New Munich Art Dolls by shuifanglj


									About us                                                                        Munich Art Doll movement of the early 20th century, when renowned doll
                                                                                artists such as Marion Kaulitz and Kathy Kruse began making more childlike
New Munich Art Dolls Company Ltd., NY                                           dolls that a little girl could mother. After pre-forming the wood – either bass
                                                                                or maple – on a plane, the heads are carved and lovingly sanded by hand
Hand in Hand
                                                                                down until they become smooth. Since carving wood is more difficult than
Thomas Dahl had originally planned to study Speech Therapy after finishing
                                                                                molding bisque, Elisabeth keeps the details of the models down to the
school, but first he had to do a year’s stint of community service as an
                                                                                absolute minimum, creating simple faces with a unique, touching appeal.
alternative to the draft, and worked as a home health worker, assisting
                                                                                Her friendship with Thomas Dahl, who sells her dolls in his shop, inspired
disabled senior citizens. When a grateful patient presented him with her
                                                                                the suggestion that he market 2 types produced after her models. Thomas
childhood doll, a K-Star-R 126, and a package of Agnes Lucas patterns, he
                                                                                designs cloth bodies, outfits and accessories for these 2 types, which are
tried to sell them and approached several antique dealers, but no one knew
                                                                                then sewn by hand by his own seamstresses in home industries using pure
what the toys were worth. Appraisals ranged from $50 to $500! So off to
                                                                                lambswool and cotton fabrics colored with natural dyes: The cotton bodies
the library to do some research. In the course of his investigations, Dahl
                                                                                are made of tightly-woven untreated cotton and stuffed in the traditional way
found a biography of Kathy Kruse – and was hooked! He began to collect
                                                                                with lambswool and/or cotton. Stockinet baby bodies are filled with natural
dolls, but since his student budget would not allow him to buy the pristine
                                                                                sand which blissfully absorbs body temperature. ..
antique dolls he admired, he began to comb flea markets for damaged dolls
                                                                                Thomas Dahl (Bonn) is responsible for the design and owns the rights of
which he brought home to repair in the workshop of his father’s dental
                                                                                sale and distribution for these 2 types in Licence.
practice. He sought advice from professional restorers of antiques, but
                                                                                                                                           Cambron Teupe
since no one knew much about fixing old dolls, he was forced to rely on
                                                                                Retailers are welcome.
books and on trial and error. As time went on, other collectors approached
                                                                                For further information please contact:
him with their broken dolls and, with his growing reputation, his hobby
became a profession.
                                                                                New Munich Art Dolls Comp. Ltd. NY
In 1986, he opened his first doll shop and clinic in the West German capital
                                                                                Wilhelmstr. 9
of Bonn, where he sells and repairs antique dolls and teddies as well as high   53111 Bonn
quality modern play dolls, such as Kathy Kruse, Sylvia Natterer and Sasha       Germany
Morgenthaler dolls. He has studied Kathy Kruse dolls extensively and is
known internationally as an expert on her work.
At an exhibition in Nürnberg in 1989, he first met Elisabeth Pongratz. Most
of the dolls on display were elaborately detailed bisque creations, but
Elisabeth’s wooden dolls stood apart in the irresistible charm of their
simplicity. She calls her dolls “Neue Münchner Künstlerpuppen” after the

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