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                                 ABINGDON DISTRICT
                        District Superintendent: R. Michael Hubble
                                                                     Appointment   Years
Charge                                     Pastor                       Code     Appointed
Abingdon (1)                               Walter P. Weikel              FE          4
Abingdon, Minister of Nurture & Outreach   Nicole M. Hill                FE          5
Abingdon, Mountain View (1)                Donald C. Thayer              PL         21
Addilynn Memorial (1)                      Lloyd Jones                   AM          3
Aldersgate (1)                             Steven G. Gott                FE          3
Anderson Street (1)                        Barbara A. Clark              FE          4
Beech Grove (1)                            Michael Somers                OF          1
Benham’s Circuit (3)                       M. Keith McGrew               SP          7
Bethany (1)                                Charles Leonard               PL          2 *
Bristol, First (1)                         Joseph E. DowlingSoka         FE          4
Broadford Circuit (4)                      Donnie Lee Bailey             FL          3
Carvosso (1)                               J. Leonard Smith              PL         24
Cedar Bluff (1)                            Dennis Milligan               FE          1
  (Associate, Damascus Circuit)
Chatham Hill Circuit (4)                   Ernest S. Yeatts, Jr.         PL         10
  Chatham Hill                             Preaching Station
Chilhowie-Seven Mile Ford (2)              David T. St. Clair            FE          7
Clinch Circuit (3)
  Church Hill-Munsey -2                    James D. Lyttle               SY          2
  Castlewood, Oak Grove -1                 Preaching Station
Damascus (1)                               Christina B. Taylor           FE          3
Damascus Circuit (4)                       P. April Milligan             FE          1
Ebenezer (1)                               Catherine Sandefur            PL          2
Emory-Meadowview-Smyth Chapel (3)
  Emory-Meadowview -2                      David R. Jackson              FE          2
  Smyth Chapel -1                          Preaching Station
Glade Spring Charge, (2)                   Paul Griffith                AM           3
  Marion Correctional Facility
Greendale-Brumley Gap-Rich Valley (3)      Larry A. Linkous              AM          5
Hunt Memorial (1)                          Mary W. Minnick               PL          2
John Wesley-Charles Wesley (2)             Donald Swift                  FE          5
Keywood Charge (2)                         William E. Cahill             FE          1
Lebanon (Chilhowie) (1)                    Luther W. Roberts             PL          5
Lebanon Circuit (3)                        Kenneth B. Meredith           OF          4
Lebanon Memorial (1)                       Kelly Michael Carter          FE         10
Madam Russell-Tates Chapel (2)             David G. Petty III            FE          2
Marion East Circuit (2)                    William A. Schoeneman         FE          1
Marion, First (1)                          Jonathan B. Jonas             FE          2
Mountain City Circuit (3)                  Karolyn “Kristie” Banes       PE          1
Mountain City, First-Trade (2)             Larry S. Rye                  FE          6
North Keywood Circuit (2)                  C. Scott Spence               PL          7
Pleasant View (1)                          Ralph M. Kidd                 FE          1
Pleasant View, Associate                   Barbara Farmer                PL          1
Reynolds Memorial (1)                      Richard L. Hayes              FE          4

Russell Circuit (4)
   Russell Circuit -3                       Charles M. Killen          RL    23
   Esther -1                                Preaching Station
St. Luke (1)                                Gale K. Flanary            FE    5
Shady Grove (1), Camp Ahistadi              Donald H. Smith            FE    5
Shady Grove, Music Ministries               Susan Smith                DM    2
Sinking Springs (1)                         Randy Powers               PL    2
Smyth County Parish (6)
   Grace-Greenwood -2 (Parish Director)     James Michael Teague       FE     7
   Laurel Springs-Mountain View-
     Zion Hill -3                           John H. Graham             FE    4
   Mt. Zion -1                              Preaching Station
South Bristol (1)                           Charles D. Ledger          FE    7
State Street (1)                            Michael D. Jackson         FE    2
State Street, Associate                     Sharon Wiley Wright        FE    7
Three Springs (1)                           Leroy Hull III             PL    6
Trinity (1)                                 TBS
Virginia Avenue-Paperville (2)              James T. Oxendine          FL     6
Wallace-Wyndale (2)                         Amy Beth Bartee            PE     2
Washington Chapel-
   Washington Springs (2)                   Larry D. Lusk              FL    6
Weaver (1)                                  John P. Roe                FL    1
Wesley Circuit (2)                          Tom Prater                 PL    2
Wharf Hill-Elizabeth (2)                    Michael D. Ward            FL    4
                                   (Charges – 50, Churches – 92)
Chaplain, Emory and Henry College           Mary K. Pope Briggs        FE     2
                                            (CC Madam Russell)
District Superintendent                     R. Michael Hubble          FE    1
Church and Community Worker                 Harry W. Howe              FE    17
  Director, Project Crossroads              (CC Marion, First)
Shelton Professor of Religion               Frederic R. Kellogg        FE    41
  Emory & Henry College                     (CC Emory-Smyth Chapel)
Volunteer Service Coordinator,              Talmage A. Stanley         FE    14
  Emory & Henry College                     (CC Emory-Smyth Chapel)
Chaplain, H.J. Duffey Family Patient &      Rhonda Sue Cooper          FE     6
  Family Service Program, John              (CC Pleasant View)
  Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Chaplain, Central State Hospital            Timothy W. Graham          FE     7
  Petersburg, VA                            (CC Marion East Circuit)
Assoc. Chaplain, Middle Tennessee           Peggy Meade                FE     3
  Medical Center                            (CC Pactolus)

                               OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
President, Impact Ministries                 Harvey R. Brown, Jr.                 FE               14
                                             (CC Shady Grove)
Music Ministry Consultant                    Beth P. McCoy                        DM                1
                                             (CC Emory-Smyth Chapel)
Associate Professor of Philosophy            Ricky J. Ray                         FE                8
  Northeast State Technical                  (CC Chilhowie)
Leave of Absence                             Rachel Patman                        DE                1
                                             CC Pleasant View
                                  LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
CC Zion, Damascus                        Maggie Owens-Yates                       FE                3
CC Emory                                 Beverly Robinette                        FE                2
                                  INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Greendale-Brumley Gap-Rich Valley         James Darrell Ray                    AM                6
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
B. Frank Bauman (RE)(Marion East Circuit)         Bill Elvis Hinton (RE)(Wharf Hill-Elizabeth)
George W. Baxter (RE)(State Street)               Charles M. Killen (RL)(Russell Circuit)
Betty R. Bishop (RL)(Washington Chapel)           Harrison Marshall (RE)(Abingdon)
Dale C. Bittinger (RE)(Reynolds Memorial)         Cecil E. McFarland (RE)(N. Keywood Circuit)
Charles K. Caraway (RE)(Mountain City, First) James E. McReynolds (Bristol, First)
James Caraway (RE)(Mountain City, First)          Wiley N. Neal (RE)(Broadford Circuit)
Robert L. Carbary (RE)(Shady Grove)               Larry D. Patton (RA)(Ceres Circuit, TA)
Charles R. Dilks (RE)(Reynolds Memorial)          Betty C. Reiff (RE)(Abingdon)
Clarence G. Dishman, Jr. (RE)(State Street)       Ernest J. Statzer (RL)(Pleasant View)
Tom F. Driver (RE)(Emory-Smyth Chapel)            Jack L. Stevens (RE)(Sinking Springs)
John W. Farmer (RE)(Bristol, First)               Robert Warren Stewart (RE)(Mountain City, First)
Thomas R. Gentry (RL)(Pleasant View)              Carolyn E. Whitaker (RD)
David M. Graybeal (RE)(Emory-Smyth Chapel) Robert F. White Jr. (RL)(Bristol, First)
Brian H. Greene, Jr. (RE)(Bristol, Trinity)       Nelson Woody (RE)(State Street)
Marianna Harris (DR)(State Street)
                                     SEMINARY STUDENTS
            Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                    Church/Charge Conference
Rosa Slavik (Cert. Cand.)            Mountain View, Abingdon       Hood Theological Seminary

Big Stone Gap
                            BIG STONE GAP DISTRICT
                          District Superintendent: Archer I Coppedge
                                                                   Appointment   Years
 Charge                                  Pastor                       Code     Appointed
 Alley’s Chapel (1)                      Robert K. Cloud               PL          9
 Andover-Dunbar-Imboden (3)              D. Anthony Nunley             FL          9
 Appalachia (1)                          Jason Crabtree                PL          4
 Big Stone Gap, Trinity (1)              Joseph T. Miller              FE          1
 Crab Orchard-South Coeburn (2)          David Gibson                  PL          7
 Clintwood (1)                           John K. Price II              PE          1
 Coeburn (1)                             Gary E. Perdue                PL          5
 Derby (1)                               Carl Mehaffy                  PL          1
 Dryden-Seminary (2)                     Vincent K. Krauss             FL          1
 Dungannon Circuit (3)                   Jimmy D. Darnell              FL          1
 East Stone Gap-Legion Memorial (2)      Kenneth L. Sprinkle           FE          6
 Exeter (1)                              Linda Krauss                  PL          1
 Ewing Circuit (3)                       Norman Clark                  FL          7
 Gate City (1)                           Emmit B. Wilson               FE          1
 Gate City Circuit (2)                   Charles (Toby) Reed           SY          2 *
 Gilbert’s Memorial (1)                  Aaron Fox                     SY          1
 Hales Chapel (1)                        G. Stephen Templeton          PL          2
 Hiltons Memorial (1)                    Jeffrey L. Tallent            FE          1
 Holston View (1)                        Kenneth D. Pierce             FE          8
 Jonesville, First (1)                   D. Layne Pennington           FE          7
 Jonesville Parish (4)                   Ronnie G. Duncan              FL          1
 McClure (1)                             Roger Deel                    PL          1
 Midway Memorial-Prospect (2)            H. Allen Karnes               FE          5
 Mt. Vernon (1)                          Jim Putman                    PL          2
 Nickelsville Circuit (3)                George E. Odle                FE          1
 Norton (1)                              Ken Taylor                    SY          2
 Nottingham-Mendota (2)                  Bill R. Porter                FL         11
 Pennington Gap First (1)                Joel H. Campbell              FE          1
 Pound (1)                               Gregory Garland               RE          4
 Powell Valley Parish
    Flatwoods (1)                        Dennis E. Fox                 PL          4
    Russell Chapel (1)                   Lisa McLaughlin               PL          4
    Bethel-McClure’s Chapel (2)          Robert Howard                 PL          4
 Rye Cove (1)                            Danny Ray Dockery             PL          6
 St. Charles-Robbins Chapel (2)          Roy H. Corbin                 AM         31
 St. Paul-Castlewood (2)                 Harry Layell                  FE          7
 Smith’s Chapel (1)                      Randy Shupe                   PL          2
 Smyth Chapel (1)                        Darrell D. Hensley            PL          4
 Station Creek-Speaks Chapel (2)
    Station Creek -1                     Tracy McPherson               PL          7
    Speaks Chapel -1                     Preaching Station
 Sugar Run Circuit (2)                   Betty Sue Marshall            PL          9
 Tacoma (1)                              David L. Gilbert              RE          7
 Three Bells-Horton’s Chapel (2)         Ed Blair                      FL          1

