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The Gold Coast of Opportunity
A A H A M ’ S 3 9 TH A N N U A L N A T I O N A L I N S T I T U T E

            Is Blowing in the Wind
               A A H A M          A N I           2 0 0 8

                      Registration Brochure
                            October 8-10, 2008
                          Hyatt Regency Chicago
                             Chicago, Illinois
                                          Join	us	at	the	one	and	only	AAHAM	Annual	National	Institute

                                      A Magnificent Mile of Education is Blowing in the Wind
                                                     AAHAM 39TH ANNUAL NATIONAL INSTITUTE
                                                       October	8-10,	2008,	Chicago,	Illinois.	

            Important reasons why you need to attend AAHAM’s ANI…                                           Who attends:
        •	 Attend	top	notch	educational	sessions	                                 •	 Patient	Financial	Services	Personnel
        •	 Hear	exceptional	speakers                                              •	 Patient	Account	Managers
        •	 Learn	real	solutions	to	day-to-day	challenges	from	                    •	 Business	Office	Personnel
           industry	leaders	                                                      •	 Medical	Billing	Professionals
        •	 Learn	new	techniques	                                                  •	 Medical	Office	Managers
        •	 Acquire	new	skills                                                     •	 Access	Managers
        •	 Find	out	about	the	latest	in	products	and	services	                    •	 Coding	Professionals	
           available	to	our	industry	                                             •	 Compliance	Officers
        •	 Earn	continuing	education	units	(CEUs)                                 •	 Chief	Financial	Officers
        •	 Network	with	your	colleagues	
        •	 Find	out	about	the	important	topics	impacting	
                                                                               Catch the wind of knowledge in an active networking environment
                                                                              Enjoy	 this	 once	 a	 year,	 unique	 opportunity	 to	 network	 with	
                                                                              colleagues	 and	 industry	 leaders	 from	 across	 the	 country,	 to	
     Miles of education in your revenue cycle begin with                      share	 ideas	 and	 learn	 useful	 new	 solutions	 to	 your	 day-	 to-
                                                                              day	 challenges.	 ANI	 social	 events	 are	 an	 integral	 part	 of	 the	
     AAHAM’s industry-renowned speakers.                                      networking	experience,	a	catalyst	for	building	relationships	in	a	
                                                                              fun	and	informative	atmosphere.	
This	year	we	have	two	keynote	speakers,	Humorist,	Ronald	P.	
Culberson,	MSW,	CSP	and	professional	speaker,	Jack	Agati,	MS.	
In	addition	to	these	popular	keynotes,	we	have	over	40	speakers	               Breeze Through Our Exhibit Hall
on	five	separate	healthcare	tracks;	Management/Revenue	Cycle,	                Get	 up	 close	 and	 personal	 with	 the	 latest	 array	 of	 products	
Access/Quality	 Management,	 Physicians/Clinics,	 Leadership/                 and	 services	 from	 over	 80	 vendors	 dedicated	 to	 the	 patient	
Professional	 Development	 and	 Compliance,	 all	 designed	 with	             financial	services	industry.	Featured	vendor	categories	include,	
your	continuing	education	in	mind.		This	year’s	ANI	will	help	                software,	EDI,	billing	and	collection,	receivable	management,	
you	become	a	more	valuable	resource	to	your	facility	and	your	                collections,	government	reimbursement,	information	systems,	
colleagues.	 Return	 to	 your	 office	 with	 real	 solutions	 and	 new	       office	management,	recruitment	and	staffing,	training,	revenue	
ideas	that	you	can	put	to	use	immediately.		                                  auditing,	office	forms	and	supplies	and	consulting	services.

                                                                    Mission Statement
            To	provide	education,	certification,	networking,	and	advocacy	for	healthcare	revenue	cycle	professionals.

	   The	American	Association	of	Healthcare	Administrative	Management	(AAHAM)	is	a	national	professional	association	of	thirty-
seven	chapters	and	over	2600	healthcare	patient	financial	services	professionals	from	hospitals,	clinics,	billing	offices,	allied	vendors,	
physicians	and	multi	physician	groups.		AAHAM	members	direct	the	activities	of	the	thousands	of	people	who	are	employed	in	the	
healthcare	industry.	
	   AAHAM	is	the	preeminent	professional	organization	for	revenue	cycle	professionals	and	is	known	for	its	prestigious	certification	
and	educational	programs.	Advancing	the	professional	development	of	its	members	is	one	of	the	primary	goals	of	the	association.	
AAHAM	actively	represents	the	interests	of	its	members	through	a	comprehensive	program	of	legislative	and	regulatory	monitoring	
and	participation	in	industry	groups	such	as	WEDI,	X12,	DISA,	and	NUBC.	

II                                                                                             AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
    Table of Contents                                                                                  Schedule at a Glance
Why	you	need	to	attend	the	ANI	.........	inside	front	cover                                           Tuesday, October 7
Who	attends	..........................................	inside	front	cover
                                                                                                      6:00	pm	 –	 9:00	pm		                           Registration
Mission	Statement	.................................	inside	front	cover
Schedule	at	a	Glance		........................................................1
                                                                                                      Wednesday, October 8
Keynote	Speakers		.............................................................2
                                                                                                      7:30	am	 –	 5:30	pm	                            Registration
General	Session	Speakers		.................................................2
                                                                                                      8:00	am	 –	 11:45	am	                        Board	Meeting
Tentative	Schedule	of	Events		...........................................5
	 Tuesday	October	7,	2008		..................................................... 5                    12:00	pm	–	 1:30	pm		             CPAM/CCAM	Luncheon		
	    Wednesday,	October	8,	2008		............................................... 5                    	         	 	                      and	Awards	Presentation	
	    Thursday,	October	9,	2008		.................................................. 5                  1:45	pm	 –	 2:30	pm	     Annual	Business	Meeting	&	Awards	
	    Friday,	October	10,	2008		..................................................... 7
                                                                                                      2:45	pm	 –	 4:15	pm	 OPENING	KEYNOTE	SESSION
While	in	Chicago		...........................................................10                       5:00	pm	 –	 6:00	pm	          First	Timers	&	New	Member		
     Dining	................................................................................. 10      	        	 	                          Reception	with	Board
	    Shopping	............................................................................. 10
                                                                                                      6:00	pm	 –	 7:30	pm	     Welcome	Reception	in	Exhibit	Hall
	    Attractions	........................................................................... 10
	    Museum		.............................................................................. 11        9:00	pm	 –	 Midnight	                      Hospitality	Suite,		
	    Theater	................................................................................ 11      	        	 	                     hosted by the Illinois Chapter	
	    Nightlife	.............................................................................. 11
	    Chicago	Websites	................................................................ 11
                                                                                                      Thursday, October 9
Important	Information	....................................................12
                                                                                                      7:30	am	 –	 4:30	pm	                            Registration
	 Hotel	Accommodations		..................................................... 12
	    Hyatt	Regency	Chicago		..................................................... 12                  8:00	am	 –	 9:00	am	 Continental	Breakfast	in	Exhibit	Hall
	    Travel	Arrangements		.......................................................... 12               9:15	am	 –	 10:45	am	               KEYNOTE	SESSION	
     Auto	Rental	Rates		.............................................................. 12	
                                                                                                      10:45	am	–	 11:00	am	                                   Break
     Attire		 .................................................................................. 12
	    Social	Events		...................................................................... 12         11:00	am	–	 12:30	pm	        CONCURRENT	SESSIONS
	    Exhibitors	............................................................................ 13       12:30	pm	–	 2:00	pm	        Buffet	Luncheon	in	Exhibit	Hall
Registration	Form	...........................................................14                       2:00	pm	 –	 3:00	pm	         CONCURRENT	SESSIONS
ANI	2008	Registration	Information	...............................15                                   3:15	pm	 –	 4:15	pm	         CONCURRENT	SESSIONS
AAHAM	Contact	Information	 .......................................16                                  6:00	pm	 –	 7:00	pm	                  President’s	Reception
AAHAM	Membership	Form	...........................................17                                   7:00	pm	 –	 Midnight	               Annual	Awards	Banquet

                                                                                                      Friday, October 10
                                                                                                      8:45	am	 –	 3:00	pm	                            Registration
                                                                                                      9:00	am	 –	 10:00	am	Continental	Breakfast	in	Exhibit	Hall
                                                                                                      10:15	am	–	 11:45	am		       CONCURRENT	SESSIONS
                                                                                                      12:00	pm	–	 1:30	pm	        Buffet	Luncheon	in	Exhibit	Hall
                                                                                                      1:30	pm	 –	 2:30	pm	         CONCURRENT	SESSIONS
                                                                                                      2:45	pm	 –	 3:45	pm	         CONCURRENT	SESSIONS
                                                                                                      4:00	pm	 –	 5:00	pm	                 CLOSING	SESSION	
                                                                                                      5:00	pm		 	 	                         Conference	Adjourns

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                                                      1
    Keynote Speakers
                                Ronald P Culberson                                                                     Jack Agati
                                MSW, CSP                                                                               MS
                                As	 a	 speaker,	 humorist,	 columnist	 and	                                            Jack	 has	 worked	 as	 a	
                                author	 of	 “Is	 Your	 Glass	 Laugh	 Full?”,	                                          keynote	 speaker	 and	
                                Ron’s	mission	is	to	help	healthcare	staff	and	                                         trainer	 in	 the	 child	
                                leaders	 achieve	 a	 new	 level	 of	 excellence	                                       development,	       human	
                                using	 humor	 to	 minimize	 stress	 and	                                               behavior,	 management	
                                maximize	effectiveness.	He	shows	people	                                               strategies	 and	 the	 social	
                                how	 to	 have	 more	 fun	 while	 preserving	                                           aspects	 of	 business	 for	
                                the	integrity	of	the	work	they	do	and	the	                                             the	 past	 twenty	 years.	
                                lives	they	lead.	Plus,	he’s	just	darn	funny.	                                          He	 has	 appeared	 on	
                                	     For	 ten	 years,	 Ron	 Culberson	                                                numerous	 television	 and	
worked	as	a	home	care	social	worker,	Manager	of	Counseling	Services	                  radio	 programs	 and	 is	 currently	 working	 on	 his	 first	
and	Director	of	Quality	Services	at	Hospice	of	Northern	Virginia	(now	                book	 “Beyond	 Difficult,”	 life	 strategies	 for	 personal	
Capital	Hospice).	He	also	served	in	the	Division	of	Child	Protection	                 and	 management	 success.	 Jack	 is	 the	 creator	 of	 the	
at	 Children’s	 National	 Medical	 Center	 in	 Washington,	 DC.	 These	               audio	series	“Why	Do	Kids	Do	The	Things	They	Do?	
experiences	exposed	him	to	the	challenges	of	healthcare	from	the	front	               And	What	You	Can	Do	About	It”.
line	to	middle	management	to	senior	management.	                                      Mr.	 Agati	 is	 a	 graduate	 of	 West	 Virginia	 University	
	    Ron	earned	his	Certified	Speaking	Professional	(CSP)	designation,	               and	 has	 his	 Master’s	 Degree	 in	 Counseling	 from	 the	
which	 is	 the	 profession’s	 measure	 of	 professional	 skill	 and	 had	 been	       University	of	Vermont.	Jack	spent	over	fifteen	years	in	
received	 by	 less	 the	 7%	 of	 speakers	 worldwide.	 He	 has	 successfully	         public	education	as	a	teacher,	counselor	and	Director	
turned	a	social	disability	of	talking	too	much	into	a	lucrative	career	as	a	          of	Special	Education.	
professional	speaker.	See	clips	of	Ron’s	presentations	at	www.funsulting.

