is not a thing, it is a quality of life in which you can do whatever you do
during a day: something, in the groups, your professional life, whatever you do at home.

If you leave here and get stuck in the water, well, you don't have the opportunity to get stuck in
water every day in this country , it's a very unique occasion, so enjoy it.

I hope you follow what I am trying to say: Create the day in an atmosphere of joy, so that the
whole day, the whole creation is bathed in joy, whatever happens.

When you let the surge of joy come, it's not an exercise. You do not create joy, it exists anyway.
You simply allow it to surge because it's spring time and a new day of creation.

The last thing before you go to sleep, rejoice for the joy that will come into the next new day. It's
a new joy too -- it's not the one of today.

This has to be practiced steadily, not just for 21 days, all the time.

There is also another point: Joy is one of the greatest healers available. Really. In any situation. It
is only your mind that says if you have had a great loss you cannot be in joy. It's not true You are
surrounded by joy anyway. Go a little higher than your personality and you will be in that joy
instantly -- whatever happens to the person. The proposal is to let it come into the personal life
and not surrounding it at a distance, let us say, in the field. If you are in some kind of hardship,
this is the time to apply it.

Symbolically speaking, when we have had bad weather people wait for the sunshine. But if you
are in a difficult condition and there is that proposition to live joy but you resist, this would
equate to refusing the sunshine because it's not proper to weather like this. You see, as soon as
we transpose to something outside of ,yourself , the image is perfectly clear.

And remember, the surging comes from below, you do not draw it up. You do not tell yourself:
"Now, surge with joy". This won't work. But you can put yourself in relation with joy and enjoy
the surge. It's actually quite easy. The main problem is conceptual interference.

. I'm saying that joy is the greatest healer. This means that in whatever happens to you as a
person ,, if joy is available, you will go through it a lot more easily than without joy. It applies to
sickness, it applies to events. It applies to the whole training we have here.

There is another rule you have to observe. When you live that joy in the day, be sure it's the
highest quality you can live with -- just any joy is not fit for the whole day. You can have joy in
eating breakfast, taking a shower, whatever you do, but what we are looking for is a more
encompassing quality, rather than a joy that is specific only to one aspect of the day.

A higher quality of joy implies a different identity. You want joy that is alive, that implies an
identity that is alive. Some people call it soul, spirit, manas, Atman.

For practical purposes, live joy for an instant. Feel joy surging in you, and at the same time feel
your sense of identity that is linked with what you live. we are going to play a piece of flute
music. Live joy together, just joy. Don't try to assess anything, we'll do it when it's over.
( music )

So, look around. You realize that your sense of identity is different from what it was. It has
another quality, it is definitely not limited. The kind of joy is different as well. It's a lot more
transparent from what you know with your mind. Always live with the purest joy you can. And
when you practice, put some beauty into the day also -- every time you have the opportunity.

Now, I want to come back to some basics that have to do with your sense of identity, among
other things.

You have to make a choice and a big-one. The choice involves whether you go along with
Darwin and decide that man is a rather improved ape, or, if you are a bit more serious you realize
that man was created in the image and and likeness of God. And I'm not saying that one is better
than the other, I am saying that it is your decision and your action whether you are the man
created by God or the man created by nature.

What is happening on earth today is the beginning of this kind of split. And the choice has to be
made. This is the beginning of the choice. There will come a time when the choice is over, but
definitely not in this century. But as far as our work is concerned, and as far as you are concerned
in this work, the time is now.

In occult history, the man created by God is the tenth hierarchy. This is the same hierarchy that
you hear about in the church -- from the angels to the seraphim -- and all nine have worked on
man. The very substance of these hierarchies composes man. The very life of these hierarchies is
in the life of man. Nine are here. The tenth and last is the one in-.which man has learned to use a
different instrument, what you know in a very primitive way to be your person. The gap or
amnesia thatprevents you from ]joining the nine-tenths already existing is bridged by what is
called the Christ Impulse, or the action of the Christ, if you prefer.

When this happens, the nine-tenths begin to integrate the personality into the play. Then we have
ten tenths, as one. You cannot realize this by staying in the ten tenth and aspiring to the nine
others -- interpreting the nine others in terms of the tenth. It doesn't make sense.

Your ego-image belongs to the tenth aspect, only to that and no more. So obviously if you
awaken to the reality of the ten tenths, it means that your ego is gone, completely. Also,
obviously, if you stay with the last tenth and really believe that you are that, you cannot integrate
with the other nine tenths. You have to let go of something. The first aspect you have to let go of
is your sense of identity.

We are in the--service of the Christ. We live Christ as completely as we breathe air. For us Christ
is a reality. The other day I had a visit from Becky. She told me two things: First, that everything
depends on the basic relationship with the Christ, with God. We have said this many times, but it
is the first time that someone comes to us and speaks this way, usually when someone comes to
us it is because of a personal problem. So, we have a first -- Christ in the first place instead of the
Then she spoke about a concern: seeing people work, and work hard, but with the wrong
instrument -- meaning that the instrumentality that is used is not fit and thus does not . produce
the results that you expect. When I hear this I assume that there are changes on the way.

I told you in January that I predicted some serious problems, crisis of identity -- and here we are.
The image you have of yourself is no longer convenient. If you hold onto it you will run into
trouble. As you live right now, for instance, there is more to you than the usual self. It is time to
make a choice and decide whether you are that whole being with ten-tenths or just one-tenth, the
nature aspect.

Do you realize that when you activate that person and suddenly feel that soul joy coming on
because you have succeeded, that the you is no longer the same. It's not the possessive you, it's
the one that finally managed to handle the person. Your brain is an instrument, use it. The mental
awareness in mankind of today is awfully poor ' but even in its current condition it can be very
useful, provided you use it, instead of being used by it. And the use of it has to be practiced,
starting with very simple practice.

If you observe groups working together you will see an impulse to finally work, really, as
seriously as possible. So you try one thing and then another thing, then you have feedback and
opinions coming up and suddenly everything turns sour. Wrong instrument.

I wonder if you realize what it means to assume one's self. We do it for you all the time. When
something is sounded it shows all over the place, and not only in the people, but in the whole
room. We tell you we see you differently. Do you act on it. Do you show the fullness of yourself
instead of just a person aspiring toward something. I've told you many times that the mind is
reflexive. Aspiring toward the higher self means the higher self is coming down, trying to bridge
the gap to heal the amnesia. Why not go along with the real movement. No, you persist in the old
movement and you believe that the mind is bright. It's not even logical with itself. Your
instrumentality is still in its infancy. It has gone half of the way, but the other half is still to be
done on this earth. You have to learn to use it --you the spirit using the person. The person does
not aspire to become the spirit.

I've told you the history of mankind, that in order to develop that personality a bit more quickly, a
bit more thoroughly, the personality had to be separated from its base. This is why you don't
know what you really are in the incarnated condition. But now is the time when we have to
bridge that gap. And you have to be aware that there is a pattern established over thousands of
years that has a vague memory of the other side, a longing for the other side. Now if you want to
bridge the gap, do it from the other side.

You are whole, ten-tenths, not nine. Very obviously, if you join the pieces together, what is
called identity governs the whole, so it does not appear as it does from the separated part. You
don't need to be intelligent to realize this, but you do need to do something about it. It's amazing
to see how people can tune mentally to a situation, understand it and then not apply it.

There is one aspect that the mind is not familiar with and that is that when you have a separation ,
as you have now with your personality, that separation is artificial and not real. This means that
you have two aspects working simultaneously -- the separation and the whole--so you were given
what is called the ego to deal with the separation. In the meantime the real you is still managing
the whole, the ten-tenths. The mind has a hard time realizing this. Study, read, do whatever your
mind can do, and you will always come to the point that the ego is artificial and someday has to
go. I have seen people who have studied a lot and who realize that the ego is artificial and will
have to go, and they still use that same ego as a base. It's not even logical. The ego base is good
for those who have no awareness of something else, but if you want to really work, try to be
consistent with yourself. Make a choice once and for all and be serious about it.

We just lived together with the music and you changed; you cannot change if that change is not
already working in you . You cannot perceive if what is perceived is not working in you.

I'll give you an example of something that happens pretty often. You work in a group and have an
impression that something is missing -- this means that there is an awareness in you that covers
the field of what is missing, otherwise you could not see that it was missing. You can see things
not working because it's a projection of yourself. You can see it not working when it actually is
working. But you can also see something in advance, something missing in the action, like when
Becky said: wrong instrument. It was true, but please be a little sophisticated --by instrument I do
not mean one item, but rather a combination. But then there is responsibility, and this is where
you step in. If in an action you see that an element is missing, it is your duty to bring it out
because it's working in you. The others haven't seen it but you have. You may not be able to
bring it out instantly but it definitely does mean that you have concern in the situation. It's your
concern, so you must work until it comes out even if it takes years to do it.

In the same direction we often see dedicated people working hard with very little result. Again
here we have a situation that is simple common sense. If you work one year steadily in a certain
way, and, if at the end of that year you have no result, then something is definitely wrong. To
simplify: wrong instrument .. The combination of factors you have put together is no good.

I'll give you an oversimplified example: You want soul to be active, so you think about soul
every day. You never give soul a chance to bloom, or to surge and fill the person in every cell
with the life of the soul. What comes from soul, comes from soul -- soul is not mind. All the
teachings tell you to be quiet -- no wavelets on the pond. It's an oriental image, but it still applies.

No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that joy is the greatest healer. This means that in whatever
happens to you as a person ,, if joy is available, you will go through it a lot more easily than
without joy. It applies to sickness, it applies to events. It applies to the whole training we have

There is another rule you have to observe. When you live that joy in the day, be sure it's the
highest quality you can live with -- just any joy is not fit for the whole day. You can have joy in
eating breakfast, taking a shower, whatever you do, but what we are looking for is a more
encompassing quality, rather than a joy that is specific only to one aspect of the day.
..A moment ago, I spoke of the Christ, and the tangibility of the Christ. Now I would like to
show you something. First ,of all, if you choose to be the man created in the image and likeness
of God, then whatever you do you must tune into the Christ in the first place, not the last. Now
I'd like to ask you to tune into Christ right now please --in your own way -- until you feel
presence in you, and possibly in the others.

(Everyone tunes to the Christ)

Now assess in your feeling the degree of presence within and around, in the room, whatever.
Now look for Christ presence with Georgette. Do you realize how much more evident it is. Again
we see the difference between the symbolic figuring in you and reality. I'd like you to notice the
difference between what you can bring out and what you see there, so that you can make it more
concrete for yourself. Incidentally, I've already told you tonight, and I'm going to tell you again,
we show you everything.

Now we have a chronic problem. As you know language is symbolic -- a symbol for what you
want to convey. Basically when you are going to speak you live it in you, and then you convey it
through words that are symbolic of what you live. The trouble is that you listen to the words and
you forget what is lived. You hear with your processing machine and you process them. Now the
purpose of the word is to make a symbolic connection between two aspects of livance (you and
me, you and you, whatever combination you make). But when you speak you convey a livance
not a word. A word is only a symbolic carrier. And you have to get used to living what you say
and living what you hear -- and not be stuck with the words. We live what we speak of all the
time, as we speak. If you stick with the words you don't get it.

When you speak on the phone, the conveyer is electricity, but you don't bother about the fact that
the conveyer is electricity when you listen to someone speak to you. Symbolically speaking the
words are that electricity, but in this case you bother about the words instead of what is lived.
Educate yourself to live what you say and to live what you hear -- as it is said.

There is one other thing that I want to mention to help you go faster along the way. When you are
in the groups working together, as I already said, you might be tempted to make comments or
even to leave because you are so fed up with what is going on.

I remind you, you are here to build something, and when you work together, you work so that
you can have skills in order to do it,-- so mutual help is absolutely needed. And what we see all
the time is disagreement or people hearing the words spoken in the wrong way -- someone says
something with one kind of meaning, but it is heard with another kind of meaning. This you see
all the time. When this happens, try to help. Ask what the person actually means, or ask them to
repeat it, but don't reject it immediately.

Very often I observe comments being made that are apparently beside the point, but that have a
base of truth, something really useful, but the person speaking was not able to bring it through its
personality. When this happens, dig deeper, until the person finds a way to convey it, or someone
else senses what is trying to be said and can say it in better words. Don't ever underestimate what
is being said, even when it seems completely wrong. What is involved is not the words. Have
some respect for each other and try to help. Most of you try to do this anyway, but once in a
while you get caught in a verbal exchange which leads nowhere because you still believe in

And, as I said, if you sense something missing it is because you are equipped to sense it that
means the missing part is working in you -- so work to bring it forth.

I have another comment to make about something that happened to some of you in the groups,
i.e., being, for instance, at a Service and suddenly registering nothing -- nothing going on, just
people sitting there and that's all. This is a very useful experience because it shows you that if
you suppress the finer part in yourself, you suddenly realize that we work here on a level for
which the usual consciousness is not fit.

If this happens,you might (or might not) lose the sense of values. I say this because some of the
participants in the groups have taken drugs in the past. it's long ago, but some might still be in the
system and if it gets loose for any reason, one of the effects of the drug is to diminish or suppress
the sense of values. So you have that experience, which is a clear one in itself, with the uneasy
feeling that nothing goes -- that means that the whole thing is completely useless, you cannot, at
will, reinstate the finer condition.

Incidentally, I have to also say that in initiation that condition is described in a different way. The
one who trains the initiate cuts the person completely from the so-called divine side, and you
have only the nature instrumentality, the nature side. When this happens all the higher aspects are
gone, completely. This is done to show what that instrumentality is in itself and how limited it is.

So, if you undergo that kind of experience, the experience in itself is very rich in so far as it
shows that the tools alone do not help you in any way in what is done.

You have a gross approximation of this same situation if you go out in society and speak of what
you live here -- they will laugh at you. It's the same situation. For them it does not exist. Of
course, this is less and less true, but you still find many people for whom what we do does not
exist. So if it happens to you, register the lesson, but be careful not to lose the sense of values. As
soon as it is clear, reinstate the finer aspect, otherwise you would be just an object in life nothing
more -- and life would not be worth living.

The real action is not what the person does. Jesus expressed it when he said: "It's not me but the
Father in me". In symbolic language the Father is many aspects. With Jesus we understand it is
God. At a lesser level it's your real self as opposed to the ego-image. This means that when the
real self is at work something happens, when it's not at work, the person alone cannot do
anything. This is especially true in healing.

Jesus said also: "The Father and me are one". It's a bit early for you for this, but please realize
that the aspect "Father in me" is perfectly real. And I have to make one point in this respect:
When we do serious work, and we want to show that the person alone cannot do what is done,
we cut off the Father aspect. it might sound weird to you, but Dee can tell you about that because
I did it to her -- just to show that the doing of the person is not sufficient.

The aspect "Father in me" is, as I said, perfectly real -- provided you understand the symbol. This
would help you to look for something deeper than your self awareness. And it has one advantage
psychologically: it's something you do not possess. You cannot possess the Father. He has the
authority, you don't.

I come back to the choice to be made. Will you persist in being the person alone or will you
begin to realize that when we say we see you differently it's really true and live accordingly. You
know this, now it's time to bring it out.


We will come back to the subject of Easter today, but before we do that, I'd like to know how you
are doing with the decision making exercise. How many have succeeded so far?

Martin: Obviously it's your freedom to do it or not, it's your choice, but we look at it from a
different angle., The ability to move is needed on all levels. This you know from experience in
life. The more ease you have in making a move, the easier life is for you -- so training in that
direction, and especially when you are in a difficult condition, in my viewpoint, is needed. When
you deal with mastering your personality in order to use it as a tool fit for what you have to do,
the ability to take a step is mandatory. Otherwise there is no mastery. You can dream of it but
you cannot do it.

We call it "decision making" and you think it's only one decision at a time, but you need to
change your whole position in order to do it. So there is a lot involved behind the appearance.
This is what you find kind of hard.

We have here a practical exercise, something you can handle, but still you might find it rather
hard not to forget one day. Nevertheless, do it and do it steadily, because the kind of muscle you
develop pertaining to the change of position to one of just doing things is what you need to do the
work we do.

What we do also requires daily work. You can't afford to forget it whenever you want just
because it's "spiritual" work. This is the usual position taken, until you awaken more deeply and
realize that you cannot afford to forget it. Also, if you don't develop the muscle easily, you will
have to do it more painfully. The effort you make with the decision-making exercise sounds kind
of mundane and not spiritual, but it's not true, you cannot except any part from the whole.

What we do requires the ability to make decisions and hold to them, and this has to come easily.
Suppose you had never practiced decision-making in your life, and one day you awaken to what
you really are. This is the moment when you would awaken to big responsibilities. What would
you do? You would be in utter and complete despair because you would know what you have to
do and you could not do it. Fortunately, there are safety valves, and if you are supposed to
assume responsibility at some time you are usually prepared for it, and if you don’t do it, events
push you. But please realize that the decision making exercise is good over all the field of
expression? Not just with consciousness.

More comments?

Participant: Sometimes I' ll write down the item that I'm going to do the next day and I'll have a
picture of what doing that looks like. I'll write down, for instance, that I'm going to study. So the
picture that looks like is that I'll sit down and open a book and proceed. Then it comes to the next
day and the form that studying takes will be two minutes somewhere, not sitting down, I'll open a
book and read a page. This is study, but it isn't exactly what I had in mind when I wrote down the
item. So I question myself about whether this fulfills what I wrote?

Martin: You have to learn a lesson by this. There is a psychological principle behind what you
say. The day before is not the day after. You make a picture according to what is active at the
moment, but the next day what is active is different, at least slightly. So all you can do is accept
the picture of the day before as symbolic. Study can take all sorts of forms. And I encourage you
to take all of your images that way -- as abstractions of a situation in the form of a symbol, and
that's it, no more than that. Now it may happen that the happening comes very close to the image,
but never try to make it equate to the image. I repeat, the image belongs to what was working the
day before, or six months before, or whatever. I have seen people make images of what has to be
done so strong that they oblige themselves to go through with the image when they could have
done it a lot more easily. If you take the image as fact, you tend to set a fixed pattern, and then
you tend to go ahead through the pattern instead of the action of the day, which could be very
different. So learn from the beginning to take images as symbols only, not as fact, and this is true
for any image in your awareness. I have to say this because I know very well that if you start
seeing things, the mind will have a tendency to say: "That's it!" No, it is not. It is a symbol, an
abstraction. If you say: "That's it! ", you limit your awareness to the thingness of the image and
miss the life. If you can take it as a symbol only, then you can put a lot more attention on the life
involved, and this is what you need.

Another Participant: I can share a difficulty that I've had. On the positive side ,any given goal I
have set for myself I have always been able to do, but it's harder for me to remember in the
evening to set something for the next day. I often forget, in which case I have to start over again.

Martin: It's a version that you don't always expect, but, of course projecting what is to be done
can be forgotten. In a way it's psychologically interesting because there are related aspects in life
that come up when you have some ability to check what you do. Being taken in the routine of the
usual movement, you might just plain forget to bring the quality you want into life. You can be
very effective in the usual movement and forget to bring new aspects into life. These new
qualities, in a way, depend on your ability to project what you want to do.