                                                                                          Big Stone Gap
Wise, Trinity/Appalachian Prayer
  Fellowship (1)                        David Henderson                             FE            2
Wise, Trinity/Appalachian Prayer
  Fellowship, Associate                 Phillip Bates                               PL             2
                               (Charges – 42, Churches – 65)
District Superintendent                       Archer I Coppedge                     FE             2
Director, Wesley Foundation, UVA Wise         Mary Elizabeth “Beth” Tipton          PD             2
                                              (CC Legion Memorial)
Church & Community Worker                Nancy T. Hobbs                             FD            10
  Big Stone Gap District Renewal Project (CC Pennington Gap, First)
Chaplain, Vanderbilt Medical Center           Barry Lynn Culbertson                 FE            28
                                              (CC Pennington Gap, First)
Chaplain, U.S. Air Force                      Gerald Scott Henry                    FE            23
                                              (CC East Stone Gap-Legion)
Chaplain, U.S. Air Force                      David B. Knight, Jr.                  FE            8
                                              (CC East Stone Gap-Legion)
Chaplain, U.S. Navy                           Chris Jereld Stanfield                FE             5
                                              (CC Wise, Trinity)
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Flanders M. Bays, Jr. (RE)(Hilton’s Memorial)     Donald G. Hill, Sr. (RE)(Clintwood-McClure)
Joseph Berta (RL)(Big Stone Gap, Trinity)         James R. Johnson, Sr. (RL)(Derby)
Jerry W. Clark (RL)(Sugar Run Circuit)            David B. Knight, Sr. (RE)(East Stone Gap-Legion)
Robert M. Copeland (RE)(Holston View)             Donald W. Large (RA)(Midway Memorial-Prospect)
Gregory A. Garland (RE)(Pound)                    Joe L. Marine (RE)(Holston View)
David L. Gilbert (RE)(Tacoma)                     Wayne E. Rader (RL)(Jonesville Parish)
                                      SEMINARY STUDENTS
            Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                      Church/Charge Conference
Norman Clark (FL)                     CC: Ewing Circuit                 Asbury Theological Seminary

                             CHATTANOOGA DISTRICT
                          District Superintendent: Fred E. Dearing III
                                                                      Appointment   Years
 Charge                                     Pastor                       Code     Appointed
 Bethlehem-Wiley (1)                        Edward L. Ellis               OF          2
 Brainerd (1)                               Dennis W. Flaugher            FE          1
 Brooks Memorial (1)                        Lewis Trobaugh                PL          2 *
 Burks (1)                                  Nathan A. Malone              FE          3
 Burks, Associate, Executive Pastor         Rhonda K. Hobbs               FE          6
 Burks, Associate, Pastor of Discipleship   C. Leon Fraley                FL          1
 Christ (1)                                 Mark R. Flynn                 FE          4
 Christ, Associate                          W. David Hall                 PL          2
 Eastdale Village (1)                       Stanley R. Williams           PL         14
 East Lake, (1)                             Michael L. Feely              FE          5
    Director, St. Andrews Center
 East Ridge (1)                             Kenneth E. Sauer              FE          1
 Fairview (1)                               Henry M. Groseclose           RE         10
 First Centenary (1)                        Dwight Kilbourne              FE          3
 First Centenary,                           David M. Harr                 FE         14
    Minister of Congregational Care
 First Centenary, Minister of Outreach      Brian Scott Davis             FE          7
 Flintstone (1)                             Charles E. Dixon              RE         11
 Forrest Avenue/Urban Ministry/HARP (1)     C. Barry Kidwell              FE          6
 Forrest Avenue, Associate                  Terry Huffer                  PL          1
 Fort Oglethorpe (1)                        Janice N. Robertson           FE          2
 Grace (1)                                  Clair M. Travis               FE          1
 Harrison (1)                               Thomas E. Hancock             FE          5
 Highland Plaza (1)                         W. Edward Snodgrass III       FE          2 *
 Hixson (1)                                 Randall B. Martin             FE         10
 Hixson, Associate                          Paul B. Longmire              FE          3
 Hurst (1)                                  Anthony Fears                 PL          2
 Jones Memorial (1)                         J. David Tabor                FE          4
 Lookout Mountain (1)                       Heidi C. Bender               OP          2
 McFarland (1)                              Matthew P. Hampton            OF          4
 Middle Valley (1)                          Craig E. Paul                 FL          4
 Red Bank (1)                               Jeffrey L. Lambert            FE          2
 St. Elmo (1)                               Mark Dowell                   PE          4
 St. John (1)                               Sherrell E. Boles             FE          3
 St. Luke (1)                               Gregory S. Smart              FE          3
 St. Marks/HARP (1)                         David Anderson                FE          3
 Signal Crest (1)                           Mark C. Gooden                FE          4
 Signal Mountain (1)                        J. N. Howard                  RE          8
 Simpson (1)                                Natalie Smart                 FE          3
 Stanley (1)                                Elston McLain                 FE          1
 Tyner (1)                                  Robert L. Haskins             FE          3
 Tyner, Associate, Minister of Visitation   J. Glenn Moseley              PL          2
 Washington Hills (1)                       Bobby Black                   FL          3
 Wauhatchie (1)                             Willard T. Akers              FE          1
 Wesley Memorial (1)                        Curtis D. McKee               FE          1
White Oak (1)                          Amy J. Cook                  FE        2
Dade Cluster Churches
 Morganville-Slygo Valley (2)          Vernon A. Windom             RL       11
 New Salem (1)                         Mark R. Kilbourne            FE        3
 Payne’s Chapel (1)                    C. Michael Roberts           PL       10
 Rising Fawn (1)                       C. Michael Watson            OF        1
 Sand Mountain (1)                     H. Wayne Cook                FL        2
 Trenton (1)                           Reece F. Fauscett            FL       11
 Whiteside (1)                         William B. Stuart            PL        4
 Wildwood (1)                          W. Kenneth Bailey            RE        2
Sequatchie Cluster
 Chapel Hill (1)                       Thomas N. Tucker             FE        8
 Dunlap (1)                            Gerald E. Casson             OE        2
 Havrons Chapel (1)                    James W. Diehl               PL        3
 Holly Avenue (1)                      Anthony C. Grills            FE        4
 Looney’s Creek-Sulphur Springs (2)    Cecil J. Baxter              AM       11
 McKendree (1)                         Ronald W. Ramsey             FE        1
 Mount Crest (1)                       Brian W. Williamson          PL        1
 Pikeville (1)                         Timothy W. Smith             FL        5
 Pleasant Grove (1)                    Royce Vickery                PL        2
 Randolph-Wells Chapel (2)             Sharon Bowers                SP        2
 Sardis (1)                            James M. Webb                PL       14
 Welch’s-Stephen’s Chapel (2)          Douglas Silvers              FL        1
 Wesley-Lous Chapel (2)                Joe D. Moore                 PL        7
 Whitwell, First (1)                   Jeremy McMillan              SP        1
                              (Charges – 58, Churches – 63)
District Superintendent                   Fred E. Dearing III       FE        1
Church Vocations Program,                 Chris Dover               FE        2
  Tennessee Wesleyan College              (CC Tyner)
UTC Wesley Center Director                G. Keith Moore            FE        8
                                          (CC Burks)
Chattanooga District Pastoral Counselor   James L. Philpott         FE       22
                                          (CC Christ)
Lighthouse (New Church Start)             Richard L. Richter, Jr.   FE        7
                                          (CC Lighthouse)
Prince of Peace-East Lake Associate       Samuel Gutierrez          FL        6
                                          (CC East Lake)
Chaplain, U.S. Army                       David K. Beavers          FE        9
                                          (CC New Salem)
Pastoral Counseling                       John W. Oldham            FE       11
                                          (CC Christ)
                                 OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
 Dean, Institute for Spiritual Leadership   C. Stephen Byrum               FE           11
                                            (CC First Centenary)
 Director, New Decree, Inc.                 Mark C. Davis                  FE             2
                                            (CC Christ)
 McCallie School, Campus Ministry           W. Edward Snodgrass III        FE           23
                                            (CC Highland Plaza)
 CEO, Ephraim McDowell Health               L. Clark Taylor                FD            2
   Danville, KY                             (CC Christ)
 Vienna, Austria Provisional Conference     Laura E. Trent                 FE             6
                                            (CC Brainerd)
                                   LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
 CC Christ                                Annette N. Flynn                 FE            4
 CC Christ                                Laura Jean Myers-Ross            FE           10
                                   INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
 CC St. John                             Alberta Clark                     FE             2
 CC Etowah, St. Paul’s                   Charles McKinney                  FE             5
                                        RETIRED MINISTERS
             In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                    (Charge Conference Membership)
 Donald E. Allison (RE)(Christ)                        Roy L. Howard (RE)(Wauhatchie)
 John Y. Bacon (RE)(Hixson)                            Bennie Huguley (RE)(Simpson)
 W. Kenneth Bailey (RE)(Wildwood)                      A. Jack Irvin (RE)(Dunlap)
 Dallas J. Beck, Sr. (RE)(St. John)                    Bonnie S. Jacobs (RE)(East Lake)
 Albert J. Bowles, Jr. (RE)(First Centenary)           Sullins M. Lamb (RE)(St. Elmo)
 R. Harold Buck (RE)(Red Bank)                         William H. Lassiter (RE)(Holly Avenue)
 Jack W. Carter (RE)(First Centenary)                  James Benny Matherly (RE)(Wesley Mem.)
 H. Paul Castor (RE)(Brainerd)                         Stanley McCready (RE)(First Centenary)
 Lee-Lee Castor (RE)(Brainerd)                         Charles T. Neal (RE)(First Centenary)
 Lawrence C. Clark (RE)(Christ)                        Roger Perkins (RE)(Tyner)
 Donald J. Daniels, Sr. (RE)(Bethlehem-Wiley)          Alfred E. Pierre (RA)(Stanley)
 Charles Dixon (RE)(Flintstone)                        Harold D. Ray (RE)(Burks)
 James Louis Douthat (RE)(Whitwell, First)             Steven M. Ross (RE)(Christ)
 Joe Burton Elkins (RE)(New Concord, Ohio)             Harper Sasser (RE)(Brainerd)
 Charles J. Fowler (RE)(First Centenary)               Curtis R. Schofield (RE)(Wildwood)
 James Robert Gilbert (RA)(Simpson)                    Alvin H. Smith (RE)(Hurst)
 Gordon Goodgame (RE)(First Centenary)                 John B. Smith (RE)(St. Luke)
 Ronald Goodman (RE)(McKendree)                        Claude C. Snapp (RE)(Sand Mountain)
 Gary W. Grogg (RE)(Fairview)                          Harry Snyder (RE)(Wauhatchie)
 Henry M. Groseclose (RE)(Fairview)                    Amos Taj (RE)(Brooks Memorial)
 Thor Hall (RE)(Signal Crest)                          Earl M. Tapley (RE)(Brainerd)
 J.N. Howard (RE)(Signal Mountain)                     Vernon A. Windom (RL)(Slygo Valley)
                                                       Mark S. Womack (RL)(Jones Memorial)

                                                                            Chattanooga / Cleveland
                                     SEMINARY STUDENTS
           Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                     Church/Charge Conference
Sharon Bowers (SP)                   CC: Randolph-Wells Chapel       Gammon Theological Seminary
Amanda Dean (Cert. Cand.)            First Centenary                 Candler School of Theology
David Grant (Cert. Cand.)            White Oak                       Asbury Theological Seminary
Matthew Hampton (OF)                 CC: McFarland                   Sewanee, University of the South
Jeremy McMillan (SP)                 CC: Whitwell, First             Candler School of Theology
Timothy W. Smith (FL)                CC: Pikeville                   Asbury Theological Seminary

