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Reg: 3817733
                         FIRE FLIT TARI
                            Gary Lohman, Blanchard, OK
                                            1999 AQHA Palomino Gelding
                                                                            Reg: 4604569
                                                                                                        JMN RUSTY
                                                                                                    Ryan & Tami Ludeke, Holdrege, NE
                                                                                                                          2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                             FLIT BAR                                                                   SOLANOS PEPPY SAN
               FIRE WATER FLIT               SLASH J HARLETTA                              SLIPPIN SOLANO               DOCS TWIDGET
FIRE EASY                                                                   SMOOTH BUT DUSTY
                                             TOP MOON                                                                   DANS SMOOTH DEAL
               SADIES EASY                   MADAM CE CE                                   DUSTY IS A SMOOTHJET         TEE IMAGE

                                             DOC TARI                                                                   MR JOE GLO
               HARD TACK TARI                                                              ALEDO BAR GLO
                                             KING KAY                                                                   SYCAMORE SAGE HEN
 MISS JEPPTARI                                                               DANCE TIL DARK
                                             ROCKY JEPP                                                                 KING WADE BUX
               MISS JEPP BAR                                                               WADES BUXOM DANA
                                             MISS ROCKY BAR                                                             DANA DECK KING

  Good, smooth riding dappled palomino. Stands 15.2, rides once a             Been used for roping cows, bulls and yearlings. Nice heading and
   week or once a year, rides the same. No buck or silliness. A real          heeling horse. Nice horse to sort off of, he will really watch a cow.
                            saddle horse.                                                       Good, gentle horse. No buck.

Reg: 4730993
                  PAULYS WILYWOOD
                      Wayne & Betsy Childers, Edgemont, SD
                                               2005 AQHA Red Dun Mare
                                                                            Reg: 4126631
                                                                                           WILYS YELLOW ROSE
                                                                                              Wagonhound Land & Livestock, Douglas, WY
                                                                                                                          2001 AQHA Palomino Mare
                                             ORPHAN DRIFT                                                               ORPHAN DRIFT
                WILYWOOD                     OUI OUI                                       WILYWOOD                     OUI OUI
 MY WILYWOOD                                                                WILY WHITE SOCK
                                             RHINESTONE JACK                                                            ADAM BARS
                STACIE JACK                  STACIE LEE BEAR                               ADAMS MOLLY BARS             PALA MONITA

                                             SONNY SUGAR                                                                TUFF TIME PEPPY
                SONNY PEP SAN                                                              DVA PEPS ORPHANWOOD
                                             ANNA SAN                                                                   SKY BLONDIE
 DUNNY SONNY LIME                                                            MAUDS ORPHAN WOOD
                                             SPARKY ONE                                                                 RUNNERELSE
                SPARKETTE LIME                                                             MAGNIFICENT MAUD
                                             LIMELITER                                                                  LADYIN JET OIL

  Paully is started nicely as a 3 year old. Pasture rode, lopes circles,    Wilys Yellow Rose is a beautiful 2001 palomino mare. She is sired by
  will have 60 days at time of sale. Her full brother placed at his first   Wily White Sock a grandson of Orphan Drift who was a money earner
  jackpot team roping as a 4 year old. Pauly should make anyone a            in heading, heeling, calf and breakaway roping, and hazing. Wilys
               nice horse at whatever they ask her to do.                     Yellow Rose is a great all around horse, who was used for ranch
                                                                            work. She would also make a great addition to any broodmare band
                                                                                                  bringing in color and size.

Reg: 4966120
                   BLONDS ARE WILD
                        Bruce A. or Stacey Bebo, Redfield, SD
                                               2007 AQHA Palomino Mare
                                                                             Reg: 385464
                                                                                              BEAUS PRIMO GOLD
                                                                                                          Tanner Hewitt, Nisland, SD
                                                                                                         1997 APHA Breeding Stock Palomino Gelding
                                             SCOTCH BAR TIME                                                             TIFFANYS SONNY DEE (QH)
                PLAIN SCOTCH BAR             POCO PINE DELRIO                               LOTA SONNY DEE               SHAPOS STELAPARDON
 INVEST YOUR BUCKS                                                            SONNY DEE BEAU
                                             EYED BEN TUFF                                                               BEAUS MY DADDY (QH)
                BENS BIG LADY                MS INVESTMENT BROKER                           MISS BEAU JANGLES            TRUDY DIAL (QH)

                                             TARDY’S TUFFY 1                                                             FANTASTIC SON (QH)
                TUFF ORDER                                                                  FANTASTIC SON
                                             MAID TO ORDER                                                               ROBIN’S LOCKET
 COWGIRLS ARE WILD                                                            MISS EL PASO
                                             BARON BELL                                                                  SMOKEY POCO I (QH)
                BARONS BLUE BELLE                                                           BAR R MINO CUTIE (QH)
                                             JACKS COOKY                                                                 POCO MINO (QH)

  Very nice palomino two year old mare that is started under saddle.          I used this horse in calf roping and heeling in college. He really runs
    Blondie has an outstanding future ahead of her and is bred to                to cattle and works lots of rope. He’s very very gentle and is as
                     perform and has the looks.                              athletic as they come. An all around horse you can ride in the pasture
                                                                                 or compete in the arena on. For more information call Tanner at
                    Steve or Bridget Hinrichs, Ellsworth, MN
                                      1996 QH - Grade Palomino Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4630259
                                                                                                     SAK EM CODY
                                                                                                        Richard Westphal, Leola, SD
                                                                                                                       2004 AQHA Palomino Gelding
                                                                                                                        SAK EM DOC
                                                                                           SAK EM WILY WOOD             WILYS MOLLY BARS
                                                                           SAK EM BEAU
                                                                                                                        SKIPS GO LUCKY LUCAS
                                                                                           GO LUCKY BEAUTY              BBS JESSY

                                                                                                                        MR ANGELO CODY
                                                                                           KILL DEVIL
                                                                            FRIENDLY CODY BAR
                                                                                                                        PALLEO EXPRESS
                                                                                           MISS PALLEO ANNIE
                                                                                                                        LI’L ANNIE BAR

Joey is a 13 year old finished heading horse. We have hauled him to          Cody is an outstanding gelding. Been used to sort cattle, doctor
 local jackpots, US ropings, and ranch rodeos. Anybody should be           calves, process and load cattle. Moves out well for a big horse. Can’t
                  able to get along with this horse.                          say enough on him. I own the dam and the sire. We have 3 full
                                                                                          brothers to his sire! Don’t pass on him.

Reg: 4941492
                      FOUR IKE JENNY
                      Haythorn Land & Cattle Co, Arthur, NE
                                                   2007 AQHA Bay Mare
                                                                           Reg: 4866334
                                                                                                  JD WILY BADGER
                                                                                                          Clair M. Jones, Genoa, NE
                                                                                                                                2006 AQHA Dun Mare

                                            DRIFTWOOD IKE                                                                ORPHAN DRIFT
                WHITE LIGHTING IKE                                                          WILYWOOD                     OUI OUI
                                            KATY WAS A LADY
 WHITE FOUR IKE                                                             JD WILY CHIPPERWOOD
                                            POCO SIX CHECK                                                               COLONEL CHARGE
                POCOS APRON                                                                 CHALAMAR DRIFTER             CHALAMAR
                                            CHECKERED APRON

                                            EDDIE 40                                                                     MR BARON RED
                HANDY EDDIE CINCO                                                           SEVEN DIAMONDS RED
                                            HANCOCK CINCO                                                                TYREES DIAMOND
 JENNY FOUR 9110                                                             PEPPYS RED BADGER
                                            WAR DRIFT                                                                    PEPPY SAN BADGER
                WD 7110                                                                     ONTILA BADGER
                                            BEAVER’S 110                                                                 ONTILA MARVILLA

  A nice head and neck, with lots of action. Her sire is making a name       Fancy 3 year old started filly. Plenty of ability. Ready to go on with in
 for himself in our program. Her mother’s grandparents are four of the                          any direction. 402-993-2831.
   best horses ever here at the ranch. Checkered Apron was an own
   daughter of Rocket Wrangler. This mare should be full of cow plus
                athletic. Waldo Haythorn Futurity eligible.

Reg: 4699410
                      ZENO HEMPHILL
                               Tom Miller, Red Owl, SD
                                               2005 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4155444
                                                                                             POCOS FROSTY BOY
                                                                                                             Eric Jones, Howes, SD
                                                                                                                            2001 AQHA Dun Gelding
                                            MR DUSTER TOO                                                                FORTY CABALLEROS
                SMOKEY DUSTER TOO           POCO ASHWOOD                                   FOUR D POCO BOY               POCO APRIL FORTY
 SMOKEY DUSTER CINCO                                                        POCO BOY GLO
                                            SIX CHICK KO                                                                 MISTER GO LUCKY
                BAR FIVE FROST JOB          FROSTY MIDNITE
                                                                                           SONNYS LUCKY GLO              SKIPS SUN GLO

                                            JACK EYED                                                                    DOC BRUCE
                JACK EYED BEST                                                             JK VANZIDOC
                                            I’LL DO PISTOL                                                               LADY TILLO BAR
 JO BEST STAR                                                               JK LONESUM LIZ
                                            DONDI JO JACK                                                                JK VANZI PEP
                TWO STAR SARAH                                                             JK LONESUM DOVE
                                            DONNA PAT STAR                                                               FINGERNAILS

  Come take a look at this handsome 3 year old gelding! He is ranch            Very nice home raised gelding that I’ve used extensively on the
  broke, kind, gentle, and very athletic. He’s good about being stalled,                  ranch. Very gentle and nice to be around.
  blanketed, clipped, bathed, and loaded. This horse is well balanced
  and catty. He will make a great rope, ranch, or cowhorse! In training
                           with Brad Andrews.                                              Ranch Horse Select Entry
                            Rafter R Ranch, Hermosa, SD
                                    2004 QH - Grade Red Roan Gelding
                                                                         Reg: 4525878
                                                                                          MRI ROAN STAR BAR
                                                                                                            Don Selle, Baker, MT
                                                                                                                      2004 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                          DOCS MELODY FIRST                                                             SNIPPYS COWBOY
               ROPING CHUTE               EYE’S GOT IT                                    BEE LOWA COWBOY               JAYCEE RILLETTE
IMA LOPER NOTA ROPER                                                      PROVOCATIVE COWBOY
                                          DOCS EXPECTATION                                                              AL TO GO
               LW PRESCRIPTION            BOSTON QUEEN                                    GO MISS ALICE                 MISS DEELEE BOB

                                                                                                                        ROAN BAR
                                                                                         ROAN BAR 2
                                                                                                                        STAR’S TWIN BAR
                                                                          ROAN BAR MARIE
                                                                                                                        MR BAR PAT STAR
                                                                                         PROSPEROUS BARS
 Roanie has been trained and ridden by Scott and Lisa Lammers for         Solid and gentle are the words to describe this great young gelding.
 the past 2½ years for the Rafter R Ranch. He has been used on the       He has been used on the ranch, has seen a lot of country and can go
   ranch for calving, branding, sorting etc. He will stand his ground      all day. He was shown in the ‘08 BHSS Ranch Horse Competition
   between a mother cow and calf when tagging. This horse will not       and has been heeled on in the arena. He is super cowy, easy to load
     leave you. Has also had arena roping and will be solid in the        and shoe, and stands like a statue for you to get on. Pistol is a true
         break-away, steer stopping and heeling by sale date.                                 asset to have in your corral.
               Ranch Horse Select Entry                                                  Ranch Horse Select Entry
Reg: 3955969
                   BAR NO COWBOY
                   Larry or JoEllen Schuelke, Mud Butte, SD
                                            2000 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                         Reg: X0574394
                                                                                            SKIPPERS SPEED
                                                                                                        Chad Chasek, Whitney, NE
                                                                                                              1999 AQHA (Appendix) Sorrel Gelding
                                          SNIPPYS COWBOY                                                               ROCKET WRANGLER
               BEE LOWA COWBOY            JAYCEE RILLETTE                                AAMERICAN SPEED               PETTICOAT EXPRESS
COWBOY SIZZLES                                                            BEYOND ALL SPEED
                                          SIR BEAT                                                                     PARAMOUNT JET (TB)
               SIZZLING CINDER            CLASSY CINDER BAR                              BEYOND ALL (TB)               STARS TELL ALL (TB)

                                           TROUBLE MIKE                                                                SKIPPA STRING
               BEAR N TROUBLE                                                            STRING OF ACES
                                           BARON NELLIE BELL                                                           SKIPPEN ANNA BAR
 FANCY SNIFFLES                                                           ACES INDIAN
                                          CODE’S DIABLO                                                                SCOTTISH CHARGE
               BAR L FANCY PANTS                                                         SCOTTISH INDIAN
                                          SUNUP ELLYNA                                                                 GOLDEN BABY DOLL
We purchased Cowboy from Allen Leer as a colt. He is a nice gentle               This big stout gelding has done it all. Used for pasture roping,
horse, has been showed a little and won Reserve Champion Gelding          branding, calving, team roping, cutting, team penning and ranch horse
 at the Faith Stock Show. He has spent most of his time sorting and                 competitions. Always in the money. Has done poles and
               pushing cows. He is a nice gentle horse.                          patterned on barrels, he is fast. Perfect Jr. rodeo prospect and
                                                                          cowhorse deluxe. Anybody can ride him, he will babysit beginners, but
               Ranch Horse Select Entry                                   still lots of fun for experienced riders. He will really get down and work.
                                                                                           Ranch Horse Select Entry
                               Brad Lange, Oglala, SD
                                        1998 QH - Grade Brown Gelding
                                                                         Reg: 4543997
                                                                                             SS PEPPY N CASH
                                                                                                         Tyler Jones, Kadoka, SD
                                                                                                                         2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                           DOC TARI                                                                    SMART LITTLE LENA
               SUPER SMOKE TARI            RONLEAN’S SMOKE                               SMART LIL RICOCHET            MORIA SUGAR
 SUPER SMOKY MIX                                                         RJJ KING RICOCHET
                                           FIX-N-MIX (TB)                                                              BAILEY JOE
               MIX N CHIC                  CHICABAR                                      KING BADGER GIRL              PRISSY RENO

                                                                                                                       MISS N CASH
                                                                                         CASH N MISS DRIP
                                                                                                                       DOCS DRIP DRY
                                                                          MISS N FASHION
                                                                                                                       MR TROUBLE SAN
                                                                                         FASHION IMPERIAL
                                                                                                                       DOCS A LADY
  Whiskey is a very tall, good looking brown gelding. We have used         Demo is a really nice, very gentle ranch horse. He has drug lots of
 him on the ranch doctoring cattle, sorting, brandings and simply just      calves to the fire and we’ve sorted lots of pairs on him. He really
  trailing cows. Whiskey has been used as a pickup horse at rodeos        wants to watch a cow. He has been started heeling and is really soft
   and we also head and heel on him. He is a nice horse. For more                in the mouth. For more information call 605-867-5020.
                    information call 605-867-5020.
               Ranch Horse Select Entry                                                   Ranch Horse Select Entry
Reg: 4431341
               SAIL ON HALF MOON
                             Danny Elwood, Oberlin, KS
                                             2003 AQHA Black Gelding
                                                                         Reg: 4085190
                                                                                             TAKE IT EASY DOC
                                                                                                        Ali Whisler, Casper, WY
                                                                                                                         2001 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                          BUNNY BID                                                                  MR SAN PEPPY
               SAIL ON BUNNY              MISS MYRNA MIX                                 MAJOR SAM PEPPY             CAMISETA
SAIL ON DEE                                                               MR SAN DOC SAN
                                          SEE HIM GO                                                                 DOC BAR EDDIE
               TINA TURNER                SOLID SORREL
                                                                                         SMART DOC                   PEPPY’S ROYAL PET

                                          DIALING MOON                                                               COLONEL FRECKLES
               HANDY MOON PLAY                                                           COLONEL LEO BAR
                                          COMES A ROSE                                                               GAY CURL
 HANDY HALF MOON                                                          IT DONT COME EASY
                                          DIALING MOON                                                               DOC BAR
               NEGRITA BUGS                                                              DOC’S BARBERA
                                          DANDY’S MIDNIGHT                                                           CHICKASHA LENA

  Pretty black gelding. Rope and ranch horse, gentle for everyone.           Doc has been my daughters barrel and goat horse thru Jr High.
                    Would make a nice trail horse.                           Western pleasure and trail. He has been used on the ranch and
                                                                          finished as a heel horse. Easy to catch, load and trim. A great horse
                                                                                                     for all around.
                Ranch Horse Select Entry                                                 Ranch Horse Select Entry

Reg: 4012140
                             MILES BUD
                      Chet or Carey Odenbach, Taylor, NE
                                         2000 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
                                                                         Reg: 3758655
                                                                                                FEATURED PINE
                                                                                                        Aden Glaze, Oberlin, KS
                                                                                                                    1998 AQHA Red Dun Gelding
                                          SCOTCH STRING                                                              DRY DOC
               STRING TWO                 OTOE WILD ROSE                                MR DRY PEPPY                 MISS PEPPY SAN
DOCS STRING                                                              DOCS SMOKY PINE
                                          DOC’S DYNAMO                                                               POCO PINE
               DOC’S TIVIA                HONAHLEE PEAKE                                POCO PRETTY PINE             POCO PRETTY DOT

                                          BRIGHT WIN                                                                 TRULY TRUCKLE (TB)
               PRIME TIME WIN                                                           TRUCKLE FEATURE
                                          BRENDA’S QUEEN                                                             FEATURE THAT
 MISS PRIMER                                                              FORGOTTEN FEATURE
                                          FLIT BAR                                                                   BAR SCOOT
               FIDDLE BAR MISS                                                          FORGOTTEN LADY
                                          SUTHERLAND’S FIDDLE                                                        BABY JANI
 Seabiscuit is a very athletic horse that is fun to head on. He stands
15.2 and is quick footed and cowy. He’s been ranched on and hauled       Rope and ranch horse. Well broke and really gentle. Nice trail horse.
to a few ropings. He will be shown in the ranch horse preview as well
               as the jackpot and team roping preview.

