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					                      Shohin St Louis II                                     Gatway Center
                       Bonsai Society of Greater St. Louis      One Gatway Center Dr
                        May 20-22, 2011                          Collinsville, IL 62234
                               Featuring Koji Hiramatsu from Takamatsu Japan

Shohin Enthusiast

At last the long awaited registration and workshop forms for Shohin St Louis II “a growing experience”
have arrived. The Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis would like to invite you to join us May 20-22, 2011
for a fun filled weekend of Shohin excitement. The featured guest artist Koji Hiramatsu from Takamatsu
Japan will conduct several workshops and demonstrations with various materials. The demonstration
trees will be raffled off after the final demonstration on Sun morning, plus we will also have daily raffles.

This event will again be held at the Gateway Center in Collinsville, IL. The great response to this facility
during the 2009, Shohin St. Louis prompted us to pursue this venue again. It is 12 miles from downtown
St Louis, has plenty of lodging close by, and lots of restaurants to choose from to meet everyone’s
appetite. If arriving to this event via the St Louis International Airport the venue is less than an hour’s
drive by rental car.

May 2011, is a busy month for bonsai people around the country; we hope our low registration fee of
$160 per person, great inexpensive workshops, and a promise of an action packed weekend featuring
Koji Hiramatsu will entice you to join us. Vendors, exhibits, and workshops will all be held in the same
convention space; participant will not miss one minute of this event do to activity’s being stung out over
several rooms. Workshops will have a limited number of participants assuring everyone has quality time
with the instructor.

A great list of vendors is assembling for this event. Natures Way, Meco Bonsai, Sara Rayner, Paulin
Muth, Bellota Enterprises, Satsuki Bonsai and Cass Bonsai are just a few of the participating vendors.

Full registrations will include a Saturday evening appreciation banquet. This will be a buffet style meal
held in an adjacent convention hall. The menu will include salad, delicious chicken, tender beef, veggies,
deserts, and non-alcoholic beverages. A cash bar and appetizers will precede the evening’s festivities.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to renew old friendships and make new one with other shohin/bonsai
enthusiast such as yourself.

Thank you
Bonsai Society of Greater St. Louis
Ted Piekutowski – Show Chairman
             Shohin St Louis II                                               Gateway Center
             Sponsored By The Bonsai Society Of Greater St Louis               Collinsville IL.
             May 20-22, 2011                                                “A Growing Experience”

                                               Registration Form

Name _____________________________________________________________


City__________________________ State______ Zip Code_____________

Phone(____)_____________________ Cell(____)_________________________

Email Address_______________________________________________________

MC/Visa# _____________________________ 3 Digit security code on reverse __ __ __

Expiration Date ___________________

Full Registration     $160 per person X______                          Amount $_____________

One Day Registration (circle one) Fri / Sat $75 per person X___ $_____________

                                        Workshop total form other page $_____________

                                     Extra Banquet Ticket $35 X ___            $_____________

                                                                   Total Enclosed $____________

Will you need exhibit space: Yes / No

Exhibit Space Size: 72” x 30” (full table) _____ or 36” x 30” (half table) _____

Special dietary or food allergy concerns:
Vegetarian __ Glutton__ Other__________
Full registration includes: access to demonstrations, exhibits, vendors market area, Saturday appreciation banquet,
and the privilege to watch workshops not participated in.

One day registration include: all of the above excluding the Saturday night appreciation banquet.

Spouses and Guest: not registered are welcome at the Saturday night banquet. Extra banquet ticket prices are $35
per person

Make checks payable to: Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis. Full payment is required at time of registration.
Check, money order, Master Card and Visa excepted.

Refunds: for workshop request that could not be filled, or because of cancellation by the instructor, will be
reimbursed by check via USPS after May 23, 2011.

