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           William F. Manov, Ph.D., Director

            1400 Emeline Ave. Bldg. K

                     P.O. Box 962

           Santa Cruz, California 95060

                    (831) 454-4050

   The following agencies and organizations provide services, which are focused primarily on alcohol and drug abuse.

   TDD - Deaf and disabled clients-Relay Services Assistance 831/ 454-4748.

   STATEWIDE information: 1-800-662-4357,

                                               (*) = Spanish Speaking Services

ABOVE THE LINE                            9-bed highly structured transitional housing program for girls, ages 13-17, who
2716 Freedom Blvd.                        are willing and able to change the circumstances of their lives. Using existing
Watsonville, CA 95076                     services throughout Santa Cruz County, Above the Line provides education
                                          classes and tutoring, mental health and substance abuse counseling, medical and
(831) 724-3077 x201 Administration        dental care, employability and job training, ongoing case management. No fees.
John Cirilo, Director                     ADA accessible. Bilingual Services.
                                          Contact person: Deborah Arnold (831) 724-3077 x207

ACACIA ASSOCIATES                         Intervention for alcohol and drug abuse, a family process organized to address
9055 Soquel Drive, Suite E                denial in a positive loving way, aimed at breaking through the defenses of the
Aptos, CA 95003                           addict and getting him/her into treatment. Outpatient alcohol/drug counseling
                                          is primarily on an individual basis, short term, with family and relationship
(831) 476-4656                            counseling available as needed. Insurance accepted. Medi-Cal not accepted.
(831) 662-0636 – fax                      Bilingual services are not available. Disabled Accessibility.                     Contact: Susan and Barry Wells.

ALANON AND ALATEEN                        Alanon is an anonymous fellowship of men and women whose lives have been
(District 23)                             affected by the drinking of a family member or friend. Alateen meetings are for
P.O. Box 713
                                          those of ages 12 through 20. We meet to share experiences, strength and hope and
Soquel, CA 95073
                                          to study the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. No dues or fees. Bilingual
(831) 462-1818 (24 hrs)                   meetings in Hollister and Watsonville. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair. Adult
(831) 662-4696                            Children of Alcoholics (ACA) 12 step group support. Weekly meetings at
ACA-Bay Area (415) 641-7373               Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center (corner of Laurel & Center) S.C. 95060, every
(415) 442-7998                            Thursday at 7:00 p.m. To confirm, call (831) 420-6177. Call for meeting

ALCOHOL AND DRUG                          County of Santa Cruz administrative office for all Federal/State/locally funded
ADMINISTRATION                            alcohol and drug programs; information and referral; contract administration;
1400 Emeline Ave. Bldg. K                 county-wide policy and service coordination; prevention education; planning;
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                      videos; school/community networking; technical assistance; program monitoring.
                                          Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking, interpreter for deaf available.
(831) 454-4050
                                          Not a treatment program. Referrals only. Bill Manov, Director.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS OF                   Fellowship of men and women with drinking problems with the purpose of
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY                         staying
5732 Soquel Drive                         sober and helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety. Immediate contact with a
Soquel, CA 95073                          recovering alcoholic; information; and literature. Free, no fees or dues.
                                          Disability Accessibility: none. Current meeting schedules can be obtained at
(831) 475-5782 (24 hrs)
                                          Alcoholic Anonymous office at 5732 Soquel Drive, in Soquel, Monday-Saturday,
                                          9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
ALTO COUNSELING CENTER                   Comprehensive outpatient chemical dependency program providing
271 Water St.                            prevention, early intervention and treatment services. Programs including
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                     Drug Prevention, Employee Assistance Programs, Drug Deferred Judgement,
(831) 427-5290                           First and Multiple Offense Drinking Driver Programs, Drug Court intensive
                                         outpatient and counseling. Services include assessment and referral;
740 Front St. Ste. 130
                                         individual, family and group counseling; public presentations;
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
                                         training/consultation. Emphasis on services to populations with special needs,
(831) 423-2003                           such as Latinos, women, and criminal justice system referrals. Countywide
10 Alexander St.                         services available in English or Spanish. Fees based on ability to pay.
Watsonville, CA 95076                    Component of the Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center. Disabled
(831) 728-2233                           Accessibility: Wheelchair, (partially), parking.
                                         Contact person, Tim Mayo

