Rally for a Miracle

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					                              Rally for a Miracle
The Miracle League of Richmond Virginia

                                                                                     Spring 2007

                             We are excited to announce the location of “Richmond’s First Miracle League Field”
                             Let the Construction Begin!
                                                 Chester ield County Parks and Recreation
                                                   L.C. Bird High School Sports Complex
                                                          10301 Courthouse Road
                                                        Chester ield, Virginia 23832
 ML Wants Your
 Support                         pril 19, 2005 will remain a part of
Inside this issue:

 Buddies FAQs       3            my memory for many years to
 Spotlight on a                  come. That’s the date when the
 Board Member
                    4     Miracle League of Richmond Virginia
                          began its journey. In just over two years,
 Calendar of
                    4     our special children and their families
                          from across Richmond and surrounding
 Buddy                    counties will see this dream turn into re-
 Sponsorship        5
                          ality. It is an exciting time for our organ-
                          ization and everyone involved. We have
 Player                   reached a milestone in our journey! We reached this milestone because of the hard
 Registration       6     work and continued support of our partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers. Con-
 Form                     struction of our Miracle League ield is set to begin the irst of June with hopes of
 Player Release           completion by September 2007. Registration for players will begin this summer. We
 Form                     anxiously wait the day we see our special children enjoying our own “Miracle Field”
 Miracle League           and we hear those two little words, “Play Ball”.
 Boosters Club
                                                        We feel strongly that
 National Of ice
                    8                                   each individual and
                                                        company      involved          As of April 30, 2007
 Board of
                    8                                   with the Richmond
                                                                                 Treasurer’s Report
 Directors                                                                       Income:         $ 92,582.50
                                                        league will be blessed   Expenses:       $ 30,578.68
 To Our Donors      9                                   with the rewards. We     Net Income      $ 62,030.43
                                                        thank you for believ-    Total Assets: $160,030.72
 Mission                                                ing in our Miracle!”
 Did You Know??     10    Catch the Fever…..

                          Karen R. Pusey

                Contact Information:
                Karen Pusey 7527 Hidden Lake Circle Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111 (804) 229-4966
The Miracle League Wants Your Support
"Buddies" are volunteers who can range in age from elementary school to senior citizens. It includes family members, local youth
and civic groups and just about anyone who has the heart to help these kids play, compete and have fun with playing baseball.
Miracle League Buddies

While we call them Buddies, many people refer to them as the 'Angels in the Out ield'.

                               These are the goals and commitments of the Miracle League Buddies -

                                    • To protect the Miracle League Player at all times
                                    • When a hard hitter is up to bat, Buddies play in front of the Miracle Leaguer
                                    • Allow the Miracle League Player as much freedom as possible to play his / her own
                                    • Assist the Miracle League Player according to their needs
                                    • Always be of good spirit with enthusiasm, love, a great attitude and genuine concern
                                      in motivating the player and their family
                                    • Become a friend for the Miracle League Player; get to know the player and their family
                                    • Arrive at the ield at least 30 minutes prior to game time
                                    • Be properly dressed, wearing their 'Buddies' shirt
                                    • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the ield
                                    • Have fun!

The volunteers are the arms and legs of a great idea - supporting these kids as they play baseball, just like everyone else. Here's
a short list of the things we always are looking for quali ied volunteers to do -

    • Coordinate team activity with Assistant Coaches, Team Parent and League Administrator - Primary conduit for all
      League to Parent communications
    Head Coach

    • Ensure all players have and wear uniforms
    • Communicate any / all concerns to League Of icials
    • Manage team equipment and arrive 45 minutes prior to game time
    • Provide team roster / line-up to umpire prior to game time
    • Pitch
    • Provide opportunity for all players to learn new skills
    • Follow guidelines as published by the National Alliance for Youth Sports
    • Discharge all assigned responsibilities in an exemplary manner

    • Assist the Head Coach in the exemplary discharge of his duties
    • Pitch
    Assistant Coaches

    • Verify and assure that all players have an assigned Buddy

                             • Assist the coaches in the discharge of their duties
                             • Create & distribute team snack schedule for players / players families
                             Team Parent

                             • Primary as safety monitors
                             • Keep game moving at an appropriate pace

                             • Monitor players, Buddies and volunteers for heating, dehydration and over-exertion
Page 2
    • Make sure coaches, umpires and Buddies are aware of players needs and disposition on game days and if special
      precautions should be extended

    • Bring team snacks when scheduled
    • Have a great time watching your kids playing baseball!