    General Session Speakers
There	are	Miles	and	Miles	of	New	Learning	Experiences	with	these	featured	speakers:	
David Adcock, Esquire                             Virginia Berney,	CPAM, CCAM                         Robert Borchert, MBA, FHFMA, CPAM
Mr.	Adcock	is	currently	a	Public	Interest	        Ms.	Berney’s	career	has	included	running	           Mr.	Borchert	is	the	Practice	Area	Leader	
Securities	 Arbitrator	 for	 the	 NYSE.	 He	      operations	 and	 the	 billing	 office	 for	 an	     for	 the	 Revenue	 Cycle	 Management	
has	 over	 thirty	 years	 of	 experience	 in	     urgent	 care	 facility	 and	 as	 an	 Instructor	    Practice.	 He	 has	 over	 twenty-five	 years	
dispute	 resolution	 and	 healthcare	 law.	       at	 High-Tech	 Institute	 in	 their	 Medical	       of	 healthcare	 experience	 as	 a	 Director	
He	has	served	as	the	General	Counsel	for	         Billing	and	Coding	program.	She	has	been	           with	 an	 international	 consulting	 firm	
Duke	 University	 and	 Duke	 University	          a	 member	 of	 AAHAM	 since	 1989	 and	             and	 President	 of	 his	 own	 company.	 His	
Health	 System,	 where	 he	 established	 a	       was	 National	 AAHAM	 Re-certification	             team	focuses	on	enhancing	revenue	cycle	
nationally-renowned	arbitration	program	          Sub	Chair.	She	has	held	several	positions	          operations,	 systems	 and	 process	 with	
for	healthcare	disputes.			He	has	received	       in	 AAHAM’s	 Gopher	 chapter;	 Board	               the	 intention	 of	 decreased	 denials	 and	
degrees	 from	 the	 University	 of	 North	        Member,	 Vice	 President,	 Certification	           increased	cash	collections.	His	group	has	
Carolina	 (BA)	 and	 Duke	 University	            Chair,	and	Editor	of	their	award	winning	           done	work	for	the	Military	Health	System,	
School	of	Law	(JD).                               newsletter.	                                        the	 Indian	 Health	 Service,	 the	 Veterans	
                                                                                                      Administration	 Health	 Services	 and	
Chris Becraft,	MBA, IFCCE                         Lorrie Borchert,	CPC, CPAM                          civilian	health	systems	as	well	as	physician	
Mr.	 Becraft	 is	 President	 of	 Collection	      Ms.	 Borchert	 is	 the	 President	 of	 Best	        practices.	 Rob	 holds	 a	 Bachelor’s	 and	
Service	 Bureau,	 Inc.,	 an	 ACA	                 Practice	 Training	 Institute.	 She	 has	           Masters	Degree	from	St.	Louis	University,	
International	 PPMS	 Certified	 collection	       conducted	education	and	training	sessions	          and	 his	 MBA	 from	 Fordham	 University.	
agency	 that	 specializes	 exclusively	 in	       in	 revenue	 cycle	 areas	 for	 over	 ten	 years	   He	 is	 a	 Fellow	 and	 Certified	 Healthcare	
healthcare	 account	 recovery.	 He	 is	           for	 health	 systems,	 physician	 practices,	       Financial	Professional,	a	Certified	Patient	
President	 of	 the	 Arizona	 Collectors	          the	military	health	system	and	the	Indian	          Accounts	Manager	and	former	President	
Association,	 served	 as	 Chairman	 of	           Health	 Service.	 She	 is	 currently	 the	          of	the	AAHAM	Hawthorn	chapter.
the	 ACA	 Healthcare	 Service	 Program	           second	 vice	 president	 of	 the	 Virginia	
and	 been	 on	 the	 Board	 of	 Directors	 of	     AAHAM	chapter.	
ACA	International	since	1998.

2                                                                                             AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
General Session Speakers continued
Ardith Campbell, CPC, CPC-H, CCP                  Brian Flood, Esquire, CFS, AHFI                    Solution,	 and	 AccessDirect	 Workflow	
Ms.	 Campbell	 is	 an	 Account	 Manger	           Mr.	Flood	is	National	Managing	Director	           Software.	 He	 received	 his	 Bachelors	
for	 Accuro,	 a	 MedAssets	 Company.	             for	 Investigation	 and	 Integrity	 Advisory	      degree	from	Northwestern	University.
She	 has	 over	 twenty	 years	 of	 healthcare	    Services	 for	 KPMG’s	 Dallas	 Forensic	
experience.	 Ardith	 has	 been	 a	 trainer	       Practice.		Prior	to	joining	KPMG,	he	was	          Adam Holzhauer, FACHE
in	 healthcare	 facilities	 as	 a	 utilization	   the	Inspector	General	for	the	Health	and	          Mr.	Holzhauer	is	the	President	and	CEO	
reviewer	 where	 she	 reviewed	 charts	 for	      Human	 Services	 Commission	 of	 Texas,	           of	 Master	 Ventures.	 His	 has	 over	 forty	
healthy	documentation	practices.	She	is	a	        appointed	 by	 the	 Governor.	 	 In	 that	         years	of	healthcare	experience	as	a	hospital	
Certified	 Professional	 Coder,	 a	 Certified	    position,	 he	 oversaw	 a	 staff	 of	 over	 500	   controller,	administrator,	and	co-founder	
Professional	 Coder-Hospital	 and	 a	             that	 recovered	 or	 cost	 avoided,	 almost	 3	    of	 several	 healthcare	 companies.	 As	 a	
Certified	Coding	Professional.                    billion	 dollars	 for	 the	 state	 Health	 and	    hospital	 and	 collection	 professional,	 he	
                                                  Human	 Services	 System.	 Previously,	             also	is	the	founder	of	Pediatrics	Services	
John Currier,	CPAM                                Brian	was	Chief	of	the	Specialized	Crime	          of	America,	Inc.,	a	provider	of	children’s	
Mr.	 Currier	 is	 Director	 of	 Patient	          Division	 in	 the	 Dallas	 County	 District	       healthcare	 and	 related	 services.	 Mr.	
Financial	 Services	 at	 Illinois	 Valley	        Attorney’s	 Office,	 where	 he	 prosecuted	        Holzhauer	 holds	 his	 BS	 degree	 from	
Community	 Hospital.	 He	 has	 been	 in	          white	collar	crimes.		Brian	is	an	Accredited	      Eastern	Illinois	University.				
healthcare	 management	 for	 over	 twenty	        Health	 Care	 Fraud	 Investigator,	 AHFI	
years,	dealing	in	all	aspects	of	the	revenue	     and	 a	 Certified	 Fraud	 Specialist,	 CFS.	   	
cycle	 for	 hospital	 and	 physicians.	 John	     He	 received	 his	 Law	 degree	 from	 Texas	       Garry Keute
holds	a	BS	in	Education	from	Illinois	State	      Wesleyan	University	School	of	Law,	and	            Mr.	 Keute	 is	 the	 Director	 of	 Business	
University	&	a	MS	in	Administration	from	         his	BA	fromTexas	A&M	University.	                  Development	 at	 VisionShare	 Inc.	 He	 has	
the	University	of	Illinois.	John	is	currently	                                                       been	the	lead	project	manager	for	statewide	
Chairman	 of	 the	 Board	 for	 AAHAM’s	           Linda Fotheringill,	Esquire                        Medicare	 Administrative	 Contractor	
Illinois	 Chapter	 is	 the	 Committee	 Chair	     Ms.	Fotheringill	is	a	founding	member	of	          transition	 events	 in	 ten	 states.	 Garry	 has	
for	 Chapter	 Development	 for	 National	         Washington	 &	 West,	 LLC	 and	 the	 law	          in-depth	 knowledge	 of	 Medicare	 Reform	
AAHAM.	                                           firm	 of	 Fotheringill	 &	 Wade,	 LLC.	 She	       and	has	been	helping	healthcare	providers	
                                                  focuses	 on	 third	 party	 revenue	 recovery	      deal	with	re-establishing	EDI	relationships	
Ann Diamond                                       and	 represents	 clients	 in	 insurance	           with	 new	 Medicare	 contractors	 without	
Ms.	 Diamond	 is	 Vice	 President	 of	            contract	 disputes,	 medial	 malpractice	          interruption	 of	 their	 current	 Medicare	
Marketing	 at	 MedAssets.	 She	 has	 more	        actions	 and	 in	 the	 Medicare	 appeals	          reimbursement	processes.
than	 twenty	 five	 years	 of	 healthcare	        process.	She	began	her	career	as	a	hospital	
experience	 as	 a	 provider	 and	 payor.	 She	    based	Physician	Assistant	and	also	worked	      Rebecca Kidder,	RN, CPUR, CPC-P
works	with	hospitals	in	helping	to	improve	       with	 Medical	 Mutual	 Liability	 Insurance	    Ms.	 Kidder	 is	 a	 Compliance	 Supervisor	
AR	 performance	 utilizing	 improved	             Society	of	Maryland.	She	graduated	cum	         for	 Marietta	 Memorial	 Hospital	 in	 their	
processes	 and	 tools.	 Prior	 to	 joining	       laude	for	the	University	of	Baltimore	Law	      Utilization	 Management	 Department.	
MedAssets,	 she	 worked	 with	 Accenture,	        School.	                                        She	 has	 worked	 in	 healthcare	 as	 a	
providing	 knowledge	 management	                                                                 Registered	Nurse	for	almost	thirty	years.	
consulting	 services	 to	 the	 healthcare	 IT	    Thomas Gavinski                                 She	 holds	 certifications	 as	 a	 Professional	
market.	 She	 spent	 eighteen	 years	 in	 the	    Mr.	Gavinski	is	Vice	President,	Healthcare	 in	 Utilization	 Review	 and	 as	 a	 Certified	
Industry		Healthcare	Group	of	Electronic	         Division	 for	 I.C.	 System,	 Inc.	 He	 has	 Professional	Coder	&	Payor.	
Data	Systems.	Ann	graduated	cum	laude	            over	 twenty	 years	 of	 healthcare	 revenue	
with	 a	 BA	 in	 Business	 from	 Vanderbilt	      cycle	management	experience	with	Allina	 William Malm,	ND, RN
University.                                       Hospitals	 and	 Clinics	 and	 the	 Sisters	 of	 Mr.	 Malm	 is	 the	 Practice	 Director	 for	
                                                  St.	 Frances	 Healthcare	 System.	 He	 has	 Revenue	 Cycle	 Management	 Consulting	
Theresa Donohue,	MBA                              led	 several	 revenue	 cycle	 improvement	 and	 the	 Revenue	 Cycle	 Institute	 at	
Ms.	 Donohue	 is	 a	 Senior	 Consulting	          initiatives	including	Patient	Access,	HIM/ HCPro,	 Inc.	 He	 has	 more	 than	 twenty	
Manager	 for	 IMA	 Consulting.	 She	 has	         Coding,	 Business	 Office,	 and	 Back-end	 years	of	experience	in	clinical	and	financial	
over	twenty	years	of	experience	in	Patient	       Collection	 business	 practices.	 Tom	 is	 a	 healthcare,	 including	 compliance	 officer,	
Access,	 Patient	 Financial	 Services	 and	       published	 author	 and	 faculty	 member	 of	 revenue	cycle	specialist,	and	chargemaster	
System	Implementation.		Prior	to	joining	         several	trade	organizations.	                   specialist.	 He	 has	 been	 compliance	
IMA	 Consulting,	 Terri	 worked	 in	 both	                                                        officer	 and	 director	 of	 revenue	 integrity	
the	hospital	and	physician	group	practice	        Gaurav Gupta                                    for	 several	 facilities	 and	 specialized	 in	
settings.	She	graduated	Summa	Cum	laude	          Mr.	 Gupta	 is	 Manager	 Professional	 revenue	cycle	corrective-action	plans	and	
from	Widener	University	and	earned	her	           Services	 at	 MedAssets,	 Inc.	 He	 has	 an	 implementations	 at	 mid-sized	 hospitals.	
MBA	from	St.	Joseph’s	University.	                extensive	 background	 in	 revenue	 cycle	 Bill	 currently	 also	 practices	 clinically	
                                                  consulting	with	expertise	in	Patient	Access	 within	 a	 trauma	 center	 leading	 to	 his	
                                                  and	Business	Office	workflow	redesign.		He	 specialty	 of	 Emergency	 Department	
                                                  led	the	development	of	MedAssets’	Point	 revenue	cycle	management.	
                                                  of	Service	Cash	Collection	Improvement	

