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					     Nathan Hale PTSA
    10750 30th Ave. NE

                                    Raider Reader
     Seattle, WA 98125

              June 2009
     Volume 15, Issue 9
        Diana Roll, Editor

                       Officers:    The Nathan Hale High School PTSA Newsletter
                  President, Open
  Vice President, Melissa Larson
           Treasurer, Patty Lilly   Principal’s Message
 Secretary, Janice Jackson-Haley                 June’s Coalition of Essential Schools Principle: Democracy and equity
                   jjacksonhaley@    The school should demonstrate non-discriminatory and inclusive policies, practices, and pedagogies. It should model        democratic practices that involve all who are directly affected by the school. The school should honor diversity and
                                            build on the strength of its communities, deliberately and explicitly challenging all forms of inequity.
                                    As we come to the completion of an exciting school year, and as we look at our class of 2009 Sen-
  The Raider Reader is published    iors who are heading into the world as young adults, I find myself more and more grateful for this
     nine times during the school   final principle and its influence at Nathan Hale High School.
year. Thanks for your readership
  and contributions this year and   On May 12th, our Seniors presented their Culminating Projects at a community exhibition night.
      we’ll be back in September!   Each Senior presented a final summation of and reflection on her/his work on a project that
                                    shows ―citizenship through service.‖ We saw a wide array of powerful projects, and our commu-
                                    nity panelists were truly astounded by the maturity and sensitivity of many of the presentations.
                                    Thank you to all who made this evening possible, from community and staff panelists to the
     INSIDE THIS ISSUE:             PTSA who provided a lovely dinner, but most of all, thank you for raising such great kids, and for
                                    supporting them as they pursue their goals and become true honorable, thinking, skillful citizens.
        Annual Campaign: 2
    NH Foundation News: 3           Nathan Hale students continue to be honored in District, City, and State venues for their out-
              Raider Gear: 3        standing citizenship as well as their competitive excellence. Our Girls Track team placed first
      Culminating Project: 3        state-wide as Scholar Athletes, and our Tennis team recently won the Metro League Sportsman-
      Newsletter Thanks: 3          ship award. Our Girls Ultimate Frisbee team won the state title, and our Boys Soccer team pro-
   Counseling Dept. News: 4         gressed to the Metro finals. These are just a few of the amazing accomplishments of Nathan Hale
         NH Productions: 5
                    eScrip: 5
             Music Notes: 5         Our 9th grade Scientists and 12th graders in AP Environmental Science students will be presenting
      Congrats Girls T&F: 5         a joint evening exhibition highlighting issues of our responsibility for our physical environment.
      Composting at Hale: 6         This is an unprecedented event, and is beautifully symbolic of the spirit and culture we would like
          Guatemala Trip: 6         to maintain and build at Nathan Hale. This event will take place on the evening of June 2 nd—
            Boys Lacrosse: 6        please join us!
            Yearbook Info: 7
            KNHC News: 7            Thank you for your support, dedication, encouragement, and feedback throughout the year. We
                Art Show: 7         value your input, and appreciate your commitment to excellence. It is a pleasure to share our
           Raider Rebuild: 8        community with you!
         Calendar Watch: 9
                                    Marni Campbell, Principal

    Nathan Hale School
    Main Office: (206) 252-3680

    Attendance: (206) 252-3684                    The purpose of Nathan Hale High School is to ensure that ALL students will
     Counseling: (206) 252-3694                                  become honorable, thinking, skillful citizens.
Page 3                                                                                              Raider Reader