     Greg Curtis                            Mike Loving
     7424 Barkbridge Rd                     12413 Trumpington Ct.

     Chester ield, VA 23832                 Chester ield, VA 23838

Buddies FAQs
     804-279-0521                           804-639-9587         

The Miracle League of Richmond is a league for special needs chil-        Depending on their availability, buddies are assigned to the same
dren and adults that enable them to play baseball at a specially de-      child or team for the whole season. However, we also welcome bud-
signed adaptive ield. The Miracle League of Richmond was                  dies who may not have assigned players, but who cover where
What is the Miracle League of Richmond?                                   Do I stay with the same player all season?

founded in 2005. The Miracle League was founded in Conyers,               needed.
Georgia in 1997, and since then Miracle Leagues have been started
all over the United States. The Richmond League is the irst in Vir-
ginia.                                                                  Yes, each buddy is required to complete a basic skills training course.
                                                                        This “sensitivity” training provides guidelines, suggestions, and di-
                                                                        rection on how to have fun and make the experience safe and en-
                                                                          Is their special training involved?

Buddies are a vital part of the success of the Miracle League. Each joyable for our Miracle children.
Miracle League player is assigned a buddy for each game. The
buddy is there to protect the player from balls, assist the player in
What is a Miracle League Buddy?

batting and running the bases, and to be a friend on and off the They are expected to arrive at games thirty minutes before the start
 ield. Buddies receive a Miracle League shirt for their participation. of the game and to notify the Miracle League Buddy coordinator at
                                                                        least twenty-four hours prior to the game if they will not be able to
                                                                        What is expected of me on game days?

Once you participate, you see that being a buddy allows you not
                                                                        make the game. Buddies start at age 10. The siblings, parents, rela-
only to make a difference in a special child’s life, but also to create
                                                                        tives, and friends of players can be their Buddies.
a positive awareness in yourself. And you’ll ind that being a buddy
is lots of fun!                                                         Buddies have as much fun at the games as the players do!

Buddies are children (ages ten and up) and adults who typically           Yes, students of all ages can receive credit and, if necessary, a writ-
play or enjoy baseball and softball—or just like to have fun in a sprit   ten recommendation towards their service hour requirements for
of giving. They come to the Miracle League from the Boy Scouts and        school or other group upon completion of a full season. Whether you
Who is eligible to be a Buddy?                                            Can I receive credit for service hours?

Girls Scouts, local youth leagues, high school teams, college teams       need it for a grammar school, high school, or college internship, the
and through religious youth groups, to mention a few.                     Miracle League will sign-off as long as you participate in the pro-
                                                                          gram as outlined here.

Buddy registration is held year-round. You can download registra-
tion forms found under Volunteers.                                   A number of Buddies from out irst season have initiated fund-rais-
                                                                     ing activities at their schools and places of worship. Try a sale or a
How do I become a Buddy?

                                                                     walk for the Miracle League…or whatever creative idea you can
                                                                     How can I help raise funds for the Miracle League of Richmond?

Being a buddy allows parents, children and volunteers to come to- think of.
gether to help special needs children. The Buddy Program has great
impact on all participants. Buddies and players alike learn valuable
What is the idea behind the Buddy Program?

skills like patience, understanding and compassion.                  There are several ways you can help. Individual donations can be
                                                                     sent to:
                                                                     How can I donate to the Miracle League of Richmond?

