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Camper Handbook
Operating policies

   Table of Contents

1. Mission Statement……………………….……………….3

2. Admissions……………………………….……………….4

3. Code of Conduct……………………….…………………5

4. Swimming……………………………………..….………..6

5. Medications……………………………………………..…7

6. Personal Equipment………………………..…………….9

7. Parent Communications & Attendance…………..…..9

8. Weapons & Wilderness…………………………….…..10

9. Waiver of Liability…………….…………………….……11

10. Release/Hold Harmless………………………..……...12

    Caprock Excursions Operating Policies & Camper

Caprock Excursion’s Mission Statement:

Caprock Excursion exists to give kids opportunities to explore,
discover, and define themselves by connecting children to nature, to
broaden their knowledge of West Texas, themselves, and the vast
array of community resources. Through our hands on program

campers gain self confidence and build responsible habits that will
enable them to give back to their community.

Goals & Outcomes
We believe that kids need camp experiences that teach how hard
work, curiosity, perseverance, and team work pay off. Children need
opportunities to try new activities in an environment that allows them
the freedom to fail or succeed in a fun and supportive environment. In
that our goal of self reliance and personal responsibility for a healthy
lifestyle is fostered through real life experiences.

At Caprock Excursions campers learn about environmental and
community stewardship and develop a sense of responsibility for their
fellow campers and themselves which fosters leadership. Friendships
formed through camp sharpen interpersonal skills and personal
responsibility. Positive adult leadership furthers Christian principles
by which lives are shaped and adulthood is entered.

Adventure activities provide campers with life skill experiences that
challenge intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. Our unique
approach allows campers the authority and responsibility to mold
their day by choosing their own activities which furthers our goal of
self reliance.

Campers will learn how to impact other lives in a positive and directed
manner by establishing a peer advisory board. Through this board
peers will brainstorm about global, national, and local issues that
concern or interest them. They will create solutions and generate
action plans to address their causes which shapes strong and
capable young adults.
Featured Events
Campers may chose activities such as archery, cooking, paint ball,
court sports, animal husbandry, checkers, chess, card games, time to
explore outdoors, and time to relax. Local field trips to parks, skating
rinks, and swimming pools will be offered. Excursions or day trips to
Palo Duro Canyon, Cap Rock Canyons, the Sand hills, Lake Alan
Henry, Plains Baptist Assembly, The Petroleum Museum in Midland
and amusement parks in Amarillo are some of our featured trips and
are subject to change yearly based on camper interest. Campers in

Excursion camps will share time on site and make day excursions to
attractions as well.

Camper to Counselor Ratios
Day excursions and activities that are designed for older children do
pose an inherent risk. Therefore we will offer lower ratios with a ratio
of 10 to 1 when away from the camp, and a ratio of 15 to 1 while on
campus. Our goal is to take the child and his or her individualism to
heart and conduct our business with the utmost integrity. During
opening and closing hours the ratio may be greater and are subject to
the judgment of the Camp Director and activities during opening and
closing hours.

Because of the nature of our camp we require a strict admission
procedure. Campers must posses a certain maturity to be able to
handle nature or wilderness events as well as think independently
about personal growth and the energy they project in their
For these reasons we request that all prospective campers and their
parents visit with Camp Directors prior to enrollment. Caprock
Excursion will not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, or
national or ethnic origin.
Admission is considered complete once the application form is
completed, immunizations are received, camps dates are selected,
and all deposits and required activity fees are collected.

Behavior Requirements
Campers will conduct themselves at all times in a manner of respect
and cooperation for fellow campers and leaders. Campers will take
responsibility for and support fellow campers who may fall behind or
may have unique challenges. There will be a zero tolerance for
campers who exhibit physical aggression, foul language, poor
hygiene, or disrespect for camp rules. Inappropriate behavior which
may cause harm to another camper such as misuse of cell phones or
physical harm will be result in a phone call to the local Police
Department and charges will be filed.

It is the discretion of the group leader to expel a camper from
activities or the program should behavior warrant. Parents will be
called and given notice should expulsion be warranted. There will be
no pro-rated or full refund if a child leaves, or is sent home, before the
end of the period for which he/she has been registered.

Safety Rules for Vehicle and Bus Travel
Passengers shall remain seated at all times with hands and arms
inside the vehicle. Seat belts should be fastened when riding in
vehicles. Noise levels should be such as to not distract the driver.
There should be no throwing of objects or other disruptive behavior.
Passengers should enter and leave the vehicle under the direction
and supervision of a staff member and/or driver. If the vehicle makes
an emergency stop, passengers should follow directions of a staff
member and/or driver and use the buddy system if leaving the

Personnel Training and Records
For the safety and protection of all campers director’s, counselors,
staff, and volunteers, a plethora of safety checks are required. All
staff is required to submit a letter of reference attesting to the
character and integrity of each staff person. Information such as
training certificates attesting to the ability of each staff member to
perform the tasks required in his or her position is also required
before they may conduct activities with campers.
An FBI criminal background check is conducted on all staff and
Training is conducted annually on Recognizing Abuse, Neglect, and
Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation Awareness training and
examination program.