NH Foundation News                                                   Words to Inspire: Exhibition
Many, many thanks for your involvement with the
                                                                     Night a Huge Success
Nathan Hale Foundation this year. Your support is doing very
special things for students and makes Nathan Hale unique in the      Senior Culminating Project
District.                                                            News
    The 2009 annual campaign is over 75% towards its goal.          Tuesday, May 12, was a big night for seniors at
     Already, your dollars are invaluable in helping maintain        Nathan Hale High School. Our school showcased
     school staffing levels. Please help put us over the top and     roughly two hundred and fifty Senior Projects.
     reach our goal of $100,000. Visit and make a     There were thirty-five classrooms, with panelists
     pledge. Even $10/month makes a difference. Thank you.           of teachers, parents and community members.
    Purchase of books and other classroom tools that you made       Students were rehearsing anxiously, right up until
     possible by your involvement with Nathan Hale‘s Fall Din-       their presentation time—and then they found a
     ner and Auction are nearly complete. What an incredible         place of calm, to begin explaining their work.
     difference this support makes for our classrooms and library.
     Thank you.                                                      Panelists commented to me, at the end of the eve-
    Your help is needed to maintain these critical programs for     ning, that they felt ―renewed in optimism about
     the school. Please give your energy and ideas by serving on a   the future of our world.‖ One parent wrote in an
     committee or at the Board level. Call 784-0625 or e-mail        email the next day, ―The idea of giving kids a way and we‘ll find the spot you           to connect with the world at a time in their life
     desire.                                                         that can really influence them to be life long par-
                                                                     ticipants is such a cool concept. I was lucky to be
Have a very pleasant summertime and watch for the Foundation         able to see a cross section of projects that re-
newsletter in late July.                                             flected the highs and lows of the process. But
                                                                     what I took away from all of the presentations was
Steve Reynolds, President                                            a little ‗wild eyed optimism‘ from the kids that
                                                                     surprised them and was inspiring to me.‖ I also
                                                                     have received comments with specific suggestions
Raider Gear                                                          for how we might improve the project for next
Check out our new Raider Gear items!                                 year— strong indication that parents feel wel-
We have stadium seats, in both red and                               comed as partners in creating a world of honorable,
navy, with ―RAIDERS‖ silk screened                                   skillful, thinking and contributing citizens.
on the back ($25); windbreaker jackets
available in red or navy, embroidered                                Thank you class of 2009, for excellent work. And
w/―NH Raiders,‖ water resistant, fully                               thank you Hale community for supporting that
hooded, 100% nylon shell w/polyester lining, adjustable cuffs        work. I look forward to next year‘s Senior Culmi-
and hem ($40 and $42 for XL); and white cotton/poly hoodies,         nating Projects, with gratitude—
appliquéd with the ―HALE‖ Logo ($38 and $40 for XL).
                                                                     Rebecca Ross
We are also excited to announce that several students from Ms.
Tortocha‘s Advanced Graphic Arts class have submitted designs
for our new logo. The students with the winning logos will each
receive a free piece of Raider Gear emblazoned with their logo.      Thank You Newsletter Crew
We have chosen two of the logos; one will be silk-screened on t-     Thanks to Debi Harris, Courtnay Jackson and Fam-
shirts and the other will be embroidered on ball caps.               ily, and Karen Rugen for their behind-the-scenes
                                                                     work every month getting the Raider Reader la-
The winning logos have not been announced and will be kept           beled, sorted, and mailed to our homes. There is a
under wraps until the new items come in, so keep your eyes on        lot of good news in this month‘s issue—thank you
the display cases; the new gear will arrive in late May.             to these folks for making it easy to get that news
Cheryl Iodice
Raider Gear Coordinator                                              Diana Roll
The Nathan Hale High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                              Page 4