Completed registration and workshop forms, plus a check, money order, or credit card information must be mailed
by May 16, 2011 to:
                                      Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis
                                             Shohin Convention
                                              50 Homeplate Ct
                                            O’ Fallon MO, 63366

Registration and workshop request received by or prior to May 13, 2011 will receive an email confirmation.

Lodging Accommodations: blocks of rooms are set aside with discounted rates for this event at the following.
Doubletree Hotel/ Collinsville 1000 Eastport Plaza Dr. Collinsville, IL 62234
800 551-5133 89.00 + tax Group code: SBC

Super 8 Motel 2 Gateway Dr. Collinsville, IL 62234                            Deadline for discounted room rates is
618 345 8008 62.99 + tax                               April 19th, 2011
Both of these places of lodging are very close to the convention center. Please use the group code or mention the
bonsai convention when booking your room. Both places have rooms reserved for Thurs May 19 th should you arrive
on the day prior.

Exhibit space: will be filled on a first come basis, these spaces will be filled by ascending date in which the
registration forms are received. There are twenty eight 72”x 30” tables dedicated to exhibits. Each registrant is
allowed a maximum of one table; half spaces are available. Participants granted exhibit space will be notified prior
to the event.

Workshops: will have a maximum of eight people. Workshops will be filled on a first come basis by ascending date
of received forms. When selecting workshops place a 1, 2, or 3 by workshop in the order of preference. If choosing
workshops on multiple days mark your preferences per day. Every effort will be made to fill your first choice.
Material will be picked by random number drawings. Tools and pots, if not provided by the workshop, are the
responsibility of the registrant.

Questions can be addressed at or 314 952-1317

NOTICE: only forms mailed via United States Postal Service will be accepted

On behalf of the Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis, “Thank you” for participating in Shohin St Louis II and we
look forward to seeing you in May                    Ted Piekutowski – Show Chairman
                                    Workshop Request Form
Friday, May 20th Morning Session

Koji Hiramatsu     Pinus Parviflora “miyajima”          $275______
Evan Dodd & Ken Davis          European Olive             $75______
Pauline Muth         Collected American Larch             $50______
Dave Kreutz      Beginner 1gal. Domestic Azalea           $40______

Friday May 20th Afternoon Session

Koji Harimatsu        Shimpaku Juniper “kishu”           $175______
Brian Ciskowski                  Ficus Silicifolia       $100______
Pauline Muth                Accents for Shohin            $60______
Dave Kreutz            10”-12” Azalea ¾” trunk           $300______
Jim Doyle                 Minature Landscape             $125______

Saturday May21st Morning Session

Koji Harimatsu                   Ulmus “Elm”             $150______
Jack Bacus     Porcumbens Nana / “Jack” pot               $90______
Evan Dodd & Ken Davis        Japanese Maple               $85______
Pauline Muth           Shimpaku Shohin Raft              $100______
Dave Kreutz            Bring Your Own Tree                $25______

Saturday May21st Afternoon Session

Pauline Muth            Shohin Larch Forest              $175______
Dave Kreutz         8” Azalea 1 ½”–2” trunk              $450______
Jim Doyle              Deciduous Decisions                $85______

Workshops are a maximum of 8 people
Full or One Day registrations are required for participation in workshops
All forms and payment must be received via United States Postal Service

Mail to:                            Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis
                                            Shohin Convention
                                             50 Homeplate Ct.
                                           O’ Fallon, MO 63366
                        Shohin St Louis II Instructors and Workshops

Koji Hiramatsu- Shohin St Louis II’s featured guest artist is a resides in Takamatsu Japan, runs
Hiramatsu Syunsyouen Nursery. Is an authorized instructor of the Japan Bonsai Association, director &
instructor of All Japan Syouhin Bonsai Association. Koji has been practicing bonsai for over 20 years.