               Ranch Horse Select Entry                                                 Ranch Horse Select Entry

Reg: 4115174
                        SAK EM BEAU
                           Christine Westphal, Leola, SD
                                              2001 AQHA Dun Gelding
                                                                         Reg: 4647838
                                                                                             DOX STYLISH SAN
                                                                                     Thad York (Silver Spur Ranches), Encampment, WY
                                                                                                                          2004 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                          SAK EM SAN                                                                 DOC BAR
               SAK EM DOC                 BLACK EYED SUZIE                               DOC’S OAK                   SUSIE’S BAY
 SAK EM WILY WOOD                                                         DOCS STYLISH OAK
                                          WILYWOOD                                                                   DOC’S PRESCRIPTION
               WILYS MOLLY BARS           ADAMS MOLLY BARS                               DOCS STYLISH                HOLLEO

                                           PACMAN FIVE                                                                PEPPY SAN
               SKIPS GO LUCKY LUCAS                                                      KING PEPPY SAN
                                           SIZZLERS GOLD GINA                                                         ROYAL SMART
 GO LUCKY BEAUTY                                                          DOX MISSY SAN
                                          TATERS JET MAN                                                             DOC O’LENA
               BBS JESSY                                                                 DOX MISSY
                                          GO DOLL                                                                    MISSY’S HANKIE
   Bo, finished head and heel horse. Been used by all three of my           Dox is a very talented young horse. Can go to the cutting pen or
 daughters for barrels, poles, breakaway and just about every event.            cowhorse arena. He has earned money in Ranch Horse
 Used to doctor cows, every aspect of ranch work. Has taught many          Competitions, took 4th place at Carbon County Super Horse. He is
 people how to work cows. Can’t say enough about him. I own 3 full         an excellent ranch horse, great to doctor calves on or trip yearlings,
             brothers to him! Thats how much we like him.
                                                                              has done every thing you could ask for our of a ranch horse.
               Ranch Horse Select Entry                                                  Ranch Horse Select Entry
Reg: 801791
                              Garry Watt, Sidney, NE
                                         2004 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare
                                                                          Reg: 3894031
                                                                                           CODYS RODEO SOCKS
                                                                                                        Devin McGrath, St. Onge, SD
                                                                                                                              1999 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                           VERSARY BARS                                                                  TWO EYED JACK
               VERSARYS STAR               BOBBIE SOX TWO (QH)                             MR RODEO JACK                 MY JEANALETA
JUBAL TROOP                                                                CODYS RODEO JACK
                                           MARDELLE DIXON                                                                OTOES CODY
               RED HOT ROXANNE             RED HOT ROBIN                                   CODYS KO KO                   KO KO GIRL

                                           COX’S READY PET                                                               HARD VANDY
               LAKOTAS JACK                                                                JOE’S HARD VANDY
                                           LAKOTA MAID                                                                   MIDGE VAN ZELL
 LAKOTAS DOLL                                                              VANDYS SAGE HEN
                                           FLICKERBOY BADGER                                                             EASY JOE
               OO TWIST                                                                    JOE’S SAGE HEN
                                           A DIXIE DOLL (QH)                                                             SAGE BRUSH
      What an outstanding mare, just the right size. Great color,
conformation and attitude to go with it. Been used for most everything        Team ropers take notice! Socks is a finished head and heel horse
on the ranch. Most anybody can ride. Bred to be the all around horse.        that would be perfect for the whole family. She has tons of chrome
 The sire has an outstanding pedigree. Grandsires on both sides are        and is as stout as they come. Gentle, gentle, gentle too. Socks wants
 multiple World Champion producers. The sire has won 6 Nebraska             to be everyone’s friend, but is all business when it comes to roping.
  cutting horse championships. The dam has been an outstanding
     producer of several with color, conformation, and disposition.

Reg: 4689465
                          Big Boulder Ranch, Powell, WY
                                                  2005 AQHA Bay Mare
                                                                          Reg: 5033377
                                                                                                       IB STRESSIN
                                                                                            Wagonhound Land & Livestock , Douglas, WY
                                                                                                                              2007 AQHA Sorrel Mare

                                           BENNIE’S BIG RED                                                              REMINIC
               ON THE MONEY RED                                                            BOOMERNIC                     DOCS LEAVEM SMOKE
                                           DOLLY PRIEST
THE SHADY MONEY                                                            DANIEL B BOOM
                                           THYMUS JET                                                                    BULL PARKER
               THYMUS LADY                                                                 MELISSA PARKER                SASSY GIDGET
                                           WHIZ BUG

                                           DASH FOR CASH                                                                 PEPPY SAN BADGER
               DIS DUDES A DASH                                                            DUAL PEP
                                           CHICK’S DIMPLE TOO                                                            MISS DUAL DOC
 DASHING EMPRESS                                                           STRESSIN
                                           TWICE AS STRONG                                                               SMART LITTLE LENA
               SPECIAL EMPRESS                                                             CRACKIN
                                           NATIVE EMPRESS                                                                LYNX MELODY

  This mare has been started right and is real gentle. Been ridden on      IB Stressin is an own granddaughter of the great Dual Pep who has
 the ranch gathering cows. She is ready to go to the arena for roping          life time earnings of $313, 192 and was an NCHA Open Classic
or barrels. She is very willing to work and wants to please you. She is    Champion. Dual Pep is also the Equi-Stat #5 all-time leading cutting
a good thick made colt and has the speed when you want it. Has the         sire, and the 2004 Equi-Stat #2 leading cutting sire and NRCHA all-
              pedigree to be a great performance horse.                     time leading sire, with offspring earnings of over $16.4 million. This
                                                                             filly’s pedigree indicates a promising performance horse prospect.

                             Bud Williams, Volborg, MT
                                          2004 QH - Grade Gray Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 4646662
                                                                                           TS TRAVALING WHISKEY
                                                                                                      Jeff Schonebaum, Bonesteel, SD
                                                                                                                             2005 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                           SUN FROST                                                                    PEPPY SAN BADGER
               FRENCHMANS GUY              FRENCHMANS LADY                                PADDYS IRISH WHISKEY          DOC’S STARLIGHT
 FRENCHMANS POWERSTOKE                                                    PADDYS SHOTA MERADA
                                           SONNY OO BUCK                                                                FRECKLES MERADA
               BLUE CHEROKEE QUEEN RAPID COUNTESS                                         MOLLIE MERADA                 JETTIES PLAYGIRL

                                            CHICKS BEDUNIO                                                               DOC O’LENA
               CHICKS SLEW OF BUX                                                         TRAVALENA
                                                                                                                         BAR SOCKS BABE
 BEANIE BAYBE CHIC                                                         ADELIDA LENA
                                                                                                                        PEPPY SAN BADGER
                                                                                          CALIFORNIA PEPPY
                                                                                                                        DOC’S MISSY BAR

 We are selling this horse as a grade. He could have been registered       Here is a very stout built colt that is very athletic with a lot of talent.
 appendix. Big stout head horse type. We are tracking steers on him        Sire is a money earner of over $7,000 and the dams sire is a earner
            and will be a nice rope prospect by sale time.                           of over $105,000. Nice horse that rides really well.
Reg: 849072
                     GJ FLYING RYON
                             Jean Moody, Letcher, SD
                                2004 APHA Breeding Stock Sorrel Mare
                                                                          Reg: 4299934
                                                                                         KD FRENCH EYED PEPPY
                                                                                                       Dan Heisinger, Sturgis, SD
                                                                                                                     2002 AQHA Red Dun Stallion
                                          GO MAN GO (QH)                                                             LEO SAN
               WINDY RYON (QH)            SILENT LIGHT (QH)                              MR SAN PEPPY                PEPPY BELLE
BILLS RYON (QH)                                                            NOSTALGICAL
                                          GO DICK GO (QH)                                                            TIGER LEO
               BRIGHT N YOUR DAY (QH) SHINING SAINT (QH)                                 MY SPECIAL ORDER            MISS SONJA 11

                                           RAISE A JET                                                               TWO EYED JACK
               TEXAS HERO                                                                SANDY JACK JORDAN
                                           BREAKAWAY BABY                                                            JORDAN POLLY DO
 TEXAS MOTORSCOOTER                                                        HONEY EYED JACKIE
                                          LANTYS PEANUT (QH)                                                         MR FRENCH SABRE
               EASY BAR BITSY                                                            DEE DEE SABRE
                                          BEE BAR BITSY (QH)                                                         POSSUM’S PEACH

    Take a look at Scooter’s pedigree. Bills Ryon ran out almost           Own son of Nostalgical, very nice dun stud. Gentle to be around, has
  $250,000 and on the bottom side, Texas Hero is a 2 time World                   been broke to ride. Add some color to you program!
 Champion himself and is a sire of over $3 Million in money earners.
 We have roped the hot heels on Scooter and have her started nice
                      and slow on the barrels.

Reg: 4951474
               HEY HEY ROSIE OLENA
                       Gary W. Jacobsen, Hot Springs, SD
                                               2007 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                                                          Reg: 3137318
                                                                                                 PRAIRIE MOSS
                                                                                                       Bob Gaskell, Sheridan, WY
                                                                                                                         1992 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                          JEWEL’S LEO BAR                                                            DOC BAR
               FRECKLES PLAYBOY           GAY JAY                                        DOC’S OAK                   SUSIE’S BAY
ROSIE O LLAMA                                                              PRAIRIE OAK
                                          DOC O’LENA                                                                 LITTLE MOSE
               MISS ROSIE O LENA          ROSE CHEX
                                                                                         MAGGIE MOSE                 MADISON SASSY

                                           DOC O’LENA                                                                GLASS TRUCKLE (TB)
               SI OLENA                                                                  WHISTLE DIXIE
                                           REISA REY                                                                 GILL CTL CO MARE 25
 HEY HEY OLENA                                                             ABBIE MOSS
                                          SON O SUGAR                                                                PELICAN
               SONS PEPPY SAN                                                            GILL MARE 105
                                          PEPPYS BAY                                                                 BIRDIE YOAS G

Smart, well bred and athletic - good prospect. This filly has multiple     This 17 year old bay gelding HAS IT ALL!! Been hauled extensively;
World Champions on her pedigree (5). Her sire is a World Champion           he heads, heels, break aways, calf ropes and barrel races. GAS,
    and her dam is a NCHA money earner with only a couple of               GUNS, and BRAKES, and a great pleasure to be around. Questions
                             showings.                                                             call 605-718-9793.

                       PRAIRIE WIND
                          Michael J. McNeil, Stapleton, NE
                                      2002 Mustang/Grade Bay Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 4645560
                                                                                               STREAK N JOLLA
                                                                                                        Randy Walker, Wall, SD
                                                                                                                         2005 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                                                                                                     STREAKIN SIX
                                                                                         STREAKIN LA JOLLA           BOTTOM’S UP
                                                                          LA JOLLAS GOLD
                                                                                                                     ROCKET WRANGLER
                                                                                         POCKATUS GOLD               POCKATU

                                                                                                                     DR KIRK
                                                                                         CHROME E KIRK
                                                                                                                     SISTER BIRDETTE
                                                                           CHROME BRAKER
                                                                                                                     NO BRAKES NOW
                                                                                         ROCKET BRAKER
                                                                                                                     DO IT ROCKET
                                                                             By La Jollas Gold, SI 88. Stakes placed sire of this filly: Streak N
  This young gelding has a ton of miles on him. Would make a great          Jolla SI 95, 2nd Ft. Pierre, SD Bred Futurity (total race earnings of
   horse for your beginning rider. Super safe for anyone, anywhere.        $10,433). Also, sire of 5 barrel race performers earning $64,197, in-
 Both ground skills and riding are great. Placed very high at state 4-H     cluding: A Bit Of Gold ($58,794) winner of 2008 Fort Smith Barrel
show. Been used on trail rides, parades, grand entries and brandings.     Derby and 2007 BFA Reserve Champion. Out of Chrome Braker, who
 Will lay down on cue or you can stand on his back for a better view.     is a big stout mare that goes back to the barrel racing genetics of Dr.
                Absolutely safe for any family member                       Kirk, No Brakes Now, and Jet N Rocket. This is a flashy filly that’s
                                                                                   been in barrel training with Jodi O’Bryan for 60 days.
Reg: 793117
                 MY LONESOME STAR
                         Michael Carlow, Sr, Pine Ridge, SD
                                2004 APHA Sorrel Tobiano/Overo Gelding
                                                                              Reg: 4570550
                                                                                                    SAMS CINCH BET
                                                                                                            Linda Paulson, Fairfax, SD
                                                                                                                          2004 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
                                             THE STRUTTER (QH)                                                             DOC BAR
                TIME TO STRUT (QH)           FANCY JET BABY (QH)                              DOCS CINCH BET               GAYE MOUNT
 HIGH LONESOME                                                                 HESA CINCH BET
                                             SKIP A BUG                                                                    WISE PINE
                ALMOST AN ANGEL              MY SCREAMING ANGEL (QH)                          LLAHEH PINE                  LLAHEH QUEEN

                                              SKIPA STAR (QH)                                                              DOC’S JACK FROST
                DECK OF STARS (QH)                                                            JAE BAR WADE
                                              OPAL DECK (QH)                                                               JAE BAR LINDA
  UNBRIDLED STAR                                                                WILD DAKOTA ROSE
                                             REVLU SHAZAM                                                                  PEPALITO
                KAYS PENNY CASH                                                               PEPALITOS WASP
                                             MISS KOY OTOE (QH)                                                            REED’S MISS KING
                                                                                 Sam is a big hipped, 14.3H gentle chestnut, ranch and heel horse.
 Lester is a big stout well well-made gelding. Broke real well, used in            He was at Clay Crago’s last summer and Clay used him to do
 western pleasure, trail rides, play days and parades. Clips, loads and          everything there is to do on a ranch. I used him last fall to round up
  safe for any level of rider. Will make an excellent 4-H project. Sells           and sort pairs. He’s currently in team roping training with Paul
  100% sound. Lester’s age and ability will go a long way down the              Griemsman and will be until sale day. He should make an awesome
       trail. Don’t miss this one. Current on worming and shots.                   little heel horse. Paul will be heeling on him in the team roping
                                                                                jackpot. This good looking guy has no buck and is 100% sound. For

38                                                                            41
                                                                                                  more info, please call 605-481-1515.