                                CLEVELAND DISTRICT
                           District Superintendent: Michael H. Travis
                                                                             Appointment   Years
Charge                                      Pastor                              Code     Appointed
Allen Memorial (1)                          Jeffrey W. Wright                    FE         10
Apison (1)                                  Todd Chancey                         FL          6
Asbury (1)                                  Timothy B. Paul                      FE          4
Athens Parish (2)                           Bruce E. Vincent, Sr.                PL         11
Athens, Trinity (1)                         R. Steven Brown                      FE          1
Benton (1)                                  Joe R. Phillips                      SP          2 *
Big Spring-Valley Head (2)                  L. Lyle White                        AM          2
Black Fox (1)                               Robert O. Wallace                    OE          2 *
Broad Street (1)                            Reed L. Shell                        FE          2
Broad Street, Associate                     Debra Jean McCard Stokes             FE          9
Calhoun- Spring Creek (2)                   Patricia Bishop                      FE          2
Chestuee- Sugar Creek (2)                   Roy F. LaDuke                        RL          6
Chilcutt (1)                                Danny Arp                            PL          5
Cleveland, First (1)                        Andrew Henry                         FE          5
Cleveland, First, Associate                 Leann K. Crandall                    FE          4
Cleveland, First, Minister of Christian Ed. Patricia Hogan                       RD         17
Cleveland, Pleasant Grove (1)               J.W. Burgess                         PL          4
Cleveland, Trinity (1)                      Marvin Howard                        FE          5
Cleveland, Wesley Memorial (1)              Robert L. Smith                      FE          3
Copperhill, First (1)                       Barry K. Sarver                      FL          2
Daisy (1)                                   Lonnie R. Eldridge                   FE          4
Dayton, First (1)                           John C. Anderson                     FE          5
Ducktown-Crofts Chapel (2)                  Renny W. Whittenbarger               PL          7
Englewood-Mars Hill (2)                     V. Richard Tallent                   FL          2
Etowah, St. Paul’s-Carlock (2)              Benjamin L. Roberson                 FE          4
Etowah, Wesley Memorial-Pleasant Grove (2)
                                            P. Aaron Pierce                        FE            1
Evensville-St. Clair (2)                    William Boyd                           RL            6
Graysville-New Bethel (2)                   Paul A. Miracle                        RL            4
Jones Chapel-Wesleyanna (2)                 D. Scott Wilks                         PE            1
Keith Memorial (1)                          Dennie D. Humphreys                    FE            1
Keith Memorial, Associate                   Jason N. Gattis                        FE            6
McDonald (1)                                Janet Geitner                          PL            4

 Meigs County United Methodist Churches
    Decatur-Concord (2)(Parish Associate) Michael T. Johnson          FE       2
    Goodfield Circuit (3) (Parish Director) Hugh Bryan                FE       7
    Pleasant Hill-Burkett’s Chapel (2)      Rodney L. Dunn            OF       2
    Ten Mile-Oak Grove (2)                  J. Douglas Brown          RE       7
 Mt. Olive (1)                              Annette Warren            PL      13
 Mountain View-New Providence (2)
    Mountain View -1                        James H. Purser           FL      1
    New Providence -1                       Preaching Station
 Mt. Zion-Savannah (2)                      Mark Barber               FL       5
 Niota-Cedar Springs (2)                    Charles D. Ensminger      FE       6
 Ooltewah (1)                               Ramon D. Torres III       FE       1
 Ooltewah, Associate                        Amy Suzanne Nutt          FL       4
 Red Hill (1)                               Carolyn Braddy            RL      10
 Riceville-Piney Grove (2)                  Rebecca Reed              PL       3
 St. Elmo (1)                               George Saddler            OF       5
 Sale Creek (1)                             Damon Mitchell            RE       5
 Soddy (1)                                  Kenneth L. Scoggins       FE       4
 South Cleveland (1)                        Bruce E. Hensley          RA       2 *
 Spivey (1)                                 William B. Ewing          PL      18
 Spring City-Reed’s Chapel (2)              Dale S. Wyrick            FE       4
 Tasso-Charleston (2)                       Michael Cutshaw           FE       3
 Vine Grove (1)                             Bert Beria                PL       2
                                  (Charges – 47, Churches – 69)
 General Evangelist                      Marvin V. Howard             FE      33
                                         (CC Cleveland, Trinity)
 District Superintendent                 Michael H. Travis            FE       5
 South Carolina Conference               James Russell Taylor         FE       5
                                         (CC Cleveland, First)
 Professor, Tennessee Wesleyan College   Samuel R. Roberts III        FE      24
                                         (West Virginia Conference)
                               TRANSITIONAL LEAVE (¶354)
 CC Cleveland, First                     Ambrose Stewart Havey IV     FE      2 *
                                 LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶355)
 CC Cleveland, First                     Linda Hanson Kress           FD      4

                                                                           Cleveland / Johnson City
                                 INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Cleveland, First                    B. David Hodge                              FE             7
CC Apison                              Mathilda S. Merker                          FE             2 *
CC Broad Street                        W. Michael Ogle                             FE             2 *
CC Keith Memorial                      Nancy J. Wilhite                            FE             2 *
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Ronald O. Allen (RE)(Allen Memorial)                  Roy F. LaDuke (RL) (Chestuee-Sugar Creek)
Thomas Blackshear (RL)(Pleasant Hill)                 Charles E. Lippse (RE)(Broad Street)
Carolyn Braddy (RL)(Red Hill)                         Terril D. Littrell (RE)(Broad Street)
James Douglas Brown (RE)(Ten Mile-Oak Grove) Paul Miracle (RL)(Graysville)
William R. Boyd (RL)(Evensville-St Clair)             Damon Mitchell (RE)(Sale Creek)
G. William Climer, Jr. (RE)(Keith Memorial)           John W. Neese (RE)(Mountain View)
Joseph T. Crockett (RL)(Etowah, St. Paul’s)           Leonard M. Perry (RE)(Cleveland, First)
John W. Gilbert, Jr. (RE)(Broad Street)               John W. Roberson, Jr. (RE)(Wesleyanna)
Doyne E. Graham (RE)(Murfreesboro, First)             Shirley Rogers (RE)(Wesley Memorial)
Coy Dexter Hagaman, Jr. (RE)(Athens, Trinity)         Oliver W. Spriggs (RL)(Wesley Memorial)
Robert E. Hamilton (RE)(Jones Chapel)                 William B. Thomas (RE)(Wesley Memorial)
Bruce E. Hensley (RA)(South Cleveland-Black Fox) James W. Thompson (RD)(Athens, Trinity)
Patricia Hogan (RD) (Cleveland, First)                R. Lynn Thompson (RL)(Daisy)
Richard A. Humphrey (RE)(Mt. Olive)                   Ogle Wattenbarger (RE)(Allen Memorial)
                                       SEMINARY STUDENTS
            Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                               Church/Charge Conference
Jacob Wm. Herron (Cert. Cand.) Allen Memorial             Asbury Theological Seminary
Chadwick Holtz (Cert. Cand.)   Wesley Memorial, Cleveland Duke Divinity School
Joe R. Phillips (SP)           CC: Benton                 Asbury Theological Seminary

                              JOHNSON CITY DISTRICT
                           District Superintendent: Wm. Randall Frye
                                                                             Appointment   Years
Charge                                       Pastor                             Code     Appointed
Afton-Stone Dam (2)                          Robert Kariuki Nyaga                 FE              3
Asbury-Mt. Wesley (2)                        Amy S. Yeary Holmes                  FE              3
Austin Springs (1)                           Jerry B. Fleenor                     RE              6
Bethesda-Eden (2)                            Edward D. Nelson                     FE              2
Bluff City (1)                               Todd R. Adams                        FE              3
Boones Creek (1)                             Kenneth E. Lytton                    PL              3
Cherokee (1)                                 Michelle M. Buckles                  FE              3
Chuckey-Rheatown (2)                         P. Randall Emmert                    PL              1
Clear Springs-Albright (2)                   Adam Love                            FL              1
East Pine Grove Park (1)                     Lon F. Tobin                         FE              6
Ebenezer Circuit (4)                         Walter A. Isley                      OF              7
Edgefield (1)                                Estel F. Williams II                 AM              8
Elizabeth Chapel (1)                         Thomas M. Reed                       FE              1

Johnson City
 Elizabethton, First (1)                Lauri Jo Cranford         FE          3
 Embreeville (1)                        Michael Vaughn            PL          2
 Enterprise-St. Paul (2)                Daniel C. Theiben         FE          9
 Erwin, Centenary (1)                   J. Robert Layell          FE          2
 Fairhaven (1)                          Tae Hun Yoon              OE          1
 Fairview (1)                           Charles W. Griffin        FE          5
 Grace (1)                              Garland E. James          RE          3
 Gray (1)                               James E. Goddard          FE          1
 Gray, Associate                        Jodie E. Ihfe             PE          2
 Greystone Circuit (3)                  Daniel M. Ogle            PE          1
 Hunter-Slagles (2)                     Roger G. Mathess          AM          5
 Jearoldstown-Union Temple (2)          Richard D. Bowers         PL          8
 Johnson City, First (1)                Timothy B. Bracken        FE          3
 Jonesborough (1)                       R. Steven Parker          FE          2
 Liberty Hill (1)                       Doyle K. Tunnell, Jr.     SY          1
 Limestone-Greenwood (2)                Brandon Berg              PE          2
 Limestone Cove (1)                     Rex A. Hill               PL          4
 Marvin’s Chapel (1)                    Ricky H. Clowers          FE          4
 Mayberry Community (1)                 David M. Rader            PL          2
 McCarty (1)                            Dowahking W. W. Bestman   OE          1
 Milburnton (1)                         Vivian S. Franklin        PL          4
 Mt. Carmel-Seviers (2)                 Rance C. Edwards          AM          3
 Munsey Memorial (1)                    Brian K. Taylor           FE          7
 Munsey Memorial, Associate             Nancy Eastridge           PE          3
 Munsey Memorial, Associate             Christina DowlingSoka     FE          5
 Munsey Memorial, Minister of Music     Douglas Grove-DeJarnett   FD         25
 Munsey Memorial, Minister of
    Youth Discipleship                  Dan L. Gray               FD         2
 New Victory (1)                        Cathy Fowler              PL         1
 Otterbein (1)                          Carole R. Martin          FE         1
 Piney Flats (1)                        Joseph Manis              FE         1
 Pleasant Grove-Valley View (2)         Gregory P. Davis          PL         1
 Roan Mountain (1)                      Dennis W. Milhorn         PL         3
 Rockhold (1)                           William R. Wells          RE         5
 Sulphur Springs (1)                    Jeffrey W. Moncier        FE         4
 Telford (1)                            Richard Looney            RE         1
 Taylor Memorial (1)                    Sarah C. Wells            PL         6
 Unicoi (1)                             J. Todd Kingrea           FE         1
 Valley Forge (1)                       C. Don Jones              FE         2 *
 Watauga Point-St. Paul (2)             Jared G. Wood             FE         5
 Wesley Memorial (1)                    James L. Bennington       FE         2
 Wesley Memorial, Associate             Bethany H. Douty          PE         1
 West Market Street (1)                 Stephen Butler            PL         4
                               (Charges – 49, Churches – 66)
 Director, ETSU Wesley Foundation     Jerry L. Everley            FE         13
                                      (CC MunseyMemorial)