CA DEPT OF REHAB                         Vocational rehabilitation services: counseling, job training, job placement for
1350 41st Ave., Suite #101               persons’ disabled by alcoholism. Must have documented 60 days sobriety.
Capitola, CA 95010                       Bilingual services available. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking,
                                         interpreter for deaf. Severe disabilities, implement for employment.
(831) 465-7100
                                         Contact person, Bob Zelwicks

THE CAMP                                 Residential treatment center with medically supervised detox services.
3192 Glen Canyon Road                    Capacity: 49 adult and 20 adolescent beds. Flexible lengths of stay, maximum
Scotts Valley, CA 95066                  30 days for inpatient care. Also day treatment and intensive outpatient. Per
                                         diem rates for all levels of care. Private insurance accepted. Lifetime aftercare
(831) 438-1868 or
                                         included. Wheelchair accessible. No bilingual or hearing impaired services.
(800) 924-2879
                                         Contact person, Clifford Combs
THE CAMP                                 Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Adult Intensive Outpatient
OUTPATIENT ADDICTION SERVICES            Program, Pain Management/Addiction Group, and a Replacement Therapy
215 River St.                            Group. The intensive outpatient program includes intervention and intake;
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                     educational groups; group process and support; family systems support; 12-
                                         step orientation; relapse prevention; stress reduction; lifestyle changes and
(831) 425-1350
                                         continuing care.
                                         Contact person, Bruce Laidlaw
CELEBRATE RECOVERY                       A fellowship of men and women where recovery is based on the Bible and 8
Santa Cruz Bible Church                  principles, addresses all kinds of addictions and is not based on age, sex, race
440 Frederick St.                        or religious background. Disabled accessibility not known. Meets Friday’s at
Santa Cruz, CA 95062                     7:00 p.m. in the Santa Cruz Bible Church Student Center.
(831) 429-1162
                                         Contact person, Penny Neudeck (831) 429-1162 x217

CO-DEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS                  This service follows a 12-step program (like Alcoholics Anonymous). It is
P.O. Box 1415                            designed for persons suffering from compulsiveness in the conduct of their
Santa Cruz, CA 95061                     interpersonal relationships. They also invite people who have (or have had)
                                         substance abuse problems that have complicated their ability to act responsibly
Admin.     (831) 469-6096
                                         in relationships. Free. Disabled Accessibility: Not known. Call for meeting
Crisis Line (831) 429-1478

COCAINE ANONYMOUS                        A fellowship of men and women who come together to obtain freedom from
(831) 475-1727 (meeting referral line)   addiction to cocaine and all other mind altering substances.
                                         Disabled Accessibility: Not known.

COUNTY OFFICE                            Drug abuse prevention and intervention program for adolescents enrolled in
OF EDUCATION                             Alternative Education Program. Basic education program; credited, gives
809-H Bay Ave.                           diploma. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking, and interpreter for deaf
Capitola, CA 95010
                                         available. Contact person, Sandy Mast.
(831) 479-5330
(831) 479-5392
DRINKING DRIVER PROGRAM               County administration and coordination of privately contracted first and
ADMINISTRATION                        multiple offense Drinking Driver Program contracts. Disabled Accessibility:
County Alcohol Program                Wheelchair, parking, interpreter for deaf available. Bilingual services
County of Santa Cruz                  available. Se Habla Español
Alcohol Program
1400 Emeline Ave. Bldg. K
                                      Referrals only. Not a treatment program. Contact: Jane Christmann
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 454-4110
DUAL RECOVERYANONYMOUS(DRA)           Dual Recovery Anonymous is a 12-Step self-help program for men and
740 North Plymouth, #205              women who are affected with an emotional or psychiatric illness along with a
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                  chemical dependency. Those with an emotional or psychiatric disorder are also
(831) 454-9620                        welcome to participate to investigate whether you would like to join the
cell phone (831) 419-0475             fellowship in mutual supportive recovery. For meeting schedule,
                                      Contact person, Ron Myers.

