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					  The Messenger                       OF THE CHESTERFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA

Number 76                                                                                                      January 2006

                IN THIS ISSUE
       Next Quarterly Meeting                   1                   Quarterly Meeting at the
       Spirit Walk                              1
       Mission Statement                        1                      Morrissette House
       CHS Information                          2                                 January 29, 2006 at 2 PM
       Upcoming Events                          2
       President’s Letter                       2
                                                                Make plans to attend the first CHS quarterly meeting of 2006.
       From the Messenger Editor                2
       Library Acquisitions                     3
                                                                Beth Croxton has cordially invited us to have the meeting at
       Library Donations                        3               her home, The Morrissette House, in the Village of
       Quarterly Meeting Minutes                4               Midlothian. Built circa 1911, this house is one of the finest
       Veteran’s Day Program                    4               dwellings of its period in Midlothian. It was built in the
       Shrimpfest                               4               current Georgian Revival style, and remains virtually unaltered
       Flower Arranging                         4               on the exterior, retaining its original Palladian second-floor
       Quarterly Meeting Program                5               windows, narrow novelty siding, and wide, low hip-roofed
       Batteau Committee                        5               dormers. William P. Morrissette, the builder, left the house to
       In Memoriam                              5               descendants who continued to occupy it until 1973. Light
       Membership                               6               refreshments will be provided. See map on page 8 for
       Christmas at Magnolia Grange             6               directions. Please RSVP to the Society office if you plan to
       Benefit Auction                          7               attend.
       Quarterly Meeting Directions             8

This antique hearse was part of the Spirit Walk, which was a
lot of fun for the 300 plus attendees and raised about $1800.

                                                            Mission Statement
   The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia serves as the center for Chesterfield County history. Its purposes are         1
       to collect, preserve, interpret and promote the county’s unique past for the education of present and future
                              Upcoming Events                                                         Chesterfield
  January 29, Sunday – CHS Quarterly Meeting at Morrissette House
                                                                                                    Historical Society
  February 11, Saturday – Tea at Magnolia Grange                                                       of Virginia
  Friends of the Chesterfield County Public Library and the Chesterfield                             10201 Iron Bridge Road
  Historical Society will host a tea at Magnolia Grange. An assortment of tea                             P.O. Box 40
  sandwiches, seasonal desserts and tea varieties will be served at two                              Chesterfield, VA 23832
  seatings: 2:00-3:00 and 4:00-5:00; tickets are $20 each. Proceeds will be
  used for the Chesterfield Cookbook in 2007 to commemorate our state's
  400th Anniversary celebration of the Jamestown settlement. Seating is
  limited so reserve early. Contact Tamara Evans at 796-1479 by February 3 to
  make your reservation.

  February 21, Tuesday – Lunchtime Lecture – noon to 1 PM
  Please call the office for information on this lecture.

  February 28, Tuesday – Lunchtime Lecture – noon to 1 PM
  CHS member Sam Tarry will present Basic Genealogy at Magnolia Grange