How many of you realize that the position of making a decision is very different from doing it? It
is important to notice/ experience that difference. We're coming into a period of time when the M
function (creative aspect) becomes much stronger. We come from a period when the U function
(figuring out) was strongest. This is why, for instance, you have a real difficulty understanding
that the Doer can know the modalities and do at the same time. In the previous period you had to
conceive first and eventually even have a mental picture. Not so in the new period everything is
together so everything happens simultaneously.

You probably know from your own life the power of habit. So imagine thousands of years with a
dominant U function. You cannot wipe it out just like that. You have to become acquainted with
the M function. Then you have to bring everything, the A, U, and M,-together in the field of the
M function, which ultimately gives you what we call the spaceship. And self-checking, the ability
to be aware of what is going on, the ability to follow the movement, etc. -- all this is very needed.

Of course, if you have no will power whatsoever, you are just happy to have done the thing. But
if you are a little better skilled, there are other features that come out. There is much more
involved in the exercise than it looks like, and the advantage you can take of it by practicing is
not just the ability to do something when you decide to, there is a lot more to it. This you will
discover little by little.

The ability to tell the difference between the old movement, that we put under the label of U
function, and the new movement, which is the real action, must be present. For instance, when
you do it "because"... There is no "because" when you actually do it. "Because" belongs to the old
movement. You decide to do something, and the next day you do -- that's it. All-out movement --
everything is included. Thus you grow into creativeness.

The more of yourself you put into the movement, the greater the expression. Meaning, what the
practice brings to you is dependent on what you put into it. You live on earth, you can put heaven
and hell into it. There are some who would want to skip hell, but you ought to realize that if you
skip hell you are going to lose balance. If it is weighted on the side of heaven the situation risks
tipping over. Then you would land in heaven instead of staying on earth, which is your intention.
I don't know if you followed that. Besides the joke, there is a reality here.

Incidentally, yesterday someone said there was no difference after completing the 21 days. I
doubt that is true. If you did not notice a change it does not mean that nothing changed, it simply
means that you didn't notice. In any practice that is practiced steadily an ability comes out.

Incidentally, when you have succeeded, you have taken training and come out successfully.
Now continue. And all the other trainings are exactly the same -- simple things you do every day.
Then you come out with a new ability, a new control over your personality, a new use for your

It's a lot easier to do it systematically than from time to time. When you do it from time to time
you haven't created the momentum. Your sub consciousness is not touched. Sub consciousness is
mainly habit, and you have to change some habits --so you have to touch the sub-conscious. And
this is where you have to do it, steadily, until it touches the whole of you -- super-conscious,
conscious, and sub-conscious.

When you learn to handle your person, don't give it tasks that it cannot do -- this means don't
go too fast. If need be, repeat the steps you already made just to create confidence as you said.
Then, little by little, increase --let's say, every so many days put in a harder task. Another thing:
Give yourself tasks that have a meaning for you -- personal, then deeper and deeper.
Progressively. How can you put life in fantasy tasks? If they have meaning you can put life into
them -- and this is what you are looking for, the ability to put life into what you do. Otherwise
you just do your duty. That's not creative. You can do the same task one day that you did the day
before, but you do it with a deeper meaning. It's not the form that is important, but the meaning
you bring through the form. Why not put a touch of beauty in your life, or a touch of sacredness.
If it has any meaning If it has any meaning for you, why not put a touch of soul into what you do.
And so on.

.Speaking of symbols, I want to come back to an aspect of Easter that you don't find in books.

As you know, with the cross you have to let go of everything, even your life. This is the holy
poverty or absolute poverty of St. Francis.

In classical teachings the blood symbolically carried the soul. So, on the cross, you have the
blood of Jesus, with the Christ acting directly through that personality, falling to the earth.
Symbolically, at that moment, Christ ensouled the earth -- from that moment the earth became
the body of that Planetary Entity. The moment Christ ensouled the earth, He was a spaceship. So
one of the aspects of the other side of the cross is the appearance of the spaceship -- Christ as
spaceship if you want.

I want you to follow something else: In occult knowledge, it is known that during the Piscean
Age the action of the Christ was worked out by initiates, away from the public, completely
hidden. Now it comes into the open. One of the symptoms of this is that man has learned to make
spaceships. Very timidly lie goes to the moon, he shuttles into space, but the move is started --
away from the earth, away from geo-centeredness.

To create a spaceship -- man as spaceship -- requires some mastery, and for a long time now I
have given hints toward establishing some mastery of consciousness and I've noticed very poor
response. Somehow it occurred to me that the response might be so poor because you have no
examples, no idea what is involved in mastery.

I came to this, as it often happens, because one person in the group hit a certain note. It happened
this time in Mammoth with Dany . One day she suddenly remarked on a type of mastery we have,
and what struck me was that her realization for once was not conceptual but factual. So I'm
acting on it. I'm going to tell you a few things, but first I would like Dany to tell you what

Dany : Martin and Georgette had been working as they do here with us, and then just the next
sentence was about something very mundane around the house. I realized that the whole was
present in that mundane thing. There was absolutely no change. I also realized how much we
always adjust our little selves to what we do, forgetting that it's not this way at all.

Martin: In other words, that kind of duality between spirituality and the mundane aspect that you
usually enjoy does not exist for us -- there is just one situation.

So let's go to some serious stuff on the training of the mind.

Did you ever try to find a boundary between your mind and another mind? Try to look for it, you
won't find it. You have your way of using the mind so you say it is your mind, but it is not your
mind, it is simply your way of using it.

Remember, I have to speak so I say "I", but for me it is the mind, not my mind. I use it in certain
ways, but I have no possessiveness over this mind.

If there is no possessiveness the sense of identity cannot be the same, because one of the features
of the known ego is possessiveness. Lose possessiveness and you change identity.

.the sense of identity is open-ended. Everything is open ended. It has learned not be final about
what it decides -- because it's a tool that is not yet fully developed. Further, when a tool is fully
developed it's not final either; it's only what is going on within a given function. That's a training
for the mind.

But let's begin with something simple: being able to tell the difference between an action that is
of negative polarity (psychologically related to the sub-conscious) and one that is of positive
polarity (psychologically related to the super-conscious), and being able to note the balance
between the two -- how they work together or don't work together. My mind has learned to notice
these things.

You simply teach the mind to look for these two polarities. You observe, work, do the 21 days,
whatever... and then one day you will realize that the mind actually becomes able to make the
difference. You will be able to tell when someone is acting "mind-wise" or simply acting. You
don't need a special super-conscious for this, you can do it consciously.

Then we have something else. if you want to understand what you can do with the mind, you first
have to realize what the mind does. It has two characteristics, which are quite evident: The mind
is reflective and it also abstracts, or takes from the whole only certain aspects. If you doubt that
the mind abstracts, simply try to convey an experience. You use a lot of sentences but you never
give the whole picture. You just can't. You give aspects of it, but not the whole experience.
Okay, knowing this, what do you do?

Challenge the mind. Observe. Observe. Observe. Here you abstract. Here you abstract Here you
abstract. Your abstractions are reflections. You live the fullness of this and reflect that....

Teach the mind to recognize these two functions. Once you have taught the mind to recognize
these two functions, then the mind is at liberty to realize that it has a lot of other functions. You
use it in the way you do because you are educated that way. Society uses it that way, so you say
the mind is SO When you say the mind is SO your statement is a reflection. It's not the real
situation -- never.

If you discover the reflecting aspect of the mind and you become familiar with it, you might be in
a position to find what we call the direct mode or the non-reflecting mode. That part of the mind
is able to act directly without the need to abstract or reflect, but you usually won't find it if you
have not realized how your mind works.
You have heard me speak of these things before. Now I would like you to realize that this person,
this mind has learned to see these differences, to realize, to discover other modes -- not one mode
but many.

Or, for instance, you have to teach the mind to recognize the difference between the mind
function and the emotional function. Mind awareness and emotional awareness. There are

You can go further. You can tell the mind to face what is above the mind -- what the mind is
reflecting, what the mind is abstracting. Where does the impulse come from? You can go to a
book and read that manas is above the mind and figure out this is where you get your ideas from.
But let's be frank, your mind has not had the experience of recognizing another function, you
have just used the mind to concoct another theory. When the mind faces another function, it
simply faces another function, or, if you want, a quality of life. The labels given are simply for
convenience when we speak, but the experience has no labels. So be careful, what you figure out
belongs to the reflecting and abstracting mode. The experience is something else.

We have the proposition with the hologram, for instance, to learn to discover other orders of life.
Now here the mind faces an impossibility . I say this because according to the rules of the game
of the hologram, all knowledge, of whatever kind, belongs to the greenhorn, and you must not
project any of it beyond that. If you can train your mind to respect this rule, the mind learns to
face something that is utterly and completely different. Teaching your mind to face another order
of life that is completely different means strict discipline: You cannot and must not project any
known reference into another order.

I do not speak of theory. I taught my mind to do just that. Sometimes you don't realize that we
show you every step. if I say I can do this or that with my mind, I say it from experience. I have
done it. You can challenge the statement of the mind that says: "the experience is this".

As soon as the mind realizes that what it gives is an abstraction of an event, oblige it to come
back to the event itself -- meaning continue to live it. Experiencing, without the veils of
consciousness, is all-encompassing. By definition, if it is all-encompassing it has no feature, or
all features together. When the mind abstracts there are features, and the fullness of the
experience is what we call livance . Learn to use livance . From livance you can abstract all that
you want.

And I do suggest that for the training of the mind you learn to take everything as open-ended.
Nowadays it is accepted that when you determine through an experience the features of
something your position is going to determine what is found. So if you find some definite
features, the mind has to know that it only appears so, seen from that angle -- that it is not so in
totality. We can take several angles or points of view, depending upon what we have to do, then
other features pop up. A crystal, for instance, would be a very different thing for a geologist than
for us -- for us it's not the same object, not the same life, not the same range.

My mind has the faculty to follow what is going on, abstract or reflect certain things, and when
it does it, it is able to recognize whether what is abstracted is a projection of a desire, a need, a
thought trend, or the actual experience going on. The mind has learned to make these differences.

It sometimes happens that the mind abstracts some aspect, let us say a symbol, it can find out if
the symbol is false (meaning a psychological projection of a need) or if it is a symbol, pure and
simple, of what is going on. It's able to double-check itself .

It has other means too. It can recognize the life quality in what is going on. The mind is usually
happy to think along a certain line and thus include in that line what is going on, instead of the
reverse which has another quality. The actual experience has a third quality. My mind is able to
make the difference.

Things going on in the mind are always double checked -- always. You can train your mind to do
that. When you do that you won't ever again have the tendency to grasp something and say it is
S0 -- and believe it. I have known this condition, I don't know it anymore.

There is a funny feature I find in my mind that I've had for a long time. I am always aware of
choosing expressions that I've heard, or read, or seen somewhere -- borrowing from the
surroundings. It consciously abstracts, meaning it chooses what is useful.

This is what happens when the mind gets centered on life, in other words, on the experience
itself, on what is going on. The experience is not an image, it's life going on.

I have to tell you these things so that you can realize that you can change awareness, but, for that
you have to take certain steps -- 21 days are very modest.

Participant: A few minutes ago I had an awareness of an experience in myself. I was realizing
that the general lack of enthusiasm I experience about life itself is a result of feeling trapped by
my mind. After hearing what's been going on, there was a light for a moment -- I saw that I
actually could get out of the trap if I could just work on it instead of trying to run from it.

Martin: That makes sense.

This relates to a situation that we have often spoken of, but you might not realize that it is
actually true. We come from a time when the personality, presided over by the ego, was
separated from its whole at every incarnation so that the personality (those functions) could be
matured and developed to the point of being useful. With the Christ Impulse these functions
begin to be reunited with the whole, but the pattern of memory makes you work according to the
past. The past has a faint memory of something higher, which is perfectly correct, but we are here
to say the higher is here. It is here in the first place and the separation is artificial -- it never was

Participant: I experience something that I feel as a gap. I don't know exactly how to

.You are aware of that other quality of life, but it's not the normal consciousness. The mind
decides that if it cannot grasp it is of no use. This means that your mind is not trained to respect
the life as is without wanting to grasp it. It will use the mind, whereas in the reflection the mind
wants to use it.

Then there is another point: If you recognize the mind as one function, please recognize the other
awareness as another function and don't mix them . They have two different uses.

. The type of identity that says "I" is the one identified with consciousness not with the other
awareness .. I urge you to train your mind to acknowledge that identity is a variable, a kind of
point of leverage. Somewhere you have to have leverage for your action and you call this your
identity. If you live something else and you want to live on the level of that something else you
have to have a corresponding identity. One source of many difficulties is that you stay with the
same identity for all situations and this does not work.

You have to very consciously loosen your sense of identity, and realize it's only relative. If you
are honest with yourself and you live the other condition, you don't have the same sense of
identity. Respect that and eventually you will be able to stay with that new sense of identity and
act from there -- including acting through consciousness.

The lower self cannot act on the so-called higher, it has to grab it, meaning reduce it to its own
functions, and this is the biggest mistake most people make.

For instance, sometimes when we work and are dealing with another order of life, we don't use
any consciousness at all, the usual awareness is gone, including the sense of body -- but we don't
ask that of you.

Something that might interest you... I remember some years ago being aware of a certain
condition (not mind-wise), and I was also aware of the mind trying to grasp and not being able to.
then i realized that if i opened the whole situation to the mind the mind couldn't take it, so I had
to feed bits of the event into the mind drop by tiny drop. I don't remember how many days it took.
That's part of educating the mind, just to give you a perspective.

There is that which the mind can do on its own level and there is that part that you do from a
higher level (whatever "you" is).

The mind has to go through a fitness training, but, in addition to that, you also have to tune the
mind according to what you need, not just for overall fitness.

If I take for instance the down-and-away exercise I gave in the book: It hints that suddenly you
are in a condition where the usual movements are completely gone. As you begin to realize ,these
are not idle words, it's an ability you have to have in your mind, and you have to train for it.

You spoke of soul, you desire soul. Take the desire exercise: If the desire exercise is really done,
you may come out soul-wise at will. It does not mean that you will sense soul. Sensing soul is
only a step in between. It's better than nothing, of course, but if you are really purposeful and you
mean to do the work, it means you come out as soul.

A mastery is a mastery. Why do you think they speak of masters in initiation. It's not exactly a
title or rank. Basically these people do master situations and the whole process of initiation is a
mastery .

Now in relation to that I have to say something. You have to be aware that all prior teachings,
including the Bible, were given for the benefit of the ego-centered awareness, and you are
confronting a situation in which, at least for those who pioneer, you face a new situation. The
image man has of humanity will be completely gone. It's a very poor photograph of a real
situation. You might one day realize that when we say we see you differently we mean it.
Hopefully you will awaken to the reality too.

So, please realize the teachings as they are understood and presented are always limited to earth.
They sometimes speak of something else, but they insist that you have to deal only with the
aspect earth. Ego and earth are the same, and one day you will learn to break the bondage of
earth. If you deal with the dynamics of the whole, you cannot say man is created from earth
alone. You are in relation with the cosmos. Why limit yourself to the earth aspect alone? And the
mind learns to break the bondage.

Sometimes you meet someone and you have an impression this is the time to put the challenge
to work. First acknowledge the impression, then, in your impression certain features will come
up. Drop these and start over again, you can do better. By doing this several times (it's like taking
pictures from several sides) you might suddenly hit the sensitive point and this is where you have
to act. You have to be able to have an impression, register it, drop it, and then have a new
impression. This is challenging and is along the line of the position you have to take.

You might come from a discussion with someone, meet a new person, and then suddenly realize
you're way off. Okay, drop it and go ahead, but don't oblige the movement to change
progressively until it meets the new person. Of course you can do it both ways, but there is a
gradual change, meaning you are obliged to keep the movement so that consciousness can
register what it does. You keep the movement until it comes to the point where it can meet the
other person -- which brings along changes. But do it so that you can double-check, otherwise it's
too conceptual. If it is conceptual you remain in the U mode when you are looking for an M

Now you might begin to realize by practice that the mind needs serious training to free itself from
the usual, to become a more complete and better tool. Vision hints at something that is reflected.
Go with the quality of life the richness of life that is reflected, don’t hang on to the vision itself.

This applies to the physical vision as well. Don’t get hung up on the way you see your person
(which gives you your belief of what a human being is). You experience a physical body in a
certain way because of the composition of the tools, it does not mean that the so-called physical
body is that way. You experience it as concrete because of sensory awareness and for that
awareness it is concrete, but increase the awareness and you suddenly realize that you experience
the body as not being solid. I have to warn you, these are very real experiences and if you are not
ready and it happens you will receive a shock.

So be ready. And this means a training of consciousness –simple logical training – and respect
for what you really are. Teach the consciousness to face what you really are.

I have another practical suggestion: Every time you come here, respect this place as a sacred
place, a place where divine action goes on. Every time you use your person as a sacred place. It is
your body, be careful what you do with it. Keep the quality, the fineness, the beauty of
sacredness. If you’ve lost it, ask your soul to give it back.

We are going to play a piece of music we call the spaceship. It's a piece you've already heard
from Vangelis. We always use it in the same direction: something different and alien. You're in a
spaceship as soon as the music starts. If you meet aliens of course you adjust to what they are. By
definition they are very alien -- very different from the usual. You don't have to do anything; it
will sink in you as it always does. Just enjoy it. You might even realize that we know what we
do. Consciousness is familiar not only with earth-bound aspects, it is also familiar with the other
position. So let's go.



Since the impact of Easter things change very fast. You might not be aware of what happened,
but we are involved and we are aware of it, so we cannot operate as we have in the past.

One of the things we are going to ask for next year is that newcomers be trained for a full year
before joining the service and calisthenics.

We have to face the situation in a practical way. We cannot bring newcomers into a group that is
already trained, it's a drag on the existing group and it's too much for the newcomer. There is a
tendency still to think that you can join in at any time because it's kind of easy work. No it isn't.
The more you advance, the more demanding it becomes. For instance, most of you are somehow
sensitive to what is going on, and if you bring someone new who is not sensitive, it pulls you
down, whether you are aware of it or not. We have a work going on that works smoothly, adding
someone who does not understand what is going on is like a grain of sand in the gears -- until
that person is trained sufficiently. Newcomers have to be trained to work, to adjust their
sensitiveness so that year after year they are able to sense more things.

.What is going on here has a kind of specific character and a newcomer has to get used to it.
We named people to take care of Newcomers and instill in them, show them what is going on.

By newcomers I mean not only people who are new to the group but also those in the groups who
are at a loss about how things work. They could join these groups too. They are training groups.

And there are requirements for those who would take care of groups. They have to be able to
stand behind, to demonstrate, experientially, what they say. It's not easy. There are aspects you
might not be aware of. It's not a matter of just training, these people have to be able to gather a
certain note that deals with with what we do, which is related very directly with the Christ
Impulse. Non-mediated .. Direct. Of course, this requires a kind of general training,
psychologically speaking, but also specific abilities and specific orientation of all the faculties,
and that includes a lot more than the person.