                                                                                      Johnson City
District Superintendent                    Wm. Randall Frye                   FE            5
Executive Director, Conference             Randall C. Pasqua                  FE            16
  Camp & Retreat Ministries                (CC Cherokee)
Missionary to the United States,           David C. Warden                    FE            1
 Oklahoma Indian Missionary                (CC Marvin’s Chapel)
Mission Congregation - The Rock            T. Randall Hensley                 PL            5
Chaplain, J.H. Quillen VA          Kevin L. Holmes                            FE            2 *
  Medical Center, Mountain Home TN (CC Asbury-Mt. Wesley)
Chaplain, Navy                             Hagan Robert McClellan, Jr.        FE            9
                                           (CC East Pine Grove Park)
                          APPOINTED TO ATTEND SCHOOL (¶416.6)
Princeton Theological Seminary             Paul D. Seay                       FE            1
                                           CC: Wesley Memorial
                                   LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
CC Jonesborough                            Jeffrey L. Bryant                  PE            7
CC Munsey Memorial                         Caryl P. Griffin                   FE            4
CC First Centenary                         Linda Bird Wright                  FE            1
                                 INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Greystone Circuit                       Raymond C. Deese                   FE            7
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Paul E. Brown, Sr. (RE)(Munsey Memorial)           Kenneth T. Long (RL)(Cherokee)
William J. Carter (RE)(Johnson City, First)        David H. Lovelace (RE)(Munsey Memorial)
G. Wayne Cummings (RE)(Munsey Memorial)            Calvin W. Maas (RE)(Fairview)
Joseph Vance Eastridge (RE)(Munsey Memorial)       John R. Manney (RE)(Liberty Hill)
Roby H. Eastridge (OE)(Munsey Memorial)            Hagan McClellan, Sr. (RA)(E. Pine Grove Park)
Robert T. Edmonds (RE)(Munsey Memorial)            Warren Ray McDougle, Sr. (RE)(Otterbein)
David W. Elliott (RE)(Otterbein)                   Glen Milburn (RE)(Milburnton)
Jerry B. Fleenor (RE)(Austin Springs)              Eblen G. “Buddy” Miller (RE)(Gray)
David R. Gilliam (RA)(Greystone Circuit)           Kenneth M. Newman (RL)(Telford)
J. Ronald Gough (RE)(Munsey Memorial)              Joyce Roberts (DR)(Washington Pike)
David Lee Hazlewood (RE)(Munsey Memorial)          Pedro O. Salazar (RE)(Wesley Memorial)
James C. Henry (RE)(Gray)                          James E. Smith (RE)(Wesley Memorial)
W. Sue Hicks-Caskey (RD)(Munsey Memorial)          J. Garland Thayer (RL)(Johnson City, First)
Mack A. Houston (RA)(Piney Flats)                  Harry P. Tindell (RE)(New Victory)
Robert Hudson (RE)(Munsey Memorial)                Bedford T. Transou, Jr. (RE)(Munsey Memorial)
Garland E. James (RE)(Grace)                       C. Byron Waites (RE)(Johnson City, First)
Maurice Lay (RE)(Gray)                             William R. Wells (RE)(Rockhold)
                                                   Martha B. Yeomans (RE)(Wesley Memorial)
Johnson City / Kingsport
                                      SEMINARY STUDENTS
              Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                      Church/Charge Conference
 Aaron Atchley (Cert. Cand.)          Wesley Memorial        Asbury Theological Seminary
 Shannon Marie Berry (Cert. Cand.)    Munsey Memorial        Methodist Theological School in Ohio
 Will Lauderback (Cert. Cand.)        Munsey Memorial        Duke Divinity School
 Elizabeth P. Scott (Cert. Cand.)     Christ (MO District)   Asbury Theological Seminary

                                    KINGSPORT DISTRICT
                             District Superintendent: David W. Graves
                                                                               Appointment   Years
 Charge                                        Pastor                             Code     Appointed
 Adams Chapel-Hulls Chapel (2)                 Billy L. Byrd                       RA          3
 Amis Chapel/Elm Springs (2)                   Roy E. Fowler                       FL          3
 Arcadia (1)                                   Grover Starnes                      PL          5
 Bethel (1)                                    J. Richard McKee                    PL          2
 Blountville (1)                               Larry D. Murphy                     FE          5
 Ross’ Campground-Cameron (2)                  J. David Neel                       PE          2
 Cassidy (1)                                   Robert E. Burlingham                FE          4
 Chalybeate Springs-Okolona-Mt. Zion (3)
    Chalybeate Springs-Okolona -2              Charles Eberhart                      PL             4
    Mt. Zion -1                                Preaching Station
 Church Hill, First (1)                        Samuel L. Johnson                    AM               1
 Clouds Bend (1)                               Clinton D. Jones                     PL               2 *
 Colonial Heights (1)                          Thomas L. Seay                       FE               3
 Community (1)                                 Charles F. Kilbourne                 RL              11
 Cross-Holly Springs (2)                       Billy W. Rines                       AM               3
 Crossroads (1)                                Randy Lantz                          FL               2
 Depews Chapel (1)                             Nate Ware                            OE               1
 Dodson Creek-Edgewood (2)                     Floyd Ward                           PL               7
 Elm Tree Parish (3)                           Stephen P. Burkhart                  FE               1
 Fall Branch (1)                               Barry R. Lane                        PL               1
 First Broad Street-St. Mark (2)               A. Clark Jenkins                     FE               1
 First Broad Street-St. Mark, Associate        Andrew Amodei                        PE               2
 First Broad Street-St. Mark, Minister of      Janet Manning                        FL               5
    Outreach and Assimilation
 Fudges Chapel (1)                             Tim Hodges                            SY             2
 Glen Alpine (1)                               Kenneth W. LaDuke                     FE             5
 Grange Hall-Lebanon (2)                       Deborah W. Collins                    FL             4
 Kendricks Creek (1)                           Susan L. Anderson                     FE             4
 Ketron Memorial (1)                           Donna M. Hester                       FE             1
 Ketron Memorial, Director of
    Christian Education                        Melanie Karnes                        FD             6
 Kingsley-Hermon (2)                           Joe H. Barber                         FE             1
 Logan’s Chapel (1)                            Westley Duncan                        PL             4
 Mafair (1)                                    Kimberly M. Goddard                   FE             1
 Morrison Chapel (1)                           Ray Amos, Jr.                         PL             3
 Mountain View (1)                             J. Robert Countiss                    FE             1

Mt. Carmel (1)                           Harrison Bell                        PL               1
Old Union-McFerrin (2)                   Regina A. Shelton                    FL               5
Otes (1)                                 Fred E. Dimond                       PL               4
Pactolus (1)                             TBS
Persia (1)                               Gregory S. Fletcher                  PL               4
Rock Springs (1)                         C. Mack Turner                       RE               1
Rogersville Circuit (3)                  Susan Arnold                         PL               1
Rogersville, First (1)                   Gerald Jones                         FE               2
Salem (1)                                Will H. Shewey                       AM               1
Surgoinsville, First (1)                 Cynthia C. Thompson                  FE               4
Valley Center (1)                        Calvin S. Tabor, Sr.                 RA               2
Vermont (1)                              Steven N. Galyon                     FE               1
Wheeler (1)                              Stuart K. Albee, Jr.                 FE               7
                                (Charges – 42, Churches – 57)
District Superintendent                    David W. Graves                    FE               1
Holston UM Home for Children,              H. Rae Mullins                     FE               4
  Development Officer                      (CC First Broad Street)
                              OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
Executive Director, Institute of        Guy Stephen Blakemore                 FE              10
  Third Millenium Christianity,         (CC Blountville)
  Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson, MS
Special Education Teacher, Sullivan        Linda Coffey                       FE               3
  County High School                       (CC First Broad Street)
North Alabama                              Jason McIntosh                     FE               3
                                           (CC Mafair)
                                 INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Ross’ Campground-Cameron                Benny J. Bishop                    FL              24
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Doris Ahern (RD)                                  Toombs Hodges Kay, Jr. (RE)(First Broad Street)
Miles Dean Baines (RL)(Fall Branch)               Charles Kilbourne (RL) (Community)
John W. Bardsley (RE)(First Broad Street)         James Paul Lane (RL)(Depews Chapel)
Robert Boragine (RL)(Rogersville, First)          Frank J. Lynch (RL)(St. Mark)
Donald Brummett (RL)(Fall Branch)                 Paul Young Marchbanks (RE)(St. Mark)
Billy L. Byrd (RA)(Adams Chapel-Hulls Chapel)     James Spurgeon McCartt (RE)(First Broad Street)
Larry L. Caylor (RE)(Mt. Carmel)                  Robert R. Moore (RE)(Colonial Heights)
Elmer Cleek (RE)(Church Hill, First)              John William Mullen (RD)(First Broad Street)
Charlie Cummings Dye (RA)(Clouds Bend)            William C. Poister (RL)(Emory)
Pierce Jackson Edwards (RE)(First Broad Street)   James Pollock (RE) (First Broad Street)
Harry W. Fleenor (RA)(Rogersville, First)         Hugh D. Ratledge (RE)(Amis Chapel-Elm Springs)
Kingsport / Knoxville
 Robert Rye Fleenor (RL)(St. Luke)                    Frederick Hugh Richard (RE)(First Broad Street)
 William D. B. Gillespie, Jr. (RA)(Vermont)           Ernest Leroy Robertson (RE)(Church Hill, First)
 Helen Monroe Grills (RD)(First Broad Street)         Homer Claude Roller (RE)(Morrison Chapel)
 John A. Hackney (RA)(Kendricks Creek)                Calvin S. Tabor, Sr. (RA)(Valley Center)
 Jimmy Joe Harless (RE)(First Broad Street)           Cass Mack Turner, Jr. (RE)(Rock Springs)
 Harry Hight, Jr. (RE)(Ketron Memorial)               Warren H. Wattenbarger (RE)(Rogersville Circuit)
 Millard J. Johnson (RE)(Fall Branch)                 Jack Preston Weikel (RE)(First Broad Street)
 Carl Vincent Jones (RL)(Rogersville, First)          John N. Wilson (RE)
                                       SEMINARY STUDENTS
               Seminary tudents serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                     Church/Charge Conference
 Ray Amos, Jr. (PL)                  CC: Morrison Chapel             Asbury Theological Seminary
 Marty Dedrick (Cert. Cand.)         First Broad Street              Asbury Theological Seminary
 Westley Duncan (PL)                 CC: Logan’s Chapel              Asbury Theological Seminary
 Jacob Reedy (Cert. Cand.)           Mafair                   Methodist Theological School in Ohio