  March 7, Tuesday – Lunchtime Lecture -- noon to 1 PM
  CHS member Peter Lipowicz will present The Resources of the CHSV                                           Officers
  Library at Magnolia Grange.                                                                       President – Angela Wilderman
                                                                                                   1st Vice-President – to be named
  March 14, Tuesday – Lunchtime Lecture -- noon to 1 PM                                          2nd Vice-President – Barbara Yandle
  CHS member Jean von Schilling will present - Putting It All Together                            Recording Secretary – Jane Harmon
                                                                                                Corresponding Secretary – Phyllis Bass
  (writing your family genealogy) at Magnolia Grange.
                                                                                                        Treasurer — Jim Evans
  March 21, Tuesday – Lunchtime Lecture -- noon to 1 PM                                                      Directors
  Please call the office for information on this lecture.                                     Margo Carlock Jo Garey Don Gobble
                                                                                               Dr. Peter Lipowicz Arline McGuire
                                                                                               Mike Poarch Dr. Jean von Schilling
                                                                                                      Ken Shiflett Sam Tarry
From the President –                                                                                  Committee Chairs
                                                                                                Cemetery – Rachel Lipowicz 739-7225
The year 2005 is history and we look to an exciting 2006 when we celebrate our 25th                  Civil War – George Fickett
                                                                                                         Finance – Jim Evans
anniversary. As the October Messenger was going to press, county administration
                                                                                                Library – Liess van der Linden-Brusse
informed the CHS Board that the control of the historic sites will be transferred from the           Historic Sites – to be named
                                                                                                   Membership – Barbara Yandle
Historical Society to Parks and Recreation. The Museum Administrator and Assistant
                                                                                                    Hospitality – Barbara Yandlle
Museum Administrator no longer serve the Society except to manage the Society’s              Bermuda Hundred – Sam Tarry & Ruth Snead
                                                                                                       Batteau – Will Turnage
collection which is housed in the museum and Magnolia Grange. This change has been
implemented by the county. As a result, it is “back to the future” – a society managed by                      Staff
its board and staffed with an administrative assistant. The Manager of Magnolia Grange           Tamara Evans - Gift Shop Manager
                                                                                              Faye Crenshaw - Administrative Assistant
will also assist the Society in its programs, tours, and gift shop at Magnolia Grange. Our
office and library will continue to be housed at Castlewood. Magnolia Grange remains                  Hours of Operation
open for tours and for events hosted by CHS. The management of the Museum and its            Castlewood and Magnolia Grange Gift Shop
                                                                                                     10:00 A.M. — 4:00 P.M.
collection is a topic of active discussion between CHS and the county. As we incorporate                 Monday — Friday
these changes into our daily routine, the CHS Board looks to the future for a renewed
                                                                                                        Phone Numbers
spirit of dedication and engagement by our members. As Rick Gray, columnist in the             Castlewood & Library (804) 777-9663
Chester Village News, quotes his father in a recent column, “When a door opens, walk         Magnolia Grange & Gift Shop (804) 796-1479
                                                                                                      Museum (804) 768-7311
through.” We will walk through the door toward our future – our next twenty-five years..
--Angela Wilderman                                                                                     Messenger Editor
                                                                                                          Peter Lipowicz

From the Messenger editor – please e-mail by March 10 any submissions you would
like to see in the Messenger to Thank you.
                                                    Library Acquisitions and Donations
During the past year, the library collection has expanded with the addition of the following items which were purchased by the Library Committee,
supplied by the County, or donated. As we enter the new year, it is time to thank and acknowledge all the generous people who have donated items
to help us build our library collection. Every piece adds to the story of Chesterfield County’s rich history. The library is always happy to receive
books, documents, research notes, photos, maps, newspaper clippings and other printed items that provide information about our County’s past, so
please think of us when doing your research or when clearing out the attic. The manuscripts will be shown in the next issue of the Messenger
                                                                                   – Liess van der Linden-Brusse, Chairman of the Library Committee

History Books: Civil War In Chesterfield County, Va., Bermuda Hundred Campaign (1864), 2004, CWSAC Battle Summaries.
Historic Black South; Historical Sites, Cultural Centers and Musical Happenings of the African-American South, 1993, by Jim Haskins & Joann Biondi.
Local Historical Societies in Virginia, 2005, by the Library of Virginia.
Annexation: One Year Later – a Report of Activities, 1970, by Richmond City Manager’s Office.
The Appomattox River and Ferndale Canal near Matoaca, Va., 2002, by Larry F. Holt.
The Grove Shaft Foundation Overview, 2001, by Midlothian Mines & Rail Roads Foundation.
Genealogy Books: Coal Miners of Chesterfield County, Va., 2005, by the Chesterfield Historical Society.
General Interest Books: Greenways and Trails, Strategic Plan, Revised 2003, by Chesterfield County Department of Parks & Recreation.
The Plan For Chesterfield, Updated 1996, by Chesterfield County Planning Department.
A Look Down the Road; Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, Updated 2000, by the Chesterfield County Administration Department.
Castlewood/Walgreens Phase I Cultural Resources Intensive Survey Report, 2003, by Lyle E. Browning.
Midlothian Mines Park Access Road, Phase I Cultural Resources Intensive Survey Report, 2005, by Chesterfield County Dept. of Parks & Recreation.

