The End of One Manga by fajrinsenju


									                        The End of One Manga, the largest source of Manga Scanlations (scans of translated manga) on the
internet, is to remove all manga content from their site.

The announcement was made suddenly on Thursday (22 July) on the site homepage, by One
Manga's webmaster, Zabi. He mentions the changing stance of publishers on scanlations, and his
decision to comply with their wishes.

Just weeks earlier 36 major Japanese manga publishers and several American publishers had
formed "a coalition to combat the "rampant and growing problem" of scanlations". Among them
are publishing giants Square Enix, Viz media and Tokyopop.

The coalition worries that scanlation sites "now host thousands of pirated titles, earning ad
revenue and/or membership dues at creators' expense while simultaneously undermining foreign
licensing opportunities and unlawfully cannibalizing legitimate sales."

The coalition has also reportedly threatened legal action against 30 scanlation sites.

Square Enix have announced that it is to launch it's own online manga site in the fall, which will
be made available to visitors from North America and France. However, it will not be free as
they aim to set up a "paid digital distribution channel" to "better serve the varied needs of its
global customers". Square Enix is best known for the popular game series Final Fantasy.

One Manga has been listed #935 in Google's 1000 most-visited sites, which sourced its data in
May of this year. It states that One Manga received 4.2 million unique visitors and 1.1 billion
page views that month.

So is this the end of One Manga? Unlikely. Though the site will no longer offer visitors the
translated scans which made them so popular, they do already have a thriving community forum
with over 100,000 members. They are also ranked very highly in many google search results,
which offers massive potential to develop a site aimed at the same target audience.

Among the titles which were enjoyed by One Manga readers are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach.

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