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                                   3
 General Session Speakers continued
Keith Maurer,	Esquire                              Daniel O’Neill, Ed. M.                          Tracy Wade,	Esquire
Mr.	Maurer	is	the	Director	of	Healthcare	          Mr.	 O’Neill	 is	 President	 of	 Operational	   Ms.	 Wade	 is	 a	 founding	 member	 of	
and	 Insurance	 Alternative	 Dispute	              Management	Systems,	Inc.	He	specializes	        Washington	&	West,	LLC	and	has	focused	
Resolution	 Services	 for	 the	 National	          in	 acute	 care	 hospital	 operation	           her	 entire	 career	 representing	 hospitals	
Arbitration	 Forum.	 He	 manages	                  improvement	 with	 an	 emphasis	 in	            across	 the	 country	 in	 their	 disputes	 with	
mediation	 and	 arbitration	 programs	 in	         central	 scheduling	 and	 process	 control	     third-party	 payors.	 She	 has	 resolved	
the	 healthcare	 and	 insurance	 sectors.	         techniques.	 He	 has	 consulted	 in	 many	      thousands	 of	 denied	 and	 underpaid	
Keith	 focuses	 on	 educating	 healthcare	         industries	and	focuses	on	the	principles	of	    medical	 insurance	 claims.	 She	 gained	
facilities,	 providers,	 insurers,	 attorneys	     using	centralized	scheduling	to	maximize	       an	 understanding	 of	 hospital	 insurance	
and	 consumers	 about	 alternative	 dispute	       revenue	cycle	improvement	outcomes.	            issues	 while	 working	 her	 way	 through	
resolutions.	 He	 received	 his	 law	 degree	                                                      undergraduate	and	law	school	as	a	registrar	
from	 William	 Mitchell	 College	 of	 Law	         Tony Rinkenberger,	MS                           in	 the	 Emergency	 Departments	 of	 the	
and	graduated	magna	cum	laude	from	St.	            Mr.	Rinkenberger	is	Practice	Management	 Cleveland	 Clinic	 Foundation	 and	 UCLA	
John’s	University.                                 Director	 for	 On	 Call	 Medical.	 He	 has	 Medical	 Center.	 She	 has	 her	 law	 degree	
                                                   twenty	 years	 of	 experience	 improving	 from	Cleveland-Marshall	College	of	Law.	
Hans Morefield                                     revenues,	 operational	 performance	 and	
Mr.	 Morefield	 is	 Senior	 Vice	 President	       IT	integration	in	healthcare	organizations	 Bob Wagner,	CPAM
for	 SCI	 Solutions.	 He	 is	 responsible	 for	    ranging	 from	 specialty	 clinics	 to	 multi- Bob	 Wagner	 is	 the	 Corporate	 Director	
managing	strategic	partner	relationships.	         hospital	systems.	Tony	has	his	MS	degree	 of	Patient	Financial	Services	at	Nebraska	
Prior	 to	 joining	 SCI	 Solutions,	 he	 was	 a	   from	Des	Moines	University	Osteopathic	 Methodist	Health	System.	He	directs	the	
Senior	Manager	with	Cap	Gemini	Ernst	              Medical	Center.	                                revenue	 cycle	 operations	 for	 Nebraska	
&	 Young,	 where	 he	 focused	 on	 strategic	                                                      Methodist	 Hospital,	 Jennie	 Edmundson	
information	 systems	 planning	 and	 the	          Troy Roth                                       Memorial	 Hospital	 and	 Methodist	
design,	 selection,	 and	 implementation	          Mr.	 Roth	 is	 Vice	 President	 and	 Product	 Physicians	 Clinic.	 An	 AAHAM	 member	
of	 enterprise	 patient	 systems.	 Prior	 to	      Owner	at	Accuro,	a	MedAssets	Company. since	 1980,	 he	 served	 as	 AAHAM’s	
Ernst	 &	 Young,	 Hans	 managed	 project	          He	has	experience	in	healthcare	revenue	 Aksarben’s	 Chapter	 President	 from	
implementations	 and	 participated	 in	            cycle,	 managed	 care	 and	 finance	 at	 the	 1997-2000.
product	development	for	Healthcare	Data	           corporate	 level	 of	 organizations	 such	 as	
Exchange.	He	has	his	BA	from	Kalamazoo	            Humana,	HCA	and	Triad	Hospitals.	Troy	 Lois Wakefield,	CPAM, CCAM
College.	                                          received	 his	 BA	 from	 Texas	 State	 and	 is	 Ms.	 Wakefield	 is	 a	 healthcare	 consultant	
                                                   currently	pursuing	his	MBA.	                    for	 Healthia	 Consulting.	 Her	 career	 has	
Kenneth Morgan                                                                                     encompassed	both	operations	and	business	
Mr.	 Morgan	 is	 a	 Senior	 Consultant	            Josef Spencer,	MBA, PMP                         office	 functions	 as	 the	 Central	 Business	
with	 Gustafson	 +	 Associates.	 His	 career	      Mr.	 Spencer	 is	 a	 Senior	 Consulting	 Office	 director	 for	 two	 large	 healthcare	
spans	 over	 twenty	 years	 in	 healthcare	        Manager	 for	 IMA	 Consulting.	 	 He	 has	 systems.	An	AAHAM	member	since	1994,	
and	 includes	 extensive	 consulting	              over	 twenty	 five	 years	 of	 experience	 in	 Ms.	 Wakefield	 has	held	several	positions	
experience	 in	 revenue	 cycle	 assessments	       providing	 innovative	 solutions	 to	 the	 in	 the	 AAHAM	 Gopher	 Chapter	 and	
and	management	of	hospital	and	medical	            technical	 challenges	 faced	 in	 various	 serves	as	the	National	AAHAM	Grading	
practices.	 He	 has	 implemented	 process	         healthcare	environments.	Prior	to	joining	 Sub	Chair.	
improvement	 and	 receivable	 reduction	           IMA	 Consulting,	 Josef	 was	 the	 Chief	
plans	 for	 hospital	 systems,	 academic	          Information	 Officer	 for	 The	 Medical	 Brian Wetzel,	CHAM
medical	 centers,	 specialty	 care	 and	           University	 of	 Ohio	 where	 he	 was	 the	 Mr.	 Wetzel	 is	 the	 Administrative	
community	 based	 hospitals.	 He	 is	 a	           technology	 and	 transformation	 leader	 Coordinator	 of	 Operational	 Planning	
frequent	speaker	and	has	been	published	           for	 the	 university	 medical	 center	 and	 at	 Orlando	 Regional	 Healthcare	 where	
in	 a	 variety	 of	 trade	 journals	 including	    specialized	 physician	 group.	 He	 has	 his	 for	the	past	thirteen	years	he	has	worked	
USA	Today.	                                        BS	from	Columbia	Union	College	and	his	 exclusively	 in	 the	 revenue	 cycle.	 He	 has	
                                                   MBA	from	the	University	of	Maryland.	           extensive	 experience	 with	 Patient	 Access	
Mark Neeb,	MBA, CPA                                                                                and	 Patient	 Accounting	 all	 centered	 on	
Mr.	 Neeb	 is	 the	 President/CEO	 of	 The	        Julie Waddell                                   the	revenue	cycle.	
Affiliated	 Group.	 He	 specializes	 in	 the	      Ms.	 Waddell	 is	 a	 Product	 Owner	 for	
revenue	 cycle,	 receivables	 recovery	 and	       Accuro,	 a	 MedAssets	 Company.	 She	 is	 Valerie Woodbury
debt	 portfolio	 management.	 He	 is	 very	        responsible	 for	 the	 development	 and	 Ms.	 Woodbury	 is	 Director,	 Revenue	
active	 in	 the	 collection	 industry	 both	 at	   growth	 of	 the	 web	 based	 tool	 at	 the	 Integrity	for	Ardent	Health	Services.	She	
the	local	and	national	levels	and	serves	as	       point	 of	 access.	 Julie	 has	 an	 extensive	 has	twenty	four	years	combined	experience	
the	 Chair	 of	 ACA’s	 Healthcare	 Services	       background	 in	 healthcare	 business	 in	healthcare	accounting,	regulatory	cost	
Program	Committee.	He	received	his	BA	             operations	 and	 is	 a	 frequent	 speaker	 on	 reporting,	 Governmental	 and	 Managed	
from	 St.	 Cloud	 University	 and	 his	 MBA	       the	topic	of	transparent	pricing.               Care	payment	systems	and	revenue	cycle.	
from	the	University	of	St	Thomas.	                                                                 Valerie	 received	 her	 BBA	 in	 Accounting	
                                                                                                   and	Information	Systems	Management.	

4                                                                                             AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
                                                      Get your CEU’s!
Remember,	Continuing	Education	Units	are	necessary	to	maintain	your	certifications.	Earn	two	(2)	CEUs	per	each	educational	
hour	attended.	
	  Chart	your	course	with	this	Tentative	Schedule	of	Events:

