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					                                   Scientific Suppliers
lots of smaller suppliers expect you to buy a case lot and only supply at certain times of year.
I recommend stick to the tried and true – Delta, Crescendo

Ajax Chemicals. Rob Caithness
Tel: 09 476 2909 Fax: 09 476 2908
Geina Hawkins, Customer Service Representative

Most expensive but best quality, would probably quote on a lab lot
Access to Fort Richard for agar plates and other media

Biolabdirect all science equipment and chemicals

Biosupplies for daphnia

Biosuppliers (09) 418 2352
provide locusts. Need a couple of weeks lead in time. Ask for Mike. Very helpful.

BOC for dry ice.

CASA Alan Deverell, 04 9393 777 or
second-hand microscopes.

Crescendo. David Tunnicliffe Crescendo <>
Cheaper, very prompt as they keep most things in stock, will send you their catalogue,

Delta 09 629 3234 (0508 654 321)
all science equipment and chemicals
competitive prices, good service (occasional hiccups), comprehensive range - best one-stop

Dick Smiths (0800 373 347) for electricity and electronics gear.

Electroflash Resourcing LTD Rae McKean (Auckland) 09 235 0003

Faulkner Collins Ltd <>           Ph 09 620 4000
trolleys, basket carts
very user friendly.

Global Science & Technology Limited
Tel: 09 443 5867 0800 734 100 Fax: 09 444 7314 0800 999 002 Nigel Flockart (09 916 6664)
Not as good to deal with as they used to be (Ex Scientific Supplies), which is a pity as their
prices are good. Just hopeless and customer service non-existent. Invoice mix-ups, delays in
delivery etc. Nigel Flockhart is very helpful.. Good for pipette tips, Columbia blood agar, transfer
pipettes, microtubes (CRI)

Laboratory&Industrial Technologies Tom Pound (09) 443 2800
(Balances and repair)

Labware House 0800 LABWARE (0800 522 927)
glassware & other things
Prices are good, quality thus far appears to be good. I would recommend them.

small range but cheapest for glassware if you're not in a hurry.

Microimaging (09) 529 9506
Richard Beddek
microscopes and repair
reasonable prices.

Milton Adams Leonora Simmons ph 09 271 6415
In Howick, reasonable prices for glassware Prices are very good overall, but they do have a
limited selection, but stock the basic equipment. request a catalogue.

Pure Science 04 232 8899
Hugh Blank
often cheapest for chemicals, if you're not in a hurry. Wellington. Very helpful and willing to
supply small quantities of chems

Scitech NZ Ltd - science equipment – 09 272 7579
competitive prices, excellent service. Glassware
Rae McKeen used to be a technician and so has a wealth of knowledge about what's needed
etc. Contact: (business is run from Waiuku but she's up this way a lot)

The Science Shop
pre-prepared slides.

Slides for Schools or 09 444-7823
prepared slides, microscopes, models and kits

Surplustronics (0800 500 530)
cheapest for electronic gear, school discount.

Weightec (NZ) Ltd (09) 448 1255
Graeme Schofield

I buy prepared microscope slide from Cambridge UK. Excellent quality and about 3 pounds
each. Ian Couchman

I have just had Derek Weir from Delta come visit to do a demonstration for
MicroScience. I think it is the way of the future and if you are setting up is worth
considering. The company is on the list that Annette Hobby sent out.
The cost of setting up will be less than macro gear, the amount of chemicals you
will use will be less, there are less risks when using smaller amounts and it has to
be better for the environment! These would be my reasons for choosing this type of
equipment especially if there was none to start with.
I recomend you give Derek a call and have a chat.
Gael Lloyd
Science Technician
Avondale College G Lloyd

Also the Milton Adams Phone no. is 09 271 6415 if you want to
We deal with Surplustronics (0800 500 530) and

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