FENIX SERVICES                        Comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program providing individual,
10 Alexander St.                      group and family counseling; education and prevention; information and
Watsonville, CA 95076                 referral; vocational rehabilitation and job counseling; serving South County
                                      with primary emphasis on the Latino population and migrant workers.
                                      Bilingual services available. Fee–sliding scale. Disabled Accessibility:
(831) 722-5914
                                      Wheelchair, parking. Contact person: Rose George

FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE/                    Friday Night Live/Club Live (FNL/CL) is a multi-cultural peer program
CLUB LIVE                             designed to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among middle school
Health Services Agency                and high school students. FNL/CL promotes healthy lifestyle choices in our
Alcohol and Drug Program              community; develops and strengthens leadership skills for positive social
1400 Emeline Ave. Bldg. K             change; organizes student conferences addressing alcohol, tobacco and other
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                  drug issues; sponsors parent workshops on issues affecting youth; organizes
                                      fund-raisers for fun trips and much more. Friday Night Live/Club Live
454-5007 (FNL) 763-8298 (Club Live)
454-5483 (Prevention Coordinator)     Coordinators: Andrea Garcia 763-8298, Brenda Armstrong 454-5483,
Area Code for all #’s (831)           Xalox Cabanes 454-5004

HERMANAS RESIDENTIAL                  Recovery home programs for women with alcohol and drug problems. 30-90
PROGRAM                               day program. Outreach services to Latino women. Disabled Accessibility:
(Fenix Services)                      Wheelchair, parking. Bilingual services.
640 Rodriguez Street
                                      Contact person, RayeAnn Jimenez
Watsonville, CA 95076
Director, Rose George

(831) 722-2471
INTERVENTION AND COUNSELING           Confidential intervention and counseling with sensitivity to individual and
SERVICE                               family needs. Strategies developed and implemented for all areas and levels of
P.O. Box 1065                         substance related problems. Services include: intervention strategies for
Capitola, CA 95010                    families and colleagues designed to confront/stop individual’s susbstance use;
                                      all stages of recovery counseling; education about processes and effects of
(831) 462-3271
                                      substance use; agency/department presentations. Services for family/or others
                                      available without the alcoholic/addict present. Sliding scale available.
                                      Contact person, Mark Kalemos

INTERVENTION WORKS!                   Professional assistance designed to help a loved one or colleague get treatment
                                      for chemical dependency and related issues. Contact by phone or e-mail for                  confidential consultation. Brochure describing services available upon request.
(831) 421-9768                        Fee for services varies. Bilingual services not available. Disabled accessible.
                                      Contact person: Damon McGuire.
JANUS OF SANTA CRUZ                            Comprehensive chemical dependency treatment program providing social
200 7th Ave. Suite 150                         setting detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient services, residential and
Santa Cruz, CA 95062                           outpatient perinatal services, family educational services, and aftercare. First                                and multiple offender drinking-driver programs. Janus maintains a co-ed
(831) 462-1060
                                               clean and sober living home in the area. Many insurance and health care
                                               policies accepted. Sliding scale fee for Santa Cruz County residents.
                                               Wheelchair accessibility.
                                               Contact person, Margie Storms

JANUS OF SANTA CRUZ                            Treatment for heroin and other opiate addicts. Pre and Post HIV testing
THE COMMUNITY CLINIC                           available. Medi-Cal accepted. Bilingual services available. Disabled
Methadone Maintenance and Detox                Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking.
Program                                        Contact person, Cecelia Krebs
1000 #A Emeline Ave., (entrance in back)
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 425-0112

MADD - MOTHERS AGAINST                         Assists victims of drunk driving crashes in dealing with judicial process,
DRUNK DRIVING                                  victim’s rights, and support groups. Works to increase public awareness,
373 South Monroe St. #204                      provides speakers, disseminates information, monitors court sentencing, &
San Jose, CA 95128                             works to see that drinking driver laws are enforced. Disabled Accessibility:
(408) 260-0111                                 Contact person, Laura Plum