 Tentative Schedule of Events
 Tuesday, October 7th, 2008                        and	 the	 National	 Recognition	 Award	
                                                   to	 a	 special	 individual	 in	 recognition	 of	
                                                                                                      9:00pm – Midnight
                                                                                                      Hospitality Suite hosted by
                                                   excellence	 in	 promoting	 their	 chapter	         the Illinois Chapter
6:00pm – 9:00pm                                    and	our	profession.	
                                                 2:45pm – 4:15pm
                                                 OPENING KEYNOTE SESSION
                                                                                                       Thursday, October 9th, 2008
 Wednesday, October 8th, 2008                    	 “Injecting	 Humor	 Into	 Health-                   7:30am – 4:30pm
                                                   care:	 The	 Positive	 Effects	 of	                 Registration
7:30am – 5:30pm                                    Being	 Stuck	 by	 “Lighten”	 ing”	
Registration                                       Ronald	 P	 Culberson,	 MSW,	 CSP.	           	     8:00am – 9:00am
                                                   You’ve	 heard	 the	 laughter	 is	 the	 best	       Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
8:00am – 11:45am                                   medicine?	Did	you	know	that	humor	is	a	            Sponsored by:
Board Meeting                                      cure	for	many	ailments	in	work,	life	and	
Sponsored by                                       the	healthcare	environment?	It	has	been	
                                                   proven,	 through	 research	 and	 practical	
                                                   application,	 that	 humor	 is	 a	 wonderful	
                                                   tool	that	can	help	us	manage	stress	and	
                                                   become	a	more	effective	employee.	With	            	 	 Start	your	day	off	right	with	delicious	
12:00pm – 1:30pm                                   staffing	 shortages,	 HIPAA	 regulations	            pastries	 and	 coffee	 while	 you	 visit	 with	
CPAM/CCAM Luncheon and                             and	 the	 sheer	 intensity	 that	 goes	 with	        our	exhibitors.	
Certification Awards Presentation                  the	 administrative	 side	 of	 patient	 care,	
	 All	CPAM/CCAM	members	are	invited	               humor	is	a	warm	touch	in	a	cold	bedpan	            9:15am – 10:45am
  to	 join	 us	 as	 we	 recognize	 our	 newly	     world.	
                                                                                                      KEYNOTE SESSION
  certified	 professional	 members	 and	         	 	 In	 the	 program,	 healthcare	 staff	
                                                   will	 learn	 how	 combining	 excellence	           “Dealing with Beastly People”
  bestow	special	achievement	awards.	The	
                                                   with	 humor	 can	 reduce	 stress,	 improve	        Jack Agati, MS
  awards	to	be	presented	at	this	luncheon	
                                                   creativity,	increase	productivity	and	most	        	 This	program	demonstrates	a	pro-active	
  are:	 The	 Leslie	 A.	 Hampel	 Award	
                                                   importantly,	 balance	 the	 seriousness	             model	 toward	 handling	 “misbehaviors”	
  for	 the	 chapter	 with	 the	 most	 newly	
                                                   of	 life	 and	 work	 by	 giving	 them	 a	 new	       in	 a	 way	 that	 holds	 the	 individual	
  professionally	certified	members	and	the	
                                                   perspective.	                                        accountable	 for	 their	 own	 behaviors.	
  awards	to	the	highest	scoring	individuals	
                                                                                                        He	 presents	 a	 clear	 understanding	 of	
  on	 the	 CPAM	 and	 CCAM	 exams.	 This	
                                                 5:00pm- 6:00pm                                         those	 around	 us	 who	 seek	 attention	
  luncheon	is	open	to	CPAMs	and	CCAMs	
                                                 First Timer & New Member Reception                     from	 or	 power	 over	 us.	 Re-occurring	
                                                 	 All	 new	 members	 and	 first	 time	 ANI	            misbehaviors	 are	 usually	 purposeful.	
                                                   attendees	are	invited	to	join	the	AAHAM	             Discovering	 the	 goals	 of	 the	 behavior	
1:45pm – 2:30pm
                                                   Board	of	Directors	in	a	special	welcome	             is	 the	 first	 step	 in	 effectively	 managing	
Annual Business Meeting                                                                                 the	behavior.	Recognizing	the	right	of	a	
and Awards Ceremony                                reception.	
                                                                                                        person	to	choose	how	they	wish	to	behave	
	 Join	AAHAM	President,	Laurie	A.	Shoaf,	                                                               allows	us	to	use	their	accountability	and	
  CPAM	 at	 our	 annual	 business	 meeting	      6:00pm – 7:30pm
                                                                                                        responsibility	of	their	decision	to	manage	
  and	learn	about	the	state	of	our	national	     Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall
                                                                                                        their	 behavior.	 This	 useful	 session	 will	
  organization.	The	awards	to	be	presented	      	 Join	 your	 friends,	 colleagues	 and	 ANI	
                                                                                                        help	 you	 recognize	 and	 deal	 with	 these	
  at	this	meeting	are:	Scholarship	winners,	       exhibitors	 at	 the	 opening	 event	 of	 the	
                                                                                                        behavioral	issues.
  Journal	awards,	The	Carolyn	Gostomski	           ANI.	 Enjoy	 delicious	 appetizers	 and	
  Membership	 Achievement	 Award	                  entertainment	 as	 you	 tour	 our	 exhibit	
  for	 chapters	 with	 growth	 in	 national	       booths	and	learn	about	the	latest	products	
  membership	 in	 excess	 of	 12	 percent,	        and	services	available	to	our	industry.	
AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                                     5
Tentative Schedule of Events continued
    11:00pm – 12:30pm                                  responsibility	and	upfront	payments.	              need	 to	 communicate	 the	 changes	 in	
    CONCURRENT SESSIONS                                                                                   accounts	 receivable	 methodology	 to	
                                                     Physician/Clinic Track                               the	organization	so	the	staff	members	
    Management/Revenue Cycle Track                   “Turning Consumer                                    can	understand	how	these	changes	may	
    “Options for Unpaid Hospital                     Driven Healthcare Risks                              impact	 their	 department.	 Technology	
    Accounts Receivable”                             into Opportunities”                                  options	 such	 as	 in-house	 systems,	
    Adam Holzhauer, FACHE,                           Tony Rinkenberger, M.S./Health Care                  home	 grown	 databases	 or	 complete	
    President, Master Ventures                       Administration, Practice Management                  packages	 and	 how	 to	 determine	 your	
    	 Participants	 will	 learn	 how	 to	            Director, On Call Medical                            best	solution	will	also	be	covered.	
      determine	which	accounts	to	consider	          	 This	 session	 will	 present	 the	 patient	
      and	 understand	 the	 valuation	 process	        collection	 challenges	 being	 faced	            Compliance Track
      used	 by	 the	 purchaser.	 This	 session	        by	 practice	 managers	 dealing	 with	           “Medicare Contracting
      includes	 pointers	 on	 sales	 contracts	        consumer	 driven	 healthcare	 plans,	            Reform, Are You Ready?”
      and	 various	 types	 of	 purchase	               higher	deductibles	and	patient	financial	        Garry Keute, Director of Business
      arrangements	 to	 consider.	 Attendees	          responsibilities.	 This	 session	 will	 also	    Development, VisionShare, Inc.
      will	 gain	 a	 better	 understanding	 of	        help	identify	the	front	desk	skills	and	         	 This	 session	 will	 discuss	 Medicare	
      the	market	forces	that	are	driving	the	          systems	 needed	 to	 manage	 consumer	             Contractor	 Reform	 and	 the	
      increase	in	bad	debts.	                          driven	 healthcare	 collections	 and	              implications	 it	 will	 have	 on	 facilities.	
                                                       patient	requests	for	information.	                 The	 history	 of	 Medicare	 and	 the	
    Compliance Track                                 	                                                    changes	 that	 are	 happening	 across	
    “Medicare: Preparing                             Leadership/Professional                              the	 country	 will	 also	 be	 discussed.	
    for a Tsunami”                                   Development Track                                    Attendees	will	be	provided	with	tools	
    Linda Fotheringill, Esquire, Partner             “Flashing Through Certification –                    to	 assess	 their	 current	 method	 for	
                                                                                                          accessing	Medicare	and	the	questions	
    Fotheringill and Wade, LLC                       Certification Coaching Session”
    	 This	 informative	 session	 will	 cover	                                                            necessary	 to	 build	 a	 connectivity	
                                                     Virginia	Berney,	CPAM,	CCAM	
      information	 about	 the	 new	 changes	                                                              strategy	for	MAC	Reform.
                                                     Lois Wakefield, CPAM, CCAM,
      with	Medicare	including	the	Recovery	          Consultant, Healthia Consulting
      Audit	 Contractor	 (RAC)	 program	             	 This	session	is	designed	to	help	you	            Access/Quality Management Track
      which	has	been	expanded	from	a	three	            prepare	for	the	AAHAM	professional	              “Medical Necessity: Closing the
      state	 pilot	 program	 to	 a	 proposed	          certification	exams	in	a	“flash	card”	           Door on Unnecessary Write-Offs”
      nationwide	 program.	 Examples	 of	              format.	 Gain	 a	 better	 idea	 of	 what	        Rebecca Kidder, RN, CPUR,
      other	 “aggressive	 corrective	 actions”	        to	 expect	 and	 helpful	 hints	 for	            CPC-P, Compliance Supervisor,
      will	 be	 explained	 as	 well	 as	 how	          taking	 the	 exam.	 This	 interactive	           Marietta Memorial Hospital
      to	 combat	 Medicare	 denials	 and	              presentation	will	show	you	some	fun	             Ardith Campbell, CPC, CPC-H, CCP,
      recoupment	 through	 the	 Medicare	              ways	to	approach	studying	for	your	              Accuro, a MedAssets Company
      appeals	process.	This	presentation	can	          AAHAM	 certification.	 Learn	 some	              	 This	 session	 will	 explain	 the	
      assist	in	the	how	to	minimize	adverse	           “tips	and	tricks”	from	these	popular,	             importance	 of	 how	 and	 why	 medical	
      outcomes	from	inevitable	RAC	audits	             dually	certified	coaches.		                        necessity	verification	benefits	patients	
      and	other	Medicare	programs.	                                                                       and	the	importance	of	the	verification	
                                                     12:30pm-2:00pm                                       process	to	their	facility.	
    Access/Quality Management Track                  Buffet Luncheon in Exhibit Hall                    	 	 In	 an	 age	 of	 shrinking	 margins,	
    “Embracing Pricing Transparency                  	 Enjoy	 a	 delicious	 buffet	 luncheon	             rising	 costs	 and	 increasing	 regulatory	
    to Increase Collections and                        while	you	visit	with	our	exhibitors	and	           scrutiny,	 providers	 are	 finding	 that	
                                                       play	exhibitor	bingo	for	cash	prizes.	             reducing	 write-offs	 while	 improving	
    Patient Satisfaction”
                                                                                                          compliance	 is	 more	 important	 than	
    Bob Wagner, Director of Patient Financial
                                                     2:00pm – 3:00pm                                      ever.	Learn	the	importance	of	verifying	
    Services, Nebraska Methodist Health Systems
                                                     CONCURRENT SESSIONS                                  medical	 necessity	 and	 presenting	 an	
    Julie Waddell, Accuro CarePricer Product
                                                                                                          ABN	to	patients.	
    Owner, Accuro, a MedAssets Company.
    	 Learn	 how	 to	 establish	 systems	            Management/Revenue Cycle Track
      and	 processes	 that	 provide	 pricing	        “A New Pathway to Accounts                         Physician/Clinic Track
      transparency,	 and	 how	 to	 increase	         Receivable Follow-up: Working                      “The Top 10 Attributes of
      point	 of	 service	 collections	 and	          Smarter Results in More Money”                     an Outstanding Receivables
      patient	 satisfaction	 at	 the	 same	 time.	   Josef Spencer, MBA, PMP, Senior                    Management Partner”
      Attendees	 will	 also	 learn	 how	 to	         Consulting Manager, IMA Consulting                 Chris Becraft, President, Collection
      establish	 a	 verification	 process	 that	     Theresa Donohue, MBA, Senior                       Service Bureau, Inc.
      reduces	 denials,	 accelerates	 payments	      Consulting Manager, IMA Consulting                 Mark Neeb, President/CEO,
      and	 establishes	 patient’s	 financial	        	 This	 presentation	 will	 highlight	 the	        The Affiliated Group