Pinus Parviflora “miyajima” – 12 years old grafted on Japanese Black Pine understock
                                  $275 per person     Limit 8 people

Shimpaku Juniper “kishu” – 10 years old grafted on San Jose Juniper understock
                                $175 per person     Limit 8 people

Ulmus “elm”- Imported from Japan this trees have had some pre shaping done on then, will make a
great addition to a shohin collection. $160 per person Limit 8 people

      Pauline Muth
Collected American Larch – After a comprehensive lesson on American Larch, participants will create
your own shohin tree from tiny trees collected in Northern Maine. Trees will be styled but not potted
during the workshop. $50 per person         Limit 8 people

Accents for Shohin – After a lesson on shohin accent plants, each person will plant 3 accent plants
selected from wide choice of plants in accent containers custom made for the convention in several
styles by Pauline Muth.   $60 per person Limit 8 people

Shimpaku Shohin Raft – After a lesson on raft plantings and shimpaku juniper care for bonsai,
participants will create a shohin raft planting. Container included. $100 per person Limit 8 People

Shohin Larch Forest – After a comprehensive lesson on Larch and this type of grouping, we will use
Larch groups collected in the far north of Canada. The material is well established in pots to create a
Larch forest in true miniature. Container included. $175 per person Limit 6 people

      Jim Doyle – Owner of Natures Way Bonsai in Pennsylvania. Jim is a seasoned veteran at
instructing bonsai workshops, he is very knowledgeable about the material he presents to participants
for workshops.

Miniature Landscape – Saikei plantings are fun and offer a variety of designs.Join Jim in creation and
theory using a handmade Ron Lang rock looking slab with a variety of miniature plants, moss, collected
Oklahoma stone, and handout. Any level of experience. $125 per person Limit 8 people

Deciduous Decisions – Here is an opportunity to work with 3 selected imported trees from Japan.
These small but “mighty” rare species include Gingko, Spirea, Viburnum, Euoynmus, Maple and others.
Pots and care sheet included. Intermediate to advanced level of experience.   $85 per person
Limit 8 people
     Brian Ciskowski –          one of the owners of Cass Bonsai Nursery in Edwardsville IL. Brian has been
practicing and educating people interested in bonsai for many years.

Ficus Silicifolia – Great tropicals, some pre work has been done on these trees.
                   $100 per person       Limit 8 people

     Jack Bacus- Local Member of the Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis, Jack has been educating
bonsai enthusiast and club members for 20 plus years. He takes great pride in his other hobby, creating
ceramic master pieces.

Procumbens Nana Juniper – These junipers will look exceptional in the one of a kind, handmade,
ceramic “Jack” pots provided with this workshop. $90 per person Limit 8 people

     Evan Dodd & Ken Davis – Evan is one of the founding members of the Bonsai Society of
Greater St Louis: Ken is a bonsai horticulturist transplanted to St Louis from Fresno California. Both are
very knowledgeable about bonsai and enjoy teaching other people about their passions.

European Olive – Field grown in California, relocated in pots to St Louis in 2005, potted in Chinese
ceramic pots 2010. $75 per person Limit 8 people

Japanese Maple – clump and single trunk specimens of “koto and Kiyo hime” varieties. Air layered/
separated in 2009, potted in Chinese ceramic pots 2010. $85 per person Limit 8 people

     Dave Kreutz – Owner of Satsuki Bonsai-En, one of the most knowledgeable instructors of
Azaleas in the United States.

Beginner 1 gal. domestic Azalea - $40 per person Limit 8 people

10”-12” Azalea ¾” trunk – imported from Japan potted in kanuma $300 per person Limit 8 people

Bring Your Own Tree – Bring a shohin with you or buy a tree from one of the convention vendors,
Dave will help you style it and give participants advise on how to keep it alive.
$25 per person Limit 8 people

8” Azalea with 1 ½” – 2” trunks – imported from Japan potted in kanuma, better than the same
Azaleas use in Shohin St Louis 2009 $450 per person Limit 8 people

Pictures of workshop material can be viewed on the Bonsai Society of Greater St Louis’ website

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