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Enjoy A Tour Of San Diego By Renting A Van


									                 Enjoy A Tour Of San Diego By Renting A Van

San Diego is one interesting area that should not be missed by visitors when
going to California. This second largest city in California is a coastal area with
long stretches of beaches and a mild climate. It lies north of the border with
Mexico and is home to 16 military facilities such as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast
Guard and U.S. Marine Corps.

San Diego has so much to offer visitors in terms of exciting tourist spots.
Some of the popular places to visit there include the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld
and Universal Studios. So what better way to tour this eighth largest U.S. city
with the most convenience than to rent a van. Whether you’re a couple, with
a group of friends or with the whole family, vans make a perfect vehicle to go
around the city. Various van rental agencies abound in San Diego that offer
different types of vans ranging from the full size vans, 12-passenger vans and
15-passenger vans.

5 Star Rent-A-Van is a trusted van rental company in the Southern California
region covering San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles County. In fact, it
is one of the largest rental firms in Southern California. Since 1996, this
family owned firm has provided travelers with excellent, friendly and
personalized service to meet their needs. High quality vans and service are
the trademarks of 5 Star Rent-A-Van. Sales representatives are very friendly
while the vehicular staff can readily answer your queries concerning the
technical aspect of the vehicles.
This San Diego Van Rental agency has quality vans for local and foreign
clients. It has more than 50 vehicles including Ford, Dodge and GMC vans
that guarantee a good running condition for travelers wherever they wish to
go. Take note also that every vehicle for rent is considered a top of the line
model so customers are guaranteed a smooth trip all the time. Most of 5
Star’s vans can accommodate 15 people but the seats are removable if cargo
requires more space.

As for its rates, they are actually very competitive because even students and
budget travelers can well afford to rent this 5 Star’s vans. Major credit cards
are accepted but upon return of the van, renters may opt to pay in cash,
check or credit card.

5 Star Rent-A-Van always makes sure that the needs of its customers are met
for their full satisfaction. For travelers with driving licenses, they can just rent
vans from 5 Star and tour San Diego, Orange County or L.A. by themselves.
But for new visitors, they can opt to rent vans with drivers for a more
memorable and comfortable trip. They can even avail of airport shuttle
service vans upon their arrival should they so desire.

Another good news is that travelers wanting to avail of 5 Star Rent-A-Van
vehicles can already book online in the comfort of their home or office. This
makes the firm one of the few rental firms to use automated booking for
their clients. Just visit to book a van and there’s
absolutely no need to call.
So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your most comfortable trip in Southern
California using vans from 5 Star Rent-A-Van.

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