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									                                    Mrs. Collins & Ms. Griffiths
                                                       Mrs. Collins
                          We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss week this week! We are
                          going to see how many Dr. Seuss books we can read
                          together. On Friday, we are going to read Green Eggs and
                          Ham and decide if WE like Green Eggs and Ham in class.
                          We will be playing many learning games that involve the
                          many characters in the books by Dr. Seuss. The March
                          snack calendar is posted by the sign in board. Please sign
                          up if you are able! Thanks so much!

Feb.28-Mar.4                  Home Activity                         Parent Signature
                              One of the Dr. Seuss books we read
Lunch: Pizza or Grilled
                              today was There’s a Wocket in My
Chicken Sandwich              Pocket. Can you think of another
                              silly rhyming word for Pocket?

Tuesday:                       We read Hop on Pop today and
 Lunch: Chicken nuggets or    thought of our own silly rhyming
                              page to include in our class book.
steak Nuggets
                              Do you remember what your silly
                              rhyme was?

Wednesday:                    Share your Dr. Seuss Let’s Find Out
Lunch: Nacho or Crispy        with someone at home.
Chicken Sandwich

Thursday:                     Read “A Cat’s Day” to someone at
Lunch: BBQ or Turkey &        home.
                              Make sure to put a star on your
Cheese Sub
                              poster after you read it! What has
                              been your most favorite Dr. Seuss
                              book this week?

Friday:                        Have a great weekend!
Lunch: Pizzatas or Fish

Lunch Next Monday: Pizza
or Teriyaki Chicken w/ Rice

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