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					The Corporate Responsibility Manager,
P.O. Box 222222,

Dear Ms Barb Briggs,

A significant proportion of inhabitants of Bweyogerere parish are low income communities living in
conditions of extreme poverty. They stay in neighborhoods littered with garbage, poor drainage
conditions, contaminated water supplies and air polluted by regular burning of wastes that
releases tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. BWEYOGERERE VILLAGE supports such vulnerable
communities by giving them a chance to actively participate in defining and implementing actions
that address problems pitting them against poverty. BWEYOGERERE VILLAGE will therefore
help those most affected (women, youth and children) to improve the way they care for their
environment so that future generations can enjoy its benefits.

However, it is difficult for BWEYOGERERE VILLAGE to meet those needs without help from
people like you. I am therefore writing to invite your business for a donation to help at least 10
youth clubs organize for a waste cleanup competition in their respective communities. This event
will target neighborhoods where such affected groups stay and will lead to launching of the Zero
Waste Cultural Gala at Nambole National Stadium, where the rest of the community members will
be encouraged to adopt a culture of separating their wastes before disposal.

During the waste clean-up event, youth clubs will be paired to compete for zero waste cup,
preferably at the host partner school’s play ground. The winning football club (with most points or
goal scores) will qualify for the knockout stage. Prior to each football match both youth clubs will
visit selected waste dump sites in the host community to carry out a joint clean-up exercise and
distribute sanitation kits to target households for construction of composit pits. The accompanying
school clubs will disseminate information on how to dig composit pits and separate wastes at the
households while; local leaders will a ground breaking ceremony for constructing the pits at the
selected sites. The youth clubs will mobilize the target households to participate in the event.

Being the first of its kind, this will mark the beginning of annual waste clean-up competitions in
similar sub-urban townships around Kampala. However, the event requires the following
equipment and materials: (i) sports equipment for the football competitions; (ii) sanitation kits for
cleaning up the neighborhoods and; (iii) an assortment of materials and tools to help students
develop promotional materials. These will all be provided through donations by businesses like
yours. The Zero Waste Campaign will be a major annual event and in future, the event will be
arranged to coincide with the world environment day that takes place on 5 June of each year.

Your business will be recognized on all promotional materials produced by BWEYOGERERE
VILLAGE, and on the final day of the campaign. Your donation will also be acknowledged in
BWEYOGERERE VILLAGE’s quarterly newsletter and the local media.

All contributions to the Zero Waste Campaign are tax-deductible. Our organization leans towards
supporting local businesses that donate to BWEYOGERERE VILLAGE and you can take pride in
being a good corporate citizen.

Please know that all contributions you make will positively impact BWEYOGERERE VILLAGE
particularly the vulnerable women, youths and children. I will follow up with you within the next
two weeks to discuss your possible donation. Thank you for considering our request.