                                                                          Miracle League of Richmond
Buddies should be energetic, committed and enthusiastic for each
                                                                          7527 Hidden Lake Circle
game. Although we don’t require it, we encourage buddies to keep
                                                                          Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111
a consistent schedule, allowing for Miracle players to grow more
What is required to be a Buddy?

comfortable with their new friends.                                                                                               Page 3
         Toby Wyman
Spotlight on a Board Member
         Founder and President, UTEXT Sports, Inc.
Toby is the founder and President of UTEXT Sports, Inc., a vertising industry having served in positions on both the
mobile marketing company that powers mobile activation agency and client sides of the business. He has major con-
of traditional media allowing advertisers and media prop- sumer and retail brand experience working on such
erties to run interactive mobile marketing cam-                        brands as Ocean Spray, T.J. Maxx and the
paigns.                                                                 Boston Globe. He was former Vice President
Toby has over 13 years experience in sales and                          of Advertising for Foot Locker, working with
marketing. Most recently, Toby was the Assis-                           well known brands such as Nike, Reebok, and
tant General Manager of the Richmond Braves,                            Adidas developing cooperative advertising
the Triple-A af iliate of the record 14-Time Na-                        and marketing campaigns for the nation’s
tional League East Division Champion Atlanta                            number one athletic footwear retailer.
Braves. He was responsible for running the                                  A native of Bridgewater, MA, Toby is a 1991
day-to-day operations of the club as it related                             graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
to sales and marketing, public and community                                (Worcester, MA) where he received his B.S. in
relations, and facility management. He prima-                               Management Engineering. He also holds an
rily focused on sales and marketing, leading the clubs cor-   MBA from Wagner College (Staten Island, NY) and is cur-
porate sponsorship and ticket sales. Toby served as the       rently in his third year at Concord Law School, the irst in-
lead contact for major sponsors such as Pepsi, Genworth       stitution to offer a Juris Doctor (JD) degree earned wholly
Financial, HCA Hospitals, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Ford Mo-    online via state-of-the-art technology.
tors, Sauer’s Spices, and Little Caesar’s.                 Toby lives in Glen Allen, Virginia with his wife Nancy and
Toby’s past experience includes almost 10 years in the ad- their two children, Jacob and Isabel.

                Calendar of Events
                              General Meeting- 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 6:00 p.m.
                              7291 Atlee Road Mech. VA 23111

                              2nd Annual “Rally for a Miracle” Live Auction & Gala
   January 20, 2007
                              Omni Richmond. Proceeds $86,720.00

   April 21, 2007             Ground Breaking Ceremony at Miracle League Site

   Spring/Summer 2007         Miracle League Field Construction Begins

                               “Fall Ball” registration begins
   June 2007                   Visit our website for details or contact Greg Curtis, League Commissioner at (804)

   September 2007             Miracle League “Fall Ball”

   October 13, 2007           2nd Annual “Road Kill Cafe” Motorcycle Charity Ride

   February 2, 2008           3rd Annual “Rally for a Miracle” Live Auction & Gala

Page 4
                        2007 Buddy Sponsorship Agreement

                                                 PLEASE PRINT
Business Name       __________________________________________________
Contact Name        __________________________________________________
Mailing Address     __________________________________________________
City, State, Zip    __________________________________________________
Contact phone       __________________________________________________
Website/Email Address _______________________________________________
Child's Name in league (if any) _________________________________________

Accepted and agreed to:

By _____________________________________                   _______________________
              Sponsor Representative Signature                             Date

________________________________________                   _______________________
              Printed or Typed Name                                      Title

Recd. By_________________________________                  _______________________
              League Treasurer Signature                                 Date

______________________________________________________ Printed or Typed Name

Buddy Sponsor Package- $500/1 year; $1250/3 year; $5000/5 year
• Company name or logo on back of buddy t-shirts
    o Buddy teams of approx. 25 individuals
• Sponsor plaque
• Tax deduction
* Business will be posted on Miracle League of the Richmond website
Please enclose a business card or letterhead with your logo (if applicable)

                                          Make checks payable to:
                                      The Miracle League of Richmond

                                                  Mail to:
                                      The Miracle League of Richmond
                                          7527 Hidden Lake Circle
                                         Mechanicsville, Va. 23111

                                                                                                       Page 5
                              2007 Player Registration Form
                   Miracle League is all about the players and their families. We encourage your participation and
                   involvement whenever and wherever you can. Welcome to Miracle League of Richmond where
Page 6

                                                Every Kid Deserves to Play Baseball!

