Process Modeling for Patient-Physician Encounter by ert634


									   Process Modeling for Patient-Physician

                        By Xiaomin (Mylie) Tong
       Candidate for Master of Science in Industrial Engineering


The objective of this research was to provide a definitive description of the processes within
the patient-physician encounter in an office setting. This description would take the form of a
diagrammatical process model of the encounter in a provider’s office setting, as this
represents the most common situations during patient encounters. These activities are highly
varied even within the context of the encounter, and include everything from the act of
diagnosing a patient to the transfer and update of records or other media. Developing a virtual
model that can accurately describe the various situations in these encounters was chosen as it
was a highly effective way to address and analyze the all of issues involved. From this model,
others could analyze these situations and discern from their analysis better solutions for
improving the quality and practice of healthcare encounters.

The methodology used in this thesis to describe and model the encounter was the IDEF0
modeling language. IDEF0 is a method designed to model the decisions, actions, and
activities of an organization or system. Using this model, a clear picture of what is happening
during the health care encounter could be revealed. Additionally, it allowed the display of the
participants, tools, and procedures vital to the process, providing for consideration of
virtually every element involved in the encounter. This complete description of the healthcare
encounter would allow one to identify areas in the process which may be improved, or to
which the Healthcare Toolkit (refer to 2.2.2, 3.4.3) could be useful if implemented.

                       Wednesday, June 1, 2011
                        11:00 AM, Library 1420

        School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

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