6                                                                                                AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
Tentative Schedule of Events continued
	 	 This	 session	 will	 teach	 participants	    KPMG                                             Leadership/Professional
  why	there	is	so	much	more	to	consider	         	 The	 presentation	 will	 review	 the	          Development Track
  than	commission	rate	when	choosing	an	           government,	 public,	 and	 CMS	                “Using State & Federal Law
  outside	collection	service.	Participants	        leadership	 views	 of	 the	 new	 and	          to Combat Denials”
  will	 examine	 the	 four	 top	 measures	         needed	 government	 increase	 in	              Tracy Wade, Esquire, Principal & Co-
  of	 client	 satisfaction	 and	 how	 ten	         Medicaid	 and	 Medicare	 regulation,	          Founder of Washington & West, LLC
  significant	 considerations,	 including	         audit	 and	 enforcement.	 	 Mr	 Flood	         	 This	 session	 will	 illustrate	 how	 the	
  cost	 or	 commission	 rate,	 affect	 those	      will	 cover	 the	 new	 CMS	 Medicaid	            Denial	 Management	 team	 can	 use	
  satisfaction	measures.                           Integrity	Group	(MIG)	activity	to	hire	          Federal	and	State	law	to	address	denials	
                                                   “Review-of-Providers”,	 and	 “Audit	             that	 concern	 many	 areas.	 Attendees	
Leadership/Professional                            and	 Identification	 of	 Overpayment”	           will	 learn	 to	 recognize	 common	
Development Track                                  Medicaid	 Integrity	 Contractors	                denials	 that	 may	 be	 prevented	 or	
“Its All About Leadership”                         (MICS).	 He	 will	 also	 discuss	 the	 new	      overturned	by	federal	or	state	law	and	
Kenneth Morgan, Senior Consultant,                 CMS	 Medicare	 Integrity	 Programs	              how	 to	 incorporate	 helpful	 law	 into	
Gustafson + Associates, Inc.                       changes	 with	 the	 new	 Zone	 Program	          the	 appeals	 process	 to	 prevent	 more	
	 This	 session	 will	 present	 the	               Integrity	 Contractors	 and	 the	 new	           denials	&	win	more	appeals.	
  difference	 between	 “leadership”	 and	          RACS.	
  management”	 to	 leverage	 alternate	                                                           6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  approaches	 in	 today’s	 provider	             Access/Quality Management Track                  President’s Reception
  environment.	Attendees	will	also	learn	        “Centralized Scheduling – An                     	 All	 attendees	 are	 invited	 to	 join	
  the	 technical	 skills	 and	 emotional	        Unanticipated Revenue Cycle                        AAHAM	 President,	 Laurie	 A.	 Shoaf,	
  competencies	required	in	today’s	“gold	        Improvement Opportunity”                           CPAM	 for	 a	 networking	 reception	
  standard”	 revenue	 cycle	 team	 leaders	      Daniel O’Neill, Ed.M., President,                  before	the	banquet	festivities	begin.	
  and	 members.	 Learn	 how	 to	 identify	       Operational Management Systems, Inc.
  the	advantages	and	positive	outcomes	          	 This	 session	 presents	 how	 to	 develop	     7:00 pm – Midnight
  realized	 through	 making	 a	 balanced	          an	 outpatient	 schedule	 that	 meets	         Annual Awards Banquet
  shift	 from	 managing	 numbers	 to	              patient	 and	 referral	 sources	 demands	      Wine sponsored by
  leading	people.	                                 while	 satisfying	 inpatient	 and	
                                                   Emergency	Department	requirements.	
                                                   You	 will	 also	 gain	 knowledge	 of	 tools	
3:15pm – 4:15pm                                    and	 techniques	 for	 properly	 staffing	
CONCURRENT SESSIONS                                Central	      Scheduling,	      answering	
                                                   incoming	 calls,	 and	 avoiding	 conflicts	    	 Enjoy	 a	 delicious	 dinner;	 awards	
Management/Revenue Cycle Track                     with	Service	Departments	in	executing	           presentations,	 and	 dancing	 to	 the	
“Using Arbitration to improve                      the	scheduling	function.	                        fantastic	 tunes	 of	 Chicago’s	 hottest	
Self-Pay Collections”                                                                               DJ.	The	awards	to	be	presented	at	this	
Keith Maurer, Esquire, Director of               “Fish Sticks: Proving Legendary                    event	 are:	 The	 National	 President’s	
Healthcare and Insurance ADR Services,           Customer Service”                                  award	in	recognition	of	an	individual’s	
National Arbitration Forum                       Physician/Clinic Track                             exceptional	 contribution	 to	 our	
David Adcock, General Counsel,                   John Currier, CPAM, Patient                        profession	and	the	highly	competitive,	
Duke University and Duke                         Financial Services Director, Illinois              Chapter	Excellence	Awards.	
University Health System                         Valley Community Hospital
	 This	 session	 presents	 the	 history	
  of	 arbitration	 as	 a	 collection	 tool	
                                                 	 This	 presentation	 is	 a	 light–hearted	       Friday, October 10th, 2008
                                                   approach	 to	 providing	 legendary	
  and	 arbitration’s	 application	 in	 the	        customer	 service	 to	 customers	 and	         8:45 am – 3:00 pm
  healthcare	self-pay	context.	Attendees	          explains	 how	 perception	 of	 our	            Registration
  will	 learn	 about	 best	 practices	 in	         actions	 is	 everything.	 Keying	 on	 the	
  implementing	 and	 managing	 an	                 “FISH”	 philosophy,	 this	 motivational	       9:00 am – 10:00 am
  arbitration	collections	program.	                presentation	 will	 leave	 the	 attendee	      Continental Breakfast
                                                   with	 key	 points	 to	 focus	 on	 in	 their	   in Exhibit Hall
Compliance Track                                   environments	 to	 promote	 better	             Sponsored by
“New Federal and State                             customer	service,	higher	survey	results,	
Government Regulation, Audit                       and	repeat	business.	Learn	some	simple	
and Enforcement in Medicaid and                    processes	to	improve	perceptions,	not	
Medicare”                                          only	 at	 work	 but	 useful	 in	 home	 life	
                                                   situations	as	well.	                           	 Start	your	day	off	right	with	delicious	
Brian Flood, National Managing Director for                                                         pastries,	 coffee	 and	 juice	 while	 you	
Investigation and Integrity Advisory Services,                                                      visit	with	our	exhibitors.	
AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                             7
Tentative Schedule of Events continued
    10:15 am – 11:45 am                                 functions,	 registration	 questions	 and	         Management Partner”
    Exhibitor & Sponsor                                 answers,	 a	 culture	 of	 point	 of	 service	     Chris Becraft, President, Collection
    Thank You Brunch                                    collections	and	the	implementation	of	            Service Bureau, Inc.
    	 Exhibitors	and	sponsors…this	is	your	             new	technologies	has	led	to	success	for	          Mark Neeb, President/CEO,
      first	 chance	 to	 select	 your	 prime,	          Orlando	Regional	Healthcare.	                     The Affiliated Group
      discounted	exhibit	space	for	next	year’s	                                                           	 This	 session	 will	 teach	 participants	
      ANI	in	Scottsdale,	AZ.	This	brunch	is	          Physician/Clinic Track                                why	 there	 is	 so	 much	 more	 to	
      open	only	to	exhibitors	&	sponsors.	            “Embracing Pricing Transparency                       consider	 than	 commission	 rate	 when	
                                                      to Increase Collections and                           choosing	an	outside	collection	service.	
    10:15 am – 11:45 am                               Patient Satisfaction”                                 Participants	will	examine	the	four	top	
    CONCURRENT SESSIONS                               Bob Wagner, Director of Patient Financial             measures	 of	 client	 satisfaction	 and	
                                                      Services, Nebraska Methodist Health Systems           how	 ten	 significant	 considerations,	
    Management/Revenue Cycle Track                    Julie Waddell, Accuro CarePricer Product              including	 cost	 or	 commission	 rate,	
                                                                                                            affect	those	satisfaction	measures.
    “Understanding Coordination of                    Owner, Accuro Healthcare Solutions
    Benefits Rules to Boost Cash Flow”                	 Learn	 how	 to	 establish	 systems	
    Valerie Woodbury, Director, Revenue                 and	 processes	 that	 provide	 pricing	           Compliance Track
    Integrity, Ardent Health Services                   transparency,	 and	 how	 to	 increase	            “Medicare: Preparing
    Troy Roth, Vice President, Product                  point	 of	 service	 collections	 and	             for a Tsunami”
    Owner, Accuro, a MedAssets Company.                 patient	 satisfaction	 at	 the	 same	 time.	      Linda Fotheringill, Esquire, Partner
    	 This	presentation	will	provide	a	clear	           Attendees	 will	 also	 learn	 how	 to	            Fotheringill and Wade, LLC
      understanding	 of	 Coordination	 of	              establish	 a	 verification	 process	 that	        	 This	 informative	 talk	 will	 cover	
      Benefits	 rules	 in	 contracts	 and	 state	       reduces	 denials,	 accelerates	 payments	           information	 about	 the	 new	 changes	
      statutes	and	how	they	apply	to	liability	         and	 establish	 patient’s	 financial	               with	Medicare	including	the	Recovery	
      owed	 by	 secondary	 and	 tertiary	               responsibilities	and	upfront	payments.	             Audit	 Contractor	 (RAC)	 program	
      payors.	 You	 will	 also	 learn	 how	 to	                                                             which	could	be	expanded	from	a	three	
      get	 paid	 from	 non-primary	 payors	           Leadership/Professional                               state	 pilot	 program	 to	 a	 proposed	
      for	 additional	 liabilities	 for	 both	        Development Track                                     nationwide	 program.	 Examples	 of	
      contracted	and	non	contracted	payors.	          “Its All About Leadership”                            other	 “aggressive	 corrective	 actions”	
      Learn	how	to	examine	the	benefits	of	           Kenneth Morgan, Senior Consultant,                    will	 be	 explained	 as	 well	 as	 how	
      using	scorecards	to	track	progress.	            Gustafson + Associates, Inc.                          to	 combat	 Medicare	 denials	 and	
                                                      	 This	 session	 will	 present	 the	                  recoupment	 through	 the	 Medicare	
    Compliance Track                                    difference	 between	 “leadership”	 and	             appeals	process.	This	presentation	can	
                                                        management”	 to	 leverage	 alternate	               assist	in	the	how	to	minimize	adverse	
    “Electronic Health Records,
                                                        approaches	 in	 today’s	 provider	                  outcomes	from	inevitable	RAC	audits	
    A Blessing or a Curse?”
                                                        environment.	 Attendees	 will	 also	                and	other	Medicare	programs.	
    Robert Borchert, FHFMA, CPAM, Director
    of Revenue Cycle, Altarum Institute                 define	 technical	 skills	 and	 emotional	
    Lorrie Borchert, CPC, CPAM, President,              competencies	required	in	today’s	“gold	           Access/Quality Management Track
    Best Practice Training Institute                    standard”	 revenue	 cycle	 team	 leaders	         “Advancements in Scheduling:
    	 This	 session	 will	 cover	 the	 pros	 and	       and	 members.	 Learn	 how	 to	 identify	          Centralizing, Outsourcing
       cons	 of	 Electronic	 Health	 Records	           the	advantages	and	positive	outcomes	             and Self-Scheduling”
       (EHR)	 in	 the	 revenue	 cycle.	 There	          realized	 through	 making	 a	 balanced	           Hans Morefield, Senior Vice
       will	 be	 discussion	 of	 existing	 tools	       shift	 from	 managing	 numbers	 to	               President, SCI Solutions
       available	 in	 the	 market.	 The	 issue	 of	     leading	people.	                                  	 This	 presentation	 will	 detail	 how	
       HIPAA	 privacy	 and	 interoperability	                                                               leading-edge	 hospitals	 and	 health	
       will	also	be	discussed.                        12:00 pm-1:30 pm                                      systems	have	successfully	transformed	
                                                      Buffet Luncheon in Exhibit Hall                       the	experience	and	efficiency	of	patient	
    Access/Quality Management Track                   	 Enjoy	 a	 delicious	 buffet	 luncheon	              scheduling	and	the	resulting	benefits.	
    “Training & Technology:                             while	you	visit	with	our	exhibitors	and	            The	 growing	 move	 to	 outsourced	
                                                        play	exhibitor	bingo	for	cash	prizes.	              scheduling	and	the	cost	benefit	model	
    Access to Excellence”
                                                                                                            for	evaluating	outsourcing	will	also	be	
    Brian Wetzel, CHAM, Administrative
                                                      1:30 pm – 2:30 pm                                     discussed.	
    Coordinator of Operational Planning,
    Orlando Regional Healthcare                       CONCURRENT SESSIONS
    	 This	 session	 presents	 a	 case	 study	                                                            Physician/Clinic Track
      of	 how	 the	 training	 of	 new	 hires,	        Management/Revenue Cycle Track                      “Fish Sticks: Proving Legendary
      a	 structure	 of	 career	 advancement	          “The Top 10 Attributes of                           Customer Service”
      opportunities,	 centralization	 of	             an Outstanding Receivables                          Physician/Clinic Track