                    HICKS LITTLE GEM                                                                                  RIO
                            Doug Fillingham, Morrill, NE                                                     Jared Odens, Wagner, SD
Reg: 4893717                                        2006 AQHA Bay Mare        Reg:                                       2002 QH - Grade Gray Gelding
                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER
                SOME LITTLE PEPPY            SOMETHING LOVELY
                                             DOC’S HICKORY
                SARAHS DOC                   MISS IRMA JAMES

                                             DOC BAR
                DOC’S SUG
                                             BAR GAL
                SKEETO BITE
                                             STAR STAR
This gorgeous filly combines conformation, looks and personality into
 a beautiful package ready for you to take to the performance arena.           Rio is a good big stout gray gelding. He is good to be around and is 6
Honey is sweet as honey with a great stop and loads of cow. Sire has           years old. He has been headed and heeled on and he is very gentle.
NCHA earnings and halter earnings, breeds a great disposition, good
  looks and athletic ability into his colts. Her full and half siblings are
money earners in cutting and started well on the barrels. Their natural
talent and great mind allow them to make their mark in any discipline.

39                                                                            42
       This young filly is ready for you to put her talents to work.

                  C ROCKETEN TIGER                                                             MISS WILY DRIFTER
                     Laura Lee McKenney, Belle Fourche, SD                                                 Clair M. Jones, Genoa, NE
Reg: 906334                              2007 APHA Bay Tobiano Stallion       Reg: 3522542                                      1996 AQHA Dun Mare
                                             QUINCE CODY                                                                  DRIFTWOOD IKE
               POCOS MIDNITE CODY            MISS POCO PAYNE (QH)                            ORPHAN DRIFT                 ORPHAN ANNIE C
CODYS TIGER JET                                                               WILYWOOD
                                            MR EASY MOORE                                                                 POCO SPEEDY
               DIXIES CHICKLETTE            DIXIE MIST
                                                                                             OUI OUI                      WOODFERN

                                             SOCK TO IMPRESS                                                              BEETLE CHIP
               SOCK BROKER                                                                   COLONEL CHARGE
                                             SKEETERS ONE TOUCH                                                           CARO’S GOLD
 TOO BAD TOO BROWN                                                             CHALAMAR DRIFTER
                                             BOLD DANCER                                                                  HUNKY RED
               TL TALLEYS DANCER                                                             CHALAMAR
                                             YELLOW TALLEY                                                                JESS’ GRULLA
 Gorgeously marked, massively muscled. Out of a daughter of Sock
 Broker, World Champion and World Champion Sire. Refined, struc-               Wilywood daughter. Ranched on, runs barrels, raised colts. Safe for
turally correct colt with a beautiful head and throat latch. Could win at        anyone to ride. Proven excellent youth horse. Full sister to our
   halter and performance or be your flashy using horse. Brother of                stallion, WilyChipperwood. Incentive Fund. 402-993-2831.
  2007 BHSS sale top selling yearling stallion. Sire, Codys Tiger Jet,
sire of halter and performance winners and 2007 BHSS First Western
                 Bank Stallion Row Best Fit Champion.
Reg: 4751750
               CEE SI OLENA SHAKE
                           Lowell DenBesten, Platte, SD
                                             2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 4029367
                                                                                          SMOKES BROWN DERBY
                                                                                                      Ladie Ray Durkin, Aurora, SD
                                                                                                                        2000 AQHA Brown Gelding
                                           DOC BAR                                                                    DANDY LEOROY
               DOC O’LENA                  POCO LENA                                      SMOKY MONDAY TWO            NOSEY JUNE
SI OLENA                                                                   SMOKY BERTS RETURN
                                           REY JAY                                                                    DR GLOVER
               REISA REY                   CROARK
                                                                                          GAY VAN LADY                LADY GAY VAN

                                           PEPONITA                                                                    KING GLO 2
               MR PEPONITA FLO                                                            MATTS KING
                                           BRINKS HICKORY FLO                                                          JAUNITA MAC
 CEE ME SHAKE                                                              TOMS BABY BLUE
                                           COLONEL FRECKLES                                                           QUINCYS BOY
               SHAKIN CEE                                                                 CEA QUINCY
                                           LYNX MELODY                                                                SHERI CEA
   A very exceptional 4 year old gelding. He is by World Champion
 Cutting Horse, SI Olena, earning more than $100,000 cutting. A very        Smokem is a finished head and heel horse. He has been jackpotted
dynamic horse. His dam was Peponita bred. Cee Me Shake won over               on extensively and won money on both ends with many different
  $22,000 in the cutting pen and her full sister won $435,000. This        riders. Anyone can heel on him and #5 and over ropers will really get
 gelding has been started on barrels and shows a lot of promise. He                        along great with him on the head end.
  has also been used as a turn back horse and in breakawy roping.
      Stands 15 hands, good looking sorrel with four white socks.

Reg: 4895938
               BELLES BLUE BERRY
                              Roy Cleveland, Brule, NE
                                            2006 AQHA Blue Roan Mare
                                                                          Reg: 4821300
                                                                                                       ZIG N DUAL
                                                                                                     Jeff Schonebaum, Bonesteel, SD
                                                                                                                        2006 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                           BLUE VALENTINE                                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER
               LEO HANCOCK HAYES           DOLL 01                                        DUAL PEP                    MISS DUAL DOC
 COOL BLUE HAZE                                                            DUALLYS ON SAFARI
                                           DIAL DALLAS                                                                PLAYIN SAFARI
               COOL ANT                    LI’L RED ANT
                                                                                          PEPIN SAFARI                JRS SMART LITTLE PEP

                                            BARON BELL                                                                 COLONEL FRECKLES
               HANK BELL                                                                  COLONEL DUHON
                                            TWO EYED DINE                                                              DUHON’S CHICK
 CANDYS BLONDE BELL                                                        SWEET N DUE
                                           SMOKY’S BONANZA                                                            NU BAR
               IMA CANDY BONANZA                                                          MISS NU GAY
                                           CANDY WOLFE                                                                GAY BAR SWEETHEART

 Real broke for a two year old. Been rode outside a lot, long strided.     Very talented athlete all in one package. He has the breeding to do it
 Big pretty filly, very gentle, nice to be around. Good about her feet,    all. Comes from a family of talented working bloodlines. He is coming
 real outstanding filly. Don’t miss her. Could be a big timer at about      along good in training and ready to finish cutting training or go on to
                                  anything.                                                      work in the arena or ranch.

Reg: 4571597
                  DVA TUFFTIME BAR
                      Bruce A. or Stacey Bebo, Redfield, SD
                                                2004 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 625297
                                                                                          DC ONE FANCY SHADOW
                                                                                                   Elaine Schuchard, Watertown, SD
                                                                                                                        2003 ApHC Bay Roan Mare

                                           PEPPY SAN BADGER
               TUFF TIME PEPPY             SISSY FRECKLES
                                                                                         ROBINS NEGOTIATOR
 DVA TUFF TIME PEP                                                        STARTOO’S SHADOW
                                           CUTTIN COLONEL
               COLONELS LORI DARLIN                                                      DAN’SSTARTOO
                                           POCO MISS TEJONA

                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER                             UNO SKIP
               TUFF TIME PEPPY
                                            SISSY FRECKLES
 PEPPYS BONNIE BAR                                                         KANDI BARR’S
                                           WIGGY BAR RICK                                PRINCESS PLAUDIT B
               BONNIE BAR RICK
                                           LADY BON

 Double bred Peppy San Badger gelding! Peppy is bred to be a using        WOW! Keen looking little mare with lots of color. Solid disposition and
   machine. Well broke and ready to go to work. He has the size,            great to be around. Pleasure rode and showed. She has worked
       confirmation and disposition to be an asset to anyone.             cattle some. Kristen Zancanella has a lot of time on this mare. Horse
                                                                            shows or trail rides, you can have confidence in, and fun with this
                                                                          sweetheart. She will make an excellent ladies or junior horse. Current
                                                                                                         on shots.
Reg: X0642856
                   I AINT NO QUITTER
                       Vicki or Shawn Fogerty, Lemmon, SD
                                      2005 AQHA (Appendix) Gray Mare
                                                                           Reg: 4604550
                                                                                           SIGN JOES DYNAMITE
                                                                                                       Philip Lerseth, Beresford, SD
                                                                                                                           2004 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                            BENNIE’S BIG RED                                                           DOC O’LENA
                ON THE MONEY RED            DOLLY PRIEST                                   DOC O DYNAMITE              GAY BAR DIXIE
PAY ME THE MONY                                                             POCO JOES DYNAMITE
                                            JET’S PAY DAY                                                              LORD BARTON
                SOUTHERN PAY                NOMNOE (TB)                                    LORDS TROUBLE               POCO TROUBLE SOME

                                            SPARKLING NATIVE (TB)                                                      MAC LEE
                SPARKLING MOOLAH                                                           GRAY MAC LEE
                                            TONITA MOOLAH                                                              CAMELOT’S PEARL
 SPARKLING GALA                                                             SIGN MINE MS MAC
                                            SIR RAMBLER                                                                THE SIGN
                GO GALA RAMBLE                                                             SIGNS GREY BADGER
                                            GALALEE                                                                    SPANISH MOSS

  Big gray filly out of a son of On The Money Red (SI 103) 6X World           This horse was started under saddle as a 3 year old and has been
   Champion barrel sire. Dam has a SI 87 and is a race and barrel           trained by Jake Jass and rode on the ranch. This horse is gentle and
  money earner. Filly picks up leads, sidepasses and is ready to go.                    will make a good ranch horse or game horse.
 She is eligible for the 5-State Barrel Futurity and Bold Heart Barrel &
      Rope Futurity. Sells 100% sound. www.fogertyranch.com.

Reg: 4918571
                      MR PEPPY KIMS
                     Christensen Cattle Co, Inc, Fullerton, NE
                                                2006 AQHA Dun Gelding
                                                                           Reg: Pending
                                                                                                Scott & Belinda Rovere, Whitewood, SD
                                                                                                                      2008 AQHA Palomino Stallion
                                            POCO BUENO TOM                                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER
                POCO TOMS SMOKE             SON BEAM SUGAR                                PADDYS IRISH WHISKEY        DOC’S STARLIGHT
MR POCO PEPPY SUGAR                                                        BOY O PADDY BOY
                                            PEPONILLA                                                                 DOC ATHENA
                KIMS PEPPY DOC              KIMS DOC BAR                                  LOU LOU ATHENA              MY LOU LOU

                                            POCO BUENO TOM                                                            FIRST DOWN DASH
                POCO TOMS SMOKE                                                           DASHING WITH CASH
                                            SON BEAM SUGAR                                                            I OWE YOU ME
 KIMS POCO SMOKE                                                            DASH OF PLATINUM
                                            DOC ALEDO                                                                 PLATIUM JOKER
                KIMSLITTLEDOCALEDO                                                        BAR PEGGY
                                            STAR CREEK MISS                                                           PEE WEE HEART

   This horse’s disposition is the best you can get. Was shown in           Here is a palomino grandson of the legendary Paddy’s Irish Whiskey
  Western Pleasure Snaffle Bit Futurity. currently being ridden in the      with First Down Dash on the bottom side. Quiet, but has speed and
     feedlot. This horse has top of the line cow horse breeding.             agility to spare. With a small head and one white sock this colt will
                                                                             make an outstanding prospect for any performance direction you

Reg: 4182729
                         SMORE EDDIE
                               Mark Hansen, Everly, IA
                                                  2001 AQHA Dun Mare
                                                                           Reg: 4893656
                                                                                                LARKIN POLECAT
                                                                                                   Tracy Luedeke Cutler, Stratford, SD
                                                                                                                        2006 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                            EDDIE EIGHTY                                                               RUGGED LARK
                EDDIE 1987                  HANCOCK CINCO                                  LOOK WHOS LARKIN            WHOA NOW
 MR ROSEMAN EDDIE                                                           LOOK WHOS LARKIN NOW
                                            WHIPOORWILL                                                               SPECK OF CONCLUSIVE

                                            SONNY DEAN BAR                                                             LONSUM POLECAT
                WILOSKIPBAR                                                               BROTHER FLICK
                                            LICKETY SKIP                                                               BOYD FLICK
 INDEPENDENT DOC LADY                                                       CLASSIC FLICK
                                            JUNIPERS DOC BAR                                                           CLASSIC SUN
                GHEERS LADY                                                               CLASSIC LASS
                                            HALLOW HANCOCK                                                             NICKEL LASS

     Minnie has done a little of everything. She’s been used in High       This little flashy gelding will take you where you want to go, the show
    School rodeo in team roping (heading and heeling), breakaway            pen or the stock yards. He is 14 hands and built. His disposition will
  roping and goat tying. She has been used in 4-H for barrels, poles,      be the selling point here, would make a great youth horse because of
  flag race and keyhole and has carried flags. She’s been trail riding                                it. Does reining skills.
                and used to check cows during calving.
Reg: 3799989
                 AVENGERS LIL LADY
                          Michael J. McNeil, Stapleton, NE
                                               1999 AQHA Red Dun Mare
                                                                              Reg: 4981228
                                                                                              DELLA SUGAR BOOM
                                                                                               Wagonhound Land & Livestock , Douglas, WY
                                                                                                                              2007 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                             STAUNCHNESS (TB)                                                             REMINIC
               STAUNCH AVENGER (TB)          CARELESS MISS (TB)                              BOOMERNIC                    DOCS LEAVEM SMOKE
BUBBA AVENGER                                                                 DANIEL B BOOM
                                             CROTON OIL                                                                   BULL PARKER
               FURR FACE                     PRINCESS IN                                     MELISSA PARKER               SASSY GIDGET

                                             CLARK’S DOC BAR                                                              SUN FROST
               MR DAUBE DOC                                                                  PC LAUGHING SUNDUST
                                             DAUBE GIRL 933                                                               MISS GIRL BARS
 MISS DAUBE DEE                                                                PC DUSTIN DELLA
                                             JESSIE’S JACK                                                                DOCS OAKS SUGAR
               HIDDEN BABE                                                                   PC OAKA DELLA
                                             HIDDENWOOD LADY                                                              SHORTCAKE DELL

Nice stout red dun mare. 15 hands. Used this mare all summer long               Della Sugar Boom is a 2007 filly out of PC Dustin Della, a two time
 for trail riding. If you are shopping for a strong trail riding horse that    winner of the Black Hills Stock Show Ranch Horse Competition and
will double as a nice 4-H prospect - she will work perfect. Would also         winner of the Central States Fair Ranch Horse. Della Sugar Boom’s
    make a good broodmare with all the muscle and red dun color.               maternal grandsire is PC Laughing Stardus, is the sire of the famed
                                                                               barrel horse “Bozo”. This filly will make a great ranch horse, a reined
                                                                                                         cowhorse or roper.

