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									Previous lectures have covered:        NO BOOKING REQUIRED
                                       For further information please contact:
Diabetes                               Lorelei Simon

                                       Email:            Cardiff University
                                                                                 Science in Health
                                       Tel: 029 2087 6936
Alzheimer’s disease
Breast cancer                          DIRECTIONS
                                       Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre,
                                                                                 Public Lecture Series
Heart disease
                                       Main Building, Cardiff University,
Cancer prevention
                                       Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT.
                                                                                 September 2010 – May 2011
Teenage sexuality
Murderous Medics
                                               Entrance to
The rise and fall of modern medicine           Main Building

Forensic science
Illegal drugs
The preservation of health
Health and happiness
Bird ‘flu’                                                                       This series of free public lectures
Dementia                                                                         has two main aims:
Medicines from the sea                                                           • To open up areas of concern in
Depression                                                                         health care.
Bowel cancer                                                                     • To present new research on
Blood pressure                                          health issues to the public.
                                                       Programme of Lectures
About the Lecture Series
                                                       Date and Time           Name                                              Title of Talk

The highly successful Science in Health Public         Thursday,               The Right Honourable Rhodri Morgan AM             Promoting Active and Healthy Ageing
Lecture Series commenced eight years ago.              30 September 2010,                                                        Julian Hodge Lecture Theatre, Colum Road
The lectures, organised by Cardiff University’s        7.30pm                                                                    Booking essential – contact:

School of Medicine, attract a diverse audience of      Thursday, 14 October    Sir Christopher Evans, OBE                        Innovation, Medicines and Entrepreneurship
interested individuals including the public, second-   2010, 7.00pm            (ABPI Lecture)                                    Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, National Museum Cardiff
ary school pupils and professionals.                   Thursday, 28 October    Professor Sian Griffiths,                         The changing face of health in China: global challenges
                                                       2010, 7.30pm            Professor of Public Health, Director, School of
Unless otherwise stated, the lectures will be                                  Public Health and Primary Care, The Chinese
held in the Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre,                                   University of Hong Kong

Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place.         Thursday,               Professor Bharat Jasani,                          The Modern Face of Pathology and the understanding
There will be directional signage leading to the       11 November 2010,       Head of Pathology, School of Medicine,            of disease
                                                       7.30pm                  Cardiff University (National Pathology Week)
lecture theatre once inside the building.
Disabled access is available and free parking          Thursday, 9 December    Professor Peter Elwood,                           The Christmas Lecture:
                                                       2010, 7.30pm            Department of Primary Care & Public Health,       A life of research: milk, tropical fish and Irish Linen
is available in the car park to the rear of
                                                                               School of Medicine, Cardiff University
Main Building.
                                                       Thursday, 20 January    Professor Dorothy Crawford,                       Deadly companions: how microbes shaped our history
                                                       2011, 7.30pm            Centre for Infectious Diseases, The University
The lectures are held on Thursday evenings,
                                                                               of Edinburgh
running from September 2010 to May 2011.
Refreshments will be available from 7.00pm             Thursday, 17 February   Dr Chris Fegan,                                   Blood, Guts and Evolution!!!!!!!!!
                                                       2011, 7.30pm            Clinical Director for Haematology, Cardiff and
in the Viriamu Jones Gallery located in foyer of
                                                                               Vale Local Trust Board
Main Building. The talks commence at 7.30pm.
                                                       Thursday, 17 March      Professor Martin Glennie,                         Antibodies: Nature’s designer drugs
                                                       2011, 7.30pm            Professor in Immunochemistry, Cancer Sci-
The lectures are FREE to attend and no booking
                                                                               ences, School of Medicine, University of
is required. All are welcome – including secondary                             Southampton
school pupils interested in a career in healthcare.
                                                       Thursday, 14 April      Dr Andrew Godkin,                                 Diet, Drugs and Drink: self-inflicted liver disease in the
                                                       2011, 7.30pm            Department of Infection, Immunity and Medi-       21st century liver
More information about the Science in Health                                   cal Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Cardiff
Public Lecture Series can be found at                                          University                               Thursday, 12 May        Professor Phil Stephens,                          Stem cells for tissue repair - no need for embryos?
                                                       2011, 7.30pm            School of Dentistry, Cardiff University


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