8                                                                                                  AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
Tentative Schedule of Events continued
 John Currier, CPAM, Patient                      Compliance Track                                  Leadership/Professional
 Financial Services Director, Illinois            “Managing Medical Necessity                       Development Track
 Valley Community Hospital                        & Non-Coverage for                                “Flashing Through Certification –
 	 This	 presentation	 is	 a	 lighthearted	       Inpatients & Outpatients”                         Certification Coaching Session”
   approach	 to	 providing	 legendary	            William Malm, ND, RN, Director of                 Virginia Berney, CPAM, CCAM
   customer	 service	 to	 customers	 and	         Revenue Cycle Management, HCPro                   Lois Wakefield, CPAM, CCAM,
   explains	 how	 perception	 of	 our	            	 In	 this	 session,	 participants	 will	         Consultant, Healthia Consulting
   actions	 is	 everything.	 Keying	 on	 the	       learn	 how	 to	 convert	 the	 complex	          	 This	session	is	designed	to	help	you	
   “FISH”	philosophy,	this	motivational	            limitations	 of	 liability	 provisions	 into	     prepare	for	the	AAHAM	professional	
   presentation	 will	 leave	 the	 attendee	        training	tips	for	staff	to	ensure	working	        certification	exams	in	a	“flash	card”	
   with	 key	 points	 to	 focus	 on	 in	 their	     knowledge	of	the	rules.	Attendees	will	           format.	 Gain	 a	 better	 idea	 of	 what	
   environments	 to	 promote	 better	               learn	strategies	to	help	staff	determine	         to	 expect	 and	 helpful	 hints	 for	
   customer	 service,	 higher	 survey	              patients’	 coverage	 in	 inpatient	 and	          taking	 the	 exam.	 This	 interactive	
   results,	 and	 repeat	 business.	 	 Learn	       outpatient	 scenarios.	 An	 overview	 of	         presentation	will	show	you	some	fun	
   some	 simple	 processes	 to	 improve	            the	 Social	 Security	 Act,	 “Limitation	         ways	to	approach	studying	for	your	
   perceptions,	 not	 only	 at	 work	 but	          on	 Liability”	 and	 the	 use	 and	 best	         AAHAM	 certification.	 Learn	 some	
   useful	in	home	life	situations	as	well.	         practices	 of	 “Advanced	 Beneficiary	            “tips	and	tricks”	from	these	popular,	
                                                    Notices”	will	also	be	covered.	                   dually	certified	coaches.		
 Development Track                                Access/Quality Management Track                   3:45pm - 4:00pm
 “Just In Time Accounts                           “Improving Patient Access                         Refreshment Break and
 Receivable Management”                           Managing the Winds of                             Raffle Drawings
 Ann Diamond, Vice President,                     Change to Ensure Success”                         Sponsored by
 MedAssets, Inc.                                  Gaurav Gupta, Manager, Professional
 	 This	 session	 will	 focus	 on	 taking	        Services, MedAssets, Inc.
   a	 proactive	 approach	 to	 A/R	               	 This	 session	 will	 focus	 on	 improved	
   management.	Hospitals	can	be	more	               processes	 and	 tools	 to	 achieve	
   effective	 in	 staffing	 and	 managing	          reductions	in	bad	debt	and	increase	in	
   their	A/R	through	improved	billing	              house	 collections.	 How	 hospitals	 are	       4:00pm – 5:00pm
   processes,	 and	 automation	 of	 payer	          facing	increasing	pressures	to	manage	          Closing Keynote Session
   rejects,	 claims	 status,	 remittances	          the	 Patient	 Access	 process	 more	            “Washington Update”
   and	 denials.	 Improved	 workflow	               effectively;	 accurate	 identification	 of	     		 Join	 Paul	 Miller,	 AAHAM’s	 “man	
   and	 reporting	 procedures	 can	 be	             third	 party	 insurance,	 collection	 of	          in	 Washington”	 for	 an	 informative	
   important	 factors	 in	 increasing	 a	           patient	liabilities,	properly	identifying	         and	 lively	 session	 summarizing	 the	
   manager’s	ability	to	ensure	the	A/R	             patients	for	third	party	programs	and	             Presidential	 candidate’s	 positions	 on	
   is	being	addressed	effectively.		                charity	care	will	also	be	covered.	.	              healthcare	 issues	 and	 what	 it	 means	
                                                                                                       for	 the	 next	 four	 years.	 He	 will	 also	
                                                  Physician/Clinic Track                               present	a	summary	of	current	AAHAM	
 2:45pm – 3:45pm                                                                                       legislative	issues	and	how	to	bring	our	
                                                   “Turning Consumer
 CONCURENT SESSIONS                                                                                    messages	to	the	state	levels.	
                                                  Driven Healthcare Risks
 Management/Revenue Cycle Track                   into Opportunities”
                                                  Tony Rinkenberger, M.S./Health Care
 “The Uninsured Crises
                                                  Administration, Practice Management
 in American, What’s a                            Director, On Call Medical
 Provider to Do?”                                 	 This	 session	 will	 present	 the	 patient	
 Thomas Gavinski, Vice President                    collection	 challenges	 being	 faced	
 Healthcare Division, I.C. System, Inc.             by	 practice	 managers	 in	 the	 face	 of	
 	 Participants	 will	 learn	 how	 the	             consumer	 driven	 healthcare	 plans,	
   continuing	increase	in	the	number	of	            higher	deductibles	and	patient	financial	
   uninsured	patients	places	considerable	          responsibilities.	This	session	will	also	
   financial	 burdens	 on	 healthcare	              help	identify	the	front	desk	skills	and	
   providers.	 This	 session	 will	 outline	        systems	 needed	 to	 manage	 consumer	
   the	uninsured	patient	population	issue	          driven	 healthcare	 collections	 and	
   and	 provide	 solutions	 to	 minimizing	         patient	requests	for	information.	
   negative	 financial,	 media,	 and	
   regulatory	impacts.	

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                                       9
 While in Chicago

 Chicago…                                                                      Shopping
 The Perfect Place to get a Magnificent Education                                  Chicago	 is	 a	 shopper’s	 fantasy	 come	 true.	 Imagine	 a	
                                                                              place	 with	 world-class	 department	 stores,	 every	 kind	 of	
     Chicago	 is	 home	 to	 over	 3	 million	 people	 and	 59	 million	       boutique	 from	 upscale	 to	 funky,	 specialty	 shops,	 and	 fabulous	
people	 live	 in	 a	 one	 day’s	 drive	 away.	 Chicago	 has	 over	 30	        discount	 shopping,	 and	 you’ve	 just	 begun	 to	 picture	 the	
different	ethnic	groups	that	have	a	population	of	25,000	or	more.	            retail	 adventures	 in	 store	 for	 you	 here.	 How	 many	 cities	
The	Windy	city	has	more	than	70	museums,	198	unique	cultural	                 have	 a	 Director	 of	 Fashion?	 Chicago	 does	 –	 and	 that’s	 why	
neighborhoods	and	600	shops	just	on	Michigan	Avenue	alone!	                   more	 and	 more	 designers	 are	 showcasing	 their	 talents	 here.	
Chicago’s	dining	secret	is	out:	As	Saveur	Magazine	reports,	“The	             	 One	 important	 Chicago	 destination	 is	 The	 Magnificent	 Mile	
Windy	City	is	America’s	new	culinary	star.”	                                  along	Michigan	Avenue.	In	this	eight-block	stretch,	460	stores	
                                                                              offer	 luxury	 items,	 beautiful	 bargains,	 and	 everything	 in-
 Dining                                                                            Shoppers	 from	 all	 over	 the	 world	 love	 Oak	 Street,	 an	
                                                                              international	 style	 center	 with	 high-end	 stores	 and	 salons	 just	
     Chicago	is	such	a	food	lovers’	paradise	that	diners	face	just	
                                                                              steps	off	Michigan	Avenue.	Art	and	antiques	collectors	hunt	for	
one	dilemma:	How	to	choose	from	so	many	delicious	options?	
                                                                              treasure	in	the	60-plus	galleries	of	nearby	River	North	Gallery	
One	way	to	narrow	your	dining	choices	is	by	type	of	food.	Eager	
for	 an	 ethnic	 meal?	 Along	 with	 the	 many	 restaurants	 serving	
                                                                                   Shopping	is	plentiful	and	varied	in	the	landmark	State	Street	
outstanding	Italian,	Latin,	and	Asian	foods,	countless	others	offer	
                                                                              Retail	Historic	District	and	surrounding	Loop	stores.	Walk	one	
excellent	French,	Greek,	Indian,	Mediterranean,	Polish,	German,	
                                                                              block	 east	 of	 State	 to	 Jeweler’s	 Row	 for	 dizzying	 displays	 of	
or	 Ethiopian	 menus.	 Want	 seafood,	 soul	 food	 or	 barbecue?	
                                                                              diamonds	and	gems	in	the	Midwest’s	largest	jewelry	district.
Chicago’s	 inclusive	 environment	 encouraged	 ethnic	 groups	
                                                                                   Chicago’s	 neighborhoods	 offer	 the	 newest	 in	 destination	
including	 Hispanics,	 Italians,	 Greeks	 and	 Polish	 to	 gravitate	
                                                                              shopping.	Find	one-of-a-kind	items,	trendy	clothing,	accessories,	
toward	Chicago	in	the	early	part	of	the	century	resulting	in	many	
                                                                              furniture,	 and	 much	 more	 in	 such	 areas	 as	 Lincoln	 Park	 and	
of	 the	 city’s	 ethnic	 restaurants.	 These	 groups	 have	 developed	
                                                                              Armitage	 Avenue,	 and	 Wicker	 Park-Bucktown,	 recently	 called	
important	 communities	 within	 the	 city,	 remaining	 strongly	
                                                                              “a	square	mile	of	sassy	boutiques”	by	Vanity	Fair.
integrated	 into	 the	 city’s	 fabric	 today	 and	 providing	 countless	
ethnic	food	choices	within	its	77	diverse	neighborhoods.	
     Chicago-style	“deep-dish”	pizza	is	one	of	the	city’s	tantalizing	
treats	that	shouldn’t	be	missed!	Pizzeria	Uno	introduced	the	first	
“deep-dish”	pizza	pie	in	1943	and	Chicago	has	been	dishing	it	                     You’ll	 find	 magic	 in	 such	 sparkling	 Chicago	 attractions	
out	ever	since.	This	basic	deep	dish	of	gooey	goodness	combines	              as	 Navy	 Pier,	 the	 Midwest’s	 top	 tourist	 destination,	 and	 its	
a	buttery	crust,	cheese,	a	zesty	chunky	tomato	sauce.	                        boardwalk,	 150-foot	 Ferris	 wheel,	 boat	 tours,	 and	 countless	
     When	looking	for	a	bargain	meal,	consider	a	Chicago-style	               dining	 or	 shopping	 options.	 Millennium	 Park	 offers	 dazzling	
hot	dog.	The	origin	of	the	Chicago-style	dog	is	a	matter	of	debate,	          music,	 art,	 landscape	 design	 and	 architecture,	 including	 the	
but	 it	 was	 served	 at	 the	 1893	 World’s	 Columbian	 Exposition	          mammoth	stainless-steel	Cloud	Gate	sculpture	plus	ice	skating	in	
in	Chicago.	A	Vienna	Beef	hot	dog	is	a	true	city	tradition	and	               the	winter,	splashing	around	in	the	interactive	Crown	Fountain	
should	be	boiled,	steamed	or	grilled	and	topped	with	mustard,	                during	summer,	and	alfresco	dining	from	spring	to	fall.	
onion,	 sweet	 pickle	 relish,	 a	 dill	 pickle	 spear,	 tomato,	 peppers,	        Chicago	 looks	 great	 from	 every	 angle,	 whether	 you’re	
and	celery	salt,	but	NEVER	ketchup!	                                          exploring	the	city’s	astonishing	architecture	during	a	guided	tour	
10                                                                                              AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
(on	 foot	 or	 aboard	 a	 Chicago	 River	 boat,	 lakeshore	 cruise	 or	      Goodman	Theatre.	The	Goodman	–	whose	productions,	artists,	
sightseeing	bus)	or	you’re	enjoying	the	birds-eye	view	from	the	             and	 programs	 earned	 a	 Special	 Tony	 Award	 for	 Outstanding	
103rd	 floor	 Sears	 Tower	 Skydeck	 and	 the	 94th	 floor	 Hancock	         Regional	Theatre,	consistently	produces	unsurpassed	classic	and	
Observatory.	The	city’s	29	miles	of	lakefront	paths	are	just	one	            contemporary	works.	
reason	Chicago	is	one	of	the	world’s	most	walkable	and	beautiful	                The	 Harris	 Theater	 for	 Performance	 and	 Dance	 features	
cities.                                                                      world-renowned	 dance	 and	 music	 institutions	 and	 hosts	
     Chicago	 is	 often	 called	 a	 friendly	 city	 –	 and	 you’ll	 agree	   acclaimed	national	and	international	companies	in	its	state-of-
when	you	accept	the	city’s	warm	invitation	to	sample	such	free	              the-art	setting	at	the	north	end	of	Millennium	Park.
attractions	 as	 Lincoln	 Park	 Zoo,	 home	 to	 more	 than	 1,000	
mammals,	 reptiles,	 and	 birds.	 Enjoy	 the	 peaceful	 gardens	
under	 glass	 at	 Garfield	 Park	 Conservatory	 and	 Lincoln	 Park	           Nightlife
Conservatory,	or	take	in	one	of	the	free	performances	at	Navy	
                                                                                  Chicago	 will	 provide	 you	 with	 a	 night	 of	 live	 music	
Pier.		To	make	sure	you	don’t	miss	out	on	anything	the	city	has	
                                                                             performances,	 cozy	 lounges,	 comedy	 shows,	 piano	 bars	 and	
to	offer,	make	your	very	first	stop	the	Chicago	Cultural	Center,	
                                                                             much	 more.	 Whatever	 your	 entertainment	 needs,	 Chicago	
Chicago’s	Architectural	Showplace	for	the	Lively	and	Visual	Arts	
                                                                             delivers.	Whether	you	dance	the	night	away	at	a	popular	club	or	
and	the	city’s	official	Visitor	Center.
                                                                             laugh	out	loud	at	a	hilarious	comedy	show,	Chicago	provides	the	
                                                                             ultimate	entertainment	experience!	
 Museums                                                                          The	Blues	Capital	of	the	World,	Chicago	has	no	shortage	
                                                                             of	 live	 entertainment	 after	 dark.	 Besides	 the	 Blues,	 music	
     Ready	 to	 stretch	 your	 mind?	 Chicago’s	 amazing	 museums	           styles	 as	 diverse	 as	 Jazz,	 Gospel	 and	 House	 music	 have	 been	
are	 the	 perfect	 places	 to	 satisfy	 your	 curiosity	 and	 spark	 your	   entertaining	guests	for	decades	and	continue	to	thrive	to	this	day.	
imagination.	 Science	 rules	 at	 the	 three	 great	 institutions	 that	     Definitely	schedule	a	legendary	Blues	club	into	your	visit!	Some	
make	up	Chicago’s	lakefront	Museum	Campus.		Centered	within	                 longstanding	 favorite	 haunts	 for	 blues	 include,	 Buddy	 Guy’s	
The	Field	Museum’s	20	million	biological	and	anthropological	                Legends,	Blue	Chicago,	BLUES,	and	the	Kingston	Mines.	For	
specimens	 is	 Sue,	 the	 largest	 and	 most	 complete	 T.	 Rex	 ever	       jazz,	visit	Andy’s	Jazz	Club,	The	Back	Room,	The	Red	Head	and	
found.	Explore	the	universe	at	Adler	Planetarium	and	Astronomy	              The	Underground	Wonder	Bar.	
Museum,	the	world’s	only	museum	with	two	full-size	planetarium	                   Are	you	looking	for	a	trendy	place	to	relax	and	have	a	cocktail	
theaters.	Or	head	to	the	Shedd	Aquarium	and	get	up	close	with	               after	hours?	Some	of	the	hottest	lounges	in	Chicago	include	The	
22,000	aquatic	species.                                                      BIG	Bar	at	the	Hyatt,	Martini	Park,	Fulton	Lounge,	Republic	and	
     The	 Museum	 of	 Science	 and	 Industry,	 the	 largest	 science	        Pops	for	Champagne.	The	late	night	dancing	scene	in	Chicago	
museum	in	the	Western	Hemisphere,	offers	over	800	captivating	               has	hit	new	levels	of	luxury.	Chicago	features	some	of	the	best	
interactive	exhibits	including	the	U-505	submarine,	a	working	               dance	 clubs	 in	 the	 Midwest,	 hosting	 international	 deejays	 and	
coal	mine,	a	Boeing	727	airplane,	and	much,	much	more.                       high-end	bottle	service	at	clubs	like	Crobar,	Enclave,	Excalibur	
     Among	 Chicago’s	 world-class	 institutions	 showcasing	 art	           Nightclub,	Le	Passage	and	Sound-Bar.	
is	the	Art	Institute	of	Chicago,	whose	permanent	collection	of	                   As	you	can	see,	Chicago	is	jam	packed	with	everything	under	
paintings,	drawings,	photography	and	textiles	includes	the	largest	          the	sun,	so	make	your	plans	to	arrive	early	and	stay	late	to	enjoy	
compilation	 of	 Impressionist	 and	 Post-Impressionist	 works	              all	that	the	ANI	and	Chicago	have	to	offer!	
outside	 the	 Louvre.	 Find	 outstanding	 and	 thought-provoking	
visual	art	created	since	1945	at	The	Museum	of	Contemporary	
Art.	                                                                         Sail over these Chicago websites:
                                                                               Hyatt	Regency	Chicago	–	
 Theater                                                                       Chicago	Convention	and	Tourism	Bureau	–
    The	curtain	is	up	on	Chicago’s	vital	theater	scene!	Talented	
local	companies	and	top-notch	traveling	troupes	are	on	stage	in	               O’Hare	International	Airport	–	
great	classic	theaters,	smaller	venues,	and	even	storefronts	and	              Midway	International	Airport	–	
they’re	generating	rave	reviews.
    Theater	 Landmark	 Loop	 theaters	 in	 the	 city’s	 bustling	              Chicago	from	the	Lake	Tour	–	
Downtown	 Theater	 District	 including	 the	 grand	 Cadillac	                  Shopping	–	
Palace	Theatre,	Ford	Center	for	the	Performing	Arts/Oriental	                  Buddy	Guy’s	Legends-	
Theatre,	 Bank	 of	 America	 Theatre	 and	 Auditorium	 Theatre,	
host	 mega-hit	 musicals,	 plays,	 and	 dance	 productions	 straight	          House	of	Blues-	
from	Broadway	as	part	of	Broadway	in	Chicago,	as	well	as	world	                Museum	of	Contemporary	Art	–	
premiere	productions.
    Another	 treasure	 in	 the	 Loop	 theater	 district	 is	 the	              Sears	Tower	Skydeck	–	

