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Periyar Boat Safari


Periyar the most favoured wildlife destination for tourists who want to spend their vacations amidst scenic natural ambiances. Periyar National Park is one of the major attractions of Kerala which is known for its diverse collection of flora, fauna and avifauna species. Boat safari is the best way to feel the scenic charm of this sanctuary.

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									                                            Periyar Boat Safari

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is among the best wildlife reserves of India renowned for its scenic
landscapes, diverse species of flora, fauna and avifauna. It is often quoted as the 'Pearl of Indian
Ecology' which enthral tourists who come here from several parts of the globe. The scenic expanse and
nature bounties of this place give tourists a chance to spend memorable and pleasurable holidays.

This wildlife reserve is situated in Thekkady district of Kerala amidst the Cardamom hills region of the
Western Ghats. It is located on the bank of Periyar Lake and sprawled over an area of 777 sq .km. The
topographical location gifted this park with evergreen and semi-evergreen rain forest which cradles a wide
variety of flora and fauna. Some of the major attractions of Periyar Wildlife Tour are:

Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests dominate 75% area of Periyar Wildlife reserve which gifted it with
exotic collection of floral species. This diversity provides an opportunity to tourists to see some of the
rarest species of trees, plants and flowers during their Periyar Wildlife Safari. Along with the scenic
landscapes this wildlife reserve has around 169 families of grasses, 2000 kinds of flowering plants, 170
different species of ferns and 155 kinds of Fabacea. This varied collection of flora enthrals tourists
during their visit to this place.

The diverse flora of this wildlife reserve cradles large number of fauna species which is the real charm of
this place. During Periyar Wildlife safari tourists get an opportunity to see different species of wild
animals. This wildlife sanctuary altogether has 62 different kinds of mammal, 320 bird species and
45 different kinds of reptiles. Some of the popular animals and bird species which can be seen here are
Elephants,Tigers, gaur, wild dogs, mongoose, barking deer, leopards, foxes, sambar, and mouse deer.

The boat safari is the most thrilling way to explore the scattered charm of the Periyar Wildllife
sanctuary. In this wildlife reserve tourists can enjoy views of beautiful birds and animals on boat safari.
The boat safari is done on the Periyar Lake which is the major source of water for animals and plants of the
sanctuary. The safari is done in a group of five to six people. The boat silently move from one part of the
sanctuary to another giving tourists a chance to feel the ecstasy of jubilant nature. The boat safari gives
tourists an opportunity to see the several wild animals roaming in their natural habitat.

Boat Safari Tour is the best way to explore and experience the speckled charm of Periyar Wildlife
Sanctuary. Boat Safari in Periyar is the most sought after activity of this place which provides tourists a
chance to explore scattered charm of flora, fauna and avifauna species.

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