History Books: Our 140th Anniversary; November 16, 1997, by the Chesterfield Baptist Church, anonymous donor.
African-American Life in Chesterfield County; a History in Brief, 2005, by Brenda Friend Briggs, gift of the author.
Annual Report of the Amelia-Chesterfield-Powhatan Health District, 1951, anonymous donor.
Daughters of Canaan, a Saga of Southern Women, 1995, by Margaret Ripley Wolfe, gift of Michelle Bullock.
The Vestry Book of Blisland (Blissland) Parish; New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1721-1786, 1997, by C. G. Chamberlayne, gift of Shirley Diller.
Images of America – Maritime Richmond, 2004, by Dale Totty, gift of Doris and John Hancock.
Scarlett Doesn’t Live Here Anymore; Southern Women in the Civil War Era, 2000, by Laura F. Edwards, gift of Michelle Bullock.
Some Virginia Marriages 1700-1799, Vols. 1-25, 1972/78, by Cecil D. McDonald, Jr., gift of Angie Wilderman.
Some Virginia Marriages 1800-1825, Vols. 1-12, by Cecil D. McDonald, Jr., gift of Angie Wilderman.
Free at Last, a Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom and the Civil War, 1992, by Berlin, Fields, Miller, Reidy & Rowland, gift of Michelle Bullock.
Virginia Historical Index, Vols. I & II, 2003, by Earl Gregg Swem, gift of Charles Haase.
A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends and Folklore, 1960, by B. A. Botkin, gift of Michelle Bullock.
A Documentary History of Eppington, Chesterfield County, Va., undated, by Martha W. McCartney, anonymous donor.
My King and I, 2005, by Walter P. Smith, gift of the author.
Harpers Weekly, April 1862 – March 1863, gift of Beverley A. Minetree.
Virginia’s General, Robert E. Lee & the Civil War, 1994, by Albert Marrin, gift of Angie Wilderman.
April 1865, The Month That Saved America, 2001, by Jay Winik, gift of L. A. van der Linden-Brusse.
History of the Masonic Lodge of Manchester, 1907, by Ben P. Owen, Jr., gift of Ingram Robertson.
They Faced the Future; a History of the State Planters Bank & Trust Company and its Antecedents, 1951, by Frances Leigh Williams, gift of Ingram Robertson.
Guide Book of the City of Richmond, 1918, by Louise Nurney Kernodle, anonymous donor.
Buckingham County 1850 Census, 1984, by Benjamin B. Weisinger III, anonymous donor.
A Window of Everyday 18th Century Life; a Sampling of Letters, 1783-1790, photocopies, anonymous donor.
Virginia in the Revolution and War of 1812, Military Records, CD-ROM, gift of Brulin Associates, LLC.
Genealogy Books: The Hills of Virginia, 2004, by Nancy J. Budd, gift of the author.
Descendants of Francis Epes I of Virginia, Volume III, 2004, by John Frederick Dorman, gift of Mary Plummer Humphrey.
The Rudds of Chesterfield County, Virginia, 2005, by George (Buddy) Rudd, Jr., gift of the author.
Biography of James Ira Wood, Educator (1894-1942), 2005, by James N. Wood, gift of the author.
William Branch Giles: a Biography, 1915, by Dice Robins Anderson, anonymous donor.
Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century, Genealogical Notes, 1992, by Julia E. Mercer, gift of Angie Wilderman.
The 2003 Annual of “…that certain lot …” updated list of internments at Skinquarter Baptist Church, 2003, by George Andrew Beadles, Jr., gift of the author.
The Bon Air and Hollywood Cemetery Connection, 2005, by Wally & Fran Hudgins, gift of the authors.
Marriage Register, Petersburg Hustings Court (1784-1854), by Hughes, undated photocopy, gift of Shirley Diller.
General Interest Books: The Book of Home Restoration, 1985, by John McGowan & Roger DuBern, gift of Pattie M. Grady.
A Field Guide to American Houses, 1984, by Virginia & Lee McAllister, gift of Pattie M. Grady.
Mormonism, the First Hundred Years (1873-1973), 1987, by Eloise U. Whiting, anonymous donor.
Developing & Maintaining Practical Archives, 1997, by Gregory S. Hunter, gift of Michelle Bullock.
Ranger’s House, Blackheath; Home of Lord Chesterfield, 1992, by English Heritage, anonymous donor.
New Roads in Old Virginia, 1937, by Agnes Rothery, gift of Ingram Robertson.

