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Anime Reflects Female Domination


									           Anime Reflects Female Domination
Female character in various anime appears less submissive than their male counterparts or even
dominates the male leading characters. Even in a "shounen" type of anime, female portrays a
greater role not just by being a subject of love interest by the male characters but as well as to
serve as a contrast or compliment to their skills. Let us begin by citing some popular shounen
type anime that contains female character who often dominates the male leading characters.

Who would never know about Tsunade of "Naruto", the grandniece of the First Hokage and she
herself became the Fifth Hokage of Konoha. She portrays as a fierce woman in her 20's though
her exact age is already in 50's. She possesses an earthshaking strength in battle that scares her
opponents to death and not just that she also possesses a healing ability which could heal a
person even if it is in his/her dying state. Tsunade portrays a woman who could freely do what
she wants; she appears to be more powerful than the other respected ninjas in Konoha that
enables the people to respect her and follow her decisions. Given the title as the Fifth Hokage of
Konoha, Tsunade shows female domination. And take note even her assistant is also a female
named Shizune and even her apprentice is a female who is Sakura Haruno.

Another is the infamous female character of a popular shounen anime "One Piece", Nami the
navigator and also an incredible thief of "The Straw Hat Pirates." Nami is portrayed as a strong-
willed female character in the anime, among others she is the most organize person in the group
and her ability of weather forecasting and navigating is incredible that when she was a child she
became a slave to a cold-blooded pirates in order to save her village. Her determination and
being smart with the help of the straw hat pirates soon help her to save her village as well as her
adopted family. Nami is like a "mother figure" in their ship Going Merry, she keeps everything
organize and often times take control of the ship when their captain Monkey D. Luffy is being
useless. She could even make the fierce swordsman Roronoa Zorro to follow her orders, also
Sanji an amazing chef who is infatuated with her is willing to be enslave by her. Nami showed
here her girl power the power to dominate men even in a simple way.

Last one to portray her domination is C.C the immortal witch of "Code Geass" who possesses a
mind controlling power of geass. From the means of her power it meant domination over others.
And because she makes a contract with Lelouch the male protagonist of the story and gives him
the geass to control others, domination over people's mind widens. C.C is characterized as a
beautiful, witty, selfish and sometimes creepy person who does everything for her own benefit.
In the anime, C.C's past shown in a vague way like bits and pieces. And because the Britannians
especially the Britannian emperor discover her power they become blinded by it blinded by C.C
and her power. C.C's geass create a psychological turmoil towards the characters especially to
the main character Lelouch, who become a murderer to attain her goal to revenge the death of his
mother and his blind sister. This kind of domination she portrayed in this anime brings disaster
and tragedy to the characters.

These are some example of anime that I think contains female domination, prior to my own
observation. Female domination by being a leader, female domination through doing simple
ways like what our mother does and female domination through destruction. It is sometimes
amazing how women can dominate everything and anime give us an idea how wonderful and
sometimes scary a so-called female domination.

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