                                   KNOXVILLE DISTRICT
                         District Superintendent: Douglas R. Fairbanks, Jr.
                                                                               Appointment   Years
 Charge                                        Pastor                             Code     Appointed
 Asbury (1)                                    Larry J. Dial                       FE          6
 Bearden (1)                                   Michael G. Sluder                   FE          3
 Bethel Amherst (1)                            Perry W. Duncan                     FE          8
 Beulah (1)                                    Stephen M. Evans                    FL          1
 Bookwalter (1)                                David A. Lord                       FE          5
 Central (1)                                   Bruce Galyon                        FE          5
 Christ (1)                                    Bruce S. Marston                    FE         19
 Christ, Associate                             Teresa Atkins McClure               FL          3
   Minister of Youth and Pastoral Care
 Church Street (1)                             F. Anderson Ferguson                  FE              2
 Church Street, Associate                      Darryll Rasnake                       FE              2
 Church Street, Associate                      Sarah Moody                           PE              2
 Church Street, Associate                      Jan Buxton-Wade                       FE              2
 Church Street, Director, Program Ministries   Richard D. Isbell                     FD             18
 Church Street, Director,
   Kay SeniorCenter                            Diana Brown Taylor                    FD              3
 Clapps Chapel (1)                             David L. Smith                        FE             10
 Cokesbury (1)                                 G. Steven Sallee                      FE             14
 Cokesbury, Associate                          Stephen B. DeFur                      FE             14
 Cokesbury, Associate                          Micah Nicolaus                        PE              4
 Cokesbury, Director of Ministries             Rebekah Cox Fetzer                    FD              8
 Colonial Heights (1)                          Laura R. Rasor                        FE              1
 Ebenezer (1)                                  Ann P. Robins                         FE              5
 Faith (1)                                     Paul G. Humphrey                      FE              2 *
 Fountain City (1)                             James E. Whedbee                      FE              8
 Fountain City, Associate                      Donald R. Hanshew, Jr.                FE              8
 Fountain City, Associate                      Melissa R. Smith                      PE              7
 French Broad Circuit (2)                      Betzy Elifrits Warren                 PE              1
Hendron’s Chapel-Marble City (2)         Cynthia Pennington           FE     2
Hillcrest (1)                            Patrick C. Polis             FE     6
Inskip (1)                               Wayne David Lewis            RE     7
Knoxville Circuit (3)                    John F. Jackson, Jr.         FE     3
Knoxville Cooperative Parish
  Emerald Avenue (1)                     Robert H. Bean               RE    24
  Emerald Avenue, Associate/             Van G. Sanks                 FL    10
     Virginia Avenue Ministries
  Lincoln Park-Martin Chapel (2)         William F. Pace              FE     3
Knoxville, First (1)                     Daniel F. Moore              FE     2
Knoxville, Second (1)                    Gary E. Baker                FE     1
Kodak (1)                                Rowland S. Buck              FE     5
Lennon-Seney (1)                         Angela Hardy Cross           FE     1
Lonsdale (1)                             Aldana W. Allen              FE     4
Macedonia (1)                            Ed Templeton                 RE     2
Magnolia Avenue (1)                      Linda L. Bass                PE     2
Mascot-Hopewell (2)                      Brenda H. Woods              FL     5
Middlebrook Pike (1)                     Eric B. Rieger               FE     3
Middlebrook Pike, Associate              R. Wil Cantrell              FE     6
New Life (1)                             Sarah A. Slack               FE     3
Norwood (1)                              Q. David Green               FE     5
Piney Grove (1)                          Larry J. Anderson            PL     7
Pleasant Hill (1)                        Amanda B. Madson             FE     2
Powell (1)                               George W. Boles              FE    17
Powell, Associate                        Timothy Jones                FL     1
Rutherford Memorial (1)                  Stephen K. Doyal             FE     5
St. Andrews (1)                          Harry W. Rehagen             RE     4
St. Luke’s (1)                           W. Darryl Ross               FE     3
St. Mark (1)                             David W. Graybeal            FE     2
St. Paul East (1)                        Donald G. Watkins            FL     3
St. Paul, Fountain City (1)              Don E. Ferguson              FE     5
Sand Branch (1)                          Rebecca Smithey              FE     5
Trentville (1)                           Walter Cross                 AM     1
Trinity (1)                              Donald E. Thomas             FE     4
Vestal (1)                               Wendell M. Smith             RE     6
Washington Pike (1)                      Robert T. Cantrell           FE     4
West View (1)                            Bruce Spangler               FE     4
Zion (1)                                 Charles Wender               PL     5
                                (Charges – 48, Churches – 54)
Director of Gift Planning,             Clifford W. Amos               PD     2
  Holston Conference Foundation        (CC St. Paul, Fountain City)
Associate Professor of Music,          Von Darnell Chance             FE    26
  Tennessee Wesleyan College           (CC Macedonia)
Director, Congregational Development   Richard Edwards                FE     4
  and Revitalization                   (CC Cokesbury)

 District Superintendent                     Douglas R. Fairbanks, Jr.          FE              4
 Artist in Residence,                        Carolyn P. Gass                    PD             1
   Wesley Theological Seminary               (CC Lynnwood)
 Director, Wesley Foundation UTK             Timothy L. Kobler                  FE             2
                                             (CC Macedonia)
 Director, Conference Pastoral               Gary R. Mauldin                    FE              7
   Counseling Center                         (CC Fountain City)
 Director, Intentional Growth Center, SEJ    Larry J. Ousley                    FE             10
                                             (CC Middlebrook Pike)
 Director, Associate, Conference Pastoral    Laura A. Shearer                   FE              2
   Counseling Center                         (CC Church Street)
 Conference Secretary and                    Daniel H. Taylor, Jr.              FE              2
   Director of Clergy Services               (CC Church Street)
                                 OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
 Frontiers                                   Bruce P.                           FE             19
                                             (CC Bookwalter)
 Director, Volunteer Ministry                Bruce Spangler                     FE              5
   Center                                    (CC West View)
 Special Education Teacher,                  Terri Craft Goodin                 DE              2
   Knox County Schoole                       CC: Fountain City
                                 TRANSITIONAL LEAVE (¶354)
 CC Middlebrook Pike                     Lynn W. Hutton                         FD             2 *
 CC Washington Pike                      Scott R. Neil                          FD             3
                                   INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
 CC Second Knoxville                         John L. Sheldon                    FE              6
                                        RETIRED MINISTERS
              In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                   (Charge Conference Membership)
 E. Mahan Archer (RE)(Fountain City)                      M. Gene Kirk (RE)(Washington Pike)
 DorothyAvers (DR)(Fountain City)                         David A. Lawrence (RE)(Bethel, Amherst)
 William H. Balch (RE)(Church Street)                     W. David Lewis (RE)(Inskip)
 Robert H. Bean (RE)(Emerald Avenue)                      Wallace E. Newman (RE)(Asbury)
 Larry K. Best (RE)(Church Street)                        Kyle V. Overton (RE)(Emerald Avenue)
 Fred L. Bittle, Jr. (RE)(New Life)                       Robert A. Pardue (RE)(Inskip)
 Nelson Wayne Bridge (RL)(Middlebrook Pike)               Grace Parkhill (DR)(Church Street)
 Andrew Jackson “Jack” Brown (RE)(Central)                Robert E. Parrott (RE)(Church Street)
 Charles C. Burnett, Jr. (RE)(Church Street)              Robert S. Powers (RE)(Washington Pike)
 Edwin C. Carter (RE)(Fountain City)                      Harold W. Rehagen (RE)(St. Andrews)
 James A. Dougherty (RE)(Fountain City)                   John E. Ripley (RE)(Church Street)
 Darris K. Doyal (RE)(Knoxville, First)                   Richard N. Roe (RE)(Central)
 William J. Fowler (RE)(Church Street)                    Wendell M. Smith (RE)(Vestal)

                                                                                   Knoxville / Maryville
James W. Hart (RE)(Washington Pike)                            William C. Stooksbury (RE)(Second)
Marvin D. Hayes (RA)(Bookwalter)                               Patsy K. Taylor (RL)(Knoxville, Second)
Lee A. Hokaj (RE)(Middlebrook Pike)                            Cabel W. Trent (RE)(Church Street)
Norman Holcomb (RE)(Vestal)                                    Robert A. Tripp (RE)(St. Mark)
William Henry Horner (RE)(Central)                             Charles B. Turpin (RE)(Cokesbury)
Charles J. Hurlock (RE)(Knoxville, First)                      Carl W. Ware, Jr. (RE)(Bookwalter)
Robert L. Irwin (RE)(St. Andrews)                              Raymon E. White (RE)(Lennon-Seney)
Dan B. Kelly (RE)(Fountain City)                               Grady C. Winegar (RE)(Central)
Louis T. Ketron (RE)(Beulah)                                   Ottalee Winegar (DR)(Central)
                                       SEMINARY STUDENTS
    In addition to this listing, students serving as Student Pastors are included in the list of appointments.
                                    Church /Charge Conference
J. David Gass II (Cert. Cand.)        Lynnwood                            Wesley Theological Seminary
Elaine Ruth (Cert. Cand.)             Middlebrook Pike                    Sewanee, Univ. of the South
Robert Ruth (Cert. Cand.)             Middlebrook Pike                    Sewanee, Univ. of the South
James A. Sherrod (Cert. Cand.)        French Broad                        Wesley Theological Seminary

                                   MARYVILLE DISTRICT
                                    Superintendent: Carol E. Wilson
                                                                                 Appointment   Years
Charge                                          Pastor                              Code     Appointed
Alcoa, First (1)                                Joseph S. Green                      FE         15
Alcoa, First, Associate                         William R. “Bill” Shelton            FL          5
Axley’s Chapel (1)                              Richard Carnes                       PL          6
Bethel-Vonore (2)                               Richard M. Rudesill                  FE          5
Binfield (1)                                    Tom Robins                           PM          1
Broadway (1)                                    Amy R. Probst                        FE          2
Browder (1)                                     Ed Donley                            OF          1
Buckner Memorial, (1)                           Betty M. Furches                     FL          1
   Hiwassee College Chaplain
Bungalow (1)                                    William C. Bennett                     RD              15
Camp Ground (1)                                 Charles B. Johnson                     PL              11
Carpenters (1)                                  Kenneth R. Tucker, Jr.                 FL               8
Fairgarden Circuit (3)                          Jerrod W. McCormack                    SP               4
Fairview (1)                                    Jerald W. Russell                      FE              20
Fairview, Associate                             Jeremy LaDuke                          FE               3
Fairview, Associate                             Priscilla Bryan                        FE               3
Friendsville (1)                                William “Skip” White                   FE               2
Gatlinburg, First-Huskey’s Grove (2)
   Gatlinburg, First -1                         Jane Elizabeth Taylor                  FE               3
   Huskey’s Grove -1                            Preaching Station
Green Meadow (1)                                Frank “Buzz” Trexler                   PL               9
Immanuel (1)                                    Bill Adams                             PL               3
La Casa del Alfarero,
   Mission Congregation                         Daniel Castillo                        PL               3
Logans Chapel (1)                               Douglas A. Armstrong                   FE               1
Loudon (1)                                      Wm. Anthony Collins                    FE               5

 Madisonville Circuit (2)                   Randall E. Wright          PL    5
 Madisonville, First (1)                    A. Braxton Cotton          FE    3
 Maryville, First (1)                       Brenda F. Carroll          FE    7
 Maryville, First                           Larry E. Carroll           FE    7
 Maryville, First, Associate                Asa L. Hendrickson         PE    1
 Meadow-Williamson Chapel (2)               Danny Treadway             OE    4
 Middle Creek (1)                           Jerry Lee Page             OF    5
 Middle Creek, Associate                    Steve Pross                PL    1
 Middlesettlements (1)                      Clyde Joseph Black         FE    9
 Middlesettlements, Associate               Rex Rogers                 PL    3
 Mountain View (1)                          Alvin O. Shaver            FL    4
 New Salem (1)                              Joshua S. Felton           PE    1
 Oakland (1)                                Stephen Yeaney             FE    7
 Pecks Memorial (1)                         Wm. Anthony “Tony” Brown   PE    2
 Philadelphia-New Hope (2)                  Julian F. Walton           RE    2 *
 Pigeon Forge, First (1)                    Bobby D. Barton            FE    4
 Pittman Center Circuit (3)                 Alta C. Raper              FL    8
 Pleasant Hill Blount (1)                   Billy W. Stephens          PL    8
 Sevierville Circuit (3)                    Janet Edwards              PE    1
 Sevierville Circuit, Associate             John Clark                 RE    2
 Sevierville, First (1)                     Charles C. Harrison        FE    4
 Sevierville, First, Associate              Bruce Adams                FL    1
 Sevierville Parish (3)                     David G. Smith             FL    5
 Sevierville Parish, Associate              TBS
 Seymour (1)                                Bradley K. Hyde            FE    3
 Seymour, Associate                         Darren Kitts               FL    2
 Seymour, Bethel (1)                        Rebecca Collier            PL    2
 St. John (1)                               Richard D. Mullan          FE    5
 St. Marks (1)                              Larry V. DeVault           FE    2
 Sweetwater Circuit (2)                     A. Carol Beaty             PL    1
 Sweetwater, First (1)                      Carl I. Oaks               FE    8
 Sycamore Tree, New church start            Jeffrey L. Wadley          FE    4
 Tellico Plains Circuit (3)                 William S. “Bill” Clark    OF    4
 Tellico Plains Circuit, Associate          William J. “Billy” Clark   OF    4
 Tuckaleechee (1)                           Kenneth K. Abbott, Jr.     FE    8
 Union Grove (Blount) (1)                   Beecher Dunsmore           RE    2 *
 Walland (1)                                Carl Edward Collier        FL    9
 Wears Valley (1)                           James W. Beard             FE    3
                                   (Charges – 46, Churches – 62)
 Director, Wesley Foundation, GA         H. Carlton Blackburn III      FE    3
   Southern University                   (CC Maryville, First)
 Executive Assistant to the Bishop       Ronald H. Matthews            FE    4
                                         (CC Broadway)