                                                 October Quarterly Meeting Minutes
The October 23, 2005 Quarterly Meeting of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia was called to order by President, Angie Wilderman at
the 1917 Courthouse. About 20 members were in attendance. Angie introduced the speaker, Mr. Eric App, Director of Museum Operations at
the Museum of the Confederacy. Mr. App spoke on the history of the White house of the Confederacy. The committee reports follow:
       Treasurer’s report: The end balance on all accounts as of 30 September 2005 was $60,476.30.
       Membership Committee report: CHS has 566 active members. There are 83 new members this year to date.
       Cemetery Committee report: Cemetery committee continues to locate and research cemeteries in Chesterfield County. Work on
       Abstracts of Death Certificates in Chesterfield County 1912—1939 is complete and now offered for sale. The price is $8.40 which
       includes tax. The tombstone photography project is on-going and there are now about 7,000 pictures in the collection. A project to
       abstract death certificates for persons who died in Richmond city and were buried in Chesterfield County is underway. Cemetery
       committee members gave a total of 412 hours of their time during this quarter. Members are: Pat Alling, Pattie Grady, Ann Shelton,
       Terry Roach and Rachel Lipowicz. Anne White, Ken Shifflett and Peter Lipowicz contribute to this committee regularly.
       Library Committee report: Veteran’s Project has collected 5,400 names in the database. All are veterans from Chesterfield County
       who served in all wars.
The upcoming events of the society were announced:
       Oct 27 & 28, 2005 Spirit Walk at Castlewood 7 to 10 p.m.
       Nov. 3—5, 2005 Shoppers’ Fair at the Science Museum of Virginia.
       Nov 11, 2005 Veteran’s Day Ceremony will be held at 2 p.m.
       Nov 11, 2005 CHS Benefit Auction is slated for 7 p.m. at Wrexham Hall.
       Dec 1, 2005 Holiday Flower Arranging Demonstration at Magnolia Grange. Ellen Stang of Flowers Make Scents will conduct this
       demonstration. There is a fee and registration for this event.
       Dec 3, 2005 The Annual Christmas Open House at Magnolia Grange, 4 to 7 p.m.
       Dec 7, 2005 The Christmas Tea at Magnolia Grange, 1 to 5 p.m. There is an admission charged for this event and reservations are
CHS and the Friends of the Chesterfield Public Library are working on a Chesterfield County cookbook to be published in the spring of 2007 in
conjunction with the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement. Members should send in favorite recipes for inclusion in
the Chesterfield Historical Society and Friends of the Library Cookbook. If the recipe has a story attached to it, please share that also. If you
would like to work on the Cookbook Committee, give us a call. Business being concluded, the meeting was adjourned.
                                                   Respectfully Submitted, Rachel Lipowicz for Jane Harmon, Recording Secretary

Ellen Stange of Flowers Make Scents conducted the Christmas
Flower Arranging Demonstration at Magnolia Grange.

                                                                          CHS President Angie Wilderman addresses the audience at the
                                                                          Veterans Day service at the Old Courthouse.

Susan Poe prepares the barbeque at the Shrimpfest at Clover Hill.
              Quarterly Meeting Program: The History of the White House of the Confederacy
The house was built on Court Hill by Mr. Brockenbrough. Mr. Crenshaw later purchased the home and added the third story and many other
embellishments including gas lighting. In May of 1861 Richmond became the capitol of the Confederacy, and the home was sold to the City of
Richmond for $35,000. The furnishings were sold for $7,000. Jefferson Davis and his family moved into the home soon after. The Confederacy
paid rent for the Executive Mansion to the City of Richmond. President Davis, his wife and 5 of their 6 children lived in the home for the next
four years. On April 5, 1865 Richmond fell to the Federal army. The Davis family fled the city 12 to 18 hours prior to its capture. President
Abraham Lincoln visited the home after his trip to Petersburg. For the next five years Federal troops occupied the home. The city of Richmond
retained ownership of the building after the troops left. Between 1870 and 1890, Richmond Central School used the building. After the school
closed the city of Richmond wanted to tear down the home. The Confederate Memorial Literary Society was formed to save it. It was purchased
by the Society and opened as a museum in 1896. The Society still owns the house and operates the museum today.