Reg: 4695432
                ZANS STRAIT CUTTER
                               Robert Patten, Plaza, ND
                                                 2005 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                                                                                    DYNO SAN PESO
                                                                                                          Ashley Williams, Volborg, MT
                                                                                                                             2004 AQHA Black Gelding

                                             ZAN PARR BAR                                                                 DOC O DYNAMITE
               ZAN PARR ARROW                TUDA LEDA
                                                                                              DYNO DOC TARI               TARI OH TARI
 ZANS STRAIT ARROW                                                             DOC O DRY TARI
                                             SNIP OF COLONEL                                                              DRY DOC JUNIOR
               COLONELS CLASSY LADY DOCS CLASSY SIENNA                                        DRY SEASON                  JOES RAGGEDY ANN

                                              TWISTERS TOAD                                                                SONNY’S SUPER STAR
               SCORPION A LEO                                                                 SIR SONNY BAR
                                              DENVER’S SUSIE                                                               SUE’S SWEETTHING
 TJS DIAMOND CUTTER                                                            MINDYS SAN PESO
                                             TE JAY LITTLE BEAR                                                           DOCS LITTLE PESCO
               TE JAYS SHAMROCK                                                               MINDYS LITTLE PESO
                                             CUTTERS GRAND NOTE                                                           TWO FOX MINDY

Zan is a ranchers dream horse. As a 3 year old he rides like a 6 year             This is a very athletic gelding and just as light and soft as he is
old. He has been rode all day in the ND Badlands. Drug calves to the            athletic. He has a very quick start and wants to rate. Would make a
 fire and pen roped. I used him a lot this spring sorting pairs and this                                  great arena horse.
     fall weaning calves. He is an all around great horse. For more
                 information go to bentarrowranch.com.

Reg: 4589488
                     LR PLAYIN PEPPY
                                Amanda Yopp, Blunt, SD
                                                2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                                               ZANDYS LIL BUCKY LJH
                                                                                                             Jodi Kistler, Minatare, NE
                                                                                                                             2007 AQHA Buckskin Mare
                                              JEWEL’S LEO BARS                                                             HANCOCKS BLUE BOY
                FRECKLES PLAYBOY              GAY JAY
                                                                                              MR BLUE PAWNEE               WHIPPS PAWNEE
 ROSIE O LLAMA                                                                 PAWNEE PAR BAR
                                              DOC O’LENA                                                                   ZAN DUN IT
                MISS ROSIE O LENA                                                             ZANS IRISH LASS              BARROOM LADY
                                              ROSE CHEX

                                              MR SAN PEPPY                                                                 DOC’S LYNX
                TENINO TUFFY                                                                  SR LYNX POCO
                                              TENINO FAIR                                                                  POCA PINE BRANDY
 JAE BAR ORLINDA                                                                LYNX POCO LORI
                                              LEO’S QUESTION                                                               SNICKELFRITZ CHEX
                JAE BAR GELYA                                                                 SNICKELFRITZ HEIDI
                                              RADIANT CROSS                                                                WATCH NADINE

  This horse is a quick horse, bred to do it all. He has been ridden on         Sweet, pretty filly that will be started and riding by sale time. Thick
 the feedlot, drug calves and is ready to finish. He would make a great        body for a great halter prospect, pedigree to be a champion and tem-
  working cowhorse or barrel prospect. Here is a horse with pedigree           perament to be a horse for anyone. Good with her feet and to handle.
              and the athletic ability to succeed in anything.                   Also current on all vaccinations and ready to point any direction!
                            Kelly Triplett, Ralston, WY
                                      2003 APHA Sorrel/White Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 808843
                                                                                          LL FRENCHMANS ASHLIE
                                                                                                        Dan Heisinger, Sturgis, SD
                                                                                                         2004 APHA Breeding Stock Palomino Mare
                                                                                                                       SUN FROST (QH)
                                                                                          FRENCHMANS GUY (QH)          FRENCHMAN’S LADY (QH)
                                                                          FRENCHMANS TANNER (QH)
                                                                                                                       FEATURE JACK (QH)
                                                                                          GRAY DORKY (QH)              DORKY (QH)

                                                                                                                       OILEO MOUNT
                                                                                          OILEOS MEGAFORCE
                                                                                                                       GAY LESA (QH)
                                                                           FROSTY BUTTERMILK
                                                                                                                       BK DUN IT
                                                                                          CLASSIC DARK DOLL
                                                                                                                       CLASSIC KAYCE (QH)
Brutus is a 6 year old and would need an experienced rider. I haven’t
 put the time in on him and don’t have the time to ride him to get him        Granddaughter of Frenchmans Guy, easy to handle, beautiful
to his potential. We’ve had him since he was a colt. He does get bet-          palomino - add her to your program or take her to the arena.
ter the more you use him. He is easy to catch and easy for our shoer       Professional training, ranch work, bred for barrels, roping and cattle.
 to shoe. He side passes and reins well. He’s not spooky, not cinchy
   and good to saddle and haul. He should make someone a great
        horse if you have a ranch to give him something to do.

Reg: 4501039
                MISS BAND BLAKBURN
                          Patrick Knobbe, West Point, NE
                                               2004 AQHA Dun Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 4537040
                                                                                                     BLUE BOY ZIP
                                                                                                       Gary Lohman, Blanchard, OK
                                                                                                                      2004 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding
                                           MR BLACKBURN 40                                                              ZIPPO PAT BARS
               FORTY CABALLEROS            POCO SIZ                                       ZIPPO PINE BAR                DOLLIE PINE
MR POCO BLAKBURN 023                                                       ZIPPIDIDOODAH
                                           PERTY BUCK POCO                                                              BARS TOE TROUBLE
               PERTY LADY                  MISSES BLACKBURN
                                                                                          NASTY NOTIONS                 GEE TEE JODY

                                           MR TROUBLE STEP                                                              SKIPA STAR
               BAND OF TROUBLE                                                            MR MOXIE MAN
                                           BAND BAR 19                                                                  MISS ETERNAL BEN
 MISS BAND MI TROUBLE                                                      PRETTY MOXIE MISS
                                           MI WAYS TROUBLE                                                              CANADIAN CABIN BAR
               MI WAYS MISS KING                                                          ARROWS CABIN BAR
                                           PINCO PEPPER ELLA                                                            ARROW’S NINA

    Digger is a good looking 15 hand gelding. I have rode him in the         Nice young gelding, been used in the pasture. Sound, gentle. No
 feedyard and started him roping. Digger is athletic, smart, and fun to                                  vices.
  ride. He is ready to go to town to play or go home and work. Watch
                            him in the preview.

Reg: 4870605
                RCC SAK EM LONESUM
                          Dayton O. Hyde, Hot Springs, SD
                                              2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                                              Justin & Darlene Brunkhardt, Torrington, WY
                                                                                                                  2005 QH - Grade Red Dun Gelding
                                            SUN FROST                                                                   PEPPY SAN BADGER
                PC SUN SOCKS                FRENCHMAN’S SOX                               COKE OLENAS PEP               MISS COKE OLENA
 HUNTS LONESUM FROST                                                       RR BOLD PEPOLENA
                                            MR SPARKLE BAR                                                              DOC’S JAYBIRD
                HUNTS LITTLE MEOW           NISSWA                                        WILD & BOLD                   TAMOS BOLD FAWN

                                            SAK EM SAN
                STANS SANDOC
                                            BELINDA FROST
  SAK EM SALLY                                                             GRADE
                                            ALI JACK
                JACKS DAWN
                                            DAWN DEW

 Sak Em Lonesum is a good looking ‘05 sorrel gelding sired by Hunts         We have used him on the ranch and in the feedlot. This young horse
 Lonesum Frost out of PC Sun Socks and Sun Frost. His dam Sak Em           is smart and willing to learn with a lot of natural cow ability. He should
 Sally is a granddaughter out of Sak Em San. Sak Em Lonesum has a          be tracking cattle by sale date. This horse has the ability to go any di-
  great disposition, good looks and the ability to succeed in the arena        rection and will be an excellent working cow or rope prospect.
  or on the ranch. He is an easy going, good natured horse with great
                          willingness to please.
Reg: 4893716
               SMOKIN SMART HOBBY
                           Doug Fillingham, Morrill, NE
                                               2006 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                                                          Reg: 4135285
                                                                                          JMMM LYNX QUINCY
                                                                                                       Wesley Roberts, Ansley, NE
                                                                                                                     2001 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                           DOC O’LENA                                                                 BROTHER CAN
               SMART LITTLE LENA           SMART PEPPY
                                                                                         CAN SPICUOUS                 DOUBLE REMEMBRANCE
 SMOKIN SMART                                                             QUINCY CAN
                                           GUN SMOKES PISTOL                                                          QUINCYS TEAR DROP
               SMOKES DARLYN TOO                                                         MY SHI QT                    MISS SMOKY DEAN
                                           WHO DAT’S DUDE

                                           HOBBY HORSE                                                                DOC’S LYNX
               RED DEE HOBBY                                                             DOCS MIGHTY LYNX
                                           DEE BAR SUE                                                                LOH’S RUBY
 RED DUN HOBBY                                                             LYNX SPECIAL LADY
                                           BEN MARK                                                                   FIDDLE’S SPECIAL
               PRETTY FANCY MARK                                                         LETSGOBAR
                                           OTOE’S FANCY                                                               LADY’S BEAUTY BAR
 Checkmark is full of color and talent and ready to be your next great
   one. This young filly is athletic and super sweet. Her sire, Smokin      Nice big ranch horse. 15.2 hands, using him on a regular basis for
Smart, is a proven performer with a stout pedigree. This good-looking                    day work and general ranch use. Gentle.
    stallion has NCHA earnings in excess of $106,000 and breeds
conformation, looks and color into his colts. She’ll have the cow abil-
ity and athleticism to go from the performance pen to the halter class
                                   for you.

Reg: 4358426
               LLL COWBOYS HANCOCK
                          Timothy W. Teel, McCook, NE
                                             2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                          Reg: 836781
                                                                                         STRAIT SMOKIN N FAST
                                                                                                  Michael Carlow, Sr, Pine Ridge, SD
                                                                                                         2005 APHA Breeding Stock Sorrel Gelding
                                           DAKOTA JOE HANCOCK                                                         RIS KEY BUSINESS
               APACHE JOE HANCOCK          ESTRELLA AZUL                                 STRAIT FROM TEXAS            GUNNERS POLLYANNA (QH)
CULPEPPER COWBOY                                                          STRAIT GUNSMOKENSUGAR
                                           PAT’S STAR JACK                                                            SMOKE NINE (QH)
               JACKIE STAR JACK            MISS BROWN FOX                                SMOKIN BAR SOX (QH)          PATRENCESS BARS (QH)

                                           EDDIE 70                                                                   FANCY DECK
               EDDIE BLUE HANCOCK                                                        FL FANCY BUG
                                           HAPPY HANCOCK 19                                                           MISS PAULA BUG (QH)
 FIGURE FOUR TO BLUE                                                       STRAIT SMOKIN BAY
                                           WAR CONCHO                                                                 STRAIT FROM TEXAS
               CONCHOS LADY 024                                                          STRAITS SMOKIN SOX
                                           SPEEDY BETH                                                                SMOKIN BAR SOX (QH)

 Cowboy is a nice quiet horse that would be suitable for a younger        Tex is one tallented gelding, check this geldings breeding. Bred for a
 rider. Been on trail rides and roundups. Started heeling training at         working cowhorse or roping horse. Roped and drug calves at
Beard Arena, Bismark, ND. Would make an all around ranch horse or          branding, sorted cattle in pens. Tex is all about work, will never quit,
                    4-H prospect. Lots of muscle.                          no job to tough. Only 3 years old and ready to step on and go. Sells
                                                                          100% sound and ready for someone to finish. Current on shots, loads
                                                                                                         and clips.

Reg: 4502862
                 PQH SPORTS PEPPY
                             Rex Harouff, Stamford, NE
                                                2002 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                                                          Reg: 4452944
                                                                                          MISS FROSTY TRUCKLE
                                                                                                     David Underhill, Mitchell, NE
                                                                                                                            2003 AQHA Gray Mare
                                           TENINO TUFFY                                                               TRUCKLE FEATURE
               JAE BAR DUTCH               JAE BAR TAFFY                                 FROSTY FEATURE               MISS LEO FROST
 JAXIE BAR DUTCH                                                           FEATURE JACK
                                           DONS SUPER STAR                                                            SANDY JACK JORDAN
               VISTA ACHAR                 JAXIE BAR TWO                                 MISS TOADY JACK              TEJAS TOAD

                                           DOCS POCO GATITA                                                           TWO EYED JACK
               POCOS TIVIO                                                               SANDY JACK JORDAN
                                           MS DAINTY CODY                                                             JORDAN POLLY DO
 JESSIES SPORT                                                             BETTY JACKIE
                                           ZIPPOS JIM                                                                 TONTO BAR TED
               ZIPPOS DREAM                                                              ESCOTTS TONTO BAR
                                           SHADOWS DREAM                                                              TOADY BELL

  This mare is very calm in and out of the box. She can be ridden by       This nice mare is bred to be a ranch horse deluxe. She has the get
  anyone. She has been used for pasture work, team roping and trail       up and go for a barrel horse, the build and mind for a rope horse, and
  riding. I have used her in USTRC and jackpot ropings. She scores         the skills and sense for a cow horse. Turn her out all year, bring her
 and rates very well. If you are looking for a very well mannered horse        in, and she is the same as when she went out - dependable.
       for a beginner or an experienced roper don’t pass her up!
Reg: 4902741
                 CIELO BAGER BEAR
                     Julie Richardson, New Underwood, SD
                                               2006 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                           PEPPY SAN BADGER
               GALLO DEL CIELO             DOC’S STARLIGHT
                                           DOC O NINETY FIVE

               ORPHAN BEAR
                                           STACIE LEE BEAR
                                           TUFF TIME PEPPY
               KATYS YEERA PEPPY
                                           PC KATY ANN
Grizzly will have 4 months under saddle and has been ridden on the
  trail through creeks, brush and pastures. Easy to handle and very
gentle young colt (loads, trims, clips). Has a great look about him and
  carries himself very nice. Sire, Mr Bay Rooster, AQHA Superior in
 reining and a NRHA money and AQHA pt producing stallion, out of
 the great Gallo Del Cielo. Katie Lee Bear, has an AQHA Open Perf
 ROM in reining with 13.5 reining and 3 cowhorse points. He is great

prospect for your program. For more info or video call 605-754-6133.

                          SMART TONY
                       Alfred or Yvonne LaMee, Britton, SD
Reg: 880446                   2006 APHA Breeding Stock Sorrel Gelding
                                         SMART LITTLE LENA (QH)
                                           KINGS HOLLY GOLLY (QH)
               HOLLY JOE HOLLYWOOD (QH)
                                           POKEY DOLL GLO (QH)

                                           MUCH A MAN
               MUCH IN DEMAND
                                           LOUSCIOUS LADY (QH)
                                           TONY LAMA
               COPPER KETTLE
                                           YELLOW COPPER

 Ranch raised 3 year old gelding. 60+ days training. He is gentle and
 willing to work. Will be big enough to do whatever you want him to.

Reg: 3287251
               IZALODE OF BONANZA
                          Kimberly Russell, Minatare, NE
                                          1994 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                           COY’S BONANZA
               BEAU BONANZA                DAWSON BEAUTY
                                           CHEATER’S PAUL
               ESTRELLITA DELL             LIBERTY DELL

                                            COY’S BONANZA
               SHANNON BONANZA
                                            KING’S CI BO
                                           DINGO RED
               LODESTONE’S FAN
                                           FLEET’S BLOSSOM

   AQHA Champions top and bottom through the one and only Beau
 Bonanza and Shannon Bonanza! This stocky sharp gelding is easy to
   ride for ANYONE! Been a youth horse and has been in the roping
  box. Easy to ride and handle. This horse will make you want to ride!
Reg: 594237
                       IMA GOOD BOY
                               Sky Bartlett, Burke, SD
                               2000 APHA Breeding Stock Sorrel Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4587704
                                                                                           TOOTSIE POP PEPTO
                                                                                                    Flynt or Betty Schack, Tolstoy, SD
                                                                                                                           2004 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                           SONNY GO ROYAL (QH)                                                         PEPPY SAN BADGER
               GEE NO GO ROYAL (QH)        SKIP’S ROAN HOSS (QH)                          PEPTOBOONSMAL                ROYAL BLUE BOON
 AS GOOD AS IT GETS                                                         PEPTOLENA BOY
                                           OILEOS MEGAFORCE                                                            CATALENA BOY
               MEGA MAGIC                  CLASSIC KAYCE (QH)
                                                                                          HB HICKORYOLENA              BB HICKORY MISSY

                                            IN REALITY (TB)                                                            DOC BAR
               SUNNY CLIME (TB)                                                           DOCS KING CHEX
                                            NILENE WONDER (TB)                                                         KINGETTA CHEX
 VERONICA PEPPER (JC)                                                       WB SHEZA MISS VANDAL
                                           MICKEY MCGUIRE (TB)                                                         VANDAL
               MICKEY’S STAR (TB)                                                         WHAT NOT BARONETTE
                                           STAR BOLERO (TB)                                                            BARONESS BAY

    Big stout ranch gelding ready to work. Has been used to gather            Tootsie Pop has had 16 months of cutting training. Shown at the
 cattle. Not afraid of rough country! Has been started with a rope and        Dakota Classic as a three year old. Due too the tough economy
   is willing to drag. Also, he has been started on cowboy mounted          haven’t shown her since. Big stopping horse that can still get across
                                 shooting.                                          the pen. Also been used to sort in the pasture a lot.