MARIJUANA ANONYMOUS                            Self-help (non-religious) fellowship group for those who cannot control their
P.O. Box 1481                                  marijuana use and are experiencing adverse effects in other areas of their life.
Santa Cruz, CA 95061                           No fee is charged. Meetings at Louden Nelson Center on Wednesdays 7–8:15                    p.m. Call to confirm at 420-6177. Also, New Life Center, 707 Fair Ave. on
SC Hotline/Meetings: (831) 427-4088
                                               Saturdays from 8:00-9:00 p.m., 427-1007, and Teen Meeting; Fridays, New
Spanish: (831) 336-0871
SJ Hotline: (408) 450-0796                     School at La Manzana, 521 Main St. Watsonville. Can also contact: Marijuana
Call to confirm meeting times and locations.   Anonymous at (800) 766-6779 or write: P.O. Box 2912; Van Nuys, CA

M.O.A.B.                                       MOAB is a loosely organized group of men who meet regularly for the
Men Overcoming Abusive Behavior                purpose of overcoming abusive behavior–both others and ours. Listening to
Meetings at:                                   each other’s experiences, studies & practices we learn how to:
                                                    ♦ Reduce stress (which often leads to anger)
2500 Soquel Ave. (Church)
Santa Cruz, CA 95065                                ♦ Manage feelings of anger, resentment or frustration
(Monday, 7-9 p.m.)                                  ♦ Unlearn the thought patterns that lead to anger and abuse
(Thursday, 7-9 p.m.)                                ♦ Better communicate with co-workers, friends and loved ones
(831) 476-9636                                 Free. Donations are gladly accepted to cover cost of refreshments & program
                                               materials for group. For more information and answers to more specific
                                               questions, please send e-mail to

MONDANARO-BASKIN CENTER                        Residential Treatment and Day Treatment programs available for women with
1314 Ocean Street                              children. Recovery program promotes the health and well being of mothers
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                           and their children by offering life skills of recovery from alcohol and drug
                                               addiction in a safe environment oriented for women over the age of 18 years
(831) 423-9015/423-9098 Fax
                                               who are either pregnant or parenting children from ages infant to 17 years.
                                               Bilingual services available. Eligibility/Cost: Sliding scale/Medi-Cal
                                               accepted. Contact person, Antoinette Williamson.

NAR-ANON                                       A twelve-step program designed to help relatives and friends of addicts
(800) 477-6291                                 recover from the effects of living with an addicted relative or friend. Nar-
(Website)            Anon’s program of recovery is adapted from Narcotics Anonymous and uses
                                               Nar-Anon’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. The only requirement to be
Northern California, Santa Cruz
                                               a member and attend Nar-Anon meetings is that there is a problem of drugs or
1555 Soquel Drive
Sunday, 6:30 PM                                addiction in a relative or friend. Nar-Anon is not affiliated with any other
Contact:                organization or outside entity.
NARCONON OF NORTHERN                   Narconon not only gives the addict the tools for getting on with life without
CALIFORNIA                             the need to use drugs or alcohol but also cleans the body of the toxic chemicals
262 Gaffey Rd.                         that cause so many to revert after staying clean for long periods. Term of
Watsonville, CA 95076                  program 3-4 months (average). Cost $19,000. Disabled Accessibility.
(831) 768-7190
NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS                    Call for current open meeting schedules. Disabled Accessibility.
429-7436 HELPLINE (24 hr.)

NEW LIFE CENTER                    Residential/Inpatient/Outpatient/Day Treatment services. Twelve step social
COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM              model. Variable length of stay, six months or more. Clean and sober
707 Fair Avenue                        transitional housing. Relapse prevention, Alcohol & Drug education, case
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                   management, and after care. Group, individual and crisis counseling.
                                       Emphasis on low income single adults & families. Children may stay with
(831) 427-1007 or (831) 458-1668
Fax (831) 454-0545                     their parents during treatment. Treatment scheduling adjustable to allow
                                       programming-residents to keep “outside” jobs. Bilingual/Multi-Cultural.
                                       Disabled accessible. Flexible sliding scale fee structure, starting at $21.00 a
                                       day. Insurance payees and SSI recipients accepted. Criminal Justice referrals.
                                       Contact person, Emmanuel DeNike.
PAGE SMITH COMMUNITY HOUSE             40 single room occupancy structured transitional housing program for
(PSCH)                                 homeless single adults. Eight homes, 5 bedrooms ea. Five homes for 25 males
111 Coral St.                          and three homes for 15 females. Support services include: Coordinated health
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                   and dental care, psychological services, job skills assessment, job training, job
                                       search assistance, educational assessment and placement, basic life skills
(831) 458-6020
(831) 469-4675 FAX                     development ,and assistance in finding and procuring permanent independent
                                       housing. Clients pay their own way by contributing 30% of their salary for
                                       program fees. Long term up to 18 months.
                                       Contact persons, Patrick, Peg