                                  Thank you for your interest / involvement in Miracle League!

Buddy Preference (Please indicate one)
                                                                     If applicable - does not assure assignment
Player Name

                                                                     Buddy Name

                                                                                                     S / M / L / XL /
                                                                             Adult / Youth
 Parent      Sibling        Youth       Adult
Player Date of Birth      Player School/Sponsor                      Uniform Size

Player’s Disability / Types of Assistance Needed

Parent / Guardian 1                  Parent / Guardian 2
                                                                     eMail Address - Checked Most Often
First Name                           First Name

Please register my Player for the next Miracle League of Richmond Baseball Season –
Parent / Guardian            Parent / Guardian
                                                                     Parent / Guardian Evening Telephone

          Registration of $35 included
Daytime Telephone            Cellular Telephone

           I would like to sponsor another player, I have included an additional amount of $______
           Please contact me regarding League / Team Sponsorship
Parent / Legal Guardian Signature                          Date Signed
                                                                             /                        / 2007

Make checks payable to Miracle League of Richmond, Inc. – all donations are tax deductible.
Registration should be accompanied by donation / registration fee, unless other arrangements have been
made with League Of icials.
Mail / Deliver to:
                                       ATTN: Greg Curtis                   ATTN: Mike Loving

The Miracle League of Richmond
                                       7424 Barkbridge Rd                  12413 Trumpington Ct.
                                       Chester ield, VA 23832              Chester ield, VA 23838
                                       804-279-0521                        804-639-9587

    Player Referred               Prior Player?                Prior Team / Year             MLoRic Of icer Initials
MLoRic Use Only
MLoRic Rec Date                   Reg / Donation?                        Check               Release Signed? Signed
                                       Y / N              Date       /       /                       Y / N
         /    /          Source                           Amt $                                 Date     /     /

                                       Y / N                           /
                                        2007 Player Release Form
                        Miracle League is all about the players and their families. We encourage your participation and
                        involvement whenever and wherever you can. Welcome to Miracle League of Richmond where
                                                                                                                            Page 7

                                                     Every Kid Deserves to Play Baseball!

                                       Thank you for your interest / involvement in Miracle League!

Player Name

Sponsoring Individual / Organization

Parent / Guardian 1                         Parent / Guardian 2
                                                                                 Parent Volunteer?
First Name                                  First Name

Parent / Guardian                           Parent / Guardian                             Parent / Guardian

In consideration for the Miracle League of Richmond, Inc. (“the League”) providing the opportunity for my child to participate in
Daytime Telephone                           Cellular Telephone                            Evening Telephone

Miracle League baseball, the undersigned does hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the League and its of-
 icers and directors from any and all claims for personal injury, death, property damage, or any type of claim or damage (includ-
ing but not limited to attorney's fees or litigation expenses) resulting from my child's activities in connection with participation
in Miracle League baseball or the participation of any family member or guest of the undersigned.
Medical Release - I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation in Miracle League games and activities and con-
sent for my child to receive irst-aid and/or emergency care by a quali ied Emergency Medical Technician or physician or other
person quali ied to render medical assistance in the event my child suffers an injury during sanctioned games and activities ____
Please Initial -
• I agree to provide my child's speci ic medical information to the League so that appropriate precautions and care can be
   provided to my child during sanctioned games and activities _____
• I agree to be present at all games and activities so that I/W e can manage our child's speci ic needs _____
• I agree to have any and all medication (prescription and nonprescription) for my child and shall be solely responsible for
   dispensing any such medication to my child _____