Counseling Department Update
Happy June from your Hale Counseling Department!                    SAT Prep Summer Course
                                                                    When: Monday August 3— Practice Test; Tuesday,
Important Dates:                                                    Wednesday, & Thursday August 4-6 & 11-13; Where:
                                                                    Roosevelt High School; What: This course is effective and
June 9: Senior Awards Night                                         affordable and is recommended for juniors hoping to im-
Be on the lookout for more information about this night!            prove their test scores over the summer or for sopho-
                                                                    mores looking to get a jump on the PSAT and SAT tests
June 11: Graduation!                                                in their junior year. For more information go to
                                                           or phone (425) 823-1370.
The counseling department also wants to be sure that you have the
following items on your radar for the months to come...             Community Service Hours
                                                                     Students must complete 60 hours of community ser-
Freshman (Class of 2012):                                           vice in order to graduate (because students will be com-
 It is never too early to start thinking about post high           pleting their culminating project and applying for colleges
school options! A good place to start is the College Board          in their senior year, it is highly recommended that students
website (                                      complete this requirement prior to their last year at Hale).
 College Bound Scholarship: The College Bound                       Service hours must be completed at a nonprofit
scholarship is designed to motivate and prepare students            agency (examples include, but are not limited to: schools,
to pursue a college education. It is a four-year scholarship        community centers, places of worship, food banks and
that covers the cost of college tuition, fees, and books.           retirement homes).
Low-income students in Washington, who sign a pledge in                Work completed must be non-paid.
7th, 8th, or 9th grade promising to graduate from high
                                                                     It is important for students to choose volunteer ex-
school and to demonstrate good citizenship, are eligible.
                                                                    periences that interest them.
Deadline for signing up is June 30, 2009; find more details
at: or contact               It is also critical for students to be dependable, on-
your child's counselor.                                             time and professional: not only do you represent yourself
                                                                    and Hale when you do community service, but you also
Sophomores (Class of 2011) & Juniors (Class of 2010):               may have other opportunities open up for you because of
                                                                    your work, or you may need a letter of recommendation
Considering 4-year college? It is suggested that students           from your supervisor.
take both the SAT Reasoning and ACT (with writing) at                To search for volunteer opportunities in your area, go
least once in their Junior year. Some colleges, such as the         to By doing an advanced search
University of California schools, require the SAT Subject           and entering your zip code on this site, you can choose
Test (SAT II‘s) so check your college requirements care-            from categories that fit your interests. Make sure to select
fully. Find more information at for            ―Appropriate for Teens‖ to further narrow your search.
the SAT and at for the ACT. SAT/ACT fee
waivers are available for students who are on free/reduced
lunch; go to the counseling office for details. If you have a       Washington State History Requirement
504 or an IEP plan and want to request accommodations               Students must complete a Washington State History class
for the PSAT and/or SAT, pick up the forms in the coun-             in order to graduate. Students who attended Seattle
seling office. Forms to request accommodations for the              Schools in middle school typically take this course in 7 th or
ACT are available at To prepare for the                8th grade. For those who have not passed the course or
SATs consider visiting:                       who have not taken the course, please see your counselor                                   before school is out for some options to complete this
                                                                    over the summer.
2009 and Beyond:                                                    Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Summer School                                                       Jeff Jones:, 252-3689
July 6-July 30; questions about Summer School can be                Kate Reynolds:, 252-3697
directed to the Counseling Office at 252-3694 or to your            Julia Shin:, 252-3695
counselor.                                                          Bella Bikowsky:, 252-3747

                                                                    Bella Bikowsky
Page 5                                                                                                  Raider Reader

Nathan Hale Productions                                                       Music Notes
Nathan Hale Productions is pleased to report that ―The Wedding Singer‖        Vocal Jazz and two com-
was a great success! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew and a        bos participated in the
huge thank you to Hale drama teacher Sydney Baird, who directed the           Reno Jazz Festival at the
production. Ms. Baird and her amazing crew of generous and capable            end of April. The groups
professionals provided the students with a tremendously valuable theater      performed, were adjudicated, and listened to
experience. Kudos to the many parent volunteers, led by Gabi McCarthy,        other groups. Shimpuku Uezono, Thomas
who worked tirelessly behind the scenes raising money and providing           Campbell, Yuki Nakada and Aaron Liao
support services. Thanks to all of you who attended the show. Your            won 1st Place Best Jazz Combo! Lindsey
enthusiastic support brought out great energy from the cast.                  Rugen and Stewart Spencer won
                                                                              ―outstanding soloist‖ awards. One of the
Those of you who would like to savor memories of the show can look at         highlights of the trip was the impromptu
(and order) photos online at              concert given to the dinner club – Vocal
                                                                              Jazz performed a set for the diners – whose
Sue Perry                                                                     applause was rewarded with one more piece!