You might remember that we spoke about being professional. I haven't heard anyone say: "I
will". And for good reason, you have to awaken. For me professional means one who is able to
know what we do, know what is going on, experientially, not mind-wise --assuming the position
implied and acting from there -- that person can say: "I will". When you say "I will" in this
instance, it's not to us that you say it, but to the higher authority for which we work. This is no
small matter.
You know every once in a while I hear there are a lot of participants who feel depressed,
helpless, that they cannot do a thing so how can they go on, etc. On the other hand, I want you to
realize that this group is very different from what it was, but it's not exactly on the personal level,
and this is where you feel kind of helpless, and this is where some of you want me to step in and
help. No, I won't. This is not how we work. I always say openly that what Pertains to your person
you must handle. It is an instrument situation, which you learn to handle. I give you the necessary
principles to handle it and direct it in a certain way and you must do it. All the training is meant
to give you tools to handle that human situation. This will be the task of those who start to help

There are persons who are perfectly sure that to come and be in this room when I speak or when
we have service is sufficient to change. No, it's not. It's not the purpose.

I propose that you use a different model for the personality. Instead of being the person trying to
create a higher self, a God-like condition, from the person out, how about deciding that you
(whatever that is) incarnated, chose a person, a personality, in order to bring that human
condition from point A to point B. It's exactly what happens.

Before you incarnate, you are shown the principle of the life of the person you chose, and you
sometimes have a choice of two or three, depending on where you stand. It's very different when
you suddenly realize that you have chosen a person in a certain condition to do something very
definite with it.

If you would do this, take this position with your mind, your feelings, your sensations, whatever
consciousness you enjoy, working would be a lot easier. It's self-evident that you have to do
something. There is a mastery to be observed.

So, those who wish to help and feel at least 75 percent qualified, can come together as a group,
each choosing a subject, as much as possible from the book to have a kind of line of action, and
work hard. Chose a field that is not too large, something you feel that you can do and train, train,
train. Alone and with a group, because you have to be checked and double checked. And, of
course, for this kind of group there is no strife whatsoever. There is mutual respect. You are
linked to a greater work and you are here to do it.

You might not be aware of it, but when I say something I have immediate feedback from your
minds. I speak a word and I know immediately if it is understood or not. Most of the time it is
not. I'm very happy if one person picks it up. Now we come to the point where more than one
picks it up, so the work is kind of easier for me, but this is not a teaching, it's an action going on,
and the action goes ahead day by day. What was at one time a simple work now becomes a lot
more drastically imperative in other ways that are new, and I look desperately for ways in which I
can convey some understanding.

For instance, we use the word " livance " in a very definite way. It is all-encompassing. Livance
cannot be equated to senses, emotions, or thoughts, which are not all-encompassing. Now I am
always aware that this word in not understood. I can follow in your minds right now, either
individually- or collectively, what you do with the word " livance ". You pick it up, turn it
around, make it a concept, a belief that you understand. Now in this situation what can I do? I
have to say it's not what I mean. So you feel being put down. Again, what can I say? If you want
to play games, play games, but livance it something else.

I wish you would come to the point where instead of playing the game of being put down, you
would receive what is said as applying to a situation, not to you. You have chosen a personality,
it is a human situation. I speak with you, the real you, about that human situation. In this human
situation, this and that doesn't work. There is no judgment of value. We simply try to make you
face the situation instead of dreaming. The quicker you face it, the better it is.

We are here to help you.

Awakening Exercise

In my attempt to find ways of expressing, the other day I came upon one that hopefully will make
you realize something closer to livance . The whole procedure involves watching the
consciousness to find out how it works.

To simplify we'll talk about two stages:

The first stage is that twilight condition you experience when you first awaken in the morning.
We call this the "first awakening".

Don't move. Don't open your eyes -- you are still practically in a dream-like condition. You can
observe imagery, thoughts, and so on going on -- like movie clips. They change and change.
Sometimes one lasts for three seconds, sometimes for a half second, and then something else
comes, and so on. This you already know from experience.

Now, what I suggest you do is be very aware of what happens. Do not itemize (analyze) the
pictures, but get the feeling of the situation, as a whole, and of you in that whole situation. This is
the first stage. You only stay so long in this stage, after that you have to go on.

Now you get up, you awaken fully. This is the "second awakening". I want you to observe the
huge difference between the first awakening and the second awakening (situation-wise not
item-wise) and of you in these situations. Do not say: "the difference is in this or that aspect" etc.
Simply experience the difference of world -- from one world into another. The second world is a
lot bigger, a lot sharper, a lot more varied, and you are a lot sharper too.

Then you can go one step further. When you are in the first awakening, try to exert some control
over the imagery going on. But watch out, if you do it too drastically you will go into the second
awakening. You must really respect the first condition.

So, to continue, you, as identity in the first awakening, choose to stay with one of the pictures or
movies going on -- something you like -- and you let the imagery continue. Perhaps you will
succeed for three seconds, perhaps ten, but if you haven't come into the second awakening you
will notice that before you realize it, other images have taken over. This means your ability to
exert a direction is very poor.

Next you awaken fully, exert control over some aspect, and watch the difference. Again it's two
worlds. The "you" that acts is different and the ability to be more steady, to exert some control
for a length of time is highly different as well. Register this. Don't register items, register the
whole situation.

Do this thoroughly.

You have to imprint the huge difference in impression between the first and the second
awakenings so that it is there without any doubt, just plain obvious for whatever function:
sensory, emotional ,and mental. It has to be very, very clear.

Now those who have a sense of something other than just the person, those who feel a spiritual
side, can go a step further :You are in the first awakening and you are aware of that. You respect
the 'first awakening, and, in that surrounding, you, as spiritual being, exert an action on the
surrounding. This action is not done by an imaginary spiritual being, but something you know

Then you move into the second awakening and do the same. You will experience the sense of
spiritual as being hugely different from the first awakening to the second.

Depending on how you do it, there are things you can do in the first awakening and also in the
second awakening that can be described by exactly the same words but the situation is worlds
apart. Then it might begin to dawn on you that when words are spoken you must be careful to
listen to what world they belong to.

Let's say you choose a very, very fine, beautiful quality to live in the second awakening, a quality
that is kind of obvious for you, meaning you can be aware of it in the first awakening too. Feel
the surrounding of the first awakening with that fine quality. Then feel the surrounding with that
same quality in the second awakening and watch the difference. It's enormously different. In
every way: size, quality, precision , whatever.

Do this repeatedly until you don't need to do it any more. But do it, not to register mind-wise, but
so that the experiential evidence is there.

The purpose of this kind of training is to help you understand what it is to face an evidence . An
evidence is experiential, it's not an understanding. It's whole.

In the first awakening you have one type of world that you can describe with words. In the
second it's completely different, but you can describe it with the same words. If this is clear, you
can follow my words by your own experience already, but you need to do it experientially to set
it into your person, completely, without a shadow of a doubt.
w Then you will be ready when we speak from and about a third awakening. If you have a big
difference between the first and second awakening, the difference between the second and the
third is still bigger.

You will begin to realize, a little, what livance is. You don't itemize that overall awareness, you
don't try to grasp it with your mind, you live the fullness of that enormous difference. It's
fantastic. Once you begin to realize, something happens to your mind; the solidity of your
concepts is shaken when you see the kind of difference that can really happen.

In the first awakening you feel being yourself and you are at home, then suddenly you are
completely different in the second awakening. You'll see how much you can trust the condition in
the first awakening, and how different it is in the second one. Now what if there were a third
one? You will realize that you are still not awake. It helps you in many ways.

If you have really experienced it, you will realize that the functioning of your mind in the second
awakening is not adequate for the third awakening, because if you apply that same functioning to
what happens in the first awakening, and you switch to the second awakening, the mind is not the
same. The field of action is not the same. So what you too, for granted as being the way to do it is
suddenly questioned. Then you look in the direction of a third awakening and you cannot do it
with the processing mind. You can only do it experientially. When you decide to go from the first
awakening to the second you just do it - You decide : "I'll awaken fully". Your mind might make
the sentence but the decision is not the sentence, and you switch over to the second awakening. It
is a full, complete, experiential situation. Now look for the same difference, that same kind of
symbolic analogy for the third awakening -- experientially, not as a mind concept.

Do you have questions about this?

It seems to me to be a clue that can be very useful to you to find a way out of the usual mind

Let's take another practice you can do: Relate to God in the first awakening. Your experience
probably shows that if the impulse is strong you might slip out of the first awakening instantly,
before you know it, so you have to be careful when you practice to keep the first awakening.

One thing you can do is try to go from first awakening to second very slowly. One idea, for
instance, would be not to move: open your eyes, acknowledge the part of the room you can see,
then close your eyes and join the picturing again. Do this a few times. Maybe you can even move
now a little, but beyond a little you slip into the second awakening.

But let's say you are now able to relate to God in the first awakening. okay , now awaken fully,
completely. Preferably move, take a shower, have breakfast, whatever. Now, again, remember
what you did in the first awakening and do the same, relate to God, fully awake. Now watch the
difference in experience. It's a huge difference. It's the same wording, you relate to God in both
cases, but it's a big difference.
So now you might begin to realize what it will be if there is something like a third awakening.
Do you follow? It's just to give you an inkling . I say this because many of you try to work and
work, but always in the same way. You don't realize that it's not the processing of the mind but
the experiential side that is important. It's also for you to realize by training with the two
awakenings that if you are used to working in a certain way, there certainly is another way.
Maybe you ought to look for an awakening into another way, especially if you practice and
nothing happens. Technically speaking, practice means really doing something. Now if you really
do something, something is bound to happen.

If you pretend nothing is happening so you don't do anything, this means you are in the first
awakening. You would be surprised how many people in the second awakening still perceive
according to the first awakening.

It's also for you to realize that you constantly have traces of the first awakening in the second
awakening. One of the main features of the first awakening is that kind of fantasy going on all the
time, practically constant uncontrolled imagery. You will notice in the second awakening that
imagery or random thoughts in the mind also go on constantly, it's simply that in the foreground
you have an organized life proper to the second awakening. And the more organized that life
really is, meaning you kind of master it, the less interference there will be from the first

Now you might come to a transition between second and third awakening, and you will notice a
chronic situation: Let's say your position, as being, is according to the second awakening. This
doesn't work !r ,. When you do this it means you haven't registered the kind of difference there is.
This is why I say train with the first and second awakenings to have a very solid experience of
the huge difference, so that you can realize to expect at least as much from the second to the
third. There will be a lot more, you will be surprised, but, let us say simply "at least as much" for

As far as identity goes, in the first awakening you can say "that's me," and in the second
awakening you can say "that's me" as well, but it's not the same. They are very different, and the
power they exert is very, very different. Well, you know this, but register it so that you realize
that a third awakening implies another world and also a completely different identity, so it's
obvious that you cannot work at the level of the third awakening with an identity that belongs to
the second.

And for those who are going to take care of other people, this has to be a solid experience. You
will be amazed, and it won't be easy, because you will face people who relate to so-called
spiritual development according to the first awakening, not even the second. So you will have to
instill some practicality, some awakening to the realization that action needs to be taken and so
on. Then there remains the step from the second to the third.

You have that kind of silly situation in the service where you feel yourself changing, being
different, in a surrounding that is different, and you don't need to do a thing about it. You
respond, and that means it's active in you - otherwise you wouldn't respond.
Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why we can no longer take newcomers in the room. What
is going on is going on too strongly now. In some cases it might not even be safe for newcomers
-- depending on how their fantasy world works.

There is an action, a third awakening, going on to which you respond, meaning, as you surmised,
you are in it, but you are not aware because your understanding of awareness is of the second

Which reminds me of something I wanted to say pertaining to awareness. It would help you a lot
if you would begin to realize the principle of the processing machine called the computer. You
feed signals into the computer, the machine processes the signals and comes up with an answer in
terms of signal. The one using the computer is aware of the meaning. The meaning is not the
signal, it's very different. Now personality has been developed and shows some features called
consciousness, which, to simplify, contain one type of signal called sensory awareness. You
understand the word signal with the senses. You sense it signal-wise, that's one kind of
awareness. You have emotional awareness, you have mental awareness, these are signals, they
are not true awareness. Real awareness is none of these. If you would watch closely how you
function you would notice that before you think, for instance, there is an overall experiential
something, or nothing, depending on how you look at it, from which thoughts are derived. In the
functioning of the person this translates as signals which give the words and sound as you hear
them now. The awareness speaking the sentences is not the words, it's not the mind either.

Please be aware of something: We have spoken of the gap and of the personality being developed
for the sake of its development. So far the person (computer) has learned to work and process
and is more or less functional. Now someone is going to use it. Someone comes across the gap to
use that computer, an that someone is you.

Please realize that all the conscious functions in the personality belong to instrumentality. They
are not the one using it. The one using it is aware. In the third awakening the identity is with what
is behind. It's not a product of the senses. emotions , and thoughts, which constitute your
awareness of ego, so the change is drastic. When we work from this we are not what you think
(second awakening).

To prepare the way, and also to understand what the position of the Doer is in the hologram, you
need to realize that in the third awakening processing is not useful. As far as consciousness is
involved, you proceed from evidence to evidence, not from understanding to understanding. This
is why I introduced the experiential aspect of the first and second awakening, so you can
suddenly realize that you can live, you don't need to process. You learn to stay with evidence and
suddenly you become sensitive to a world that could be completely different from the usual

Okay, now that you know about the first and second and possible third awakening, I have to draw
your attention to events going on in the world.

You might begin to realize that the change going on in the world is a lot bigger than people think.
Changes are processed according to the second awakening, but they happen according to the
third, so there are dimensions missing.

I have already hinted several times that with the Christ Impulse you have a change in mankind, a
new orientation. In the model given by Steiner, mankind has gone through three and one-half
eternities, the last half on this earth. From what people understand, man is an entity that has
grown out of the sea, through different stages, from the ape condition to become man. (Now from
what I've heard lately, people challenge the ape proposition, but let's take it symbolically as the
animal or nature side in man.) Then you have also the proposition in the Bible that "man was
created in the image and likeness of God," this means the spirit aspect of man. The Christ
Impulse brings a polarization and the spirit aspect becomes dominant.

There is one point you cannot check by yourself right now, but there are beings that go along the
nature side and there are beings that go along the spirit side. Man happens to be a being going
along the spirit side. This is one of the many aspects implied in the above quote from the Bible.

In Steiner's observation, through each eternity, mankind as we know it now, is the result of only
the top third of the mankind of the time. The others lagged behind, meaning they are one eternity

Sometime during an eternity an impulse is given and it creates a split. The Christ Impulse creates
that split. You are not used to seeing, let us say, vastly, so you might not be aware of it, but I
must say that I am keenly aware of the split having already started. If you sleep through one
incarnation you can catch up in the next one, it's not yet critical, but it has started. Having started,
it puts all of you, actually all mankind, in a kind of uneasy position. You have to make a choice.

I want you to look at the condition of mankind today -- you have everything from the worst to the
best, it's your choice. You used to live lives in which you just had to go along, making life
possibly a little better. In this life, and probably others following, you are confronted with
choices. You have a lot of destructive influences, you have a lot of constructive influences, all
mixed up together. It's for you to choose. And the choice is very simple, if you have practiced.

I have in mind, for instance, being able to discriminate between positive and negative polarity --
what links you to the spirit side, what links you to the nature side.

. Darwin thought we came from the apes, some people now have the inkling there is another
solution. The ape is actually derived from a primitive man that was left behind. But they are still
looking for clues to that.

Incidentally, if you are able to take things symbolically, the animal kingdom is a former mankind.
The vegetable kingdom is a former mankind, and the mineral kingdom is a former mankind too.
Three different stages. In occult law it is said that the animal in the next eternity will be what
man is today. Again, understood symbolically, "man" means a kind of intelligence able to handle
a personality, instead of needing what they call a group spirit to lead everyone. So you have an
individualized being, and this is what apparently constitutes mankind. It's one way of looking at
things for people in the second awakening. But it does not mean that the mankind derived from
the animals of today will have physical bodies as man does today or that they will have the same
intelligence, not at all. It will be one eternity further along, and that means a very different
surrounding. Everything will be different and very probably what is like mankind of today will be
more intelligent. So we cannot compare, except symbolically. Symbolically it works.

You are surrounded by wastes of previous eternities (meaning what you have produced as a
mankind). Now, you want to go with the top third to the next eternity. obviously you want that.
But you have to prove it. Life is a choice and it has to be made, wanting is not sufficient.

Be very conscious of what draws you down and what brings you up. The time for fooling around
is gone.

You can see millions of people happily destroying themselves in all possible ways. You can see
the other side too. But do not think you can be lazy and just let yourself be pushed along. Before
you know it you will lag behind and then you will need a big, big effort to catch up. As an
example, when we started the groups in 1968 or 1969 we were pretty close to your own condition
as far as personality goes. Now it's kind of hopelessly different. We did all the steps in front of
you, but you had no eyes to see. Maybe once you start realizing you will remember and see
retrospectively. Now, if we are hopelessly different, it means you have to hurry to catch up. This
is, in a small way, exactly what happens with mankind.

At the starting point, which is just about now, people are kind of even, with a tendency to one
side or the other. You can switch over as you want, easily. But pretty rapidly it will be less and
less easy. And as far as mankind's evolution is concerned, in a 1,000 years the difference will be
very big.

Now, I want to tell you something else that might help you tune to another way of seeing things.

The whole solar system follows a path in what is called the cosmos. That path presently enters a
very powerful zone of influence, spiritually speaking, which brings along changes in the whole
solar system. It is not simply a coincidence that most of the big names in the hierarchy have taken
a new initiation, all the way up to the Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos. It's not just a matter
of mankind, it's a matter of the whole solar system. And now suddenly you change levels. We are
not dealing with small egos. It's a lot more serious than that. If you want to tune in to what comes
from what I just spoke of, you loose completely the first and second awakenings. It's completely
and totally different. And it happens right now.

But it depends on you. You have to make choices in everything in life. And remember, choices
are first in the way you relate to things, secondary to the things.

As an example: Some people make sex a goal in life. Now please understand that I do not deny
that sex is part of everyday life, it is, but I speak of the handling of it. Making sex a goal in life is
directly opposite to the goal of fulfilling your reason to be here. If you have two goals in opposite
directions, you shouldn't wonder why you don't move. You have lot's of people who enjoy sex
without making it a goal in their life, this is a kind of balanced position, but to make sex a goal
brings you down to the instinctive side. The instinctive side is along the line of negative polarity,
and this is precisely what you cannot master. Mastery is the ability to use it at will, or not use it at
all, still at will. If you make a goal of sex you strengthen it so powerfully that symbolically
speaking spirit can no longer come down.

In the new age you have new centers opening. One of them implies the M region, meaning spirit
comes down into that region. If, for instance, you make sex a goal you prevent that coming down.
There is a choice to make.

