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Yoav Yuhjtman
Play is becoming an important part of work, business and
 personal well being, its importance manifesting itself in
        three ways: joyfulness, humor and games.

•Games have become a large and influential industry that is teaching
whole-minded lessons to its customers and recruiting a new breed of whole
minded workers.

•In this day and age, fun and games are not just fun and games
• “When we are at work we ought to be at work.
  When we are at play we ought to be at play. There
  is no use trying to mix the two” – Henry Ford

• Work and play have become both more common and
  more necessary.

• Southwest Airlines mission statement: “people rarely
  succeed at anything unless they are having fun doing
 “Games at work may be good for you”
                                                                 -BBC NEWS

Playing simple computer games at the office can
  improve productivity and job satisfaction.

• Research team randomly split workers into groups. Some were allowed to
  play simple games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, while other “control”
  groups were denied the chance

• Allowed to play games for up to one hour a day for a whole month

• The results suggest that, instead of games being a waste of time at work,
  they might help personal productivity and make people feel better about
  their jobs.
• According to a recent survey by WorldWinner, more than 80
  percent of online gamers who play on and off throughout the
  workday said they are able to better focus on work after

• A reported 72 percent actually rely on game breaks to help
  them deal with job-related stress.

Example:, an automotive information website.

"We want our employees to enjoy being here. The game room is
  very much a part of who we are and what we're all about"
                     America’s Army
Games can be helpful for recruiting

• Colonel Casey Wardynski was working on ways to boost
  recruiting for the armed forces, which had fallen
• Over the next year he and a team built America’s Army and
  released it for free on

• The game emphasizes teamwork, values, and responsibility
  as a means of achieving a goal”.

Results  Today, the game has more than two million
  registered users. On a typical weekend nearly a half
  million people play this game.
       America’s Army
• YouTube - America's Army Training
                 America’s Army
• longtime America's Army player became a first responder
  at a tragic car accident last November by employing life
  saving techniques he learned by playing the America's
  Army game.

• Twenty-eight year old Paxton Galvanek was able to
  evaluate and treat the victims at the scene.

• Through the game, players learn to evaluate and
  prioritize casualties, control bleeding, recognize and treat
  shock, and administer aid when victims are not
                Games and Learning
• “Games can be the ultimate learning machine”-James
  Paul Gee, author of What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and

• When kids play video games they can experience a
  much more powerful form of learning than when
  they’re in the classroom

• Playing video games enhanced individuals’ ability to
  detect changes in the environment and their capacity
  to process information simultaneously

Fun and games are not just fun and games
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