Program Safety and Equipment
All equipment and environments be it guns, archery, equestrian, or
wilderness events shall meet the guidelines set for the Texas
Administrative Code for Youth Camp Safety and Health Codes. Any
safety equipment brought by campers must fit properly, be rated to

match safety codes which allow the camper the same protection as
gear provided by vendors.

Swim Safety
An adult waterfront director, who holds a current lifeguard certificate
or its equivalent, shall be in charge of all waterfront activities. While
waterfront activities are in progress, the waterfront director or an adult
certified lifeguard assistant shall be in the immediate vicinity (within
sight and/or hearing) of the campers, supervising the program.
Camper's swimming ability must be determined. Caprock Excursions
will test each camper to determine each child's swimming ability.
Campers will be confined to the limits of swimming skills for which
they have been classified.

For waterfront activities such as, paddle boating, rafting, sailing,
water skiing, etc. Campers will be required to wear a United States
Coast Guard (USCG) approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
Each occupant of a watercraft shall wear a USCG approved
inherently buoyant Type II PFD at all times while in the watercraft. A
non-swimmer shall wear a USCG approved inherently buoyant Type
II PFD and shall not be permitted on a watercraft unless
accompanied by an adult.

Life jackets will be available for campers wishing to participate in
waterfront activities; however, campers are welcome to bring
personal life jackets from home labeled with the camper’s name.
Storage for life jackets will be available at base camp.

Camper Health & Safety

Base camp will be located within 20 minute community EMS
response time and a person certified in American Red Cross
Community First Aid and Safety, or its equivalent, shall be in the
camp and on call at all times, and will be considered the Camp Health

Emergency transportation will be available at all times to transport
any sick or injured camper in an emergency through the use of one of
the camp vans. Emergency contact information and release to
authorize medical treatment will be carried with campers at all times
in an emergency notebook.

Caprock Excursions will designate a first aid area at base camp. The
area will be used exclusively to handle health and emergency cases
and shall be designated and suitably equipped to do so. The camp
will have a telephone readily available for emergency use.

First aid kits shall be taken on all out-of-camp trips.

Camper health records shall be kept on file. The first aid area shall
keep a health record on each child with the child's name, allergies,
immunizations, parent's name, address, and telephone number, and
parent or guardian authorization for emergency medical care.

Storing and dispensing prescription medication to campers.
If a child is taking a prescription medication when he or she reports to
camp, the medication must be in the original container with the
prescription label, and the medical staff shall place that medication in
a lockable cabinet or other secure location that is not accessible to
campers. The medication shall be administered by the Camp Health
Officer or camp counselor, if authorized in writing by the Camp Health
Officer. At no time will the child be allowed to self-administer the
medication without adult supervision.

A bound medical log or other unalterable record keeping system,
listing date, name of the patient, ailment, name of the Camp Health
Officer, and the treatment prescribed shall be kept in the first aid area
for the duration of the camp year for which the license is issued.

Parents of campers who show signs of illness such as fever of 100.3
or greater, one episode of vomiting, 2 episodes of diarrhea, or
unexplained fatigue will be called to pick up their child within a

reasonable time frame. If the campers are off site, arrangements will
be made to meet the campers or counselor to pick up an ill camper.

All campers with a confirmed or suspected case of a communicable
disease shall be isolated to provide safety to other children and quiet
to the patient. Any child that is isolated shall be supervised as
determined by the Camp Health Officer.

State of Texas Required Reporting:

Requirement to report incidents of abuse or neglect of a minor
If a person, including any member of camp staff, a camp counselor, or camp
director has cause to believe that a minor has been or may have been abused or
neglected as those terms are defined in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 261,
then that person shall immediately make a report, in accordance with Family
Code, §261.101(a) to the department's Policy, Standards and Quality Assurance
Unit, as required by §261.103(a)(3). The report can be made by telephone (512-
834-6773), by fax (512-834-6707), or by email (the current email address may be
found at A report must be made
to the department and may be made to a local or state law enforcement agency
or other agency listed in Family Code, §261.103.