This is a kind of subject that you understand fairly easily, but it pertains to the entire instinctive
side, not just to sex. Jazz is a music that is related to sex. Rock is a music related to sex. You can
kill plants with rock music -- it's definitely not harmless. A choice has to be made and there is no

Now you might begin to realize why I asked you to practice decision-making. In some instances
you have a very powerful ability to make decisions. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not. If
you are used to it, it's a lot easier.

But don't take it lightly, the coming into this zone of influence means that all your daydreaming
about spirituality has to go. You cannot work with beliefs, at least not if you go toward the third
awakening. In the first awakening you have a lot of beliefs, in the second you have a little bit
less, and in the third you have no beliefs at all. You cannot speak or act in terms of belief. You
face evidences and act accordingly.

So you begin to realize that what is going on requires some powerful action, and you also begin
to realize why we suddenly say that we have to take measures.

So for the newcomers, they will have to work first, and I would say they even have to qualify. If
they don't qualify after a year they can either quit or continue with the same training until it
comes. But it also means that you cannot stay idle in this room just listening, there is too much at

.Of course you have desperate cases. For instance, when Sandra came the first time she had
psychic abilities, negative polarity way down etc. and now she's kind of head of the Los Angeles

Participant : About 15 years ago you said of someone here that it was practically hopeless , and
that person was the one who responded the most beautifully to one of the exercises you gave.

Martin: So you can see, even if it is desperate, there is still hope. If the person has courage the
whole picture can change.

We spoke of psychic abilities. When a person works, that person is going to lose those psychic
abilities. But behind the psychic abilities is a common denominator called sensitiveness. When
the person is trained, that sensitiveness will come out again, but with positive polarity. The
sensitiveness is not lost, it's simply the way of relating to it that changes.

... Take the top 30 percent as symbolic, because you have groups even now training to rescue as
many as possible that don't make it. When there is a time of transition it covers a certain period
of time. During that time period there might be a possibility of fishing out of hell some people --
there are some skilled fisherman. Now it's actually not hell, but well... social behavior can be hell
sometimes. And actually it is projected that society will go through a kind of hell a few centuries
from now. But again, this is a projection and as a projection it's always an open-ended
proposition. There is always a possibility for something else. For instance the development of the
mind has gone quicker than was expected in mankind. When things like this happen the outcome
can be different. The purpose of quoting Steiner is simply to instill in you an awareness that life
is a serious matter and you can't fool around.

Then, if you tune into that zone of influence into which the whole system is coming, you change
instantly. It gives you a completely different perspective.

In the Bible there is a quote that says: "Behold I have come to make all things new". Of course it
is accepted an a belief, it's not an evidence. You are used to seeing your persons as you did
thousands of years ago and that's it. Now you come to the point where it's no longer true. So
make a place for the third awakening, but realizing that it's not in the confinement of the earth
like the second. In the third awakening all that is gone and you begin to realize why I use the
symbol spaceship.

Now I would like to add a last aspect. For those who do not know how to work and for those who
do, this should be the base from which you work.

Loving God

You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, with your whole
mind, with your whole might.

Those who can:

Look into your heart for that deep spontaneous love for whatever is defined by the word God --
not for the concept of God, but for ...... and you have no words.

But it is there very tangibly.

For those who do not feel that deep spontaneous love, I would suggest that you do it anyway.

And you do not start loving by telling yourself that you have to start loving God. Loving is a
spontaneous action. You start loving by just starting to love -- because it is there already. No
thought processing, no emotionality, just that deep, deep, real love.
Something else:

As you do it, you might believe that you start from heart. Be careful, this very often is plexus. Let
it be pure heart. Later, if you are honest with yourself, and you really touch that which loves God
in you, and you start from there, you will not be able to tell where it starts from. It is all over. The
point is not where it is, the point is love -- total love. Forget about whether-it is with all your
heart, with all your soul, with all your whatever ...


Then you might realize that you are not the only one that loves. Your body loves too. That which
in you loves God is not your ego, it is more genuine than that. It is not an image. And when you
truly love, there is something in every cell in the body that loves God. Be aware of it and allow
your body to love God.

Body has awareness, in its own way, which is not your way, but you can sense the impulse of
love from the body -- so let it go.

You let it go, you direct it toward God -- whatever, wherever that might be. Symbolically
speaking the eyes look in front, so it might be in front. In the beginning it's usually higher up
because it has not come down completely into the awareness.

Do it fully, completely for as long as it stays genuine. In St. John of the Cross you have the way
of the true mystic: no material goodies, no spiritual goodies.


That and that only ...

When you really love God you come to a point where the duality: you/God is gone. You honestly
cannot tell which is which. This is why the mystics speak of the golden middle way: no material
goodies -- no spiritual goodies, just


You are so full of God that God is wherever you go.

It is a very quick way to a third awakening. In the second awakening you are still based in what
you call consciousness. And I am here to testify that there are ways of working in which you do
not use consciousness -- you know what you are doing, but it is not consciousness. It is none of
these functions. You can come to the point where you are so centered on God that you have no
awareness whatsoever but still ...

It is not what is known as awareness -- be it the more concrete awareness or the more abstract
God is no-thing for the awareness

There is another point you must remember: there is no self- reflexiveness .

When you love there is that movement that gives and gives love. The body loves, whatever is
here loves, and you love (even the small ego).

But be careful:

"Martin has said that you could get into the third awakening quickly if you love God".

You start loving because you are going to be rewarded by a third awakening, you don't care about
God, you care about your third awakening. Catastrophe. We are speaking about loving.

So you start loving. You are in the position where you happily love with all your soul, and then
you have the mind coming in with: "Let's see, what does it do to me?"

This is where discipline comes in. You say: "Shut up" and you love. or you forget the "shut up"
and you love.

You will have many types of interferences :

Sensory -- you can have real --Feelings

Emotional -- you can be shaken

Mental -- asking: "What does it do to me?" and so on...

Every time, you stop short and...


Real, total, complete love

It's a discipline. Do not say you love when you are looking for the changes that go on in you. You
love because you love. Period.

And you don't give a name to God. You don't even give a coloration to your love of God -- it is
total. All of it.

You do this repeatedly. Every day. When you do this, after a while you will begin to realize what
I mean by working/ acting from another position, because the sense of what is you will change.
But the purpose is not to love so that the sense of you changes, you love because it is your most
natural movement and you belong there. And when love becomes so intense you forget about all
your other movements -- then, if help is needed, you give it, with the same love.
Center on God. Love God. And that only. There is no goal. You don't love because... You love
God wholly, completely, and you allow your body to follow too, according to its own awareness,
not through your awareness. And when you have interference and you start looking for feedback
on what it does in you, forget it and love again. Fully centered on God -- only that -- no purpose
... simply ...



We have a lot to say today in preparation for resuming our activity this fall.

Up to now you have always thought that as long as you come to the groups when I am here to
"teach you" that is sufficient. It's no longer so. Those who have not yet under-stood that work,
and specific work, is needed will come to a point where they just cannot connect any longer with
what we do. I remind you, this is an ongoing activity, we cannot wait.

This means that in addition to the newcomers, all participants in the group will have to
participate in some kind of training. All of you. This training will be done a lot more
systematically. How will you relate to this activity? Is it welcome? Will you be helpful in it? Or
will you go to it reluctantly, making the work more difficult for everyone? In other words, this
leads to a kind of necessity of a unity in the group that I have spoken of many times. Now the
time comes when unity of action has to be. We are here to do something on earth.

I am 70 today. I intentionally tell you my age so that you begin to realize that we don't have that
much time. We cannot wait long. Things have to be done, and for the first time in the group's
history there is an endeavor, at least of part of the group, to go ahead and work. This does not
mean that you won't make mistakes, but at least you will learn, you'll go ahead and start really

There are a lot of aspects: For instance, you have to be able to direct your mind. so that it
becomes productive. You have to be able to do the same with your emotional awareness. You
also have to be able to do it with your body -- and that's another story. You have no idea what is

The body is a product of "evolution". That means it's the part of you of which you have the least
control. The centers of awareness in the basin do not function, or they function very, very little. If
they don't function, you have no body awareness. Sensory awareness, as I've told you, is an
etheric awareness, it does not belong to the physical body. I have an image. Seen, let us say, from
the position I am in, the body is like a sponge cake. As the name implies it can be soaked with
whatever you want. And that body is just so, fully soaked with emotions and thoughts.
Completely soaked. What you might not be aware of is that once you have.learned to direct your
thoughts and your emotions, you still haven't learned to allow the body to be free of that soaking
so that -it can be directed also. If you have taken a position of creativeness, which, symbolically
speaking, is the position of the sun, or one of giving out, this has to be done with the body too.
Up to now you could not because you were not aware of how full that physical structure is of
emotions and thoughts. Now what is needed is at hand, and that body condition has to be
repolarized in a different way. But, as I told you, it's not second awakening.

Incidentally, in your experience of the transition from first awakening to second awakening, you
may have noticed that aspects of the second awakening come into the first awakening. This will
eventually result in the full second awakening. When you work, aspects of the third awakening
come into the second awakening. Experiential clues, visions, always come to give you clues to
what you have to bring out. Always. Either you have it when you live with us or you have it on
your own as a fullness of vision that can last possibly a fraction of a second, but that is entirely
sufficient to give you a very clear experience of what has to come out. If you have neither of the
two you are still in second awakening.

So work, go ahead, clarify yourself and so on, until the vision comes. But that vision is
experiential, not perceptive. It's not mediated, its immediate. And, as I've told you a few times, it
can be extremely beautiful.

The hologram, for instance, is not the product of my mind. I had it in a vision. And I just don't
know how to convey the beauty of that hologram in a two-dimensional image. I have no way to
reproduce it. The way I lived it was three--dimensional. And it appeared out of nothing -- now
that's something special, that nothingness. Very pure, very clear, and, for the consciousness,
three-dimensional. It's one of the weird things that come. I've always told you we are not alone.

Sometimes I regret you don't have more education in the spiritual field. By this I mean some sort
of background by which you know where you are going, and what is going on in the world. You
have, for instance, big religious movements that rely on the Bible and most don't even know the
symbolism of the Bible. And, unless you have been educated in the field, you don't know either.
I'll give you a very simple example : Jesus has been called "The Lamb of God". He was also
referred to as a Sheppard. Astrologically speaking, he was product of Aries, thus the reference to
the lamb. His followers were a product of the Picean Age, and thus fishermen. People have

The Chaldean civilization was very strongly astrological -- they were experts. So you still had
expressions coming through from that period of time. It was not just haphazard. It was written
down that way so that those who could might recognize.

When Jesus addressed Nicodemus and told him: "I saw you under the fig tree", Nicodemus first
reaction was to say : "Master". Now Nicodemus was a Doctor of Israel, he was a knowledgeable
man. Why did that educated man called Jesus "Master" ? You might have no idea, except if you
remember that I told you that the tree is a symbol of initiation, even a certain degree of initiation.
There is this language that has been forgotten. So, when you work, please make an effort to
broaden your awareness. We are involved in an action uinvolving the whole solar system -- and
that's just to make it small. This means you work in a given context. We have a historical context
---even what we do now. Things will begin to make sense if you are able to broaden your
awareness and realize that to work for mankind without a historical context is just wishfulness.
This, just to give you an inkling, so that when you act you always give the broad surrounding in
which the action has to take place, not just the local movement. Whatever exercise you do, put it
in it's surrounding atmosphere. What are you working for ? And "working for" is not reaching up.
With the Christ Impulse you work the other way around, in order to bridge the gap. Reaching up
is an old remnant.

Incidentally, I spoke of that matter of the body, full of emotions and whatever awareness you
have, so that when you begin to try to come out positively, actively, creatively, you notice that
you have a body that still goes the other way around. Look for yourself right now. You will
notice that the feeling of the body is always "toward" You want to change in-order-to-reach --
even physically. There's a lot of work to do, but it cannot be done unless you know what working

Sometime ago I told you we are ready for more. Now I have to tell you that we don't wait any
longer. We cannot. I say this to put you into the context of what is going on. And it's not a matter
of being adequate or not, of knowing or not knowing, it's just a matter of position.

There is one point you often forget. It's not your first incarnation. If you are in a certain position,
more emotional than mental, or more mental than emotional, more sensory than mental and so
on, this is as it is now. You cannot tell what the other components are. You cannot tell what you
have already brought out in past incarnations. It's simply that you had to add something, let us
say, another function to round it up and so on. As long as you work with the narrow side of your
present incarnation, what you have developer from babyhood on, and which is the imprint of
society around you, 'You will have difficulty. This cannot be your base. It's just incidental.

Of course, you have to work in this surrounding, but is this surrounding as you perceive it? You
have to challenge this. A limited perception gives you a limited surrounding. The real you is not
limited that way, and, I have to add, you know it perfectly well.

You are drawn to that so-called "higher" self, to the comedian in you, to Atman, to the "real" you.
Call it whatever you want, you are drawn to it. At the same time, you know you are it, which
means "being drawn" to it has no's a bad reflection because, in fact, you are it already.
You cannot become what you already are. It's a flaw in the mind -- trying to be what you already
are. Sometimes I wonder why you trust a consciousness that is able to negate what you really are.

We work here according to what you are, whether your consciousness follows or not. Every time
we meet it's your experience, so it's time to become sensible and act on it. All the hints are here,
so why don't you act according to them?

... The need for a break comes always, symptomatically, when you are caught in a pattern. This
means you must break the movement. Take a day off so that you can drop the pattern. If you are
working and getting stuck, always in the same movement, take a break.

The kind of break we are speaking of here is to allow another position to come up. If you are
very, very intent in one way of working, and if you haven't learned to discipline yourself to
recognize patterning and change it constantly, then you put too much stress in one direction and
you have to break it.

This can be done in many ways: You can shake yourself. You can take a fall. Whatever helps to
you to loosen yourself. You can also just simply take a holiday and forget about the whole
business completely for a few days. Then when you come back again you will realize that you are
refreshed and you can take another position --this means that the unconscious side has modified
some pattern.

.The group proposition also comes in a context. Historically speaking, animals live
group-wise, meaning they are governed by what is called a "group spirit" that takes care of a
certain number of them. The basic awareness is in the group spirit, not in the individual. Once
man was forced to congregate in groups or tribes for strength and protection. He belonged to the
tribe. He gave his strength to the tribe, and the tribe was strong, not the individual. And when an
action had to be taken against a large predator, they went as a group to face it and try to handle it.

Little by little, man became individualized, so much so that they have forgotten the meaning of
the word "individual" : (not divided), and they have come out with perfect division.

Now we come to the Aquarian Age in which group action is supposed to become effective., We
already have symptoms of this working. For instance, in the scientific community, people no
longer work as isolated individuals, they build teams. At the university you have a professor
leading the research, but the body of the research is done by a team. And this team has a
characteristic: each individual in the team is a full individual, highly qualified., Team does not
mean persons coming together, it means qualifications coming together. Don't forget it. if you try
to flock together like a tribal group, you will obtain a tribe, and nothing will happen. So within
that context you begin to realize why we ask that you come out with qualifications. Team work is
possible when the team is composed of different high qualities that are effective. In a real
working team you don't have to teach anyone else his or her job -- they come fully qualified.

And to give you an inkling of what "qualification" means: When you do something, you do it.
When you sound a note in a qualified group that note works, and you recognize it by seeing the
whole room taking on that note. I say this for mature people, for the comedian. I don't say this to
the persons here because a person cannot do it. But a person can take it the wrong way and say:
"Okay, I will grow until I am able to sound the note that effects everyone so I am powerful".
Now, if this happens you are missing the boat. When everyone in the group becomes skilled, the
group becomes powerful. There is no possessiveness whatsoever. The point is not to teach you to
have power over other people, and if it is understood that way, well, eventually your experience
will show that this is not so.

What you must do is create a surrounding, an atmosphere, and then people respond. Honestly
speaking, depending on what we are doing, we absolutely and completely forget about you. There
is just plain no movement directed toward you (those bodies). We do not work that way. What
we do is not addressed to persons. Still you respond.
So please realize when I say that when you sound a note it comes out and. you verify its
effectiveness, I have to say it for a very good reason. We have seen many of you trying hard to
sound a note until you really feel it, and we can recognize that you do really feel it, but it has no
effect. Its only you that feels it. This means that the way it is sounded is reaching up or
attempting to possess what is done.

Sometimes I've told you, but it's forgotten because its not in the frame of what you have learned
in school, when you want to live or help someone live a so-called "higher" condition, you must
create the surrounding in which it is possible. In the usual surrounding it won't work. You have
to make it possible, and this means that the terrain in which it has to act has to be there. lost of
the time when you act you have a tendency to just act and forget about the terrain needed. You
have to give both. When you work as a group, you have to create the terrain in which the action
will work and then introduce the action. But the action alone without the terrain will give
something that you all know too well: you bring a higher element into a surrounding that is
ignorant of it. Then you wonder why it doesn't work. Always give both. Always. Once you are
used to it, you don't need to think about both because when you truly live the simple fact of living
exudes the surrounding.

So, giving a reference about what we call effectiveness is not for you to develop power over
others. It is for you to produce a sounding that is effective -- that you give out and that works.
Possibly it will only work in a limited field, but it will work.

I'll give you another clue. When you work bodily, the awareness of body that exists in the person
is obviously, by definition, an awareness that is separated from the whole, meaning it's a very
limited awareness that concerns only what is called personality, and only in the realm of what
personality conveys to you. Identification with the body. Identification with the instrument. Of
course, you can tell yourself with your mind that you are not the instrument, that the instrument is
the mask and you are the comedian, anyone can do that. But do you live it?

Okay, let's say I challenge you:

Your awareness of yourself is always, always linked to a form of body, be it subtle or gross.
Check for yourself. You think "I", "me", "comedian", "higher self", "God-self", whatever, there is
always a sense of instrumentality. It's obvious. Isn't it? Why? Because your sense of ego presides
over the person, and your sense of yourself is according to the image of the ego.

Going to the practice of the hologram, try to live what the Pilot is. The Pilot cannot be defined by
anything that is in the hologram, so that's a tough proposition. One day it becomes real. In the
meantime, you begin to live a continuum and in continuum. you accept the person. This means
you have a continuum of instrumentality that becomes, for all practical purposes, absolutely
infinite. When you live that., you will be astonished that you will be completely unable to put any
possessivenesss on instrumentality. It's just plain impossible. It's actual experience. It's very, very
different from personal awareness. You know that you are not the instrument. You might even
say it, but it doesn't prevent you from identifying with some form of instrumentality anyway.
Until you begin to realize that some form of discipline is needed. Some form of training of the
awareness. Some form of getting used to coming back to what you really live instead of to what
you abstract. You have heard me saying these things, but the time has come when you have to do
it -- not because I've said it, but because in this historical context it has to be done. There is no

Now, I hope to have helped you to understand a little of what it means to come together as a
group: active, working people who take responsibility and are able to hold to it and perform
accordingly. In a scientific team, if you are hired because of your abilities, you are supposed to
perform according to those abilities, then you have a team , but simply coming together is not

Socially speaking, if all of you were closer together, like real friends, it would ease many aspects.
It's one reason why you could come closer together, but the real group action, according to the
Aquarian Age, requires some form of mastery, something you can do. Then you come together
and do it.