Reg: 4449484
               WOODYS NU FASHION
                      Bruce A. or Stacey Bebo, Redfield, SD
                                              2003 AQHA Black Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4558459
                                                                                                  PBR BILL BART
                                                                                                           Mark Wray, Ord, NE
                                                                                                                    2004 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding
                                           NU CASH                                                                    TWO ID BARTENDER
               NUWOOD CASH                 NOLLYS DRIFTER                                 BART BARTENDER              MOORE CLASSY IMAGE
NUWOOD GOLD                                                                PBR KING BART
                                           OVER PASS                                                                  FRANKS KING LEO
               COLONELS STAR PAIGE         TIP A STAR
                                                                                          MS HANDY KING               MS HANDY SANDI

                                           ZAN JACK TWO                                                                DALLAS COUNTRY
               RHL ZAN CHOCS SOX                                                          WATCH FOR DALLAS
                                           DOCZ CHOCTAW MAID                                                           A FINE WATCH
 SOXS FASHION                                                               BILL WATCH DALLAS
                                           JK PEPPER LAD                                                              TOM’S TWIN BAR
               PEPPER FASHION                                                             TOMS RILLIE BILL
                                           CROWNED FASHION                                                            BILLIE RILLETTE

 Very well broke black 14.2 gelding with Colonel Freckles, Nu Cash          Bart is 15 hands, 1200 lbs gelding with an attractive look and shape
and Zan Parr Bar bloodlines. Shortstop has the ability and disposition      with that blue roan color. Easy to catch, watch for him in the roping
           to go all the way. His great size is a huge plus.                                              preview.

Reg: 4627591
                         PC SUNTRIFIC
                Wagonhound Land & Livestock , Douglas, WY
                                                  2004 AQHA Bay Mare
                                                                           Reg: 4572483
                                                                                           OUTSIDE AUTHORITY
                                                                                                  Gilbert & Zelda Lutter, Redfield, SD
                                                                                                                           2004 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                           DOC BAR                                                                    DOC BAR
               DOC’S JACK FROST            CHANTELLA                                      DOC O’LENA                  POCO LENA
 SUN FROST                                                                 DOX OUTSIDE CHANCE
                                           DRIFTWOOD IKE                                                              DOC’S HICKORY
               PRISSY CLINE                JOSEPHINE EL                                   SMART HICKORY               SMART PEPPY

                                            DRIFTWOOD IKE                                                              DOC O’LENA
               LONE DRIFTER                                                               DOCS GENERAL
                                            MOORE YEN                                                                  GAY BENANA
 PC LOCKWOOD LACE                                                           DOCS MELANIE
                                           DOCS OAKS SUGAR                                                            DOC’S JACK SPRAT
               PC LACY LOX                                                                JAE BAR ROBYN
                                           SUN LACE                                                                   STAR BERT BAB
                                                                                This horse has NCHA earnings of $4147.14. Has his NCHA
PC Suntrific’s sire, Sun Frost is a uniquely bred Doc Bar stallion, that    Certificate of Ability. Was Reserve Champion of the 3 year old Non
 has sired standout barrel horses, ropers, cutters, reiners, and rodeo     Pro in the 2007 Dakota Classic Cutting Futurity, Reserve Champion 3
competition horse. PC Suntrific has been used as an all around ranch       year old Non Pro at the 2007 Minnesota Cutting Futurity. Won the 1st
 horse, and has been show in Ranch Horse compeitions. This 2004               round of the 4 year old Non Pro at the 2008 BHSS. Was Grand
bay mare would make a great addition to the ranch string or a brood-         Champion 4 year old Non Pro at the 2008 Dakota Classic Cutting
                            mare prospect.                                 Futurity. Not only a top cutter, but could easily excel as a rope horse,
                                                                                                    team penner, or whatever.
Reg: 4082390
                      SISSYS HAY DAY
                           Roy Schuchard, Watertown, SD
                                               2001 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4553391
                                                                                          SMART LIL TWISTERTWO
                                                                                                      Clark O’Donnell, Baker, MT
                                                                                                                          2004 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                            EDDIE RED ROSE                                                           SMART LITTLE LENA
                GOLD FINGERS                SADIE LACE                                    SMART CHIC OLENA           GAY SUGAR CHIC
HAY DAY GRAY                                                               HERKOLENA
                                            SONOITA BLUE                                                             LITTLE HERK
                SONOITA DELIGHT             SENORITA ZERO X4                              LITTLE HERKET              PETITE PRISSI

                                            NUGGET MCCUE S                                                            TWO EYED JACK
                GENERAL DELIVERY                                                          TWO EYED TWISTER
                                            BRUSH’S BLONDY                                                            REV’S CUTIE
 SISSY SOXS                                                                 BEAVER TWISTER TWO
                                            MR BLUE BAR                                                              CODY COWBOY 2
                AUNT SISTER                                                               BEAVER CODY
                                            HANDY SIS                                                                HONEY CREEK
   Everyone take a look, because anyone can get along with this big,
   pretty, small headed gray gelding. Matt Zancanella has trained this         Goober has been shown succefully in the reining and reined
   horse on both ends, heading and heeling. Smoke has had a ranch           cowhorse. He is a big stopper, has lots of speed, and a ton of cow.
     job all his life. He’s better than a hired man for most jobs. Great    He won the 2008 SDRCHA Derby in the Limited Open. He is a nice
    confirmation. Pull the saddle and lead him in halter class. Nicely       cowhorse and is showing great potential in the heeling and would
 finished, all around solid gelding. Current on shots. Ranch, rodeo, or     also make an excellent ranch horse. Come watch him at the BHSS
                        pleasure, don’t miss this horse.                    AQHA Show and will also be previewed on cows and in the heeling.

Reg: X0638098
                             SAIL LA VIE
                      Jim or Brenda Hughes, New Salem, ND
                                   2004 AQHA (Appendix) Sorrel Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4103248
                                                                                           LUCKY FIDDLES DOC
                                                                                                 Rod & Corrine Schaffer, Broadus, MT
                                                                                                                     2001 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
                                            SPECIAL EFFORT                                                            DOC BARS BOY 2
                STRAWFLY SPECIAL            FLY IN THE PIE                                LUCKY BOTTOM RUFUS          LUCKY LITTLE BABY
 NINETY NINE GOLDMINE                                                       COTYS LITTLE DOC
                                            MERRIDOC                                                                  VEINTE
                BIRDS MERRY                 BIRDS LIMIT                                   CIMMANON STIX               CHARRA ATOM

                                            THE SIGNATURE                                                             THE INTIMIDATOR
                RARE FORM                                                                 SIR EMOTIONS
                                            ESPECIALLY FOR YOU                                                        MISS WOBBLY BID
 SAIL TO FORM                                                               FRAULEIN PRIDE
                                            BOLD HEMP (TB)                                                            IRON FIDDLE
                HAVRAIL WILSAIL                                                           FIDDLES FRAULEIN
                                            TRU TRU’S DEBUT                                                           QUEEN’S STARDUST

  Sail La Vie is FAST. AAA speed indes, multiple race wins. 2007 SD            This is a finished heading horse. He stands 15.1, weighs 1200
 Open running gelding of the year. ROM. Only 12 outs in 2 years, he           pounds. This horse scores good, runs to cattle hard and handles
is 100% sound and ready to roll. A willing and people friendly attitude.       cattle very nice. This horse is very gentle and can be ridden by
   Sail La Vie, is very broke, started on poles and cruising a smooth                  almost anyone. This is a very high quality horse.
      barrel pattern. Futurity eligible and ready to win more titles!                          For more info call 406-436-2235.
            www.winnerscircleranch.com or 701-843-7983.

Reg: 4545036
                                 JJ BEAN
                       Tom or Sonya Coolahan, Hermosa, SD
                                           2004 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4324356
                                                                                          WERNERS BLUE HAWK
                                                                                               Steve or Bridget Hinrichs, Ellsworth, MN
                                                                                                                    2002 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding
                                            DOC’S PRESCRIPTION                                                        JUNIPER JASPER
                BLUE BOY DOC                VIVIFIC                                       CC GRAND OLD MAN            OLE SCHOOL GIRL
 SABRES LITTLE PEPPY                                                        CC GREAT OLE MAN
                                            MR SAN PEPPY                                                              TEE J DANDY JACK
                MY DARLIN PEPPY             BADGER’S SALLY                                CC DANDY BLUE LADY          CC BLUE SILKILEO

                                            GO ROBIN                                                                  GOOSEBERRY
                TE CE ROBIN CLIP                                                          PLENTY DIVIDEND
                                            CHALK CLIP                                                                HEATHERDIVIDEND
 TE CE ROBIN HANCOCK                                                        BLACK AS MIDNIGHT
                                            GRAY SONNY DELUXE                                                         GO PACER GO
                MISS HANCOCK DELUXE                                                       PACERS SPARKY GAL
                                            MISS PATTY HANCOCK                                                        SPUR SPARKLE

 JJ is a gorgeous 15 hand GRAY gelding. He is well put together and          Blue is a big 16 hands, 1400 lbs, beautiful horse. We have started
   has an excellent disposition. We have rode JJ lots of miles in big       him on the heading side. Been using him at the Sioux Falls Regional
 country, drug calves to the fire, pasture roped and done all the ranch                Sale Barn. Don’t miss him he is an eye catcher.
 chores. He is started heading and heeling and has been hauled to a
   few jackpot ropings. He is gentle, easy to catch, load and shoe.
     Come ride him at the preview. Questions call: 605-255-5637.
Reg: 4989079
               PEPTOS HOT WHITCH
                        Jim or Ethel Whitcher, Scenic, SD
                                             2007 AQHA Black Stallion
                                                                        Reg: 4132011
                                                                                                  LL YUMA TWO
                                                                                                        Marvin Jira, Plakinton
                                                                                                                    2001 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
                                          PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                          HAVA ROCKET
               PEPTOBOONSMAL              ROYAL BLUE BOON
                                                                                        HAVA NUGGET                 HONEY GOLD BAR
 PEPTOS BLUEPRINT                                                       LL WRANGLERS YUMA
                                          HAIDAS LITTLE PEP                                                         BADLANDS LOOK
               MOST UNIQUE                                                              LIL YUMA LOOK               LI’L MAGIC MUSIC
                                          PATS FIRST MARTINI

                                          DOC QUIXOTE                                                                TWO EYED JACK
               RED HOT QUIXOTE                                                          TWO D SKIP
                                          WINROCKS PEPPY SAN                                                         SKIPS D ANN
 RH MARIELABO                                                            TWO A DAY
                                          CASH THE CHIPS                                                            MR ROAN BOY
               PRISSY CHIPS TOO                                                         MAY DAY SEXY
                                          SWEET TOO                                                                 SEXY BUBBLES

   What can I say? Take a look at this colt’s pedigree, then when you     Nugget has been used on a ranch in big country, also used at the
   get to the BHSS Horse Sale, take a look at this good sized, good       sale barn to sort and push cattle. Big, good looking buckskin, with
 looking, good dispositioned fancy black stud prospect. Out of an own    potential to be a big time arena or ranch horse. 15.2, 1250 lbs. West
 son of Peptoboonsmal. We have started him and he is really wanting                     Nile, 3 way, wormed. Neggative coggins.
                        to ride and turn around.

                         FOUR SOCKS
                          Hardy White, Hot Springs, SD
                                         2002 QH - Grade Dun Gelding
                                                                        Reg: 663520
                                                                                                  IT’S BUD TYME
                                                                                                    Taylor Williams, Volborg, MT
                                                                                                                       2001 APHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                                                                     MR SONNY MONEY
                                                                                        TEMON                        POCO COEDS TE N TE
                                                                         TEMON N TYME
                                                                                        LAVIROS POCO TE ANA          MISS PROBABILITE

                                                                                                                     THE GREAT PALEFACE
                                                                                        MISTER PALEFACE
                                                                                                                     SWEET N NEAT
                                                                         LADY POCO PALEFACE
                                                                                                                     PAINTED JO
                                                                                        POCO PAINTED GIRL
                                                                                                                     POCO CHICO

  Four Socks is a very attractive young heel horse. He is ready to be     Bobo is a stout, well started heel horse. He has a lot of bone and
 hauled to the jackpots. He would make a real nice breakaway horse.       good feet. He is built to take all the jerks any heeler can give him.
  He has a lot of run and stops nice. He has been rode on the ranch
             and has drug claves to the fire. He is gentle.
                    For more info call 605-441-6523.

Reg: 3957550
                         DRIFTIN BUG
                            Harry Thomas, Harrold, SD
                                              2000 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                                                        Reg: 3584570
                                                                                            DUST MY BUTTONS
                                                                                                    Zach & Kim Davis, Dupree, SD
                                                                                                                          1997 AQHA Bay Stallion
                                          ORPHAN DRIFT                                                               DRIFTWOOD IKE
               WILYWOOD                   OUI OUI                                       ORPHAN DRIFT                 ORPHAN ANNIE C
RABBITCHOKER DRIFTER                                                     WILYWOOD
                                          BENITO BAR SKIP                                                            POCO SPEEDY
               MISS L BAR                 MISS L STRAW                                  OUI OUI                      WOODFERN

                                          LADY BUG’S MOON                                                            DOC’S JACK FROST
               RAFTER BUG                                                               SUN FROST
                                          HANKA JONES                                                                PRISSY CLINE
 RAMSEY BUG                                                              PCS LADY IN LACE
                                          PRINCE LEO                                                                 ORPHAN DRIFT
               PLAZA BEAUTY BAR                                                         REDWOOD ANNE
                                          DEE BAR START                                                              MISS COUGAR
                                                                           Buttons is an excellent calf horse, heel horse, and ranch horse. He
 Real pretty mare. Gentle for most riders. Patterened on barrels and     has been hauled at the PRCA and SDRA level and has been used for
    used as a goat tying horse. Been riding in the pasture a lot.        everything on the ranch. Buttons is pretty, gentle, athletic, has perfect
                                                                          confirmation, has the disposition of a gelding and passes it on to his
                                                                         colts. If you want a rodeo, bred mares, or both, this is a horse to build
                                                                                  a program arounds. Call Zach at 605-365-7353 (cell) or
                                                                                                  605-365-5662 (home).
Reg: 4553833
               SCOOTERS GOLD BILLY
                       Tyson &/or Shiloh Hewitt, Vale, SD
                                          2004 AQHA Palomino Gelding
                                                                           Reg: 4810093
                                                                                           ZHIPS CHOCOLATE ROSE
                                                                                                   Tracy Luedeke Cutler, Stratford, SD
                                                                                                                         2006 AQHA Buckskin Mare
                                           ZAN PARR BAR                                                                ZIPPO PINE BAR
               ZAN PARR SCOOTER            SIP’S STARDUST                                 ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP          FANCY BLUE CHIP
SCOOTERS PACE                                                              ZHIP
                                           TOEBARS                                                                     BRIO
               PRETTY PACE                 DOC BAR LINDA                                  MISS BRIO                    VANTASTIC MSS

                                            SONNY BOY LEO                                                              DAKOTA PLAYBOY
               SONNY BOY ED                                                               DIRTY DRY PLAYBOY
                                            WINDY SPRING                                                               TIL I DRY
 FLEET ROAN                                                                 PLAYBOYZ ANNIE ROSE
                                           OIL KING                                                                    KEKO DRITBAR CHEX
               LEOS POCO GIRL                                                             ROBIN ANNIE ROSE
                                           FLEET NEL                                                                   RAPID ANNIE DEE
                                                                             A beautiful dappled buckskin 3 year old filly, naturally a pretty/very
 Scooter is a big, stout gelding with good feet and bone. He is gentle      slow mover, stops on “whoa” immediately, has a gorgeous tiny head
to be around and loads in a trailer well. Scooter is surprisingly smooth   and a real loveable magnetism. She has been hauled to barrel racing
  to ride and is very sensible in rough country and crossing water. He     gatherings for exposure and to get accustomed to the “show” routine.
 has also spent quite a little time in a feedlot where he has been used         This filly will make someone a very eye-catching prospect -
 sorting and roping calves to doctor. For more info cal 605-206-0034.                      whichever direction you wish to take her.
                                                                                      www.LookWhosLarkinNow.com for more photos.