President, Hiwassee College                James Noseworthy                   FE              7
                                           (CC Buckner Memorial)
General Evangelist                         Jason C. Roe                       FE              4
                                           (CC Seymour)
Steward of Clergy Concerns                 F. Douglas Smith                   RE              6
                                           (CC Maryville, First)
District Superintendent                    Carol E. Wilson                    FE              4
                              OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
Director, Good Neighbors of Blount Co.     Lisa R. Blackwood                  FD              2
                                           (CC Maryville, First)
                                 LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
CC Alcoa, First                            G. Curtis Trent                    FE              1
                                 INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Fairview                            Gary F. Hill                           FE             16
CC Union Grove, Blount                 Alfred L. Newman                       FE             14
CC Tellico, First                      Helen E. Shaw                          FE              2 *
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Ted Francis Baker (RE)(Sweetwater, First)          Roger E. Hilton (RE)(Maryville, First)
Walter R. Barton, Jr. (RL)(Maryville, First)       John Holbrook (RL)(Tellico Plains Circuit)
William C. Bennett (RD)(Bungalow)                  L. Riley Huffstetler (RE)(Sweetwater, First)
James D. Benson (RE)(Maryville, First)             Glenn H. Keller (RE)(Maryville, First)
Frank M. Bostick (RE)(Maryville, First)            Fred Layman (RE)(Pigeon Forge)
Charles M. Bryan (RE)(Logan’s Chapel)              Eugene H. Lovell, Jr. (RE)(Maryville, First)
Dwight M. Cagle (RE)                               Clarence V. McCall, Jr. (RE)(Buckner Memorial)
Ashley M. Calhoun (RE)(Sevierville Circuit)        Gerald McFarland (RE)(Broadway)
George B. Collingsworth (RL)(Tellico Plains Ct)    Mark McKnight (RE)(Wears Valley)
Charles L. Copeland (RA)(Binfield)                 Donald S. Moore (RE)(Broadway)
Mary Kathryn Crone (RD)(Sevierville, First)        Eldon A. Moore (RE)(Maryville, First)
Roy C. DeLamottee (RE)(St. Marks)                  James H. Rutherford (RE)(Pleasant Hill)
M. Beecher Dunsmore (RE)(Union Grove)              Austin L. Shamblin (RL)(Maryville, First)
Bobby Henry Ely (RE)(Sevierville Parish)           F. Douglas Smith (RE)(Maryville, First)
Donald Everhart (RA)(Mtn. City Circuit, AB)        John R. Steiner (RE)(Maryville, First)
Robert H. Freestate (RE)(Maryville, First)         John Thierbach (RE)(Meadow/Williamson)
David L. Funk (RE)(Maryville, First)               John N. Trundle, Jr. (RE)(Sevierville, First)
Marvin B. Gass, Jr. (RE)(Maryville, First)         Betty S. Turner (DR)(Maryville, First)
James R. Green (RE)(Broadway)                      Sam N. Varnell, Jr. (RE)(Keith Memorial)
Jimmy Ronald Hammond (RE)(Maryville, First)        Julian Walton (RE)(Sweetwater, First)
Thomas G. Harris, Sr. (RE)                         William F. Warnock, Sr. (RE)(Maryville, First)
Robert A. Hayes (RE)(Broadway)                     Frank W. Wier (RE)(Gatlinburg, First)
Robert L. Hilten (RE)(Alcoa, First)                Daryl K. Williams (RA)(Sweetwater, First)

Maryville / Morristown
                                     SEMINARY STUDENTS
             Seminary students serving as pastors also are included in the list of appointments.
                                     Church/Charge Conference
 David Ault (Cert. Cand.)            Middlesettlements                 Asbury Theological Seminary
 Gilbert Harris (Cert. Cand.)        Fairview                          Asbury Theological Seminary
 Jerrod W. McCormack (SP)            CC Fairgarden Circuit             Asbury Theological Seminary
 Misti Dawn Reagan (Cert. Cand.)     Alcoa, First                      Asbury Theological Seminary
 Rennie Salata (Cert. Cand.)         Maryville, First                  Duke Divinity School
 Kenneth Tucker (FL)                 CC Carpenters                     Asbury Theological Seminary
 Samuel T. Ward (Cert. Cand.)        Middlesettlements                 Asbury Theological Seminary
 Randall Wright (PL)                 CC Madisonville Circuit           Candler School of Theology

                                 MORRISTOWN DISTRICT
                          District Superintendent: Mickey W. Rainwater
                                                                              Appointment   Years
 Charge                                       Pastor                             Code     Appointed
 Asbury (1)                                   David S. Woody                        FE              3
 Asbury, Minister of Discipleship             M. Jeannie Higgins                    FD             13
 Baileyton Circuit (4)                        William C. Rimmer                     FL              1
 Bales Chapel (1)                             Dixie J. Miller                       PL              7
 Beth Car-Watkins Chapel (2)                  R. Darrell Chambers                   PL              5
 Bethel (1)                                   Edwin E. Cunningham, Jr.              PL             18
 Boyd Chapel (1)                              Janice Johnson                        SY              4
 Bradburn Hill-Mt. Pleasant (2)               Roger L. Crim                         FE              7
 Bright Hope Circuit (3)                      J. Richie Neese                       FL              4
 Bulls Gap, First (1)                         William A. Hughes                     OF             13
 Bybee (1)                                    C. Martin Riley                       PL              2 *
 Carter’s Valley Circuit (2)                  Mark E. Wills                         PL             10
 Centenary (1)                                Kenneth Conner                        FE              4
 Central-Rutledge (2)                         Allen D. Shupe                        FE              6
 Cherokee Circuit (5)                         Martha M. Beamer                      FL              3
   Rehobeth                                   Preaching Station
 Chestnut Grove-Ebenezer (2)                  Mark A. Hicks                         FE             5
 Chestnut Hill (1)                            Mary L. Parson                        FE             5
 Christ (1)                                   A. Virginia Howe Isom                 FE             2
 Clinch Valley Circuit (3)                    Ronnie Maness                         PL             5
 Cosby Circuit (2)                            J. Leroy Morie                        PL             4
 Creech’s Chapel (1)                          Linda W. Rozar                        PL             8
 Dandridge, First (1)                         James R. Ferguson                     FE             2
 Dandridge, Wesley’s Chapel (1)               Roy Van Miller                        PL             6
 Del Rio Circuit (2)                          W. Charles Williams                   SY             1
 Edwards Chapel (1)                           C. Fred Hammer                        PL             1
 Glendale (1)                                 William J. Cheetham                   PL             6
 George Street-Grant (2)                      Ray E. Petty                          FE             1
 Greeneville, Trinity (1)                     David E. Brannock                     FE             1
 Hardin’s Chapel-Mosheim Central (2)          Lewis B. Kizer                        PE             1
 Harmon’s Valley (1)                          Charles M. Lindy                      PL             2 *
 Harneds-Parrottsville (2)                    John W. Wilson                        FE             6
Hills Union Circuit (4)                     Michael Ladd                   FL       2
Jefferson City, First (1)                   Hugh Doug Wilder               FE       4
Jefferson City, First, Minister to Youth    Mitchell D. Cain               PL       5
Liberty Hill (1)                            Terry Schnell                  OE       4
Mary’s Chapel-Russellville (2)              Betty A. Shirley               PL       3
McCampbell (1)                              Robert C. Brewer, Jr.          RP       4
Midway (1)                                  Jerry R. Holt                  SY       3
Mooresburg-Beelers Chapel (2)               H. Denver Davidson             PL      11
Morristown, First (1)                       Charles W. Starks              FE       1
Morristown, First, Associate                W. Scott Layer                 FE       3
Morristown, Trinity (1)                     Dale M. Gilbert                FE       5
Mosheim, Mt. Carmel (1)                     Charles H. Heck                PL       4
Mt. Airy-Economy (2)                        Robert L. Schooley             AM      13
Mt. Hebron (1)                              Steve M. Tuck                  FL       4
Mt. Hope-Antioch (2)                        David O. Gibbs, Jr.            PL       9
Mt. Pleasant (1)                            Merrill M. Hawkins, Jr.        OF       5
Mt. Sinai-Weem’s Chapel (2)                 Vivian Reed                    PL       1
Mt. Zion (1)                                Kristen A. Burkhart            PE       1
Mt. Zion-Seahorn’s Chapel (2)               John D. Thompson               FL       8
New Market Circuit (2)                      Diana Cornett                  FL       4
Newport, First (1)                          Charles R. “Rick” Spell, Jr.   FE       2
Newport, First, Associate                   Marta Cogburn                  PL       4
Noe’s Chapel (1)                            Dennis H. Loy                  FE       3
Oakland (1)                                 John F. Keller, Jr.            PL       2
Ottway-Greeneville, Wesley’s Chapel (2) Donna R. Waddle                    PL       1
Panther Springs (1)                         Danny C. Hensley               FE       3
Pine Grove-Hartman’s Chapel (2)             James R. Fain                  FE       5
Pleasant Hill (1)                           Charles H. Weatherly           PL       6
Pruitt Hill-Tate Chapel (2)                 Rochelle D. Maxwell            PL      10
Riverview Circuit (6)                       Bobbie J. Dunford              FL       4
   Warrensburg                              Preaching Station
Romeo (1)                                   Douglas C. Jennings            FL       4
Rutledge Circuit (3)                        Mia Newman                     FL       2
St. Clair-Talley’s Chapel (2)               H. Roy Dalton                  PL       7
Shady Grove (1)                             J. Scott Brady                 FE       4
Sneedville Circuit (3)                      N. Scott Ketron                FL       1
Strawberry Plains (1)                       Sandra G. Johnson              PE       2
White Pine, First (1)                       Mark B. McFadden               FE       5
Woodlawn (1)                                Samuel Dzobo                   OE       2
                                  (Charges – 65, Churches – 109)
District Superintendent                     Mickey W. Rainwater            FE       3
Morristown Hispanic Ministry                Arturo Reyna                   FL       4
                                            (CC Liberty Hill)

