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									                          Syed TAREQ HUSSAIN
                           Mobile No.: 056 095 2706
To be associated with a progressive organization that will utilize my skills and
offer an opportunity for advancement. Willing to be a dynamic team member
working towards the growth of the organization.

Employment History:

Currently employed in Logistic tem with “IML NOKIA”.(September 2007)


      Processing NOKIA software program at 100 service points connected to
       our logistic hub.
      Performing Inbound Processing and verifying warranty of the phones.

      Online tracking of the phone’s warranty.

      Submitting the track reports to NMS (Nokia Network Management

      Acknowledging NMS generated AWB number and delivery note.

      Supervising the packaging of the phones and dispatching it to the various
       repair centers (BERFIER, SERVICE CITY & SERVICE ZONE).

      Follow-up and collecting back the repaired phones from the service

      Performs HUB Bookings and sending the generated AWB numbers and
       delivery notes to the service points.

Worked as a Merchandiser with local firm specialized in Food, Personal and
Homecare products. (since August 2006).

       Assists Top Management in Setting up Marketing Plan to ensure the
        awareness of company product in the market field and analyzing the
        impact of our marketing campaign.
       Setting up strategies for new products and its Action Plan to ensure the
        Potential Profitability.
       Enhance CRM (Customer Relations Management) by providing the
        ultimate deliverables expected by customers.
       Gather vital data with regards to Market condition, Price Objective, buying
        trends, competitor's pricing etc.
       Masterly taking care of 4 p's of Merchandising (Product, Price, Place &
       Maintains confidentiality.

Qualification: Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.)

   Proficient in establishing strong client relationship.
   Skilled at identifying client requirements and developing plans to meet
    those needs…committed to satisfying client needs through establishing
    relationships that evoke trust and confidence.
   Languages: English, Arabic and Urdu (mother tongue), with full Ability to
    communicate, read, and write in English and Urdu. Arabic workable.
 Developing a strategic SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses,
  Opportunities and Threats.

Personal info:
►Nationality: Indian

►Age: 28
►Marital Status: Bachelor
►Driver License: Valid KSA DL
        Valid and Transferable Iqama.

Enjoy learning new method and ideas and putting them into daily practice. Self-
starter and observant of liabilities required to meet department deadline.
Constantly seeking more innovative methods to improve products. Skilled at
setting priorities.

Work Experience in India:
 Worked with Napta Technologies as Call Center Agent from Jan 2004 to July
Job profile:
   1. To call International customers (USA, UK etc).
   2. Pitch for MYP (Metro Yellow Pages)
   3. Annual Update of company’s database (Name, title, contacts etc).
 Worked with ARC as Marketing Executive from Jan 2001 to November 2003.
Job profile:
 1.    Briefing customers on the importance of ARC (Accident relief care)
 2.    Highlighting the benefits of the membership.
 3.    Maintain customer records of insurance claim.
 4.    Electronic medical records and its transfer via internet to hospitals for
 5.    Preparing Multimedia presentation for corporate clients.

Availability:   Immediate
I am confident that provided opportunity; I can very well serve your esteemed
organization by executing the assigned jobs to the utmost satisfaction of the



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