                                                                              End of the year events:
eScrip: An Easy Way to Raise Money for Hale
                                                                                 June 3, 7pm: last Music Booster meet-
We currently have 80 Nathan Hale families signed up for eScrip. If you            ing of the year – all welcome!
haven‘t done so, now would be a great time to sign up: just go online to and register your Safeway Card, Macy‘s Card, credit               June 4, 7pm: Spring Concert featuring
cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and debit/ATM                all performing groups in the Performing
cards. The website is safe and secure. A percentage of your purchases             Arts Center
will be returned to Nathan Hale. When you register, you can decide if            June 13, 2:30 – 5:30 at Tula’s: Vocal
you want your contributions to go to the PTSA, to the Musical, or if you          Jazz, Jazz Band and the combos will
want to split your contributions between the two programs.                        perform (tickets $10 adults, $5 students)
E-Scrip also has a Dining Rewards Program. The program has several               June 16, 7pm: Planning meeting for
local restaurants that participate. A few of them are: Zao Noodle Bar (U.         next year – all welcome!
Village), India Bistro (on Roosevelt), Garlic Jim‘s Famous Gourmet Pizza
(on 65th), and Chinoise On 45th. All you have to do is register a debit or
credit card and use it at a participating restaurant. Up to 5% of your pur-   Join the Music Boosters email list by sending
chase will be donated back to NHHS. For a complete list of participating      an email to Terry at
restaurants, you can search at                 and be sure to visit our web site (look for
                                                                              the Music Department under the Nathan
Why should you sign up for e-scrip? ?                                         Hale web site, Departments).
 No extra costs to you and your family
                                                                              Terry Adams
 Every purchase made with a registered card earns $ for Hale
 NHHS will earn a percentage from your purchases year around, even
  during the summer!
 It is an easy way to earn money for NHHS without any fuss or hassle
                                                                              Congratulations Girls
                                                                              Track and Field!
Sign up online – It’s quick and easy
1. Go                                                           For the 3rd time in the past 4 years the
2. Click on ―sign-up‖                                                          Nathan Hale Girls Track & Field team has
3. Follow the instructions                                                     been awarded the Academic State Cham-
Our Group Name is Nathan Hale High School PTSA                                 pionship. This is unprecedented and very
Our Group ID Number is 8565076                                                 cool. With over 75 3A girls track pro-
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at                    grams in the state of Washington, Hale                                                      has come out on top academically 3 of 4
                                                                               years. Way to go scholar/athletes!!!
Sheryl French, eScrip Coordinator
                                                                               Cary Stidham
The Nathan Hale High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                                  Page 6

Composting Comes to Hale                                       Hale Students Travel to Guatemala