There is a well-known proposition that the strength of a group rises to the square of the people
present. So if you have two people, it's the strength of four, if you have three, the strength of nine
and so on. Knowing this, we have to be careful to come together qualified, because according to
this same law, the dumbness of two people is four times the dumbness of two separate ones and
so on. See where it could go?

So when you come together, please be aware of what you bring together. And bringing together
is not "I do this" and. "you do that" -- meaning separation. It's bringing together. There is a
tuning, an d you have to work on the tuning.

Another point: As I said before, to say "I am the comedian" is what you are striving for. As long
as you affirm "I am the comedian", it means that you are not. When you are the comedian you are
not aware of it, it's too self evident. You don't need to affirm it. As long as you need to affirm
that you are the comedian, it means psychologically; that you feel you are not. Affirm it and you
will prove that you are not it. Give it out, this is what is important.

Remember the psychological experience that I called "going to the sun". Experience shows that
as long as you go toward the sun, even if you are in the center of the sun, you are not the sun.
You have to turn around. Then you just happen to be the sun. You have not become the sun. You
have just turned around. So the movement is not to become the sun, the movement is to turn
around. You have to turn around on all. levels involved. That includes your mind, your emotions,
your body. Otherwise you cannot say, I am the sun.

In the symbolism of the hologram, the Pilot is God, and the hologram is creation. Creation has,
according to the picture itself, three orders of life, and, as you know, what is in one order is not in
the other. Meaning, the understanding of the one system your consciousness knows belongs to
the system symbolized by the greenhorn -- that's one system. Another order of life is something
utterly, totally different. All the references of one system are not valid in the other ones. Now we
have three of these. And, as I told you, three is a symbolic figure because "three" is not valid in
another order of life. So we cannot know the number, because "number" is not valid in another
order of life. But we express according to this order, so we make a symbol according to this

In the Bible it is written that man was created in the image and likeness of God, and it's true. It is
also written: "Don't you know that you are Gods?" No, you don't. You desire to be. That's a
desire. A desire is like going toward the sun, and, as you know, you cannot desire to be the sun.
It's a very different proposition.

Another point that is linked closely, very closely to this is the "greater" you are the more
responsibility you must assume. There is no escape. You cannot assume a so-called "higher"
position without assuming the comedian's responsibility. When the comedian comes on the stage
he has to perform. Now this translates into other words. In our language, the stage is earth. You
have come to earth. You have a duty. A very serious duty. Suppose you are more than your
picture of a comedian, so there is more responsibility than the comedian. Suppose you are God --
let's make it a limited God -- the one governing the solar system, that alone. You know it's
already too much. Okay, let's make it smaller: the one governing the earth, all life on earth. That's
just about the smallest we can go. Now, rise to the responsibility of that being, having in hand all
life on earth. Do you realize the responsibility of a God? It is fine to want to be a God, but accept
the implications. Then perhaps you will sober up and begin to accept the responsibilities you
have. You can let the "you" be perfectly open-ended because very obviously your consciousness
has a very poor inkling of what you really are. But go with the responsibility involved.

 I'd like you to observe one point. There are a few in the groups who have already had some
training. This means they are not what they appear to be. _If you feel a movement inside, don't
assess the value of that movement according to your consciousness, live it on the level of the
movement itself. That's mandatory. don't expect your consciousness to follow the real movement.
The real movement is going to teach consciousness to polarize differently. In what you tell,
consciousness is still looking up. The movement is not looking up, it's pushing to come out. It
needs to come out. There is responsibility involved, it's true, but it's a responsibility taken by the
responsible one, and the person gets polarized accordingly. Consciousness makes the mistake of
wanting to assume the responsibility without changing first. No, you have to live on the level of
the responsible one, and when you are able to do that repeatedly, things begin to happen. It's
simply that the usual pattern has to be modified. Instead of relating to known references on the
conscious level, you relate systematically to what you really live.

It becomes further evident if you learn to -take all features of consciousness as the signals of an
instrument. These signals are used by the one behind, the responsible one -- "he" is conscious.
Or, let's use another word -- "he" is aware. The signals are not the awareness, they are signals
only. If you learn to consistently come back to what you really live, you will clearly experience
that what is called "consciousness" is only, a system of signals. But in the personality condition,
separate from the whole, signals are taken as being the awareness. If you were consistent in
looking at your life you would find those features that you master and those features you can
predict. Then, also, you would always find reactions that are unpredictable, that prove that you
live a lot more than what your consciousness handles. So you have the sense of responsibility.
You also have the sense of "someone" else. Stay with this. Act directly from this point. There is
an awareness that is a lot more encompassing at this level. Personality-wise you may still believe
that this awareness has to be translated according to consciousness, but it does not. Little by little
we have to speak another language.

I have in mind an example to convey to you that a real action is something other than the
daydreaming of the personality. In Yogananda's book he speaks about Babaji. Babaji accepts
disciples under one condition: that they have overcome death. Just to tell @@o-u that there are
values in the world that are quite real and working. Just because our society is at an all-time low
in terms of values does not mean that they do not exist. Sometimes I like to give you the shock of
reality so that you might realize that IF spiritual" work is not a daydream. It implies specific
requirements, specific abilities. In the case of Babaji it is overcoming death. -It's a strong
proposition and it implies a lot, as you may ,suspect. Now look where you stand.

Now, do you have questions or specific suggestions?

Participant: You've mentioned several times that the physical awareness has an intelligence of it's
own. Left to itself would it naturally express divinity? or does it require something? Also is there
a danger to undermine the natural faculties of the body, to make it less capable of being what it
can be, what it can contribute of its own intelligence?

Martin: Nothing is foolproof. If you ask if there is danger, I would say yes, because I've seen so
many mistakes. When the mind starts pretending it's all-powerful, even over the body, it can lead
the body into very serious situations. There is a balance required and there is a need for, let us
say, purity of intention. A purity of intention, for instance, that signals of what the body needs
will be accepted.

Participant: What's the proper way to proceed?

Martin: If you practice loving God in the first place, all else derives from that, and if it derives
from that, it's quite simple. But if your Love is the last proposition, and all else comes first, then,
of course, you have danger zones --- a lot more than otherwise.

If you live in Love, events works for you. Even the question of bodily health, body condition,
tensions, and so on, can be helped by events. To give you a silly example: Every time I am sick it
is always between sessions. I remember having failed only once because of a car accident -- in all
these years. Consciousness does not dictate it, it just happens that way. Events work with, not

.But, when you deal with effectiveness, try to discipline yourself to stay with effectiveness, not
more effectiveness. They are not the same proposition. More effectiveness means you have the
relative ineffectiveness of the groups as a reference and you want more. No, your reference must
be effectiveness, not the lack of it. It reminds me of what I said previously, the steps ahead are
always shown. Act according to what is ahead, symbolically speaking, not according to the past.
The reference is what you must bring out, not what you have done in the past.
 means you bring out the ability to initiate a movement, to generate. Once you generate a
movement, you have generated it. It sounds silly, but,for consciousness, most of the time when
you generate a movement, you are not sure you have done it. In the experience Daniel speaks of
if you have started a movement,, you can just forget about it and it will remind you in time that
you have something to do. Depending on what has to be done, you can generate a movement then
forget the whole movement and events will take care of the rest. I wish you had some of these

I remember in the beginning when it happened to me. It was in Switzerland, in Geneva. Someone
was asking for help in a certain direction. First I assessed it to see if it was valid or not. It was
valid, so I said "yes", and that was it. I forgot about the person completely, but the help came.
The movement was generated at that moment, and not according to a desire to help. As I said, the
situation was assessed, but it was not assessed by consciousness. So the "yes" was not due to a
conscious deduction, it was a true "yes", and it worked. You are never alone. The dichotomy of
the personality separated from the whole makes you think and process as if you were alone, but
it's not so. It's time for you to realize it.

How about addressing the one that is behind, the one that is serious in ways the persons don't
know, and relating to each according to that aspect. Actively relate in that way, in spite of the
personality. See what I mean?

I have to remind you that your person acts according to the society around, according to what you
have gathered in this incarnation, but this is not the experienced one behind. When we speak of
working, it is that one who works. So it is with the one that you relate to. If you do this you will
find that the proposition that Christina made is self-evident. What she is looking for will be there
anyway, without any special effort of any kind.

Okay, time is flowing on. I want to show you something to help you on the way.

Daniel reminded me of an experience we have done in the past, many years ago, with a piece of
music called "Kumbaya". This piece of music speaks of different relations with the Lord.

What I propose is that you live your Love of God, Christ, that open-ended whatever, as we play
the music.


Look at how you live yourself. See how the room is. Now we are going to play it again, and this
time we will play with you.

It's for you to register the difference in life. It's important that you have a reference of the
difference so that next time you can come out accordingly.

So let's play it.

If you look around in the room there is a limitation that is gone that can be expressed by what I
call overcoming the confinement of planet earth. What we call the spaceship is at home in space.
It's not planet-bound like the greenhorn. if you live space, suddenly you realize that you are at
home, it is in this room.

One of the aspects that lie ahead of you, and why you need some serious training, is to overcome
the limitation of planet earth. I've told you that the earth and personality are symbolically related.
You overcome your own person, but then you have to overcome the planet -- it's another
dimension of the same problem. The planet belongs to the solar system, and you cannot
understand planet if you don't put it in this context. You can see that the field of Love can be very
different from the concept of love within the person.

Kumbaya is a song that involves the plexus. The first time you looked around you could see it
quite clearly. It still involves the plexus the second time around, but in a very different way.
Don't you feel a lot cleaner? It does not mean the purpose was to clean the plexus, the proposition
was Love, but, depending on the reality of that Love, you come out a lot clearer than you were.
Do you have questions, pertaining to this practice?

Participant: You spoke previously of tuning into the zone of influence, can you say anything
more about that?

Martin: I have no referential system to convey to you in words what is implied. Some of it you
feel going on right now in the room. You already realize that the atmosphere, the workings, are
very different from what you are used to.

You may remember that we, spoke of the Black Riders. It's the same. ' It's an activity effecting
the whole solar system, not just earth, but on the earth everyone has to adjust, whatever the
degree of initiation or rank. It's a new situation.

We can show it and we do show it, but not in words. We'll see it again when we play the music to
end our session. it's present anyway. We can't help it. What else can I say?



Today I want to cover a few very important points, and the first is something. I call "prime
motivation." By prime motivation I mean that motivation which is at the very base of a given
action. There is a technical reason why I stress this point, the prime motivation is a definite A
action, meaning it it is highly directive. It is what gives your action its goal and quality.

But be careful : prime motivation is the mind. Most of the time it is picked up and
formulated by the mind, but it is not in the mind. It can be from deep heart, soul, or it can be
simply emotional, but it is not mental. Now some people might say that it is mental, but if they
were to go behind they would come to the affect, the emotional side. Unless you are trained,
nearly all the roots of motivation are in the emotional, and behind the emotional you might
possibly find soul. For instance, if you start looking into why you come here again and again,
even though it's so hard, possibly, if you really look for the prime motivation, you will find a soul
action behind.

What I'm trying to say is: Don't be satisfied with the reasoning your mind can have about your
motivation, look at what you really live. Now you already know from experience on the
emotional side that if you have an emotion it pops up by its own movement, without asking the
mind for permission, and the mind adjusts and possibly expresses it in certain ways. But the
language of the emotional side is somewhat different from the language of the mind, so when
you are asked to look for a motivation, don't look only along the line of the language of the mind,
go into feelings, go into intuitions, go into deep, deep longings. Then go behind all that.

As you know, theoretically, but as you might have a very hard time practicing, in the work we do
you have to give out. This entire action is a gift. And this reminds me to refresh your memory
that the monthly gift, the financial,help you give, has to be a gift. I do this because of the training
of gift awareness it provides. Please consider: This entire action is a gift, and if your concrete
consciousness doesn't learn somewhere what a true gift is, you won't be able to work. It's
amazing how few realize this. You are here on earth to do something, if you pay because you
want to get something then you miss the point. A gift is an expression of caring, an expression of

Now the quality of the gift depends on your motivation. What is the motivation that.makes you
give? That is a kind of delicate question. Is your motivation so that you can stay in the group in
order to acquire some higher condition? This is a very common motivation. or is it a soul action?
A real gift is a-soul action. Or another example might be: "Martin has decided that we have to
give a monthly gift, so I'll give a monthly gift". The.motivation in this example is to follow or
conform to a rule. There is no caring. There is no love. There is no life. We mean a gift to be
something real, and we hope you mean this as well.

When you practice loving God and you come to the point where you give yourself to God, this is
a major gift. It's not an emotional or mental concoction, we use the word 'gift" In a deeper way. It
involves more genuine values. It is more spontaneous, more real -- not just one part of you
wanting to give a gift and the other not wanting to.

Somehow you have to train until you realize what a true gift is. Some of you write checks. How
many times do you have the feeling of a true, caring, outgoing gift when you write your check?
It's something that goes into your writing and fills the paper. If your gift is a true one, you can't
help but live it again when you write the check, or when you give in other ways.

We can also approach it from a different angle : our civilization today is geared toward getting
the most you can from life, and if you are not getting enough, you automatically have the
tendency to hold what you have for fear of losing it, until, by holding back, you crystallize your
natural movement. Your natural movement is radiating, and radiation is a gift. if giving that
monthly gift were your sole opportunity to give, and you gave only once a month and only in that
way, the fact that you dared to give would have a tendency to break the dams you build around
yourself that cause you to withhold your real, deep movement. Few people realize how these.
Things work.

An example that comes to my mind is of a lady who had a motel somewhere, I think in Arizona.
Business was at an all-time low. She had practically no guests and sixty dollars in cash. The
situation was pretty desperate. Then she started thinking that she had never done anything for
God, so she decided to give forty of her sixty dollars to the local church -- she was left with
twenty dollars. That same evening, guests began to arrive and from that point on business began
steadily to improve. Now people have a chronic tendency to blame setbacks on outside
circumstances possibly there was a new road somewhere that avoided the motel, perhaps there
was a new motel twenty miles further that was much nicer -- whatever. But she dared to break
that dam and things started moving again.

It's not the form but the essence of gift that dares to come out, and this must be applied to
everything in your life. You work to earn a living, is there a gift in that work? There are people at
all levels of life who naturally give all the time, but in the hectic life we have now, this breed is
nearly gone.

So, I have to insist that the practice of giving, really giving a felt gift, one which you stand
behind, is very important. Unless you learn this, don't expect much from so-called spiritual
development. If you do not learn this, then your prime motivation will not be to give something
to mankind, but rather to acquire a certain degree of evolution for yourself.

Now in the Statement of Purpose I'm quite honest with you. It says that if you come here for your
own benefit you can forget it. I say it in better words, but essentially it's the same. I'm always
amazed at how few people realize what is meant. If you work for your own benefit in our
surrounding, it just won't work. I know some of you have this bitter experience. You try, and try
hard, but it still doesn't work. There's a very simple reason : you are doing it for your own benefit
and not for the benefit of mankind. I tell you this every year, hopefully this year you are better
prepared to hear me. I would like to see every one of you be able to give, really and
wholeheartedly. Now to give wholeheartedly is a soul gift, meaning the prime motivation is a
soul movement, it is not ego-centered grabbing, giving in order to get.

I have-in mind someone I have known pretty well who has spent her whole lifetime giving -- in
order to be someone. The outer appearance was one of gift, but the psychological appearance was
one of needing to be someone and giving was the means that was used. If you help people you
become an important person for those people -- see how your ego inflates?

Clearing out the gift action in your life depends on your realizing the prime motivation behind.
Psychologically you would say: "Why do I do it?" As average goes, the prime motivation is
practically always emotional, very often with a beautiful cover-up by the mind. By cover-up I
mean that the mind makes a beautiful story about what the motivation is in order to hide the true
motivation. Many people are experts at hiding their true motivation, but remember that if you
hide it from others, you also hide it from yourself.

Then there are others who hide their motivation from themselves because it does not correspond
to their ideal. Now motivation is a practical aspect, and the ideal is a theoretical aspect, meaning
the motivation is stronger than the ideal. The motivation is actually at work and the ideal is only
a potential situation. So look at the quality of the feelings in your motivation. Go deep. Don't be
satisfied when you find that your motivation wants to grab the whole world for your own benefit,
and if possible more than that. When you come to that point and you are able to face it and
realize that you do it, don't stop there. Go behind. The desperate wanting is a reflection of what?
Because what you have found on the level of awareness is in reality a reflection of something
else. For instance, you come here in order to reach a higher condition. What is.that a reflection
of? Look on the other side. Something wants to come through and out.

We speak of a soul action behind. To be more technical it's not always soul, but-let's say on the
emotional level there is a good chance that it is a soul action coming through. Soul action always
has a giving movement. You give out, all the time.

I remember when I was nine or ten years old in Switzerland in the mountains, and I had just
come down from a big fir I had climbed to swing in the wind -- it was fantastic! There I met a
girl, of perhaps twenty, who explained to me that when people want to get affection from others,
it never solves their problem, they solve it only when, instead of wanting to receive it, they give it
to others. I was not a philosopher at the time, but I realized it was a serious proposition that must
be very true, and so it proved to be later on. The deeper action, which is what you are looking for,
is what changes your life, solves your "problems" and brings out the deeper values.

Take another aspect. Lots of people want to get rich because they believe that it will solve all
their problems. Did you ever find one rich person who had no problems? The problems are
usually worse. So much for myths. It's not how much you get, it's how much you give.
The monthly financial gift is an opportunity to make a concrete gesture, with means you use in
everyday life. It's an opportunity to bring out a deep, deep motivation and express it. Then you
start unblocking that dam people build around themselves. Take it seriously and practice. It is a
caring. It is a loving movement. Soul and love go together.

Participant: The material that goes to make up the human being comes from the earth. It's been in
circulation for thousands of years. When the soul comes in contact with the human being, the
body that it lives with, and then faces the experiences that these cells have in them, it comes up
against resistances to outgoing givingness. Granted there is a training involved, but it doesn't
seem like it's "bad". It's something one shouldn't get down on oneself for. I'm wondering how you
would see that?

. As you know evolution takes a long time, so if you go 2,000 years back it was still the same
with some connotations that were different (more feelings at that time etc.), but still everything
interpreted according to that mind, and you've learned to act accordingly. So, we could say, as I
say in the book in the symbolism of the square, that spirit has to gain strength. And, as you know,
strength is developed by resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the strength developed.
I think you have realized that over the years you have known me you have seen me coming out
with more and more strength. So I have to thank you for your resistance. It's not bad, perhaps
uncomfortable, but it's not bad. If you know how to use it there are some advantages. I call this a
human mind concoction.