PAJARO VALLEY PREVENTION               Comprehensive school-based alcohol and drug abuse prevention services,
STUDENT ASSISTANCE INC.                K-12 curriculum, intervention program, and parent education. Disabled
335 E. Lake Ave.                       Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking wheelchair, and interpreter for deaf
Watsonville, CA 95076                  available. Medi-Cal accepted. Bilingual.
                                       Contact person, Jenn T. Sarmiento
(831) 728-6445

PALOMA HOUSE                           Short term (3-9 months) residential treatment program for clients with a dual
321 East Beach Street                  diagnosis of serious mental illness and chemical dependency. Paloma House
Watsonville, CA 95076                  includes a transition house for clients who complete the program. Bilingual
                                       Spanish speaking staff. Referrals are accepted through all County Mental
(831) 722-6599
                                       Health agencies. Disabled accessibility: wheelchair accessible, not licensed for
                                       non-ambulatory clients.
                                       Contact person: David MacBryde

PIONEER HOUSE                          A day treatment program for clients with a dual diagnosis of serious mental
290 Pioneer Street                     illness and chemical dependency. Beds are available at the River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                   Shelter for homeless clients who wish to attend the program. Program
                                       operates 7 days/week from 8:00 am to 3:00 p.m. and is free to all clients.
(831) 459-0444
                                       Referrals are only accepted through the County Mental Health ACCESS Unit
                                       (1-800-952-2335). Disabled Accessibility: wheelchair accessible.
                                       Contact person: Othea Byers, Program Manager
PROVIDENCE RECOVERY CENTER                 We offer a pleasant, nurturing environment where someone can learn how to
831 Paget Ave.                             live a life free of alcohol or other drugs. We are a California State Licensed
Santa Cruz, CA 95062                       and Certified Residential Treatment Program. Our treatment services include:
                                           Medically Managed Detox, residential inpatient treatment; outpatient treatment
(831) 475-1326
                                           (IOP); private individual & family counseling; extended care; relapse
(888) 767-7342
Email:        prevention education. Can accept hi-function dual diagnosis clients. Insurance
                                           or private pay. Bilingual. Wheelchair accessible.                 Contact person: Michael Harrison, Executive Director

RIVER STREET SHELTER                       The River Street Shelter is a 32-bed shelter serving recovering alcoholics and
733 River Street                           the homeless, with special emphasis on clients who suffer from mental illness,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                       chemical dependency, or both. The shelter provides re-locating services ,
                                           housing, laundry facilities, 2 meals a day and counseling services. Component
(831) 459-6644
                                           of Community Support Services. Wheelchair accessible. Open 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.
                                           daily. No fees. Call 459-6644 or sign up at the shelter 4-6 p.m. daily. Se Habla
                                           Contact: Larry Overstreet, Manager

RON MYERS                                  Presentation of dual diagnosis education from an experiential perspective to
Dual Diagnosis Consultant/Specialist       hospitals, institutions and alcohol/other drug treatment facilities. 32 years of
740 North Plymouth, #205                   life experience with 10 years of being clean and sober. Specialty is marijuana
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                       education. NAADAC Liability insurance. Certificate in Alcohol and Drug
(831) 454-9620 cell phone (831) 419-0475