DID YOU KNOW? Nathan Hale High                                 Six Nathan Hale High School participated in a year-long
                                                               educational program that culminated with a two-week
School became the third high school in Seattle to recy-        spring trip to Antigua, Guatemala, which was sponsored
cle food scraps- also known as composting- in their            by Global Visionaries. Returning back from a fulfilling
lunchroom this February. The Hale Earth Service Corps          trip, Faith Sims, a student from Nathan Hale said, ―I‘d
club, in partnership with YMCA Earth Service Corps and         recommend GV to another student enthusiastically. Work-
the Washington State Department of Ecology, introduced         ing in the coffee fields gave me a new perspective on life.‖
red compost bins in the lunchroom to reduce the
school’s waste. A devoted group of Earth Service Corps         The six Hale students that participated in the program this
club members along with club leaders Kate Macklin, Becca       year are: Rose Cooper-Finger, Victor Diaz, Zoe Nurmia,
LaCroix, Thomas Hollowell, and Eric Nelson and teacher         Jordan Poepping, Kyle Quackenbush, and Faith Sims.
advisor Matt Hinckley have been instrumental in reducing       These students learned about social and environmental
Hale‘s impact on the environment. The club will con-           justice and worked in three separate groups in Antigua:
tinue composting for the remainder of the school year and      helping in the construction of classroom buildings; helping
looks to keep their momentum going into next year as           in the construction of a long-term care hospital facility;
well, so look for those red bins at lunch. Great job to all    and working in the coffee fields. For a period of two
those ―SAVING THE WORLD.‖ Want to get in-                      weeks, they spent their mornings working in one of these
volved? Come to meetings Thursdays at 12:25 in Room            areas and their afternoons learning Spanish.
123 or email
                                                               Students from Garfield, Mercer Island, Chief Sealth, Roo-
COMPOST AT HOME! If you haven't                                sevelt, Nova, Franklin and Center high schools also par-
                                                               ticipated in the program that culminated in spring 2009.
heard, food and yard waste service is now required for all
single-family households in Seattle. Many apartment and        (Global Visionaries’ mission is to educate and empower youth to
condo buildings also have food and yard waste services,        become active community leaders and global citizens who promote
but if your building doesn‘t ask the building owner to sign    social and environmental justice through community service at home
up! This is your chance to try out composting at home.         and abroad. Global Visionaries offers a year long service and leader-
Visit for more info on what be-           ship program to high school students, which includes educating the
longs in the yard waste, recycling, and garbage.               students on issues relating to peace, justice and environment, fostering
                                                               cross-cultural understanding, and supporting them in their fundrais-
WHY COMPOST? According to the EPA,                             ing activities. For more information see or
                                                               call (206) 322-9448.)
organic waste such as yard and food waste account for
approximately 21 percent of the waste stream in the            Cindy Kegley
United States. Composting can significantly reduce the
amount of kitchen waste we throw away and at the same
time provide rich nutrients for soil. It is a form of recy-
cling that occurs continually in nature where organic ma-
                                                               Boys Lacrosse
terial breaks down naturally. Schools and homes in Seattle
                                                                The Boys Lacrosse season ended with
send their yard and food waste to Cedar Grove Compost-
                                                                great team spirit and sportsmanship
ing where pizza boxes, coffee filters, grass clippings, food
                                                                even though the playing was tough.
scraps, napkins and much more are turned into compost
                                                                Fourteen players from Nathan Hale, 3 players from Uni-
in just six weeks to be used again!
                                                                versity Prep and 1 from Ingraham made up this Raider
                                                                team...Spencer Adams, Michael Barr, Adriel Bienn, Joey
                                                                Chernick, Alan Ginn, Craig Harkey, Ian Harvey, Antony
                                                                Iodice, Kristoffer Larson, Michael Mooney, Sam
                                                                Osborn, Anthony Orsillo, Alex Paeth, Mathew Quack-
                                                                enbush, Leor Seal, David Shiplett, Abraham Tedese and
 This composting project was funded through a grant             Alex Wright. You guys are fantastic! Congratulations for
from Washington State Department of Ecology in part-            playing it full tilt and keeping the commitment and spirit
nership with the YMCA of Greater Seattle.                       alive! The 2010 season looks to be great and we look
                                                                forward to it! Hale Yes!
Katherine Chesson, Program Coordinator
YMCA Earth Service Corps
                                                                Kerri Adams
Page 7                                                                                               Raider Reader