.. Let's say you have that spontaneous movement to give and your mind overrides it. It's
because of possessiveness. "I" do right. "I" do wrong. The proposition is not that at all. You have
a human situation in which you have an instrument called "personality". The personality is
adjusted to a given situation. What you handle is the whole of it: personality/situation. okay, what
can we do with this situation? Let's say you have, as you suggested, the mind overriding your
natural movement. Don't judge, look at the features of the situation. This is how this personality
works in this given situation. Look closer at how it works. Look at the hidden motivation. Look
at everything. It's fascinating. Then you begin to see how, by modifying a group of aspects, you
can bring out a value. As I told you, I have to do something with your resistance, so I come out
stronger. Actually it's not that way at all, but in the usual understanding it would be a way to
interpret it (because people want to get higher qualities). So I get my higher qualities by
developing muscles against your resistance.

The proposition is:

This is the situation.

You recognize the situation, and that's the first phase.

Phase two is:

What can we do in this situation ?
What good, what creativeness, what gift can we bring out that may be useful to the people on
earth? You modify the situation purposefully.

If you want to modify the situation, logically, you first have to see the situation. How many times
in your conscious life have you tried to apply much higher principles just so you wouldn't have to
face a situation -- so you could escape? Unfortunately, spirituality, in all it's forms, has it's
greatest number of adherents in the form of escapists.

And, in a way, this is where we have trouble in our groups. You know we don't go along with
escaping. If you want to be able to perform there are requirements that have to be met. If you
sound a note you must sound it, and it has to show. There is no place for dreams.

Believe it or not we have in the groups people who still cannot tell the difference between the
dream of what they would like to live and what actually works. The dreamer would sound in the
dream, so the observer would say they sense something way behind. No, sounding is positive, it
changes things in the room. In the protocol we speak of Loving God. Whatever pops up in your
mind, you continue. If it's difficult, you just continue. If it's impossible, you still continue. That's
the quickest way. Then your resistance is forgotten, because it's not real.

.You believe your personality is you, but it ceases to exist at death. So it's simply something
you have borrowed, so we call that an "instrument" -- the mask you use for public appearance. It's
a human sample that has, among other things, that silly tendency to make resistance. Look at how
that personality functions. Very often I have tried to make you aware that mankind has a past,
and that past is alive in what is present. So you have old tendencies, and you have to cope with
them. There are old patterns, and you have to create new patterns.

There's another point I want to make in this respect. When you have a block, a barrier that keeps
you from going further, the block is a one-way valve, it works from the outside in, not from the
inside out. So there is an alternate route, you go from the inside out and there is no block

You will notice that as soon as you start hinting at blocks, resistances, and so on, as soon as you
go into that you have the movement of reaching up (symbolically, toward the sun).
Automatically. Try for yourself. observe in the group. Every time one of those questions arises,
you have all the awareness in the group reaching toward -- the movement of coming out, giving,
is gone. You don't even notice it because it is the average movement in mankind. It's a pattern
well established from long, long past. But you are not obliged to stay with a well-established
pattern, it's simply that if you are not on guard, it may pop up. As soon as you are aware of it you
simply change position.

The ability to change position is important. With the ability to change position, there are some
very important points I have to remind you of: You have to shift in terms of identity. Whatever
you do, if you are still your little ego, then it doesn't work. If you really train, as you train,your
sense of identity changes. If you do not change, then it means that your prime motivation, which
is giving the direction, is some sort of egoic position. And when you have an egoic position, don't
condemn it, try to look behind.

This is why I tell you all that time that you may hear me criticizing you, but I don't. I'm used to
looking behind. Those aspects reflect another action, but the reflection is reversed, as is any
reflection -- so you want to reach up, when the other wants to come out. it is quite symmetrical,
but it's reversed, and this has to be adjusted.

The Bridging of the gap

We come into a period in which there is what we call"the bridging of the gap". This implies that
what is on the other side of the gap is going to assimilate the person -- meaning the person begins
to be integrated in the whole, instead of living as a separate entity. And believe me it makes a
big, big difference. Your sense of identity will be gone completely, utterly and completely.

And another point: When you work you have to create the surrounding in which what you do is
possible -- actually it's rather an unveiling. The mind is used to itemizing. So you work on one
item and then another, and you forget about the surrounding in which the item exists. It you give
an item of a higher value, you have to give a surrounding of a higher value -- that means a
corresponding surrounding -- otherwise it won't work.

Clearing the Structure

Sometimes, if you are very honest with yourself, you realize that when you do something it
doesn't work because the structure is much too coarse. So you have to refine it. And in this
respect the first you have to refine is what people call the "astral body".

For those who are not familiar with the word "astral", it can be translated: emotional condition,
with an extension to the sub- and supraconscious emotions. It's a much bigger realm than the
usual emotions.

We have just seen that resistance is what helps spirit grow strong (strong in small letters). Seen
from the mind, the reverse is also true, that is, the instrumentality has to respond in a higher and
higher way, from the most physical, the most coarse, to the finest. Now to apply the word
"coarse" to the physical is not right. The physical is not coarse by itself, coarseness is mainly in
the astral condition. When that is cleared out, then you look in the etheric condition, and last of
all in the physical. If you clear up the physical and the astral condition is not cleared up, then you
are still coarse.

Now I realize that you don't know the implications of refining the structures, so I will give you
one means that works beautifully but is not foolproof, so you have to be very honest with
yourself. There is one center that reflects the astral condition pretty nicely and that is what is
called the "solar plexus".Now suppose you allow the solar plexus to radiate spontaneously -- that
very fine radiation that is nearly light. Like a sun, but not as heavy as the sun. Light, light, light.

Now there is one major trap: the ego cannot do it. You can decide in your head to ask the plexus
to come out, and if the soft way doesn't work you can start threatening the plexus: "Come out or
else". But you'll find that this won't work either. Finally you'll realize that the culprit is not the
plexus, it's the head. When the plexus comes out it comes out on it's own. You have to realize
that the centers of awareness are working on a more "abstract" or "higher" level than the
consciousness. True plexus awareness, positive plexus, is not what you know of as emotions.
What you know of as emotions is mainly on the nature side.

When you begin to be aware of these differences of quality, you might, by intuition, sense the
real plexus -- not yet here, but somewhere. Okay, persist. Live with it. You will begin to realize
that there is a coarseness in the usual plexus that has to be limbered, refined. Little by little you
won't allow yourself to behave in just any usual way, you will want a deeper quality in what you

So let's say the time comes when the positive plexus starts acting. You will, at that moment,
notice how drastic the difference is, and you will begin to be aware of what we mean by
transparent. When the plexus begins to come out cleaner, not fully clean, but cleaner, you will
notice that a lot of psychological hangups will go, quite naturally and without pain.

But I said it's not foolproof. One of the main difficulties is that we have people in the groups
who, precisely because of an emotional condition, do not make the difference between what they
wish and what is actually going on. You can have a plexus that is just stirring in the usual way
and decide that it's a beautiful sun. If you bring out the sun that way, you will have the kind of
heaviness our physical sun has sometimes -- like muggy tropical air. And if you are very
enthusiastic in projecting your desire you might not realize what you are actually doing. This is
one of the reasons why I encourage you to work in groups, so that you may at least have the
feedback of others. If you don't, you have no proof that what you do is really done.

If we sound a note you will notice that everything in the room reacts -- just plain everything -- so
the sounding is real. Again, if you work alone, you can sound a note and decide that the flowers
react, but you have no proof that this is right. If you know a little about your own psychology you
will notice that if you project the desire of sounding, you oblige yourself to see a change in the
flowers. So this is why you need others to tell you if they did actually change. But be careful:
your motivation isn't to change the flowers. It's a sounding that awakens Life. if your motivation
is to change the flowers, then you address an item rather than the principle of sounding. When
you hear me speak of sounding you sense something going on, I don't speak of an item. Also,
within the sounding, you can be specific (A, U, M or other aspects), but first there is the
principle, meaning the motivation has to start from there. It's not a concoction of your mind, but a
wholehearted gift.

Do you have questions?

Participant: Could you say something more specific about training to radiate plexus, because I
didn't follow very clearly what you meant.

Martin: When you train I would prefer that you don't say "radiate" but rather "clarify". All centers
radiate anyway, but they are usually covered. So actually there is a kind of uncovering, but it
requires a considerable clarification, which leads to a kind of transparency.

Participant: Basically though, how is it that you are suggesting we train?

Martin: I come back to the particle as a manifestation of the dynamics of the whole. The center is
a manifestation of the dynamics of the whole. So be whole-in-the-first place. of course the
quickest way to be whole-in-the-first-place is the proposition: Loving God.

Participant: The kind of development that is necessary to follow here seems different from what
is offered around in the world -- two different trainings about how to be a human being, and there
doesn't seem to be much of a road map. Also, many of the functions of the human being in the
world have a self-reflexive kind of action, and reconciling that with this training is mind

Martin: I would advise you not to reconcile. If you were to try to reconcile, it would mean you
would have to use a new awareness and reconcile it with the old awareness. Now the new
awareness encompasses all of the old field, but the old field in no longer seen in the same way --
so you have nothing to reconcile. All you might have to do, because you work in this world, is to
find a way to convey another view to others -- perhaps to only one other.

Participant: What do you mean?

Martin: I have in mind a story. Two initiates met somewhere and were speaking together. The
younger one said to the older and more experienced one: "oh, you must have led so many people
to enlightenment". The older one answered: "I have succeeded in leading one person".of all the
thousands he had met. Well, that's the story, and it might very well be real.

It is said that once Yogananda made a speech in New York to two thousand people. After the
speech someone said to him: "There were so many people here, you will have a lot of followers".
He answered: "I will have two". Out of two-thousand. And it proved to be true.

It's not that easy. Those who have been here a long time have seen many leave. They still
continue to leave, in spite of what they live here. You cannot force someone to realize what is
going on here.

You said we don't have a map. There are an abundance of maps, but, as the saying goes, "the map
is not the territory". Actually, there is a very precise map that is completely forgotten: the book.
You can read it, comeback to it again and again, as much as you want. If you do what is in the
book, it leads to a fitness: the ability to face something utterly different.

As an example: I have often spoken of the exercise of Unfolding of Desires. When you come to
the point where you face that void which is a matrix, something happens. I don't remember
anyone ever providing feedback or having questions on this proposition. It is the very beginning
of facing something different, but you have to experience that void and go through it. It's there,
and it's a lot more precise than you imagine.


Now we have been speaking of motivation. If your motivation is just to make a fantasy in order
to fulfill a desire and you do that, then once you have fulfilled the desire the exercise is gone. If
your motivation is to go to the need behind, then when you have gone through your desire you
will realize that there is something underlying and you become captivated by the fact that there is
actually something there. You will notice in your everyday life that it happens all the time.
Whatever kind of desire you fulfill, you always find an underlying something. We call that vital
need. If your motivation is to go further, then don't stop there. If your motivation is to come face
to face with what is called "soul", then continue until soul appears, in and through the void.

There are psychological aspects in the human condition that you ought to be familiar with by
now. one is that whenever you set a goal, the habit is to immediately put something in between
yourself and the goal: "if I want to reach that point, first I have to..." You postpone. You do
everything you can so you don't have to face reality. If I want to pick up that rose over there, I
don't need any processing, I just go over and pick it up. But when we speak of something that is a
bit finer, a bit more noble, we make problems:

- First I have to lift myself off the chair...

- Then there is that step I have to go down...

- So I have to be careful when I go down ...

- How many steps are there from here to there?

- Now I'll have to walk on the carpet ...

- What about the tracks I leave?

- Do I have to erase them or just leave them?

Now believe me this is what most of you do. Then you complain that things are hard.

There is another psychological point that can be translated into the term "mother or father
figure". The child expects the parent or parents to do things for him, so you come here and you
expect us to do everything for you. Now there are those in the groups who have discovered that
they ought to take a hand and help so that the burden on our shoulders will not be so big. Some
have decided to make a move and create a small group. What do we have? They still expect us to
do everything.

Then those who are not in the group hear of it and would like to be part of it. For me the
proposition is very simple Let's all be part of it. Then that group will be this group. Start taking
responsibility and training. It's just that simple. Of course, in the past, all the smaller groups have
always degenerated and the bigger group has caught up with the movement, so you don't need to
be frustrated because you don't belong to the smaller group.

And, there is a responsibility that I don't see applied consistently. When one member of the group
speaks with another member and asks for help, what is needed ought to be given. It's an
opportunity to act. But what is the reaction? "Let's ask Martin." I don't go along with this. You
are no longer children, even if I am very tempted to call you that. Assume responsibility. There is
only one way to assume responsibility -- give out. When someone asks, give. We see people
wanting to take responsibility while still relying on me. No. You have to work, because we want
to work in a different way -- this ought to be clear by now. You have to bring out. You have to
gear toward giving.

Let's look at it another way. How many people leave the groups, how many join? Actually in Los
Angeles the group gets bigger and in Rancho Santa Fe the group gets smaller. Who among you
cares? Who is acting? Who is outgoing? Who is bringing a gift to this world? You cannot be an
adult without assuming responsibility.

Then sometimes you feel yourself as an adult and want to make your own life. Within the group
we still see this tendency to want to do your own thing. This is not the proposition. We are
involved in an action for mankind. It's a Christ action. You still don't realize it. If you don't
assume yourself and you haven't cleared out, then you cannot face Christ, not as we mean facing.
You can face symbolically, you can face in your imagination, but not practically. So something
has to be done. When you are involved in a service you don't do your own thing. You're given a
responsibility for a certain action and you do it -- the way you do it is your decision, but the
action has to be done. And you definitely do not decide this on the conscious level. But this
relates to another language and we'll come to that now.

Learning A New Language

When we play music, something happens and you respond. What you live is a kind of language
that instantaneously encompasses everything you live at that moment. I would like you to accept
this way of being aware of your experience as a language in itself.

Now if you want to learn a new language very fast, you have to really go into it and become
aware according to it, instead of translating it into your present language.

As an example, when I came to the states for the first time having to listen and speak in English
gave me headaches -- all those new sounds. The brain was not used to them so it had to get
adjusted. The answer was practice. It's the same for the new language. Practice. Listen in the new
language. Speak in the new language. Think in the new language, but be careful, the thinking is
not the usual one.

I'm going to ask you to do an exercise we've done already to hammer home a very important
principle that we have spoken of again and again, but that is still not understood. Will you stand
up please. Take one foot, hold it with your hand, and balance yourself on the other foot. You can
wobble as much as you want. You are not asked to keep perfect balance. This is just to
experience how you balance.

Now, put your attention on your ankle. Maybe you also need to put some attention on the knee
that holds the ankle. Now the hips that hold the knee, and your upper body might need some help
too. This is the usual way of doing it -- putting your attention on everything that helps you to
keep your balance.

Now let's do it differently. Again, you can wobble, it's not the point. Now lock your whole
consciousness (sensory/emotional/mental) on the principle of balance -- not the balance of your
body but the principle of balance. Allow yourself to be limber, even move, you can massage your
foot, and, of course, you can look around too.

Now you may sit down. Did you observe that, when you lock on the principle of balance
something happens in you. The atmosphere is different -- we still have some of it showing. Do
you follow? The atmosphere is different and you do what you do within that atmosphere and the
result is somewhat better than the first time your tried. Sometimes it's drastically better,
sometimes a little less, but with very few exceptions it's better.

We just did something very concrete that is contrary to the whole processing of your mind. You
started with the whole-in-the-first-place and the expression of balance is simply an expression of
that whole -- this was not the case with the first experience.

Participant: When you lock on the principle it's irrespective of any definition or labeling of
balance. It's putting the principle first, the labeling or definition come later.

Martin: You don't need any definition as long as you lock on the principle, because you will
notice that when you do that something else happens -- a kind of whole that cannot be itemized.

Participant: So the mind is useless in it because the mind is what locks on definitions and labels.

Martin: You will notice that when you lock on the principle of balance, of course you would say
that your mind locks on it, but the sensory, the feelings do too, and then it generates a kind of
new atmosphere in the room and it is within that you do what you have to do.

Now what I say here is true for all of the training. You might remember when we talked about
the particle being a manifestation of the dynamics of the whole ! rather than the reverse. What
I'm saying is that it's time to realize that you do it. You just did it. You did something within the
dynamics of the whole.

You will notice that you don't even need to know mentally what balance is, an approximate
definition of balance for the consciousness is all that is needed. Some people may understand
what a principle is, but honestly do any of you understand the principle of balance? You don't.
You don't know what it is and you still have a change in the atmosphere in the room, and your
performance was better.

Now when we play music the same thing happens. We are going to play a piece of Beethoven.
Listen to it in whatever way you want to listen at the moment. Then we'll start again and this time
we'll play with you and something will happen -- in the room, in each of you. It will happen on
the level of your physical body, etheric body, astral body. That means senses, mind, and
emotions. It will happen in your very identity. It happens, as with the principle of balance, as a
whole, a kind of all-encompassing whole, and this is your experience. Now that awareness of
experience is a whole in itself. Whatever you itemize you draw out of the whole, and what I
propose is that you respect that awareness whole, as a new language. It actually is. We use it

One of the difficulties we have is that when we notice things about what you do, how you react,
how you hear, how you interpret whatever goes on, we are aware of it according to that other
language, which encompasses all items simultaneously -- that means as one. Why I want you to
focus this way is to cut off the tendency you have had up to now to always translate what you live
in your usual language and reduce it to your understanding. So acknowledge the experience as a
whole, and the fullness of it as such, without trying to translate it, until you learn the language. If
you translate you won't learn it. You will experience it, yes, but you will reduce it to some aspect
that you abstract. There are things that pop up in your mind, fine, but what pops up in your mind
is not your experience, it's an abstraction of your experience. So stay with the actual experience,
as if it were a new language. Stay with it. If you want to learn, you have to listen.

When you live that way you will realize that there is an awareness in it, there is an ability to act
in it, that in this respect it is very close to language. With language you can express something, in
this new language you can too. Most of what we do is done this way.


Stay with the change, there's a language in it. You will notice it touches your very identity. You
live yourself differently, in the instrument as well as in your own sense of identity. Please notice.
But please be aware that when I say "notice" I don't mean analyze, I mean live. This language is
something you live, not something you abstract.

You will also notice that it awakens in you something a lot finer. By contrast you might sense
that the response in the instrumentality of your human condition is not very limber, coarse in
places, you don't have the freedom to move. We need to go further into the language so that you
feel you live a condition that is more refined -- mask-wise as well as identity-wise -- both. one of
the stumbling blocks we have is that you believe a lot in me, but you don't believe me when I tell
you we see you differently. We actually do and we act accordingly, and you respond. The
stumbling block arises when you insist on using the same sense of identity in all situations, even
when you, as a being, feel being different. So the proposition is that you be honest with yourself.
You know perfectly well that you are not just a mask. Act accordingly.

Now we are going to play a Chopin etude. First you will respond to it, and then we will play
together. The difference in the experience is what we call the new language, because with this
new language you live yourself differently. The old language is your old self and the new
language implies the new self, but also a new relation with what is called "instrumentality". Okay
let's go.