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                                11
 Hold onto Your Hat With This Important Information

 Hotel Accommodations                                                      Auto Rental Rates
	    Attendees	are	responsible	for	making	their	room	reservations	        	    AAHAM	has	negotiated	discounted	auto	rental	rates	with	
directly	 with	 the	 Hyatt	 Regency	 Chicago.	 We	 expect	 to	 sell	      Avis	Auto	Rental	for	our	attendees.	Avis	Auto	Rental	has	special	
out	 quickly	 and	 early	 reservations	 are	 encouraged	 to	 ensure	      low	 rates	 for	 our	 attendees	 beginning	 at	 $52.00	 daily	 rate	 for	
sleeping	 rooms	 at	 our	 special,	 low	 ANI	 rates:	 $249	 single/       a	 subcompact	 to	 $78.00	 daily	 rate	 for	 a	 luxury	 vehicle.	 All	
double	occupancy,	plus	tax.	For	reservations,	call	800/233-1234	          rates	 include	 unlimited	 free	 mileage.	 These	 special	 rates	 are	
and	 reference	 AAHAM.	 Hotel	 reservations	 must	 be	 made	 by	          available	from	October	1-17,	2008.	To	make	your	auto	rental	
September	10,	2008	to	get	our	special	discounted	group	rate!	             arrangements,	please	contact	Avis	at	800/331-1600	or	online	at	
Your	patronage	of	this	official	ANI	hotel	makes	it	possible	for		and	refer	to	AWD	number	“A131899”	to	receive	
AAHAM	to	secure	the	space	needed	for	this	event	at	a	greatly	             our	special	AAHAM	discounted	rates.	Please	note:	hotel	parking	
reduced	price.                                                            is	$39.00	per	day	and	there	is	limited	street	parking	available	in	
                                                                          the	area.		

 Hyatt Regency Chicago
	   Experience	the	heartbeat	of	Illinois	at	the	Hyatt	Regency	
Chicago.	 This	 Four	 Diamond	 downtown	 Chicago	 hotel	 is	              	   Suggested	 dress	 for	 the	 conference	 and	 social	 events	 is	
ideally	 situated	 within	 the	 Magnificent	 Mile,	 an	 American	         business	casual.	Attire	for	the	awards	banquet	is	cocktail/semi-
version	of	the	Champs-Elysees.	Immerse	yourself	in	the	“city	             formal.	
within	 a	 city,”	 as	 this	 bustling	 downtown	 Chicago	 hotel	 links	
you	 to	 Blues,	 Jazz,	 irresistible	 cuisine,	 Grant	 and	 Millennium	
Parks,	Lake	Michigan	beaches,	Navy	Pier	and	Michigan	Avenue.	              You Won’t Be Singing the Blues with
Savor	the	essence	of	the	windy	city	from	this	luxurious	hotel	in	
downtown	Chicago!	
                                                                           These Exciting Social Events
                                                                          Welcome Reception and Official Opening of the Exhibit
 Travel Arrangements                                                      Start	the	ANI	off	right	at	the	welcome	reception	and	celebrate	
                                                                          the	 grand	 opening	 of	 the	 AAHAM	 exhibit	 hall	 Wednesday,	
	     Attendees	 are	 responsible	 for	 making	 their	 own	 travel	
                                                                          October	 8,	 2008.	 Enjoy	 live	 music,	 cocktails	 and	 appetizers	
                                                                          while	 you	 mingle	 with	 your	 friends,	 network	 with	 colleagues	
	     AAHAM	 has	 negotiated	 discounted	 airfare	 for	 our	
                                                                          and	tour	over	eighty	booths	offering	the	latest	in	products	and	
attendees	 with	 United	 Airlines,	 United	 Express,	 TED,	 US	
Airways,	 US	 Airways	 Express	 and	 Air	 Canada.	 To	 make	 your	
air	 travel	 arrangements,	 please	 call	 United	 Airlines	 Meeting	
                                                                          President’s Reception and Awards Banquet
Services	Desk	at	800/521-4041	and	refer	to	discount	ID	code	
                                                                          We	 invite	 you	 to	 join	 us	 Thursday	 night,	 October	 9th	 for	 an	
“578WP”to	receive	the	special	AAHAM	discounted	rates	
                                                                          exciting	evening	at	the	Hyatt	Regency	Chicago.	Enjoy	an	hour	
Please	note:	hotel	parking	is	$39.00	per	day	and	there	is	limited	
                                                                          long	 President’s	 reception	 before	 the	 festivities	 begin.	 Enjoy	
street	parking	available	in	the	area.		
                                                                          a	 delicious	 dinner;	 awards	 presentations,	 and	 dancing	 to	 the	
                                                                          fantastic	tunes	of	Chicago’s	hottest	DJ.		
12                                                                                          AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
                                        Discover Miles of Learning
                                            in Our Exhibit Hall

  Company Name                                       BOOTH         Company Name                          BOOTH

   Accuro	Healthcare	Solutions	                              313   HCFS,	Inc.	                              713
   Advanced	Patient	Advocacy	                           402,	404   HCPro,	Inc.	                             205
   AHC,	Inc.	                                                512   Hospital	Inpatient	Services	             207
   Altarum	Institute	                                        709   HRS	Erase	Inc.	                          705
   AMCOL	Systems,	Inc.	                                      306   Human	Arc	                               311
   American	Academy	of	Proffessional	Coders	                 308   I.C.	System,	Inc.	                       711
   Apollo	Enterprise	Solutions	                         204,	303   Kramer	Group	                            408
   BayFinance	Company	                                       403   Leco	Associates	                         502
   BridgeFront	                                              304   MedAssets		                              604
   CareMedic	Systems,	Inc.	                                  203   MedFi	International,	Inc.	               803
   CarePayment	                                              511   Nebo	Systems,	Inc.	                      305
   CBAS/CDR	Associates	                                      411   Nationwide	Billing	Associates,	LLC	      808
   CBCS	                                                     608   NHI	Billing	Services	                    611
   CBIZ	KA	Consulting	Services,	LLC	                         206   OVAG	International	USA,	Inc.	            601
   CCA	                                                      208   Passport	Health	Systems	                 501
   Centron	Data	Services,	Inc.	                              508   PNC/Xpack	Network	Services		             407
   Cirius	Group,	Inc.,	The	                                  104   Portfolio	Recovery	Associates	Inc.	      515
   Collection	Services	Bureau		                              504   PSC	Info	Group,	Inc.	                    607
   CPS,	Inc.	                                 415   Rycan	Technologies	                      707
   Cymetrix	                                                 412   Towne	Mailer	                            211
   DECO	                                                     314   TransUnion	                              312
   Early	Out	Services,	Inc.	General	Service	Bureau,	Inc.		   603   UCB	                                     307
   Emdeon	Business	Services	                                 401   Vision	Share	                            302
   eSolutions,	Inc.	                                         212   Washington	&	West,	LLC	                  616
   Forthright	                                               703
   Gustafson	+	Associates,	Inc.	                             605
   GE	Healthcare		                                           406

                        A sincere “Thank You” to our ANI sponsors for their generosity

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                  13
                                                                                  2008 ANI Registration Form
            Please PRINT or TYPE information exactly as it should appear on your badge. Each attendee must complete a separate registration form.
                                   NOTE: Confirmation will be e-mailed or faxed; please include one or both on this form.