About the Yearbook                                                            KNHC News
A) All fines need to be cleared before anyone can pick up a year-             Nathan Hale's radio station, C89.5, was
book. This can include fines for books, sports fees, class fees, supplies,    awarded First Place for General Excellence
etc. Books can be returned to clear a fine. All fines need to be paid with    at the 2009 Annual Washington High
Joyce Ask, Fiscal Clerk, in the Bookroom. A list of students with fines       School Radio Awards convention this
will be posted in the Front Office.                                           year. ―Thanks to these teens and their
                                                                              adult helpers, Seattle is a better place,‖
B) Students who did NOT purchase a yearbook before December 5,                wrote The Seattle Times Editorial Board as
2008 and want a 2009 yearbook can see Ms. Tertocha after June 9. The          they congratulated ―all the hardworking
cost is $75.                                                                  students who bring energy and talent to an
                                                                              endeavor that makes the city proud.‖ C89.5
                                                                              has garnered many awards during its 39
C) CLASS OF 2010 = SENIORS who want their class ―mug‖ PHOTO                   years of operation, from national recogni-
in the 2010 yearbook will need to submit a professional color photo-          tion by Rolling Stone and Teen People
graph from a reputable photographer to the yearbook team by mid-              magazines, to accolades by the VILLAGE
October 2009. The official photographer for NHHS is Rowland                   VOICE magazine which declared C89.5 to
Studios – 206-522-7171. During the month of June, Rowland Studios             be ―the best high school radio station in
will mail a letter to all seniors. The letter will indicate the appointment   New York‖ (even though it‘s in Seattle).
time and place and will include information about Rowland Studios.            The Seattle Weekly calls C89.5 ―the best
Please look for your letter in the mail. Some common questions and            FM radio station for commuting.‖
answers about this process:
1) Do we have to use Rowland Studios?                                         Congratulatons to C89.5‘s students for
No. But, we appreciate parents honoring our contractual agreement             making our radio station an unqualified
with Rowland Studios as ―the official photographer of NHHS.‖ And,             success! Here are a couple opportunities to
Rowland gives the yearbook team the best service with the least likely        support and find out more about C89.5:
chance for anything to go wrong with our senior section.
2) Can any studio do the yearbook picture?
                                                                                 The 10th Annual Video Festival and
Yes. But, we encourage truly professional photographs by a reputable
                                                                                  Awards Ceremony Friday, June 5 at
photo studio. (Hopefully staying away from ―anyone with a digital cam-
                                                                                  7:00 pm in the Hale PAC
era.‖) Yuen Lui, Dorian, Fowler, and Sears or JC Penneys are great
places to have professional photos taken.
3) What criteria does the picture have to meet?                                  The 10th Annual C89.5 Radio Soundies
CASUAL HEAD SHOT – from the chest up with arms or hands okay                      Awards Saturday, June 6 at 7:00 pm in
(head and shoulders)                                                              the Hale PAC.
BACKGROUND - Bluish or bluish-gray gainsborough (mottled or
―sponge painting‖ effect in blue/grays – no outdoor backgrounds)
DIGITAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY: 1-1/2‖ x 2‖ + 400 dpi submit-
ted on a CD or via e-mail.
1‖ maximum head size
4) When does the picture HAVE TO BE submitted?
Mid-October 2009 (deadline day TBA)

D) A yearbook will be available to any student who purchased a 2009           Student Art Show
yearbook for 365 days. After one year all rights are relinquished.
                                                                              An art show of work from Advanced
                                                                              Drawing and Painting students will be held
E) YEARBOOKS FOR SALE. If you or someone you know would like                  at HomeStreet Bank May 13-June 1. An
a full set of yearbooks — especially those seniors who are graduating         Opening for students, families and friends
and would like all 4 years (or maybe you know a NHHS alum) please             is planned for May 20 from 7:30-8:30 PM.
contact the yearbook team. Prices: 2008 - $65; 2007 - $55; 2006 - $45; or     Even if you can‘t attend the Opening,
2005 - $35; all previous yearbooks @ $10.                                     please check out this display of student
Please feel free to contact Ms. Tertocha, advisor, at any time at or 206-252-3737 or stop by Room               Barbara Kuznetz
The Nathan Hale High School PTSA Newsletter                                                                          Page 8

THE RAIDER REBUILD: Construction Update—May 2009
Project 1B: The
New Library/
Arts Addition
As of the end of
April, 2009, the new
roof is mostly com-
plete including sky-
lights. The metal stud
wall framing was
completed in the
renovation and has
started in the new
building. Installation
of ductwork, piping,
and electrical contin-
ues throughout the
project. The concrete
masonry wall at the
new hallway and rest-
rooms has been built,
and plumbing piping
rough-in contin-
ues. The contractor
has drilled more than
half of the ground-
source heat wells that   View of the construction site on April 30th, 2009 from the live Nathan Hale Web Camera.
will heat and cool the
new addition.

