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					 After graduation from high school
  Invisible Man gives a speech to powerful
 He is awarded a scholarship based on his
   wanted to leave but I wanted also to
 “I
 speak and I was afraid they‟d snatch me
 down” (31).
 This isthe first speech IM gives in front of
  powerful and intimidating men.
 IM draws from this experience later when
  he delivers a speech to a mob.
 While IM was driving Mr. Norton, Mr.
 Norton asked him to stop at Trueblood‟s
 cabin. Trueblood tells of the incestuous
 relationship he had with his daughter.
 “Trueblood‟s mouth fell agape, his eyes
 widened and filled with moisture as he
 took the bill between trembling fingers.
 It was a hundred-dollar bill” (69).
 IM learns the advantages of good oratory
 as Norton hands Trueblood money. He
 learns how to appeal to emotions instead
 of intellect.
 At IM‟slast chapel, Barbee shares stories
 of the founder. After the speech, IM
 discovers that Barbee is blind.
 “between the   gesture and the opaque
 glitter of his glasses, I saw the blinking of
 sightless eyes. Homer A. Barbee was
 blind” (133).
 The IMlearns that you can overcome any
 obstacles to influence your audience in
         comes back with Norton the
 After IM
 disgruntled Bledsoe lectures him.
 “Why, thedumbest black bastard in the
 cotton patch knows that the only way to
 please a white man is to tell him a lie”
 This showsIM characteristics of being
 overtly honest and lack of fear for
 powerful people.
 The IM sees the possessions of a poor
 family in Harlem strewn all over the
 street. He‟s moved to speak about the
 injustices of poverty.
 “Something had  been working fiercely
 inside me, and for a moment I had
 forgotten the rest of the crowd” (270).
        significant because it gets him the
 This is
 job with the Brotherhood and incites the
 the crowd to act within a few words.
        a speech about dispossession
 This is
 given to a crowd at the rally by IM. IM
 discusses how he has evolved as a
 “My true  people! My true country! I am
 a new citizen of the country of your
 vision, a native of your fraternal land”
 IMgains more confidence and learns that
 he needs to be less emotional when he
 When IM is walking the streets, he
 discovers Clifton persuading a crowd to
 buy Sambo dolls.
 “Sambo-Woogie, you   don‟t have to feed
 him, he sleeps collapsed, he‟ll kill your
 depression and your dispossession, he
 lives upon the sunshine of your lordly
 smile” (432).
 This speechshows the betrayal of Clifton
 because he is selling the ethnically
 demeaning dolls.
             funeral, IM speaks bluntly to
 At Clifton‟s
 the crowd. He cannot bring himself to
 speak on the issues of the brotherhood. It
 is a parody of Brutus‟ eulogy.
 “ „Allright,‟ I called out, feeling
 desperate. It wasn‟t the way I wanted it to
 go, it wasn‟t political” (457).
 This speech   shows the IM taking his own
 initiative instead of listening to the
 specific orders of the Brotherhood‟s

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