Reg: 3820937
               RX MEDICINAS RIBBON
                               Brad Lange, Oglala, SD
                                                1999 AQHA Brown Mare
                                                                           Reg: 4586692
                                                                                            GOOSEBERRY FRECKLES
                                                                                                         Scott White, Oelrichs, SD
                                                                                                                      2004 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                           DOC BAR                                                                     GOOSEBERRY
               DOC’S PRESCRIPTION          JAMEEN TIVIO                                    PLENTY TRY                  HEATHER DIVIDEND
 MEDICINA BUENO                                                             BLUE TRY
                                           QUERCUS ROBUR                                                               PLENTY COUP
               MILADY PAMELA               CHILTIPIQUIN                                    BLUE HAWK 22                BLUE HAWK 11

                                            DOC’S LYNX                                                                  BUZZ BAR
               LUCKY JOE LYNX                                                              FAST COMMANDER
                                            JOE’S LUCKY LADY                                                            SPEEDY PENNY
 JACKIE JOE LYNX                                                            HENNY PENNY HANCOCK
                                            TEE JAY WISE GUY                                                           BLUE TRY
               JB JACKIE BLUE JO                                                           PLUM HANCOCK
                                            MISS BLUE KAT                                                              PLUM BESERK

  Ribbon is a very nice well bred brown mare. She was shown and                This is a quiet 5 year old that is well started in the heading and
 place at the reining cowhorse futurity and ranch horse competitions        heeling, quiet in the box with a lot of try. Has been hauled to jackpots
  as a 3 year old. She has been exposed to our stud Herkolena, an            as a heel horse. For more information call (H) 605-535-2945 or (C)
                    own son of Smart Chic O’Lena.                                                        605-890-2165.
               For more information call 605-867-5020.

Reg: 4577153
                ZANS DARK COWBOY
                        Roger or Janice Ludeke, Atlanta, NE                99
                                               2004 AQHA Gray Gelding Reg: 4539286
                                                                                            BB JETS DOC BRUCE
                                                                                                   Lyle or Janice O’Rourke, Interior, SD
                                                                                                                         2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                            PAT HAND BADGER                                                            FLIT BAR
                FLYING L BADGER BOB         HOWDYS PRAIRIE GAL                            FIRE WATER FLIT              SLASH J HARLETTA
 PETE TENDIN BAR                                                           FIREWATER JETS
                                            BROWN’S COWBOY                                                             PA JONES
                SHAMROCK COWGIRL            MISS FIORELLA                                 SASSY MISS JONES             SASSY SHIPMATE

                                            ZANS DUSTY ZIPPER                                                          DOC’S JACK FROST
                ZANS AUTUMN DUST                                                          DOC BRUCE
                                            AUTUMNS CHEYENNE                                                           NELLY BRUCE
 TEE JAYS AUTUMN                                                            JK MARITA BRUCE
                                            PAT HAND BADGER                                                            TWICE AS NICE
                MISS KITTYS KATZ                                                          MARY IS NICE
                                            HOWDYS BLACK LADY                                                          CHICARO’S MARY

   Nice big horse. Has a lot of bone, good feet and a lot of muscle.       Ranch raised, has done it all, he’s gentle, sound, has plenty of speed
  Gathered cattle and sorted. Been tracking and roping cattle. Lots of        and looks at cattle also has a good mouth. You couldn’t put your
           size, 15.3 hands, 1300 lbs. Making a nice horse.                 order in and get a better barrel pedigree. Patterened on barrels and
                                                                           roping; heading and heeling for 90 days with Jody and Scott O’Bryan.
Reg: 3903701
                          Michael J. McNeil, Stapleton, NE
                                             2000 AQHA Chestnut Mare
                                                                           103 JD STREAKIN JENNIE
                                                                           Reg: 5001039
                                                                                                         Clair M. Jones, Genoa, NE
                                                                                                                         2007 AQHA Bay Roan Mare
                                           DOC’S REMEDY                                                                EASY SIX
                REMINIC                    FILLINIC                                        STREAKIN SIX                MISS ASSURED
BOOMERNIC                                                                  A STREAK OF FLING
                                           MR GUN SMOKE                                                                FAST FLING
                DOCS LEAVEM SMOKE          DOC’S JULIE BAR                                 MOON FLING                  MOON BEAM LADY

                                           HOLLYWOOD JAC 86                                                             WILYWOOD
                MASTER BOOT JAC                                                            DANDY WILYWOOD
                                           DOUBLE BEE MISS                                                              MISS DANDY J CHARGE
 ISABELLE BOOT                                                              JD MISS DANDY JENNIE
                                           DOCS IRISH LAD                                                               PEPPY MARC
                DOCS SLEEPY LADY                                                           PEPPY JENNIE
                                           SLEEPY DOWN                                                                  JALIE JESSIE JAMES
 15 months reining training. Will half pass, sidepass, two track, slide        Dam by Dandy Wilywood who has 62 AQHA points. Superior in
     stop and spin a blurr. Very quick footed. Lots of trail riding          Heading. World Show - heading, calf roping. Performance ROM -
experience. Will go up and down any size hil, thru water, over jumps,         heading, heeling, calf roping. By Brian Fulton’s stallion Streak Of
 anywhere you point her and open the gate. Sorted, roped and drug            Fling. If you’re looking for one that can fly and looks good doing it,
calve to the fire at brandings last spring. Used her to heel the roping      don’t pass this one up. Incentive Fund. Paid up for Future Fortune
machine, really enjoys the cow work. Big money on top and bottom of            Futurity. Eligible for: Speed Horse races, Iowa Double Futurity,
                             her pedigree.                                                       Indiana Races. 402-993-2831.

Reg: X0531722
                      CLARKS VISION
                              Linda Paulson, Fairfax, SD
                               1995 AQHA (Appendix) Palomino Gelding
                                                                                                         Ora Taton, Rapid City, SD
                                                                                                                  2000 QH - Grade Palomino Gelding
                                           DOC BAR
                CLARK’S DOC BAR            NEVADA STARLET
                                           BARD PARKER
                PRINCESS BLACKBURN         BLACKBURN 37

                                            SWAPS (TB)
                DOUBLE VISION (TB)
                                            ROSE OF SHIRAZ (TB)
                                           PEG DEE ME
     Jaxin is a big hipped, golden palomino, 16H, gentle team roping
     horse. He’s solid on both ends, scores good, and will fit any level          Top notch Pro-Am calf horse. Top notch Pro-Am heel horse.
   roper. He’s also an awesome ranch horse that has done everything                             Questions call 605-718-9793.
  there is to do on a ranch from sorting pairs to dragging calves to the
fire. He’s the same whether you ride him once a day, once a month or
    once a year - Absolutely no buck! He’s been with Paul Griemsman
     and Paul will be roping on him in the team roping jackpot. 100%

                  sound. For more ino call 605-481-1515.

                          Craig Deveraux, Newcastle, WY                                                  Danny Elwood, Oberlin, KS
Reg: 4909850                                  2006 AQHA Sorrel Stallion    Reg: 4901251                                   2006 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                            MR SAN PEPPY                                                                HOTRODDERS JET SET
                PEPPY SAN BADGER            SUGAR BADGER                                   RADICAL RODDER               FLASHY BAR FLOWER
 PADDYS IRISH WHISKEY                                                       IMA BENCHMARK
                                            DOC BAR                                                                     ZIPPO PINE BAR
                DOC’S STARLIGHT             TASA TIVIO
                                                                                           ZIPPY LADY ROSE              HIGHLAND ROSE

                                            DOC O’LENA                                                                  THE BIG INVESTMENT
                MR SUN O LENA                                                              CUSTOM INVESTMENT
                                            SUNFLOWER SANA                                                              MISS SPLENDOR
 LITTLE SUN LENA                                                            CUSTOMS IRISH BABY
                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                            PINE’S IRISH WISKI
                LITTLE BRIM                                                                PINES IRISH SIS
                                            HAT BRIM                                                                    BEAUS SASSY SIS
 Sunny is an extremely capable, sound-minded horse. He is quiet and
  correct in every way and is on track for cowhorse, ranch horse or          Pretty young gelding in the Incentive Fund. Real nice broke, would
   rope horse futurities and is also eligible for Breeders Invitational              make a pleasure horse, ranch horse or trail horse.
  Derby. Paddys Irish Whisky is a 2006 NRCHA top 10 leading sire,
  producing $967,863. Mr Sun O Lena is an AQHA Champion, with
 ROM’s in halter, cutting and working cow horse. Tremendous stallion
  prospect with a very solid foundation. For information or DVD call
Reg: 4509897
                           Jason Schaffer, Broadus, MT
                                            2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding     Reg: 4433962
                                                                                               FIXIN FOR CASH
                                                                                                         Jay Jira, Hartford, SD
                                                                                                                   2003 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                          CICLONE                                                                    COSMO JET
               ROWDY N BREEZY             BREEZY VON                                    THE BIG FIX                  TREASURED ISLE
BROETTAS ROAN                                                            FIXIN TO WIN
                                          BROETTA                                                                   WINNING NOTE
               IMA BROETTA TOO            IMA SEVEN TOO                                 COW LADYS WINNER            COW LADY DRIFT

                                           UP SET BAR BOB                                                            BROTHER CAN
               BAR BOB REPLACEMENT                                                      CAN SPICUOUS
                                           COLOR ME COWBOY                                                           DOUBLE REMEMBRANCE
 KLMJ CLASSY LADY                                                         CANEISE
                                          A DAKOTA PRIDE                                                             DUPES’ COPY
               DAKOTA SILVER PRIDE                                                      SMOKIN COPY
                                          COLOR ME COWBOY                                                            DO BURN

  This is a finished - seasoned calf roping, breakaway horse. This       Johnny B is a nice looking bay roan gelding. He is gentle and smooth
horse stands 14.3 weighs 1100 lbs. This horse works extremely well.        riding and has been on trails and rode around the ranch. Sound -
 He scored solid, hunts cattle, stops hard and has a lot of pull. This                             negative coggins.
horse is also making a nice heel horse. If you need a horse ready to
                    go here he is . Very nice horse.

Reg: 4685185
                         Big Boulder Ranch, Powell, WY
                                                  2005 AQHA Bay Mare     Reg: 5099248
                                                                                              ALL STAR BUCKS
                                                                                                Bruce A. or Stacey Bebo, Redfield, SD
                                                                                                                      2008 AQHA Buckskin Mare
                                           DOC O DYNAMITE                                                            SCOTCH BAR TIME
               DIAMONDS CUTTER             SUGA DIAMOND                                 PLAIN SCOTCH BAR             POCO PINE DELRIO
 WEAVERS DIAMOND FOX                                                     INVEST YOUR BUCKS
                                           NORTHERN FOX                                                             EYED BEN TUFF
               PRETTY MISS FOX             PRETTY MISS DENVER                           BENS BIG LADY               MS INVESTMENT BROKER

                                           EAGLE HILLS DUKE                                                          TEMON
               DUKE I RECKON                                                            ACCENTUOUS
                                           MONEY I RECKON                                                            LOT OF LOVE
 MIRAS BEAUTY                                                             ACCENTUOUS WOMEN
                                           MIRA HANCOCK JR                                                           BARON BELL
               VENTURES MIRA                                                            BARONS BLUE BELLE
                                           MISS VEE VENTURE                                                          JACKS COOKY

  Gentle, started right. Been ridden on the ranch, ready to go to the    Fancy 2008 buckskin filly by World Champion sire Invest Your Bucks.
                      arena for roping or barrels.                        Starbucks will be shown in the AQHA shows during the Black Hills
                                                                         Stock Show. This is a great opportunity to own a world class buckskin
                                                                                                       show filly.

Reg: 3391221
                     WOF PEPPY SAN
                  Fritz Ranch - Gary & Deanna, Niobrara, NE
                                             1995 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                         Reg: 4744194
                                                                                         RMD COLONEL N STUFF
                                                                                                       Radley Day, Volborg, MT
                                                                                                                    2005 AQHA Palomino Gelding
                                           MR SAN PEPPY                                                              COLONEL FRECKLES
               SAN PEPPY LUIS              SAN LUIS POTOSI                              CHICK COLONEL                CHICK TARI
 MR DANDY PEPPY                                                           COLONEL CHICKA LEE
                                           STARDUSTER JR                                                             DOC’S BENITO BAR
               DICKENS MISSY               MISTY STEELDUST                              BENITA LEE                   MISS TACO LEE

                                           SUGAR BARS                                                                ROAN BAR
               ROCK SUGAR                                                               ROAN BAR 2
                                           BAKER’S PEPPER                                                            STAR’S TWIN BAR
 EASTER SUPREME                                                           BAR N STUFF
                                           POCO NEW YEAR                                                             STAR BUFF
               EASTER’S ME TOO                                                          BUFF N STUFF
                                           LADY STAR BELL                                                            WHIZZER’S MARGIN

 15 hands, 13 year old sorrel gelding. This horse has lots of muscle.      This is a pretty palomino with a blaze face. He has a lot of want to.
He is a finished heading and heeling horse. The son of the people we       He is good looking with all the size and ability to make a very nice
 purchased him from used him in Jr. High Rodeo in both roping and                                      arena horse.
breakaway. He scores in the box well. Has tons of experience and a
                     novice roper would do well.
Reg: 4780465
                    LENAS LIL SPIRIT
                         Jeff Schonebaum, Bonesteel, SD
                                            2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                        115 CEE HEART STAR DRIFT
                                                                        Reg: 4253232
                                                                                           Cee Heart Quarter Horses, Edgemont, SD
                                                                                                                      2002 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                          PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                        GOLDSEEKER BARS
               PEPTOBOONSMAL              ROYAL BLUE BOON                              DANDY SEEKER               DIXIE SUWANEE
 LENAS LIL BOON                                                         HAWKEYE CLASSIC
                                          SMART LITTLE LENA                                                       TWO EYED MOUNT
               LENAS JOY                  LENA LINTON                                  CLASSY MOUNT               CLASSY PAT STAR

                                          OLLIE REY                                                               SNIPPYS COWBOY
               OLLIE OOP                                                               SNIP A HANCOCK
                                          DOC’S DAME                                                              TINY BAY HANCOCK
 OLLIES GINNIN JENNY                                                     MISS SNIPPY HANCOCK
                                          CLARK’S DOC BAR                                                         FROSTY FEATURE
               GINGER CLARK                                                            LEO FROSTY
                                          GIN KING                                                                PEP O LEO

  This is a very athletic and loaded with a lot of cow sense. Sire is     Cee Heart Star Drift has an extensive amount of training as an all
Lenas Lil Boon with $16,000 LTE (Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena       around ranch horse and in the arena in heading and heeling. He is
   mare). Dam is an wen daughter of Ollie Oop. Nice horse that is       good natured, athletic, kind and cowy. He is an excellent prospect for
                     started in the right direction.                      youth roping, speed events, and he’s ready to go to work on the
                                                                        ranch. His full brother sold at the 2008 BHSS Sale as a youth horse.
                                                                           Note the highly sought after Snippys Cowboy on his pedigree.