                                 OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
 Counselor, Jefferson County                   Caroline W. Goddard                   FE            9
   Alternative School                          (CC Dandridge, First)
 North Carolina Conference                     S. Mark Clark                         FE            2 *
                                               (CC Munsey Memorial)
 East Africa Conference,                       Buford “Boo” W. Hankins               FE            1
   Sudan District Superintendent               (CC Greeneville, Trinity)
 East Africa Conference, Sudan                 Phyllis L. Hankins                    FE            1
   Program Administrative Assistant            (CC Greeneville, Trinity)
                                    LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
 CC Bradburn Hill-Mt. Pleasant                 Carol Ferguson Shirey                 FE            4
                                  TRANSITIONAL LEAVE (¶354)
 CC George Street-Grant                        Cheryl M. Caruso                      FE            1
                                    INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
 CC Panther Springs                       David R. Vaughn                            FE            6
                                       RETIRED MINISTERS
            In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                   (Charge Conference Membership)
 Judith Anna (RE)(Newport, First)                    L. Dwight Kenney (RE)(Dandridge, First)
 Christine W. Bean (RL)(Morristown, First)           Bill R. Lichlyter (RA)(Clinch Valley Circuit)
 Robert C. Brewer, Jr. (RP)(McCampbell)              Freddrick L. Long (RE)(Newport, First)
 Sammie Lee Campbell (RE)(Morristown, First)         Thomas H. Lynch (RE)(Greeneville, Trinity)
 John T. Clark (RE)(Chestnut Hill)                   C. Douglas Mayo (RE)(Greeneville, Asbury)
 Franklin Clifton (RL)(Sneedville)                   Glen A. Milburn (RE)(Albright)
 Alvin C. Cobble (RE)(Edwards Chapel)                Rose T. Mincey (RL)(Chestnut Grove-Ebenezer)
 Ernest O. Cole (RE)(Boyd Chapel)                    Truman L. Nicholson (RL)(McCampbell)
 Robert E. Cook, Sr. (RL)(Mosheim, Mt. Carmel)       William E. Nickle (RE)(Mooresburg-Beeler’s Ch.)
 Charles W. Davis (RA)(Bybee)                        Eddie C. Noe, Jr. (RE)(Greeneville, Mt. Pleasant)
 Charles W. DeHart (RL)(Hardin’s Chapel)             George M. Rawn (RE)(Bybee)
 Paul B. Elmore (RE)(Pruitt Hill-Tate)               James Donald Rose (RE)(Dandridge, First)
 Ellen Fisher (RD)(Morristown, First)                James M. Shanks (RE)(Economy)
 M. Elizabeth Fox (RL)(Newport, First)               Roger B. Solomon (RE)(Greeneville, Asbury)
 Curtis A. Grissett (RE)(Greeneville, Trinity)       Kenneth C. Verran (RE)(Greeneville, Asbury)
 Henry A. Harlow (RE)(New Market Circuit)            Walter O. Waddey (RL)(Glendale)
 Lee Hill (RE)(Morristown, First)                    Charles W. Whetsel (RE)(Morristown, First)
                                       SEMINARY STUDENTS
             Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                       Church/Charge Conference
 Plyllis Blazer (Cert. Cand.)         Newport, First           Candler School of Theology
 Michael Ladd (FL)                    CC Hills Union Circuit Asbury Theological Seminary
 Mark Wills (PL)                      CC Carter Valley Circuit Vanderbilt University Divinity School

                                                                             Oak Ridge
                                OAK RIDGE DISTRICT
                         District Superintendent: Adam E. McKee III
                                                                 Appointment   Years
Charge                                   Pastor                     Code     Appointed
Andersonville-Mt. Pleasant (2)           Ralph J. Horak              AM          1
Asbury Chapel (1)                        Knox L. Wimberly            FL          2 *
Beaver Ridge (1)                         Catherine C. Nance          FE          1
Beaver Ridge, Associate                  Glenna B. Manning           PD          2
Bell’s Campground (1)                    Keith Hampson               PL          3
Bethel (1)                               Jack Sills                  SY          2
Bradbury-Good Shepherd (2)               Thomas D. Markwood          FE         10
Chevront-Swan Pond (2)
   Chevront -1                           John L. Rhoads               RL         5
   Swan Pond -1                          Louis T. Hill                RA         5
Claiborne Cluster (3)                    Herman F. Cate               FE         1
Clinton, Memorial (1)                    Laurence V. Hesser           FE         4
Concord (1)                              Brent R. Hall                FE         6
Concord, Associate                       Larry Trotter                FE         9
First Farragut (1)                       John D. Brewster             FE         2
Fincastle (1)                            Kevin R. Cole                SP         8
Grigsby Chapel (1)                       James Titcombe               PL         2
Harriman-Midtown Valley (2)              Catherine Anara Fox          FE         2
Harrogate-Arthur-Mountain View (3)       Eric L. Doolittle            FE         1
Haven’s Chapel-Asbury (2)
   Haven’s Chapel -1                     Leah K. Burns                PL         4
   Asbury -1                             Kevin Blue                   SY         3
Irwins-Thompson’s Chapel (2)
   Irwins Chapel -1                      Gary O. Tye                  PL         9
   Thompson’s Chapel -1                  Jake Beeler                  PL         2
Jacksboro-Caryville (2)                  John W. Crabtree             FE         2
Jellico (1)                              Preaching Station
                                         Johnny Walker                SY         1
Kern Memorial (1)                        James R. Bailes              FE         4
Kern Memorial, Associate-
  Vital Visions, Inc.                    Steven D. Martin             FE         2 *
Kingston (1)                             Donald D. Morris             FE         4
Kingston, Director Christian Education   Sue Lynn Johnson             FD        12
LaFollette (1)                           Kenneth L. Faught            FE         2
Lake City-Dutch Valley (2)               Charles Dawn                 FL         4
Lenoir City, Central (1)                 Ronald D. Fisher             FE         4
Lenoir City, Central, Associate          Betsy Switzer                SP         4
Lenoir City, Central, Associate          Bradley Stapleton            SP         4
Lenoir City, Central, Associate          Garrard L. “Gary” Fox        PL         2
Lenoir City, Trinity (1)                 Kimberly S. Isley            FE         1
Luminary (1)                             William S. Kurtz             FE         2
Martel (1)                               Jason Crandall               PE         2

Oak Ridge
 Maynardville Parish (3)
  Hansard’s-Pleasant Grove -2             Millard C. Taylor             RA     5
  Miller’s Chapel -1                      Preaching Station
                                          Ken Luton                     PL     1
 Mt. Hermon (1)                           Gregg Bostick                 PL     7
 Mt. Zion (1)                             James R. Mullens              PL    17
 New Century-Cowans Chapel (2)
    Cowans Chapel -1                   James L. Guthrie                 RL     6
    New Century -1                     Gary Atwater                     PL     6
 New Tazewell (1)                      Charles Mattson                  FE     1
 Norris-Sinking Springs (2)            Steven R. Johnson                FE     4
 Oakdale-Woods Chapel (2)              Joe E. Davis                     FL     3
 Oak Ridge, First (1)                  Stella M. Roberts                FE     4
 Oak Ridge, First, Associate           Troy Forrester                   FE     4
 Oak Ridge, First, Associate           Crystal S. Smith                 FE     1
 Oliver Springs Parish (3)             John Justice                     FL     4
 Oneida, First (1)                     C. Dennis Ford                   AM     4
 Rockwood (1)                          Keith G. Knight                  FE     4
 Solway (1)                            Henry L .Lenoir                  RE    15
 St. Mark-Moore’s Gap (2)
    St. Mark -1                        W. Wayne Hedrick                 FE    7
    Moore’s Gap -1                     Engelbert Bastian                PL    6
 Sunbright Circuit (2)                 John Slater, Jr.                 SP    2
 Valley View-Heiskell (2)              Lewis E. Weaver                  FE    2
 Well Spring-Cawood (2)                Ronnie Mutter                    RA    2 *
                              (Charges – 43, Churches – 66)
 Director, World Evangelism,              Harold Eddie Fox              FE    21
   World Methodist Council                (CC Concord)
 Director, Wesley Leadership Institute    Kenneth H. Henderlight        RE     1
                                          (CC Oak Ridge, First)
 Director, Stewardship & Church Relations, G. William Kilday            RE     3
   Holston Conference Foundation           (CC Concord)
 District Superintendent                  Adam E. McKee III             FE    1
 Chaplain, U.S. Army                      Michael D. Charles            FE    22
                                          (CC Bradbury-Good Shepherd)
 Chaplain, Bon Secour Hospice             Karl A. Netting               FE    17
                                          (CC Concord)
 Consultant on Disabilities               Robert C. Dreyer              RD    20
                                          (CC Oak Ridge, First)

                                                                                                  Oak Ridge
                                OTHER VALID MINISTRIES (¶344.1d)
Professor of Philosophy, Religion & Speech; C. Ray Penn                             FE               9
  Chaplain, Lincoln Memorial University (CC LaFollette)
Spiritual Director                            Lisa A. Stone                         FE               3
                                              (CC Oak Ridge, First)
                                   LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
CC New Tazewell                           William T. Duncan                         FE               2 *
                                 TRANSITIONAL LEAVE (¶354)
CC Andersonville-Mt Pleasant                  Amy Horak                             FD               1
                                   INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Harrogate-Arthur-Mountain View             Janice A. Cate                        FE              10
CC Jacksboro                                  William L. Hill                       FE               5
CC Reynolds Memorial (AB)                     Malcolm Wansley                       FE               3
                                       RETIRED MINISTERS
            In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                   (Charge Conference Membership)
Leonard R. Arnold (RE)(Andersonville-Mt. Pleasant)         Henry L. Lenoir (RE)(Solway)
James M. Ball, Jr. (RE)(Concord)                           Charles Liles (RL)(Asbury Chapel)
Porterfield Bradby (RL)(Haven’s Chapel)                    John R. Mays (RL)(Valley View-Heiskell)
Ronald W. Burgess (RE)(Oak Ridge, Trinity)                 William C. Mooney, Jr. (RE)(Oak Ridge, First)
Lee A. Cate (RE)(Clinton, St. Mark)                        Randolph R. Mutter (RA)(Pearisburg, First)
Darrell Cook (RE)(Oak Ridge, First)                        Jimmy R. Osborne (RE)(Jacksboro)
Douglas Crowder (RE)(Lenoir City, Central)                 John L. Rhoads (RL)(Chevront)
Herbert H. Daugherty (RE)(Clinton, St. Mark)               Gordon L. Ridenour (RE)(Concord)
Robert C. Dreyer (RD) (Oak Ridge, First)                   Peyton Rowlett (RE)(Concord)
Columbus V. Duff III (RE)(Beaver Ridge)                    Millard C. Taylor (RA)(Maynardville Parish)
James L. Guthrie (RL)(Cowans Chapel)                       John A. Tiller (RL)(Bell’s Campground)
Kenneth H. Henderlight (RE) (Oak Ridge, First)             Richard H. Timberlake (RE)(Concord)
Louis T. Hill (RA)(Swan Pond)                              Jack Howard Wilson (RE)(Concord)
G. William Kilday (RE)(Concord)
                                      SEMINARY STUDENTS
            Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                      Church/Charge Conference
Kevin R. Cole (SP)                    CC: Fincastle                     Candler School of Theology
Andrea M. Davis (Cert. Cand.)         Oak Ridge, First                  Duke Divinity School
John B. Slater (SP)                   CC: Sunbright Circuit             Asbury Theological Seminary
Brad Stapleton (SP)                   CC: Lenoir City, Central          Asbury Theological Seminary
Betsy Switzer (SP)                    CC: Lenoir City, Central          Asbury Theological Seminary