You just did something that I see for the first time in this group. If you look around you will see
that you are all in a kind of unity, there is a type of life that flows through everyone. It's the first
time I see this happen without our help. It's not yet fully established, but it's a lot better than it has
been in the past.

Participant: I thought you were helping.

Martin: No, I was sort of agreeably surprised. Your remark is a sort of tricky one because I have
to ask you what you mean by "you". You received some help, yes, it's practically always here, I
agree with this, but there was not the more concrete help I have to generate. So, just for your own
reference, you can do it, you just did it.

Okay let's play together.


Please notice in a way that is different from your mind. You feel being something other than
what the mind usually accepts as being you. You feel a relation with your instrumentality that is
different. You feel the condition of the body that is different. But also notice that you have no
faith in yourselves. You hold that position as stiffly as possible -- you don't dare to move for fear
of losing it. And if you start moving you actually do lose it. Now what do we do?

Now we will play again, but with movement. There was movement with the last piece, but we'll
live another piece that you will understand as movement. You will notice that we have the same
quality but with more limberness. Same language, more limberness. What you live is a natural
condition, you cannot lose it. But your consciousness is not used to it, so it has a tendency to put
a veil on it, cover it up, relegate it to someplace higher. No, it's right here, right in this room. Find
the quality you feel in the roses, for instance, it's not "somewhere" in your consciousness, it's the
situation of the moment.

So let's play the other Chopin. We'll play together just once.


Working Protocol

Just some last words about the protocol. When you work with the protocol the prime motivation
does not stop with you loving God, which is not part of the protocol anyway, it involves all three

Loving God:

You are in a Condition of Loving. There is a Loving or Lovingness going on, it's not you loving.
It is a condition in which you happen to be loving God, or we could say there is a lovingness in it
so you can't help yourself. It is not directed by the head, because when you decide to love God
your starting point is a condition in which love does not exist so you have to introduce it.
Whereas the proposition is the reverse: you join into a condition where it is working all the time.
So you start from a point where it is a normal condition.

And something else: I have proposed that you use that protocol, so you tell yourself: "Martin has
said it's beneficial so let's do it". That's a very bad motivation, because you start from a
movement that tries to conform to a theory and you just hope that the theory is real, that it will
prove to be right. Whereas, the proposition is to start in a Condition of Loving. You don't go
toward it, you just, let's say, take away the curtain and you are right in the midst of it.

Sharing the Temple:

Literally:contemplation. I would be tempted to say it's the next step (although it's not a step). It's
an obvious situation again, natural and obvious. It's not something you reach. It's like with the
dynamics of the whole, you don't reach it because whatever you do is within these dynamics.

Just a word of caution. Contemplation or sharing the temple is a reality, a reality that the mind
does not understand. This means that when you start loving God and offering him your whole
structure as a temple so that he can use it, it's not it.

But, as I said, sharing is real, and once you approach the reality of sharing, you wouldn't dare to
be less than transparent. At that time you are aware of it -- and if something has to be cleaned you
do it.

"O" :

And the "O" -- it's the symbol used at the end of the poem in the book -- we don't speak of it
because for this you need another language. You really do. When you work with the protocol,
you must live with the "O" present, even if you cannot connect.

Participant: I was eating a vegetable the other day and I noticed that the vegetable doesn't have
anything to say about what happens, it's just helpless as to what happens to it. So, when in facing
God the question of that kind of helplessness comes in, about it's being okay to go into that kind
of helplessness, or just how to face that kind of vulnerability.

Martin: I'd like you to see with other eyes, more mature eyes. You spoke about the vegetable and
you took the liberty of applying human awareness to it -- with no awareness whatsoever of
vegetable awareness. Were you ever able to observe what happens when you reap wheat, what
happens to the field? Don't project your awareness into other realms. Propose what you said to
that crystal, it would laugh at you.

Not long ago it was believed that plants and minerals had no awareness, and now it has been
shown, even through laboratory experimentation, that this is not so. You might not have been
here long enough to remember when we worked with the crystal and saw how it changes with
each person, and how we can ask the crystal to transmit or convey something. It is a living being,
it's just that the type of awareness is different.

What I am trying to say is simply this: When you learn the new language, your awareness of
everything will change. You take for granted, for instance, that your body is the way you feel it
now. We are here to tell you that we don't experience it that way, for us this is gone. There is
another awareness of even the body, something as familiar at that.

Your awareness of the so-called physical world is mainly due to sensory awareness. Now
ordinary sensory awareness has a given range, it works on wavelengths, from here to there and
that's it. When you have another awareness, the same sensory awareness has a range that is
stupendous. It's not limited to earth, not at all. This is ignored by the usual mind. You have
completely forgotten the time when your awareness was able to commune with the life of the
stars. Look in your awareness, you have forgotten. It was there long ago in the first eternity.

You relate to your body as having the awareness in the brain. No, the brain is just a kind of
computer, centralizing all the data from all over the body. There is an awareness in all the parts
of the body, however small -- systems of awareness. The situation is a lot richer than the mind
believes. You have to watch how the instrumentality works, you are definitely not limited to this
range of action. Definitely not.

We use another language, and with that language there are things we can do. I didn't use my
consciousness for what we just did now. It might follow, it might help with some aspects, but the
main action is not that at all. I know what I do, but not in the ways of the mind, not in the ways of
the senses, not in the ways of emotions. And as you notice, it does something, and you do
respond, so there is bound to be another type of awareness.

Don't continue to try to solve situations by projecting your present awareness into the new one.
The functioning of the new one is very different. The habit of man to anthropomorphize
everything is just terrible.

So how about contemplating a little?



We start with Loving God.

Self-reflexiveness, wanting to, ideas, reaching toward, etc. may appear -- we forget them and
continue with Loving God. If it is impossible, we continue still, Loving God through all three

Loving God

Sharing the Temple


From here, all practice is a way to give out that All-Encompassingness, All-Encompassing Love,
and All-Encompassing Beauty.

Learn to give it out.

"When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassingness, He is said to be the Seer."

"When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Love, He is said to be the Knower."

"When the Pilot dwells in the All-Encompassing Beauty, He is said to be the Doer."

As you know, from time to time I like to quote others


As you know, from time to time I like to quote others so that you realize I am not the only one
saying certain things. So, I am going to read from an article that I found in Brain Mind about a
book Ken Wilbur has written called "Eye to Eye":

"The transcendental paradigm," he says, "aims to include all sources of knowledge: hard science,
soft science, spiritual experiences, but each realm has it's own means of gaining knowledge. The
'eye of flesh' perceives the external world, the 'eye of reason' knows philosophy and logic. The
'eye of contemplation' aspires to understand transcendent realities. Each way is valid in it's own
territory, but inappropriate in others. Those who insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible, for
example, have confused contemplative knowledge with rational knowledge. Proponents of
religion too often defend their beliefs on the basis of the wrong category and the culture loses it's
contemplative knowing."

I would like you to face a situation. In the group, when we meet together, you are usually stuck
because you use the eyes of reason instead of the eyes of contemplation for what is at hand. This
means that, in a way, you are using the wrong instrument. Then you wonder why it doesn't work.
I'll come back to this point.

Wilbur also speaks of something else regarding the confusion of pre-personal and transpersonal.

"The three ways of knowing are based on three major states: pre-personal -- undifferentiated
identification with the external world; personal --identification with the sense of oneself and the
ability to reason; transpersonal -- identification with the totality."

I see this very often. If you follow what's happening in a lot of groups who seek "higher"
knowledge, this mistake is made constantly -- losing oneself in a kind of undifferentiated fog,
pretending to reach a kind of higher condition, when they actually revert to a former condition.
This is why we insist that when a higher awareness is at work you are more precise, not less. You
are more defined, not less. This is how you recognize that you are not in a pre-personal condition.

"Because both pre- and trans- states differ from the personal, they tend to get confused with each
other. Critics see transpersonal wholeness as a pre-personal lack of boundaries. The rational is
therefore seen as the ultimate realm of understanding."

Now we live in a period of time when this is actually happening. The rational is seen as the
ultimate realm of understanding. This is what you are told at school, all of education is based on
this. So don't wonder why it happens to you, you just reflect the condition of the whole of

"For instance, orthodox science sees human development moving from a child-like sense of
nature to a culmination in personal ego and rationality. Because no larger framework is
acknowledged, some scientists and psychoanalysts view spiritual experience as pre-personal, that
is, regressive. Religionists may err in the opposite direction, seeing the innocent pre-personal as a
state of grace to which we must return. This view fails to acknowledge the use of reason and the
rich complexity of the transpersonal."


Today I would like to introduce you to a broader scope. I would like you to tune to the world
situation, so that you may open the doors and the windows of the enclosures you usually have
around yourselves.

As you have noticed, there are people in the groups who are malcontent -- some even begin to
feel a deep pain, not just unhappiness, but deep pain. I would like to also approach the problem
of pain, so that you may realize how closely you are related to mankind. As you know, we are
very close to a kind of holocaust, a lot closer than you imagine. This means you suffer from a
very deep uneasiness that pertains, not just to your condition, but to the condition of the whole of
mankind. The anguish triggered by the specter of nuclear war is rampant all around the world --
that anguish you feel, that anguish you live, you cannot separate yourself from this human
condition. It's a condition lived by all of mankind, no one is immune. All this means that your
outlook toward the future is not especially bright, and you have a tendency to gear everything
toward doomsday knowingly or unknowingly.

I say these things for you to realize that you are humanity. If you really realize it you might begin
to realize what we do here. Part of our work is to deal with you as humanity. It's the main part of
what we do, and you respond as humanity. This is very different from what each individual,
divided from the others, may think.

Please recognize in yourself the state of the art of humanity of today. You behave as mankind as
a whole does, and much of the discomfort that you attribute to items, to people around you, to
your work, and so forth, stems from the collective drama -- you belong to it. Much of your
personal condition is not due to your personal problems, either in the group or in your private
life, but rather to the collective situation. You are used to looking at your problems as being
yours alone. Learn to recognize that we face another condition pertaining to the whole of
mankind, and the issue for mankind is a lot bigger than your own.

Let's face, for instance, some practical situations. With this group we have two different types of
sessions, Service and Calisthenics. Everyone prefers the Service. Some even dare not to come to
Calisthenics, even when we say you need the training. What happens in the Service, when we
work with the music alone? You are much more at ease, because the Service is not for the
persons, it's for Christ and the real you. As soon as you go back into Calisthenics and you start
"minding" you're not at ease, and that lack of ease comes to the point where some of you feel
deep pain.

Now we have two pains. We saw the pain of the human condition. The other side is the urgent
need for your divine side to come out. You unconsciously feel that need, you cannot explain it or
express it, but you want to do something about it, and you do it with the eyes of reason. Then you
realize that it doesn't work.

I wonder if you realize that people have lost the values that existed in the past. Ken Wilbur
speaks of the eye of contemplation. People no longer know what contemplation is.
Contemplation means "taking into your temple" or "the temple," but mankind has lost the sense
of the temple. Of course you have a minority that hasn't, but the minority is so small that you
don't see it and you follow the general trend.

Let's think, for instance, symptomatically. Psychology is a Greek word which means "science of
soul." If you go into the academy today, I just wonder how often you will hear the word "soul."
Possibly never, or possibly to deny it's existence. Psychology has turned into something purely
mechanical. It is somewhat sophisticated, I agree, but it is a kind of mechanics, with no
awareness of soul. This means from the time of the Greeks to today, the sense of soul has been
lost. Now if we come closer in time, Jung still had a sense of soul, but I'm afraid that today this is
gone. How many psychologists address the soul? Now I'm not criticizing psychology, I'm giving
you some clues that indicate we have come to an all-time low in values, and we do not realize it.

To give you a larger outlook: Ancient Rome became decadent and lost it's power. At that time
the ruler believed that all the people needed was bread and the arena. This is what lost Rome.
Now in society, as you know it in this country, there are two major preoccupations: bread and the
arena (or show business). Look at the TV, look at sports -- it's just distraction, circus. This is the
condition of the society we live in.

We tell you the book leads to the possibility of fitness to face something that is totally unknown.
With the society's mind you simply cannot. I'm sure you have tried. Possibly you can do it for one
second, possibly for two or three, but by the fourth second there is something intervening. You
don't really know what is meant by facing something totally unknown. You have to do it steadily,
until the mind adjusts. It's a training of the mind, and it has to be done.

Contemplative knowledge. In your mind you don't know what it is. The first image that comes is
a kind of vague spiritual condition. Now take, for instance, St. John of the Cross. Try to go with
him through the three nights. The night of the senses, the night of the understanding, the night of
the soul. Night means night. Nothing works, everything is black -- not black the color, but that
condition in which you face something that is totally different. You have a huge, black void, and
you learn to face it. How did he come to that knowledge? Contemplation. Contemplation brought
him to precise knowledge.

But I would like you to realize why you feel that pressure going on that makes you uneasy, and
can, I agree, be very painful. I know what it is. There is a good reason, and one you may not
realize. There is a tremendous pressure for Presence of Christ. And I add, as usual, "whatever
that means," because your mind is not fit to define what that is, but your soul is fit to get into
connection with it. We are in the service of Christ. People are speaking of a second coming of
Christ. We don't speak of a second coming. He was always here. If you know the symbolism used
in astrology, for instance, in the Picean Age everything was hidden, only those who worked
esoterically, meaning initiates, could deal with Christ. In the Aquarian Age which is coming now
(not in the future), what was hidden comes to the surface. Presence of Christ will be felt.

We happen to be involved directly. We are in the service of Christ. This is our reason to be here.
This is also the reason why you are here. So you might realize suddenly why you are more at ease
in the Service. In the Service you are a lot closer to your true reason for being here. The
structuring we do here pertains to that Christ Life, allowing you to come closer to that real Christ
Life. Of that we cannot really speak, but we can do it.

We cannot speak of it because the minds are not fit. You have minds from a condition before the
bridging of the gap. Your mind does not know what the human condition actually is. It relies on
what the sensory awareness says. We are here for something very different. You are using the
body. You are not the body. To whom does that body belong?

The crisis you are confronted with deals with the urgency for the greater value, the divine value
to come out into the sunshine. You feel it, you know it. it is soul knowledge, and when your mind
grasps it you are suddenly lost. You feel the urgency, the urgency can be so big that it is really
painful. It is really deep, not surface pain. Deep. It means there is an awareness of the need of the
divine side to come out into the sunshine. But there is an urgency. It is the Presence of Christ,
and what relates to it, the presence of the real you, that will heal mankind.

If you look, you will see that an individual works in exactly the same way as mankind as a whole.
Look at your consciousness, at the inability of that consciousness to reach the higher condition.
This is where mankind stands. The higher values having been lost, he no longer knows what to
do. Now, technically speaking, when the higher value is lost, it means you have the opportunity
to find it again, but in another way, mastered instead of seen.

You are meant to come out as what you really are, not according to your dreams, but according to
facts, positive facts. One of the reasons it is so hard on you is because of expectancies you have,
dreams you have, fictions in your consciousness, images from the past. You have to learn to face
what is working now without reference. Remember the three nights. It's a good image: no
reference whatsoever. Then realize that it works, it comes out, and it changes your person.

The instrumentality has to be retrained in order to adjust to the new situation. Realize that your
instrumentality is trained to act according to the human condition of today, not according to what
you really are. This you have to retrain according to what is needed so that you can use it and
express the way you have to express.

But the pressure is now. The urgency is now. We don't have time in the groups to bicker about
points that are not important. Respect that basic life of yours. Live that life all the time. Teach
consciousness to respect it. Go along with it. Allow it to work. Consciousness is trained to deny
it, but you have grown too sensitive. One of the aspects of what happens here is that you grow
sensitive to higher values, even if you don't know it.

Thinking of it, I have a proposition. If any of you is unhappy with what happens when you work
among yourselves, please work on it until you're able to express it clearly. Then, if you cannot
convey it to others, come and see me. We will see together what can be done or not done, or what
it really means.

There is one psychological point that is usually overlooked, and again it relates to the
contemplative aspect rather than the rational one. If you make a proposition, and then you have a
feeling you haven't been heard, and you come to me and say, "I said this and that and they haven't
received it," I would have to say this is not what is shocking you. You are used to saying things
that are not understood. What is really happening behind that is the need to be recognized, as
what you feel you are, and you are using the device of a proposition. But then you don't know
what you are, so your proposition is not clear, it's not even full of your real life, but you expect
others to recognize your real life. This is one of the reasons you feel happier with me than with
the others.

Of course, sometimes you are unhappy with me too, because I answer with basic principles,
whereas your mind wants a detailed, step by step response. I tried to show you, for instance, with
the Exercise of Balance that when you apply basic principles you solve things a lot more easily,
more easily than when you concentrate on items or steps. But I don't complain, I'm used to not
being heard, so you can understand that I know what you mean.

Participant: I would like to try to expose something right now. When you had us do that exercise
on bridging the gap, doing it ourselves and then linking up or connecting to what you are doing...
I feel I'm in a really tricky place with that. I feel that I have to establish my own work, in a sense,
coming out with my own function.

Martin: May I stop you? Did you notice how you changed just now? In the beginning you had the
feeling of the situation around you, there was that greater whole, and as soon as you started
saying, "I feel that I the other was gone. You now have the mind and some plexus sensitiveness
remaining which has a memory of the condition, but not the presence of the condition.

If you take the position of observing how consciousness functions it is fascinating. You don't
establish a value judgment, you discover how consciousness works. First you lived the situation
as a whole, then you started processing. Processing is self-validating. I give you certain laws of
psychology to show you that things work a certain way and you have to take them into account.

I just wanted you to experience the two conditions, because when you act your effectiveness
depends on the presence of that condition. There are two points you must respect: what you
actually can do and that presence. The more steadily these two are brought together the more the

Now if you want to continue to expose, please do.

Participant: I don't think I can.

Martin: How come?

Participant: It's too painful.

Martin: So we face that pain again. It means you are desperate about that presence coming out,
and the pain is because you try to push and it doesn't work. I wish all of you would realize, when
you reach that condition of pain, that it is very important. it is a clue to how urgent it is for you to
awaken to another reality.

That pain is rampant in the whole of mankind. They are trapped in a system and something has to
crack somewhere. It's true for mankind and it's true for you. Because you realize that you are
trapped and that you cannot come out with the current system, the real you grows desperate. The
real you has to handle that person, but it cannot according to the old way, and the pain makes you
aware of it. I would say appreciate the pain -- it's not agreeable, but the point is not that it be
agreeable. When you have passed that stage you will realize that you will pay any price willingly
-- including giving your own life. It's not a rhetorical image, it's a reality as real as the pain.

But please realize that when that pain is active it means you have to recognize another order of
life. You have to, and not according to the system of consciousness working at the moment, but
according to itself. I have been trying to tell you for a long time to train to face something utterly
different. Here we have something that is not utterly different, but sufficiently different for you to
realize that the system of consciousness does not work for that. You have to deal with it
differently, and dealing with it differently means you have to face what you really are and let it
take over.