Parent / Legal Guardian Signature                                 Date Signed
                                                                                   /                           / 2007
Media Release - I understand that there will be media and promotional coverage of Miracle League Games and activities and I
give my consent to publish my name and picture for such purposes. I hereby grant the Miracle League Association, its af iliates,
franchises, advertising and promotional agencies, and their agents, the irrevocable, unrestricted right to use, publish, display and
distribute materials bearing my name, voice, likeness or any other identi iable representation of myself and my family members.
These materials may appear in any form, style, color or medium whatsoever (including, without limitation, photographs, video
tapes, ilms, sound recordings, software, drawings, prints, broadcast, internet and electronic media). I agree that all material con-
taining identi iable representation of me (including without limitation, all negatives, plates and masters of any photographs, iles,
prints or tapes) shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of the League. I hereby release and forever discharge the
League from any and all liability and damages relating to my name, voice, likeness or any identi iable representation of me. I
hereby waive any right I may have to inspect or approve the inished materials or any part or element thereof that incorporates
my name, voice, likeness or any other identi iable representation of my family and myself. I have agreed to the above in consid-
eration of the opportunity given to me by the League to appear in these materials.

Parent / Legal Guardian Signature                                 Date Signed
                                                                                   /                           / 2007
Greg Curtis * 804-279-0521 * * 7424 Barkbridge Rd * Chester ield * VA * 23832
Mike Loving * 804-639- 9587 * * 12413 Trumpington Ct. * Chester ield * VA * 23838
Miracle League Boosters Club
Our Membership Drive is in full swing!
Membership is only $25.00. As a member, you will receive all correspondence and special recognition on the
Booster Club page of our newsletter and at all attended events. Please make checks payable to the Miracle
League of Richmond Virginia.
•   Mr. and Mrs. Denys Bendall        •   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Lanasa      •   Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor
•   Mr. Brett Bettge                  •   Mr. and Mrs. Martin Levin           •   Mr. and Mrs. John Vandergriff
•   Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bralley          •   Ms. Lori Levy                       •   Dr. William Way
•   Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Buchko    •   Mrs. Dawn M. Machonis               •   Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Zaun
•   Mr. And Mrs. Richard Butts        •   Mr. Thomas N. Manuel
•   Mr. And Mrs. William R. Carter    •   Mr. and Mrs. McGann
•   Miss Kari Cox                     •   Mr. Dallas Melton
•   Mr. Kris Cox                      •   Mr. and Mrs. Jay Napier
•   Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Curtis       •   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Northcott
•   Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy           •   Mr. and Mrs. David F. Retzke
•   Ms. Candace Mraz Evans            •   Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Roberts
•   Ms. Charlotte Frischkorn          •   Ms. Lisa Schaffner
•   Mr. and Mrs. William Garthright   •   Mrs. Brook Taylor

                      National Office News as of May 2007
                        170 Chapters                           111 under construction or in fund-raising stage
                        60 Completed Fields                    In 43 States with new members in Puerto Rico

    Board of Directors
              Karen R. Pusey

              Toby Wyman

              Jeffrey W. Underdown, CPA
              Vice President:

              Karen Props

              Candace Mraz Evans

              Robin Hogge
              Karen Reardon
              Event Planning:

Page 8
                      To our Donors, without you, we would not be where we are today!
                       To our Partners who stand beside us as we reach for the “stars”;
      To our Sponsors who generously support our mission with their time, talents, goods and services;
               To our volunteers, whose vision, dedication and service we could not do without.
 Thank you for supporting The Miracle League of Richmond Virginia in our quest for Richmond’s First “Field of

   Chris Behrens                       Mrs. Toni McDavid                     Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wolfe
   Mr. Bret Bettge                     Mr. and Mrs. Andy McGann              Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wyatt, IV
   Mr. and Mrs. Mike Buchko            Mrs. Margaret McGehee                 Barbara and Bubba Wyatt
Miracle League Donation

   Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burch             Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath             Mr. and Mrs. Toby Wyman
   Mark and Melinda Byrd               Mechanicsville Little League          Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Zaun
   James Edward Cain                   Mr. and Mrs. Bill Metcalf             Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Zaun
   Gary Camp                           Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller              Mr. Luke Zupicich
   Ms. Tricia Cavallo                  Mr. and Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor
   Mr. Deane Cheatham                  Mr. and Mrs. Connell Mullins
   Mr. Rodney Chenault                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Moon                Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bralley
   Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Cox         Miss Beth Morris                       Mr. Wayne Davis
   Miss Kari Cox                       Mr. Thomas Moyer                       Mrs. Charlotte Frischkorn
                                                                          Miracle League Player Scholarship