SANTA CRUZ RESIDENTIAL                     A two month program of comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug
RECOVERY                                   abusing adult men and women with transition into outpatient counseling for
125 Rigg St.                               aftercare if needed; job training and probation referrals. Fee-scale; no one
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                       refused services due to lack of ability to pay. Component of the Santa Cruz
                                           Community Counseling Center. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair (partially),
(831) 423-3890
                                           parking. No bilingual services.
                                           Contact person, Cynthia Evey
SI SE PUEDE                                Residential inpatient services for male adolescents and adults. Adult program
161 Miles Lane                             9-12 months. Treatment for abusive behavior, drugs, and alcohol. Fees based
Watsonville, CA 95076                      on ability to pay. Bilingual.
                                           Contact person, Gonzalo Guzman
(831) 761-5422

S.M.A.R.T. RECOVERY                        Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) is a network of
The Little Red Church                      alternative/or complementary self-help groups based on Albert Ellis’ Rational
(Calvary Episcopal Church)                 Emotive Therapy (REBT) methods helping substance abusers achieve sobriety
532 Center St.                             regardless of their religious convictions or lack of them Using a holistic
Santa Cruz, CA 95062                       “thinking-feeling-doing” approach, participants explore and practice sound
Tues. 7:30 p.m.                            psychological principles that can be applied to their own lives. Groups are
                                           always small so that everyone present can feel welcome to join in the
(831) 462-5470                             discussion.
                                           Contact person, Jason Lubin
SOBRIETY WORKS                             Sobriety Works is an outpatient program for adults which offers the following
1658 Soquel Drive Suite B                  treatment options: Intensive Day Treatment, Intensive Evening Treatment,
Santa Cruz, CA 95065                       Relapse Prevention Treatment, Women’s Relapse Prevention & Psychotherapy
                                           Group, as well as individual and/or family therapy for clients and their loved
(831) 476-1747
                                           ones. Sobriety Works has clean and sober residences available for treatment
                                           and non-treatment clients. Our staff has extensive experience working with
                                           probation and the court system. Treatment is funded via private pay, insurance
                                           and through county funds (Prop.36). Payment plans are available.
TYLER HOUSE RESIDENTIAL                   A co-ed therapeutic residential program that provides substance abuse
9-C Marea Ave.                            treatment for adolescents 12-17. We provide teens and families’ support and
La Selva Beach, CA 95076                  guidance to intervene in the cycle of addiction and create a foundation for on-
                                          going sobriety. Medi-Cal accepted, sliding fee scale and private pay. ADA
(831) 688-6293
                                          accessible. English/Spanish.

UCSC ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG               Prevention education, consultation and referral services for UCSC students
(AOD) ABUSE PREVENTION                    seeking assistance with issues relating to the use of alcohol and other drugs.
PROGRAM                                   No fees. ADA accessibility. Bilingual services.
UCSC Cowell Student Health Center,        Contact person, any available staff member.
Rm. 86 (basement)
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

(831) 459-4866

WOMEN FOR SOBRIETY                        Organization whose purpose is to help all women recover from problem
Meets on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in       drinking through the discovery of self, gained by sharing experiences hopes
the                                       and encouragement with other women in similar circumstances. Based on the
   Community Room at                      “New Life “ program, a recovery program designed especially to address
St. Phillips Episcopal Church             women’s issues.
5271 Scotts Valley Dr.                    Contact person, Jennifer Gomon
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

(831) 472-9025

YOUTH SERVICES (A.D.)                 Outpatient counseling services for youth (ages 12-18) with drug and alcohol abuse
709 Mission St.                       problems. Individual, group, and family counseling. Sliding fee scale. Bilingual
Santa Cruz, CA 95060                  services available. Disabled Accessibility: Medi-Cal accepted. Wheelchair,
                                      Parking. Contact person, Lily Garcia (Watsonville), Particia McCausland
(831) 425-0771                        (Sanat Cruz)
241 E. Lake Ave.
Watsonville, CA 95076

(831) 728-2226

                                           County of Santa Cruz
                                      Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

       DISTRICT #1 - BEAUTZ                                                       DISTRICT #4 - CAMPOS

       LEE F. SMITH                                                               MARIA RODRIGUEZ-CASTILLO
       JERRY BURKE                                                                KATIE LIMAS

       DISTRICT #2 - PIRIE                                                        DISTRICT #5 - STONE

       DIANE BENSON                                                               PJ. WARNER