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CER-19638 Blackboard


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									Assignment                                                                          Online

Blackboard® deploys ClearCommerce® engine to e-commerce enabled online communities at campuses across
North America. When you’re a college student and need to do a load of laundry, you don’t have time to scrounge for
quarters. Or when you need a snack to get through an all-nighter, the last thing you want to do is find an ATM. For
college students, using a single campus ID card to gain access to their dorm, buy everything from books and supplies to
vending machine snacks, or even do a load of laundry, is more than a convenience—it’s a way of survival. Through the
combined technologies of Blackboard Inc. and ClearCommerce, students can log-on to a password-protected web site
to check their academic progress; buy event tickets, course packs or school-logo merchandise; and replenish funds
through a secure, convenient credit card transaction.
                                                                                                                          Solid Whit

                                           Blackboard, a leading provider of enterprise software applications and

                                           related services to the education industry, wanted to allow end users to

                                           make student campus account deposits through online transactions and

                                           enable the creation of online communities with e-commerce functionality.

                                           The company deployed ClearCommerce Payment software as the

                                           transaction processing engine supporting transaction activity.

                                           The ASSIGNMENT
Class SUBJECT:                             Blackboard is a pioneer in providing web-enabled educational solutions and campus
Blackboard® Inc.                           one-card solutions for access control and commerce. The company provides online

                                           solutions that allow colleges to bring their educational experiences online and also offers

Campus Commerce                            secure software platforms that universities use to manage student ID cards and debit
                                           accounts. Blackboard currently supports instructors, students and auxiliary services
The ASSIGNMENT:                            providers at leading higher education institutions worldwide and continually extends and
Develop a system that allows end
                                           enhances online capabilities.
users to make student account
deposits through online transactions,
enables online communities with            “We needed a system that could easily connect to our own product development-built
e-commerce functionality and
                                           system and be flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of our customers in
enables card present transactions.
                                           higher education. We also needed assurance that students’ accounts could be re-charged
The TEST:                                  in real-time and that schools would get the money they were enabling students to spend,”
ClearCommerce engine +                     said Russ Palay, Director of Payment Solutions for Blackboard.

Final GRADE:
Return on Investment                       Problem SOLVED
Flexibility                                ClearCommerce develops and markets software that allows online merchants to integrate
Transaction Processing Power
                                           e-business applications with their existing business systems. The ClearCommerce
                                           engine provides an open, standards-based platform for real-time payment authorization
                                           and settlement through a connection from a multi-channel Internet-based storefront to the
                                           processor and bank.

                                           The ClearCommerce engine also delivers reliable shipping and tax calculation, Internet
                                           fraud protection and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to support smooth
                                           integration with both the storefront and all backend fulfillment and financial management
                                           systems, as well as comprehensive merchant administrative reporting. The
                                           ClearCommerce Internet payment and credit card processing software is currently used
                                           by more than 150,000 online merchants, service providers and B2B companies.

                                           In 2000, Blackboard implemented the ClearCommerce engine in support of its first
                                           generation e-commerce product – Online Card Office. Since then, Blackboard has
                                                                                                                                         Solid Whit

processed millions of transactions and expanded, in 2004,                   In 2007, Blackboard further expanded its Transaction System
to the successor product, Blackboard Community System .               TM
                                                                            functionality, to include card present transaction processing. Typical
The Community System allows campuses to create                     online   uses for this are dining center and retail, point of sale purchases.
communities that incorporate e-commerce functionality and
address the needs of the campus life experience. Through the                Blackboard’s Community System is an intelligent system, that
Community System, Blackboard is enabling its clients to integrate           remembers user preferences for students, faculty and staff
their e-commerce web sites and POS providers to their PCI                   from one online visit to the next, and creates a personalized
compliant Payment Gateway.                                                  experience for the campus’s online community, and security
                                                                            is the key. “ClearCommerce is on top of emerging trends in
                                                                            payment processing,” Palay said. “It’s nice to work with a
Making the GRADE                                                            partner who is always looking over the horizon.” Using
Using the ClearCommerce engine, version 5.9 SP1., Blackboard                ClearCommerce FraudShield®, a fraud screening solution
yields significant benefits for its clients in higher education.            specifically designed for Internet transactions, Blackboard can
                                                                            protect users against duplicate or triplicate charges and
Students at universities that utilize the Blackboard system, can            chargebacks on merchant accounts.                                        Solid Whit

re-charge their debit accounts by physically going to the card
office to deposit cash or checks, share just one automated kiosk
campus-wide to manage their accounts, or students and parents
can add funds to their accounts without going anywhere—simply
by using a web browser and a major credit card. This has
resulted in a significant increase in online transactions, with the
majority using the Blackboard Community System.