   Mr. Christopher S. Cox              Ms. Ruth Mulane                        Mr. Wayne Hazzard
   Ms. Ann Dodson                      Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mulane                Kiwanis Club of James River
   Mr. and Mrs. Adam Drimer            Mr. and Mrs. William Mulane            Bill and Agnes Loyal
   Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy             Jay and Shelley Napier                 St. Gabriel Knights of Columbus
   Ms. Candace Mraz Evans              Mr. Craig Nelson
   Mr. and Mrs. Craig Feister          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Noble
   Sherwood and Terri Fisher           Orleans Homebuilders                   Becker & Calliott Marketing
   Dr. and Mrs. Arnold P. Fleshood     Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Pickels           Biamp Systems
   Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Flournoy          Mr. Keith Polarek                      Communications Specialists, Inc.
                                                                          Miracle League Team Sponsor

   Kenneth Forstmann                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Prof itt            Mr. Billy Hertless
   Mr. and Mrs. David Fritter          Mr. and Mrs. David F. Retzke
   Mr. Jay Fulton                      Ms. Sally Richards
   Michael Golden                      Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Roberts            Richmond Braves
   Cameron Grainger                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rodgers
   Dr. and Mrs. Ollie Greenwood        Coach Bobby Ross
                                                                          Miracle League Diamond Sponsor

   Horace Gray, IV                     Mr. and Mrs. Andy Schwind              Atlanta Braves Foundation
   Miss Megan Green                    Mr. and Mrs. Hank Scott
   Bill and Barbara Grove              Mr. and Mrs. David Setchel
                                                                          Miracle League Hero

   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hanna             Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Seminare         Atlas Industrial Services
   Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hangey            Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor
   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Haynes      Mr. and Mrs. Ben Terry
                                                                          Miracle League All-Star

   Mr. Billy Hertless                  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Thorton             Mr. and Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor, III
   Mr. and Mrs. David Hines            Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Tomes
   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hogge            Jack and Cathy Tuck
                                                                          Miracle League Angel in the Out ield

   Greg and Jeana Jenkins              Ukrops Super Markets, Inc.
   Jon and Sherry Kain                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Underdown
   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lacy           Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vandergriff
   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Leadbetter       Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vaas
   Duane and Christy Lewis             Ms. Marie Walker
   Mrs. Anne Link                      Walmart Stores, Inc.
   Mr. and Mrs. David Malinowski       Dr. and Mrs. William Way
   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Maloney        Mr. and Mrs. Doug West
   Mrs. Marjorie Masters               Mr. and Mrs. George Williams
   Mr. and Mrs. JC McComb              Mr. and Mrs. James Winslow

                                                          Checks payable to:
       All donations are Tax-Deductible                   Miracle League of Richmond Virginia
       Tax ID # 20-2829685                                7527 Hidden Lake Circle
                                                          Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111
                                                                                                          Page 9
   The mission of the Miracle League is to:
Mission Statement
Provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play Miracle League
baseball, regardless of their abilities

Promote community support and sponsorship of Miracle Leagues

Promote the construction of special facilities, which meet the unique needs of
Miracle League players and their families.

We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt our children with
disabilities. What we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience
the joy and bene its, which come from playing our national pastime-Baseball!!

The Rules are Simple:

       Every Child bats each Inning
       All base runners are safe
       Every player scores a run before the inning is over (last one up gets a home run)
       Each team and each player wins every game

                      7527 Hidden Lake Circle
                      Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111
                                                                                 Non-Profit Organiza on

                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                                                                     Richmond, VA
                                                                                     Permit No. 44

 The Department of Education
 collects data each year on stu-

 dents with disabilities in the
 state. As of December 1, 2006,
 the report has over 23,000
 students identi ied as having a
 disability and are eligible for
 special education services in
 our school systems.

    Chester ield County: 8,302
    Hanover County: 2,923
    Henrico County: 7,026
    Richmond City: 4,841

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