The real one wants to come through. When the real one wants to come through, it has to
reorganize the whole personality and that includes the whole consciousness, according to its
needs, not according to nature's needs. Nature's needs are taken into account, but according to its

I have said these things for years, but now, little by little, you become more sensitive, the other
part becomes more active and you feel it more and more, until you are facing a deep crisis. You
have to give way for that reality in your life.

Participant: The part in me that is so painful is just screaming right now. I can't live here. I can't
live in this. Something is not allowing a certain...

Martin: Exactly.

Participant: It does come through, but when I come here, something takes place that does not
allow for that to be what I know it is. I'm torn apart inside to come and address the situation
because it's so desperate.

Martin: Okay. Maybe you are not the only one feeling that way.

First, please realize that the situation outside reflects a situation inside -- I mean in the way you
grasp it. So you first have to solve the problem yourself, symbolically, inside. When this is done,
maybe something still remains to be done outside, but if that inside is not taken care of the
outside correction will not work. See what I mean? This is why we always have those discussions
of this point and that point, when in reality we deal with something completely different.

Then there is something else. memory. You have known the group for a long time. You have the
memory of it, and certain values that have changed in between remain in your memory and effect
your judgment.

Participant: I've given a lot of thought to that, and each time when I come I know I have to come
here cleanly with a fresh start. And I have to take the responsibility to make that decision here, as
cleanly as I can, as possible as that is, without that memory.
Martin: okay. We'll come back to the same point: memory. What is here? You express a problem
we have in the whole group, I'm grateful for that. Things have to come out, and you happen to
express it, but the problem is: what is here? The mind says: these people that room. What is

Participant: I don't know.

Martin: Now suppose you come here, fresh, clean, as you said, in the "I don't know" -- meaning
you have the courage to face something you don't know. You would be surprised.

Want to make an experiment? Sit for a moment in Georgette's chair -- whatever that means, and
whatever the chair is.

(Participant goes to chair)

Close your eyes and forget about the group. In your mind, look at the situation of mankind and
the need to bring the Presence of Christ into effectiveness. Open your eyes. Stand up, but stay

Now do you realize that you live something that you do not understand? Your mind tries to grasp
and cannot, but there is evidence of something a lot bigger. A lot freer. Something of a different
quality altogether. Isn't it?

Please realize the problem we face. We speak always of that greater life, and you have the mind
that wants to grasp it, and it is not fit for that, and thus pretends to be able to deny it. You must
learn to respect and stay with that until it comes completely through that temple called
"personality." See what I mean?

We are involved in an action that relates to Christ directly, without the usual mediation. This is
what allows me to say that the relation between the real you and the situation determines the
effectiveness. Everything in between is relatively irrelevant. I cannot say it is completely
irrelevant, because instrumentality, higher mind, the usual mind, emotions, the sensory, and what
is to come, are needed, but they do not determine the effectiveness -- contrary to what the rational
mind thinks.

In this period of time, the rational mind pretends to direct everything, and your experience will be
that the closer, the more real that presence is in a situation, the more effectiveness there will be. It
can be disturbing, but look at the condition of mankind, very little is needed to start that huge
fire, this you know. Every situation is kind of tricky, and everything is handled in ways that are
not correct. Everyone does their best, but it's not sufficient. You do the same and it's not
sufficient. Please realize the close relation. You are part of mankind. You cannot ignore it. There
is a need for you to recognize that other presence.

We have spoken of the mask and the comedian. We have spoken in many ways. We come to the
point where we have to stop speaking. It has to be done, and labels are useless. The real you does
not describe, as far as words go, what you actually live. I say "the real you." You may use another
word, possibly you invent a bright new word, but the word is useless -- it does not and cannot
cover the all-encompassingness of your presence, until you learn to stop abstracting with
consciousness and start living the whole as whole.

Consciousness abstracts, it takes parts, if you want, out of context, out of the whole. It perceives
and you miss the context. This is the state of consciousness. This is how it is trained. There is no
judgment of value whatsoever in what I say, it is simply the human condition of today. Learn to
face the human condition as it is.

There is something you might understand in the mood you are in. Eighty percent of the work we
do is not with you, and in the remaining twenty percent, we are testing, in these samples of
mankind, the response of what we have to deal with. We do not speak of pre-personal, personal,
and transpersonal, the scale is completely different. The language, the behavior does not start
from personal condition, not at all. We have to adjust our own persons, as you do, constantly,
every day. There is constant movement, but according to what is needed, so that it may come
through. Then we test that adjustment on you to see what is needed in order to obtain a response.
This is the biggest part of the work we do with you. Suppose you awaken to that reality and start
doing the same. According to that Christ Presence, you adjust, until you can do it super
consciously, then consciously, and handle your person according to that Presence.

Christ Presence is not sensory, it's not emotional, it's not mental -- it's something you cannot
define with consciousness. So don't project childish images of Christ that awaken a plexus
reaction : "O". When you start Loving God, at first there is you and God -- and there is emotion,
there is mind, there might even be sensation. You feel bigger, freer, whatever, and you feel that,
yes, definitely you Love. And you go further, and further, and further. You take away the sensory,
take away the emotions, take away the mind, and there is still Love. Suddenly you discover what
Love is -- what it really is. You realize that what you call "love" is a reflection of something very
real. In the reflection there is Love, but the sensory takes the reflection for the reality. The real
you takes Love for the reality.

When this happens, you will be ready for contemplation, sharing the temple. Now that may be
hard on some of you, because from then on you are no longer alone --Christ is present. Your
body is his body. Then there is "O." But I'm afraid it's too early to speak of this.

But sharing the temple -- I would like you to realize that it is a reality. You share your situation
with the whole of mankind. There are local details that are yours, if you want, but the principles
at work, the problems at work, and so on, are not your own. They belong to mankind, and they
happen to work in you as well as in others. So expand a little bit, be less possessive , more

On the other side, we are here to do a work, to help Christ. It's a very specific work, and it has to
be done in certain ways. This means a certain mastery of the personality. The exercises in the
book are meant to develop the ability to express with instrumentality, instead of in spite of
instrumentality. Most of what you know of your experience is here in spite of your instrument.
This means that we allow you to experience conditions that are not very clear for your mind, but
that you live in spite of your personality. You will learn in time, as soon as you understand that
Christ needs help, that you can do things in situations in spite of your own instrumentality.

But there are things that need instrumentality. For instance, I speak, I need the physical body for
that. I can convey differently, as we do at the Service, but it doesn't come down to your
consciousness, so we have to speak. Little by little you learn the difference between speaking
about it or speaking it.

But be careful of the way you handle your person. You have to share that person with Christ one
day, and this is not done with the mind. Sharing of the temple is done because of evidence, not
because of reasoning or desire. Reasoning or desire have no part in it.

Please realize: If you take all the symptoms that you experience, these are problems of humanity
as a whole. Values drop and drop, and what remains is sheer brute force as a means of solving
everything. This means we go down to the most primitive aspect. This prepares the way for

This is where you have to be attentive. When you are in a situation you always have to ask
yourself what the situation is teaching you. The situation you are in, the difficulties you have, the
pain you have, the despair you have, these are the means used by circumstances to teach you
something. If you have the courage to approach it this way, and really be attentive, sometimes
you will find what is asked for. You do what is asked and everything is solved. Then there is a
sudden relief, because you have heard.

Let's suppose you really realize that Christ needs help, that means you are no longer in a position
of asking. Even if you never ask, society is doing it all around you, so something in you is doing
it also. You have to outgrow society.

It's like having parents. You have lived in a time where children went away from their parents
and ignored them completely -- they want to do their own thing. Now man was made in the
image and likeness of God, there is work to be done, but the children don't want to do it. One day
you mature and you realize that you cannot get out of society. You cannot get out of mankind. It's
still there, you still have to take care of some aspects. Then you might realize that you came to
earth to do something -- this pertains to service. You awaken out of your childhood and suddenly
realize that something has to be done. And that something that has to be done is not done by
propositions, it's done by the presence of yourself. You now have enough experience through the
years to realize that when you are together and you make propositions and have discussions it is
fruitless. Something else is at stake. And please don't say that "in order to come out you first have
to ...." No, the action is non mediated. There is no in between.

When we work together in the service you live a different condition. There is not the usual
business of asking: "Please allow me to do something for you." The in between is skipped.

Jesus said, "It's not me but the Father in me." He also said, "The Father and me are one." This
you do not dare say. Where is the problem? The limitation of consciousness. Consciousness has
been developed separated from the divine aspect, and we now come into a time, actually it began
2,000 years ago, when things come together. Show respect for that Father in you, until you are
able to be that Father. But if you are not able, meaning the consciousness is blotting out the
sunshine, stay with Loving God.

And remember, Loving God is not generating a current that is called "love" from you toward
God. How can you generate All-Encompassing Love? You cannot. The consciousness has no
sense at all of of All-Encompassingness and cannot generate All-Encompassing Love. One day
you will realize that it is already here, already at work. It's simply that there are veils. So, there
are steps to be taken, and the steps are to be taken now.

Don't put things in between all the time. If you really love your normal tendency is to help, to
give, and, as we say, Christ needs help. once you begin to realize that Christ needs help, you
become people with a vision -- that means you no longer work for yourself.

But then there is that other awareness that comes out of that void. There is an activity going on
and we happen to be involved in it. It is really true, you can really sense it. But it can be very
disturbing also, because you have your true reason for coming here, and then you face what you
do with your minds, the behavior of the person, and so on, how far you are from what is actually
going on, and then you complain you are not being heard.

Do you begin to feel in you, in the real you, that you actually mean to serve? Do you begin to feel
that all your endeavors are simply poor, unskilled expressions of the need to serve -- I mean real
service -- and your mind believing in those unskilled expressions rather than what stands behind.

You might begin to realize what we mean when we tell you we see you differently. You are a lot
more than what you imagine. When I check what I see with what is in your mind, the image is
always too small. Always. One-hundred percent of the time. I have never seen a mind make an
image greater than the reality. It's simple logic. Once you know the reality, you see it.

The mind is not yet adapted to the real situation, it has to be retrained -- not by the mind, by the
presence of you. Stay with your true need to serve, in spite of what the mind says, in spite of the
fantasies, exactly as you are here. If it is impossible, then continue Loving God. If your mind
doesn't understand, you still continue.

Up to now, I have had a hard time conveying that you can actually do it. I know what it is, I went
through all that. It is not because your mind does not understand, or that the emotional or sensory
cannot follow that you cannot act. You can. And in some instances you are a lot more effective
not using your consciousness. When we have the Service, or even now, I know what I do, but it
is not the consciousness that does it, this is perfectly clear. Seen from the consciousness it is the
Father in me, it's not me.

Now we have to be very careful with your minds because the major problems do not stem from
you not understanding each other, but from each of you not understanding yourselves -- what you
really are here for, and what the group is. Christ needs help. I give you the means, the ways, the
propositions, so that you can do the things I do and still greater ones -- just as it is said in the
Bible. If you have followed a little closely you would realize that I have always given you the
means to check what I say. I thought it would open your eyes, but it didn't. Now we have to come
closer because of the urgency of what is going on.

To be in the service of Christ is a reality, a non-mediated reality. When you tune to it, you sense
the reality, you sense the urgency, you sense the need for help. There is a part to play. You are an
incarnated being, this is a special condition. It means the real you can bring that Christ quality or
Christ resonance right down into the incarnated condition. It's not easy, but it has to be done if
you want to help mankind. The point is not whether it's easy or not, the point is that it has to be
done. As you have noticed, we do it to some extent -- whether you follow or not, whether you
hear or not, it has to be done. We are in an incarnated position so we do it, whatever the cost.
And, believe me, we pay a lot. I don't wish you to have my place. Perhaps you do, because you
don't understand that the greater the task, the greater the responsibilities and the greater the
difficulties. A work for mankind is a work for mankind. You have to stop making childish
images. This is no place for a child, unless the child be a child of God.


Participant: When that greater being acts, it's clearly effective, the mind can see this, but what the
mind can't see is the direct change. It appears to be random. I'm used to acting from the mind and
I don't see the direction ...

Martin: Here we have a point that I want to pick up for everyone. Respect the fact that the mind
does not see the direction. Learn to be honest with the situation. Here he expresses the mind
working at random and not sensing the direction. when you train that personality, you have to
teach consciousness to be objective and truthful. This pertains to one of the two points that have
to be respected: presence and the situation. Now in this situation, for instance, you realize that the
mind behaves in a certain way -- this is the situation. Don't allow your desires to deny it. Don't
give the mind more power than it has. Stick with the situation.

Participant: okay, it's true.

Martin: It's absolutely true. So, you solve your problem by coming back to that presence all the
time, all the time, all the time. The quickest way is Loving God. You cannot love God, be with
God, be in God, be in front of God without vibrating in the same way. Even if you are dualistic,
if you persistently face God, you will start sensing that you are vibrating differently -- your
awareness of self will be different. You will experience yourself as being different from what the
mind pretends. This means that you will, little by little, face, not the ego,which is an image, but a
first sensing of the real you.But be truthful, when you observe aspects in yourself say : Today this
is what I experience. Acknowledge it and be objective. Learn to see the play of consciousness:
the pretense of some parts of the awareness? that is, the wanting of the emotions and the mind
trying to say you are not emotional. Learn to be honest, perfectly honest.
And remember, if you are a certain way at one time, it does not mean you are so all the time. It
means you are so now. Ten minutes from now it might be different, ten days from now it will be
different. Get used to the change.

But the important point is always to come back to the basics: Loving God.

Find that part of yourself that actually does. There is a part that has a natural closeness -- and this
is not the ego. Let's make it a little more real. We'll play a piece of music again.


Now I have a question for you: Do you realize that when you are in that position of service to the
Christ, everything makes a lot more sense. You are in the process of starting to realize that if you
want to help mankind the real you has to come out. You are asking for it in many ways: by
asking to be heard, by asking to be allowed to do something, by asking to take care of a group. In
reality you are starting to face a real situation. But don't criticize the reflection, go into what is
behind. It seems that your reflection is being ignored, but it is not. It's just that you don't realize
that it is only a reflection, a hint of another dimension that wants to express, that reflects, as best
it can, through the personality, on whatever level is available. But when you come to the real
point, everything begins to make sense. But that means you must respect that, until the respect is
such that the center of gravity locates itself at that level. Then you can change the person -- not
just the mind and the emotions, I mean the whole of it, including the physical body. We work and
change every day -- not just once a year -- because the action requires more and more -- whatever
more is. Meaning presence must always be more obvious and instrumentality has to adjust, so
we, whatever that is, modify the person. I do the same work as you do, but I do it a bit more
thoroughly, a bit more consistently, and not for me.

There is service to be done, things to be expressed, aspects to be adjusted to human level and the
person has to respond. The point is that the person respond, whether it understands or not. Little
by little he does understand, but you cannot wait for understanding in order to move. You cannot.

From the position of service you can act on the person very consistently, but you have to be that
presence coming into that situation. And if you lose that presence come back to Loving God, or,
if you want, Loving Christ. It's very effective.

I want you to be aware of the planetary situation of mankind. This is as of now. The help is
needed now. I am trying to awaken you from your dreams in which you think you have all the
time in the world.

Do you have questions? I want you to be clear. if you want to check something, please do.

Participant: The first piece of music really seemed different from the last one you played. The
second piece seemed that it wasn't moving as much as the first one. I wanted to check that with
Martin: I would say in the first piece you had the solo voice coming in and out, and the choir, this
created movement. In the second piece it was a a lot calmer. So subjectively you might be
tempted to see what was calmer as having less movement, but we did not give less movement to
the second piece.

There is another finer point: With the first piece of music I had to bring you up from ordinary
level to something higher, but in the second one it was not needed, so we played higher, more
steadily, this also might be a factor in your impression. It is for you to sort out the proposition of
subjective (due to the music) and objective (due to the action) impressions. I could tell you, but
that wouldn't be good, it has to come from experience.

Here we have a situation that is pretty common. She is a musician and able to follow the
movement of the music more than people who are not musicians, so it might be less easy for her
to differentiate between the actual movement of music she lives and what we put into it. What
I'm trying to say is the actual movement of music is less obvious, so it interferes less with the
other feeling. But, on the the other hand, knowing the movement of music, you can abstract it,
then you see the other movement. See what I mean? You have to learn to do that. Maybe
sometimes you do it automatically, it's a possibility in consciousness. I mean if you are aware of
several movements you can abstract all the movements except one and follow that one, then, if
you want, you can follow another one. So that you can be more aware of what the nature of the
movement is. Speaking to the rational mind it simply means you concentrate on one movement
rather than another one. But you can do that livance-wise too.

Participant: When you recognize a change, is it necessary to try to identify it qualitatively? I don't
know how to ask the question. I'm trying to make the difference between analyzing the change
and not doing that, and, at the same time, identifying qualitatively the condition, the change, or
what have you. For example, when you came in tonight there was definitely a change, and with
each piece of music there was a change, am I supposed to identify the qualities of that?

Martin: Oh, yes. Definitely. But then if I answer that way you are sure to get trapped because you
are going to do it with your mind. Now the proposition is this: What your mind grasps is an
abstraction of what is really going on. So if you want to identify a quality, you have to realize that
what you have abstracted is only symbolic, or a reflection, of what is going on. So you drop the
abstraction and look up to what corresponds to that abstraction in reality. It's like the image of a
tree seen in a pond. You have to learn to look up to see the real tree. It's a difference of position.
It's also a difference in dimension.

So I say, yes, you have to identify, but it implies lifting your eyes, changing the angle of view. If
you identify by analyzing on the level of the abstraction, you never have the real movement. This
is one of the reasons why you feel you are not heard, because of this confusion between the real
tree and the reflection of the tree in the pond. Your proposition that you are not being heard is on
the reflecting (pond) level, and what you live is on the tree level. Then you complain that the tree
level has not come through. This happens all the time. As we have seen today, your complaint
arises mainly because the real you has not come out.
Your consciousness does not realize that it reflects and that it has to stop reflecting what is really
going on. It is one of the exercises of meditation to calm that pond until it is mirror-like. This
pertains mainly to the emotional side of man. If you can calm the pond, then you have the ability
to go from the reflection to the real a lot more easily. otherwise you have those wavelets on the
pond, and you have to guess what the reflection is in the wavelets -- not realizing that you simply
have to lift your eyes.

But I say "yes" to your proposition that you have to be aware. You have to know what you do.
Transpersonal is not pre-personal. Remember that. And remember, from now on, that with your
mind you are part of mankind, but in another way you are mankind. What is going on in you is
not just going on in you. Then realize that if you have problems, these problems exist in the
whole of mankind. If you feel that you are distracted, realize that this is a feeling pertaining to the
whole of mankind. If you feel the desperate need for that presence to come through-out, this also
exists in mankind.

So, if you want to help, start first with Loving God,, until it is real. You somehow sense that we
know what we speak of. it is real. Do you dare stay with that knowledge and act accordingly?

Service to the Christ is always for