The Blackboard implementation is a unique deployment of
the ClearCommerce hosting engine. Most e-businesses use the
software to protect against online fraud and manage the
authorization and settlement of credit card purchases.
Blackboard is no exception. However, Blackboard also uses the
ClearCommerce technology to manage Internet-based
transfers from one account to another. These Internet transfers
allow for the adding of funds to a campus account via a web
deposit feature of the Community System. This, as well as the
Community System’s e-Marketplace functionality, constitutes
Blackboard’s card-not-present use of the ClearCommerce
engine. “ClearCommerce is integral to enabling all of these
transactions”, says Palay.

Taking a web-based approach, provides greater opportunity for
online account management.” Palay said.

“ClearCommerce proactively encrypts credit card numbers and            The FLEXIBILITY
other areas of sensitive information so that users can feel safe and   Participating colleges and universities often have existing
secure using our PCI compliant payment gateway,” Palay said.           business relationships with specific banks, so Blackboard
                                                                       needed an authorization and payment solution that provided
By integrating the ClearCommerce engine into its core offering and,    maximum transaction processing flexibility. Because banks use a
by expanding to the Blackboard Community System, Blackboard            complex and diverse group of business units to accept and
has kept itself on the leading edge of an Internet-driven campus       process credit card transactions, Blackboard needed a solution
experience.     And since it’s working so well for its customers,      that would integrate easily with virtually any processing system.
Blackboard has deployed the ClearCommerce engine internally.           “The integration flexibility built into the ClearCommerce engine
Blackboard clients use the engine at the company’s online store,       was a key factor in our decision to deploy the ClearCommerce
the Blackboard Store, and for online courses at Blackboard             solution,” Palay noted. “It is well documented and supports a
CourseSites, while the finance department uses it for billing and      number of card processors, and this flexibility shortened and
invoicing purposes.                                                    simplified the job of extending Online Card Office payment
                                                                       capbilities to virtually any financial institution, ensuring real-time
According to Palay, the deployment has met the company’s               transactions for our users.”
three main criteria for payment processing:
  Return on Investment
  Flexibility                                                          Transaction Processing POWER
  Transaction Processing Power                                         The ClearCommerce engine has met Blackboard’s transaction
                                                                       processing volume requirements. In the first year of service,
                                                                       Blackboard handled more than 42,000 individual deposits
Return on INVESTMENT                                                   totaling more than $2 million in value. Since then, Blackboard has
Due to the nature of the educational marketplace, Blackboard           experienced     tremendous      growth.    In   2008,    Blackboard
saw a powerful competitive opportunity in the license-based            processed 8 million transactions and realized an over 50%
pricing available for the ClearCommerce engine.                        increase in dollar volume.

At most institutions of higher education, bookstores and               Palay comments, “Blackboard has utilized the ClearCommerce
cafeterias are viewed as required services and not necessarily as      platform to develop a powerful transaction processing switch for
potential profit centers. For this reason, university financial        the education market.” I
managers do not look favorably on business models built on
per-transaction fee structures under which their costs rise as
students and parents increase their use of the system.
                                                                       CLEARCOMMERCE® + CERTEGY
The ClearCommerce engine was made available to Blackboard              11601 Roosevelt Blvd. (TA–06)
on a straight software licensing basis. This allows Blackboard to      St Petersburg, FL 33716
offer the service to its college and university customers on a fixed   1–866-894-0807 toll–free
and predictable cost basis unlike competing online card payment        ClearCommerce@fnis.com e-mail
systems which charge on a per-transaction basis.                       fidelityinfoservices.com>click check services>click e-commerce


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