Reg: 4492069
                    Adam Graf - Jason Grubb, Spearfish, SD
                                           2003 AQHA Buckskin Mare      Reg: 4963024
                                                                                                CHIC A BOOM
                                                                                       Wagonhound Land & Livestock , Douglas, WY
                                                                                                                       2007 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                         ZIPPO PINE BAR                                                           REMINIC
               ZIPPOS OLD GOLD           GOLDY JACK                                    BOOMERNIC                  DOCS LEAVEM SMOKE
SIPPA GOLD                                                              DANIEL B BOOM
                                         SHY PRESCRIPTION                                                         BULL PARKER
               MISHAWUM ZIPPER           PINE BARS ZIP
                                                                                       MELISSA PARKER             SASSY GIDGET

                                          LITTLE BLUE BUENO                                                       SMART LITTLE LENA
               HONEYBEAR BUENO                                                         SMART CHIC OLENA
                                          DOCS LIL SUE                                                            GAY SUGAR CHIC
 BUNNYFLICK BUENO                                                        CHICS TIPOLENA
                                         MR FLICK                                                                 SAN TIP
               FLICKITY SPLIT                                                          HOLD ON MISS
                                         KABUKI BULL                                                              HOLD ON HANNA
                                                                        Chic A Boom is out of Chics Tipolena an own daughter of Smart Chic
 This mare can do ranch work all day - then go to the arena and heel     Olena, who has earned nearly $7,000 in her show career and was
                              steers.                                   the Limited Pro-Am Champion at the 2003 Sandhills RCHA Futurity.
                                                                          Chic A Boom is sired by Daniel B Boom, the 2001 AQHA World
                                                                         Champion Jr Calf Roping horse with a gentle disposition. This filly
                                                                          shows potential as a reined cowhorse, or ranch horse prospect.

Reg: 292310
                      JLR HERCULES
                      Chet or Carey Odenbach, Taylor, NE
                                1994 APHA Breeding Stock Bay Gelding
                                                                        117 LENAPEP N HICKORY
                                                                        Reg: 4393924
                                                                                                   Gary Lohman, Blanchard, OK
                                                                                                                       2003 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                         STORMY HANCOCK TWO                                                       DOC BAR
               HOTSHOT HANCOCK           MILLION BUCK FANCY                            DOC O’LENA                 POCO LENA
RSM CRASH HANCOCK                                                        TAMULENA
                                         THE BOOKKEEPER (QH)                                                      REY JAY
               LIL MOORE CREDIT          CATALINA MOORE (QH)                           TAMU HOLLY REY             MAJOR HOLLYWOOD

                                          BUDDY BRIGHT                                                             DOC BAR
               SCENIC FIRE BRIGHT                                                      DOC’S HICKORY
                                          KENO’S FIRE GIRL (QH)                                                    MISS CHICKASHA
 DIAMOND H BONNIE                                                        HICKORYS PEPPY SARA
               SHANNON BENEDICTUS (QH) BENEDICTUS (QH)                                 MISS DRIP DRY               PEPPY SAN
                                         QUESTION MOUNT 2 (QH)                                                     DRY DOC 29

 Hercules is a good solid gelding that has been used for everything.       Used in the big pasture and stockyards. Very handsome young
He has been ranched on, picked up bucking horses, and roped on in                         gelding. Gentle, sound, no vices.
  the arena. He is safe for anyone and is the same if you ride him
everyday or once a year. He is about 15.2 and has good bone and is
      completely sound. Watch for him in the roping preview.
Reg: 4575476
                   ONE EASY PALLUP
                        Ryan & Tami Ludeke, Holdrege, NE
                                                2004 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                                                            Reg: 4943129
                                                                                                 FF APACHE BLUE
                                                                                                 Haythorn Land & Cattle Co, Arthur, NE
                                                                                                                       2007 AQHA Bay Roan Stallion
                                            GEE NO GO ROYAL                                                             HAPPY HANCOCK
               BILLY DEE ROYAL              OUR QUICK MISS                                 HAPPY’S WARRIOR              MY BEAVER 11
RESERVATIONS FOR ONE                                                        BLUE APACHE WARRIOR
                                            DOC’S JACK SPRAT                                                            EDDIE 40
               JAE BAR SHERI                JAE BAR JUNE                                   COMET CATCHER                COMET’S LADY 110

                                             EASY CORD                                                                  THE CONTINENTAL
               SABRE CORD                                                                  CONTINENTAL FLY
                                             DANISH SABRE                                                               MY BEAVER 6
 ETTA JO CORD                                                                FIGURE FOUR 327
                                             TRIPLECHIC TE                                                              HAPPY HANCOCK
               JOETTA TE                                                                   HAPPY HANCOCK 27
                                             DINNY’S BAR HOP                                                            FIGURE 4 LADY 2

Nice gentle horse. Been used on the ranch for everything from roping         This yearling’s mother is grey and sire a blue roan, lots of color. His
 cows and yearlings. He is a nice heading and heeling horse. Gentle          pedigree goes twice back to Happy Hancock one of the best horses
                and has no buck. Good young horse.                           we had in the ‘70’s and twice back to My Beaver One, who was one
                                                                             of the greatest studs we have owned. This colt could be a champion
                                                                                      in several events. Waldo Haythorn Futurity eligible.

Reg: 4753597
                        SH EASY DRIFT
                      Spruce Hill Quarter Horses, Ludlow, SD
                                               2004 AQHA Red Dun Mare
                                                                            122 HEARTS LUCKY TIGER
                                                                            Reg: 4120007
                                                                                                           Aden Glaze, Oberlin, KS
                                                                                                                       2001 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                            SUN FROST                                                                   PAPRIKA PINE
               FRENCHMANS GUY               FRENCHMAN’S LADY                                DOUGLAS DON                 BABY BLACK
SADIES FROSTY DRIFT                                                          KROGS PINE DON
                                            WILYWOOD                                                                    KROG’S STAR
               WILYWOOD BARETTA             SNIPPY BARETTA
                                                                                            PRETTY DARN POKEY           POCO TOP NITA

                                             JET FUEL                                                                    SONNY BLUE TIGER
               OKLAHOMA FUEL                                                                SONNY JOE CASH
                                             YELLOW HANKIE                                                               SKIP DEE CASH
 EASY CREDIT FUEL                                                            JB LUCKY DOLLAR
                                             AH FAN DE                                                                  BANDIT’S TWIST
               JUDYS LADY BUG                                                               COPPER KAT TWIST
                                             MOLLIE BUG                                                                 JB COPPER

  Easy is a nice mare who is starting to come on. We got a late start        Rope and ranch gelding. Well broke and very gentle. Stout enough to
 training her as she was a twin and took a little longer to mature. she                            make a trippin’ horse.
 is quick, has good flexion, started patterning barrels with NO BUCK.
  Being a foal of Sadies Frosty Drift, Easy is elegible for the following
    futurities - 5 State Breeders, Valley Girl, Bold Heart, XL Stallion
                      Incentive and Future Fortunes.

                              Nicole Wheeler, Baker, MT
                                  1999 Paint Grade Brown/White Gelding
                                                                            123 BEA COWBOYS GOLD
                                                                            Reg: 4454325
                                                                                                        Glen or Janet Long, Enning, SD
                                                                                                                        2003 AQHA Palomino Gelding
                                                                                                                         SNIPPYS COWBOY
                                                                                            BEE LOWA COWBOY              JAYCEE RILLETTE
                                                                             SIR BEA COWBOY
                                                                                                                         SIR BEAT
                                                                                            LIEN CUISINE                 CUELLARS LASS

                                                                                                                         SIR BEAT
                                                                                            CHIEF BLUE DUCK
                                                                                                                         THUNDER SPRITE
                                                                             DELTAS MS CHIEF
                                                                                                                         NUGGET WRANGLER
                                                                                            DELTA FLY
                                                                                                                         CHERRY VICTORY

 Magic is the good old boy that anybody can ride. He is super gentle           Come take a look at this gorgeous 5 year old gelding. He is ranch
    and easy to get along with. He has been used on the ranch for                 broke, kind, and very gentle. He’s good about being stalled,
 everything from be-bopping down the trail to pushing cattle up in the        blanketed, clipped, bathed, and loaded. Personality deluxe!! Perfect
 working alley, and the kids fight over who get to ride him. He is a big        for your next ranch or trail horse. In training with Brad Andrews.
  stout horse and has tracked steers in the arena. Magic is ready for
                           any job you have.
Reg: 4826364
                      ROCKIN T TAYLOR
                    Hubert’s H Open 6 QH, New Underwood, SD
                                                      2006 AQHA Bay Mare
                                                                                Reg: 3454190
                                                                                                  SAN BADGER DRIFT
                                                                                                        TJ & Bernadette Wesley, Oshoto, WY
                                                                                                                              1996 AQHA Bay Roan Stallion
                                               POCO TIVIO                                                                     DOC’S JACK FROST
                 JESSIE TIVIO                  JESSIE’S HONEYDEW
                                                                                                SUN FROST                     PRISSY CLINE
 TAYLOR JESS TIVIO                                                              PC SUN SOCKS
                                               SUGAR BARS BLAZE                                                               LAUGHING BOY
                 ROSA BLAZE TAYLOR                                                              FRENCHMAN’S SOX               VANZI SCAMP
                                               MISS JESSIE TAYLOR

                                               CLASSY FLAP                                                                     PEPPY SAN BADGER
                 BECKWITH DUN                                                                   TUFF TIME PEPPY
                                               BECKWITH BABE                                                                   SISSY FRECKLES
 BECKWITHS COWGIRL                                                               PC NURSE GOOD BODY
                                               PRETTY BOY LOBO                                                                ORPHAN DRIFT
                 CATTLE GIRL                                                                    REDWOOD PETTI
                                               CATTLE KIM                                                                     JOHN’S SAL
 TJ is one of those horses that anyone can get along with, with a lot of
 eye appeal. Sired by Equistat leading NRCHA sire, she is a 7/8 sister           JJ has a great disposition and color that he throws on his colts. He
  to AQHA Superior in tie down and heeling. Lucas Stohlhammer was               produces a high percentage of roans on solid mares. We run him with
   trailing pairs on her this fall after just 12 rides! Real fluid mover that   our geldings during the winter. If you want performance breeding and
    can go any direction, Chad will continue to rider her until sale day.                     good color producer. Don’t pass him up.
                More pics: chadandmindy13@hotmail.com or
                  www.ceehearttaylor.com, 605-985-5426.

Reg: 4421545
                   CLABBER DOC BAR
                       Silver Spur Ranches, Encampment, WY
                                                  2003 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                                                                Reg: 4336510
                                                                                                     TR TOMMY WINGS
                                                                                                       Stephanie & Jason Grubb, Spearfish, SD
                                                                                                                                   2002 AQHA Bay Gelding
                                              DOC BAR                                                                          JET DECK
                DOC’S PRESCRIPTION            JAMEEN TIVIO                                      NONSTOP JET                    PRINCESS DIAL
 DOCS TAYLOR                                                                     NONSTOP TOM
                                              OLD TAYLOR                                                                       TOM CARTER (TB)
                MIA BAILEY                    SILKIE BAILEY                                     DELTA POSEY (TB)               ROSEE DAYS (TB)

                                               TOUCH DOC BAR                                                                   DICK BADGER
                TOUCHS WHISKERS                                                                 MR ILLUMINATOR
                                               BRIGHT STAR MONEY                                                               MISS FORSTY CLEGG
 DOC CLABBER DEE                                                                 TR BADGER WINGS
                                               DOCS CHUBBY                                                                     THE PEOPLES CHOICE
                CHUBBY DOC PEPPER                                                               WHISPERING WINGS
                                               DOCS RUSTI DOC                                                                  WHISPERING FLICK

 Nice all around ranch horse. Seen lots of miles, used in every aspect            Nice head and heel horse, can really run. Scores good. Has been
   of ranching, ie, branding, doctoring, shipping. Talented, versatile,          ranch ridden. This horse is gentle. Has been jackpotted on, can see
                          ready to go to work.                                     him at the horse sale roping or call 605-645-6782 for more info.

Reg: 4905750
                 Cheyenne Canyon Paints & QH, Hot Springs, SD
                                             2006 AQHA Palomino Gelding         Reg: 4724886
                                                                                                    PRETTY MS LEANN
                                                                                                         Raynette Werlinger, Whitewood, SD
                                                                                                                                      2005 AQHA Bay Mare

                                              SUN FROST                                                                       PEPPY SAN BADGER
                PC SUN SOCKS                                                                    GALLO DEL CIELO               DOC’S STARLIGHT
                                              FRENCHMAN’S SOX
HUNTS LONESUM FROST                                                             MR BAY ROOSTER
                                              MR SPARKLE BAR                                                                  DOC O NINETY FIVE
                HUNTS LITTLE MEOW                                                               PRETTY MS NINE FOUR           PRITTIE LADY ZAN

                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                 DOC O’LENA
                SOME LITTLE PEPPY                                                               DOX WIRED LENA
                                              SOMETHING LOVELY                                                                 WIRED HOT
 KR WANDA                                                                        MISS LEANN OLENA
                                              SONNY PEP SAN                                                                   DOC CUERO
                PEP SAN HONEY                                                                   CANDY BAR CUERO
                                              TAMMY ZEE SLASH                                                                 CODY FINGER BAR

      Handsome ‘06 palomino gelding. Cheyenne San Peppy has                       This pretty mare is well started with a lot of big time athletic ability.
 tremendous potential. He is all heart and is so willing to please. Sun             Her pedigree speaks for itself in reining, cutting, and working
 Frost, Peppy San Badger and Sonny Pep San bloodlines makes this                       cowhorse. She’s ready to go on with. She’s a nice mare.
  talented gelding a show stopper. Barrels, poles, arena work or just
                     taking a ride, he is a real joy.
Reg: 4301542
                  Lucas & Melinda Stolhammer, Newcastle, WY
                                                 2002 AQHA Bay Gelding      Reg: X0631465
                                                                                              GOT STONE MONEY
                                                                                                     Big Boulder Ranch, Powell, WY
                                                                                                             2004 AQHA (Appendix) Brown Gelding
                                            DOC BAR                                                                    EASY JET
               DOC O’LENA                   POCO LENA                                       STICKS AN STONES           HOP SKIP AND JUMP
 CATALENA BOY                                                               CLASSIC STONE
                                            SUGAR BARS                                                                ART TE DANCER
               KATE’S SUGAR                 CATTLE KATE                                     SHERLEE A DANCER          SERGEANA

                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                          ON THE MONEY RED
               SMARTEST LITTLE PEP                                                          VF EASY MONEY
                                             BARB A DOC                                                                EASY NUBLADO
 SMARTEST CANDY                                                              ABBIES GOT MONEY
                                            DOC CUERO                                                                  ZIPS DYNASTY
               CANDY BAR CUERO                                                              ZIPS ABBIE
                                            CODY FINGER BAR                                                            ROMANTIC MOMMA (TB)
  Doc is an extremely well-bred gelding with a confirmation to match!
   He is keen, athletic, and shows natural cow. Doc has been used           This gelding has been started right and is real gentle. He’s been rid-
  extensively on the ranch for sorting, doctoring, branding, gathering       den on the ranch gathering cows. He is ready to go to the arena for
 big country, and wrangling horses. I have used him this fall as one of     roping or barrels. He is very willing to work and wants to please you.
 my steady day horses. I have also started heeling steers in the arena      He is a good thick made colt and has the speed when you want it. He
    and he shows lots of promise. He will be shown in roping at the                  has the pedigree to be a great performance horse.
        preview. Please call 307-663-7020 with any questions.

