the waist of used tires by kmm321


									   Tie Waist Of Used Tires
   This time i want to be creative by using a lot of former bicycle tires we get
   in the trash and place tire or handyman or in the garage that is not in use
   at all. but with a little creativitywe can make these tires be good & useful or
   can even make money, this example maybe useful for some people and
   more concerned about hygiene.

   Follow These Steps - These Steps :

1) First prepare the raw material used tires do not ban cars because if we use
   verylarge tires, which we will wear, bicycle tire, to make it easier and

2) Prepare a belt buckle like the following image below, but I do not know
   whether thegoods are widely sold. To be sure with a little effort it must
   have a belt buckle you canfind.
3) Prepare the bolts / clamps that will be used to attach tires itu.anda can get

4) Cut The Tire As In The Picture And Make Some Holes As Variations

5) Pairs Of Tires On The Belt Buckles And Clamps With Bolts.
6) All Steps Have Been Completed I Hope You Are Satisfied With The
   Results Of Your Ownand Hopefully This Article Helps You To More
   Creative Again Thanks

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