        Batteau Committee Begins Restoration Work
                                                                                       In Memoriam: Nancy W. Edwards (1961-2005)
      The Historical Society’s Batteau Committee began work on Dec. 3, 2005,
to prepare the batteau Lord Chesterfield for use in 2006. Built in 1999, the boat      The members of the Chesterfield Historical Society
is the second James River batteau the group has built and maintained over the          extend our sympathy to the family of Nancy Worth
past two decades. Over the past couple of years it had sustained damage that           Edwards who passed away on November 29th after a long
caused it to take on more water than could reasonably be bailed out by crew            and courageous battle with cancer.
members while navigating the James. Attempts to caulk the leak or leaks when
the batteau was on its trailer proved unsuccessful.                                    Since April, 2004, Nancy worked as a tireless volunteer at
      The boat, which spent the latter part of the summer on the front lawn of         the Society Library where she threw herself with
Castlewood, has been moved to private property off Beach Road for repairs and          enthusiasm into whatever project needed attention. She
winter storage. Crew members also plan to make repairs to the trailer to ensure        welcomed visitors and helped them with their research;
that it passes state inspection in the spring.                                         she was adept at using computers and had begun to scan
      The first order of business on Dec. 3 was to remove the 48-foot boat from        our entire photograph collection. In addition, Nancy
its trailer. Crew members tied one end to a stout tree and, as the trailer was         worked on the committees for various special events
pulled slowly from underneath the hull, they stacked wooden pallets in its place.      including Spirit Walk and Plantation Day. Whenever
Using jacks, they then raised the batteau slightly and removed half of the pallets,    required, she volunteered at Magnolia Grange and even
bringing it closer to the ground. After some discussion, they decided to go ahead      undertook house cleaning duties at Castlewood. During
and attempt to turn the batteau over in preparation to remove the old planks.          her first year as a volunteer, Nancy racked up 230
Using a heavy-duty pickup truck and chains, the crew slowly slid the boat off its      volunteer hours and she had already reached 180 hours by
pallets and raised it onto its side. Placing a cushion of pallets where the top edge   the end of last summer when she became too frail to
would fall, they gave it one more slight pull and hoped for the best.                  continue. But before agreeing to be admitted into
      The finish was fast, loud and – much to everyone’s delight – carried out         hospital on October 3rd, Nancy insisted on celebrating her
with no further damage to the batteau. Crew members gathered around the                44th birthday at home with her friends and family.
upside-down craft to survey its flat bottom, some noting, “So THAT’s where the
water was coming in!”                                                                  Nancy, we miss your cheery smile and your “can do”
      A second work session has been scheduled for January, when the crew will         attitude. Thank you for giving our Society so much of
remove planks from the ribs. Their goal is to complete the re-planking and             your precious time. May you rest in peace.
caulking by the end of March, weather permitting, and test out their work on
water in early spring. The 21st annual James River Batteau Festival is scheduled
for mid-June.

We welcomed many new members last year, bringing our Society membership to over 550. Membership renewal notices have been mailed.
Included is an invitation to volunteer for the Society. Please contact us with your interest.
                                                                                              – Rachel Lipowicz