This May look for construction work to start on exterior windows and curtain wall. Interior work will focus on finishes
including drywall, painting, door frames and doors, ceiling grid, wall insulation, casework, and trim-out of mechanical and
electrical systems.

The Contractor has set up temporary construction trailers at the Summit K-12 / Jane Addams parking lot across the street,
to allow demolition of Portable #9 in early May and work to start in the existing east driveway on the geothermal well pip-
ing, new storm detention system, and new electrical service.

Project 2: The Renovation
The project team has completed 90% of the Project 2 design, which is the renovation of the main building including the
offices, academic core, cafeteria and commons, and athletic facilities. We have advertised some of the work for public bid-
ding, and are currently working with the building department to obtain three different building permits to start work this
summer. Demolition is planned to start on July 6, and new temporary classroom portables will start to arrive the week
prior and be set up in three different parking lots.

Visit the BEX website,, to see a live webcam of the construction site, construction photos, news,
updates and more to keep you up-to-date on the construction progress.

Please contact the Senior Project Manager, Ian Kell, at (206) 443-9939 or if you have any questions or
concerns regarding the construction project.
                                So good, you can't stop at three

                                Nathan Hale PTSA                         NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
                                This would be a good place to insert a short paragraph about your or-
                                10750 30th Avenue NE                          U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                            the organization, its mission,
                                ganization. It might include the purpose of SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
                                Seattle, WA 98125
                                founding date, and a brief history. You could also include a brief list of
                                the types of products, services, or programs your organization offers,
                                                                                PERMIT NO. European
                                the geographic area covered (for example, western U.S. or 9984
                                markets), and a profile of the types of customers or members served.
                                It would also be useful to include a contact name for readers who want
                                more information about the organization.

                                Time-sensitive material-
                                Please deliver promptly

                                Back Page Story Headline

                                This story can fit 175-225          dard products or services, you
                                words.                              can include a listing of those
                                                                    here. You may want to refer
                                If your newsletter is folded and
                                                                    your readers to any other
                                mailed, this story will appear      forms of communication that
―...thank you for raising       on the back. So, it’s a good idea
                                                                    you’ve created for your organi-
such great kids, and for        to make it easy to read at a
supporting them as they         glance.
                                                                   You can also use this space to
pursue their goals and          A question and answer session      remind readers to mark their
become true honorable,          is a good way to quickly cap-
                                                                   calendars for a regular event,
                                May 13—June 1: Student Art Show at HomeStreet Bank
thinking, skillful citizens.‖   ture the attention of readers.     such as a breakfast meeting for
Read more about June’s          June 2: Seniorcompile ques-
                                You can either Breakfast
                                                                   vendors every third Tuesday of
Coalition of Essential          tions that you’ve received since Family Night a biannual char-
                                June 2: 9th Grade Student and the month, or
Schools Principle in the        the last edition or you can
                                                           Meeting ity auction.
                                June 3: Music Boosters ques-
                                summarize some generic
Principal’s Message on          June that are frequently asked
                                tions 4: Spring Concert            If space is available, this is a
page 1.                                                            good place to PAC
                                June 5: Video Festival and Awards Ceremony, insert a clip art
                                about your organization.
                                                                   image PAC
                                A listing of names and Soundies Awards, or some other graphic.
                                June 6: C89.5 Radio titles of       Caption describing picture or
                                managers in your organization
                                June 9: Senior Awards Night     graphic.
                                is a good way to give your
                                newsletter a personal and SPREE
                                June 11: Graduation touch. If
                                your 13: Vocal Jazz, Jazz Band,
                                Juneorganization is small, you and Combos Perform at Tula‘s
                                may want to list the names of
                                June 16: Music Planning Meeting for Next Year
                                all employees.
                                June 19: Last Day of School
                                If you have any prices of stan-

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