Requirement to report camper death or communicable diseases
Camper death or confirmed cases of waterborne or food borne diseases, such as
cholera, dysentery, typhoid, salmonellas, shigellosis, or infectious hepatitis, shall
be reported to the department's Policy, Standards, and Quality Assurance Unit,
within 24 hours of occurrence (or confirmation in the case of disease) by fax
(512-834-6707), or by email at the address found at

Personal Equipment
The camp is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal
property, clothing, sports equipment, cell phones,mp3 players,
cameras, radios, etc., brought to camp. Staff should be made aware
of any personal valuables that are brought to camp by participants
and such valuables should be taken home each day.

Communications with Parents
Communications with the parents is very important. Because we are
not an away or overnight camp the relationship you form with parents
is critical to the camper’s continuance in the program. Campers often
complain about following rules and chores and parents can easily
misconstrue that their child is unhappy with the program. A friendly
positive attitude goes a long way to helping a parent and a camper
understand what really goes on at camp and what the campers
complaints are about.

Camper Attendance Procedure
It is the responsibility of the group counselors to take attendance
every camp day. Attendance sheets should be kept in your mailbox
after attendance is taken and turned in to the camp office every
Friday. Counselors must notify the Director of a camper's absence
after two consecutive days so that the parents can be contacted.

Leaving the Camp
All campers must receive permission from the Director when leaving
camp for any reason.

Weapons & Wilderness Skills
Caprock Excursions activities may include pellet guns, air soft guns,
paint ball guns, compound bow and safety arrows, homemade bow
and arrows, and activities that may require knives. Campers will also
taught basic survival skills such as fire building, rationing supplies,
and using resources for rescue.
When campers are engaged in such activities a lower staff ratio will
be in place and supervision of said activities will be closely monitored.
Safety and instructional classes led by certified instructors will occur
before any of the aforementioned activities occur. Only when
campers have proven their understanding of the weapons use and
guidelines for use and safety will they be allowed to participate in
weaponry activities.
Any un- requested item brought from home by campers or staff that
can be used as a weapon is not permitted at camp. These items
include, but are not limited to, knives, fireworks, BB guns, pellet guns,

martial arts weapons and firearms. Anyone who brings these items to
camp will have them confiscated and will be subject to disciplinary
All weapons are to be kept in a locked cabinet when not in use.
Weapons must be checked in and out through the Director. All
weapons must also be transported in a closed container in the
vehicle and campers may not retrieve them until they are in a
safe zone and have been given the all clear to play or shoot.

Campers will have the opportunity to explore various terrains of
nature by hiking, exploring caves, mountain biking, etc. Campers
should be dressed appropriately for these activities such as jeans or
longs pants, tennis shoes or hiking boots, hats, bug spray and

                     Waiver’s of Liability
Caprock Excursions is not responsible for camper’s personal
property, nor does the camp assume liability for the loss or damage
of any items left at the camp. Each family will receive a list of needed
items prior to the opening of camp.

Caprock Excursions reserves the right to video, photograph, and use
audio recordings of campers during the summer sessions. These
promotional mediums are used for recruiting and publicity purposes.

If for any reason you do not want your child to be taped or
photographed, please call the office and let us know.

I herby authorize Caprock Excursions, Harper-Hall, Inc. and
employees thereof to seek Emergency Medical Treatment for my

to any personnel or services deemed required or necessary.

__________________________________________ date_________
Parent/Guardian Signature

             Release and Authorization to Hold Harmless

                       Name of Attendee / Camper

                Caprock Excursions Summer 2011
By my signature and of my free will, I do hereby agree to indemnify and save
harmless, Caprock Excursions, Harper-Hall,Inc. from any all and claims or
demands, cost or expense arising out of any injuries, damages or other losses,
whether personal or property, sustained by me, or any party to whom I am

responsible. Any photographs/videos taken by the Caprock Excursions staff are
considered property of the Caprock Excursions and may be used in newsletters,
brochures, websites, and newspapers. I give my permission for use of these
photographs for media use by Caprock Excursions and Harper-Hall, Inc. By my
signature, I have been given information to read with regard to other camp

Under Texas law (Chapter 87, Civil Practice and Remedies Code), an equine
professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in
equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

I have read and understand the above notice. I further hereby release Caprock
Excursion, Harper-Hall, Inc. and any employees working at Caprock Excursions
from any liability for an injury or sickness resulting from the below named student
riding or taking instruction in activities at or sponsored by Caprock Excursions

My child _____________________________________, age __________ has
permission to ride horses while participating in Outdoor Education activities at
Caprock Excursions.
      ________________________________________            __________________
      Signature of Attendee                                 Date of signature
      (If Camp Attendee is18 or older)

      ________________________________________              ________________
      Signature of Parent or Guardian                        Date of signature
      (If Camp Attendee is 18 years or younger)

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