Ms. Karen R. Adams                                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dixon (Carol)                Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Roper (Donna)
Ms. Vivian Archer                                   Mr. Dan Downs                                  Mr. Albert J. Rudd
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Armstrong (Janet)                Ms. Dawn Dykes-Smith                           Mr. Jerry Rudd
Mr. Steve Atkinson & Ms. Suzanne Pryse              Ms. Barbara R. Lee                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schoessel (Richelle)
Ms. Linda Baggot                                    Mr. & Mrs. Dave Leslie (Betsy)                 Ms. Elizabeth Schools
Ms. Bonnie Bissette                                 Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mayo (Melle)                 Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Shifflett (Virginia)
Ms. Nita Brothers                                   Mr. Robert Michael McCraw                      Mr. James T. Thacker, Sr.
Ms. Rebekah T. Brothers                             Ms. Mary E. McKinney                           Ms. Nina Thaxter
Ms. Elizabeth I. Burton                             Mr. William J. Memmer                          Ms. June Weaver
Mr. Robert Clock                                    Ms. Donna Orr                                  Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wells (Linda)
Ms. Faye Crenshaw                                   Mr. Mark O’Shea                                Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey White (Chance) &
Ms. Beth Croxton                                    Ms. Dorothy Parker                             Carson Bartlett
Mr. James Crumpler                                  Mr. & Mrs. David Pase                          Ms. Diane S. Woolley
Ms. Kari DeSautis                                   Mr. & Mrs. William Poindexter (Kay)            Mr. Gary Zyla, Ms. Sarah Albro, Miss
Ms. Ruth DeVore                                     Mr. & Mrs. Mike Poarch                         Phoebe Zyla
Mr. & Mrs. Chip Dicks (Susan)                       Mr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Puckett (Harriet)

If you are not already a member, or have not received a renewal, you may use this form. Send to:
Chesterfield Historical Society Membership P.O. Box 40 Chesterfield, VA 23832



  City___________________________________ State______ Zip____________ Phone (___)_____________________
                                __New                          __Renewal
  Membership Levels:            __Student ($10)     __Senior ($15)                 __Senior Couple ($25)
  __Individual ($20)            __Household ($30) __Benefactor ($500)              __Corporate ($1000)
  [ ] Enclosed is my check for $_______ for the membership category listed above.
  [ ] I am making a contribution in the amount of $________ and have included that amount with my dues.
  [ ] Please contact me about volunteering. I am interested in one or more of the following committees:
  __African-American __Archeology __Batteau __Bermuda Hundred __Cemetery __Civil War Sites
  __Fund Raising __Genealogy __Gift Shop __Historic Sites __Hospitality __Library __Membership
  __Military History __Newsletter __Office __Programs __Site Docent __War Memorial

  CHS use only:
  N R level_________________ yr_______ AIM RB Nlet xf ch#_______________ inv#________________

                                   Mike Poarch was Santa Claus at Magnolia Grange.
                           Benefit Auction – Thank You to Donors, Volunteers, and Attendees

On November 11, 2005 the historical society held its benefit auction at Wrexham Hall. What a wonderful evening! We enjoyed a silent auction, live
auction, music, food and fun with about 90 attendees. We raised about $13,000. We were very fortunate to receive the support of many individuals
and businesses in Chesterfield County and around the state. Many of our elected officials also donated items. We are listing those who donated and
hope that you will support them as they have supported us. A special thank you goes out to all those who donated, attended and supported the
Society. We had a wonderful committee who helped with the event and put in months of preparation and gathering items. We thank them for all
their hard work. If you or your business would like to donate an item for the 2006 auction please contact the society office at (804) 777-9663.
                                                                                                     – Doris Hancock