                                                                                                  Please check:  First Time Attendee  CPAM       CCAM
I am a member of AAHAM:      Yes Mbr. #___________________________
                                                                                                                   CPAT  CCAT  CCT

Name on Badge (if different)                                                                      ADDITIONAL TICKETS REQUESTED
Title                                                                                             ___ Wednesday Welcome Reception Tickets @ $80 each $ ________
                                                                                                  ___ Wednesday CPAM/CCAM Tickets @ $100 each $ ________

Address                                                                                           LUNCHEON GUEST
City State Zip                                                                                    ___ Thursday Breakfast Tickets @ $25 each $ ________
                                                                                                  ___ Thursday Luncheon Tickets @ $100 each $ ________
Day Phone
                                                                                                  ___ Thursday Awards Banquet Tickets @ $135 each $ ________
E-mail                                                                                            ___ Friday Breakfast Tickets @ $25 each $ ________
Emergency Contact: Name and Phone Number                                                          ___ Friday Luncheon Tickets @ $100 each $ ________

CONCURRENT SESSIONS                                                                               I am a  Executive Committee Member  Committee Chairperson
Pre-registration for all concurrent sessions is required. Seating is limited. Please rank your
selections in order of preference: 1 = first choice; 2 = second choice                              Speaker, and as such I receive a complimentary registration.
Thursday, October 9, 2008 11:00am-12:30pm
                                                                                                  REGISTRATION FEES
___ Options for Unpaid Hospital Accounts Receivable
                                                                                                  Full Registration               AAHAM                 Non-Member
___ Medicare: Preparing for a Tsunami
                                                                                                  By July 31                       $ 590                  $ 690               $ ________
___ Embracing Pricing Transparency to Increase Collections & Patient Satisfaction
                                                                                                  August 1 – October 7             $ 690                  $ 790               $ ________
___ Turning Consumer Driven Healthcare Risks Into Opportunities
                                                                                                  On-site                          $ 790                  $ 890               $ ________
___ Flashing Through Certification- Certification Coaching Session
                                                                                                  One Day Registration             $ 300                  $ 430               $ ________
Thursday, October 9, 2008 2:00pm-3:30pm
                                                                                                  Please check:  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
___ A New Pathway to Accounts Receivable Follow Up: Working Smarter Results in More Money
                                                                                                  Join today and take the membership rate!
___     Medicare Contracting Reform, Are you Ready?
                                                                                                  Complete the attached application.
___     Medical Necessity: Closing the Door on Unnecessary Write-Offs
___     The Top 10 Considerations in Choosing a Collection Agency
                                                                                                  TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED
___     Its All About Leadership
                                                                                                  Make check payable to AAHAM $ ________
Thursday, October 9, 2008 3:15pm-4:15pm
                                                                                                  FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT ONLY  VISA  MasterCard  American Express
___ Using Arbitration to Improve Self-Pay Collections
___ New Federal & State Government Regulation, Audit & Enforcement in Medicaid & Medicare         Name on Card
___ Centralized Scheduling- An Unanticipated Revenue Cycle Improvement Opportunity                Signature
___ Fish Sticks: Providing Legendary Customer Service
                                                                                                  Credit Card Number
___ Using State & Federal Law to Combat Denials
                                                                                                  Exp. Date Verification Code
Friday, October 10, 2008 10:15am-11:45am
___ Understanding Coordination of Benefits Rules to Boost Cash Flow                               Billing Zip Code
___ EHR-A Blessing or a Curse?
___ Training & Technology: Access to Excellence
___ Embracing Pricing Transparency to Increase Collections & Patient Satisfaction                                                FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
___ Its All about Leadership
                                                                                                    Check #:                Ck. Amt.:
Friday, October 10, 2008 1:30pm-2:30pm
___ The Top 10 Attributes of An Outstanding Receivables Management Partner                          Check Date:                 Membership Verified:  Yes  No
___ Medicare: Preparing for a Tsunami                                                               Comments:
___ Advancements in Scheduling: Centralizing, Outsourcing & Self Scheduling
___ Fish Sticks: Providing Legendary Customer Service
___ Just in Time Accounts Receivable Management
Friday, October 10, 2008 2:45pm-3:45pm                                                            FAX form to: (888) 411-3251, outside USA fax (256) 852-6838
___ The Uninsured Crisis In America, What Is A Provider To Do?                                    or MAIL this form to:
___ Managing Medical Necessity & Non-Coverage for Inpatients & Outpatients                        AAHAM Registration Dept., c/o Condor Registration Services,
___ Improving Patient Access Managing the Winds of Change to Ensure Success                       P. O. Box 3348, Huntsville, AL 35810
___ Turning Consumer Driven Healthcare Risks into Opportunities                                   QUESTIONS: Please call (256) 852-4490.
___ Flashing Through Certification- Certification Coaching Session

No cancellations will be accepted after September 19, 2008. Cancellations prior to this date will be subject to a $100.00 administrative fee. All cancellations must be in writing. Refunds will
not be given for no-shows at the conference. If you are unable to attend and have already registered, you may substitute someone in your place for a fee of $50.00. Please submit changes in
writing with payment. Registrations will not be processed without payment. The early registration rate is determined by date of receipt of payment. You may register online at
If paying by credit card, you may fax your registration form toll free to the AAHAM Registration Department at 888/411-3251.
  Cruising The Mile is Simplified
  with this Important Information
                                Confirmation	of	your	registration	will	be	sent	within	one	week	if	your	
                                registration	form	is	received	by	September	19,	2008.	Please	PRINT	clearly	
                                or	TYPE	the	information.	A	separate	registration	form	must	be	submitted	
                                for	each	attendee,	but	not	for	accompanying	spouse,	child,	or	guest	listed	
                                on	the	registration	form.

                                A	name	badge	is	required	for	entrance	to	all	planned	educational	and	social	
                                functions	and	the	exhibit	hall.	Name	badges	and	tickets,	including	those	
                                purchased	for	spouses	and	guests,	will	be	included	with	your	registration	
                                materials	upon	arrival.

                                Membership	will	be	verified	for	all	individuals	who	pay	the	member	
                                registration	fee.	Please	be	sure	that	you	are	a	current	member	so	as	not	to	
                                delay	the	processing	of	your	registration.

                                “Early	bird”	registration	deadline	is	July	31,	2008.	No	cancellations	will	be	
                                accepted	after	September	19,	2008.	Cancellations	prior	to	this	date	will	be	
                                subject	to	a	$100.00	administrative	fee.	All	cancellations	must	be	in	writing.	
                                Refunds	will	not	be	given	for	no-shows	at	the	conference.	If	you	are	unable	
                                to	attend	and	have	already	registered,	you	may	substitute	someone	in	your	
                                place	for	a	fee	of	$50.00.	Please	submit	changes	in	writing	with	payment.	
                                Registrations	will	not	be	processed	without	payment.	The	early	registration	
                                rate	is	determined	by	date	of	receipt	of	payment.	You	may	register	online	
                                at,	if	paying	by	credit	card;	you	may	fax	your	registration	
                                form	toll	free	to	the	AAHAM	Registration	Department	at	888-411-3251.	

                                                             Remember	we	offer	3	easy	and	convenient	ways	to	
                                                             1.	Online:
                                                             2.	Fax:	888-411-3251
                                                             3.	Mail:	AAHAM	Registration	Department	
                                                             	 	       C/O	Condor	Registration	Services	
                                                             	 	       P.O.	Box	17276
                                                             	 	       Huntsville,	AL	35810
                                                             	 	       256-852-4490	phone

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                  15
          AAHAM National Staff
              AAHAM	National	Office	
           11240	Waples	Mill	Rd.,	Suite	200
                 Fairfax,	VA	22030
                703-281-	4043	phone
                  703-359-7562	fax

                  Executive	Director	
                Sharon	R.	Galler,	CMP
                 703-281-4043	x	204

            Manager	of	Meetings	&	Events
                  Danielle	Burns
                703-281-4043	x	209	

               Marketing	Representative	
                 Kelli	Vanden	Bosch

                 Certification	Director	
                    Maria	LeDoux
                  703-281-4043	x	201
                 Membership	Director	
                  Moayad	Zahralddin
                  703-281-4043	x	202	

        Technical	Certification/CEU	Manager
                   Amanda	Leibert
                 703-281-4043	x	211

                 Conference	Registrar
                   Shrynn	Beasley
                 256-852-4490	phone

                Director	of	Operations
                     Jerry	Galler
                 703-281-4043	x	203

                Government	Affairs
                     Paul	Miller

                      Art	Director
                    Christopher	Izzo

16   AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference
                                Application for National Membership
                                                                               11240 Waples Mill Road, Suite 200
                                                                               Fairfax, Virginia 22030
                                                                               Phone: 703-281-4043
                                                                               Fax: 703-359-7582
                                                                               AAHAM Tax ID# 23-1899873

Contact Information

 Contact Person: _________________________________________________ Title: _____________________________________ Date: _____ / _____ /2008

 Employer/Organization Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Primary Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________

 Phone: ________________________________ Fas: ________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________________

 Web-site: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Home Address: ________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________

 Home Phone: ________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________________

Referral Information

 Membership Type (see below for details and dues)   o National Member
 How did you hear about AAHAM?    o Colleague o Publication o Web site o Other (Please list) ___________________________________________
 If referred by AAHAM member, give name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
 Please allow two weeks for processing, once your application is received at the AAHAM National office.
 Dues are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as a business expense.

Payment Information

 o Credit Card Payment: o AMEX o VISA o MasterCard
 Account Number: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _______________

 Name (as it appears on card): _______________________________________________ Signature:________________________________________________

 Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________

 o Check Payment: Please make checks payable to AAHAM and send application with your payment to: AAHAM Membership
Payment Totals

 National Dues: $ _____________________________ Local Dues: $ _____________________________ Total Enclosed: $ ______________________________

 National Membership — The fee to become a National member is $175. If you join anytime between July 1st and September 30th, the dues are $140 for the rest
 of the current year. If you join between October 1st and December 31st, the fee is $210 for the rest of the current year and all of the following year.
 Please note, membership is on an individual, not institutional basis, and is non-transferable.

                 Return this form to: AAHAM, 11240 Waples Mill Road, Suite 200, Fairfax, VA 22030 or Fax:703/359-7562

AAHAM ANI 2008 Training and Education Conference                                                                                                          17
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      703-281-4043 phone • 703-359-7562 fax •

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