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									Business Confidence in the Global Defense Buyer Industry in 2011-12: Industry
Dynamics, Market Trends and Opportunities, and Demand and Expenditure
This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from Company’s exclusive panel of
defense buyers. With a challenging year ahead, this report provides the reader with a definitive
analysis of business confidence, and explores how opportunities and demand are set to change in
2011-12. Furthermore, this report not only grants access to the opinions and strategies of
business decision makers , but also examines their actions surrounding business priorities.

• The report is based on primary survey research conducted by Company accessing its B2B
panels comprised of senior purchase decision makers and leading supplier organizations
• Opinions and forward looking statements on business confidence of over 50 industry
executives are captured in our in-depth survey, of which 38% represent decision makers &
Departmental Heads
• Identifies supplier selection strategies and concerns
• Tracks supplier performance and identifies areas of improvement in 2011-12
• Identifies top growth regions in order that companies can allocate their marketing activities and
budgets effectively
• The geographical scope of the research is global – drawing on the activity and expectations of
leading industry players across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa & Middle East
• The report examines current practices and provides future expectations over the next 12-24
• The report provides qualitative analysis of key industry opportunities and threats and contains
full survey results
• Analyzes changes to capital expenditure, organizational budgets, and expenditure on products
and services

Reasons To Buy
• Drive revenues by understanding future product investment areas and growth regions by
leading industry players
• Formulate effective sales & marketing strategies by identifying how budgets are changing and
where spend will be directed to in the future
• Better promote your business by aligning your capabilities and business practices with your
customers’ changing needs
• Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the leading business concerns and
changing strategies
• Predict how the industry will grow, consolidate and where it will stagnate
• Uncover the business outlook, key challenges and opportunities identified by suppliers and
buyers in the industry
• Identify market specific growth opportunities

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