ACE Whitewater Rafting-West Va.                     Franklin Federal Savings and Loan                   Old Friends Antiques, LTD
Adkins Lighting Center, Inc.                        French Garden Antiques                              Old Virginia Professional Antique Repair
Aesthetics Complete Spa                             Friedman=s Jewelers                                 Omni Hotel - Richmond
Agee=s Bicycle Company                              Jo Garey, Long & Foster                             Pat Owens
AirTran Airways                                     Ellis and Patty Grady                               Robert K. Owens, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Alexander                        Halfway House Restaurant                            Pamplin Historical Park
Alexander=s Antique & Auction Gallery               Helen Hall                                          Panera Bread
Alice=s Catering Services                           Hallmark Store-Chesterfield Mdws.                   Pastel Portraits by Connie
Alicia=s Salon and Day Spa                          John and Doris Hancock                              Dr. Baxter Perkinson
Senator George Allen                                John and Jane Harmon                                Petersburg Museums & Visitors Center
American Lung Association of Va.                    Haverty=s Furniture Store                           Kevin and Mary Phillips
Barksdale Theater                                                                                       Pleasants Hardware -Chesterfield Mdws
Roger and Phyllis Bass                                                                                  Lloyd and Susan Poe
Bassett Furniture Direct                                                                                Radisson Hotel Historic Richmond
Gwen Beall                                                                                              Debbie Reed - Music
Ben Franklin Crafts & Frames                                                                            Richmond Symphony
Berkeley Plantation                                                                                     Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bigg=s Limited                                                                                          Richmond Coliseum
Blockbuster Videos                                                                                      Richmond Raft Company
Bonefish Grill                                                                                          Richmond River Dogs
BookBinders Grill                                                                                       Robious Sports & Fitness
Michael Brigati                                                                                         Saxon Shoes - Short Pump
Brock=s Barbecue                                                                                        Science Museum of Virginia
Bryce Resort                                                                                            Penny Shifflett
Burcham=s Cycles                                                                                        Signa Tours
Butterworth=s Wayside Furniture                                                                         Judy Smith
Carrabba=s Restaurant                                                                                   Starbuck=s Coffee Company
Caston Studios                                                                                          SteinMart, Inc.
Chef Maura                                                                                              Sterling Ideas Unlimited
CHS Library                              Phyllis Bass and auctioneer Rodney Davidson take bids at       Stony Point Fashion Park
CHS Gift Shop                            the Benefit Auction.                                           Maynard APete@ Stith
Chesterfield Town Center                            Ed and Lu Henderson                                 Swift Creek Mill Playhouse
Chesterfield County Employees Assoc.                Horton Vineyard, Inc..                              The Restaurant Company
Children=s Museum of Richmond                       Indian Fields Restaurant                            The Richmond Braves
Cobblestone Bicycles                                Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation                       The Fireside Theatre
Colonial Williamsburg                               JARED, The Galleria of Jewelry                      The Great Frame Up
Comcast Cable                                       Kabuto Japaneese House of Steaks                    The Hogettes
Consolidated Theaters                               Clark Kennedy                                       Total Wine & More
COSTCO                                              King=s Korner Catering                              Betty Townsend
Creative Memories                                   Kingsmill Golf Club                                 Margareat Twilley
Faye Crenshaw                                       Kohl=s Dept. Store                                  U.S. Postal Service-Chesterfield Branch
Crystal Limo Service                                Kroger                                              Ukrops
Gay and Bobby Currier                               Laine=s Painting & Frame Co.                        UNO-Chicago Bar & Grill
Curves - Courthouse Commons                         Latin Ballet of Virginia                            Village Bank
Rodney Davidson, Auctioneer                         Sheila Leckie                                       Village Glass Works
Dementi Studios                                     Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens                      Village Hobby Shop
Dillards - Stony Point Fashion Pk                   Pete and Annie Mann                                 Virginia Historical Society
Dillards - Chesterfield Town Ctr.                   Massanutten Resort                                  Virginia Museum of Fine Art
Dominion Aviation                                   Arline McGuire                                      Virginia Millwork Inc.
Pam Earley                                          McGuireWoods, LLP                                   WAWA, Inc.
Encore Theatre                                      Martha G. Miles                                     West End Assembly of God
James E.Evans                                       P. Buckley Moss Foundation                          Angie Wilderman
Farrell=s Jewelers                                  Mug & Chalice                                       Williamsburg Winery
First Tee Golf                                      Dr. Joseph Niamtu                                   Windy Hill Sports Complex
Congressman Randy Forbes                            Daniel A. Nie                                       Winterthur Museum - Delaware
Fort Lee Playhouse                                  O=Charley=s Restaurant                              Wrexham Hall
Framing Art Inc. Gallery                            Nancy Ogan-HarNan Farms                             Kent and Barbara Yandle

Quarterly Meeting Notice
                           Sunday January 29, 2006, at 2:00 pm

                                                                                                               Will talk about her home and its history
                                                                 1400 Salisbury Drive
                                                                  Morrissette House

                                                                                                Beth Croxton
                                                                   Midlothian, VA


The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia                                                                                                              Non-Profit Org.

P.O. Box 40
                                                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage

Chesterfield, VA 23832
                                                                                                                                                               Permit #28
                                                                                                                                                          Chesterfield, VA 23832


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