Reg: 3894801
                   Fritz Ranch - Gary & Deanna, Niobrara, NE
                                           1999 AQHA Red Dun Gelding        Reg: 4866332
                                                                                                   JD WILY PEPPY
                                                                                                         Clair M. Jones, Genoa, NE
                                                                                                                          2006 AQHA Dun Gelding
                                            ORPHAN DRIFT                                                               ORPHAN DRIFT
               WILYWOOD                     OUI OUI                                         WILYWOOD                   OUI OUI
DVA MAXI DRIFTWOOD                                                           JD WILY CHIPPERWOOD
                                            TUFF TIME PEPPY                                                            COLONEL CHARGE
               DVA MISSY PEPPY              CHILLIWOOD                                      CHALAMAR DRIFTER           CHALAMAR

                                            BOSTON MAC                                                                 BEETLE CHIP
                BOSTON PATRIOT                                                              COLONEL CHARGE
                                            MISS DYNAGO MEYERS                                                         CARO’S GOLD
 KARLIE LETI BOSTON                                                          MISS BEETLE PEPPY
                                            ORPHAN DOC BAR                                                             PEPPY MARC
               SHIELA BOY LETI                                                              PEPPY JENNIE
                                            SHIELA BOY PETE                                                            JALIE JESSIE JAMES

 Big, strong, handsome 9 year old red dun gelding. Been used in the         Started riding. 14 Hands, 950 lbs. Stout, with lots of bone. Heel horse
   hills and pushing cattle. Bred in the purple. Quiet and easy to be                 or calf horse prospect. Take a look. 402-993-2831.
 around. Dunny is in roping training with Paul Griemsman. This is a
                           VERY nice horse.

Reg: 4732308
                      WIGGLE IT HICK
                           Doug Fillingham, Morrill, NE
                                                 2005 AQHA Sorrel Mare
                                                                            Reg: 4511226
                                                                                                GOTTA BEA BULLY
                                                                                                  Vicki or Shawn Fogerty, Lemmon, SD
                                                                                                                           2004 AQHA Brown Mare
                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                           SPECIAL EFFORT
               SOME LITTLE PEPPY            SOMETHING LOVELY                                BULLY BULLION              MARY POPPINS
KR LITTLE HICK                                                               BULLYS ON FIRE
                                            DOC’S HICKORY                                                              FIRE WATER FLIT
               SARAHS DOC                   MISS IRMA JAMES                                 SHAWNES FIRE               SHAWNE PEARL

                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                           MASTER HAND (TB)
               DIGGERS REST                                                                 MR MASTER BUG
                                            COLONELS GLOW CAT                                                          FLICK BUG
 LIL MISS WIGGLE IT                                                          MODEL MASTER BUG
                                            NITAS POKER CHIP                                                           TOP MOON
               POKERS APRIL TWO                                                             MODEL BEHAVIOR
                                            BOURBON’S SUE                                                              BRIARWOOD CHICK
 This pretty young filly with great conformaiton, good bone, nice hip
and super temperament is well bred and ready to perform. Buckle is          Filly is by Bullys On Fire, palomino son standing at Victory Farms. Mr
very athletic with lots of stop and cow. Her sire is a proven performer       Master Bug is an All American Futurity winner. She picks up leads
with NCHA earnings and earnings in halter. He passes along his big          and sidepasses and should be started on barrels by sale time. She is
hip, big bone and best of all, his super disposition to his colts. Buckle    fully paid into the Future Fortunes program. Has enough champions
 will be able to handle the rigors of any performance arena you take         on her papers - take her to the arena or add her to your brood mare
                                  her to.                                                        program. www.fogertyranch.com.
Reg: 3858503
                  TAYLORS JACK JOE
                         Marv & Zane Jira, Plankinton, SD
                                              1999 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                                                          139 DOC O CLASSY TARI
                                                                          Reg: 4744197
                                                                                                         Radley Day, Volborg, MT
                                                                                                                    2005 AQHA Palomino Gelding
                                            WATCH JOE JACK                                                            DOC O DYNAMITE
               PONDIE JOE JACK              PONDIE’S TOMGIRL                             DYNO DOC TARI                TARI OH TARI
JOE BEE JACK                                                              DOC O DRY TARI
                                            DOUBLE JACK BEE                                                          DRY DOC JUNIOR
               MISS GREY BEE                MISS GREY EAGLE                              DRY SEASON                  JOES RAGGEDY ANN

                                            LUKE MCLUKE                                                               WATCH TYREE
               LADYS LUKE                                                                JOHNS WATCH TYREE
                                            MISS NITO LADY                                                            JOHN’S SUE MCQUE
 TAYLORS SUPERETTE                                                         WATCH A CLASSY KATE
                                            POLLYS DANDY DUDE                                                         FRENCHY JR
               POLLYS SUPERETTE                                                          FRENCHY ECHOL BARS
                                            PEGGY SUPERETTE                                                           ECHOL BARS CAROL

 Joe is a very well broke and very gentle horse that can be ridden by     His name says it all. He is a classy, dark palomino that carries himself
 the whole family. He has been a ranch horse, he has been hauled to              very well. He really moves good and is a big stopper.
   jackpots and high school rodeos as a head horse. My 9 year old
  grandson rides him. West Nile, 3 way, wormed, coggins up to date.

Reg: 4597511
                       Rod & Corrine Schaffer, Broadus, MT
                                                 2004 AQHA Bay Gelding    Reg: 4125237
                                                                                                       DOC O DNA
                                                                                                  Walt Brindley, New Underwood, SD
                                                                                                                             2001 AQHA Bay Mare
                                            TRIPLE CHICK                                                              DOC O’LENA
               BOLD CHICK                   BOLERO’S MAGGIE                              DOC O DYNAMITE               GAY BAR DIXIE
 GEE BAR CHICK                                                             IMA DIAMOND DIVIDEND
                                            MR BUD BARS                                                               BROWN SUGA
               GREELEY BARS                 FARMER’S REVENUE                             SUGA DIAMOND                 POCO MILLIE

                                            COLONEL HOT RODDER                                                        SKIP SHI
               LEOTENANT COLONEL                                                         SHI TATE
                                            TIGERS TOPPER                                                             MISS DREAM WAUKE
 A LIL NIPP                                                                BRITE SKIPPER ANNE
                                            SUGA REED 3                                                               GLO BRITE
               KAY NIPP                                                                  DAWN BRITE
                                            ALMOST ROAN                                                               TAYLOR’S SUE
                                                                             All honesty! A high quality mare! Won and place in reining, halter,
This is a nice gelding that stands 15 hands and weighs 1200 lbs. This        trail, showmanship. Really solid in her training, conformation and
 horse has a lot of outside work done on him. This horse has a nice         ability. Due to her reining background, she knows how to sprint, so
  handle and has had cattle roped on him. If you need a very high           was put on the barrel pattern this fall. The transition was extremely
    quality ranch gelding or a nice arena prospect, help yourself.             easy for her because she is so solid in her training. Complete
                                                                             package! Ride her, enjoy her, show her, breed her or look at her.
                                                                                                     She is very attractive!

Reg: 4568078
                         JD DANDY DOT
                           Patrick Knobbe, West Point, NE
                                              2004 AQHA Chestnut Mare
                                                                          Reg: 4750474
                                                                                             MR ZIPPER DE ZIP
                                                                                                       Wesley Roberts, Ansley, NE
                                                                                                                        2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                             ORPHAN DRIFT                                                             ZIPPO PAT BARS
               WILYWOOD                      OUI OUI                                      ZIPPO PINE BAR              DOLLIE PINE
 DANDY WILYWOOD                                                            MR BIG ZIPPER
                                            COLONEL CHARGE                                                            MR CADILLAC
               MISS DANDY J CHARGE          METRIC BLEND (TB)
                                                                                          CADILLACS DELIGHT           LEO’S LOCHARGE

                                             BEETLE CHIP                                                              ZIPPO PINE BAR
               COLONEL CHARGE                                                             ZIPPY DE ZIP
                                             CARO’S GOLD                                                              SKEEZIX DELIGHT
 COLONELS DOROTHY TWO                                                      SHEZA ZIPPY DE LITE
               DOROTHY TWO                   TRIPLE GOLDRUSH                              TOBYS WHISKERS CROSS TEE OTOE
                                             DOROTHY ROAN                                                             DULCE CLOVER

   Dixie is a 15 hand super all around horse. I have rode her in the         A pretty sorrel horse that will be good for the whole family on the
   feedyard, drug calves to the fire, and started heading. Dixie can                                ranch or in the arena.
   head, team pen, sort, trail ride, raise babies, or all of the above.
                       Watch her in the preview.
Reg: 4264128
                        Mike or Jackie Stahly, Piedmont, SD
                                              2002 AQHA Brown Gelding        Reg: 4709230
                                                                                                BARJO LEO FROST
                                                                                                        Whisler Ranch, Casper, WY
                                                                                                                             2004 AQHA Dun Mare
                                             WATCH TYREE                                                               FROSTY FEATURE
               WATCH FOR SUNUP               STAR EYED CHARM                                FEATURE JACK               MISS TOADY JACK
BAYBERRY WATCH                                                               FEATURE MAGIC
                                             STAWBERRY JACK                                                            SCOOTER BUG SOX
               POCO MERRY BERRY              POCO SUNUP                                     CAROUSEL MAGIC             POCO STARDUSTY

                                             POCO MR KING                                                              SMOKY STRAW
               SILVER POCO KING                                                             MORMOND STRAW
                                             SUE SILVERTON                                                             MORMOND GRAY LADY
 POCOS ROBYN BELL                                                             WIGGLE TWIST JS
                                             BARON BELL JUD                                                            WIGAK
               MS BARONESS BELL                                                             WIGGLE TWIST
                                             ROYAL KRICKET                                                             TAZABAR JO
Cricket has been one of our personal saddle horses. Kind and gentle,
easy to catch. Loves to work cattle and has drug a lot of calves to the       Sunny is a sweet, athletic mare. She is a pleasure to ride. Has been
 fire. Great trail riding horse, has been ridden all over the Black Hills      used on the ranch and started on poles. Has 30 days training with
and elk hunting in the mountains. Used him out riding for the historic          Jerry Hansen. Easy to catch, load, trim and anyone can ride her.
 Days of ‘76 parade and stopped a runaway team with him and shot
off him during the stage holdup during the rodeos. Easy to shoe, clip,
 haul. He’s the same everytime you saddle him up and good for the

                               whole family.

Reg: 4863199
                          ZAN ITS LADY
                              Roy Cleveland, Brule, NE
                                                    2006 AQHA Bay Mare       Reg: 4604551
                                                                                                 DYNAMITE HOPES
                                                                                                         Philip Lerseth, Beresford, SD
                                                                                                                          2004 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
                                             HOLLYWOOD JAC 86                                                           DOC O’LENA
               HOLLYWOOD DUN IT              BLOSSOM BERRY
                                                                                            DOC O DYNAMITE              GAY BAR DIXIE
ZAN IT                                                                        POCO JOES DYNAMITE
                                             ZAN PARR BAR                                                               LORD BARTON
               SPARKLES LA ZANNA                                                            LORDS TROUBLE               POCO TROUBLE SOME
                                             DIAMONDS SPARKLE

                                             CALL ME LYNX                                                               VANZI BAR
               CHUBBY POCO LYNX                                                             VANZI MOORE
                                             JANES DOLL                                                                 HAT SEVEN
 CRICKET LYNX LADY                                                             MOORE HIGH HOPES
                                             BEN MARK                                                                   BADGER’S DOUBLE
               TEXAS TEA LADY                                                               BADGERS HIGH HOPES
                                             ELMERS DELL                                                                LOLA HANCOCK 14

 Big, pretty filly, really rides like she is bred to do. Been outside more    This horse is well started under saddle. He is gentle and was trained
than any place else. Wants to be a cow horse first given a chance. In           by Jake Jass and rode on the ranch. Should make a good riding
                              the Incentive Fund.                                                             horse.

Reg: 4376850
                          AZURITA ZAN
                             Roy Schuchard, Aurora, SD
                                                2003 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                                                             Reg: 4020225
                                                                                                TR SWIFT BADGER
                                                                                                         Danny Elwood, Oberlin, KS
                                                                                                                           2000 AQHA Gray Gelding
                                             PAR THREE                                                                  GREY BADGER II
               ZAN PARR BAR                  TERRY’S PAL                                    DICK BADGER                 BUCK’S RAINY
ZAN PARR RAMBO                                                                MR ILLUMINATOR
                                             MOON SIN                                                                   BADGER BUCK 2
               MISTRESS HANNAH               HOPPING HANNAH                                 MISS FROSTY CLEGG           PRETTY CLEGG

                                             TE N’ TE                                                                   ALAMITOS BAR
               MADE OF TE                                                                   THE PEOPLES CHOICE
                                             SUZAN OIL                                                                  LEOTA GAL
 AZURITA                                                                       WHISPERING WINGS
                                             SILVERS MACHO DUDE                                                         SEA BAR
               SILVER MOON BUG                                                              WHISPERING FLICK
                                             NOWATA MOON BUG                                                            BOYD FLICK 2

    This big gray gelding has been ranched on most of his life. Matt                    Big, stout gray gelding. Rope and ranch on him.
     Zancanella has been riding this horse for the last four months.                                  Started on the barrels.
 Anyone can ride him and rope both ends on him. This horse is great
in the box and great to be around. He will have been jackpotted on by
                               sale day.
Reg: 4196093
                SDCC WOODYS GOTTA GO
                          Michael J. McNeil, Stapleton, NE
                                              2002 AQHA Red Dun Mare
                                            ORPHAN DRIFT
                WILYWOOD                    OUI OUI
                                            MR FLINTROCK
                FLINTROCK SALLY             PINE’S CRICKET

                                            HE’S GOTTA GO
                VAN’EM AND GO
                                            MATTIE VAN
                                            KING LEO BARS
                DESIRABLE FOLLY
                                            DOCS DESIRE

 Super nice red dun Wilywood mare. The kids have been using this
mare for trail riding, moving cattle out of the pastures, parades, rodeo
grand entries and general ranch work. She will work for anyone from
 a beginner to advanced rider. Lots of trail riding hours on this mare.

Reg: 4358897
                     Richard or Christine Westphal, Leola, SD
                                           2003 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
                                            SHI BLUE VALENTINE
                KM SHI VALENTINE            LADY MISS DAISY
                                            DOCS GRAY FRI DEE
                LD CRICKETS FRI DEE         WILLYS CRICKET

                                             BAY MAGNOLIA
                MAGNOLIA KIP
                                             HOUR CHAR DECK
                                            DIAMOND CREST
                FREYA’S BELLE
                                            FREYA CLEGG

 Ghost is very athletic horse. Being used in the feedlot, to rope calves,
 gather pairs, processing cattle, sort pairs. Has not been to the arena,
  very quick feet, would make a great barrel, rope horse. Can go any
   direction. Is DNA typed and registered as a red roan but is gray.

Reg: X0611375
                     WD Performance Horses, Port Byron, IL
                                      2002 AQHA (Appendix) Bay Gelding
                                            ZIPPO PAT BARS
                ZIPPO PINE BAR              DOLLIE PINE
                                            SCOTCH BAR TIME
                EXPRESSIONS OF TIME         PINE’S NETA

                                             NASHUA BELL
                NASHAUA DIAMOND
                                             MIRANDA B
                KAREN JET
                                            KAREN MISS

  This big beautiful bay horse is going very well on the heading end
 and has the speed to be a top notch heading horse and to travel up
 and down the road with. Easy to look at, don’t pass this one up. See
                             him yourself.

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