                                TAZEWELL DISTRICT
                           District Superintendent: Donald L. Nation
                                                                       Appointment   Years
 Charge                                   Pastor                          Code     Appointed
 Belfast-Midway (2)                       Paul H. McNalley                 FL          5
 Bethel (1)                               Troy A. Jenkins                  SY          3
 Bishop Circuit (3)                       Kenneth G. Fields                AM         14
 Bland Circuit (3)                        Robert T. Lorton, Jr.            FL          6
 Bluefield, First (1)                     Raymond W. Amos, Sr.             FE          5
 Buchanan Parish (3)                      Thomas J. Witten, Jr.            PL          4
 Cedar Bluff (1)                          Jacqueline B. Strickler          FL          5
 Ceres Circuit (5)                        William “Will” Shelton II        FL          4
 Clearview (1)                            James Brooks                     SY          1
 Coleman’s Chapel (1)                     Darrell Thacker                  PL         12
 East Tazewell Circuit (3)                L. Rodney Lawson                 AM          9
 Ebenezer-Bailey (2)                      Steven A. Aker                   FE          6
 Eggleston Circuit (5)                    Paula D. Campbell                PE          1
 Dennison (1)                             H. Paul Hite                     FE          1
 Hales Chapel-Kathleen Memorial (2)       Leon B. O’Quinn                  FL          6
 Honaker-Elk Garden (2)                   Clyde W. Hester                  AM          1
 Little Walker Circuit (4)                Wm. L. Perkins                   RL          6
 Looney’s Chapel (1)                      Sylvia D. Jones                  PL          7
 Main Street (1)                          Kathie Wilson-Parker             FE          4
 Mechanicsburg Circuit (6)                Danny Shortridge                 OF          5
 Midway-Macedonia (2)                     Raymond Klaiber                  PL          2
 Mt. Hermon (1)                           Ray Justus                       PL          5
 Mt. Pleasant-Steelesburg (2)             Jack C. Johnson                  PL         15
 Narrows, First (1)                       Christopher J. Brown             PE          2
 North Tazewell-Mt. Zion (2)              Raymond G. McBride               FE          4
 Pearisburg Circuit (4)                   Ted P. Anders                    RL          2
 Pearisburg, First (1)                    Bradley H. Scott                 FE          2
 Pisgah-Pleasant Hill (2)                 James G. Denton                  AM          5
 Pocahontas-Christ First (2)              Carlos H. Hess                   FL          6
 Rich Creek, First (1)                    Wm. Douglas Hyndrich             FE          2
 Richlands, First (1)                     Larry E. Ramey                   FE          1
 Riverside-Dailey’s (2)                   Kenneth G. Gillespie             FL         10
 Rocky Gap (1)                            Jeffery C. Callahan              FE          9
 Round Bottom (1)                         John R. Repass                   PL          3
 Round Mountain Circuit (3)               David Alan Ashworth              SY         14
 Staffordsville Circuit (5)               Jack C. Jenkins                  FL          2
 Virginia Avenue-Falls Mills (2)          Terry D. Goodman                 FE          2
 Wilbur Memorial (1)                      Robert A. Buckles                SY          9
 Wright’s Valley-Tip Top (2)              E. Leon Yost                     RA         17
                                 (Charges – 39, Churches – 84)

                                                        Tazewell / Wytheville
District Superintendent                    Donald L. Nation                   FE             6
                                 LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
CC Pocahontas-Christ First              Deanna Y. Webb                        FE             7
                                      RETIRED MINISTERS
           In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Ted Anders (RL)(Pearisburg Circuit)                William R. Perkins (RL)(Little Walker)
Fred L. Austin (RE)(Pearisburg, First)             Wm. Don Scott (RE)(Bluefield, First)
James L. Britton, Jr. (RE)(Ceres Circuit)          Carl E. Steele (RL)(Gilbert Memorial)
Jackson D. Clark (RA)(Hales Chpl-Kathleen Mem.)    Aubrey L. Whitlow, Sr. (RA)(Rich Creek, First)
Howard L. Edwards (RL)(Main Street, Tazewell)      Fred F. Williams (RA)(N. Tazewell-Mt. Zion)
James A. Jenkins (RE)(Fountain City, Knoxville)    E. Leon Yost (RA)(Wright’s Valley-TipTop)
Thomas L. Martin (RA)(Staffordsville Circuit)

                                 WYTHEVILLE DISTRICT
                             District Superintendent: Meg G. Taylor
                                                                         Appointment   Years
Charge                                     Pastor                           Code     Appointed
Aldersgate-Jordan’s Chapel (2)             John Grimm                        FE          5
Atkins (1)                                 Charles G. Smythers               PL          4
Auburn (1)                                 Katherine C. Hale                 FE          6
Bishop’s Chapel (1)                        Jim Harmon                        PL          5
Bridle Creek Circuit (3)                   Faith Ramer                       PL          1
Carter Street-Belspring (2)                Tammy C. Wright                   FE          1
Cedar Springs Circuit (4)                  Ginny Tompkins                    FL          5
Cripple Creek Circuit (4)                  Timothy P. Worgan                 FL          5
Door of Heaven (1)                         Javier Hernandez                  FL          4
Draper Circuit (3)                         Bryan Wyke                        FE          5
Dublin (1)                                 Bill Rowland                      FE          5
Elk Creek Circuit (6)                      William Shupe                     FL          2 *
Fairlawn-Bethel (2)                        H. Randolph Morris                AM          6
Blue Ridge Circuit (3)                     Scott Robertson-Gouge             FE          2
Floyd (1)                                  Richard Gregory                   FE         11
Floyd Circuit (3)                          Joshua D. Kilbourne               PE          4
Franklin Street (1)                        Elizabeth Allen-Villinger         OE          1
Fries (1)                                  D. Lee Thomas                     PL          4
Fries Circuit (6)                          Kenneth J. Blevins                AM          6
Galax Circuit (3)                          Donald White                      FL          5
Galax, First (1)                           Walter C. Simmerman               FE          4
Galax, First, Youth Minister               P. Christopher Luper              PD          1
Gladeville-Mt. Olivet (2)                  Kevin Fiorini                     FE          2
Grace Circuit (4)                          Wayne T. Monroe                   FL          2
Graham’s Forge (1)                         Ray Bolen                         PL         11
Grant-Flat Ridge Circuit (3)               R. Glenn Burcham                  PL          4

 Grove (1)                                    Karen M. Lane             FE    2
 Grove, Director of Youth-VA Tech             Ila W. Schepisi           PD    2
    Adult Day Services, Activities Director/Faculty Instructor
 Hillsville, First (1)                        Timothy S. Harrison       FE    6
 Hillsville, First, Ministries Coordinator    Ronnie Collins            PE    4
 Independence, First-Flat Rock (2)
    Independence, First -1                    Teresa J. Gregory         AM    2 *
    Flat Rock -1                              Preaching Station
 Lead Mines Circuit (4)                       Elizabeth King            PL     2
 Max Meadows Circuit (4)                      Gleasanna Johnson         FL     2
 Morgan’s-Rockford (2)                        Darlene J. Marshall       FL     5
 Mt. Olivet-Trinity (2)                       Judy Yonce                PL    10
 Mt. Pleasant (1)                             Joe Mack Taylor           FE     6
 Mt. Vale-Savannah (2)                        Richard G. Lindamood      FE     6
 Mt. Zion (1)                                 Norman C. Wilhoit         RE     2
 New Mt. Olive-New Hope (2)                   Barbara Doyle             PL     4
 Newbern-Mountain View (2)                    Paul C. Goshorn           FE     1
 Oakland (1)                                  John W. Ousley            FE     6
 Pulaski, First (1)                           Elihugh J. Kilgore, Jr.   FE     5
 Radford, Central (1)                         Richard D. Wright         FE     4
 Radford, Central,
    Associate for Congregational Care         Donald P. Shelor          FL    1
 Randolph Avenue-Slaughter’s Chapel (2) Leroy Henry                     FE    2 *
 Riner Parish
    Fairview-Sidney (2)                       Michael Waller            PL    2
    Mt. Airy-Parrott (2)                      Teresa Tolbert            PL    2 *
    Pilot (1)                                 William B. Norris         SY    1
 Rural Retreat Circuit (4)                    RuthAnne G. Henley        AM    4
 Rural Retreat-Mount Olive (2)
    Rural Retreat -1                          Brian C. Burch            FE    2
    Mount Olive -1                            Preaching Station
 Spring Valley Circuit (5)                    Victoria Neese            FL    2
 St. Paul (1)                                 Thomas T. Ballard         FE    4
 St. Paul, Associate, Discipleship & Youth Laura R. Blair               FE    4
 Thornsprings-Wesley Memorial (2)             Stephen G. McMurray       OF    3
 West End (1)                                 Janet S. Richardson       FE    4
 West Galax-Glenwood (2)                      Joe Carrico               AM    5
 Woodlawn-Shiloh (2)                          Gloria L. Rhudy           FL    2
 Wytheville Circuit (4)                       Timothy F. McCobin        FE    2
                                    (Charges – 53, Churches – 117)
 District Superintendent                    Meg G. Taylor               FE    1
                                  LEAVE OF ABSENCE (¶354)
 CC New Mount Olive                      Douglas Crockett               FE    4
 CC Aldersgate                           Maria Grimm                    FE    3

                                  INCAPACITY LEAVE (¶357)
CC Pisgah-Pleasant Hill                      Thomas Conley                         FE               8
CC Mt. Olivet-Trinity                        Lawrence Nuckolls                     AM               5
                                       RETIRED MINISTERS
             In addition to this listing, those appointed are listed with the appointments.
                                  (Charge Conference Membership)
Robert E. Billingsley (RA)(St. Paul)                 William S. Rodgers (RE)(St. Paul)
B. Ann Blair (RE)(West End)                          Harold Russell (RA)(Oakland)
Earnest H. Chinault (RA)(Draper)                     Mary Eugenia Settle (DR)(Grove)
Lonnie Gilmer Fields (RE)(Elk Creek)                 Olin E. Shupe (RE)(Atkins)
Alfred S. Furr (RA)(Fancy Gap)                       Donald E. Stansell (RE)(St. Paul)
C.W. Huff (RA)(Mount Pleasant)                       Hazel Virginia Timmons (RL)(New Mt. Olive)
Paul Preston Jones (RL)(Hillsville, First)           William Whitefield (RE)(New Mt. Olive)
Charles W. Lockerby (RE)(Dublin)                     Norman C. Wilhoit (RE)(St. Paul)
Mariel Myers (RL)(Auburn)                            Larry R. Williams (RA)(Dublin)
Richard J. Patterson (RE)(Dublin)                    Peter Wohlwend (RE)(Franklin Street)
Randolph W. Pope (RL)(Franklin Street)               Richard E. Worringham (RE)(Grove)
                                     SEMINARY STUDENTS
           Seminary students serving as pastors are also included in the list of appointments.
                                 Church /Charge Conference
Barbara Doyle (PL)               CC: New Mt. Olive                  Eastern Mennonite Seminary
Gleasanna Johnson (FL)           CC: Max Meadows           Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Faith Ramer (PL)                 CC: Bridle Creek Circuit          Wesley Theological Seminary
Teresa Tolbert (PL)              CC: Mt. Airy-Parrott              Wesley Theological Seminary
Ginny Tompkins (FL)              CC: Cedar Springs Circuit           Hood Theological Seminary
Timothy Worgan (FL)              CC: Cripple Creek Circuit         Asbury Theological Seminary

 * Asterisk indicates appointment made between sessions of the Annual Conference.
    Number listed under Years Appointed indicates number of times appointed.

                                     APPOINTMENT CODES
     DM   Diaconal Minister (consecrated       OE   Elder member of other Annual
          under provisions of 1992 or               Conference or other Methodist
          earlier Discipline) (¶369.1)              denomination (¶346.1)
     DR   Retired Diaconal Minister            OP   Probationary member of other
          (consecrated under provisions of          Annual Conference (¶346.1)
          1992 or earlier Discipline) (¶359)   OF   Full member of other
     AF   Affiliate member                          denomination (¶346.2)
          (¶334.4, 344.4, 586.4)               RD   Retired Deacon in full
     AM   Associate member (¶369.2, 322)            connection (¶358)
     PD   Provisional Deacon (¶324, 325)       RE   Retired Full Elder (¶358)
     FD   Deacon in full connection            RA   Retired Associate Member (¶358)
          (¶330, 369.3)                        RP   Retired Probationary Member
     FE   Elder in full connection                  (¶358)
          (¶335, 369.1, 369.2)                 FL   Full time Local Pastor (¶318.1)
     PE   Provisional Elder (¶324, 325)        PL   Part time Local Pastor (¶318.2)
     PM   Probationary member (ordained        RL   Retired Local Pastor (¶320.6)
          under provisions of 1992 or
          earlier Discipline) (¶369.1)         SP   Student Local Pastor (¶318.3)
     OA   Associate member of other            SY   Supply – GCFA needs to receive
          Annual Conference (¶346.1)                information on assigned pastor
     OD   Deacon member of other Annual        DE   Deaconess (¶415.7)
          Conference (¶331.8)